Antiques & Later Furnishings Sale
on Wednesday 21st February 2018

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1.      A Laurel and Hardy figure, together with a Laurel and Hardy advertising board and plate. 0
2.      A boxed Meccano set no.6 construction kit. 0
3.      A pair of gilt framed prints. 0
4.      The Little Flowers of St Francis. 0
5.      A Treatise on Engineering Field-Work, etc. 0
6.      An assortment of horse brasses of varying designs to include a peacock, Punch and Judy, Queen Victoria and others, together with other assorted metal items - candlesticks, etc. 0
7.      A box of assorted ceramics including a Japanese style table lamp base, a florally patterned cake stand, plates, etc. 0
8.      A Royal Worcester 'Evesham' tureen and cover, together with other items of 'Evesham' dinner and teaware, etc. 0
9.      A copper jug, a Coalbrook dish, an aluminium dish, etc. 0
10.     A Japanese doll together with four other dolls. 0
11.     Fourteen framed and unframed pictures to include a Claude Monet print, landscapes, city scenes, etc. 0
12.     A round ribbed purple glass vase, a pair of Dartington engraved glass candle sticks and other glass items. 0
13.     T. E. Lawrence - 'Seven Pillars of Wisdom', two volumes. 0
14.     P. H. Ditchfield - 'The City Companies of London'.
15.     A framed print of an estuary. 0
16.     A box of Folio Society books, titles include 'Letter From America', 'The Creevey Papers', etc. 0
17.     A small blue and white patterned charger, commemorative mugs, tea cups and saucers, etc (1 box). 0
18.     Sir Frederick Bridge - 'A Westminster Pilgrim' and three other similar books. 0
19.     'Roof Over Britain' The Official Story of the A.A. Defences 1939-1942 and another pamphlet. 0
20.     A black synthetic fur teddy bear with pink tongue. 0
21.     A small collection of Marvel and DC comics, titles to include Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, etc. 0
22.     A Maryleigh pottery wash jug and bowl, collectors plates, figurines, etc. 0
23.     The Happy Go-Lucky Bubble Book. No.8. 0
24.     Assorted vehicles, some Die Cast, to include military, construction, cars and other vehicles. 0
25.     Twelve books including 'Deeds That Won The Empire', 'The Complete Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson', 'The Life and Adventures Of Valentine Vox', etc. 0
26.     A Nao figure of a young girl holding a rabbit and three other Nao figures. 0
27.     A Royal Albert Old Country Rose pattern tea set comprising teapot, sugar bowl, milk jug, 6 cups, 6 saucers, 6 plates, bread plate and two tier cake stand. 0
28.     A Royal Doulton vase, the neck decorated with blue and pink flowers. 0
29.     A Beswick matt glaze figure 'Lochnivar of Lady Park' and a Beswick matt glaze figure of a Cairn terrier. 0
30.     A set of Royal Doulton tea cups and saucers depicting scenes from the nativity. 0
31.     A Beswick matt glaze figure of a yellow Labrador and a Sylvac figure of a Pekingese. 0
32.     A Huntley and Palmers 'cocktail' biscuit tin and a washer dolly. 0
33.     A Colclough part tea service decorated with blue, green and brown leaves. 0
34.     A Beswick figure of a standing bay horse, 13.5cms high. 0
35.     A Susie Cooper part tea service decorated in pastel shades with floral decoration. 0
36.     A Royal Albert 'Brigadoon' pattern part tea service. 0
37.     Three blue, green and yellow glass seahorse figures, a similarly coloured squat, ribbed bottle and two other pieces of glass. 0
38.     A Royal Doulton Brambly Hedge teacup and saucer, a Bunnykins two handled cup and a Bunnykins money box. 0
39.     A Wedgwood of Etruria and Barlaston 'Wintergreen' teaset for two. 0
40.     Eight pieces of crestedware, including a model of a two handled cauldron from Newport, Fife. 0
41.     A deep blue Torquayware 'udder' vase, a Longpark Torquayware planter and a small mottoware jug. 0
42.     Four Portmeirion Botanic Garden pattern storage jars. 0
43.     A Hummel figure of a young girl by a fence talking to a blue bird, together with four other Hummel figures and another similar. 0
44.     A Royal Doulton 'Minerva' part dinner service, together with a Wedgwood part dinner service. 0
45.     A selection of antique and auction related books, including 'Art at Auction' 1983-84, 1984-85 and 1985-86. 0
46.     A Dutch book about architecture 'Landelijke Boukunst', together with 'Ernst August Album' by Ernst August King of Hanover. 0
47.     An Ironstone bowl/plate together with other ceramics and glassware. 0
48.     Enid Blyton 'Mr Pink-Whistle Interferes', three other Enid Blyton books, children's books, and others. 0
49.     A collection of linen maps, largely of London and a small bible.
50.     Eight albums of postcards and photographs and some loose; locations include Bristol, Dorset, Cambridge and others; also some locomotive interest. 0
51.     A WWI metal water bottle with bullet hole to one side, a bullet clip and a quantity of shot and shrapnel, all collected from the Somme and together with a brass shell base dated 1915. 0
52.     J. M. Coles & B. J. Orme - 'Prehistory of the Somerset Levels' together with other books about Somerset, Cornwall, etc. 0
53.     A Portmeirion Botanic Garden teapot, dinner plates, side plates, bowls, etc. 0
54.     A framed picture of a pink rose with six other similar framed pictures. 0
55.     A helmet shaped coal bucket, a reproduction GWR carriage lamp and other metal items. 0
56.     A large collection of loose stamps, a James Bond annual, etc. 0
57.     A pair of opaque light green glass vases, decorated with birds and foliage, a round cut glass vase and other glass items. 0
58.     Four Collins 'New Naturalists' to include Wye Valley (soft back), together with three other unjacketed hardback books. 0
59.     A boxed Subbuteo Table Rugby with other boxed sports related games, football ephemera, a rugby ball, a box of Scalextric items, etc. 0
60.     A 'World of Beatrix Potter' teapot with scenes of Jeremy Fisher and Jemima Puddleduck, Brambly Hedge items, two Portmeirion plates, etc. 0
61.     A mixed selection of books to include: five Pevsner Guides; The Derbyshire Dales Pub and other books, many of topographical interest. 0
62.     Glass chimneys, a tankard, brassware, etc. 0
63.     A Denby 'Greenwheat' jug, another smaller jug and other pieces with the same pattern. 0
64.     Two paintings by John Fieldhouse - one on reverse of the other, and a Mackay painting (3). 0
65.     Two boxes of assorted cut, pressed and moulded glassware, to include jugs, vases, etc. 0
65A.    A quantity of jigsaws to include Walt Disney, nature interest and others (2 boxes). 0
66.     A small Poole pottery vase, together with pottery jugs, planters, plates, etc. 0
67.     A collection of coloured glass vases. 0
68.     A large number of boxed board games including Mouse Trap, Cluedo, Backgammon and others, together with a toy fireman's helmet and a teddy bear. 0
69.     A collection of books relating to history. 0
70.     A table top glass cabinet and thirteen models of butterflies on flowers. 0
71.     A Portmeirion Botanic Garden pattern small vase and four Portmeirion mugs. 0
72.     A Paragon part tea service decorated with yellow flowers, together with other bowls and plates. 0
73.     A framed print of a nude, another framed print and two unframed prints (4). 0
74.     Two boxes of assorted ceramic figurines, mostly of animals (2). 0
75.     Two wooden table top book shelves, a wooden plate and other wooden items. 0
76.     A decorative decanter painted with blue and yellow stripes, assorted cut and engraved glass decanters, a painted glass mug, painted glasses, etc. 0
77.     A green glazed pottery vase marked Dartmouth to the base, two West German pottery vases and three other vases. 0
78.     Six 'Black Dog of Wells' terracotta plaques, including one depicting a scene from 'The Owl and The Pussycat'. 0
79.     Two large metal trays, two metal jugs, a planter, etc. 0
80.     A framed oil of a coastal scene and ten other framed pictures (11). 0
81.     A pottery souvenirware vase for Clevedon Pier, together with a large quantity of other souvenirware, crestedware, etc. 0
82.     A teal and yellow glazed pottery lamp base, a heavy faceted lamp base and six others. 0
83.     A Poole pottery h'ordeurves dish decorated with fish, crab and shrimp. 0
84.     E. C. R. Lorac - Fell Murder - Collins Crime Club, second impression 1947, and other novels. 0
85.     A quantity of Masons Ironstone blue and white patterned plates, together with assorted blue and white patterned plates, bowls, etc. 0
86.     A distinctive orange and black glass bowl and cover, coloured glass jugs, vases, bowls, etc. 0
87.     A collection of art books. 0
88.     A red, gold and green patterned lamp base, three other lamp bases and two lamp shades. 0
89.     A Newhall 'Diana' shape jam pot and saucer, a florally patterned urn shaped planter, a Susie Cooper plate, a cake stand, etc. 0
90.     Captain W. E. Johns - 'Biggles Fails To Return' - August 1943, first edition, no dust wrapper, together with a quantity of other books. 0
91.     A picquotware teapot and hot water jug, together with assorted items of metalware (1 box). 0
92.     A large clear glass 'Poison' bottle, two cut green glass goblets, a pair of glass candlesticks, etc. 0
93.     A collection of reference books relating to botany, fashion, history, illumination, etc. 0
94.     A pottery green glazed jug marked Braunton to the base, West German pottery vases, etc. 0
95.     Three small Paragon flower head dishes, two Portmeirion Botanic Garden coffee cups and saucers, three pieces of Wedgwood, figurines, etc. 0
96.     A green, light brown and white patterned pottery planter marked Rumney to the base and fourteen other ceramic planters. 0
97.     A purple glass Caithness vase engraved with an owl flying to a branch, six champagne bowls, etc. 0
98.     A box of assorted decorative ceramics including vases, candlesticks, jugs, etc. 0
99.     A wooden crate containing coloured cut glass tea light holders. 0
100.    A part Hornsea 'Cornrose' dinner service and a blue and white pottery coffee pot. 0
101.    A Royal Stafford florally patterned part tea service, a light green Noritake part tea coffee service, assorted Tuscan china tea cups and saucers, etc. (1 box). 0
102.    A pair of terracotta tea light holders, a set of decorative garden implements, a pierced jar and cover, etc. 0
103.    A pair of metal pheasant figures, a pair of metal fighting cock figures, together with other items of ceramic and metal. 0
104.    A pair of green glass vases with blue glass decoration, three orange glass vases and other items of ceramic and glass. 0
105.    Six volumes of the Book of Knowledge, together with books on different subjects including science, nature, etc. 0
106.    A jointed souvenir teddy bear from Switzerland with red ribbon and bell, together with four other teddies. 0
107.    Two pewter tankards, two EPNS tankards, a metal engraved cup, a wooden box containing coasters, and a picture. 0
108.    A large oval Portmeirion Botanic Garden dish, another oval dish and three bowls all in the same pattern. 0
109.    A set of three bags. 0
110.    A Copeland Spode patterned part dinner service together with 'Indian Tree' pattern bowls. 0
111.    Two framed maps, a set of framed cigarette cards, six other framed pictures/photographs and other unframed pictures. 0
112.    Twelve Dartington claret glasses (boxed), a pair of cut glass decanters, a glass cake stand and other glassware. 0
113.    Hammond Innes - Golden Soak - together with a quantity of other books. 0
114.    A cheese dish in the shape of a bag, two decorative cake stands and other assorted decorative ceramics (2 boxes). 0
115.    Two blue and white ginger jars, assorted ceramic planters, plates, bowls, etc. 0
116.    A large bulbous vase with slim neck decorated in tones of brown, together with a number of other vases in varying sizes. 0
117.    A framed painting on papyrus of birds, together with another similar (2). 0
118.    A copper bowl with two lion head swing handles, a metal magazine rack, two wine coasters and other items of metalware. 0.
119.    Swiss Family Robinson - 1896 - together with other books. 0
120.    Two Bristol tureens, another tureen, six Meakin dessert bowls, a coffee set, etc. 0
121.    A squat light blue and brown Barnstaple pottery vase, a deep blue patterned West German vase, together with ten other vases and jugs. 0
122.    A collection of architects instruments, etc. 0
123.    A light green pottery jar and cover with rabbit decoration to the top, together with pottery bowls, plates, jugs, etc. (2 boxes). 0
123A.   An Art Nouveau style fire iron stand, a hammered brass coal bucket and assorted fire irons, etc. 0
124.    A set of eight Aynsley two handled bowls, a part dinner service and three collectors plates. 0
125.    A Roberts radio and a ladies fur hat. 0
126.    A collection of Ward Lock 'Red Guides'. 0
127.    A set of eight 'Cult Movies' posters, other film related items, a pair of binoculars in a leatherette case, etc. 0
128.    A large collection of Portmeirion Botanic Garden tableware including plates, bowls and cups, together with trays and linen. 0
129.    A pair of West German pottery spirit bottles for whiskey and gin, together with pottery plates, jars, etc. (2 boxes). 0
130.    A set of six Hornsea 'Heirloom' bowls, other items of Hornsea, stoneware jars, etc. 00
131.    A Portmeirion Botanic Garden butter dish and cover, teapot, jugs, etc. 0
132.    Two albums of stamps together with loose stamps. 0
133.    A collection of art books. 0
134.    A set of three graduated jugs decorated with flowers, another set of graduated jugs, a part tea service and boxed cutlery. 0
135.    Two boxes of assorted pottery jugs and vases (2 boxes). 0
136.    An Elkington plate vase, a plated basket with swing handle, boxed and unboxed cutlery, etc. 0
137.    A collection of books to include children's books, together with local interest and 19th century books, etc. 0
138.    A Winston Churchill commemorative crown, together with other commemorative crowns, pre and post decimal coinage and some Commonwealth coins, etc. 0
139.    A decorative metal goblet and cover, a jar and cover in similar style, both decorated with red; together with three watches. 0
140.    Lot withdrawn
141.    An orange and yellow rectangular Carltonware dish; a pair of black and white salt and pepper shakers; together with plates, bowls, serving dishes, etc. 0
142.    A brass pestle and mortar, together with a Beswick figure of two Golden Retrievers seated. 0
143.    Two Perles de Lalique glass perfume bottles. 0
144.    A plated mug, boxed plated cake forks, boxed teaspoons and assorted plated cutlery, etc. 0
145.    A heavy metal trinket box decorated with flowers and foliage. 0
146.    A metal bottle coaster and a set of metal cups in leatherette case. 0
147.    A plated sauce ladle together with other items of metalware. 0
148.    A collection of children's books. 0
149.    Lot withdrawn
150.    Four metal cigarette cases, various watches, pens, cufflinks, etc. 0
151.    A framed watercolour and two framed prints (3). 0
151A.   A cased accordion. 0
152.    A large quantity of Top Trumps playing cards, together with assorted boxed games including travelling chess. .0
153.    Henry Fielding - The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling - Vol I, 1766; together with Le Chateau des Tuileries Vol I, 1802. 0
154.    A long red and grey pottery bowl, a pair of pottery goblets decorated with leaves, pottery mugs, etc. (1 box) 0
155.    Two boxed Queen Elizabeth II souvenir medallions, together with assorted mostly pre decimal coinage. 0
156.    A boxed set of chess pieces and a boxed set of draughts pieces, together with wooden rulers, etc. 0
157.    Robert Louis Stevenson - Prayers written a Vailima - together with other books. 0
158.    A 'Denby Stoneware' black and white ribbed pottery jug, together with other pottery vases, jugs, etc. (1 box +) 0
159.    Six pieces of marigold carnival glass, a purple ripple edge carnival glass bowl with stag design and a collection of assorted costume jewellery. 0
160.    A Beswick figure of a seated cat impressed mark to base 1867, two Beswick figures of horses, a Beswick Dalmatian together with a Beswick figure "Gentleman pig" and a Border Fine Arts lamb. 0
161.    A Beswick figure of Beatrix Potters Mr Todd, a Beswick figure of Tom Kitten and two others together with Royal Doulton figures of Brambly Hedge. 0
163.    A pair of metal lamp stands in the form of dragons with shades; together with a Guinness tray. 0
164.    Jane Austen - Sense and Sensibility - Volume II only together with other books. 0
165.    A Poole pottery teapot and teacup; a part tea service of Wedgewood "Tiger Lilly" pattern plates etc. 0
166.    A quantity of stamps and first day covers 0
167.    A large quantity of assorted books to include Literature and Local Interest etc. (2 boxes) 0
168.    Two Ridgeway "Homemaker" saucers; a set of "Correlle" cups and saucers together with plates, bowls, jugs etc. 0
169.    Two boxed gasmasks. 0
170.    A pair of plated candlesticks together with another pair of candlesticks, a tankard and other items of metalware etc. 0
171.    A framed oil of a Church scene, a framed map of Hampshire and seven other framed pictures. 0
172.    Britain's farmyard animals together with two wooden farm buildings, a model green house etc. 0
173.    A Wade collectables' teddy bear together with Wade dishes assorted Wade Whimsies etc. 0
174.    A light green and cream small pottery bowl together with two green and blue pottery dishes etc. 0
175.    Two green glass bowls together with a pair of Squirrel figures, other ceramics, metalware etc. 0
176.    A large wooden box with metal clasps containing assorted tools. 0
177.    A pair of yellow glass vases with blue decoration; a glass figure of a duck together with Snoopy money box, cased binoculars etc. 0
178.    Ten observer books. 0
179.    A wooden letter rack, a wooden model of a ship, a boxed set of chess pieces together with a clock etc. 0
180.    A battery operated plastic tractor with driver together with Dare Devil Trik Track in original box (lacks cars) 0
181.    "Mr Jorrocks Sporting Tour" reproduction and six other similar books. 0
182.    An opaque glass case decorated with flowers and fruit together with a Dunster pottery vase painted with a dragonfly and 10 other vases. 0
183.    A J W Benson oak cased mantle clock. 0
184.    Fifteen books relating to art and artists. 0
185.    A Jersey Pottery vase decorated with flowers, together with four other Jersey pottery vases. 0
186.    A light up globe model together with a clown doll etc. 0
187.    A wooden figure of a Rhino together with other wooden figures of animals etc. 0
188.    A Moira pottery flour storage jar and lid together with twi mixing bowls, a Romertopf clay baker etc. 0
189.    Eleven Formula One year books , 1997 onwards. 0
190.    A collection of TY beanie babies to include a penguin, polar bear and others. 0
191.    A pair of blue dogs together with cut glass bowl; other ceramics and seven framed cricket prints. 0
192.    A part dinner service with floral decoration; to include plates, bowls, serving dishes etc. 0
193.    A framed print of a harbour scene; together with seven other framed pictures and a mirror. 0
194.    A framed picture of a moonlit scene. 0
195.    A framed decorative picture of people shouting and eating. 0
196.    A large quantity of children's books including Andersen's fairy tales and Alice in Wonderland (3 boxes.) 0
197.    A round pink rug with floral decoration. 0
198.    Three ring binders containing stamps. 0
199.    A model of the globe and a book "The County maps of Old England". 0
200.    An Atlas part china tea service together with assorted ceramics including collectors plates, etc (2 boxes) 0
201.    Four large TY beanie babies, a jointed Panda together with TY Bear and others including International bears etc. 0
202.    Twelve Beatrix Potter books together with Beano and Dandy annuals etc. 0
203.    A Triump stamp album, together with loose stamps etc. 0
204.    A large metalware figure of a Rhino together with a smaller Rhino and other figures of animals and a collection of swan shape planters (2 boxes). 0
205.    An accordion. 0
206.    A large Anglia pottery fawn together with twenty other pieces of Anglia pottery. 0
207.    A small red rectangular rug decorated with flowers. 0
208.    A Long park Torquay ware coffeepot and lid decorated with a cockerel and motto together with twelve similar pieces. 0
209.    A collection of books relating to Art and Antiques etc. 0
210.    A wooden box containing assorted cutlery. 0
211.    A dark blue jug marked "Dartmouth Pottery 104" to the base; together with assorted vases and jugs (1 box). 0
212.    A Long park Torquay ware "Boots the Chemist" scent bottle; together with eight other similar. 0
213.    A Wade dish with standing duck decoration and Wade whimsies etc 0
214.    A wall mounted post box modelled as a Royal Mail post box, a crocodile shaped cigarette holder together with assorted metalware etc. 0
215.    A Torquay ware vase decorated with trees and a lake; udder vases, candlesticks etc. 0
216.    Three pieces of crested ware in the form of swans together with other crested ware and souvenir ware. 0
217.    A Portmerion tea cup and saucer with three mugs and a jug. 0
218.    A Goebel figure of a seated white cat; together with assorted figures (mostly animals). 0
219.    A collection of cottageware including a butter dish and toast rack etc. 0
220.    A large quantity of Folio Society books including Brideshead revisited etc. 0
221.    A plated tray together with plated tea service; Carltonware teapot and jug. 0
222.    Five Royal Albert cups and saucers together with Old Country Roses covered dish. 0
223.    A small Sylvac planter together with other planters etc. 0
224.    A collection of cased and uncased cameras etc. 0
225.    A large quantity of Mcdonalds toys together with boxes and advertising boards etc. 0
226.    A Dunster pottery jug decorated with a fish together with other similar pieces of pottery. 0
227.    An album of postcards of Ladies together with a box of assorted postcards. 0
228.    A large purple TY beanie baby together with a large quantity of others including bride and groom bears. 0
229.    A collection of Waechtersbach mugs; together with a red teapot etc. 0
230.    Three Aynsley "Cottage Garden" vases together with other items in the same pattern; Nao figures etc. 0
231.    A large quantity of Mcdonalds toys including The Wombles and Dennis the Menace together with boxes and advertising boards etc. (2 boxes) 0
232.    A Babbacombe pottery jug and dish decorated with gulls together with assorted pottery etc. 0
233.    Seven Dartmouth pottery fish jugs in various colours. 0
234.    A collection of local interest books. 0
235.    A part dressing table set decorated with ships together with items of glass, Coalport figures etc. 0.
236.    "The Windsor Castle" boxed jigsaw puzzle together with other boxed jigsaws. (2 boxes) 0
237.    A metal dish decorated with a lion holding a sword, a large decorative fan and an unframed print. 0
238.    The Playbox Annual 1913 and The School Girls Annual 0
239.    Two Dartmouth pottery fish/dolphin bon bon dishes, together with a multi coloured Dartmouth fish jug etc. 0
240.    A large collection of TY beanie babies including cats, rabbits and others. 0
241.    A large quantity of Mcdonalds toys including Mr Men together with boxes etc. 0
242.    A Boroman part tea service decorated in blue together with assorted ceramics including commemorative ware etc. 0
243.    A large Torquay ware bowl decorated with fruit a similarly decorated planter together with other items of Torquay ware. 0
244.    A collection of books relating to trains and transport etc. 0
245.    A boxed "Big cats of the World" jigsaw puzzle together with other boxed jigsaws etc. (2 boxes). 0
246.    A large quantity of Mcdonalds toys including Barbie together with boxes etc. 0
247.    A Lloyd Loom clothes basket together with two chairs a stool etc. (8) 0
248.    A collection of books relating to erotic photography etc. 0
249.    A Wedgewood porcelain figure"Afternoon Promenade" together with two other figures of ladies. 0
250.    A model of a dog with horse, bowl and bone together with eight models of cottages. 0
251.    Two boxed dolls, a Rupert the Bear hot water bottle cover, teddies etc (1 box) 0
252.    A Beswick "Peggotty" teapot together with toby jugs, figures of pigs etc. 0
253.    A metal coal bucket together with wine rack, stick stand etc. 0
254.    A collection of toy vehicles to include Corgi. (1 box) 0
255.    A Bunnykins mug, three Bunnykins egg cups and three Brambly Hedge items. 0
256.    A Beswick figure of Beatrix Potters "Mr Jackson"; and three Royal Albert figures of Beatrix Potter characters. 0
257.    A Beswick Golden Eagle decanter; a Beswick Peregrine falcon bottle and another similar. 0
258.    Two wooden stools, a small bookcase etc. 0
259.    A sessions decorative mantle clock. 0
260.    Four Beswick figures of Beatrix Potter characters - Mrs Tiggywinkle, Jemima Puddleduck, mr Alderman Ptolemy and Pigling Bland. 0
261.    A Poole Pottery vase decorated in green and a small pottery vase decorated in orange, green and black. 0
262.    A box of assorted toys to include Disney etc. 0
263.    A Sylvac figure of a Corgie together with two Beswick figures of Old Pricklepin and Mrs Tiggywinkle. 0
264.    Six slender bubble glass vases together with three other pieces of bubble glass. 0
265.    A pair of large decorative cats. 0
266.    Two bentwood chairs 0
267.    A Crown Staffs figure designed and modelled by J T Jones "Tom Tilt" 0
268.    A Beswick figure of a Labrador together with four pieces of Wedgewood etc. 0
270.    A small frog brooch set with marcasite and hardstone; a marcasite necklace; paste set brooches; enamelled Souvenir of Canada brooch and others 20-30
271.    An Elizabeth II Sovereign, dated 1964 170-190
272.    A George V half sovereign, dated 1918 85-95
273.    A 9ct gold cased ladies "Rolex" manual wind wristwatch (back cover broken off, watch over wound and in poor condition), a 1920's 9ct gold cased ladies wristwatch on rolled gold strap, a 9ct gold rimmed photo locket, a cased Amber cheroot holder and a Victorian carved jet oval brooch. (5) 40-60
274.    A quantity of assorted costume jewellery including a silver ingot pendant, various other pendants and gilt metal fob watch, contained in a modern wood box 15-25
275.    A 9ct gold bar brooch with applied bird and foliate decoration; a 9ct gold chain and letter bracelet "I Love You"; a 9ct gold rope link bracelet; another 9ct gold bracelet and two 9ct gold chains with pendant pieces; 20.6grms approx. including stones 140-180
276.    A quantity of assorted Costume jewellery including a marcasite cat brooch, 9ct metal core bracelet, strand of cultured pearls with 9ct white gold clasp, brooches, clip earrings etc. 40-60
277.    A 9ct gold brooch in the form of a maple leaf. 3.4g approx
278.    A small 9ct gold, garnet cluster flower head ring (repaired) size I, an unmarked gold ring set with central sapphire coloured stone (stones missing) size N, and a 9ct gold dress ring set with a central yellow Quartz stone with a surround of cultured pearls, size N. (3) 50-60
279.    A 9ct gold snowflake design pendant piece, set with central garnets and pearl, on a 9ct chain, a 9ct gold Art Nouveau pendant piece (broken), a pair of 9ct gold leaf clip earrings and a pair of 9ct gold screw on earrings. 8.5g approx including stones. 40-60
280.    A 9ct gold Albert chain with attached gold T bar and clasp, 27.7grms approx. 160-180
281.    An 18ct gold chain with 18ct gold pendant attachment marked "CHOPARD" and modelled as a diamond rimmed circle with glazed panel enclosing three "floating" diamonds 11.8g approx including stones. 150-200
282.    A 9ct gold diamond cluster ring of four radiating circles from a central illusion set diamond. Size K 50-60
283.    An 18ct gold ring set with two white sapphires and two rubies (central stone missing) size M 3.8g approx including stones. 40-50
284.    A modern 9ct gold ring set with three bands of ruby coloured spinels and twelve tiny diamonds, size P. 40-60
285.    A cultured graduated pearl necklace with marcasite set clasp; silver and marcasite necklace; simulated pearl necklaces; silver bangle and other costume jewellery 30-50
286.    An 18ct gold and platinum solitaire diamond ring 40-60
287.    A silver and jade ring with decorative shoulders 20-30
288.    A Victorian sovereign, dated 1899 160-200
289.    An Edward VII half sovereign dated 1905, set in a clip 9ct gold pendant mount and suspended from a 9ct gold chain, 10.3grms approx. 110-140
290.    A quantity of assorted costume jewellery; including Cameo brooches, necklaces, faux pearl necklace, brooches, gents boxed "ROAMER" wristwatch, "Limit" Quartz wristwatch etc. 20-30
291.    A small 9ct gold shield signet ring, size M+, a 9ct gold ring with garnet cluster, size L+, a Silver shell cameo ring, size L, an 800 silver and marcasite cameo brooch, Silver cross, Silver teddy bear brooch, and a 3d coin bracelet. 30-40
292.    A 9ct gold stock pin modelled as a huntsmans horn passing through a stirrup, a 9ct gold bar brooch set with a central blue glass stone. (2) 50-70
293.    A pair of gents 9ct gold cufflinks, engine turned decoration to one panel, the other plain; a 9ct gold signet ring, size Q; a 9ct gold bar brooch with hair locket to the reverse; and a pair of 9ct gold stud earrings, 11.4grms approx. 80-100
294.    A Chinese carved cinnabar lacquer clip in silver gilt metal mount; a coral necklace; silver filigree brooches and other costume jewellery 15-25
295.    A small 22ct gold wedding band, size L and another 22ct gold wider wedding band, size N+; 8.8 grms approx. (2) 130-180
296.    A pair of 9ct gold screw-on earrings; a pair of gold cufflinks made from four American one dollar coins; and a silver ring set with blue cabochon stone, 9.8grms approx. 70-90
297.    An 18ct white gold large size ring, set with three panels of four square cut diamonds, size W. 100-150
298.    A small gold metal bar brooch, set with two blue glass stones, a small silver gilt ingot on silver gilt chain, "Citron" wristwatch, another Quartz wristwatch etc. 10-20
299.    A quantity of silver and costume jewellery, including bracelets, rings, pendants, a silver covered address book, two pairs of 9ct gold pierced earrings, etc. Contained in a domed jewellery casket. 30-40
300.    A gents Silver Albert chain, with T bar and swivel, a bar type brooch, jet with pink glass stone and marked sterling silver, silver pendant piece set with clear glass stobne, and a silver "window" pendant. (4) 25-40
301.    An early Victorian oval memorial brooch/pendant. The oval portrait painted on ivory panel, of a young girl with ringlets, enclosed under a glass panel, the reverse set with four curls of artistically displayed hair, also under a glass panel, and set in a gold metal frame. 90-130
302.    A 9ct gold curb link necklace, 11.2grms approx. 80-100
303.    A 9ct tri-coloured gold, twist mesh chain necklace, 18.9grms approx. 80-100
304.    A 9ct yellow and rose gold brooch in the form of a stem of roses, 3grms approx. 20-30
305.    A 9ct gold solitaire cubic zirconia ring, size P; and a 9ct gold ring set with a green stone, possibly tourmaline, size P (2) 35-45
306.    A small 9ct gold wedding band, size L; a wide 9ct gold wedding band with star decoration, size P; and a 9ct gold wide band open ring with relief Greek key pattern decoration, size P; total weight 11.6grms approx. (3) 80-100
307.    A 9ct gold small locket, of shield shape, the cover decorated with a horseshoe, 2.5grms approx. 20-30
308.    A pair of 9ct rose gold gents cufflinks, of oval form, engine turned decoration to one panel, initialled on the other, 7.5grms approx. 40-60
309.    A small silver and gold metal pendant piece of square shape and decorated with a gold fish, marked "NB FINLAND", makers anvil mark for KUPITTAN KULTA 20-40
310.    A 9ct gold, wide wedding band, size R, 5.8grms approx.; and a gents 9ct gold signet ring, set with a black onyx panel, size Q, 4.7grms approx. (2) 80-120
311.    A 9ct gold ladies dress ring, set with a central cabochon opal with a surround of chrysoprase stones, size N. 35-45
312.    A 9ct gold dress ring, the central square panel set with nine garnets, size N 25-35
313.    A Victorian 15ct gold openwork pendant piece, set with seed pearls, the pendant of snowflake design, 2.5grms approx. 40-50
314.    An Edwardian white metal pendant and chain, the pendant a circular bow tied wreath, set with diamond chips and pearls, with central drop, tear shaped blue stone, possibly aquamarine. 100-150
315.    A 9ct gold pendant piece in the form of an openwork heart with central garnet, on a 9ct gold chain; a 9ct gold openwork 'target' pendant piece, set with two mauve glass stones; a 9ct gold pendant set with a citrine; and a 9ct gold heart pendant, set with a tiny diamond (4) 80-120
316.    A Masonic 9ct gold ball pendant piece, opening to reveal a six pyramid cross, each pyramid engraved with different Masonic symbols, 8 grms approx. 100-150
317.    A 9ct gold bar brooch of flower head design, set with garnets and pearls, the pearls within heart shaped leaves, 5grms approx. 50-70
318.    A cased 9ct gold bar brooch, set with a solitaire diamond to one end, the diamond 0.30ct, and with GIA certificate. 100-120
319.    A quantity of assorted Costume Jewellery including a Silver bracelet, Silver rope twist bracelet, necklaces, assorted wristwatches etc and a travelling clock. 15-25
320.    A freshwater pearl bracelet with 9ct gold clasp, 19cms long 15-25
322.    A ladies 9ct gold cased wristwatch on gilt metal strap, and with spare rolled gold strap. 15-25
323.    A Gents 9ct gold cased "RONE SPORTSMANS" wristwatch, on expanding strap, manual wind, matt silvered dial with subsidiary seconds dial and with arabic numerals. 40-60
324.    A Ladies 9ct gold cased, rectangular manual wind wristwatch, with blue cabouchon glass winder, on cord strap with rolled gold mounts, the dial with black Deco Arabic numerals, and another 9ct gold cased "AUDAX" ladies wristwatch. (2) 40-60
325.    A Gents "HFRDOMAS" eight day wristwatch in metal case, the white enamel dial with visible escapement section, subsidiary hours dial, marked "HFRDOMAS PATENT, 8 DAYS, SWISS MADE" and on narrow leather strap 80-120
326.    A Gents "CORNEL JET KING 5ATM" Divers style wristwatch, the blue dial with Arabic numerals, and with date aperture. 20-30
327.    A ladies 9ct gold cased "PEERCEE" wristwatch, with attached 9ct gold link bracelet 50-70
328.    A silver cased open face pocket watch by Mathey & Droz on fancy link metal chain and together with a Smiths pocket watch and a Sekonda (3) 15-25
329.    A Waltham open face key wind pocket watch having white enamel dial with subsidiary seconds dial in silver case together with another silver cased open face pocket watch by H Samuel Manchester (2) 20-40
330.    A 19th Century keywound pocket watch having white enamel dial, by William Foot, London no.904, verge escapement with fusee, engraved backplate with pierced and engraved cock with green man detail, in silver plated case, dial 45mm diam 40-60
331.    A 19th Century keywound pair cased watch by G Howard, Liverpool no.7980, having white enamel dial, verge escapement with chain fusee, decorative engraved and pierced cock, in silver casess with two paper watch makers labels for Webley of Bromsgrove, dial 45mm diam 30-50
332.    A silver cased open face pocket watch having white enamel dial with subsidiary seconds dial and together with a silver cased fob watch and a gold metal gents signet ring set with a bloodstone (3) 25-35
333.    A Georgian style three piece silver cruet of shaped oval form with pierced and engraved decoration comprising mustard with spoon, salt with spoon and pepperette, Birmingham 1974, total weight 7.7ozt 80-120
334.    A George III oval silver mustard having hinged lid with raised thumb piece, simple engraved decoration, London 1791, maker Robert Hennell and together with a silver mustard spoon London 1780, total weight 4.5oz 40-60
335.    A cased set of six silver teaspoons, Sheffield 1922 total weight 1.23ozt 12-20
336.    A small Sterling silver Tiffany & Co card tray with scroll and flower head edge, 17cms diam, 5ozt, impressed marks verso 50-70
337.    A silver mounted hand held magnifying glass with tapering silver handle, Chester 1918, 9cms diam 30-40
338.    A silver presentation trophy 21cms high 7.8oz 50-60
339.    An early 20th Century Autograph album containing drawings, watercolours and verse c.1914 - 1918, another smaller autograph album and two Continental silver napkin rings 15-25
340.    A silver caddy spoon with shell shaped bowl, Sheffield 1978 20-40
341.    An Edwardian silver vesta case with chased foliate decoration, Birmingham 1909 15-25
342.    A set of modern silver Dalmation dogs - one adult and three puppies, each stamped 925 on the base, total weight 2.28ozt 30-40
343.    A silver pedestal vase of slender form with flared rim and decorative cast knop and stepped circular base, Birmingham 1965, 17cms high, 5.3ozt maker "DL" 50-70
344.    A cased set of six silver coffee spoons with seal shaped terminals, total weight 1.8ozt 15-25
345.    Two silver napkin rings; a silver book mark; silver money clip; two small white metal military lapel badges and other items, total weight of weighable silver 2ozt 25-40
346.    An early 20th Century circular silver tray with shaped moulded rim, marks rubbed, 26.5cms diam, 17.85ozt 130-150
347.    A circular silver salver with shaped moulded edge and raised on three scrolling foliate supports, 25.75cms diam, Sheffield 1935 maker E Viners, 17.8ozt 120-160
348.    Two rectangular silver cigarette cases, each with guilloche decoration and vacant cartouches, total weight 7.4ozt 50-60
349.    A silver cigarette case with chased foliate decoration and scrolling initials, Birmingham 1911, 1.5ozt 12-20
350.    A decorative silver cigarette case of openwork design with mosque detail to the hinged cover, unmarked but tests as silver, 4.6ozt 30-40
351.    A circular silver plate with slightly raised edge, Sheffield 1962 6.5ozt 22cms diam 50-70
352.    A cased set of six silver coffee spoons with bean terminals 12-20
353.    A set of four Victorian silver fiddle pattern dessert forks, London 1864 together with another similar set of four London 1851, total weight 11.53ozt 80-120
354.    A Victorian silver fiddle pattern sauce ladle London 1841 together with six other silver spoons, total weight 6.46ozt (7) 40-60
355.    A set of four silver fiddle pattern dessert spoons, London 1876 and a pair of silver fiddle pattern dessert spoons London 1832, total weight 9.3ozt 70-90
356.    A set of six silver fiddle pattern teaspoons, Exeter 1839, total weight 2.35ozt 15-18
357.    A cased pair of Victorian silver napkin rings, Birmingham 1894 together with a set of six silver napkin rings, Birmingham 1931, total weight 2.7ozt 15-25
358.    A silver egg cup; silver babies spoon and pusher; pair of silver napkin rings in boxes; silver sugar nips; butter knife and spoons and a silver handled cake slice, total weighable silver 7.2oz 60-80
359.    A Victorian set of 12 cased silver teaspoons with beaded edge and fern frond decoration, Exeter 1878 total weight 6.2ozt together with a cased set of six silver handled tea knives 40-60
360.    A silver dressing table set with guilloche decoration and comprising hand mirror, hair brush, clothes brush and comb; another silver backed hairbrush, clothes brush and comb and a cased set of 5 silver coffee spoons (1 missing) 40-60
361.    An early 20th Century silver backed hand mirror engraved with entwined initials 20-40
362.    A cased silver Christening set of spoon and fork, Sheffield 1928/29, 1.9ozt 15-25
363.    A modern miniature silver purse with suspension chain and engraved decoration, marked 925 15-25
364.    A small Continental silver spoon and fork, marked 830; a small silver fork, silver handled buter knife; 2 silver salt spoons and a silver backed comb (7) 20-40
365.    A pair of Victorian silver sugar tongs, London 1876; a silver napkin ring; a three piece silver cruet and a small silver pin tray, total silver weight 3.9ozt 20-30
367.    A good quality Victorian four piece silver plated tea set with engraved fern frond decoration and comprising teapot, hot water jug, milk jug and sugar bowl together with two silver plated teapots and a chaffing dish 40-60
368.    A cased set of six silver plated napkin rings; a circular silver plated card tray; silver plated bottle coaster; hip flask and pedestal sugar 20-30
369.    A quantity of Community Plate cutlery - fish servers, fish knives and forks and soup spoons, silver napkin rings and other assorted cutlery 15-25
370.    A claret jug with decorative cast silver plated top with lions head thumb piece, 31cms high 15-25
371.    A .900 standard silver ladies powder compact, the circular compact chased with songbird perched amongst scrolling foliage and flowers and with original inner gauze and mirror in cover, 6.5cms diam 20-30
372.    A rectangular carved wood glove box with blue silk lining; a souvenir dip-pen from Weston super Mare with carved bone handle set with a Stanhope lens showing views of Weston and a moulded plastic novelty thimble holder in the form of a furled umbrella containing a silver thimble 25-35
373.    A 19th Century brass novelty vesta case in the form of a horses fetlock and hoof, marked "Deponirt" inside the hinged cover, 8cms long 30-40
374.    A silver metal mesh evening back with original chain link suspension, stamped inside "Ger Silver" together with a silver dwarf candlestick (af) (2) 20-40
375.    A collection of enamelled silver music medallions including City of London Eisteddfod in case, Southern Area Musical Festival and others also a silver gilt Boxing medallion, all c.1930's 30-50
376.    A Victorian mother of pearl and silver penknife with engraved fruiting vine decoration , Sheffield 1897 12-25
377.    Two silver metal and wood crucifixes, another brass and wood; a pair of micromosaic studs and a brass sovereign case (6) 15-25
378.    A 19th Century Dutch miniature silver chair the back with openwork decoration of a man fishing, with embossed seat and on spiral twist supports, 5.5cms high to top of back
379.    Two very similar miniature silver chairs, each with decorative cast and openwork back, "rush" seats and bobbin supports, the bases with German Hanau marks, the central panels of the backs with English hallmarks for London and Sheffield, 6.5cms high (2)
380.    A 19th Century Continental miniature silver model of a carver chair having openwork cast back, scrolling arms, domed seat with engraved detail and turned front supports, un marked, 9.5cms high
381.    A 19th Century Continental silver miniature throne chair, the back cast with coat of arms supported by lions, the seat embossed with floral detail and on turned supports, 6.5cms high, possibly German
382.    A 19th Century German Hanau miniature silver chair the shaped solid back embossed with seated lady, open shaped arms and solid seat embossed with lady and scrolls, import marks for Theodore Hartman London with "F" import mark, 5cms high
383.    An 18th Century Dutch scarce miniature silver model of a four-slat ladder back chair with decorative scrolling arms, solid seat with simulated spiral "rush" seat, and with three stretchers to each side, import marks for London 1896 "DB", 7.5cms high
384.    A good quality Continental silver miniature Savanarola chair with decorative back rest, slatted seat and lion paw feet, folds down, indistinctly marked, 5cms high
385.    A miniature silver chair, probably German Hanau, having tall back the centre panel embossed with lovers, open arms, rush seat and spiral twist stretchers, 5.5cms high together with a very similar but un-marked chair the back panel embossed with shepherd and sheep, 5.5cms high (2)
386.    A 19th Century Continental miniature silver chair, the tall back with eagle head finials, openwork scrolling back, solid seat, decorative cast stretchers and makers mark "IR", 6.75cms high, possibly French
387.    A 19th Century Continental miniature silver chair, the openwork back with angel mask cresting rail and lion mask finials, solid seat with openwork scrolling foliate arms and lions paw feet, marks to one stretcher, 6cms high, possibly French
388.    An early 20th Century carved ivory container and cover, the whole with intricately carved and pierced trailing foliage decoration, 7cms high 60-80
389.    A 19th Century sectional ivory walking stick the handle carved as a running leopard, 83cms 80-120
390.    A late Victorian silver plated novelty vesta case set with a small compass to one side and Stanhope lens with images possibly of Wales in the hinged cover, the case with chased decoration, 4.75cms long 20-30
391.    Liberty & Co "Tudric" pewter milk jug and sugar bowl with planished decoration, stamped beneath and numbered "01537" together with a modern Liberty fabric covered photograph frame and a small cast brass Art Nouveau style photo frame (4) 20-40
392.    Two small glass bottles with silver rims 5cms high and another with decorative silver collar and banding 7cms high (3) 15-20
394.    An early 20th Century black silk top hat by Walter Barnard & Son, Jermyn Street, London in City Cork Co hat box and together with a gentleman's grey top hat by Barnard in original Barnard box (2) 30-50
395.    An Acme Thunderer whistle, a 19th Century ivory paper knife with carved handle; ladies powder compact, napkin rings and other items 15-25
396.    A quantity of religious items including rosaries; two large crucifix; painted plaster Virgin Mary; medallions and others 15-25
397.    Two East Yorkshire Regt bi-metal cap badges and two pairs of brass shoulder titles; some small Russian souvenir badges and others 12-20
398.    A novelty Victorian brass vesta case in the form of a book; an Elgin gold plated half hunter pocket watch; two miniature telephones, cufflinks, enamelled Austrian ring and other items 20-40
399.    A glass topped box containing a display of iron nails from Roman Legionary Fortress at Inchtuthil, Perthshire, Scotland AD83 - 97, 35.5cms wide 20-30
400.    A "Jerusalem" album with olive wood boards; cigarette cards Players Aviary & Cage Birds in an old album; woven silk bookmarks and other items
401.    A quantity of assorted ephemera including German WWII propaganda leaflet (framed); Aircraft "Spotter" cards; large photograph of haymaking scene; album of Punch cartoon cut-outs; theatre programmes and other items 20-30
402.    A display card of Kirby Fish Hooks; an Addiator complete with "pencil"; a group of Japanese woodblock pictures and a beech knee vice 20-40
403.    A small quantity of modern commemorative coins including a folder of reproduction Roman coins 8-16
404.    GREAT BRITAIN - mint decimal commem contained in a file album; France mint and used in an album; folder of French colonies covers and others 25-35
405.    Approximately 73 photographs of warships, mainly Russian, some NATO vessels includes some early post war British 10-20
406.    A collection of five Indian painted leaf Greetings cards in envelopes 5-10
407.    An early 20th Century rectangular copper foot warmer with original screw-on stopper, 35cms x 22cms 12-25
408.    Approx 65 photo topo postcards, mainly Somerset includes Minehead, Weston Super Mare, Bath. Watchet and others c.1906 - 1960's 20-30
409.    A large quantity of loose postcards, photo topo, various areas, c.1910 - modern (a lot) 20-30
410.    A quantity of loose photo topo postcards, various areas, includes some churches (a lot) 12-20
411.    A large quantity of loose photo topo postcards, various areas, includes churches and cathedrals, c.1905 - modern (a lot) 20-30
412.    A small quantity of postcards; a folding map of Iran c.1960, another of Isfahan; Warne's booklet Discount and Commission Tables, some foreign banknotes etc 12-20
413.    Postage Stamps - Royal Mail Millennium Stamps 200 in album and sleeve; another Royal Mail Special Stamps 2003 and an album of mint packs 20-40
414.    Postage Stamps - some early 20th Century foreign mounted on loose pages; George VI GB mint; First Day Covers in albums; silk flags and others (a lot) 20-30
415.    A Watermans fountain pen; a small Scandinavian folding knife with painted wood grip; a 19th Century pocket watch movement and dial by Jones & Jones, Porth; a novelty vesta made from kernel and other items 25-40
416.    A Chesterman 100ft tape measure in leather case; four glass tubes of "catgut" sutures and other items 12-20
417.    Railwayana - a 1953 booklet Circular Tours in Scotland; a small reel of film Western finale in box and an enamelled badge LTAA District Line (3) 15-25
418.    A Victorian Mauchlin boxwood vesta case, opening at either end and with black transfer of High Rocks Tunbridge Wells 20-30
419.    A 19th Century ships light with red glass bowl shade in black painted metal frame and with original fluted chimney now fitted with suspension and ceiling rose for use as a room light, height of lamp 38cms 60-80
420.    A late 19th Century two draw brass telescope in simulated-wood paper cover to the barrel, 21cms long extended, and in original card case 20-40
421.    A quantity of loose assorted postcards including photo topo and some ABC British Railways booklets 12-20
422.    A large quantity of modern diecast catalogues including Bburago, Dinky, Corgi; some Dinky promotional plastic window posters and other similar items (a lot) 15-30
423.    A copperised single sided wall sign embossed "Hertfordshire Fire Brigade East Barnet" 24cms x 32cms 8-15
424.    Approx 70+ green stained plastic letters of the alphabet contained in a lozenge shaped straw work box 12-20
425.    Thirty circular carved bone gambling tokens, each worked with a monetary amount - 1d, 1/- etc (30) 12-20
426.    A small cast metal figure of a seated dog, a brass tiger, 6 brass goats, two playing dogs and the Capitoline Wolf 20-30
427.    An Arcadian crested china seated cat, British Empire Exhibition 1924 (restored ear); a cold painted metal nodding head figure of a man; miniature brass tray with bottle and goblet; cameo brooch and other items 15-25
428.    A ship diorama in the Victorian style, with a three masted sailing ship with naturalistic painted "sea" and back paper, in wooden case with glazed front, 36cms high 52cms high 30-40
429.    A ship diorama in the Victorian style of a paddle steamer "Prince" in glass case, 25.5cms x 87cms 30-40
430.    A ship diorama in the Victorian style of a single masted sailing boat with good deck detail and with naturalistic "sea" and painted background, in glass fronted wood case, 53cms x 56cms 40-50
431.    A ship diorama in the Victorian style of a three masted sailing ship with naturalistic "sea" and painted paper background, in glass fronted wood case, 32cms x 53.5cms 30-40
432.    A Phillps' 12" Political Challenge Globe on gilt metal stand, 41cms high 12-20
433.    A matched pair of Royal Worcester porcelain vases of globular form painted with flowers, green factory marks and "161 G" on blush peach ground, 7.5cms high together with a Royal Worcester pedestal vase with dolphin supports, 22cms high (damaged) (3)
434.    A Winstanley pottery tabby kitten, lying down, painted marks to the base "Kensington designed J Winstanley 7", 19cms wide 25-35
435.    A Royal Copenhagen porcelain figure of a sleeping cat, green and blue factory marks and numbered 422, 8cms high 15-25
436.    A Beswick white Persian cat, seated scratching one ear, impressed 1877, 16.5cms high 20-30
437.    A Royal Copenhagen porcelain figure of a seated grey and white cat, blue and green factory marks and numbered 1803, 14cms high 20-30
438.    A Rosenthal porcelain model of a crouching kitten by T Karner, tabby and white, impressed and green printed factory marks, 17cms wide 20-40
439.    A Rosenthal porcelain model of a lion cug lying holding a ball in it's front paw, by T Karmer, green printed and impressed marks, 7.5cms high 20-40
440.    A Royal Copenhagen porcelain figure of a grey tabby cat seated playing with it's tail, blue and green factory marks numbered 340, 19cms high 70-100
441.    A Chinese Tek Sing blue and white bowl and saucer, each with Nagel Auctions Tek Sing Treasures labels to base, bowl 15.5cms diam, saucer 16cms diam (2) 40-60
442.    A large Winstanley pottery tabby cat, seated, and with inset glass eyes, signature to base and "England" 30.5cms high 40-50
443.    A Royal Doulton stoneware pedestal vase with deep blue stylised foliate decoration on mottled brown ground, 15.5cms high 25-40
444.    A pair of large 19th Century Chinese famille rose baluster vases with moulded temple dog handles and profusely painted with figures within borders of flowers, butterflies and fruit, 43cms high (2) 40-60
445.    A Chinese bottle vase painted in underglaze red with three sinuous scaly 5 toed dragons chasing flaming pearls amongst clouds, underglaze blue seal mark to base 32cms high 50-80
446.    A Chinese porcelain plate with underglaze blue decoration of lake scene with bridge and pagodas, 23cms diam 12-25
447.    A Marie Whitby, Seven Springs Pottery costermonger figure, modelled and painted by Whitby, label to the base signed and dated 1988, 18.5cms high together with two smaller figures 11cms high (3) 30-40
448.    A studio pottery Noah's Ark by Jeremy Chapman, Ashwell, Herts, signed and dated 1989 together with a quantity of other similar animal, duck figures etc. height of ark 34cms 20-30
449.    A pair of late 19th Century Japanese Arita Imari plates with pierced rims and painted with floral decoration in typical palette, 21.5cms diam 30-50
450.    A Victorian glazed stoneware jardniere of squat circular form with leaf decoration and silver plated rim, 18cms diam and together with a 20th Century studio pottery bowl with painted "PW" mark to the base, 16.5cms diam (2) 20-30
451.    A pair of early 20th Century Meissen three branch candelabra, floral encrusted and with dancing cherubs at the base, underglaze blue crossed sword marks and impressed "Germany" 37.5cms high

452.    A Royal Doulton porcelain figure of a stalking grey Persian cat, 13cms high; another of a seated Siamese cat, 11cms high and another of a standing black cat, 16cms high (3) 15-25
453.    ROYAL DOULTON - Winnie the Pooh Collection: Christopher Robin, Eeyores Birthday, Tigger Signs The Rissolution, Piglet Picking violets, Pooh counting the Honey Pots and Kanga and Roo (6) all unboxed 20-30
454.    An Aller Vale pottery commemorative mug for the 1902 Coronation, Edward VII, 7.5cms high 12-20
455.    Two C H Brannam, Barnstaple pottery pint mugs - The Foxhunters Inn Westdown and The Masons Arms Knowstone (North Devon); a similar mug for the Sloop Inn St Ives; another Old Commercial Inn, Bishopsteignton; two Widdecombe Fair mugs and another (7) 20-30
456.    An Old Tupton Ware vase of ovoid form with tubelined decoration of rural scene with cow, hen, duck and sheep, 10.5cms high together with another vase with similar decoration, 16cms high (2) 40-60
457.    A small Old Tupton Ware bottle vase with tubelined floral decoration, with black crown mark, 10cms high 10-12
458.    An early Longpark Pottery, Torquay teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl and cup and saucer with blue foliate decoration and together with a similar tall pottery candlestick, 29.5cms high 15-25
459.    A quantity of Aller Vale pottery including a chamber stick, candlestick, vases and other items (8) 15-25
460.    A C H Brannam, Barum (Barnstaple) pottery wall pocket in the form of a fish, light blue glaze with brown beading, inscribed and dated 1889 to the back, 28cms long 50-70
461.    A C H Brannam Barum (Barnstaple) pottery cat, the elongated animal wearing a blue bow and with glass eyes, inscribed to base, 32cms high 150-180
462.    A Royal Doulton flambe glaze model of a penguin, 15cms high 25-35
463.    A Beswick Hereford calf; Beswick Scottish Black Face sheep and lamb (3) 15-25
464.    A Beswick Shellduck, approved by Peter Scott figure, 4.5cms high together with a similar Mandarin duck figure, 3.5cms high (2) 40-60
465.    A Border Fine Art porcelain figure of a Border Leicester Ram, 12.5cms high together with a Charolais calf, 9cms high, both with original labels attached (2) 15-25
466.    A Beswick comical penguin family together with another small penguin with chick, tallest 11cms high (6) 30-40
467.    A Beswick golden Retriever, standing, 8cms high; a Beswick seated King Charles spaniel, 7cms high and a Beswick bay foal lying down, 8cms high (3) 12-20
468.    A Beswick Shetland pony, 9.5cms high; a Beswick donkey, 11cms high and a small Beswick bay foal (3) 10-15
469.    A Royal Doulton figure of a black and white goat, 13cms high 12-20
470.    A Beswick pot bellied pig, 4cms high and a Beswick pig Champion Wall Queen 7cms high (2) 12-20
471.    A Royal Doulton Snow White figure "Fairest of All", 13.5cms high; a Beswick figure Purrfect Pitch, 11cms high and a Grays figure of a hare in hunting dress 17cms high (3) 15-25
472.    Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures The Tudor Collection - Henry VIII and his six wives, 11cms high (7) 30-40
473.    A Beswick figure of a seated Koala bear, 9.5cms high; a smaller Beswick figure of a koala bear, 6cms high and another (3) 12-20
474.    A Beswick figure of a crouching cheetah, 12cms high 15-25
475.    A Beswick figure of a lion, 14cms high 15-25
476.    A Beswick figure of a cougar, standing on a rock snarling, impressed number 1823, 14.5cms high 20-30
477.    A Beswick Fallow deer family, all standing and comprising, buck, doe and fawn, the buck 20.5cms high (3) 25-40
478.    An Aller Vale pottery vase painted with floral decoration on a blue ground, 29cms high together with an unusual later 20th Century studio pottery vase with entwined alligator, 29cms high (2) 30-40
479.    A Kevin Francis Young Clarice Cliff limited edition figure modelled by Andy Moss with Art Deco woman seated on teapot with plate behind, no.336/900, 24cms high 30-40
480.    A Barum, (Barnstaple) style pottery taper stick holder modelled as a stork and bamboo, brown/yellow glaze, un-marked, late 19th Century, 24cms high 15-20
481.    A Beswick figure of a lioness, 12cms high together with another of a lion cub, 10cms high (2) 30-40
482.    A John Beswick figure of a Meercat, 11cms high 10-15
483.    A Lorna Bailey seated cat figure, 17cms high together with a Moorland Chelsea miniature 3 piece tea set with Clarice Cliff style pattern, height of teapot 8.5cms high 15-25
484.    Longpark and Watcombe, Torquay pottery - small vase decorated with "Old English Cock Fight"; chamber stick, two hat pin holders, nut dish, dwarf candlestick, vesta stand and small jug, all with "motto" decoration and most with cockerel detail (8) 15-30
485.    A late 19th/early 20th Century studio pottery vase of double gourd form with moulded mask and serpent handles, 16cms high together with another similar jug with animal handle, 16.5cms high and a Watcombe pottery vase, 15cms high (3) 15-30
486.    A quantity of Watcombe, Torquay, pottery, all with sailing ship on blue ground and comprising coffee pots, vases, large jug, cups and other items 30-40
487.    A quantity of Watcombe, Torquay pottery, Aller Vale and other, with "motto" decoration and cockerel detail, comprising coffee pot, cheese dish, pin tray, egg cup and other items 30-40
488.     Hart & Moist, Exeter - art pottery jug with scroll handle; a jardiniere, trumpet vase, two other vases, candlestick and small jug, all with hand painted decoration and impressed mark, (7) 20-40
489.    A C H Brannam, Barum (Barnstaple) pottery jug of squat circular form, with incised decoration of flying songbird to one side, impressed marks, 20cms high 20-30
490.    Aller Vale pottery candlestick, 21cms high, three handled vase and two other vases (4) 15-25
491.    A small late 19th Century studio pottery owl shaped vase, 13cms high; an art pottery onion shaped vase painted with flowers; a tyg "A Present from Aberystwyth" and a slip glazed jug with scraffito decoration and verse, 16cms high (4) 30-40
492.    A quantity of Watcombe, Longpark Torquay and other decorative pottery including narrow jug with daffodil decoration; small vase painted with pony in moorland, small dishes and squat vase with paw supports (9) 12-20
493.    Four small Beswick figures of cock pheasants and another of a duck, pheasants 8cms high (5) 12-20
494.    Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures - Mystic Bunnykins; Winter Lapland and Summer Lapland; King Arthur figures and Robin Hood figures (9) 25-40
495.    Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures - Tyrolean Dancer; Fireman; Jack and Jill and Wedding Day (4) 15-30
496.    A set of Royal Doulton Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Snow White 15cms high (8) 30-50
497.    An early Longpark, Torquay pottery two handled vase painted with purple flowers on blue ground, 32cms high together with a quantity of other Longpark, Watcombe and other pottery including shallow bowl, jug, teapot, dishes and vases, some painted with peacock decoration (a lot) 30-40
498.    A miniature Beswick style porcelain four piece cat band together with other miniature porcelain figures - cheetah and cub; cougar and cub; ostrich sitting on egg; donkey and a Goebels foal (11 plus egg) 15-30
499.    A large modern studio pottery seated cat in green glaze with brown tail, un marked, 29cms high 12-20
500.    Three Old Tupton Ware vases with tubelined floral and foliate designs, 10.5cms high (3) 30-50
501.    A pair of Japanese Satsuma earthenware ovoid vases with moulded roaring lion mask handles, each well painted with scenes of figures, one with figures looking at scrolls and a musical instrument the other with figures and cranes, all against a background of bamboos, seal mark to bases, 19cms high (2) 80-120
502.    A late 19th/early 20th Century Continental "rustic" chair ornament, 15cms high 12-20
503.    A 1960's Orrefors smoke glass vase of tapering triangular vase, etched details to the base and numbered 3538/318, 23.5cms high 20-30
504.    A Victorian etched clear glass tumbler, with well detailed decoration of hops and barley, entwined initials and "Septer 1st 1871" and star cut base, 10cms high together with two smaller etched glasses (3) 50-60
505.    A pair of late 19th Century Bristol Blue glass tall glasses together with four other small Bristol Blue glass items (6) 15-20
506.    A Mdina glass horse paperweight; a late Victorian Davidsons pressed marble effect glass cream jug with lion mark and three other glass items (5) 15-25
507.    Carroll, Lewis - The Hunting of the Snark - 1876, first edition, with illustrations by Henry Holiday, rebound in full red calf, the spine with five raised bands and gilt tooling, with further gilt tooling to the front and rear boards, the original covers and the original spine have been bound in to the rear of the book 30-50
508.    SIBLY, E - Culpeper's English Physician; and Complete Herbal. To Which are first added upwards of one hundred additional herbs, with a display of their Medicinal and Occult Properties, Physically Applied to the Cure of all Disorders incident to Mankind - two vols, undated, with both uniformly bound in half calf with marbled boards, with forty-one uncoloured plates (twenty-eight in Vol I, thirteen in Vol II) (2)
509.    A 19th Century Austrian prayer book in decorative green leather binding with gilt tooling and original gilt brass clasp, 1863 together with another Austrian prayer book with coloured lithographic plates, brown leather binding with applied twisted brass and carved ivory decoration and decorative gilt edge pages with religious fore edge ovals to each side (clasps missing) (2) 30-40
510.    BETJEMAN, John - Summoned by Bells - 1960, first edition, clipped dust-wrapper 30-40
511.    WODEHOUSE, P. G - a collection of nine books written by, or about the author to include; WODEHOUSE, P. G - The Luck of the Bodkins - second printing, dust-wrapper; Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves - 1963, first edition, dust-wrapper; Summer Moonshine - Second Printing; Hot Water - second printing; Leave it to PSmith - fifth printing; Pigs Have Wings - second impression, all four without dust-wrappers and four other books (9) 40-50
512.    After DAVID SHEPHERD - two small coloured prints: African Elephant and Rhinoceros, each signed by the artist (2) 8-16
513.    Three modern aquatints on textured paper, limited editions signed by the artist together with a limited edition print of poppies (4) 15-25
514.    SARAH JANE SZIKORA (Brazilian b.1971) - Home Early, photo lithograph, coloured, limited edition no.94/600, signed in pencil by the artist, printed at Washington Green with their blindstamp on textured paper, 25cms x 36.5cms together with another similar Bed Springs, no.86/600 signed in pencil by the artist, framed as a pair (2) 60-80
515.    SARAH JANE SZIKORA (Brazilian b.1971) - Bunker Chunker, coloured photo litho limited edition print no.378/750 signed by the artist, printed at Washington Green with their blindstamp, 39cms x 45.5cms 30-40
516.    After G Havell - The Blenheim Leaving the Star Hotel, Oxford, hand coloured print, in birds eye maple frame, 30cms x 45cms 20-30
517.    A 19th Century hand coloured lithograph "Meeting of Wellington & Blucher" pub Lipschitz, in birds eye maple frame, 42cms x 57cms 20-30
518.    An early 19th Century coloured engraving "Chairs to Mend" pub. R Phillips, in moulded oak frame, 13.5cms x 10.5cms; a small lithographic print in birds eye maple frame and a framed lithograph "Battle of Leipsic Oct 19th 1813" (3) 15-25
519.    19TH CENTURY CONTINENTAL SCHOOL - fishing boats on a sandy shore with figures, watercolour, unsigned 12cms x 17cms together with another small 19th Century watercolour of a landscape, unsigned (2) 15-20
520.    ROBERT HUME (1861 - 1937) - River scene with figure, shipping and trees, watercolour, signed, 16.5cms x 24cms
Provenance: from family by descent 50-70
521.    ROBERT HUME (1861 - 1937) - Cattle near a river, watercolour, signed, 15cms x 24cms
Provenance: from family by descent 60-80
522.    ROBERT HUME (1861 - 1937) - River scene with boat at a jetty, house and trees, watercolour, signed, 24cms x 31.5cms
Provenance: from the family by descent 40-60
523.    EARLY 20TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL - Unloading hay in the rickyard, woman and child fending off geese in the foreground, watercolour, indistinctly signed, 49cms x 64cms 80-120
524.    CHARLES EDWARD WILSON (1854 - 1941) - The Farmers Boy, watercolour, signed and with Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours label verso, 38cms x 28cms 300-500
525.    LEONARD RICHMOND (1889 - 1965) - Wooded glade with stream and houses beyond, pastel, signed, remains of label verso, 41.5cms x 57cms 90-130
526.    In the style of David Cox - figures outside a cottage, watercolour, 16.5cms x 22cms 15-25
527.    Early 20th Century English School - a pair of watercolour landscapes together with other etchings and prints (7) 10-20
528.    MONA HOPTON BELL (1867 - 1940) - a toddler and cottage garden flowers, watercolour and gouache, signed, inscribed verso "Jean Margaret Bell Mrs Mona Bell (nee Hopton) at Wallasey, Cheshire about 1925 aged 2 or 3 painted by her grandmother" 22.5cms x 15.5cms 80-120
529.    PROSSER (early 20th Century) - "Sam" portrait of a spaniel, head, black/white/tan, pastel, signed and titled, 34cms x 36cms 80-120
530.    A pair of 19th Century silhouette portraits of ladies with embossed gilt surround and in moulded frames, 9cms x 7.5cms 15-25
531.    SIR ERIK LANGKER (Australian 1898 - 1982) - Australian landscape with eucalyptus, oil on board, signed, 40cms x 49cms 150-250
532.    ROBERT HUME (1861 - 1937) - a winter landscape, oil sketch, unsigned, 17cms x 24.5cms
Provenance: from the family by descent 30-40
533.    ROBERT HUME (1861 - 1937) - Winter scene with cottages near a lane, oil on board, unsigned, 16.5cms x 24cms
Provenance: from the family by descent 30-50
534.    ROBERT HUME (1861 - 1937) - Windy landscape with workhorses and hay ricks, oil on board, signed in pencil, 17cms x 24.5cms
Provenance: from the family by descent 40-60
535.    ROBERT HUME (1861 - 1937) - Buildings in an open landscape, oil on board, un signed, 16.5cms x 24cms
Provenance: from family by descent 50-60
536.    W*** T*** KIRK (20th Century British) - Portrait of a young child, head and shoulders with blonde hair, oil on canvas, signed, framed and behind glass, 69cms x 57cms 60-100
537.    IN THE STYLE OF AUGUST MACKE - Russian Ballet, oil on canvas, 183cms x 144cms
538.    PHIL DAVIES (20th Century British) - Coastal landscape, oil on board, signed and dated '88 on the mount, 28cms x 39cms 15-25
539.    JASON (modern British) - Coastal scene with sailing vessels, oil on canvas, signed, 49cms x 75cms 15-25
540.    HUBAND JOHN (?) (20th Century British) - a Bath street with Sally Luns Tearooms, palette knife oil on board, signed and dated 1972, 56.5cms x 59.5cms 20-40
541.    GEORGE FOX (1816 - 1910) - "Shove Hapenny" and "Ringing the Bull" a pair, oil on canvas, both signed and in original gilt gesso frames, 29.5cms x 39cms (2) 400-500
542.    LATE 19TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL - Shipping in choppy seas, oil on board, unsigned, in oval gilt mounts and gilt frames, behind glass (one lacks glass), 21.5cms x 33.5cms (2) 30-50
543.    LATE 19TH/EARLY 20TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL - Mountainous lakeland scenes, oil on board, unsigned, a pair, in gilt frames and behind glass, 16cms x 21cms (2) 25-40
544.    19TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL - Still life with grapes, pears and cherries, oil on canvas, in decorative gilt frame, 22cms x 14cms together with another still life by Ada Harrison, oil on canvas, 31cms x 21.5cms (2) 25-40
545.    BOB TUCKER (b.1951) - Stoke Gabriel Devon, oil on canvas, signed, inscribed and dated 1988 verso, 49cms x 75cms 40-60
546.    BEVERLY JAMISON CARRICK (Californian b.1930) - Sunset seascape, oil on artists board, signed, 12cms x 17cms 30-50
547.    19TH CENTURY NAIVE SCHOOL - Portrait of a gentleman, half length, oil on canvas, unsigned, 35.5cms x 28.5cms 50-80
548.    FRANK THOMAS COPNALL (1870 - 1949) - portrait of Mona Hopton Bell, half length standing holding her brushes and palette, oil on canvas , signed indistinctly and dated 1910 (?) unframed 92cms x 71.5cms 100-150
549.    MONA HOPTON BELL (1867 - 1940) - portrait of Charles Bell (her husband) half length, oil on canvas, signed, unframed, 92cms x 71.5cms 90-130
550.    MODERN CONTINENTAL SCHOOL - Still life with fruit, crab and silver chalice, oil on canvas, unsigned, in large decorative gilt frame, 89.5cms x 59cms 30-50
551.    An early 19th Century 8 day longcase clock by Thomas Bilbie, Chew Stoke, having arched brass dial with engraved bird to a silvered disc in the arch, date aperture, subsidiary seconds dial and in mahogany crossbanded oak case with swans neck pediment, reeded dial door pillars and matching pilasters to the trunk door, on low bracket supports, complete with weights, pendulum and winder, 205cms high 250-350
552.    An Edwardian mantel timepiece having circular white enamel dial named "Sanders & Co Ltd London" and in arched mahogany case with line inlay and oval paterae, on four brass ball feet, 22cms high 25-40
553.    An early 19th Century mahogany cased stick barometer and thermometer by Negretti & Zambra having engraved dials, adjusting knob to the front, 92.5cms high 100-150
555.    An Arts & Crafts circular copper dish embossed with stylized floral decoration to the rim and with planished centre, 29cms diam; a copper and brass jug; two copper ashtrays and a tall copper "crocodile skin" jug (5) 40-60
556.    A circular Islamic copper container and cover, overlaid with silver script and foliate decoration, 7cms high 15-25
557.    A pair of 19th Century heavy brass candlesticks on square bases, 28cms high together with a brass trivet with turned wood handle (3) 25-40
559.    A 20th century oak single wardrobe, the door with linen fold type decoration and panelled, 183cm high, 77cm wide 30-50
560.    A 20th Century mahogany display cabinet, on short cabriole legs, glazed doors enclosing two fitted glass shelves 120cm x 92cm 10-20
561.    A 20th Century oak bookcase, the astragal glazed doors enclosing three adjustable shelves 135cm x 92cm 10-20
562.    A modern narrow chest of six graduated drawers, 86cm high, 44cm wide 15-25
563.    An early 20th century bureau bookcase, the bookcase top with astragal glazed doors enclosing three adjustable shelves, the fall front bureau fitted with pigeon holes and drawers, the base fitted with four drawers with undulating cut front, standing on bracket feet, 220cm high, 90cm wide 100-150
564.    A Victorian oak hallstand, the large unit fitted with central drawer and shelf, with umbrella wells to each side, carved and mirrored back, fitted with eight hanging hooks, 212cm high, 107cm wide 140-180
565.    A Victorian stained beech nursing chair with bobbin turned legs and back rails 20-30
566.    A 20th century oak monks bench with panelled back and front, and with hinged seat, 108cm wide, 100cm high 90-140
567.    A modern pine small open bookcase with drawer to base 123cm x 58 cm 20-30
568.    A modern gilt framed decorative wall mirror with bevelled glass pane 69cm x 100cm. 15-20
569.    A modern mahogany effect open bookcase, fitted with two shelves, with two drawers above and a similar corner display cabinet 10-20
570.    A modern D-end extendable pine kitchen table, and two modern pine dining chairs, table top - 140cm x 73cm 20-30
571.    A 20th century oak single wardrobe, 187cm high, 67cm wide 5-8
572.    An early 20th century mahogany, oak and ply large haberdashers cabinet fitted with six ranks of ten drawers and with two drawers to plinth base, 169cm high, 197cm wide 350-450
573.    An early 20th century mahogany, oak and ply large haberdashers cabinet by Pollards, fitted with four ranks of eight drawers, standing on plinth base, makers label 'POLLARDS PAT. "KWIKSERVING" FIXTURES E.POLLARD & CO. LTD CLERKENWELL, LONDON, EC', 170cm high, 167cm wide 300-400
574.    A 20th Century small mahogany bureau, fall front enclosing fitted pigeon holes and with three drawers. 104 cm x 54 cm 20-30
575.    An oak gateleg drop leaf oval table, the top with carved decoration and on barley twist legs, 69cm high, 64cm wide (max) 10-20
576.    A pair of modern bedside cabinets, a yew effect small bookcase fitted with narrow drawer together with a modern pine six shelf bookcase. 10-20
577.    A modern yew effect open bookcase fitted with four adjustable shelves 184 cm x 88 cm 10-20
578.    A narrow beech effect bookcase, with sliding glass doors enclosing two shelves and cupboard to one end; together with an oak narrow fall front bureau, fitted with wood and glass sliding doors 10-20
579.    A modern pine kitchen table, and three modern pine effect dining chairs, table top - 106cm x 72cm 10-20
580.    A modern pine kitchen dresser, the two door cupboard base with two drawers above and glazed cupboard storage back, 200cm high, 90cm wide 5-8
581.    A late 19th century mahogany and stained beech dressing table, fitted with five narrow drawers and on turned legs with ceramic casters, 122cm wide, 70cm high 15-25
582.    A modern mahogany effect open bookcase, fitted with two adjustable shelves on plinth base, 90cm high, 92cm wide 10-20
583.    A 19th century walnut drop leaf table fitted with narrow drawer, on tapering legs with spade feet, 68cm high, 92cm wide 10-15
584.    A modern pine bookcase fitted with five adjustable shelves, 180cm high, 92cm wide 15-25
585.    A 20th century burr walnut effect chest of four long drawers with brush slide and standing on short cabriole legs, 83cm high, 85cm wide 20-30
586.    A pair of late 20th Century beech church chairs. 10-20
587.    A 19th century walnut framed rectangular swing toilet mirror with brass finial caps, mirror 42cm x 37cm 20-30
588.    A late Victorian/early 20th century buttoned back armchair on stained beech legs with brass casters 15-25
589.    A circular oak wine table with central barley twist pillar and with tripod cabriole legs, 47cm diameter, 69cm high; and another small mahogany wine table with canted rectangular top, on slender column and with tripod legs, 45cm wide, 67cm high (2) 30-40
590.    A blue velvet upholstered Victorian button back armchair on carved mahogany cabriole legs and modern brass casters; and another similar on turned mahogany legs with ceramic casters (2) 80-120
591.    An early 20th century walnut framed Swansea style wall mirror of typical form, 75cm x 40cm 30-40
592.    A set of four elm and beech hoop back dining chairs 15-25
593.    A 19th century oak bow back, upholstered elbow chair; and a 19th century oak barley twist corner chair with upholstered back and seat 40-60
594.    Two bedroom chairs with caned seats and a 20th century stained beech and oak rocking chair 8-12
595.    A mahogany effect standard lamp together with a folding games table, nest of three mahogany tables , an oak stool and a dining chair. 10-20
596.    Five folding garden chairs. 5-8
597.    A 20th century mahogany and boxwood banded serpentine shaped sideboard, with fitted central narrow drawer, inlaid harebell decoration, on tapering legs with spade feet, 58cm high, 153cm wide 40-60
598.    A Georgian style mahogany effect framed wing armchair 20-30
599.    A 19th century satinwood chest of three drawers with swing mirror back and vanity shelf, 147cm high, 83cm wide 30-50
600.    A 19th Century gilt framed overmantel mirror having Corinthian column supports, classical frieze above three bevelled glass plates, 88cms high x 141cms wide 90-130
601.    An early 20th century oak extendable dining table, with D ends and on spiral twist legs, together with a set of late Victorian carved standard dining chairs with leatherette back and seats, and carved top rails; table 74cm high 30-50
602.    A Victorian oak extending table on heavy turned baluster legs, with two spare leaves, 106cm wide (unextended), 73cm high 25-35
603.    A 20th Century decorative gilt framed large wall mirror fitted with bevelled glass plate 110 cm x 140 cm 20-30
604.    A sliced oak coffee table with irregular shape top, top - 108cm x 51cm 10-20
605.    A 20th century oak bookcase, the leaded glazed doors enclosing three adjustable shelves; a narrow oak bookcase with sliding glass doors; and a piano stool 10-20
606.    A 20th century walnut bookcase, the glazed doors enclosing two fitted shelves and standing on bracket feet, 122cm high, 97cm wide 20-30
607.    An early 19th century narrow bureau bookcase fitted with two shelves to base with fall flap above, enclosing an arrangement of fitted pigeon holes, 111cm high, 66cm wide 30-40
608.    A William IV mahogany chiffonier of typical form, the cupboard base with narrow drawer above and fitted with shelf back, 126cm high, 112cm wide. 50-70
609.    An early 20th century kneehole desk, of typical form fitted with nine drawers and with display shelf back, with central escritoire, the fall front with leather lined writing slope, enclosing stationary pigeon holes, 154cm high, 122cm wide 140-180
610.    A 19th century side table/display unit, the base fitted with two small drawers, the legs on pad feet; the top display unit with astragal glazed doors enclosing three adjustable shelves, 190cm high, 106cm wide. 30-50
611.    A small late 19th century walnut veneer corner display cabinet, the glazed door enclosing one fitted shelf and with drawer to base, 82cm high, 42cm wide 40-60
612.    A small 19th century rosewood veneered display cabinet of rectangular form, the double glazed doors enclosing one fitted shelf and with fret carved rails to top (AF), 56cm high, 69cm wide 30-50
613.    A 19th century mahogany bookcase, the pair of glazed doors enclosing seven adjustable shelves, 132cm high, 123cm wide 80-120
614.    A 20th century oak side table of rectangular form, fitted with under shelf and with panel stile legs 15-25
615.    A standard pair of early Victorian dining chairs, a D-end side table together with small oak desk, dining chair, pair of bedside cabinets, a Sutherland table and a wine table. 20-30
616.    A 20th Century Rexine and woodbound cabin trunk. 10-20
617.    A metal filing cabinet, fitted with fifteen narrow drawers, 99cm high, 42cm wide 10-20
618.    A mid 20th Century Formica veneered side board with padded doors 80cm x 167 cm 10-20
619.    A 20th Century stained wood bookcase, the glazed doors enclosing two fitted shelves 109cm x 91cm 5-8
620.    A 20th century oak fall front bureau, the interior fitted with pigeon holes and with two drawers below, 97cm high, 74cm wide 10-20
621.    A modern mahogany effect square coffee table, with fitted narrow drawer and leatherette top, 55cm square, 48cm high 10-15
622.    A 20th century oak and walnut effect kneehole desk, of typical form, 121cm high, 78cm wide 40-60
623.    A Victorian oak adjustable lectern, the top raised on a central brass pole and with slide adjustment, 68cm high (not raised), 52cm wide 60-80