Antiques & Later Furnishings Sale on
Wednesday 17th January 2018

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1.      An assorted quantity of fishing rods including nets together with wicker basket; reels etc.
2.      Assorted glassware together with Selkirk paperweights; figurines etc.
3.      A quantity of assorted stamps; postcards together with telephone etc.
4.      Lot withdrawn
5.      Assorted glassware together with coffee set and other ceramics.
6.      A wooden display stand together with miniature plates, Royal Commemorative plates, assorted plates etc.
7.      Two boxes of assorted dolls in various outfits.
8.      A wooden bowl together with ebonised elephant figures etc.
9.      A Wood "Jasmine" part dinner service.
10.     Boxed Wade Whimsies together with unframed prints; plated ware; glassware etc.
11.     A part "Royal Albert" teaset together with Royal Commemorative mugs, plates etc.
12.     Assorted vases together with money box; small bowls etc.
13.     A quantity of assorted teaspoons together with hunting horn, tankards, assorted metalware, coloured glasses etc.
14.     A part Roslyn tea set.
15.     A small wicker sewing box.
16.     A Beswick Alsatian together with another mounted Beswick Alsatian.
17.     R. Mounteney Jephson- With The Colours.
18.     A Beswick bay Shire horse.
19.     A hand painted green and gilt Japanese teaset.
20.     A Royal Crown Derby mint and white teaset.
21.     A green floral decorated edge part teaset.
22.     Assorted Poole pottery together with Honiton and Torquay ware.
23.     Two Bunnykins cups with saucers and two plates.
24.     A carved wooden lamp base of a man.
25.     A part Adderley coffee service.
26.     A part Royal Albert "Forget me not" tea set.
27.     A Paragon part "Six world famous roses" tea set.
28.     A Brown Hot Chocolate set. £
29.     Two large stag and doe figures together with elephant book ends and figurines.
30.     A part Wedgewood "Mayfield" dinner service.
31.     A USSR Alsatian together with a quantity of assorted figurines.
32.     A part Duchess teaset.
33.     Two boxes of assorted pottery vases; cups; bowls etc.
34.     A quantity of assorted glassware including vases, cake stand etc.
35.     Two boxes of assorted books and magazines etc.
36.     A Royal Doulton part Pillar Rose Dinner service together with a part Glen Auldyn service.
37.     Two boxes of assorted pottery; including vases; bowls etc.
38.     A quantity of assorted wooden items including tribal figures; animals etc.
39.     A quantity of assorted plated ware including lamps etc.
40.     A quantity of assorted blow torches.
41.     A quantity of assorted figurines.
42.     A part Aynsley "Pembrooke" service together with another Anysley part service.
43.     Four blue glass lidded jars.
44.     Two boxes of assorted ceramics including; jugs; plates etc.
45.     A quantity of assorted metal ware including copper kettles; horses brasses; lamps etc.
46.     Two boxes of assorted ceramics including jugs, cups, plates etc.
47.     A large elephant figure together with a large Royal Doulton vase and a smaller Denby vase.
48.     A Colclough "Hedgerow" part tea set together with another "Avon" etc.
49.     An assorted quantity of framed prints together with Marilyn Monroe calendar and various records.
50.     Two wooden rolling pins together with corkscrews; cutlery; car badges etc.
51.     Two large angel figures together with clown teapots; teddy bear figures etc.
52.     A plated tray together with lidded serving dish together with four Wedgewood pieces.
53.     A quantity of assorted glassware including vases, desert bowls decanters etc.
54.     Two boxes of assorted pottery including teapot; lidded dishes, jugs etc.
55.     A quantity of art books together with Paul McCartney paintings with two natural history.
56.     A water feature display of Native Americans and wolves together with a boating scene.
57.     A Picquot ware tray together with teapot; coffee pot; milk jug and sugar.
58.     Part I & II of Brandes Manual of Chemistry.
59.     Three framed landscapes together with an engraving of St Mary's church in Bridgwater
60.     A small quantity of assorted metalware including small chestnut roaster etc.
61.     The Photographic History of The Civil War - 5 volumes.
62.     Three stamp albums together with a quantity of assorted loose stamps.
63.     A quantity of assorted glassware including jelly mould; vases etc.
64.     A water feature with clock of a Native American scene together with three figures.
65.     Two boxes of assorted pottery mainly vases with a few jugs.
66.     A large collection of coloured glass to include vases, bowls and drinking glasses etc.
67.     A large elephant ornament and elephant plaques etc.
68.     A small collection of textiles including a beaded bag together with dress patterns and a large collection of assorted packed tights.
69.     A Doulton decanter together with two other decanters; bird figurines etc.
70.     An accordion.
71.     Two reproduction carriage lamps.
72.     Two mantel spaniels together with two Spode bowls and assorted brass ware.
73.     A collection of figurines. (1 box)
74.     A copper kettle, a Colclough part tea service, various ceramics and other items.
74A.    A cased Praktica camera together with cased binoculars and TV Star book.
75.     A writing slope together with two wooden boxes - on containing assorted items.
76.     A cottageware biscuit barrel together with two Wedgewood items and other ceramics etc.
77.     A collection of assorted cameras, flash light etc.
78.     A large collection of assorted ceramics (2 boxes).
79.     A large collection of assorted glassware including large blue and clear glass ewer etc.
80.     A Lyre together with assorted items including two elephant statues.
81.     A turquoise glass oil lamp base together with a collection of other oil lamps and shades.
82.     A box of assorted ceramics including plates, candlestick holders etc.
83.     A wooden cased mantle clock with floral decoration together with other clocks (1 box).
84.     A pair of flat back figures with assorted ceramics etc (1 box).
85.     Two leatherette gun slips.
86.     Two wooden knight statues together with a shove ha'penny board.
87.     A toy piano with floral decoration.
88.     A cased microscope.
89.     A pocket chess set together with other games, cards, pens, watches etc.
90.     Assorted glassware, metalware, busts, knight figure etc.
91.     A decorative German pottery vase together with assorted ceramics etc. (2 boxes).
92.     A collection of pottery items including bowls, vases etc.
93.     A floral decorated wash bowl and jug.
94.     A Snoopy mirror together with decorative tins etc.
95.     A novelty divers helmet clock together with other assorted clocks and metalware.
96.     A large Imari plate together with teapot and small plate.
97.     A Cranberry glass sugar sifter together with Cranberry glass vases, bowls, glasses etc.
98.     A collection of tea cups and saucers together with tea bowl and three other cups.
99.     Green glass teacups and plates together with clear glass and other items.
100.    A part tea service together with assorted pottery and porcelain. (2 boxes).
101.    A metal coal bucket together with metal magazine rack and other assorted metal and wooden items.
102.    Two board games Nero and Waterloo.
103.    A Smiths wooden mantle clock together two other mantle clocks and an anniversary clock.
104.    A quantity of hunt related books including Horse and Hound yearbooks etc.
105.    Two wall clocks together with a mantle clock.
106.    A collection pottery vases, jugs etc.
107.    A collection of Broadstone Ironstone items together with ceramic apple and pear etc.
108.    A collection of model cars including Corgi, Diecast etc.
109.    A wicker waste paper basket.
110.    A collection of loose and used stamps.
111.    A quantity of comics to include Buster and Giggle, Beano etc.
112.    Eagle annuals number 2,3,4 & 9. The Eagles Sports annual and two girls annuals number 6 & 7.
113.    A Metamec clock mounted on wooden base.
114.    Seventeen assorted pictures - some of local scenes together with two decorative wooden boards and a wooden box.
115.    A collection of dressing table items together with green Onyx box etc.
116.    A collection of Royal Worcester Evesham dinner and tableware.
117.    A collection of wooden boxes, pens etc.
118.    Two boxes of assorted Porcelain dolls.
119.    A collection of assorted pennants, textiles, buttons , metal tins etc.
120.    A quantity of assorted penknives etc.
121.    A German glazed porcelain half doll with original skirt over stuffed base, 21.5cms high
122.    A quantity of assorted costume jewellery together with heart shaped box etc.
123.    A manicure set and cased knives.
124.    A quantity of Gents watches together with assorted costume including wooden bead necklaces, small collection of coins.
125.    A part Old Royal bone China tea service together with others etc.
126.    A camera tripod together with a slide viewer and assorted cameras in camera bag.
127.    A collection of ladies and gents wristwatches, pocket watches etc.
128.    An Amethyst geode together with apple place card holders; costume jewellery etc.
129.    A large wooden jewellery with inlaid decoration together with a large quantity of boxed and unboxed costume jewellery.
130.    A boxed Short Monopoly game together with other boards games, chess pieces etc.
131.    A decorative sword and scabbard.
132.    An empty decorative photograph album with velvet and gilt decoration to the cover.
133.    A pair of cased binoculars together another and two pairs of opera glasses.
134.    A wooden mask together with other wooden items, metal bowl etc.
135.    A carriage clock together with a barometer.
136.    Assorted wooden spoon stands together with boxed and unboxed cutlery and flatware.
137.    A box of collectors plates.
138.    A briefcase containing ladies hair combs etc.
139.    Assorted Ladies and Gents watches together with costume jewellery.
140.    A set of four hunting relating prints together with two other prints. (6)
141.    A collection of cigarette and tea cards mostly in albums some loose together with matchboxes.
142.    A Thunderbird projector together with board games children's books etc.
143.    A collection of model cars including Days Gone together with two models of Battleships.
144.    Two shell casings together with fire irons and a large collection of assorted metalware etc.
145.    A Bristol pottery bowl with bird and floral decoration together with boxed cutlery, lion door knocker, glasses etc.

146.    A large collection of framed prints and pictures including hunting scene.
147.    A collection of toy cars.
148.    A glass lamp base with floral decoration together with assorted ceramics. (2 boxes)
149.    Seven framed pictures of landscapes and nature scenes.
150.    A collection of blue and white ceramics including three graduated jugs and a George Jones and Son chintz bowl.
151.    A box of assorted storage jars and two coffee pots.
152.    A floral engraved metal bowl together with assorted metalware etc.
153.    An opaque green glass urn and lid together with assorted coloured glassware including jugs, plates and bowls.
154.    A framed print of a Cathedral scene together with seven other framed pictures.
155.    Two Noritake plates together with Coronation ware, collectors plates etc.
156.    A collection of crested ware together commemorative items etc.
157.    A copper hot water samovar.
158.    Clarice Cliff - The Bizarre Affair.
159.    A large collection of coloured glass paperweights, vases, bowls, drinking glasses etc.
160.    A canvas bag together with a pair of binoculars in canvas case; postcards album, leather wallets and purses, assorted ephemera etc.
161.    Two boxes of assorted pottery and ceramics.
162.    A Caithness glass vase together with other glass and ceramics.
163.    A Paragon cake stand together with a Noritake coffee set and other teawares.
164.    A large pottery jug together with two pottery vases.
165.    Two flatback figures and a collection of crested ware.
166.    Two brass handles vases, candlesticks, clocks and other items.
167.    A blue and white meat plate together with assorted ceramics (2 boxes).
168.    A Cabbage patch doll together with two dolls chairs and assorted Teddys dolls etc.
169.    Four glass decanters together with cut glass bowl and cake stand together with drinking glasses etc.
170.    Two boxes of assorted pottery and ceramics.
171.    A Porcelain tray decorated with Iris's together with assorted items of metalware including tankards.
172.    A Royal Doulton "Harvest Garland" part dinner service.
173.    Assorted clear and coloured glassware including paperweights, vases etc.
174.    Spode blue and white vase together with Royal Worcester part tea service and other items of blue and white China.
175.    A painted Tiger on resin together with two wall mirrors and a box of assorted ceramics.
176.    Two part dinner services one with green geometric design the other with a floral pattern.
177.    Two boxes of assorted ceramics, pottery and porcelain.
178.    Two naval uniforms together with two naval hats and two cased pairs of binoculars.
179.    A collection of fishing rods together with tackle box containing assorted reels and floats.
180.    Three garden spades together with three forks, spirit level and other garden implements.
181.    A Parachute Regiment jacket and trousers together with a heavy green over coat and a set of camouflage.
182.    A set of wooden hanging shelves.
183.    Two wooden standard lamps.
184.    Three small Toby jugs.
185.    A collection of cottage ware items together with ceramic cottage lamp and assorted miniature houses.
186.    A Coalport figure "Amanda".
187.    A Portuguese pink and white pottery stick stand.
188.    A coal scuttle and a writing slope.
189.    Ten assorted figurines together with a Royal Adderley floral bowl etc.
190.    Two wooden ladders.
191.    Three pieces of Wedgewood style pottery.
192.    Four Danbury mint pottery scenes of villages.
193.    A Myott Son & Co vase together with a similar handled vase.
194.    A Royal Doulton figure "Fair Lady".
195.    A Lloyd Loom style laundry basket and chair.
196.    A wooden cased mantle clock with decoration to base.
197.    A wood framed oval mantle mirror.
198.    A gilt framed decorative mirror.
199.    An oval framed mirror with metal decoration.
200.    A large oil on canvas of a lake scene together with four other framed pictures and two others.
201.    Seven framed pictures to include hunting scenes, dogs etc.
202.    A small green and red rug.
203.    A patterned rug on pink ground.
204.    A patterned rug on yellow ground with green and black highlights.
205.    A large patterned rug on yellow ground.
210.    A 20th century .800 silver mounted carved shell cameo brooch, the cameo carved with a double portrait. £30-40
211.    A 9K gold ring, set with a cabochon amber coloured stone, size O; and another 9ct white and yellow gold band ring with central pierced Celtic knot design, size X+ (2). £30-40
212.    A 9ct gold box link necklace fitted with small gilt metal safety chain, total weight 3.1g; an Italian 9k gold curb link bracelet (af) 4.1g; a pair of 9ct gold earrings and a golf club pin (4) £50-60
213.    Two coin bracelets; a filigree bow bracelet; a small paste set silver lizard brooch; a Victorian birds foot brooch; a Scottish feather brooch and other similar items £12-20
214.    A quantity of assorted costume jewellery including crystal and decorative bead necklaces; paste set brooch; modern gilt metal necklaces and others contained in a decorative oak box with mother of pearl inlay to the lid and a shell covered cigar box £15-25
215.    New Zealand Paua (abalone) shell and silver bracelet, earrings and pendant; similar dolphin white metal and shell pendant and earrings; a ring and a silver and mother of pearl charm bracelet £15-25
216.    A quantity of assorted costume jewellery including paste set brooches; pendants' earrings; faux pearl necklaces; Sterling Mint paste set brooch in box; earrings and other similar items (a lot) £20-40
217.    A large quantity of earrings for pierced ears, many different and some tie studs (a lot) £20-40
218.    A wide 9ct gold wedding band, size M; a 9ct gold wedding band with beaded edge decoration and deep diagonal line engraving, size O; and a 9ct gold dress ring set with three stones, size M; total weight 9g approx. £40-50
219.    An 18ct gold illusion set solitaire diamond ring, openwork setting, size N. £20-30
220.    A 9ct gold dress ring, set with three blue topaz stones and spaced with clear stones, size N+ (A/F); and another gold ring, unmarked, the central panel set with illusion set antique cut diamonds (A/F) (2). £30-40
221.    An 18ct white gold large size ring, set with three panels of four square cut diamonds, size W. £180-220
222.    A Scottish silver brooch in the form of a sword and circular shield with a cabochon carnelian, hallmarked Edinburgh 1968. £15-25
223.    A Scottish "pebble" brooch in silver mount; a brass RAF cap badge together with a quantity of decorative costume jewellery £15-25
224.    An 18ct gold two stone diamond cross-over ring, each diamond just under half a carat, size S. £180-220
225.    A 9ct gold Albert chain (damaged); a 9ct gold locket on 9ct gold chain; and a pair of 9ct gold mounted cultured pearl screw-on earrings; weighable gold 13g approx. £70-100
226.    A silver Victorian style oval locket, the cover with engraved foliate decoration, and applied gold metal leaves and flowers, on a silver belcher link chain; and with a similar pair of screw-on earrings; a silver bangle (A/F); a silver chain; a silver brooch; a pair of cufflinks and a gilt metal cameo brooch. £40-60
227.    A Victorian jet oval locket with engraved interlocking initials to both sides, opening to reveal photos of a gentleman and his wife. £20-40
228.    A pair of cased 18ct gold and cultured pearl dress studs. £30-40
229.    A long 15ct gold enamelled brooch, set with three graduated cultured pearls set into lilac enamel. £60-80
230.    A gold (tested) South African Miners sweetheart brooch, modelled as crossed shovel and pick, the shovel with a gold nugget (metal pin). £30-40
231.    An early Victorian oval memorial brooch/pendant. The oval portrait painted on ivory panel, of a young girl with ringlets, enclosed under a glass panel, the reverse set with four curls of artistically displayed hair, also under a glass panel, and set in a gold metal frame. £180-250
232.    A Victorian cameo/plaited hair brooch in decorative gilt metal mount, the shell carved with Hebe and Zeus as an eagle, shell 3.5cms long
233.    An oval cameo brooch in 9ct gold mount, the shell carved with a classical female bust, 4.2cms x 3.4cms not including mount £40-60
234.    A single strand of freshwater pearls with white metal clasp set with three small diamonds. £20-30
235.    An early 20th Century ladies 9ct rose gold wrist watch with circular silvered metal dial on decorative gold metal link bracelet £50-70
236.    A Gent's Roamer wristwatch with jewelled movement, in square stainless steel case numbered "5071" on the back and on expanding metal bracelet together with a Sonic Quartz watch and a Windsor wristwatch with visible movement (3) £20-40
237.    A gent's Swiss Balance wristwatch in box; a Ted Baker gent's wristwatch in original box; a gent's Rotary wristwatch in original box and two other modern ladies wristwatches (5) £20-30
238.    A ladies 9ct gold cased wristwatch on plaited cord strap, weight of back of case 2g, together with two other ladies wristwatches and a gold metal cased open faced pocket watch the dial marked "C Lannier Geneve" (4) £30-40
239.    A quantity of gent's wristwatches including Lucerne, Beta quartz and others and an Ingersoll pocket watch £12-20
240.    A ladies 9ct gold "Zenith" wristwatch with integrated 9ct gold mesh strap, the square gold coloured dial with black baton numerals, manual wind, weight 30g approx. (without movement). £180-200
241.    A gents 9ct gold cased "Longines" watch, automatic wind movement, fitted with a later 9ct gold open link strap. The matt silvered circular dial marked "Longines Flagship Automatic", and with gold quarter Arabic numerals and batons; contained in a Longines box. £400-500
242.    A slim 9ct gold cased, gents manual wind pocket watch, the movement engraved "Breguet, HSP.G, Swiss Made", the matt silvered engine turned dial with black Arabic numerals and subsidiary seconds dial, and with leather and metal suspension band. £100-150
243.    A group of silver cased fob watches, silver cased wrist watches, compass, snuff box, WWI period cigarette lighter and other items £40-60
244.    A set of six silver coffee spoons with bean terminals £15-20
245.    A cased set of six silver cake forks, total weight 3.3ozt £15-25
246.    A set of six silver coffee spoons, two silver sugar nips and two other silver spoons, total weight 4.8ozt together with a silver and silver metal tea strainer, a cased silver plated grapefruit set and some plated teaspoons etc £20-40
247.    Four silver napkin rings total weight 1.6ozt together with a small circular cut glass salt with silver rim and two small silver salt spoons £12-20
248.    A small circular silver trinket box with plush lined interior and on three cabriol supports together with a silver quaiche style salt with pierced handles and blue glass liner, London 1915 (2) £25-35
249.    A small faceted glass jar with silver rim; a Georgian style silver mustard (lacks blue glass liner; a silver mustard spoon and another, total silver weight 2.3ozt £15-25
250.    A silver vesta case with engraved decoration together with a decorative silver thimble Chester c.1916 and three others (5) £15-25
251.    Two mother of pearl and silver pen knives together with a sterling silver cased pen knife with engraved foliate decoration (3) £25-40
252.    A Chinese silver three piece cruet in aesthetic style comprising two salts and a pepperette all on tapering rounded supports £15-25
253.    A sterling silver and pink enamel mounted glass atomiser; two silver topped glass trinket boxes, a glass pin holder with silver top and a silver plated rectangular cigarette box (4) £20-40
254.    A 19th Century gilt brass and ivory 5 draw monocular by Dollond, London in original leather covered case, 8.5cms long when extended £40-60
255.    An early 20th Century hunting horn, brass and copper, 20cms long £40-60
256.    A Victorian cranberry glass and silver metal horn shaped scent bottle, the glass body with cut decoration and with hinged, cork lined cover embossed with flowers and foliage, original metal chain and finger suspension loop, 7cms long
257.    A small oval porcelain plaque painted with the "Blue Boy" after Gainsborough, 8.5cms x 6.7cms
258.    An Edwardian miniature Common Prayer book with silver cover embossed with angel heads, London 1909 £20-30
259.    A 19th Century German Hanau miniature silver chair with embossed decoration, the back with a putto carrying a basket of grapes the seat with putto painting, 7cms high
260.    A Continental miniature silver figure of two figures in a decorative horse drawn carriage having turning wheels and twisted silver driving reins, un marked, 6.5cms long
261.    A 20th Century miniature silver chair modelled as a folding chair with green felt seat, 4.5cms high, stamped .925
262.    A Dutch miniature silver model of a man in a small boat with oars and a fish, 5cms long
263.    A 19th Century Continental miniature silver oval centre table having plain top, gadroon frieze and on four turned supports with turned X stretcher, 2.5cms high 6cms wide
264.    A 19th Century German Hanau miniature silver chair with embossed decoration, the back with putto carrying basket of grapes the seat with cavorting cherubs in landscape, import marks Chester 1906 "BM" 6.5cms high
265.    A pair of 19th Century Dutch hand made silver miniature ladder back chairs with turned supports and "rush" seats, small sword mark, 5.5cms high
266.    A late Victorian silver and mother of pearl pen knife, the mother of pearl case with engraved decoration, Birmingham 1893, 11cms long £15-25
267.    A small silver and mother of pearl pen knife together with a miniature pen knife and a sterling silver cased "Life Long" propelling pencil (3) £30-50
268.    A heavy silver metal medallion for the Royal Society of Arts Manufacturers and Commerce, George V, the edge named for Charles Berisford Sebire, Advanced Examinations 1921 Book Keeping, in original fitted leather case, 56mm diam £20-40
269.    A Victorian ruby glass scent bottle with embossed, hinged silver cover and faceted body, 10.5cms high £60-80
270.    A leather bound album of "A Collection of Paintings, Engravings and Photographs of Bow Parish Church.....copied by Rev J Irwin Coates MA Curate of Bow 1898-1899" together with some unrelated postcards; postage stamps and other ephemera (a lot)
271.    The Coronation of Edward VII magazine in 6 vols; The Captain magazine for Boys & "Old" Boys 1899 (lacks back cover); a packet for Players Digger Cut Plug tobacco; 10 Christmas gift tags in original envelope c.1920; two crochet mats with RA emblem, some cigarette cards and other items (a lot)
272.    CRICKET - an autographed Stuart Sturridge cricket bat with inked autographs of the West Indies 1963 Touring side includes Frank Worrell (Captain), Conrad Hunte and Wes Hall, the reverse of the bat autographed by Gloucestershire, Derbyshire, Worcester, Surrey, Glamorgan and Yorkshire
273.    A Chad Valley GWR jigsaw "Speed"in original box (believed complete) together with another boxed jigsaw Up The Steps and another of Malcolm Campbell's Bluebird (3) £10-20
274.    A modern double sided pub sign "The Withy Cutter" coloured printed image on laminated metal, 119.5cms x 89cms
275.    An early 20th Century composition and bisque boudoir type half doll having composition head and shoulders with painted features, black hair, bisque arms and on original black padded "skirt" cover together with two German glazed ceramic half dolls (3) £15-25
276.    A file of coins including some half-silver half crowns; shillings; pennies; small quantity of silver coins and others ranging from Victoria - Elizabeth II £30-40
277.    An early 20th Century brass miners lamp with brass suspension hook and stamped "Patent" and "31302" to the base, height not including hook 24cms £30-40
278.    A Merit Toy Remote Control Driving Test game in original box; a Mettoy Computacar in box and a Merit Toy Magic Robot game in box (3)
279.    A Halcyon Games "Postcards" board game, first edition c.1986 in original box, good and complete together with a similar unopened game (2)
280.    A pair of early 20th Century gilt metal and mother of pearl opera glasses in velvet pouch together with another pair in white metal with leather bound barrels (2)

281.    A malacca cane with decorative white metal pommel embossed with Devonshire Regt. crest together with an Indian army ebony cane (2)

282.    An album of approx 62 film star cards the majority with magic pen signatures, includes David Niven, Michael Wilding, Rex Harrison and Laurence Olivier £20-30
283.    A collection of matchbox fronts, many different, contained in two albums (2) £10-15
284.    SPEEDWAY - a collection of programmes for Poole c.1989 - 1990's £12-20
285.    Two Royal Mint unc sets 1997 and 1999 in blue cases; a 1972 set in card case and two loose commemorative crowns £20-40
286.    A quantity of cased commemorative crowns; Crowns of Gibraltar; Farewell to £sd and others £15-25
287.    A Victorian cartridge loader by Hawksley; a heavy brass cartridge loader (possibly Hawksley patent) and another cartridge loader by Hawksley (3)
288.    Ten assorted hand stitched late Victorian and Edwardian book/Bible marks, one with glass bead work, most with religious text £12-25
289.    POSTAL HISTORY COLLECTION - including a quantity of postcards, photographs and ephemera relating to Post Offices, Post Boxes, Telephone Kiosk also an unused Post Box collection plate frame in red, original time collection plates and tablets (plastic) all contained in an ex Royal Mail sorting box £20-40
290.    Four 1926 General Strike newspapers, includes Brixton Free Press and Evening News; vintage magazines including Vogue, Motor magazine and others, mixed ephemera and newspapers (a lot) £12-20
291.    A large quantity (over 2000) mainly more modern postcards, some pre WWII, includes topo, railway, advertising, fashion interest and others (a lot) £12-20
292.    Approx 65 loose artist drawn topographic postcards together with a quantity of photo topo Somerset postcards and others (a lot) £15-30
293.    An Edwardian white cotton nightdress case with crochet work decoration; an embroidered nightdress case; embroidered handkerchiefs in original box; cream silk stockings, wax orange blossom bridal band and other related items (a lot)
294.    A small quantity of painted lead WWI soldiers, patient on stretcher, small Dinky aircraft; early wooden fencing; air raid shelter with painted lead figures; small tinplate clockwork aeroplane; wooden block animals, trees and other items
295.    A German bisque socket head baby doll marked "HB Germany" and with sleeping brown glass eyes, open mouth and on soft body with bisque arms, wearing a white cotton babies gown, 27cms high £20-40
296.    Micro Scalextric - Vodaphone Mclaren Mercedes Racing Game in box together with two Levan 1:52 scale radio control racing cars in boxes
297.    A 19th Century photographic portrait of a young man in gilt frame, 11cms x 8.5cms together with a 19th Century silhouette cut-out portrait of a gentleman (2)
298.    A Richards' Patent Steam-Engine Indicator in original fitted wood box
299.    A Mosda combined cigarette lighter/cigarette case in white metal with guilloche decoration and in original protective wallet together with a Ronson table lighter in original box (2) £12-20
300.    An Observer bulk head timepiece and matching barometer, in chrome cases, 15cms diam (2) £15-25
301.    A large framed embroidered panel sewn with coloured silks in a geometric pattern incorporating mirrored circular discs, on a cotton ground, 87cms x 87cms
302.    A French card game "Jeu Du Nain-Jaune" the polished wood box with sliding cover and containing French instructions and lift-out trays with colour printed linings, box 31cms x 26cms
303.    A beech and brass brace with ebonised handle overall length 38cms
304.    A Doctor's case, the rectangular leather case fitted with three drawers, original compartment with two glass bottles and with stethoscope, blood pressure monitor and some other instruments, c.1950's
305.    A large painted wood model of a steamship with good deck detail and with remote control. Although un-named, the ship is purported to have Bridgwater connections, 108cms long £30-50
306.    A late Victorian cream wool babies Christening cape with deep flounced collar and chain stitch embroidery; a white cotton babies Christening gown with broderie anglaise decoration together with a brown wool cape and other items
307.    Rev John Russell - A Memoir, Richard Bentley & Son London 1878 (poor condition) together with bound Infant's Magazine and Father Tuck's Bird ABC (3) £10-15
308.    RUDAN BROGGER (? Norwegian early 20th Century) - four etchings of Norwegian mountains and fir scenes, each signed on the mount, c.1930's, framed as two pairs in decorative birch frames, 28cms x 25cms (4) £30-40
309.    ARCHIBALD THORBURN - Grouse in snow, coloured print, signed in pencil by the artist, 19cms x 25.5cms £15-25
310.    ARCHIBALD THORBURN - Grouse in flight over moorland, coloured print, signed in pencil by the artist, 39cms x 51cms £30-50
311.    HALFDAN GRAN (Norwegian 1869 - 1930) - Starlings perched on a rail fence with wood cabin in the background, oil on canvas, signed and dated 24, 47cms x 51cms £30-50
312.    A Royal Doulton figurine Monica, 11cms high together with another "Emma" modelled by Adrian Hughes, 11cms high (2) £20-30
313.    A matched pair of Royal Worcester porcelain vases of globular form painted with flowers, green factory marks and "161 G" on blush peach ground, 7.5cms high together with a Royal Worcester pedestal vase with dolphin supports, 22cms high (damaged) (3) £40-60
314.    A late 18th/early 20th Century New Hall cup and saucer in Imari pattern no.446 £12-20
315.    A Nanking Cargo tea bowl and saucer painted in blue and white and with Christies labels to base of each, saucer 10.2cms diam £20-30
316.    An early 19th Century English pottery tea bowl with wavy edge and ribbed body, painted in underglaze blue with Chinoiserie decoration, 8.5cms diam £10-15
317.    A Royal Albert Old Country Rose pattern tea set comprising teapot, sugar bowl, milk jug, 6 cups, 6 saucers, 6 plates, bread plate and two tier cake stand £50-80
318.    Three 20th Century Continental porcelain military busts on socle bases, underglaze factory mark crown over R, the tallest 12.5cms high together with a small Continental porcelain figure of a boy by a rustic fence (4) £20-30
319.    A pair of 19th Century Staffordshire flat back figures of a young girl and woman carrying a pitcher on their shoulders with a sheep and dog, 23cms high £15-25
320.    A 19th Century Staffordshire flat back figure Prince & Princess; another of a Scottish couple and another of a Scottish man with bagpipes on a horse (3) £15-30
321.    A 19th Century Staffordshire flat back figure "Going to Market" (af); another of a young man and woman playing lute and tambourine and another of young man and woman holding a chicken (3) £15-25
322.    A Beswick figure of a Goldfinch perched on a thistle; another of a Bullfinch; a Beswick Partridge and and unmarked Wagtail (4) £12-25
323.    A Beswick figure of a standing bay horse, 13.5cms high £10-15
324.    A large Spode Italian pattern kettle, 30cms high £25-40
325.    An Albany Fine china limited edition model of a Great tit by David Burnham Smith, no.151/500 with certificate, height 25.5cms
326.    A Royal Worcester limited edition model of a Highland Bull by Doris Lindner on wood stand and with certificate, no. 232/500, height including stand 21cms
327.    A Paragon limited edition cigar casket, commemorating tje centenary of Sir Winston Churchill born November 30th 1874, with certificate, 25.5cms wide £20-30
328.    A pair of stoneware spirit barrels with original covers and wooden spigots, 31cms high £15-20
329.    A Brentleighware figure of Winston Churchill "The Boss" 20cms high £15-25
330.    A Beswick figure of a barn owl, impressed 1046, 18.5cms high £12-25
331.    A Royal Worcester limited edition commemorative figure of Queen Elizabeth II seated wearing Coronation robes, no.256/500, in original box, 23cms high £25-40
332.    A Whitefriars glass controlled bubble bowl in green, another in light brown; an orange bubble glass duck; three tall vases with bubble bases and others (8) £15-25
333.    A 20th Century glass paperweight with millefiori design, approx 8cms diam
334.    An early 20th Century grandmother clock having three train movement, arch brass dial with regulator and chime/silent dials in the arch, in honey oak case, 152cms high £30-50
335.    A Victorian mantel clock having cream enamel chapter ring and recessed dial centre, two train movement, hour and half hour striking on a gong and in black slate and marble architectural case, 31cm high £20-30
336.    A Victorian mantel clock having silvered chapter ring with cut-out white metal Arabic numerals, striking on a gong and in brass mounted black slate case with presentation plaque to the front, 34.5cms high £15-25
337.    An early 19th Century 8 day longcase clock having arched painted dial with religious scene painted in the arch, Prince of Wales plume spandrels and in oak case with mahogany crossbanding, with pendulum and weights, 217cms high £100-150
338.    A Victorian mantel clock having circular white enamel dial, hour and half hour striking on a bell and in large scrolling black slate case, 31.5cms high £15-25
339.    A late Victorian mantel timepiece by S Marti & Cie having white enamel dial and in wood case, with pendulum and key, 20cms high £15-25
340.    A late 19th Century mantel clock having cream painted dial, hour and half hour striking on a gong and in waisted oak case, with pendulum and key 33cms high £12-20
341.    An early 19th Century 8 day longcase clock by Henry Baker, Malling, having makers name engraved on a disc in the arch, silvered chapter ring, subsidiary minutes dial and date aperture, in oak case, with pendulum, weights and winder, 227cms high £120-170
342.    A Victorian Ansonia mantel clock with white enamel dial (af), hour and half hour striking on a gong and in black slate architectural case with lion mask ring handles each side, 28cms high £15-20
343.    A conical glass hunting flask with twist-open silver plated top and in original brown leather case with strap, length of flask 22cms £25-35
344.    TAXIDERMY - A Victorian stuffed fox and pheasant in glass case, 45cms high 52cms wide £20-30
345.    A HMV table top gramophone in oak case with domed top, original winder and reproducer, 47.5cms wide £30-50
346.    An early 20th Century Danish walking cane with decorative silver handle and ebony stick, marked for Copenhagen, assayed by Christian F Heise, 86cms long £30-40
347.    A late 19th century pine blanket box, on plinth base and with iron carrying handles, 85cm x 51cm. £30-40
348.    A 20th century ebonised standard lamp with carved laurel leaf decoration to the base, 144cm high. £20-30
349.    An early 19th century oak framed carver chair with leather back and seat, together with a an early 20th century oak framed carver chair. £15-20
350.    An early 20th century boxwood and ebony line inlaid dressing chest fitted with two long and three short drawers, with two jewellery drawers to the top and with swing oval mirror, 155cm high, 107cm wide. £20-30
351.    A mid 20th century walnut veneered chest of four long and two short drawers, 112cm high, 76cm wide. £10-20
352.    A modern pine kitchen dresser with cupboard base, three drawers above and two open shelves, 199cm high, 143cm wide. £25-35
353.    A square oak occasional table, fitted with narrow drawer and with H stretchers, 68cm high, 61cm wide. £15-20
354.    A 1950s walnut cocktail cabinet with central, partially mirrored drop down section, two cupboards and two drawers, 86cm high, 136cm wide. £8-12
355.    A 20th century stained wood book case fitted with three shelves and a pair of sliding glass doors, 95cm high, 76cm wide. £8-12
356.    A modern pine chest of five long and two short drawers on shaped, cut plinth base, 131cm high, 92cm wide. £25-40
357.    A stained wood, brass bound Arts and Crafts style jardiniere stand of square form, 93cm high, 33cm wide. £20-30
358.    A Victorian mahogany tilt top circular breakfast table, on central pedestal, with swept cabriole legs, 71cm high, 118cm diameter. £40-60
359.    A stripped pine 19th century kneehole desk fitted with five drawers to one side and cupboard to the other, with small central drawer, open pigeon hole back, 101cm high, 110cm wide. £30-50
360.    A late 19th century travelling trunk, with studded top and sides, and iron carrying handles, 50cm high, 91cm wide. £20-30
361.    A 20th century oak monks bench with drop down table top/back and hinged lidded storage seat, 122cm wide. £25-35
362.    A Victorian mahogany chest of three long and two short drawers, with bun handles and on baluster feet, 116cm high, 110cm wide. £25-35
363.    A 20th century oak bureau bookcase, the base fitted with two long drawers, the bureau with pigeon holes and one drawer, the book case with two shelves enclosed by glazed and leaded drawers, 197cm high, 79cm wide. £20-40
364.    A 1940s walnut bow front display case, fitted with two glass shelves, 110cm high, 92cm wide. £10-15
365.    A Victorian stained beech two seater settee and a matching armchair, on cabriole legs, the central splats with boxwood and walnut inlay (A/F). £20-30
366.    An early 20th century satinwood chest of three long drawers with anodised copper Art Nouveau style handles, 85cm high, 98cm wide. £20-30
367.    Two oak dining chairs with leatherette drop in seats; an upholstered stool and a boxwood line inlaid bedroom chair. £8-12
368.    A Victorian mahogany chest of three long and two short drawers with bun handles and on baluster feet, 118cm high, 107cm wide. £30-40
369.    A 20th century oak display/bookcase with partially glazed drawers enclosing two adjustable shelves and with cupboard base, 153cm high, 79cm wide. £10-15
370.    A 20th century brass standard lamp and another similar in oriental style, both 140cm high. £15-25
371.    A modern pine dresser with fitted cupboard base, three narrow drawers above and two shelf back, 197cm high, 108cm wide. £20-30
372.    A modern pine corner display unit with fitted cupboard base and three open shelves above, 215cm high, 94cm wide. £20-30
373.    A Victorian bow fronted glazed and mahogany shop display case, fitted with two plate glass shelves, with door opening to the reverse, 90cm high, 42cm wide (bow front glass A/F). £80-100
374.    A 20th century drop leaf coffee table, fitted with one drawer, 63cm high, 115cm wide extended. £10-15
375.    A 20th century Stag style teak nest of three tables with tiled tops, the smallest table fitted with a drawer, 62cm high, 59cm wide max. £15-20
376.    An early 20th century oak chest of two long and two short drawers with shelf and adjustable mirror back, 145cm high, 91cm wide. £10-15
377.    An early 20th century oak marble top and back wash stand, the base fitted with a cupboard, 103cm high, 90 cm wide. £10-15
378.    A late 19th century walnut dressing table base, fitted with two narrow drawers, on turned legs and shelf support, 72cm high, 121cm wide. £10-20
379.    A 19th century mahogany Sutherland table, the top inlaid with boxwood banding, 66cm high, 74cm extended. £40-50
380.    A modern D end extending pine dining table, together with four Dunelm cream leatherette dining chairs. £20-30
381.    A Victorian oak adjustable lectern, the top raised on a central brass pole and with slide adjustment, 68cm high (not raised), 52cm wide. £80-120
382.    A floral pattern carpet with pink ground, 254cm x 179cm.