Collectors Sale
on Wednesday 28th March 2018

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1.      PLAYERS - 30 complete sets, A - C including Aeroplanes (Civil), Aviary and Cage Birds and Colonial and Indian Army Badges contained in a large album 250-280
2.      PLAYERS - 30 complete sets, C - F, including Derby and Grand National Winners, Dogs by Wardle and Footballers 1928 contained in a large album 250-280
3.      PLAYERS - 30 complete sets, F - P, including Footballers Caricatures by RIP, Military Head Dress and Polar Exploration A Series, contained in a large album 250-280
4.      PLAYERS - 30 complete sets, P - Z, including Racing Caricatures, Ships Figure Heads and Wrestling and Ju Jitsu, contained in a large album 250-280
5.      VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of assorted sets, part sets and odds including large Lea silks Butterflies and Moths; Drapkin die cut soldiers and others contained in three modern albums together with an empty album and sorted loose cards 50-70
6.      VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of odds and part sets including Wills, Walt Disney, Stephen Mitchell, Millhoff and others (a lot) 15-25
7.      VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - assorted odds and part sets including Players, Sarony, Godfrey Phillips and Wills (a lot) 15-25
8.      Two framed sets of cigarette cards - Wills Railway Engines and Players Tennis (2) 10-15
9.      A large interesting late Victorian/Edwardian album with bookplate engraved "Charles Meeking Richings Park County of Buckinghamshire" and containing photographic images of house interiors, rowing parties, rural scenes, Suez Canal, school groups, sports teams, military groups, news paper cuttings, Royal Procession ephemera and similar c.1896 - 1900 70-100
10.     A quantity of assorted photo topo postcards, various regions, c.1907 - 1980's (a lot) 25-35
11.     A large quantity of approx 700 assorted loose postcards 30-40
12.     Approx 600 assorted loose postcards 30-40
13.     An album of approx 240 interesting postcards including rp's of a tram accident, Ramsgate; rp's military camps and personnel; chromo litho greetings, beauties; assorted photo topo; rp of street possibly Maidenhead; comic by Tom Browne and Thackeray; children and others, c.1905 - 1912 90-130
14.     A Victorian hand held stereo viewer together with a number of Excelsior Stereoscopic Tours cards 30-50
15.     Approx 200 assorted postcards including some more interesting cards - early Gruss Aus; chromo litho; Christmas and other greetings; comic by Tom Browne; photo topo; some foreign; shipping; military; hold-to-the-light; some interesting postmarks and others contained in a modern file album, c.1903 - 1950's 70-100
16.     A real photographic postcards of The Stonehenge Inn, Durrington c.1914; another of the Rose and Crown, Bulford c.1914; another of the Runcorn Widnes Transporter Bridge c.1914 and an early card of the Post Office, Durrington c.1912 (4) 20-40
17.     Approx 187 mainly photo topo postcards including many of West Somerset, North Devon including Lynmouth, Bideford, Appledore; also Bath, Richmond on Thames and others contained in a modern album, c.1904 - 1950's 70-100
18.     Approx 78 postcards - includes shipping; steam locomotives; dogs; photo topo and others c.1910 - 1930's contained in a modern album 30-50
19.     Approx 134 assorted postcards including rp Gay's Series Yelverton; mixed photo topo various areas; some USA; comic; artist drawn; packs of view cards and other contained in a modern album, c.1910 - 1940's 50-70
20.     Approx 98 postcards including rp's The Round House, Ashton Gate Bristol c.1910; Baker St Chapel Enfield; SS Lismore stranded in River Avon Bristol c.1913; also other photo topo various areas and others contained in a modern album c.1910 - 1950's 40-60
21.     Approx 270 mixed postcards including Mabel Lucie Attwell; George Studdy Bonzo; Heraldic Series; Tartans; chromo litho; artist drawn views; comic by Vera Paterson; foreign; Royalty and other contained in a modern album c.1910 - 1950's 90-150
22.     Approx 72 postcards including early views of Chester, Folkestone, Stratford on Avon, rp of Stratford Road (Birmingham?) and others contained in a modern album 30-50
23.     Approx 90 postcards by A R Quinton includes views of Porlock Weir, Dunster, St Ives, Penshurst, Chester, Lyme Regis and many others contained in a modern album and together with two books The Rural England of A R Quinton and Enchanting Exmoor by Quinton (3) 50-70
24.     A box of assorted comics 10-15
25.     A late Victorian scrap book, the pages well filled with decorative chromo litho greetings cards interspersed with chromo litho scraps 25-40
26.     An album of approx 168 early 20th Century photo topo postcards includes early views of Somerset towns and villages including many West Somerset - Corfe, Bathpool, Cannington, Bishops Lydeard, Over Stowey, Quantock views and villages, Watchet, Washford, Porlock, and others, the majority c.1905 - 1915 70-90
27.     An album of approx 69 photo topo postcards of mainly Devon and Cornwall including Exeter, Torquay, Tavistock, Plymouth, Barnstaple, c.1904 - 1920's 20-30
28.     An early 20th Century album of approx. 195 photo topo postcards of West Country towns and villages including Bristol, West super Mare, Burnham on Sea, Huntspill, Highbridge, Street, Glastonbury and others, mainly c.1905 - 1940's 70-100
29.     Three early 20th Century albums containing a collection of assorted postcards including photo topo, comic, beauties, foreign views, Franco-British Exhibition 1908 and others c.1905 - 1920's (3) 30-40
30.     An early 20th Century album of approx 184 assorted postcards including photo topo, Birmingham; artist drawn Warwick Pageant; children; Christmas Greetings; comic; Beauties and others, c.1905 - 1910 60-80
31.     An early 20th Century album of approx 173 postcards including general greetings, beauties, children, animals, theatre stars and others, c. 1905 - 1920's 30-50
32.     An album of approx 128 assorted postcards including WWI embroidered silks; chromo litho Christmas; children by Fred Spurgin, T Gilson and others; F G Lewin, F E Morgan; comic; animals; bathing carts at Tenby; WWI HMS Queen Mary battle ship and others, the majority c.1910 - 1920 80-120
33.     An album of approx 264 photo topo postcards including some interesting cards - rp of Bletchingley c.1905; early views of Bexhill Old Town, Rooksbury Mill Andover, Crane Bridge Salisbury, New Street Station Birmingham, Market House & Inn Pembridge, Seaton Beach, rp Saundersfoot Harbour, Bridwater, Huntspill, Burnham and others, mainly c.1902 - 1910 120-180
34.     A Victorian leather bound photograph album with some chromo litho floral decorated inner pages and containing a good selection of contemporary photographs of children, family groups, individual portraits and together with two other smaller photograph albums containing contemporary photographic portraits, some by local studios (3) 30-50
35.     A Victorian leather bound photograph album, some inner pages with chromo litho floral decoration and containing contemporary photographic portraits of children, adults and groups and together with another leather bound album containing a good selection of contemporary photographic portraits of children and adults (2) 30-50
36.     Two Edwardian albums glued with a good selection of late 19th and early 20th Century greetings cards some with very decorative chromo litho and embossed decoration, Memoriam cards, Wedding cards and similar (2) 40-60
37.     A quantity of loose, partly sorted postcards, mainly photo topo, c.1905 - 1930's (a lot) 40-60
38.     A large quantity of loose partly sorted postcards, mainly phot topo, various areas, c.1905 - modern (a lot) 60-100
39.     A good contemporary photograph of the frontage of G White Butchers shop taken by J Vearnicombe, Bridgwater, framed together with a framed photograph of Pack Horse Commercial Hotel (2) 20-40
40.     A small Victorian album of approx 44 carte de visite style photographic souvenir cards, views of Continental cities, castles etc including Coln,; Erns, Cobberg; Niederwald; Bingen; Furstenburg and others 12-25
41.     A quantity of assorted foreign postcards contained in six black files (6) 30-40
42.     A quantity of files of mainly modern cards of trains, traction engines, birds and others 20-30
43.     FILM LOBBY CARDS - Western Films, all complete 8 cards: Sitting Bull; The Savage starring Charlton Heston; Stranger on Horseback; Silver Lode and Sugarfoot starring Randoph Scott (5 sets) 25-35
44.     FILM LOBBY CARDS - Western films, all sets of eight cards: Escort Weststarring Victor Mature; Sitting Bull; Major Dundee starring Charlton Heston; Man of the West starring Gary Cooper and Mackenna's Gold starring Gregory Peck and Omar Sherif (5 sets) 25-35
45.     FILM LOBBY CARDS - Western films, all sets of eight cards: The Restless Breed starring Scott Brady and Anne Bancroft; Man from Del Rio starring Anthony Quinn; Young Billy Young starring Robert Mitchum; The Way West starring Kirk Douglas and The Tall Stranger starring Joel McCrea (5 sets) 25-35
46.     FILM LOBBY CARDS - full sets of eight cards: The Train starring Burt Lancaster; Shake Hands with the Devil starring James Cagney; The Rivers Edge starring Ray Milland and Tulsa starring Susan Hayward (4 sets) 20-30
47.     FILM LOBBY CARDS - Western films, all sets of eight cards: The Far Country starring James Stewart; Run of the Arrow; Terror in a Texas Town; Showdown at Boot Hill starring Charles Bronson and Cheyenne Autumn starring Richard Widmark (5 sets) 25-35
48.     GREAT BRITAIN - a Windsor album GB Vol 1 1840 - 1970, reasonably well filled together with a stockbook of GB used (2) 120-140
49.     CHINA - Sun Yat Sen c.1931: three complete sheets of 200 green 5c postage stamps 20-40
50.     Approximately 120 modern First Day covers 30-40
51.     A Mulready envelope, used, 7 May 1840, Mitcham to Kent 50-70
52.     A quantity of Royal Mail presentation packs and other mint stamps, approx 70 face value 30-35
53.     AUSTRALIA - an album of late 19th and early 20th Century used, a few W A State 20-30
54.     Mixed World postage stamps in albums, some on loose pages, PHQ cards, modern mint and others 15-25
55.     GREAT BRITAIN - Olympic unm issues and a few cover packs, Hawidsand others 35-40
56.     GREAT BRITAIN - postage stamps unm and used, commems c.2000 - 2002 140-160
57.     Duke of Edinburghs Award 21st Anniversary - two albums of Commonwealth covers, 1977 (2) 10-15
58.     GREAT BRITAIN - an album of postage stamps, unm and used 2003 - 2011 240-260
59.     GREAT BRITAIN - three albums of PHQ and presentation packs of postage stamps, face value approx 55 (3) 15-25
60.     COMMONWEALTH - a collection of mint and used postage stamps contained in two Barclay classic albums (2) 60-70
61.     FOREIGN POSTAGE STAMPS - a collection A - Z contained in four albums (4) 100-110
62.     GREAT BRITAIN - a collection of postage stamps, mint and unmounted to 1990 with earlier examples, contained in a red Barclay album 70-80
63.     ISLE OF MAN - postage stamps, mint and used, some unmounted, to 1996 contained in a blue Viscount album 30-40
64.     CHANNEL ISLANDS - postage stamps, mint and unmounted to 1996 contained in a blue Viscount album 60-70
65.     RHODESIA & NYASALAND - 1954 1st set complete on fdc, f.u. c.55 12-15
66.     GREAT BRITAIN - stapled booklet Stamps for Cooks, average condition 120-130
67.     GREAT BRITAIN - Year Packs from 1974 to 1988 (missing 1975) cat 300 + 60-65
68.     FOREIGN - an album of used, A - Z, includes Belgium, Canada, USA, Uruguay and Spain together a small album of East Africa 20-40
69.     A quantity of assorted GB and foreign postage stamps contained in a Pacific album and loose 20-30
70.     A Victorian printed cover "Arbitration for War Universal Brotherhood Freedom of Commerce", by J Valentine, Dundee, unused 20-30
71.     A Royal Mail Universal album of Elizabeth II commonwealth mint stamps, includes some blocks 40-60
72.     A bag of modern covers, mainly GB, Commonwealth (approx 50) 20-30
73.     A quantity of modern Canada & USA including several special packs 10-20
74.     A quantity of mainly Pacific commonwealth, including packs 10-20
75.     Unmounted GB including sterling sheets, approx.200, decimal, unm. 80-100
76.     Eleven albums, includes 1953 Coronation, mint 30-35
77.     Assorted items including pages, packets, loose, overseas and commonwealth 25-35
78.     GREAT BRITAIN - Penny black 1840 OL, red Mx, 4 very fine margins 90-100
79.     GREAT BRITAIN - used collection to 1998 includes few earlier, Edward VII 5/-; 1841 blue; some Geo VI; Queen Eliabeth phosphors etc, all in two lighthouses 120-140
80.     Two albums of regional unmounted sterling and decimal, face approx 60 25-35
81.     A red Lighthouse album of unm Canada inc. sheetlets, 1991 - 2000, complete; 35-45
82.     Two green Lighthouse albums - Jersey 1981 - 09, complete unm. earlier bit mixed 20-40
83.     Two green Lighthouse albums - GB unm 1952 - 2002 largely complete inc Castles, phosphor commems, most sterling defins, etc 600-670
84.     Commonwealth collection in 5 Devon albums, A - Z, mainly Queen Elizabeth inc Gold Coast and Seychelles, George VI to 2.25, few countries out of order, f/u 120-130
85.     Three First Day cover albums together with some sorted used GB and others (a lot) 30-40
86.     GREAT BRITAIN - 1929 P.U.C 1, very unusual parcel cancellation. Top left corner creased, cat 550 90-110
87.     AUSTRALIA - New South Wales 1897 unm Hospital charity pair 250/51, few gum bends, not creased cat 300 80-100
88.     GREAT BRITAIN - an album of definitive packs including high value, face value 160 80-90
89.     An album of World thematic postage stamps includes trains, birds, fish, butterflies and others 20-25
90.     GREAT BRITAIN - an album of Smiler sheets including an early pair of P.O. sheets, face value approx 450 250-270
91.     GREAT BRITAIN - a stock book of Post and Go stamps, face value 200 plus 100-150
92.     GREAT BRITAIN - an album of decimal definitives, used and mint, face value approx 170 80-90
93.     GREAT BRITAIN - an album of GB regional decimal postage stamps, face value approx 70 30-40
94.     EAST GERMANY - three albums of postage stamps, well filled, some unm sheets of early defins. (3) 40-50
95.     GREAT BRITAIN - an album of Smiler sheets, face value approx 600 300-350
96.     GREAT BRITAIN - three albums containing commemorative packs and some mini sheets c.1987 - 2015 face approx 120 (3) 60-70
97.     GREAT BRITAIN and Regional - an album of definitive mint packs, face value approx 250 plus 125-135
98.     An album of Prestige Booklets, some duplicates, from 1 Wedgwood, reasonable perfs - to recent, face value approx 250 plus 160-170
99.     HUNGARY - two large albums and a fine large stockbook of stamps, most CTO (3) 25-35
100.    MALAWI - 1971 Animals; 1975 Birds; 1985 Audubon Birds, sets, unmounted, cat.98 15-20
101.    GREAT BRITAIN - two albums of First Day covers together with some loose, 1975 - 2013 30-40
102.    GREAT BRITAIN - sundry "postage" including Olympic, some booklets, face value approx 410 200-240
103.    GREAT BRITAIN - mint packs, recent definitives with earlier 1970's (approx 50) 25-30
104.    GREAT BRITAIN - Small album of booklets, and other items, face value 126 50-70
105.    GREAT BRITAIN - Booklet for Cooks, stapled, trim to base 100-115
106.    An album of foreign thematic postage stamps 10-15
107.    A quantity of assorted modern postage stamp mini sheets contained in an album and a stockbook (2) 20-30
108.    ROMANIA - a collection housed in 5 albums and loose sheets, from early to 1991 20-30
109.    GREAT BRITAIN - four albums of postage stamps, unm recent commems and greetings, includes booklets, face value 700 350-400
110.    GREAT BRITAIN - an album of postage stamps - commems, unmounted from George VI to 1985 includes phosphors 90-100
111.    GREAT BRITAIN - Post and Go packs contained in an album, also some royal Mail reproductions, face value approx 180 60-80
112.    A large quantity of GB and foreign postage stamps includes used and mint, defs and commems and other related items (a lot) 20-40
113.    EDWARD III - Groat, some loss to one edge otherwise f
114.    EDWARD I - two long cross Pennies, wear and slight loss (2)
115.    Nine Royal Mint Proof sets of GB coins c.1980's and 1990's and others 30-40
116.    Bank of England 10/- notes: four signed by Fforde and one signed Hollom and a French 5 Franc note (6 in total) 10-20
117.    A quantity of modern commemorative coins in their cases, cards of issue, includes Hobbit and London 2012 (a lot) 25-40
118.    A Royal Mint 2012 Proof Coin Set in black case and with black outer card case together with 7 other proof coin sets 30-50
119.    A quantity of boxed modern silver proof commemorative coins including boxed set of four silver Diamond Jubilee crowns; boxed set limited edition London 2012 silver ingots; a large Diamond Jubilee Monarchs Super Crown in box and others 60-80
120.    A quantity of modern commemorative coins including gold plated coins; Bailiwick of Jersey gold metal "pictorial" coins in box and others (a lot) 40-60
121.    BRITISH COLONIES - Victoria Canada one cent 1882, mark to obverse otherwise ef with good colour; various India Annas; also Jersey and others (7)
122.    GEORGE VI - Specimen Set 1937 Crown - Farthing 15 coin set in original red leather Royal Mint case with gilt lettering 150-200
123.    VICTORIA - Crown 1889, f; George VI - a quantity of shillings together with a quantity of assorted silver 3d's 20-30
124.    Two Rothmans folders of foreign banknotes;another similar group of foreign banknotes and two modern coin covers 15-25
125.    NAPOLEON II - silver 5 Franc 1876; a George III catrwheel 2d with gilded rev and others 30-40
126.    VICTORIA - Double Florin 1890, vf; Farthing 1897, ef ; a USA $1 1972 and others (7) 20-30
127.    Bank of England 10/- notes - one signed O'Brien, one Hollam and two Fforde and four 1 notes signed Somerset (three consecutively numbered) 10-20
128.    ELIZABETH I - silver threepence 1564, mmpheon, vf 30-40
129.    ELIZABETH I - Shilling, second issue, mm martlet, obv bust worn, rev f/vf and together with a Victorian model 1d (2) 25-40
130.    A quantity of assorted GB and foreign coins including some pre 1947 half silver; three 1 notes; a RAF WWI "Souvenir" coin named Lt H T Bouchier Egypt" and others 30-40
131.    WILLIAM IV - Halfcrown 1834, WW in script on trun, vf 20-30
132.    VICTORIA - Jubilee bust - Double Florin 1890, vf; Halfcrown 1887, vf; Sixpence 1887, vf/ef and three others (6 in total) 40-60
133.    VICTORIA - Penny 1854 OT, DEF : good colour, some small edge knocks otherwise ef plus 50-70
134.    Bank of England serie 1 note signed Beale no. M67C 483899 and a 10/- note signed O'Brien no. J07Y 838003 12-20
135.    Bank of England portrait series 1 note signed Page no. CZ23 892987; another signed O'Brien no. B12N 364470 and a 10/- note signed Hollom no.56J 536238 (3 in total) 10-12
136.    A 19th Century Wiveliscombe 2d token the rev with "A Pound Note Given W Tremlett & I Clark", 40mm diam 12-20
137.    VICTORIA - Penny 1897, ef ++ good colour 15-25
138.    GEORGE III - Cartwheel Penny 1797, 10 leaves, date poorly struck otherwise vf 20-25
139.    VICTORIA - India one Rupee 1893, some knocks to edge otherwise vf/ef and George V India one Rupee 1920, Calcutta mint, ef (2) 20-30
140.    A quantity of modern commemorative crowns, modern commemorative medals and similar 15-25
141.    A quantity of mainly 20th Century foreign coins and banknotes includes USA, France, Italy and others also some earlier GB including silver 20-40
142.    CHARLES II - copper Farthing 1672, f/vf 20-30
143.    WILLIAM III - Sixpence, 1697, third bust later harp, good detail but pitted surface 15-25
144.    GEORGE I & GEORGE II - Farthings, various, in individual cards, condition ranges from poor - f/vf (10) 15-25
145.    GEORGE III - Farthing 1806, k on tr. slight marks obv otherwise ef; Irish Farthing 1806, vf together with 5 other George III farthings in inscribed cards (7) 30-40
146.    GEORGE IV - Farthing 1823, vf; 1825, vf/ef; 1828, vf together with 13 other George IV farthings, condition ranges from f - vf (16) 50-70
147.    VICTORIA - Farthings 1845 - 1858 inclusive; 1838 - 1841 incl; 1843 (2); 1839 Isle of Man Farthing; 1837 Cumberland Jack and some William IV farthings, all in individual cards, condition generally f - vf (29 in total) 50-70
148.    Australia - Mule Token 1855 New Town Toll Gate R. Josephs/ Van Diemans Land, vf 12-20
149.    GEORGE II - silver 1d 1757, surface mark rev otherwise vf; George III - silver 3d 1762, young bust, vf (2) 30-40
150.    VICTORIA - Maundy 4d 1847, ef; George V - Maundy 2d 1930, ef together with 6 other 3d's, all in individual cards (8) 25-40
151.    GEORGE III - Farthing 1799, ef; Victoria - Half Farthing 1844, unc and George V - Penny 1918, ef, good colour (3) 40-50
152.    VICTORIA - GEORGE VI - a small quantity of 6d's and shillings, each in individual card and two Victoria Diamond Jubilee medallions (15) 30-50
153.    VICTORIA - Crown 1898, LXLI, f together with two silver Thaler (3) 15-25
154.    WILLIAM IV - Colony of Dermerary & Essquibo 1/2 Guilder 1832, ef; George V Ceylon 10 cents 1926 and William II German East AFrica 1/4 Rupie 1913 (3) 15-25
155.    VICTORIA - ELIZABETH II - a file of silver, half silver and later coins including Halfcrowns, Florins, Shillings and Sixpences 50-80
156.    A quantity of assorted copper coinage including pennies, halfpennies, farthings including some unc George VI farthings; a Victorian cast bronze medallion; tokens; Whitman folder and others (a lot) 30-40
157.    A quantity of assorted coins including Irish c.1960's; Sovereign weight; silver 1902 Coronation Medal in envelope; cast white metal Victorian medallion and others 20-40
158.    CANADA - George V silver 25 Cents 1914, ef
159.    GERMAN EAST AFRICA - silver 1 Rupie 1902 f/vf
160.    GEORGE V - British West Africa one Shilling 1913, ef
161.    A large French silver commemorative medallion for the Centenary of the Bank of France 1800 - 1900, engraved "James Rosselli" verso, in original dark red leather case with gilt tooling, medallion 6.75cms diam 15-25
162.    An interesting WWI period leather display case containing a miniature French Legion d'Honneur an octagonal silver Jeton Banque De France and a jewelled brooch with central cross set with baguette cut red stones within open work frame set with white stones, the box with easel support 60-80
163.    A file of assorted GB coins together with some commemorative coins in cases and others 20-40
164.    FRANCE, NAPOLEON III - 5 Francs 1869, f/vf 12-20
165.    A quantity of assorted coins including 1951 Festival of Britain crown; mixed silver and half silver; copper; card of Esso Football coins and others 15-25
166.    Bank of England 5 notes - 3 signed Page and 3 signed Fforde; six 1 notes in poor condition and a 10/- note in poor condition
167.    A Royal Mint limited edition Queen's Diamond Jubilee Collection of 24 silver proof commemorative coins in blue leather case, complete with certificate no.00891 and with literature and outer protective box 200-250
168.    A Royal Mint limited edition silver proof set A Celebration of Britain comprising 18 coins in plastic capsules contained in black leather box complete with literature and outer protective card box 240-280
169.    A Royal Mint 2014 UK Proof Coin set, Collector Edition in black case with literature and outer sleeve 30-40
170.    A Royal Mint London 2012 silver 50p Sports Collection in original black case with cards 250-280
171.    ELIZABETH II - 2005 gold bullion Sovereign in original card 170-190
172.    ELIZABETH II - Sovereign 1978 in case 170-190
173.    A Westminster Canada fine gold 1/15th oz $2 coin in case 30-50
174.    ELIZABETH II - gold Bailwick of Guernsey 5 1995 in plastic capsule and case, 1.3g 20-30
175.    A quantity of modern commemorative coins, mainly in original folders and wallets (a lot) 40-60
176.    A quantity of modern Royal Mint fine silver commemorative coins, mostly on original cards, some in cases, includes Britannia Treasure for Life; A Timeless First and Winston Churchill, and others (a lot) 100-150
177.    Royal Mint Countdown to London 2012 - three silver proof 5 coins in box with certificates (one missing from the set) 20-40
178.    A Royal Mint Fine Gold Collection Henry VIII Falkland Isles 2 coin in plastic case and box of issue, 1.244g 20-30
179.    A limited edition 2014 gold Sovereign in case and with certificate 170-190
180.    VICTORIA - Crown 1897, LXI, f+ 10-20
181.    VICTORIA - Crown 1892, Jubilee bust, f/vf; another 1889, f; Sixpence 1887, rev shield and garter, vf and George V - Crown 1935, vf (4 in total) 40-50
182.    A large Victorian copper medallion in fitted case, obverse with image of King Edward, by Allen & Moore, 5.75cms diam 15-25
183.    A quantity of assorted GB and foreign coins including uncirculated sets 20-40
184.    GEORGE V - Florin 1915, ef; Shillings 1915 & 1916, ef (3 in total)
185.    ELIZABETH II - Halfcrown and Florin 1954, A/unc
186.    GEORGE V - Sixpences 1921, 24, 26, 28 - 31 and 1933 - 36 (11 in total) vf/ef
187.    EDWARD VII - Halfcrown 1908, vf/ef
188.    GEORGE V - Halfcrown 1913, vf/ef and Halfcrown 1918, ef
189.    VICTORIA - Pennies: 1896, 1897, 1898, 1899, 1900 & 1901, all unc. good bright colour (6)
190.    EDWARD VII - Pennies: 1906, ef; 1907 ef; 1909, ef and 1910, ef (4)
191.    A quantity of assorted coins including some half silver Half Crowns; some Elizabeth II 6d's and shillings, some older silver foreign and others 40-50
192.    WWI Trio 1914-15 Atar WM DM all named 3232 Pte F Hansen R Berks R, on ribbons and in paper envelopes; a Geo V War Badge with certificate to Hansen together with photographs of Hansen and a large quantity of ephemera relating to Hansen including birth certificate, army papers, photographs, railway correspondence (he was a clerk); GWR Rates of Pay booklets and other similar items all contained in a small leather case 70-100
193.    An Imperial Service Medal in case, named Benjamin Edward Richardson 10-15
194.    WWI pair named RMA 2951 S Gr2 W F Griffiths; a WWI Princess Mary brass tin; two enamelled 9ct gold RAOB medals named to Griffiths; a silver ARP badge; a penny talisman and two post WWII Identity Cards to Croad 180-220
195.    A WWI Princess Mary brass Christmas tin; WWI 1914-15 Star and VM, the star named to 429 Dvr J W Terry RFA the VM named 429 A Bmbr J W Terry RA; two WWII stars - 1939-45 and Atlantic; an Imperial Service Medal in case named Barry James Kennedy; Special Constabulary medal and badges and other items 40-60
196.    A WWI Victory medal named 3318 Pte F D Stagg Glouc Reg
197.    A WWII group of four - 1939-45 Star, France & Germany Star, WM DM together with four oak leaves, and a mounted set of matching miniatures and postage box addressed to Miss C C V Jones, Sheffield 40-50
198.    Two WWI Victory medals on ribbons; some commemorative medals, a RA sweetheart brooch and other items 20-40
199.    WWII Special Constabulary medal with oak leaf clasps 1943 & 1944 and Long Service clasp 1966, named Cyril O Morton; WWII group of three medals 1939-45 Star, Atlantic Star and WM; PC Morton's notebook with entries c.1942 - 1945; some WWI ephemera relating to Morton; a Hudson whistle dated 1916 and another 40-60
200.    WWI pair and Special Constabulary medal, the pair named S - 327520 Pte F Chidgey ASC , the police medal named Frederick Chidgey, all mounted
201.    Imperial Service Medal, George VI, named Henry George Peek, in case of issue and with citation
202.    A 19th Century sword with open brass hilt, wood grip, straight single edge deeply fullered blade, the blade and hilt with stamped marks, blade 87cms long 80-120
203.    A Japanese katana having bronze menuki, cast brass tsuba and unsigned blade, total length of blade 87cms 60-80
204.    A Diana air rifle Series 70 model 74, overall length 83cms 20-40
205.    South African military intelligence - a small brass collar badge 10-12
206.    A WWI bayonet with wood grip, in metal scabbard and original leather frog, overall length 37.5cms 12-20
207.    A Hillary Everest 25x - 40x two draw brass telescope with brown leather covered barrel, 52cms long extended 30-40
208.    A WWII green painted metal helmet with original strap and inner 12-20
209.    Two WWII printed silk double sided escape maps - "Upper Burma/Indo China" and "Upper Burma and Assam/lower Burma and Assam" each in double sided frame (2) 30-50
210.    A WWII blood chit printed on silk with Union flag and text in different languages....."Dear Friend I am an Allied Fighter........" 41cms x 27cms, framed 30-50
211.    A Diana Series 70 air rifle, overall length 95cms 30-50
212.    A 19th Century brass shotflask with embossed decoration together with another (2) 20-30
213.    A pair of Spencer Buffalo USA 7x50 binoculars in original leather case 15-30
214.    A Webley & Scott air pistol no.37840, overall length 22cms 30-40
215.    An Honourable Artillery Company sword having wire bound fish skin grip, the openwork hilt with flaming grenade and Wilkinsons blade etched with badges and "AGFO" to one side, blade 82.5cms long 90-130
216.    A large Kukri, the blade with engraved decoration and "India" and in leather scabbard, overall length 73cms 40-60
217.    A BSA Meteor .22 air rifle with BSA 4x20 sight and carrying slip, overal length 106cms 20-40
218.    A German metal helmet with printed decal "Luftschutz" to the front, with leather liner 20-40
219.    A socket bayonet having tapering triform blade, stamped "L429" overall length 50.5cms 20-30
220.    An Eastern curved dagger with horn handle and wood scabbard overlaid with embossed copper and brass, blade 32cms together with a hunting knife in scabbard (2) 15-30
221.    A 19th Century percussion sporting gun, barrel 77cms long 20-40
222.    A WWI brass Princess Mary Christmas tin; a State Express cigarette box and two brass tankards both engraved "Britannia St Johns Wood" (4) 30-40
223.    A de-activated WWI No.5 Mk1 grenade with pin but no lever 20-40
224.    A bayonet with wood grip, straight blade with numerous stamps to the top of the blade, blade length 28.5cms, in made-up scabbard 20-30
225.    A reproduction sword with white metal basket hilt lined with red card, wire bound black grip, straight heavy blade and in polished steel scabbard, blade 86cms long 40-60
226.    A 19th Century percussion musket having brass trigger guard fitted with belt loop, barrel 94.5cms long 40-60
227.    A British baynet the blade stamped "Chapman", having wood grip, straight deeply fullered blade, length of blade 43cms 20-40
228.    A Victorian valentine pincushion "Think of Me", the heart shaped cushion with typical pin and glass bead decoration mounted within glass fronted display box and together with a "Souvenir" handkerchief case and two handkerchiefs 40-60
229.    A military webbing bag; a double sided printed "silk" escape map; a tie made from an escape map; an aluminium disc and a silk flag cigarette card 15-25
230.    Approx 50 vinyl LP records, mainly 1970's and 1980's includes Aztec Camera, Bee Gees, Eurythmics, John Denver, The Motors, Tears for Fears, The Jam, Billy Idol and Carole King 20-40
231.    Approx. 50 vinyl LP records, mainly 1970's and 1980's includes Billy Joel, Heart, Phil Collins, Tina Turner, Paul Simon, Jean Michelle Jarre and others 20-30
232.    ELVIS PRESLEY - a scarce 10" LP The Best of Elvis, HMV DLP 1159, framed (no sleeve) together with 35 other Elvis LP records including Separate Ways and His Hand in Mine all contained in a carry case 30-40
233.    THE WHO - LP My Generation LAT 8616 mono Brunswick, in original sleeve 30-40
234.    A collection of approx 220 EP records in sleeves including Rolling Stones, Searchers, Shadows, Dusty Springfield, Tommy Steele, Paul Robeson and cliff Richard 30-50
235.    Elvis Presley - 19 singles and 4 EP's, includes Such a Night and Peace in the Valley 12-20
236.    The Beatles - a quantity of singles, EP's and LP's including The Beatles' Hits, Twist and Shout and Help! all contained in a "Beatles" decorated carrier 30-50
237.    THE BEATLES - LP records - with the Beatle, mono; Beatles for Sale, mono; Rubber Soul; Help!, mono and Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, with cut-outs and The rolling Stones Rolled Gold, all in original sleeves (6) 20-40
238.    A quantity of LP records many by Jerry Lee Lewis - I am What I Am, Keep Your Hands Off It; also Little Richard; Rick Nelson; Dean Martin; Roy Orbison and others 25-40
239.    A quantity of 45rpm records from c.1950's - 1980's, some loose (a lot) 12-25
240.    A quantity of LP records including Lonnie Donegan; Chris de Burgh; Madonna; Vanilla Ice and others 12-20
241.    A folder of LP records including Connie Francis, Brenda Lee, The Eagles, Neil Sedaka and others 12-20
242.    The Beatles Souvenir Program, printed by Capitol Records 1982 8-16
243.    Three framed record sleeves for The Beatles - the Tony Sheridan includes the record 10-20
244.    Song Sheets - 17 assorted including That's Love Billy Fury; Let It Be The Beatles; Who's Pushin Your Swing Gene Vincent; some Beatles re-prints and Sugarbush as recorded by Frankie Lane and Doris Day 12-20
245.    A quantity of Britains and other painted lead soldiers, various 12-20
246.    A small rectangular metal money box with dial showing the number of pennies contained, the box automatically opens when 36 pennies have been saved, 13cms high 10-15
247.    A "Historic Steiff Miniatures" teddy bear, black reproduction of the 1912 black bear, with labels, 17.5cms high together with a miniature Steiff Pekinese dog with blonde plush, original button and label, 8cms high (2) 25-35
248.    An Ernst Plank, German, magic lantern in original box complete with coloured glass slides and instructions, together with some Walt Disney slides in original boxes 50-80
249.    A Triang toy mangle together with an early 20th Century toy pram (2) 15-25
250.    A novelty French racing game - La Coupe Gordon Bennett - comprising box with revolving motor cars and original board, the cars revolved by a lever mounted to the side of the box 50-70
251.    Construction kits - Airfix SS France 600th scale, boxed; Keil Kraft glider, boxed and Keil Kraft Aerokits Patrol Torpedo Boat, boxed (3) 20-40
252.    A child's painted wood pull along/ride on toy steam locomotive 73cms long 30-40
253.    A collection of 42 Locatelli padded plastic cartoon figures c.1967, many different including Jetsons, Flintstones, Huckleberry Hound and many others, all in individual plastic wallets (42)
254.    The Flintstones - a Solid State transistor radio in the form of Fred Flintstone in original box with instructions, battery and ear plug, c.1972 and The Jetsons Applause figures George and Elroy, both with labels and original clothing and together with an Applause Bamm-Bamm figure (4)

255.    A Transogram Huckle Chuck multi throwing game in original box, includes colour printed Huckleberry Hound board with darts, hoops and weighted bags all in original box, c.1961
256.    A quantity of boxed Subbuteo football games, teams and accessories (a lot) 20-40
257.    A Spears Games Fighting the Fire board game in original box together with a boxed Race Game board game (2) c.1920's 12-25
258.    A Triang Bros Hi-Loader tractor with bucket, the pressed steel toy in red/yellow and with black plastic engine and original box 30-50
259.    Mettoy Playthings - Modern Farming Mechanical Tractor Set in original box and comprising tractor, disc harrows, trailer with lades and mowing machine 50-70
260.    A Mamod live steam Tractor, complete with accessories in original box 30-50
261.    TRIANG MINIC - tinplate clockwork Farm Tractor with Trailer, boxed, with key, trailer load still in original plastic and Minic Tractor, green, boxed with key (2) 40-60
262.    TRIANG MINIC - Delivery Lorry and Cases, boxed, with key, cases in original plastic covering and Delivery Van, boxed, with key (2) 50-80
263.    TRIANG MINIC - Mechanical Horse & Pantechnicon (30M) with key and in original box 80-120
264.    TRIANG MINIC - a collection of unboxed tinplate, clockwork vehicles including US army jeeps (large and small); LNER Van; Timber Lorry and others 50-80
265.    A Schuco Studio replica Mercedes Grand Prix 1936 car in box and with accessories and German instructions together with two small boxed Schuco models 20-40
266.    A large tinplate friction drive US Police Patrol car, 40cms long 15-25
267.    Boxed games - Test Match by John Waddington and Ariel Wembley (2) 12-25
268.    A Japanese battery operated tinplate robot with moulded plastic lizard head, 29cms high together with a Chinese made tinplate and plastic clockwork "Sky Bus" helicopter (2) 25-40
269.    Five post WWII tinplate clockwork toys including man in rowing boat, line of ducks and panda (5) 20-30
270.    A Wilesco stationary steam plant mounted on a wood board 30-50
271.    A tinplate clockwork toy aeroplane made in US Zone Germany together with a crested WWI tank Creme de Menthe (2) 15-25
272.    A plastic RAF motor launch; some boxed construction sets; wooden toy in box and other games and toys 20-40
273.    A Lines Bros large scale tinplate London Transport Routemaster bus 15-25
274.    Two Star Wars mechanical money boxes - Darth Maul and Qui-Gon Jinn (2) 15-30
275.    Meccano no.5A set in original wood box and with some instructions booklets 70-90
276.    A quantity of boxed Triang Minic Motorways items including track, lorries and fire engine (a lot) 30-50
277.    A Tonka Trencher no.2534 in original box 20-30
278.    A small quantity of painted lead zoo animals and a Timpo Toys knight on horse together with a decorative tin 12-20
279.    Six boxed Galoob Spice Girls figures together with other Spice Girls related items 20-40
280.    A collection of modern Dr Who plastic action figures, in blister packs and loose (a lot) 30-40
281.    A collection of Pirates of the Caribbean plastic action figures and accessories, in packs and loose (a lot) 30-40
282.    A large quantity of modern plastic action figures from various films and shows including Lord of the Rings; Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Star Wars; Barbie; Sindy and others (a lot) 40-60
283.    E.T (the Extra Terrestrial) - Pencil case in original packaging; Jumbo Eraser in blister pack and pencil case, ruler and eraser in plastic bag (3) c.1980's 15-25
284.    An early 20th Century teddy bear with gold plush, brown glass eyes and black stitched nose and claw detail, 52cms long together with another early 20th Century teddy bear (2) 60-70
285.    A modern Steiff teddy bear "Spring" with straw hat and holding a bunch of spring flowers, fitted with growler, original labels attached, 34.5cms long 20-40
286.    Two late 19th Century Chinese character dolls, each having moulded composition head and painted features of older men and wearing original traditional costume, with composition hands and feet and with a loose jacket and long gown, 25cms high
287.    A Victorian poured wax head and shoulders doll with wax lower limbs, blonde hair, blue paperweight glass eyes, painted mouth and soft body, wearing a white cotton gown and with museum type display box, height of doll 65cms 100-130
288.    An early 20th Century German porcelain half doll with original crinoline pin cushion base, 20cms high 12-20
289.    HORNBY DUBLO, HORNBY and other - some tinplate coaches; locos and tenders and other items 40-60
290.    HORNBY - GWR 0-4-0T no.101, boxed together with unboxed wagons, coaches etc, includes Triang 25-40
291.    HORNBY - limited edition Princess Elizabeth Golden Jubilee gold plated edition, boxed, together with black box and display track and a Corgi 34701 Trolleybus set, boxed 25-40
292.    DINKY - 724 Sea King Helicopter in original packaging together with 673 Submarine Chaser in original display box (2) 50-60
293.    DINKY - 678 Air Sea Rescue Launch in original bubble pack with card base 20-25
294.    DINKY - 289 Routemaster Bus, Esso Safety Grip Tyres, in original display box and together with 241 Silver Jubilee Taxi in original display box (2) 30-40
295.    DINKY - 945 AEC Fuel Tanker Esso in original bubble pack with card base 25-35
296.    DINKY - 668 Foedn Army Truck in original display box; 656 88mm Gun in original blister plastic and card case and 694 Tank Destroyer in original blister and card pack (3) 50-70
297.    DINKY - 734 P47 Thunderbolt in original bubble plastic and card pack 50-70
298.    DINKY - 719 Spitfire Mk II in original bubble plastic and card base 30-50
299.    DINKY - 449 Johnston Road Sweeper in original display box 20-30
300.    DINKY - 430 Johnson 2 Ton Dumper in original display box and 437 Muir Hill 2WL Loader in original bubble plastic and card pack (2) 30-40
301.    DINKY - 243 Volvo Police Car in original display box and 272 Police Accident Unit in original display box (2) 40-60
302.    DINKY - 722 Hawker Harrier in original blister plastic and card pack 30-40
303.    DINKY - 712 US Army T 42A in original blister plastic and card pack 20-30
304.    DINKY - 288 Suprerior Cadillac Ambulance in original display box and 267 Paramedic Truck in original display box (2) 30-50
305.    DINKY - 178 Mini Clubman, bronze in original display box 20-30
306.    DINKY - 271 Ford Transit Fire Appliance in original blister plastic and card pack together with 282 Land Rover Fire Appliance in original blister plastic and card pack (2) 40-50
307.    DINKY - 180 Rover 3500 in original display box and 124 Rolls Royce Phantom V in original display box (2) 30-50
308.    DINKY - 206 Customised Stingray in orginal display box and 225 Lotus F1 racing car in original packaging (2) 25-35
309.    DINKY - Cinderella's Coach from the film The Slipper and The Rose, in original display box 12-20
310.    DINKY - 683 Chieftain Tank in original display box 25-35
311.    DINKY - 732 Bell Police Helicopter in original bubble plastic and red/blue card base together with another similar with blue/red card base (2) 40-60
312.    DINKY - 674 Coastguard Amphibious Missile Launch in original display box 25-35
313.    DINKY - 266 ERF Fire Tender with white ladder, in original display box 30-40
314.    DINKY - 285 Merryweather Marquis Fire Tender in original display box 25-35
315.    DINKY - 440 Ford D800 Tipper Truck in original display box 25-35
316.    DINKY - 195 Fire Chief's Car in original display box and 412 Bedford AA Van in original display box (2) 25-35
317.    CORGI - 469 Routemaster, green "Click on the Draw" in original display box and 476 British Telecom Routemaster in original display box; Corgi Classics 9041 1912 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost in blister pack and two small models in boxes (5) 40-60
318.    DINKY - 965 Euclid Rear Dump Truck in original box 25-35
319.    DINKY SUPERTOYS - 561 Blaw Knox Bulldozer, red with green tracks, in original box with original corrugated card inner

320.    DINKY - no.238 Jaguar Type D with driver; 237 Mercedes Benz with driver; Austin Healey with driver and two others, all unboxed (5) 30-50
321.    CORGI - 241 Ghia L.6.4 with Chrysler engine, metallic green, with corgi in the back window and in original box 30-50
322.    CORGI and others - a small quantity of cars, a Britains plough; Dinky loading ramp in box and others 20-40
323.    A quantity of assorted unboxed diecast vehicles; a Pelham puppet; selection of OO gauge scale figures and other items (a lot) 30-40
324.    CORGI - James Bond Collection 65101 Toyota 2000GT & Blofeld Figure and 65401 Space Shuttle & Hugo Drax Figure, boxed (2) 20-30
325.    CORGI - Classics: Bedford type OB coach; Bedford O series Pantechnicon Waring & Gillow and another Michael Gerson, and one other, all in original display boxes (4)
326.    CORGI - Toymaster limited edition Bedford box van, boxed with certificate and two limited edition Bedford CA & Morris J Van in boxes and with original tissue paper covering (3)
327.    CORGI - D41/1 Barton limited edition boxed set with certificate; D37/1 150th Anniversary of the Penny Post, boxed with certificate; 33801 Bedford OB Coach; 36704 London transport Fully Closed Tram and 36901 Blackpool Single Deck Tram, all in original boxes with certificates (5)
328.    CORGI - The Showmans Range limited edition: 21701 John Codonna's AEC Closed Pole Truck with Closed Pole Trailer Set and 15901 Anderton & Rowlands Scammell Highwayman Generator with Closed Pole Trailer and Dodgem Trailer set, both with certificates and boxes (2)
329.    CORGI - The Showmans Range: 16101 Crow Scammell Highwayman Crane set; 06601 Carter's Morris 1000 Advance Publicity Van set both with certificates and boxed together with Set One Six Showground Figures, boxed (3)
330.    CORGI - The Showmans Range: 24401 Coddona's Leyland 8 Wheel Rigid Truck set; 27801 Anderton & Rowlands Atkinson Open Pole Truck set and 12601 Silcock's Foden Closed Pole Truck set, all with certificates and boxed (3)
331.    CORGI - Chipperfields Circus: 97887 Bedford O Articulated Horsebox and 97889 AEC Cage Truck and Trailer both with certificates and boxed (2)
332.    CORGI - Chipperfields Circus: 97896 AEC Pole Truck; 97022 AEC Regal Living Quarters and 97092 Bedford Pantechnicon Billy Smee Wardrobe, all with certificates and boxed (3)
333.    CORGI - Chipperfields Circus 96905 Advance Booking Vehicle; Set no.1 Six Circus Figures; Set no.2 Six Circus Figures; a Collector Album and Catalogue (5)
334.    A quantity of unboxed diecast vehicles, includes Matchbox, Dinky, Corgi and others (a lot) 25-40
335.    MATCHBOX - K-9 King Size Claas Combine Harvester, in original display box 20-30
336.    MATCHBOX Major Pack - M-5 Combine Harvester in original box 25-40
337.    MATCHBOX - Major Pack no.2 York Freightmaster Trailer "Davies Tyres" in original box 30-40
338.    MATCHBOX King Size - K-2 KW Dart Dump Truck in original box together with Major Pack M-6 18 Wheel Tractor and Transporter, Pickfords, in original box (2) 40-60
339.    MATCHBOX Major Pack M-3 Tank Transporter and Centurion Mark III Tank in original box 20-40
340.    MATCHBOX - Showroom and Service Station in box; No.1 Accessory Pack Esso petrol pumps and attendant in box and Dinky Petrol Pump Station Esso in box (3) 12-20
341.    MATCHBOX - Lambretta motor scooter and Sidecar 36b, metallic green, black plastic wheels, in D type box 30-40
342.    MATCHBOX - VW Camping Car no.34, light green with dark green base and grey plastic wheels, boxed; Lyons Maid Ice Cream Mobile Shop no.47, blue, boxed; New Model Ferrari Racing Car no.73, red with grey driver, boxed and TV Service Van no.62, "Rentaset" in box (all in D Type boxes) (4) 50-60
343.    MATCHBOX Pickfords Removal Van, no.46b, green body, black plastic wheels, boxed; Refuse Truck New Model, no.15c, with vent hole, boxed and Cement Lorry no.26b Foden orange body and barrel, black plastic wheels, boxed. All in D type boxes (3) 40-60
344.    MATCHBOX Foden Sugar Container no.10c, no crown on back decal, black wheels, boxed; ERF Marshall Horse Box no.35a, grey plastic wheels with domed and crimped axles, boxed and London Trolley Bus "Drink Peardrax" no.56a, red poles and black plastic wheels, boxed (all in D type box) (3) 40-60
345.    MATCHBOX Thames Trader Wreck Truck no.13c, grey hook, black plastic wheels, boxed; Foden Tipper no.17d Hoveringham, boxed, both D Type boxes (2) 20-40
346.    MATCHBOX Jeep Gladiator Pick-Up Truck no.71b, red body green interior, boxed and Chevrolet Impala no.57b, metallic blue body pale blue roof, tinted windows, black plastic wheels, black base, boxed (both in D type boxes) (2) 25-35
347.    MATCHBOX Ford Anglia no.7b light blue with green windows and grey plastic wheels, in D type box; Bedford Lomas Ambulance no.14c, off white with black plastic wheels, boxed and Vauxhall Victor Estate Car no.38b, yellow body, green interior with black plastic wheels, boxed (3) 25-35
348.    MATCHBOX - seven models in original boxes including Fire Fighting Crash Tender no.63b with grey nozzle; 8 wheel Crane green/orange and Snow-Trac (7) 30-50
349.    MATCHBOX Mark Ten Jaguar no.28c, pale metallic brown with cream interior, black plastic wheels, boxed; Ford Corsair with Boat no.45b, cream with red interior, black wheels, silver painted base, boxed; Lincoln Continental no.31c sea green, black plastic wheels, boxed and Studebaker Station Wagon no.42b lacking figures, boxed (4) 30-40
350.    MATCHBOX - no.10 Pipe Truck, boxed; no.11 Crane, boxed; no.23 Trailer Caravan, yellow, boxed; no.48 Sports Boat and Trailer and no.69 Hatra Tractor Shovel, boxed (5) 25-35
351.    MATCHBOX "1-75" SERIES - 10 various boxed models including no.30 Ford Prefect; no.2 Muir Hill Site Dumper and no.23 Bluebird Dauphine (10) 30-50
352.    MATCHBOX - assorted boxed and unboxed vehicles including Models of Yesteryear; Fordson Tractor (lacks steering wheel) and others 20-40
353.    A quantity of boxed and unboxed diecast vehicles including large scale Majorette Peugeot 405 Turbo and others (a lot) 20-40
354.    A diecast and tinplate Hornby Trains baggage truck together with two novelty Acme Thunderer whistles cast as WWI tanks 15-25
355.    An Astra Rocket Gun complete with instructions and six missiles in original box 30-40
356.    A Britains 155mm Gun complete with six missiles and instructions in original box 50-80
357.    A Foden Shackleton FG6 Tipper with clockwork mototr, light blue with red wheel arched, in original box with maintenance instructions 200-300
358.    A heavy brass model of a 19th Century beam engine mounted on a wood base and with chain driven motor (probably battery operated) width of base 41cms 90-130
359.    A Wilesco Old Smokey steam roller, unboxed, with red canopy, 19.5cms high 20-40
360.    A moving brass model of a vertical stationary steam engine with flywheel driving four pistons, mounted on wood base, 16cms wide 40-60
361.    A well engineered moving model of a two cylinder stationary steam engine mounted on metal base 20cms wide together with a copper boiler and a brass boiler (3) 50-70
362.    A well engineered live steam plant comprising vertical boiler, single cylinder driving a flywheel and with control lever mounted in a box, all on wood base, base 53cms x 33cms x 54cms high 100-150
363.    A well engineered model of a beam engine with water pump, mounted on wood base, base 46cms x 26cms x 34cms high 300-400
364.    A live steam model of a traction engine "Wynns Steam Haulage Contractor", 102cms long 90-150
365.    A Smiths dashboard timepiece having silvered metal dial with black Arabic numerals, dial 8cms diam 30-40
366.    A quantity of parts for a 1935 Austin 12/4 Ascot including leather seat and roof rack 30-50
367.    A Speed Indicator by Elliott Brothers, London, Ltd, having silvered metal dial and in white metal casing contained in original leather covered travelling case with one original tool, dial 7cms
368.    A pair of brown leather gauntlets, a pair of goggles and a brown leather holster 20-30
369.    A Michelin promotional glazed pottery ashtray with figure of Michelin Man seated to one side, 9cms high 8-16
370.    An enamelled metal Bus Stop "Request" double sided sign, 40.5cms x 46cms 30-40
371.    A plastic RAC bumper badge; a Sunbeam Rapier chrome badge and other items 20-40
372.    A vintage French Baby Projector together with 11 reels of Baby Film including Felix the Cat and a Pathescope reel in original box 30-50
373.    A miners lamp, brass and white metal, with brass makers plate "E Thomas & Williams Aberdare" numbered "1145" now fitted with modern bulb, 25cms high 20-30
374.    A Kodak Retina Automatic I camera with Retina-Reomar 1:2.8 45mm lens and Prontomat T-S shutter, in original brown leather case 15-25
375.    A pair of small child's brown suede football boots with leather soles and studs 15-25
376.    A 19th Century ivory and white metal mounted folding rule with engraved scales, extending metal arm to one side, 12" when not extended 20-40
377.    An enamelled brass medallion "Help our Noble Railway Dog"; a small brass lapel badge "NUR"; a pair of silver niello Siam cufflinks and other badges contained in a small papier mache snuff box 12-25
378.    A Zeiss Ikon Movikon 8 cine camera in original leather case and together with Zeiss Ikophot light meter in case and instructions booklet 15-25
379.    An Acme Scout Master whistle 8-16
380.    A Hopalong Cassidy wristwatch the dial with red Arabic numerals, named and with image of Cassidy, on original black leather strap with white metal US style buckle , length approx 21cms 25-35
381.    An early 20th Century doctor's leather Gladstone bag containing some childbirth instruments including forceps and anaesthetic mask holders 30-50
382.    Six Victorian microphotographs by John Charles Stovin - The Last Appeal, Cupboard Love, The Guardian Angels, The SCripture Reader, Madonna and Child and Portrait of Washington, all the slides with original labels (6) 80-120
383.    Four Victorian microphotographs by John Benjamin Dancer - Vulcan, His R H Prince Albert, Napoleon III and The Madonna together with another by Alfred Reeves - The Queen and Prince Consort and another Jubilee Photograph of Her Majesty the Queen, all with original printed labels (6) 80-120
384.    A collection of Victorian microscope slides, mainly entomology subjects; some with decorative lithographic labels, includes slides by Darlaston, H J Gray, Clarke & Page and others, contained in trays in a slide box (20) 30-50
385.    A HMV Victor gramophone, the table top machine in oak case, with HMV "Exhibition" reproducer and metal Morning Glory horn and winding handle, base 36cms x 36cms 70-100
386.    A Williams Pinball machine - base and back but lacking supports 50-70
387.    A 20th Century brass and white metal miners lamp with brass makers plate "Patterson Lamps Ltd Felling on Tyne" stamped "GPO" with original burner and glass, 23.5cms high 20-40
388.    A souvenir pincushion with glass beadwork decoration "1908 Niagara Falls" together with a small sampler by "M Collier" 15-30
389.    An album of BT phone cards, includes Glamour, Disney, Muppets, Prison cards and others 12-20
390.    A Pinches sterling silver mint edition of 1000 Years of British Monarchy in original box with certificate, comprising 50 cast ingots each weighing 2.12ozt (approx total 106ozt) 650-850
391.    A quantity of commemorative medallions including Victoria diamond jubilee; Australian military cap badges and other items 12-20
392.    A Voigtlander Vitomatic IIa camera with Prontor shutter and in leather carry case together with a tripod stand and other accessories contained in a small leather case 25-40
393.    Four Bristol City amateur Swimming Assoc enamelled silver medallions c.1930's; two similar for Bristol (North) mixed Swimming Club and others together with three Robertson's Golly badges 40-60
394.    A Victorian Orchestral Organette, the wood box with gilt lettering, three stops and side winding handle, 32cms x 30cms together with one card 40-60
395.    Taxidermy - a Victorian barn owl mounted perching amongst dried grass, under glass dome 30-50
396.    A collection of enamelled metal Race Club badges mainly c.1990's - 9 Newbury and 7 Warwick; 5 PGA European tour Patron badges and another 15-25
397.    A small autograph book containing signatures of Cricketers c.1950's including teams Hampshire, Sussex, Yorkshire, South Africa and others 20-30
398.    Football - a quantity of assorted programmes including Bridgwater Town c.1960's, Exeter City, Tranmere Rovers, Fulham, Everton and others, ranging from 1950's - 1970's 20-30
399.    FOOTBALL - a quantity of assorted programmes including Tottenham Hotspurs 1967 - 1969; Internationals; European Cup; Manchester United; World Cup souvenir programmes c.1970's - 1980's and others (a lot) 25-40
400.    CRICKET - Three souvenirs all with facsimile signatures - Australian Tour 1961, 1964 and West Indies 1963 together with a small autograph book 8-16
401.    GUINNESS - a set of Guinness "Zoo" waistcoat buttons on original printed card and in original box 15-30
402.    GUINNESS - four Wade Guinness figures including The Mad Hatter and Wellington together with a Guinness pen knife (5) 12-25
403.    Three large Guinness wall calendars - 178 by Giles; 1981 Heath Robinson and 1982 (3) 20-40
404.    A Bass bar vesta stand by Mintons, with striker sides, 8cms high 15-25
405.    A Worthingtons "Pale Ale" bar vesta stand by Royal Doulton, with striker sides and circular base, 11cms high 20-40
406.    A Parker 51 fountain pen in blue case with gold metal top; a Parker Slimfold fountain pen in black case and another Parker fountain pen in black case (3) 25-35
407.    A traditional Welsh woollen blanket in purple/pink/black, with fringed edging 70-100
408.    A ladies brown fur coat 12-20
409.    A vintage brown crocodile skin clutch bag; a python skin handbag; vintage crocodile wallet; leather wallet and leather frame (5) 20-40
410.    A large Huntley & Palmers metal biscuit tin with original paper label to one side, 26cms high 15-25
411.    A Golden Pyramid gramophone needle tin; two other gramophone needle tins; a Continental Pfaff sewing thread tin and others (7) 15-30
412.    A rectangular illuminated advertising sign for Schweppes Tonic "In a Class By Itself", 28cms x 77cms x 16cms deep 30-50