Antiques & Later Furnishings Sale
on Wednesday 21st March 2018

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1.      A quantity of assorted Mcdonalds happy meal toys together with display boards and boxes.
2.      A cased sewing machine.
3.      A quantity of assorted tea cards.
4.      A record player.
5.      A part Coalport "Revelry" blue and white dinner service.
6.      A small collection of local interest books for Somerset, Cornwall etc to include Railway interest.
7.      A quantity of assorted train track together with wooden blocks etc.
8.      A quantity of assorted Mcdonalds happy meal toys including the Flintstones together with display boards and boxes.
9.      A quantity of assorted topographical postcards.
10.     A collection of Ordnance Survey maps and others to include local interest.
11.     Royal Commemorative mugs together with Royal Doulton Coronation bell and three figures.
12.     A pair of framed prints showing scenes from a 'Midsummer Nights Dream', together with five other framed pictures. 0
13.     A case accordion. 0
14.     Enid Blyton - The Big Noddy Book - together with other NOddy books and other books by the author.
15.     A carved wood cased mantel clock.
16.     Two brown glazed Dartmouth pottery cat money boxes, a green glazed Dartmouth pottery cockerel figure, etc. 0
17.     A wicker picnic basket containing assorted tins. 0
18.     A cased canteen of cutlery and a brass teapot. 0
19.     A dolls Rosenthale china part tea service. 0
20.     A banjo, calendars, etc. 0
21.     A small collection of books relating to birds, trees, wild flowers, etc.
22.     A Wedgwood 'Summer Bouquet' pattern part dinner service. 0
23.     A quantity of assorted McDonalds toys, boxes and display boards. 0
24.     A Coalport figure of a lady 'Teresa' and another 'Jill' (2). 0
25.     Am oil lamp with decorative metal base and green glass oil container. 0
26.     An EPNS teapot, hot water pot, milk jug and sucrier. 0
27.     A pair of decorative metal horse head figures and a wall mounted metal horse head figure (3). 0
28.     An oil lamp with frosted glass shade, together with an all glass oil lamp (2). 0
29.     A Royal Doulton figure of a lady 'Sheila' and another 'Jacqueline' (2). 0
30.     A pink rose tea service, comprised of pieces from several manufacturers. 0
31.     A Coalport figure of a lady 'Flair', another 'L'Ombrelle' and 'Affection' (3). 0
32.     A Royal Doulton figure of a lady 'Beatrice', another 'Kirsty' and another 'Lynne' (3).
33.     An Aynsley part tea service decorated with green and yellow checks 0
34.     A Port Meirion Botanic Garden pattern jug and bowl, together with a decorative ceramic jar and cover. 0
35.     A Royal Doulton figure of a lady 'Lydia', a Royal Copenhagen figure and another figure (3). 0
36.     A Crown Staffordshire part tea service with pretty pink and purple flower decoration.
37.     A Royal Doulton figure of a lady 'Elaine' and another 'Fair Lady' (2). 0
38.     A Royal Doulton figure of a lady 'Masquerade' and another 'Coralie' (2). 0
39.     An Aynsley part tea service decorated in pink, grey and green. 0
40.     A Dartmouth pottery bowl and plate decorated with fish and seaweed, together with a Wenbery pottery bowl and cover, and another bowl and cover.
41.     Three Royal Doulton character jugs: 'Robinson Crusoe', 'Monty' and 'Winston Churchill', etc. 0
42.     A Picquotware teapot, hot water pot, milk jug and sugar bowl together with associated tray.
43.     Ten Blue Peter annuals and two 'Cheeky' annuals. 0
44.     A framed picture of a river scene, together with a framed oleograph of a harbour scene (2). 0
45.     An assorted quantity of McDonalds toys, boxes and display boards.
46.     A quantity of books subjects to include - The Beatles, Elvis, etc; and a number of Biggles books, etc. (2 boxes). 0
47.     Six florally decorated opaque glass vases, together with other items of cut glass, etc. 0
48.     A wooden stationary box/writing slope with brass decoration, a miniature chest of drawers, bookends, etc. 0
49.     Two tilley lamps, a leather cartridge belt, tools, etc.
50.     A pair of prints depicting a Jack Russell, together with four other framed prints (5). 0
51.     A large quantity of mottoware to include teapots, biscuit barrels, sugar bowls, etc.; some pieces Longpark Torquayware. 0
52.     An assorted quantity of McDonalds toys, boxes and a display poster. 0
53.     A green glass jug together with assorted items of clear, cut and engraved glass, etc. 0
54.     Richmal Crompton - William Again - December 1926, twelfth impression together with a quantity of other 'Just William' books, to include modern editions (3 boxes). 0
55.     A heavy black painted round metal tray, fire irons, metal bowl, etc. 0
56.     Two croquet mallets, croquet balls, a metal bucket, etc. 0
57.     Two acoustic guitars.
58.     A quantity of assorted McDonalds toys, boxes and display boxes. 0
59.     A gilt framed rectangular wall mirror, together with two other mirrors (3). 0
60.     A Crown Ducal part dinner service and a Meakin part dinner service, both decorated in burgundy and gilt. 0
61.     A selection of lilac glazed Torquayware with a pattern of heather, to include a candlestick, jar and cover, etc. 0
62.     A collection of ephemera to include two Noddy's strip books titled 'Noddy's Penny Wheel Car' and Noddy and the Witch's Wand'. 0
63.     An assorted quantity of McDonalds toys and boxes. 0
64.     Colonel Michael Cobbs - The Railways of Great Britain, A Historical Atlas - together with a quantity of railway books (2 boxes). 0
65.     A small decorative metal coffee pot and bowl studded with red and blue beads, together with assorted items of metalware - plates, pots, etc. 0
66.     A Beswick figure of a standing bay horse; a Beswick figure 'Spirit of Freedom' with base; and a figure 'Spirit of the Wild' on base (3). 0
67.     A framed Vincent Van Gogh print, together with twelve other framed pictures (13).
68.     A carved wood box containing black beaded material, another wood box containing playing cards, two Smiths mantel clocks, four tiles, etc. 0
69.     A pottery jug decorated with sheep grazing in a field, together with eighteen assorted vases, many Torquay pottery. 0
70.     Assorted items of Torquayware and Torquay type ware, including jugs, teapots, etc. 0
71.     A boxed Scalextric set. 0
72.     Two boxed Wedgwood glass Christmas goblets, other pieces of Wedgwood, Caithness glass, etc. 0
73.     A quantity of postcards, including sets. 0
74.     An assorted quantity of McDonalds toys, boxes, display boards, etc. 0
75.     A green iridescent glazed Watcombe pottery tea set for one, together with coffee pot, etc. 0
76.     A framed oil of orange dahlias, with three other framed pictures (4). 0
77.     Three large Torquay pottery mottoware jugs, together with other mottoware jugs and vases. 0
78.     An engraved pewter tankard with glass base, assorted items of plate and other metalware. 0
79.     Assorted items of Torquayware and Torquay type ware, including jugs, vases, etc. 0
80.     A collection of books relating to cats (2 boxes).
81.     A large purple glaze Torquayware two handled vase decorate with a songbird, together with other purple glazed vases. 0
82.     Five brown glazed Dartmouth pottery tankards, together with assorted items of pottery in brown and yellow glazes. 0
83.     Leather horses harnesses with brass decoration and horse brasses, together with five wooden wall mounted hooks. 0
84.     A decorative wooden bowl on stand, a green hard stone box, plates, etc.
85.     A 'Mr Brannam's....Devon Terracotta' flour storage jar, together with other items by the same maker; a garlic baker and other items. 0
86.     A collection of mottoware to include bowls, plates, cups, etc. 0
87.     A collection of children's books to include Beatrix Potter.
88.     A box of assorted foreign First Day Covers of cat interest. 0
89.     A cut glass decanter with silver collar, a Sylvac raised shell pattern planter, etc. 0
90.     A cased bronze cutlery set from Thailand and a decorative metal coffee pot. 0
91.     A jug decorated with a lady holding a rose, together with assorted ceramics. 0
92.     Lt. Col. Gold Scmidt - The Fellowship of the Horse, together with other books and ephemera. 0
93.     Two solitaire boards and pieces, a large dish in the shape of a fish, five Natwest pigs, etc. 0
94.     A heavy cut glass ship's decanter, another cut glass decanter, a claret jug and items of red glass. 0
95.     A quantity of mottoware to include tankards, coffee pots, jugs, etc. 0
96.     Five trophy cups, a small plated caddy with hinged lid, metal plate stands, etc. 0
97.     A Dartmouth blue glazed 'Plymouth Gin' fish jug, nine other Dartmouth fish jugs, etc. 0
98.     Two black telephones. 0
99.     Enid Blyton - Now For a Story - 1948, with dust wrapper; and twenty other books by the author. 0
100.    A quantity of Torquayware and other makers to include jugs, cups, etc. 0
101.    A light wood box with hinged lid. 0
102.    A collection of items relating to owls including pictures, books, ceramics, etc. 0
103.    A quantity of tea and cigar cards, mostly contained in books. 0
104.    A domestic charcoal burner, a two handled metal vase, etc.
105.    Six metal tankards, a Stein, two metal plates and other metalware. 0
106.    A large silver coloured figure of a rearing horse on base; together with assorted figurines of dogs and horses. 0
107.    A brass shell casing with pie crust rim, two metal candlesticks and other items of metalware. 0
108.    A large squat green glazed pottery vase, bird figurines, etc. 0
109.    A framed picture of a canal scene together with nineteen other framed pictures (20). 0
110.    A decorative blue glass bottle, collectors plates decorated with horses, blue and white china, etc. 0
111.    A part egg shell china tea service decorated with leaves and birds; four patterned, cream Wedgwood Patrician serving dishes and covers, plates, etc. (2 boxes). 0
112.    A white onyx lamp base, and two other lamp bases with shades. 0
113.    A Susie Cooper part tea service decorated in pastel shades with floral decoration. 0
114.    A quantity of trade card catalogues. 0
115.    A two part hunting horn. 0
116.    A Beswick figure of a standing black horse, god stamp 'CH Black Magic'; together with five other figures of horses. 0
117.    Three framed pictures of Pekingese's together with other framed and unframed pictures. 0
118.    A quantity of green glazed pottery including vases and jugs, some items Torquay pottery. 0
119.    A wall hanging wood cased clock, a square wooden stand, figures of animals, etc. 0
120.    A quantity of boxed jigsaws and games to include Scrabble, Cluedo, Twister and others. 0
121.    A wooden pipe rack and pipes, together with other smoking paraphernalia. 0
122.    Assorted items of mottoware to include coffee pots and tankards, all with place names. 0
123.    A decorative wall hanging clock with carved wood base, with Roman numerals to the dial. 0
124.    A Beswick figure of a standing horse, together with two other horse figures. 0
125.    A framed map of Somerset together with fifteen framed pictures including a set relating to Taunton (16). 0
126.    A Watcombe pottery planter decorated with a country scene, together with other items of pottery decorated with country scenes. 0
127.    Three cased sets of cutlery. 0
128.    A decorated brass shell casing, metal candlesticks, assorted cutlery, etc. 0
129.    A box of assorted records, artists include Elkie Brooks. 0
130.    An illuminating globe, novelty teapots, etc. 0
131.    A Sylvac figure of a sitting spaniel, together with twenty other figurines of dogs and cats (21). 0
132.    Two boomerangs, games, animal figures, etc.
133.    A hammered metal coal bucket, a pair of bellows, a hunting horn, etc. 0
134.    A metal fire screen, metal kettles, fire irons, etc. 0
135.    Two stoneware jars, a stoneware churn and another item. 0
136.    A Torquay pottery vase in lilac and yellow glaze decorated with a black lattice and fruit, together with other brightly coloured items of assorted pottery. 0
137.    A Royal Doulton 'Simplicity' pattern part dinner service. 0
138.    A box of cameras, etc. 0
139.    Fire irons, figurines, etc. 0
140.    A chess board and pieces, the pieces modelled in medieval style. 0
141.    A modern boxed Mamod steam tractor, model number TE1A. 0
142.    A quantity of model trains, carriages, etc. 0
143.    A purple glazed Longpark Torquay teapot decorated with large open pink flowers together with other items of pottery in similar colours to include udder vases and candlesticks. 0
144.    A framed commemorative coin set, crystal animal figures, etc. 0
145.    A wood box (lacking lid) containing assorted coins, magic lantern slides, etc.
146.    A large quantity of metal and plated cutlery, serving implements, etc. 0
147.    A collection of costume jewellery to include necklaces, beads and brooches; with other decorative items. 0
148.    A Stoke pottery fruit bowl on pedestal foot, decorated in orange, blue and gilt; together with other ceramics. 0
149.    A collection of costume jewellery to include earrings, beads, etc. 0
150.    A print 'De Lime Kiln Club' with associated frame. 0
151.    A quantity of costume jewellery to include clip-on earrings and beads; with other decorative items, all contained in a cream leatherette vanity case. 0
152.    Lionel Edwards - Sketches in Stable and Kennel - with other books mostly relating to horses and nature, etc. (2 boxes). 0
153.    A gilt framed rectangular wall mirror and an oval wall mirror. 0
154.    A miniature carved oak coffer, a pair of wooden lamp bases, a wooden carved horses head, etc. 0
155.    A black, Mother of Pearl inlaid jewellery cabinet with chinoiserie style decoration; two cut glass dressing table bottles with silver collars (one lacking stopper) and a silver mustard. 0
156.    Three glass paperweights, a Wedgwood vase, a turned wood bowl, etc.
157.    A blue glazed Torquay pottery vase decorated with a peacock and foliage; together with four similarly coloured pieces. 0
158.    Two wooden easels, and a collection of boxed toys. 0
159.    Assorted tools including hammers, pliers, chisels, etc. 0
160.    A carved, white painted oval mirror, together with part dressing table sets, a ladies beaded evening bag, other textiles, pictures, etc. 0
161.    A green patterned part tea service, assorted jugs, bottles, etc. (2 boxes). 0
162.    An assortment of Royal Worcester Evesham pattern serving dishes and platters. 0
163.    A moulded blue glass vase together with eight other assorted glass vases etc.
164.    A Fortnum and Mason stilton cheese stoneware storage jar, a chicken shaped egg holder etc.
165.    A cased ste of six silver coffee spoons with coffee bean terminals together with another set of silver spoons and assorted coins.
166.    Bernard Storer - "Sedgemoor it's history and natural history"; together with maps leaflets and ephemera relating to the South West.
167.    A blue glazed pottery jug, plates vases etc.
168.    A decorative metal watch case; assorted costume jewellery to include earrings, cufflinks and brooches, a pocket watch etc.
169.    Four metal lantern light fittings together with a circular mirror and wooden block with lion decoration.
170.    A pair of framed pictures of ships on the sea together with assorted framed and unframed pictures.
171.    A patterned glass vase, cut glass tumblers etc.
172.    An Anysley part tea service decorated with peach coloured flowers.
173.    A glazed display cabinet with two shelves.
174.    Seven metal fuel containers.
175.    A blue and white metal platter together with assorted ceramics and glass (2 boxes).
176.    Two ladies parasols, a collection of fans, figurines etc.
177.    A cased Rolls razor set together with a decorative metal box containing costume jewellery, a metal post office toy and a wooden box.
178.    A cased carving set with decorative black handles.
179.    Eight Torquay pottery scent bottles.
180.    A WWI silk postcard together with other assorted postcards to include some Cornish interest.
181.    Six framed pictures of Teddy Bears and two other framed pictures.
182.    A cased mantle clock.
183.    A quantity of sheet music and a small quantity of stamps.
184.    A floral patterned tea service in Chinese style etc.
185.    Two flat back figures, a figurine of a sailor, pens, ephemera etc.
186.    A Torquay pottery mottoware jug together with other assorted items of mottoware.
187.    Six heavy cut brandy balloons together with three cut glass decanters a cruet etc.
188.    A decorative lidded pot, a figurine of a lady together with a Colclough part service etc.
189.    A boxed Meccano airport service set.
190.    A collection of childrens books to include Buffalo Bill annuals etc.
191.    A decorative metal box in the shape of a book and three mantle clocks.
192.    A table top football game.
193.    A framed rectangular wall mirror.
194.    A large carved wooden wall mirror.
195.    A gilt framed over mantle mirror.
196.    A framed Price's patent together with one framed and one unframed map.
197.    A bedroom chair together with television unit and a small set of bookshelves.
198.    A small Fortnum and Mason wicker hamper together with a framed picture, ceramics etc.
199.    Four boxed toy vehicles together with a boxed set of metal soliders.
200.    Fifteen glass paperweights together with a glass polar bear etc.
201.    A boxed Merit quick construction car kit; a plated teapot, books etc.
202.    A wooden smokers cabinet together with a pipe two pottery jars and lids etc.
203.    Five cut glass brandy balloons together with liqueur glasses etc.
204.    A pottery elephant shaped money box together with a pottery coffee service.
205.    A Royal Doulton bowl depicting people around a camp fire together a Royal Worcester Golfing collection bowl.
206.    Metal candlesticks, tankards together with paper mache boxes etc.
207.    Two framed pictures of golfing interest.
208.    A ships decanter, six tumblers, a tea pot etc.
209.    A president wall clock.
210.    A part Royal Albert Old Country roses teaset including teapot.
211.    A quantity of mixed collectors plates.
212.    Assorted pink jewellery display stands etc.
213.    A quantity of assorted books of local interest.
214.    Assorted horse brasses.
215.    Twelve Danbry Mint mugs all relating to horse racing.
216.    Three cut glass decanters , a claret jugs and four glasses.
217.    A large silver plated tray together with two teapots, cutlery and other metalware.
218.    A Royal Albert Old roses heart shaped decorative trinket together with a Royal Stafford part tea service.
219.    Ten pieces of blue and white Wedgewood to include vases and trinket boxes.
220.    Three heavy cut glass decanters with spirit labels and six heavy cut glass tumblers.
221.    A wicker picnic hamper with blue plastic contents.
222.    A Booths real old willow ginger jar and cover together with assorted ceramic items; largely in Chinese design. (2 boxes)
223.    Two petrol cans.
224.    Two pairs of mantle spaniels together with four Lilliputt lane model cottages etc.
225.    A tall decorative blue glass vessel and stopper together with a pair of green glass vases and other items of glassware.
226.    Two floral part tea services.
227.    A copper spirit kettle and stand; another metal kettle together with a tray, candlesticks, cutlery etc.
228.    Six Franklin Mint decorative jelly moulds together with two brightly coloured jugs etc.
229.    Assorted crested ware together with glassware etc.
230.    A Lawleys part tea service decorated with blue birds together with other assorted part tea services.
231.    John Milton - Paradise Lost together with Charlotte Bronte Jane Eyre, Poems of Oliver Goldsmith ; Edward VII Cornoation book and assorted stamps - loose and in albums.
232.    A wood cased vanity box with mirror and four other wooden boxes.
233.    Two flatback figures together with a metal deer etc.
234.    A decorative metal tray together with assorted textiles.
235.    A framed Horse Racing print.
236.    A large quantity of assorted tools to include hammers, spanners, files etc.
237.    A metal childs trike.
238.    Two caned conservatory chairs in a retro style.
239.    A quantity of advertising items to include Babycham together with five souvenir spoons, books of tea cards etc.
240.    A nest of two tables, a single dining chair together a dressing table stool and five assorted tables.
241.    A large metal decorative tray with stand together with a coffee decorated with flowers.
242.    A quantity of comics to include Withered , Howard the Duck and Cohen the Barbarian
243.    A large Fortnum and Mason wicker hamper together with a metal light fitting decorated with pigs , a desk lamp , standard lamp and a wall hanging display unit.
244.    A wooden stand with hinged lid and under shelf.
245.    Three gilt plaster frames and four wooden frames.
246.    A round wooden mirror together with another mirror, a fire screen etc.
247.    A decorative metal stick stand with golf club etc.
248.    Eight framed of pictures of soldiers in regimental dress together with eighteen other pictures.
249.    A three tier cake stand, a small set of wooden bookshelves, wooden trays etc.
250.    Torquay ware items with a crocus pattern to include a jug and vase etc.
251.    An oil lamp with blue glass lacking shade and chimney together with another oil lamp.
252.    A quantity of walking sticks etc.
253.    A musical side table together with three tier cake stand and an armchair.
254.    Assorted Torquay ware to include motto ware, egg cups etc.
255.    A metal decorative mould of a fish together with assorted metal animals to include elephants, lions and birds.
256.     A pretty yellow and blue glass jug and set of seven cups.
257.    A painted terracotta stick with a quantity of walking sticks.
258.    A wooden cased mantle clock.
259.    Six coloured glass hock glasses of typical form and another coloured glass.
260.    A Royal Worcester figure of the Queen in celebration of her 80th Birthday.
261.    An oil lamp with decorative white opaque glass and blue cover and other oil lamp.
262.    A canteen of bronze cutlery 10-20
263.    An extensive Royal Doulton Morning Star pattern dinner service comprising plates, bowls, veg tureens, casseroles, ramekins, teacups, coffee set etc. 20-40
265.    A 9ct gold half eternity ring, set with alternate cubic zirconia and dark topaz, size Q, and a 9ct gold dress ring set with central, large blue stone with loose clear paste stone to either side, size S. (2) 40-60
266.    A 9ct gold square panel signet ring, size V, (A/F), 4g approx.; and another 9ct gold signet ring set with an oval black onyx panel, size T (2) 40-60
267.    A large silver ring set with a faceted rectangular blue lapis type stone; a silver mauve glass set stone; white metal bangle, etc. 25-40
268.    A 9ct gold brooch in the form of a maple leaf. 3.4g approx 25-35
269.    A small 9ct gold S link bracelet and six assorted 9ct gold pairs of pierced earrings, 12.5g approx. 70-100
270.    A small 9ct gold shield signet ring, size M+, a 9ct gold ring with garnet cluster, size L+, a Silver shell cameo ring, size L, an 800 silver and marcasite cameo brooch, Silver cross, Silver teddy bear brooch, and a 3d coin bracelet. 12-20
271.    An 18ct white gold large size ring, set with three panels of four square cut diamonds, size W 60-90
272.    A boxed 9ct gold pendant piece on fine curb link chain, set with a central dark topaz stone and with two tiny diamonds, a similar 9ct gold dark topaz and diamond bracelet, and a pair of 9ct gold matching pierced earrings. 100-150
272A.   A 9ct gold hollow, slave bangle, 14g approx.; and a hollow 9ct gold bangle with engraved decoration, 6.7g approx. 140-180
273.    A 9ct gold pendant and chain, the pendant pieve set with Amethysts and tiny diamonds. A 9ct gold Amethyst set cross on a fine link chain, a 9 ct gold pendant piece, set with dark sapphire with diamond chip surround and a pair of similar gold metal earrings with central dark topaz and clean paste surround. 100-150
274.    GEORGE V - Half Sovereign 1914 80-90
275.    An 18ct gold and platinium mounted three stone diamond ring, size N. 50-80
276.    A 9ct gold brooch in the form of a fern frond, set with cultured pearls, a similar 9ct brooch modelled as a vine leaf with a bunch of pearl grapes, and a matching 9st gold pair of pierced earrings. 100-150
277.    A 9ct gold enamelled and platinium "Royal Artillery" sweetheart brooch, the canon wheel set with tiny diamonds. 70-100
278.    A fine link 14k gold chain, a 9ct gold rope twist chain with attached celtic cross pendant piece , and a 9ct gold belcher link chain with pendnant piece set with a tear shaped Amethyst (3) Total weight 13.6g approx 70-100
279.    A cased pair of gents silver and enamelled cufflinks, enamelled with the colours of The Royal Artillery. 40-60
280.    A pair of 9ct three coloured gold hoop twist pierced earrings; a pair of 9ct hoops; a pair of 9ct creole type earrings; a pair of 9ct earrings set with Carbouchon garnets, a pair of 9ct earrings set with single amethysts, a pair of gold metal earrings set with dark topaz and tiny diamonds, gold metal earrings set with single blue stone and a pair of silver gilt earrings. 80-100
281.    A gold (tested) hollow circular bracelet, the catch marked 750 NOTE: maybe a lower carrat than 750. 21.6g approx. 150-200
282.    A large 18ct gold wedding band, size U, 6.7g approx.
283.    A 9ct gold buckle ring, size L; and a small 9ct gold signet ring, size L, 7g approx. (2) 40-60
284.    A 9ct gold dress ring set with four small rubies and two white sapphires, size L, 2.7g approx. 30-40
285.    A 9ct gold dress ring set with an oval, faceted mauve glass stone, size L; and another gold (tested) signet ring set with a shield shaped chalcedony panel, size K (2) 30-40
286.    An 18ct white gold wedding band with engraved foliate decoration, size X, 4.9g approx. 40-60
287.    A 9ct gold dress ring, half eternity style, set with six clear paste stones, size V; and another 9ct gold half eternity type ring, set with alternate blue and clear paste stones, size V (2) 25-40
288.    A 9ct gold dress ring, set with two clear paste stones in crossover form, small stones to the shoulders, size V 25-40
289.    A 9ct gold hollow link bracelet, clasp A/F, 11.1g approx. 60-80
290.    A 9ct gold oval brooch, set with an oval black glass panel set with central gold and seed pearl "lily of the valley"; an oval pietra dura brooch set in a silver metal mount; a George III half crown, enamelled and made into a brooch; and a Victorian gilt metal memoria brooch (4) 50-80
291.    A silver sovereign case suspended on a silver belcher link chain; gilt metal necklaces; faux pearl necklace; "Rotary" wristwatch; a 9ct gold cased 5g approx. etc. 40-60
292.    A ladies "Tudor" 9ct white gold wristwatch, the bezel diamond set; the watch with integrated flexible strap, the silvered dial marked "Tudor Royal". Contained in original red "Tudor" box, inside stamped "Tudor By Rolex Geneva" ++glass scratched and marked 220-280
293.    A 9ct gold dress ring, set with a rectangular faceted Amethyst in a collect setting, size M+, and a 9ct gold ring, set with a central oval emerald with diamond to either side, Size M. (2) 50-80
294.    A set of five waistcoat buttons, set with Essex crystal style roundel's with horse head decoration, with foil backgrounds 20-30
295.    A 15ct gold bar brooch set with seed pearls, 2.2g approx.; a 9ct gold and glazed oval photo pendant on 9ct gold chain (metal clasp), 6g approx.; and an 18ct gold camel charm on fine link chain, 3.2g approx. 60-80
296.    A 9ct gold stock pin with central fox mask and with red stone eyes, 2.8g approx.; and a gold (tested) stock pin with applied central model of a stag, 4.5g approx. (2) 60-90
297.    A silver, five oval panel bracelet, the panels cast with views of London "Tower Bridge, The Houses of Parliament, St Pauls Cathedral", etc. (links A/F; a silver horse head and riding crop brooch (pin A/F); a .900 cameo brooch, etc. 30-50
298.    A steel cased Gents "Omega" manual wind wristwatch, the matt dial with Baton and Arabic numerals with subsidary seconds dial. (Not working). 40-60
299.    A Gents 9ct gold cased, full hunting pocket watch, manual wind, the white enamel dial with black Roman numerals and with subsidary seconds dial. Dial AF ticks when wound. 150-250
300.    A large quantity of assorted costume jewellery, including silver cased pocket watch AF bead necklaces, cufflinks, bracelets, brooches, faux pearls, "Parker pens", earrings, powder compacts, watches etc. 30-40
301.    A freshwater pearl bracelet with 9ct gold clasp, 19cms long 8-12
302.    A 19th century oval, lava cameo brooch set in silver metal mount, and carved with a Roman male head; and a silver ring set with a lava cameo, carved with a head of a young Roman lady, size O (2) 40-60
303.    A gents "Rolex" manual wind Wristwatch, probably 1960s, 9ct gold cased, the textured white dial with gold baton numerals and hands, sweep seconds, dial with gold "Rolex" and crown, on tan leather strap with gilt metal crown on buckle 300-400
304.    A modern silver pill box, the top mounted with a standing pig; a small circular silver pill box; and an oval double compartment pill box with engraved decoration (3) 40-60
305.    A modern silver rectangular pill box, the lid decorated with cats in a basket 20-40
306.    A silver cased open face pocket watch by Mathey & Droz on fancy link metal chain and together with a Smiths pocket watch and a Sekonda (3)
307.    A 19th Century keywound pocket watch having white enamel dial, by William Foot, London no.904, verge escapement with fusee, engraved backplate with pierced and engraved cock with green man detail, in silver plated case, dial 45mm diam
308.    An Elgin open face keyless pocket watch in gold plated case having white enamel dial with subsidiary seconds dial and jewelled movement, on short leather strap 15-20
309.    A Waltham open face keyless pocket watch having cream enamel dial with subsidiary seconds dial, in 9ct gold case 80-120
310.    An open face silver cased key wound pocket watch having white enamel dial inscribed Albert Bale & Co, Bristol, with subsidiary seconds dial 20-30
311.    A Goliath pocket watch having white enamel dial inscribed Elkington, Cheapside, with subsidiary seconds dial and contained in silver fronted leather travelling case with easel support back, height of case 12cms 60-80
312.    A George III silver teapot of oval form, later embossed with flowers, foliage and "C" scrolls, with ebony handle, London 1806, maker John Lambe, 20.2ozt 150-180
313.    A silver tea spoon with golf club decorated terminal; Victorian metal brooch; mother of pearl bracelet (A/F); coins, etc. 12-20
314.    A collection of 18 silver napkin rings, total weight 11.48ozt 60-80
315.    A silver egg cup; silver pepperettes; silver salt; various silver teaspoons; silver Sherry decanter label and silver salt spoon, total weight 8.5ozt 40-60
316.    A George IV silver berry spoon, London 1821; a silver mustard with blue glass liner; a silver medallion and a silver handled knife, total weighable silver 3ozt 30-40
317.    A cased set of six silver teaspoons with seal tops, total weight 1.4ozt 15-25
318.    A cased silver egg cup and spoon, Birmingham 19437/1938 and a silver pusher Birmingham 1928, total silver weight 2.7ozt 30-40
319.    A cased set of silver teaspoons and sugar tongs (one spoon missing) with a decorative 800 standard spoon, total silver weight 2.3ozt 20-25
320.    A quantity of assorted silver teaspoons, coffee spoons and salt spoons, total weight 5.2ozt 30-40
321.    A set of six William IV fiddle pattern table spoons engraved with a crest, London 1836, maker Mary Chawner, total weight 15ozt 120-140
322.    A set of William IV silver fiddle pattern table ware by Mary Chawner comprising 6 table forks, 6 dessert fork and 6 dessert spoons, all London 1836, all engraved with a crest, total weight 32.90ozt 280-320
323.    A large silver quaiche by Wakely & Wheeler having circular bowl and handles cast with Celtic style dragons, London 1946, bowl 18cms diam 12.9ozt 150-180
324.    A Victorian silver fiddle pattern table spoon engraved with initials and date 1850, Exeter 1849, 2.5ozt 15-25
325.    A George III silver fiddle pattern basting spoon engraved with initials, London 1805, 3.2ozt 15-25
326.    A silver pedestal fruit bowl, the shaped circular top with pierced border and on stepped circular base, London 1907, 26cms diam, 17.6ozt 150-180
327.    A pair of sterling silver napkin rings with intricate pierced decoration; a sterling silver bangle with pierced decoration and a silver metal buckle napkin ring, total silver weight 2.6ozt 20-30
328.    Two modern silver vesta cases in the form of standing pigs, applied striker plates to their belly's (2) 40-60
329.    A modern silver vesta case in the form of a standing pig, applied striker plate to the belly and a hollow silver model of a standing pig (2). 30-50
330.    A large modern silver oval pill box with repousee decoration of a cherub riding a dragonfly; and two oval silver pill boxes (3) 40-60
331.    A modern silver drum wind tape measure with embossed decoration; a retractable silver tooth pick in engine turned case; and a pair of silver handled stainless steel sewing scissors (3) 40-60
332.    A modern silver miniature child's high chair, and another in the form of a bentwood armchair (2) 25-45
333.    A small modern, articulated teddy bear charm; a small solid silver model of a cat; a silver thimble; a silver thimble with applied cat decoration; and a silver ball pendant opening to reveal photo frames (5) 40-60
334.    An engine turned silver propelling pencil by Samson Mordan; a engine turned silver cigar cutter; a foliate engraved pencil case; and a silver three leaf clover pin tray (4) 50-80
335.    A modern silver cased, small desk clock (quartz); a silver handelled magnifying glass; and an engine turned silver calling card case (3) 45-65
336.    A modern silver christening mug, with engraved name, 1.8oz approx. 20-30
337.    A pair of Georgian silver sugar tongs; a modern silver pendant ingot; and an engine turned silver pipe rest (3) 40-60
338.    A "Hallmarked, sterling silver filled" model of a pig standing against a latch gate 20-30
339.    A modern silver large rectangular photo frame; another smaller; and an embossed silver double photo frame with faded velvet backing (3) 60-80
340.    A modern silver oval pill box, the top mounted with a pug with a ball; and another modern silver pill box, the top mounted with a rocking horse (2) 40-50
341.    A set of six silver teaspoons by Hamiltaon & Co Calcutta, 3.9ozt together with a set of six Continental decorative silver metal teaspoons 15-30
342.    An Edwardian silver pedestal cream jug with semi fluted body, foliate capped scroll handle and stepped circular base, Sheffield 1908, 10cms high to top of handle, 3.8ozt 50-70
343.    A four piece silver teaset comprising teapot, hot water jug, milk jug and sugar bowl, all with reeded decoration and on low pedestals with stepped circular bases, Birmingham 1936, maker A E Poston & Co, total weight approx 54ozt 450-550
344.    A set of four squat circular silver salts with beaded rims, Birmingham 1897 together with a single silver squat circular silver salt embossed with floral decoration London 1884, total weight 6.6ozt 40-50
345.    An Edwardian silver Christening mug with chased scrolling foliate decoration, engraved with initials, London 1905, 4.5ozt 30-50
346.    A silver cigarette case, London 1900, 3.4ozt 25-35
347.    Two silver napkin rings; a silver pepperette; silver sugar tongs; a silver backed hairbrush; a plated ladle and napkin ring, total weighable silver 2.4ozt 25-40
348.    An Edwardian circular silver salver with pie crust edge and on three hoof supports, London 1901, 25.5cms diam, approx 15ozt 140-160
349.    A rectangular silver cigarette box, London 1920 together with a small circular silver metal pill box with mother of pearl inlaid cover (2) 40-60
350.    A pair of small silver candlesticks with weighted bases together with a pair of silver salt spoons and two others 30-50
351.    A silver trophy cup engraved "St Columb Minor Tractor Ploughing Match "Rialton" January 11th 1923 1st Prize Denis R Cardell", 15cms high, 3.3ozt 15-25
352.    A sterling silver cigarette case with guilloche decoration, 5.9ozt 30-40
353.    A Continental 800 standard silver cigarette case with textured decoration, 3.7ozt 15-25
354.    An Edwardian six section silver plated toastrack on ball supports together with a pair of early 20th Century silver plated candlesticks with detachable sconces, 13.5cms high 20-40
355.    A quantity of silver plated items including a late Victorian hot water jug, three branch candelabra, assorted dishes, fruit bowl and similar items (a lot) 30-50
356.    A decorative cake stand, the moulded white pottery plate on Neo Classical style silver plated base, 25.5cms high 31cms diam 15-25
357.    A large oval silver plated galleried tray with central presentation inscription, 54.5cms wide max and together with another large oval silver plated tray, 60cms wide including handles (2) 30-40
358.    A pair of silver plated and enamel sprung sugar tongs by Arksel Holmsen, Norway, in original box 12-25
359.    A small Chinese soapstone seal, the finial worked with a cat, the base un-worked, 4.5cms high 30-40
360.    A 19th Century Chinese amber netsuke carved in the figure of Hotei with arms raised, 6cms high 80-120
361.    A small cold painted bronze figure of a terrier, 2.5cms high together with a miniature green jade pig pendant (2) 12-20
362.    An early 20th Century glass dressing table jar with silver and pink guilloche enamel top, 6.5cms high 15-25
363.    An early 20th Century Persian style cigarette box with silver on copper decoration and wood interior, 5cms high together with a silver plated cigarette case, vesta case, coins and religious pendant 20-40
364.    A pair of Victorian fish servers with mother of pearl handles and engraved silver plated blades; a pickle fork and a small silver fork (4) 12-20
365.    A late 18th/early 19th Century Dutch miniature silver chair, the tall back with openwork torch and foliate splat, slightly domed seat with engraved detail and on turned supports, marked HH to base for Harmanus Heuvel (maker c.1766 - 1810) 5.5cms high
366.    A 19th Century Continental miniature silver chair with rococo style back, the seat embossed with putto, the seat stamped 930, import mark for London 1898 "JS", 3.5cms high
367.    A 19th Century Continental miniature silver chair of 18th Century style the cresting rail with cherbu mask, twisted supports flanking solid back, twisted legs and double stretchers, 5cms high
368.    An early 19th Century Continental miniature silver chair with slat back, turned arms, seat with embossed floral detail and on straight reeded tapering supports, import marks for London 1898 "J.S" 6cms high
369.    A 19th Century German Hanau miniature silver chair with embossed decoration, the back with putto harvesting corn the seat with lovers in a rural setting, import marks for London 1894 "TG", 7.5cms high
370.    A 19th Century German Hanau miniature silver chair with embossed decoration the back with comedy holding a mask the seat with cherubs, import marks for Chester 1911, 5.5cms high
371.    A 19th Century German Hanau miniature silver chair with embossed decoration the back with man standing beside a bridge, the seat with lady watering a garden, import marks for Chester 1906 "BM" 6cms high
372.    A 19th Century German Hanau miniature silver chair with embossed decoration the back with putto harvesting corn the seat with putto measuring with caliper, 7cms high
373.    A good quality 19th Century Continental circular table with embossed decoration of a lady holding a basket with a youth seated on the floor, on four twisted supports with twisted X stretcher, import marks for Sheffield 1896 "S.B.L" 5cms diam 3.5cms high
374.    A 19th Century German Hanau miniature silver chair with embossed decoration, the back with putto digging the seat with cavorting cherubs, 7.5cms high
375.    A pair of 18th Century Dutch hand made miniature silver chairs having open work spindle and rail backs with curved foliate cresting rails, "rush" seats, rounded supports, and twisted stretchers, 6.5cms high
376.    A Chinese silver miniature chair with openwork engraved bamboo frond detail to back, sides and front, solid seat and simulated bamboo frame, marked beneath seat, 5cms high, probably early 20th Century
377.    A 19th Century German Hanau miniature silver chair with embossed decoration, the back with lady watering her garden the seat with a man hoeing, 6cms high
378.    A 19th Century Continental miniature silver circular table, the top embossed with lady holding a basket with youth lying on the ground within C scroll border on four spiral twist supports with spiral twist X stretcher, import marks for London 1896 "IM", 5cms diam 3cms high
379.    A pair of 19th Century Chinese miniature silver chairs by Kwan Wo, with decorative backs cast with bat and blossom, openwork arms, solid seats and on square supports, marks beneath seats, 4.5cms high
380.    An early 20th Century Chinese miniature silver chair having openwork Chinese character back, solid seat, arms with openwork flower head detail and straight supports, marks beneath seat, maker Fu Sheng c.1905, importer Sing Fat, 5cms high
381.    A c.1930's leather covered travelling photo frame with easel back and set with an oval painted portrait of two young girls within planished silver metal oval and together with a silver metal and freshwater pearl set brooch set with a hand tinted photograph of the same little girls (2) 30-50
382.    A small silver handled seal with engraved white metal head worked with initials, Chester 1920, 7cms long 20-40
383.    A Chinese carved coquilla nut sampan, 4.75cms long together with a glazed tile approx 10cms square (2) 15-25
384.    A novelty cast metal table lighter in the form of a standing St Bernard dog with barrel, 9.5cms high 15-25
385.    Three enamelled silver bowling medallions; another silver medallion; a small openwork enamelled sterling silver "seagull" medallion and three stick pins 20-40
386.    An openwork silver brooch set with small oval of blue john; a Victorian 9ct gold brooch; a silver teaspoon; a pocket watch in gold plated case and contained in silver fronted travelling case and other items 20-40
387.    A small Chinese light green glazed circular container and cover, the cover moulded with well detailed Temple dogs with ball., 7.5cms diam 20-30
388.    A Japanese Imari charger painted in typical palette, 32cms diam; a naive style blue painted stoneware drinking vessel, 21.5cms high and a glass photographic plate of a document (3) 30-40
389.    A Royal Worcester porcelain bottle vase painted with pheasants by J Stinton 15cms high 20-40
390.    A Fieldings Devon Lustre bowl with exotic bird decoration, 23cms diam 12-20
391.    A decorative pedestal fruit bowl with hand painted lake scene decoration, moulded gilt rams head handles and raised gilt decoration on a cream and deep blue ground, un marked, 23.5cms diam 12-25
392.    A Grimwades Royal Winton jug with moulded decoration, 18cms high; A Denbyware stoneware jug with moulded decoration, 27.5cms high together with another stoneware two handled vase, 26.5cms high (3) 20-40
393.    A set of Ridgways Pottery Bomber Command table ware comprising 6 cups, 6 saucers, 6 sideplates, 6 soup bowls, 6 dinner plates and 6 desesert plates, all with red band on white ground and with gilt RAF Bomber Command crest 30-50
394.    A Poole Pottery Hors d'oeuvres dish of rectangular and painted with fish and crustaceans, 34.5cms x 21.5cms 12-20
395.    A 20th Century wall plate painted with fish amongst reeds, indistinct signature verso, 32cms diam 12-20
396.    A pair of large famille rose wall plates painted in colourful emamels with peacocks amongst peonies, 37cms diam together with a smaller Japanese Imari plate, 21cms diam (3) 30-40
397.    A large Beswick figure of a standing bay stallion, 30cms high 20-40
398.    A Beswick figure of a standing bay horse, 20.5cms high together with a Beswick figure of a standing bay foal, 15.5cms high (2) 15-25
399.    A Beswick figure of a grazing bay heavy horse, 14.5cms high together with a Beswick standing heavy horse, 21.5cms high (2) 25-35
400.    A Beswick figure of a seated ginger kitten, 10cms high together with a Beswick lying down bay foal, 8cms high (2) 10-15
401.    Three Beswick dogs, all standing - Pug, Spaniel and Jack Russell (3) 20-40
402.    A Beswick figure of a black horse, matt glaze, 17.5cms high 15-25
403.    A Beswick figure of an Exmoor Pony, 16.5cms high 20-30
404.    A Beswick figure of a dapple grey horse, 16cms high 15-30
405.    A John Beswick Archive figure of a white horse lying down "Spirit of Peace", 12cms high in original box 20-30
406.    A John Beswick figure of a standing skewbald pony, 12cms high, in original box 15-25
407.    Aller Vale pottery - a large jug with verse, 18cms high; a two handled green glazed vase, 16cms high; a small vase; a jug and a circular stand (5) 25-40
408.    Aller Vale pottery - four pieces of blue and white foliate decorated pottery - a jug with slender twisted handle, 18.5cms high ; a two handled vase 15cms high and two small vases, all with impressed marks to bases (4) 20-40
409.    A quantity of late 19th/early 20th Century blue and white pottery, possible Aller Vale, includes some decorative items including pedestal vase with "ring" handles; multi-stem squat vase; double spout jug; vases, candlestick and other items (10) 30-50
410.    A Royal Torquay pottery tazza painted with sailing vessels and motto, 13cms high; two Watcombe pottery vases; a Longpark pottery two handled vase and a large preserve pot with butterfly finial (5) 25-40
411.    A 19th Century Longpark, Torquay pottery jug with applied floral detail, 13.5cms highm with inscribed marks; a Watcombe two handled vase painted with iris decoration and two Torquay jugs (4) 25-40
412.    Two Longpark, Torquay motto hat pin stands with hat pins; a butter dish, inkwell, jack in the pulpit vase and another hat pin stand (6) 25-40
413.    A pair of late Victorian heavy cut glass candlesticks on shaped circular bases with star cut decoration, 27cms high 30-40
414.    A Whitefriars red bubble glass pedestal bowl, 22cms diam together with a red glass vase, 18cms high (2) 20-30
415.    An early 20th Century Bohemian blue flash cut glass fruit bowl, 31cms diam 15-30
416.    A large Balinese puppet having gesso wood head with painted features, painted and carved wood hands and in very decorative traditional costume stitched with sequins, braid thread and cabochon stones, approx 70cms high 30-50
417.    A 10 gallon copper milk churn the cover marked "Hygenic Milk Co Plymouth" and the shoulders embossed "Aplin & Barrett Ltd Yeovil" the scale of gallons marked to the front, 53cms high 40-60
418.    Mickey Mouse picture cubes in box; a small musical box; greetings cards; book - Great Board Games and two boxed Postcards board games 12-20
419.    A 19th Century bone lace bobbin engraved with name "Levina" with original spangles together with another with wire bound and coloured decoration and spangles (2) 8-16
420.    Commemorative Covers for the 60th Anniversary of the Chinese PLA Navy in album together with another similar album in plastic wrapper and original carrier bag 15-25
421.    A 19th Century Benham & Froud pewter food mould with detachable base, marked for 1/2 Pint and with decorative arrangement of pomegranate, grapes, pear and other fruit, 17cms diam at base 40-60
422.    Three Ronson cigarette lighters and a quantity of pen knives contained in a small carved wood box 12-20
423.    Postage stamps - three albums of assorted GB and foreign 12-20
424.    A late 19th/ear;y 20th Century copper and brass hunting horn of slightly curved form, 23cms long, no makers name 20-40
425.    A gents Swayne & Adeney hunting crop with antler handle and silver collar London 1915 with later thong and lash 30-40
426.    A ladies Swayne & Adeney hunting crop with antler handle and silver collar London 1947 and together with three other ladies crops (4) 30-40
427.    A quantity of Zimbabwe banknotes; commemorative coins, some in folder and boxes 12-20
428.    A small travelling trunk with original printed paper lining, studded black canvas covering with the remains of a GWR label to the top, original metal carrying handles to each side and original lock, 33cms high 61.5cms wide 35cms deep 30-40
429.    A set of wooden ninepins, each of ovoid shape with short "stems" and with ringed decoration, 19cms high, contained in a pine wood box and together with a small rectangular oak box 30-40
430.    A light wood cabinet of five drawers containing a selection of modern Meccanno 40-60
431.    A 19th Century painted plaster model of a standing pug, 22cms high 12-25
432.    Cow Parade - a collection of sixteen figures including Rock-n-Roll Cow (boxed); Cattle of Britain; In The Mooood For Love; Tropicowl and Daisy's Dream, most approx 12 - 13cms high (16) 50-70
433.    A silver metal snuff box; WWII medals; commemorative coins and other items 20-30
434.    A silver cased Yard O Lead propelling pencil, the case with guilloche decoration, London 1967, in case 15-25
435.    TUNNICLIFFE, William - A Topograpical Survey of the Counties of Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall, Commonly called the Western Circuit - 1791, full calf, with a fold out map of the counties to the front, and forty-four plates of amorial bearings to the rear tog. w. by the same author, A Topographical Survey of the County of Devon - 1791, rebound, lacking plate 50-80
436.    COX, Rev. T - Magna Brittania; or Topographical, Historical, Ecclesiastical and Natural History of Devonshire - 1720, half calf, with a fold out map of the County by Robert Morden to the front 50-80
437.    BLYTON, Enid - Noddy Books 1-24, some early editions and five duplications (29) 25-30
438.    WAIN, Louis - Cats at Play - undated, Alexandra Publishing Co, with four coloured illustrations and numerous uncoloured illustrations 80-120
439.    WAIN, Louis (Illustrator) - Jingles, Jokes and Funny Folks - undated, McLoughlin Bros, USA, softback 50-80
440.    WAIN, Louis - Days in Catland - undated, Father Tuck, oblong folio, with the cat figures present in the rear pocket in unopened packet 100-150
441.    WAIN, Louis (Illustrator) - Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor - undated [c.1920], Raphael Tuck, softback 30-50
442.    WAIN, Louis - The Cat Scouts - undated [C.1912], Blackie and Son 80-120
443.    Louis Wain's Annual 1913 - with six tipped in coloured illustrations (some creased) 80-120
444.    Louis Wain's Annual 1921, hardback 50-80
445.    WAIN, Louis (Illustrator) - Peter; A Cat O One Tail - 1892, first edition 50-80
446.    Popinay's Jig-Puz Book 15-20
447.    Collection of Struwwelpeter books to include; The Struwwelpeter Alphabet - undated [c.1900]; Struwwelhitler -undated [c.1940]; Struwwelpeter -1950 and two other later editions ; Swollen-Headed William - fourth edition, and Das Struwwelpeter Pop Up Book (7) 40-60
448.    Collection of children's books to include; WEATHERLEY, F. E - The Cats' Concert - with illustrations by A. M. Lockyer; Golliwog in Fairy Land, or how Edward the Teddy Bear Became a Knight - 1921; BANNERMAN, Helen - The Story of Little Black Quibba, and another by the same author, The Story of Little Black Quasha 30-40
449.    STRUTHER, Jan and SHEPARD, Ernest - The Modern Struwwelpeter - 1936, first edition 15-18
450.    MILNE, A. A- Winnie the Pooh - 1926, first edition, lacking dust-wrapper 80-120
451.    After LOUIS WAIN - a coloured print of two cats at the seaside together with three mounted prints of cats (4) 40-60
452.    EDMUND WARDLE - After Gainsborough Mrs Sheridan and after Raeburn Boy with Rabbit, coloured mezzotints each with "Limited Proof Edition" blind stamp and signed in pencil by the artist, framed as a pair (2) 20-40
453.    After G BOYD - Dead Game, coloured oleograph in gilt gesso frame, 21.5cms x 28cms 10-20
454.    After SIR EDWIN LANDSEER RA - Favourites and Favourite Pony and Spaniels, two large monochrome 19th Century engravings, in gilt frames, 51cms x 65cms (2) 40-60
455.    After LIONEL EDWARDS - Stag at Bagley Coombe, print, signed by the artist in pencil on the margin, 24cms x 18cms together with four other framed hunting prints by Lionel Edwards (5) 20-40
456.    After Charles Johnson Payne (Snaffles) - Sport in the Shiny, coloured print, 23.5cms x 34cms 12-20
457.    A 19th Century print of racehorse "Bilbery" 49cms x 54cms 10-20
458.    GILBERT HOLIDAY - Presentation of Colours to the Honourable Artillery Company......June 25th 1928" a coloured print signed in pencil by the artist, 35cms x 58cms 20-40
459.    MICHAEL LYNE - The Whadden Chase and The Beaufort, coloured prints, a pair, both with Frost and Reed blindstamps and signed in pencil by the artist, c. 1950's 39cms x 53cms (2) 20-40
460.    An Edwardian monochrome "portrait" hunting print with names printed on the mount, centred by L Rolleston Esq, 40.5cms x 70cms in oak frame 12-20
461.    After CECIL ALDIN - Pictures from Pickwick, four coloured prints in oak frames, titled on the mounts, 14cms x 18.5cms together with two other coloured prints of sailing vessels (6) 12-20
462.    After CHARLES BURTON BARBER (1845 - 1894) - Symphony, a large chromo lithographic print, 66cms x 46cms 15-25
463.    A large black and white print "A September Evening on Badgworthy Water, Exmoor Forest" in oak frame, 70cms x 109cms 20-30
464.    19TH CENTURY CONTINENTAL SCHOOL - Bridge over a river with houses, boats and castle, watercolour, and figures on a dusty road with mountains and castle in the background, watercolour, a pair, unsigned, 19cms x 27.5cms (2) 25-40
465.    EARLY 19TH CENTURY CONTINENTAL SCHOOL - Turc Combattant, pencil drawing, signed and dated 1840, 24cms x 33cms together with a pencil of the head of a bridled horse, by the same hand, signed, framed as a pair 80-120
466.    G BENNETT (20th Century) - Lock scene with barge and bridge, watercolour, signed, 24cms x 36cms and two other watercolours by the same hand signed with monogram (3) 10-20
467.    LATE 19TH/EARLY 20TH CENTURY ITALIAN SCHOOL - Sailing vessels at sunset, watercolour heightened with bodycolour, indistinctly signed, 26.5cms x 37cms in decorative gilt frame 50-70
468.    EARLY 20TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL - A March, believed to be in Liverpool, oil on board, unsigned 29cms x 39cms 30-40
469.    C HEELERT - Head of a mastiff type dog, oil on canvas, signed, 32cms x 41,5cms in modern moulded frame 20-40
470.    20TH CENTURY AFRICAN SCHOOL - Rhodesia, a view possibly in the Yumba Mountains, Manicaland, oil on board c.1978, inscribed verso, 32.5cms x 44cms 10-20
471.    H TEN HOVEN (20th Century) - Amsterdam canal scene, oil on canvas, signed, 55cms x 84cms 150-250
472.    M** KRUFFMAIRE (?) (late 19th/early 20th Century) - A Water Mill at dusk, oil on canvas, signed indistinctly to one side, and dated , 32.5cms x 42cms 25-40
473.    ELLEN TEBUTT (early 20th Century naive school) - River scenes with figures and boats, oil on canvas, a pair, signed and dated 1910, in oak frames, 25cms x 29.5cms 12-20
474.    LATE 19TH CENTURY CONTINENTAL SCHOOL - Coastal scene, possibly Mont St Michel with sailing vessels, oil on canvas, signed "H" and dated 1890, 34cms x 51.5cms, behind glass 25-35
475.    LATE 19TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL - Mountainous scene with bridge over a river, oil on board, indistinctly signed and dated, 41cms x 50cms together with another (2) 12-20
476.    An Arts and Crafts copper box of rectangular form with applied embossed strapping set with Ruskin type cabochons, 20cms x 14.5cms x 5cms high 40-60
477.    A Cox and Yeoman, London oak and brass billiard score board with single revolving barrel and with a base of a wall mounted cue stand (2) 30-50
478.    A 19th Century papier mache three fold screen painted with river scene with bridge and trees and with inlaid mother of pearl "highlights", 70cms high 40-60
479.    A 20th century oak single wardrobe, the door with linen fold type decoration and panelled, 183cm high, 77cm wide 15-20
480.    A 20th century Stag style chest of three long and three short drawers; a pair of two drawer bedside cabinets; a teak 'Myer' table with smoked glass top; and a teak hinged laundry box. 15-20
481.    A modern D-end extendable pine kitchen table, and two modern pine dining chairs, table top - 140cm x 73cm 10-20
482.    An early 20th century bureau bookcase, the bookcase top with astragal glazed doors enclosing three adjustable shelves, the fall front bureau fitted with pigeon holes and drawers, the base fitted with four drawers with undulating cut front, standing on bracket feet, 220cm high, 90cm wide 50-70
483.    A modern pine small open bookcase with drawer to base 123cm x 58 cm 10-15
484.    A Victorian stained beech nursing chair with bobbin turned legs and back rails. 15-20
485.    A modern gilt framed and bevelled mirror, 128cm x 150cm 70-100
486.    A 20th century oak single wardrobe, 187cm high, 67cm wide 5-8
487.    A modern folding sewing box with contents, and a six drawer chest of drawers. 5-8
488.    A 20th century oak hostess trolley, a barley twist leg occasional table and a bedside cabinet. 8-12
489.    A late 19th century stained pine storage cupboard on plinth base, 66cm wide, 55cm deep 30-40
490.    A 20th century oak cupboard with sliding glazed doors, 91cm wide, 28cm deep 8-12
491.    A 19th century mahogany side table, fitted with a long narrow drawer, 83cm wide, 38cm deep 30-40
492.    A 20th century oak chest of two long and two short drawers, 104cm wide, 47cm deep 20-30
493.    A 20th century oak bureau bookcase, the base fitted with three narrow drawers with pigeon holes to bureau, and glazed doors to the top, 90cm wide, 43cm deep 25-40
494.    An oak, oval drop leaf dining table and a set of six walnut Queen Anne style dining chairs. 10-15
495.    A modern steel two drawer filing cabinet and a 1970s formica chest of four long drawers. 5-10
496.    A Victorian burr walnut and boxwood floral inlaid Davenport, of typical form, fitted with four drawers to one side, 56cm wide, 56cm deep 140-180
497.    A heavy carved coromandel wood box, heavily worked with scroling foliage and floral detail, having hinged cover and lift-out tray, 45cms x 35cms x 17cms high 50-70
498.    A late 20th century pine chest, painted and distressed in the Scandinavian style, 100cm wide, 43cm deep 20-30
499.    A set of four 20th century stick back elm seated dining chairs. 10-15
500.    A miniature beech rocking chair, the arms and back carved to imitate bamboo; and a pair of bedroom chairs with blue upholstered seats. 30-50
501.    A narrow beech effect bookcase, with sliding glass doors enclosing two shelves and cupboard to one end; together with an oak narrow fall front bureau, fitted with wood and glass sliding doors 5-12
502.    A Victorian mahogany bedside cabinet; an oak bedside cabinet; a mahogany display case; two oak occasional tables; an oak plant stand; a reproduction games table and a wash stand. 20-30
503.    An Edwardian boxwood and ebony inlaid bijouterie table, bevelled glass top and glass sides, with plant shelf below, 55cm wide, 38cm deep 30-50
504.    A plywood dolls house, A/F. 5-10
505.    A Victorian walnut chaise longue with carved panel decoration and green upholstery on ceramic casters, 160cm long 15-20
506.    A 20th century pine dresser, cupboard base with two drawers above and fitted three shelf open back, 113cm wide, 50cm deep 25-40
507.    A 19th century oak cased 30 hour long case clock, the painted dial illegibly signed 'Halesworth', with pendulum and weight, 240cm high, A/F 50-80
508.    A modern pine six drawer apple storage unit, 58cm wide, 48cm deep 20-30
509.    An early 20th century small pine settle, 90cm wide 30-50
510.    An early 20th century oak leather seated hall chair, and with leather strap-work back. 20-30
511.    A modern foldover oak effect dining table, an upholstered armchair and a similar dining chair. 8-12
512.    A 20th century stained oak storage box. 12-20
513.    A rosewood Regency style folding games table with cut brass decorated panel to the front, standing on central column and platform curled feet, 89cm wide x 43cm deep (unfolded) A/F 50-70
514.    A 20th century oak chest of three long drawers, 107cm wide, 46 deep 8-12
515.    A Victorian mahogany chest of three long and two short drawers with bun handles and on bracket feet, 190cm wide, 50cm deep 25-40
516.    A late 19th century walnut dressing chest, fitted with two long and two short drawers, and with adjustable mirrored back, 114cm wide, 50cm deep 20-30
517.    An early 20th century D-end extending oak dining table. 20-30
518.    A 20th cenutry oak chest of two long and two short drawers with cupboard base. 5-10
519.    A 20th century oak book case/cupboard with two sliding glass doors. 5-10
520.    A pair of walnut and boxwood line inlaid club fender seat ends. 50-80
521.    A small oak gateleg dining table with D ends. 8-12
522.    A pair of painted concrete garden gnomes. 8-12
523.    A 19th century oak and brass coopered coal bin/stool, fitted with tan leather lift off seat and with ivorine plaque for 'Lister and Co', 42cm high 60-80
524.    A machine made carpet decorated with lozenges of russet, blue, red and cream, 224cm x 260cm 5-10
525.    A carved Indian octagonal table, the base hinged with lift off top, the top carved with the Tree of Life, top - 46cm x 46cm 30-50
526.    A Victorian oak side table on bobbin turned H stretchers, the top hinged and opening to reveal a fitted writing interior, 90cm wide, 46cm deep 60-80
527.    A carved hardwood oriental jardiniere stand with pierced and carved prunus decoration, and with octagonal marble inset top, 90cm high 100-150
528.    A 20th century pine narrow dresser, fitted cupboard base with drawer above and two shelves to back, 63cm wide, 34cm deep 30-40
529.    A pair of modern teak conservatory arm chairs. 10-15
530.    Two oak drop leaf dining tables, a modern pine three shelf book case, a small set of folding steps, an oak narrow bookcase and a wooden box with carrying handle. 8-12
531.    A large interior glazed oval planter, 75cm x 46cm 20-30
532.    A 20th century stained pine tool chest with contents of assorted tools, 93cm wide, 47cm deep 15-25
533.    An oak and elm seated armchair; a single walnut dining chair; an ebonised square occasional table and an oak games table. 15-20
534.    A 20th century camphorwood leather covered brass studded and edges blanket chest, with brass carrying handles to each side, 92cm wide, 46cm deep 60-80
535.    A large Victorian mahogany sideboard base, fitted two central cupboards with central recess, a cupboard to either side and narrow drawer above, 183cm wide, 54cm deep 15-25
536.    A circular metal animal cage and two modern kitchen chairs
537.    A 19th century oak storage box with metal lock plate and contents, 61cm wide, 39cm deep 20-30
538.    A painted pine dresser base, enclosing four rows of four drawers, 174cm wide, 48cm deep 40-50
539.    A late 19th century iron bound cider barrel (90cm high), a peat shovel and three other agricultural tools. 20-30
540.    An antique oak four legged milking stool and another oak three leg milking stool. 20-30
541.    A lead water cistern and a wicker basket with contents. 8-12
542.    An aluminium milk churn 'Horlicks Dairies' manufactured by 'Grundy' 15-20
543.    An American 30 hour walnut veneered wall clock with decorative glass panel depicting 'The New Wellington College, Sandhurst, England'. 15-25
544.    Four elm seated hoop back spindle dining chairs and a set of three similar. 20-30
545.    A painted pine storage trunk; a smaller black stained pine storage trunk; a tin travelling trunk enclosing another tin trunk containing some tools. 15-20
546.    A white enamelled oil fired rayburn, with burner, together with associated items. 100-150
547.    A Victorian walnut serpentine shaped occasional table, with acanthus carved legs and on ceramic casters, 107cm wide, 56cm deep 30-50
548.    A 19th century pine chest of one long and two short drawers, with shaped apron and on bracket feet, 115cm wide, 49cm deep 30-40
549.    A small late 19th century walnut veneer corner display cabinet, the glazed door enclosing one fitted shelf and with drawer to base, 82cm high, 42cm wide 20-40
550.    A 20th Century stained wood bookcase, the glazed doors enclosing two fitted shelves 109cm x 91cm 5-8