Collectors Sale on
Wednesday 16th August 2017

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1.      THE FLINTSTONES - a collection of moulded rubber figures, some fitted with "squeakers" includes Fred, Barney, Dino, Wilma and Betty, all un-marked, various sizes (14) 40-60
2.      THE FLINTSTONES - a group of vintage Hanna Barbera Flinstones characters, moulded rubber, some with "squeakers" various sizes includes Fred, Barney, Dino, Bam Bam and Baby Puss, all marked (17) 30-40
3.      THE FLINTSTONES - R Dakin & Co: Fred and Barney rubber figures each with original clothing and labels; a Baby Puss with soft rubber head and original label all c.1970's and a later rubber Dino with attached label, Fred 20cms high (4) 60-80
4.      THE FLINTSTONES - three plastic money boxes moulded as Fred, another as Barney all c.1970's; an Evenflo Products plastic babies feeding bottle moulded as Barney, with teat and a later Fred money box (6) 30-40
5.      THE FLINTSTONES - Ideal Baby Bamm-Bamm doll in styrofoam Cave House complete with original plastic covering and label together with another Pebbles in Cave House which lacks plastic covering, c.1965 (2) 70-90
6.      KNICKERBOCKER (Japan) - vintage stuffed toy Knickins Baby Puss 96/2 with washable fabric body and moulded vinyl head, in original box, 26cms high, c.1962 40-50
7.      KNICKERBOCKER (Japan) - a vintage Snuffles (from Quick Draw McGraw) moulded vinyl figure in original box, 14.5cms high, c.1962 40-50
8.      THE FLINTSTONES - five colour printed clothes hangers in the form of characters Wilma, Fred, Betty, Barney and Bamm-Bamm, c.1977, by Hang-Ups USA (5) 20-30
9.      Pelham Puppets Yogi Bear in original box, the box with "Screen Gems" sticker, puppet approx 26cms long 30-40
10.     Pelham Puppets - a scarce vintage Huckleberry Hound puppet in original clothing and yellow printed box, approx 25cms high 70-90
11.     AMT Plastic kits - Fred Flintstone's Sports Car T495 in original box and Fred Flintstone's Family Sedan T496 in original box, c.1974 (2) 40-50
12.     The Flintstones - a Marx tinplate and rubber friction drive Wilma in car, 9.5cms high 15-20
13.     AMT model kit - Fred Flintstone's Rock Cruncher T497 in original box with original plastic covering 20-30
14.     JETSON'S - a Transogram co. Space Copter with rubber-band drive, on original printed card 180-220
15.     A collection of vintage Hanna Barbera character glove puppets all with moulded rubber heads, includes Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, Droop along Coyote, and others all c.1960's (11) 40-60
16.     A Scooby Doo hand puppet with moulded vinyl head, c.1982; a small Huckleberry Hound glove puppet with hard plastic head; Yogi Bear glove puppet and others and a Fred Flintstone Might Star bean bag toy (6) 20-40
17.     A Scooby Doo money box, the double sided figure with clear plastic collecting sphere in the centre, 55cms high, c.1990's 30-50
18.     IDEAL TOY CORP. vintage 1960's hand puppets with moulded rubber heads and original printed cloth "bodies" - Mushmouse and Ricochet Rabbit, approx 28cms long (2) 20-30
19.     IDEAL TOY CORP vintage 1960's hand puppets with moulded vinyl heads and printed cloth bodies - Peter Potamus, Punkin' Puss and Magilla Gorilla, approx 28cms long (3) 20-30
20.     IDEAL TOY CORP vintage 1960's hand puppets with moulded vinyl heads and printed cloth bodies - Magilla Gorilla, Punkin' Puss and Droop-a-Long Coyote, approx 25cms long (3) 25-40
21.     Three vintage c.1960's hand puppets with moulded soft rubber heads each with printed "body" - Pebbles and two Bamm-Bamm, approx 26.5cms long (3) 15-20
22.     IDEAL TOY CORP vintage Magilla Gorilla Cannon in original box with plastic cover c.1964 60-80
23.     IDEAL TOY CORP vintage Bamm-Bamm hard vinyl doll in original box, with label and with club, c.1960's 41cms high 60-80
24.     IDEAL TOY CORP a vintage Pebbles hard vinyl doll in original box, c.1960's, 39cms high 60-80
25.     Knickerbocker Mini Dolls - Pebbles and Bamm Bamm in original box and Fred & Barney in original box together with a loose Pebbles, c.1970's 15-25
26.     Two Fisher Price pull along "Zilo" toys - Huckleberry Hound and Fred Flintstone, 20cms high (2) 100-150
27.     A modern illuminated panel of Fred Flintstone constructed with coloured neon tubes, 56cms high 43cms wide 30-50
28.     A vintage box of Fred and Huck Bubble Club fun bath, un-opened and with contents, 22cms high 30-50
29.     A quantity of soft toy cartoon characters including Banana Splits; Dino and others (a lot) 15-25
30.     MARX TOYS (Japan) - clockwork tinplate Mechanical Hopping Fred Flintstone, in original box together with a similar Hopping Barney Rubble, boxed (2) 30-50
31.     MARX TOYS - friction drive plastic Flintstone Log Car in original box c.1977 20-30
32.     LINEMAR TOYS (Japan) - a tinplate clockwork Hopping Yogi Bear in original box; an unboxed tinplate clockwork Hopping Quick Draw McGraw and another similar character also unboxed (3) 30-40
33.     MARX TOYS (Japan) - tinplate and rubber clockwork Fred Flintstone on Dino in original box 60-80
34.     MARX TOYS (Japan) - tinplate clockwork Hopping George (from The Jetsons) in original box together witha Chinese made tinplate clockwork Jetsons Somersaulting Tank in original box (2) 30-50
35.     MARX TOYS (Japan) - a friction drive tinplate Rubble's Wreck from The Flintstones in original box 100-150
36.     MARX TOYS (Japan) - clockwork tinplate and celluloid Flintstone Tricycles: Wilma, Fred and Dino, each in original box (3) 280-320
37.     MARX TOYS (Japan) - friction tinplate and rubber Huckleberry Car Quick Draw McGraw in box together with a Flintstone Cars tinplate and rubber Fred Flintstone car in Barney box (2) 40-60
38.     MARX TOYS (Japan) - clockwork tinplate Hopping Jetsons figures (2); Line Mar Flintstones Somersaulting tanks (2) and a modern Scooby Doo Easter egg on wheels, all unboxed (5 in total) 30-50
39.     A Japanese made battery operated tinplate and rubber "Rocky" toy in original box together with an unboxed Mebetoys diecast and plastic Yogi Bear and BooBoo car, unboxed (2) 30-40
40.     An Ideal Tiny Bamm-Bamm doll in original box and packaging, c.1965 , approx height of doll 29cms 60-80
41.     An Ideal Tiny Pebbles doll in original box and packaging, c.1965 doll approx.29cms high 60-80
42.     THE JETSONS - a vintage Marx Space Ball bagatelle game in original box 70-90
43.     A Transogram Huckle Chuck multi throwing game in original box, includes colour printed Huckleberry Hound board with darts, hoops and weighted bags all in original box, c.1961 100-150
44.     A Dakin Snagglepuss vinyl figure with original label c.1971 , 19cms high 20-30
45.     A Dakin vinyl figure Hoppy the Hopparoo with rubber head and original label, c.1971 22cms high 30-50
46.     The Jetsons Applause figures George and Elroy, both with labels and original clothing and together with an Applause Bamm-Bamm figure (3) 15-25
47.     A Gordy International Fred Flintstone Fishing Fun Game in blister pack on colour printed card, c. 1979; Flintstone Wonder Whiskers Drawing Set c.1981; Laurie Imports Huckleberry Hound Pin Ball Game and a Whitman Krazy Ikes Fred Flintstone on card, (4) 30-40
48.     Two Argentinian produced Flintstone plastic vehicles in original boxes by Plastirama (2) 12-20
49.     Two Harvell-Kilgore Hanna Barbera TV Friends "Li'l Fella's Gun & Holster - Top Cat and Wilma Flintstone, both on original printed display cards (2) 60-80
50.     An Ideal Magilla Gorilla pull along plastic toy together with another of Punkin Puss, 23cms high 20-40
51.     The Flintstones - a Solid State transistor radio in the form of Fred Flintstone in original box with instructions, battery and ear plug, c.1972 50-60
52.     A group of Viewmaster and similar viewers, film cards and similar including The Jetsons, The Flintstones, Huckleberry Hound and Hair Bear Bunch, in original packagings 40-60
53.     Two vintage Fred Flinstone and Barney Rubble soft toys with moulded rubber heads c.1960's; a similar large Yogi Bear and an Ideal Magilla Gorilla soft toy with moulded rubber head (4) 20-40
54.     A Transogram The Jetsons Pencil by Number Colouring Set in original box, c.1962 30-40
55.     An Ideal Dino Stroller in original box c.1963, 47cms long 70-100
56.     Fred Flintstone skittles - 10 small plastic figures and two balls c.1960's, figures 14cms high 15-25
57.     Ten colourful plasatic face masks of Hanna Barbera characters including Fred Flintstone, Bamm-Bamm, Pebbles and Yogi Bear 10-20
58.     A Transogram Top Cat plastic money bank in original bag 26cms high c.1962; a Transogram Pebbles coin bank; Fred Flintstone coin bank; a Niagara plastic Yogi Bear money bank and a small Huckleberry Hound money bank (5) 30-50
59.     Two Marx small plastic ramp walking toys - Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound, Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble; an Ideal plastic figure of Peter Potamus and other plastic figures (10) 25-40
60.     Pez Candy and plastic dispensers in the form of Hanna Barbera The Flintstones characters in original shop display box together with four others in blister packs on cards and some loose figures 30-40
61.     An Ideal Baby Pebbles Flintstones doll wearing leopard print suit and with blanket, in original box, hard vinyl head and limbs and soft body, approx 36cms high 60-80
62.     Vintage Flintstones Fun Bath plastic bottles - Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble, in original packaging; a Punkin Puss plastic bubble bath bottle; a Yogi Bear plastic table lamp and a small Quick Draw McGraw rubber figure (5) 25-40
63.     A quantity of plastic character bubble bath containers including Augie Doggie, Ricochet Rabbit, Pebbles, Bamm-Bamm, Huckleberry Hound and others together with four full bubble bath bottles with character heads 30-40
64.     Twelve "squeaky" rubber toys by Ideal and others, characters include Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, Magilla Gorilla and others (12) 25-40
65.     A Milton Bradley board game The Jetsons in original box (unused); an Ideal Ricochet Rabbit and Droop-a-Long Coyote board game in box (played with); Transogram Snagglepuss fun at the Picnic game in box (worn) and Dino the Dinosaur game in box (unused) (4) 20-30
66.     A Colorforms Huckleberry Hound Cartoon Kit in original box c.1960 30-50
67.     A Makit & Bakit Flintstones "stained glass" kit in original box; Magilla the Gorilla color and paint by number kit in box; a Spumco animated cartoon cel painting kit Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound both in original boxes (4) 20-40
68.     A set of six Quickbrew plastic character egg cups in boxes including Tom, Jerry, Top Cat and others; a set of four c.1990's glazed ceramic Flintstone figures; two modern boxed Flintstones collectable ceramic items and other more modern Flintstone figures, money boxes and mugs 25-40
69.     A vintage plastic clockwork musical Pebbles in a pram 27cms high 30-40
70.     A Solid State revolving photo cube radio Huckleberry Hound in original box with original battery together with an Ingraham Bamm-Bamm electric alarm clock in original packaging (2) 30-40
71.     A Toys N Things The Flintstones Arcade Game in original box c.1992; a c.1973 Penelope Pitstop floral links and bead set; a Flintstone Quick Score Target Game on original card; a Flintstones mobile, babies bib; packs of game cards; an Atom Ant figure in original plastic case, two rolled colour printed posters and other items 40-60
72.     The Flintstones ladies scarf c.1994; a vintage Flintstones cushion; a Huckleberry Hound pillow case in original packaging; a printed cotton Flintstones single bed cover; braces and other similar items 20-40
73.     A modern The Flintstones computer keyboard; four "cut-out" painted wood Flintstone figures; hard vinyl Yog Bear and others; Atom Ant bean figure; limited edition "Meet George Jetson" figure in box and other similar items 25-40
74.     A Durham's Flintstones water gun on original card together with three other loose similar; a Lacey Classic Decor 25 years celebration plastic "Jetsons" wedding cake decoration together with other unboxed vinyl and wood figures 25-40
75.     A collection of Ideal characters all with felt clothing and moulded rubber heads, some with bendy limbs, all labelled, includes Top Cat, Wally Gator, Punkin Puss, Touche Turtle and Officer Dibble together with a Semco Yogi Bear and a Sutton & Son Hair Bear (12) 50-70
76.     An album of assorted sets and part sets of trade cards including Barrett & Co TV's Huckleberry Hound and Friends (35/35); TV's Yogi Bear & Friends (35/35); Primrose Confectionary Quick Draw McGraw series Q.1 (50/50 with duplicates) and others 70-100
77.     Two large painted plaster money banks - Bamm-Bamm and Pebbles, approx 25.5cms high together with a wooden model of The Flintstones vehicle 33.5cms long (3) 30-40
78.     A c.1960's Dell Fireman Huck "Squeeze" toy in original bag with label; another Huckleberry Hound in bag with label and a Lanco squeeze rubber Hucjleberry Hound in original bag with label (3) 40-60
79.     A c.1960's Transogram The Flintstones Bamm-Bamm Bubble Pipe on original printed card 12cms high 30-50
80.     A c.1964 Ideal Bamm-Bamm hand puppet with moulded rubber head in original packaging, puppet 26cms high 20-30
81.     Four Dakin character figures - Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, Bamm-Bamm and Pebbles all in original bags and with labels and a Sutton Bingo from The Banana Splits in bag (5) 30-50
82.     A Sounds Fun The Flintstones Talking Time wristwatch in original packaging c.1994 30-50
83.     Eight small rubber "squeezy" figures including Dino and Yogi Bear (8) 20-30
84.     Fourteen vintage rubber "squeezy" figures including Magilla Gorilla, Huckleberry Hound, Pixie and Dixie and others, all loose (14) 30-40
85.     Eleven assorted plastic and rubber figures including Snagglepuss, Scoobydoo, Barney Rubble, Fred Flintstone, Yogi Bear and others, all loose (11) 30-50
86.     A vintage Flintstones printed metal lunch box with matching thermos flask; another Cartoon Zoo lunch box and matching thermos and a Magilla Gorilla lunchbox 30-50
87.     Twenty six small plastic cartoon figures c.1960's including Ally Gator, Tom Tommino, Clopper, various Flintstones and others, all loose (26) 40-60
88.     Two large files - Hanna Barbera Character Styleguides Volume 1 and volume 2 (2) 30-50
89.     REFERENCE BOOKS - Classic Hanna Barbera Collectables; Welcome to 40 Years Flintstones Figures together with two framed colour prints of Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble 10-20
90.     BOOKS - The Hanna Barbera Treasury; Hanna Barbera Cartoons; The Art of Hanna Barbera and Iwao Takamoto My Life with a Thousand Characters (4) 20-40
91.     BOOKS - various including The Wacky Races Handbook; The Harlem Globetrotters Annual c.1973; Wacky Races Annual c.1973; Huckleberry Hound Annual c.1965; foreign albums glued with cards and stickers and others 20-40
92.     A Huckleberry Hound Comic album no.4 c.1964; nine Marvel Comics Group The Flintstones comics; two vintage Spanish text Flintstone books and two Little golden books - The Flintstones and The Jetsons 40-60
93.     Two Roalex Co Sliding Squares Panel games on original printed display cards - Magilla Gorilla and The Flintstones (2) 20-40
94.     A Pelham puppet Mr Jinks wearing a striped suit and with red "pipe cleaner" tail, in box, approx 24.4cms high 30-40
95.     The Jetsons - a Cut-Outs book c.1963 20-40
96.     A Federal Comics Barney & Betty comic book; a Flintstones Coloring Book; Magilla Gorilla Sticker Book; some Arbys mini story books and other similar items 30-40
97.     A reproduction Peter Potamus mini poster autographed in black ink by Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera 20-40
98.     A Kohner Flintstone Circus in original box with original plastic figures and accessories 25-40
99.     Five Whitman Frame-Tray Puzzles: The Flintstones (2); Space Kidettes; Huckleberry Hound and The Jetsons, all complete (5) 30-40
100.    A Warren jigsaw The Flintstones in original box; a c.1992 Flintstones ball game and a boxed Dutch issue Flintstones shooting gallery game in box (3) 30-40
101.    LP RECORDS - in original decortive colour printed sleeves: The Jetsons First Family on the Moon and three other relating to The Jetsons (4) 20-40
102.    LP RECORDS - all relating to The Flintstones including The Man Called Flintstone; Wilma Tells The Story of Bambi and others (8) 20-40
103.    LP RECORDS - 15 including Robin Hood starring Top Cat; The Reluctant Dragon starring Touche Turtle & Dum Dum; Monster Shindig; Huckleberry Hound and the Ghost Ship, all in original sleeves (15) 30-50
104.    A collection of 42 Locatelli padded plastic cartoon figures c.1967, many different including Jetsons, Flintstones, Huckleberry Hound and many others, all in individual plastic wallets (42) 80-120
105.    Primrose Confectionary - Flintstones cards a quantity each mint card in a hard plastic case and together with a number of other individually packaged mint cards including one bearing Joe Barbera signature (a lot) 30-40
106.    A collection of cigar bands - Tom & Jerry and The Flintstones together with a quantity of Screen Gems The Flintstone cards c.1960's 20-40
107.    An Atom Ant Sticker book c.1966; a Pebbles Sticker Fun book c.1968 and four unused printed paper Arby's Adventure Meal bags 15-25
108.    Original art work for Flintstone comic strip c.1995; cinema lobby cards for The Man Called Flintstone; Huckleberry Hound comics; newspaper cuttings of Flintstones comic strips and other related items 30-50
109.    A collection of Bosch Dutch The Flintstones advertising cards - 5 large single sided cards with easel supports, a long folded sign and 8 smaller double sided cards, c.1993 30-40
110.    PATRICK OWSLEY - original artwork: a montage of the many different Hanna Barbera cartoon characters, signed and dated 15, 39cms x 50cms 200-300
111.    PATRICK OWSLEY - twenty nine individual unframed pieces of original artwork of assorted cartoon characters, various sizes and including Penelope Pitstop, Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear, Scooby Doo and many others, contained in a file 400-600
112.    PATRICK OWSLEY - original artwork of the four Beatles: John, Paul, George and Ringo, unframed, 18.5cms x 13cms (4) 100-200
113.    MARKHAM, BRIDGWATER - Picnic cards (19) contained in a small album 100-150
114.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a large quantity of sets, part sets and odds contained in modern albums, cigar packets, adhesive albums and loose plastic album pages. Includes Players, Wills, Churchman, Tea cards and others (a lot) 120-160
115.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of odds and part sets including Ogdens Flags & Funnels of Leading Steamship Lines; Wills "Traveller" Cricketers; Ogdens British Costumes and others 30-40
116.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of loose odds and part sets including Players Riders of the World; Ogdens Birds Eggs; Ogdens Owners Racing Colours & Jockeys and others (a lot) 30-40
117.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of odds and sets contained in a modern album and plastic sheets includes some trade cards (a lot) 20-40
118.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of loose, unsorted odds and part sets, many different (a lot) 30-40
119.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of loose, sorted sets including Players Cricketers 1938 and Churchman Air Raid Precautions 20-30
120.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of loose unsorted odds and part sets, many different 30-40
121.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of sorted, loose sets including Churchman Wonderful Railway Travel; The Story of Navigation and Gallaher Dogs 20-30
122.    EDWARDS RINGER & BIGG - Musical Instruments, 1st series (25/25) 20-25
123.    EDWARDS RINGER & BIGG - Cinema Stars, small size (50/50) 15-25
124.    FRANKLYN DAVEY & CO - Boxing (25/25) 20-30
125.    OGDENS - Boy Scouts, A Series - 4th Series all complete and British Birds (50/50) all contained in a modern album 90-150
126.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of loose unsorted cards; old empty albums; old Sothebys Belgravia catalogues and other similar items 15-25
127.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of adhesive albums with cards in; old empty albums and modern album (a lot) 12-20
128.    A & BC GUM - Batman, black back English text (38/38); 2 Batman Secret Decoders and other sets Batman, pink backs, without "Batman Fan Club"; Tarzan; Battle Cards and Batman with Bat Laffs back 40-60
129.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of odds and part sets including Ogdens Guinea Gold; Pattreiouex; Typhoo and others and a quantity of empty cigarette packets contained in two tins 20-40
130.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - various part sets including Wills Roses; Gallaher Famous Jockeys; Players Poultry and others contained in a modern album 20-40
131.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - assorted odds and part sets including Batten "Jibco Tea" Screen Stars A series; CWS Tea; Ogdens; Pannini and others contained in a modern album 30-40
132.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - part sets including Carreras Raemakers War Cartoons; Churchmans Rugby Internationals and Lambert & Butler Aeroplane Markings contained in a modern album 30-40
133.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - assorted sets and part sets including large size Wills Gold Flake Industries of Britain (12); Players Speedway Riders (50/50); Carreras Glamour Girls; Gallaher Famous Footballers and others contained in a modern album 30-50
134.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of part sets including Wills Ships Badges; Stephen Mitchel Clan Tartans; Carreras Airmen & Airwomen and Players Game Birds and Wild Fowl all contained in a modern album 30-50
135.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of loose odds and part sets, many different 20-40
136.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of odds and part sets includes Ogdens Guinea Gold, Gallaher, Wills, Players and others 20-30
137.    WIX - Kensitas Silk Flowers contained in a purpose printed album, complete but some missing fronts of cards 12-20
138.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of odds and part sets including Wills, Players, Wix and others (a lot) 20-40
139.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - nine old slot-in albums containing assorted sets of cards including Wills Merchant Ships of the World; Players Napoleon, Regimental Uniforms; Godfrey Phillips British Birds and Their Eggs and others (9) 50-70
140.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of sets and part sets, some contained in old cigarette packets and including Gallaher, Edwards Ringer & Bigg, Carreras, Wills and Players (a lot) 40-60
141.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - sets of military and transport related cards including Godfrey Phillips Aircraft; Wills Speed, Railway Engines; Players Military Head-Dress and others contained in a modern album 30-40
142.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of sets and part sets including Wills Roses A series, Second series; Players Wild Birds; Gallaher Birds Nests & Eggs; Kensitas silk Flags and others contained in a modern album 30-40
143.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of sets of mainly theatrical interest including Ogdens Actors Natural and Character Studies; Players Film Stars; Gallaher My Favourite Part and others contained in a modern album 30-50
144.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of sets of sport related cards including D C Thomson Worlds Best Cricketers (Rover); Famous Footballers (Wizard); Churchmans Association Footballers and Gallaher Racing Scenes all contained in a modern album 40-60
145.    Cynthia Payne - a 1992 election leaflet signed by Cynthia Payne "Payne and Pleasure Party", Streatham, signed in black ink 12-20
146.    A quantity of railway related postcards including artist cards of steam locos, some stations, some foreign contained in a modern album 15-25
147.    An album of approx 126 early topographical postcards including views of Fish Market, Aberdeen; rp of a butchers shop; view of Framfield Sussex; Clerks Bank Leek and others c.1907 - 1908 30-50
148.    An album of approx 284 mainly topographical postcards c.1908 - 1920 40-60
149.    Approx 112 early 20th Century greetings postcards includes chromo litho Christmas greetings; Thanksgiving greetings, Easter; Halloween; Valentine and others contained in a modern album 30-40
150.    An album of approx 61 topographic postcards includes early views of High Street, Nutley Sussex; Durham; Manchester and others also some rp's, c.1908 - 1910 20-40
151.    An Edwardian scrap book album containing col litho scraps and greetings cards glued to the pages 15-25
152.    A quantity of assorted postcards in albums and loose including Whitbread beer mat type cards 20-40
153.    A rp postcard of Wembdon Football team c.1910 - 14 together with a postcard advertising "Lady Little" at the Bijou Theatre, Bridgwater 1914 (2) 10-20
154.    Three large printed silk panels with portraits of Maharajahs and two others of young women representing Ireland and England (5) 15-20
155.    A childrens book - Lucie Attwell's Book of Verse, pub. Dean 1960 together with a Singing Christmas Greetings Card (2) 15-20
156.    A quantity of assorted loose postcards including photo topo Butlins Bognor Regis c.1965; Slapton Sands and Ley, Southsea, Lake District and others c.1910 - 1960's
157.    Seventeen WWI embroidered silk postcards, mainly flags and flowers decoration; three WWI embroidered silk handkerchiefs; celluloid cards; small celluloid fan and others 25-35
158.    An album of approx 75 photographic postcards of film stars including Bette Davis, Greta Garbo and Lewis Ayres, Joan Crawford, Jean Harlow and Tallulah Bankhead 30-40
159.    An album of approx. 102 postcards mostly related to cats including Louis Wain; dogs including Bonzo; children by Mabel Lucie Attwell and others, c.1920's - 1960's 25-40
160.    An album of approx 93 assorted postcards including WWI embroidered silks - RFA and sentimental; music hall actresses; military; foreign and others, c.1910 - 1918 50-60
161.    An album of approx. 177 early 20th Century postcards including good selection of WWI period military also sentimental greetings; children, chromo litho; photo topo including Tenby, Moseley, Borth; rp of a group of farmworkers and others c.1910 - 1920 70-100
162.    Approx 38 early 20th Century "glamour" postcards, German c.1910 25-40
163.    Royal Air Force Service and Release Book, RAF brass cap badge, buttons, cloth badge, photographs, Japanese 5 cent notes and other ephemera all relating to Aircraftman First Class C A Poole who served in Penang 1943 - 1947, all contained in a suitcase 30-50
164.    Two good early real photo cards (with plain backs) of steam powered timber tractor with winches "A E Gates Timber Haulier & Contractor, Pilgrim's Hatch, Brentwood"; two more early rp's of similar tractors at work together with a collection of old photographs and copies of old photographs of steam lorries, traction engines, traction engine accidents and similar 40-60
165.    Four dog postcards by Mac and two horse and hound postcards, in three frames together with a signed Henry Brewis print "Dressage" (4) 12-20
166.    A 1911 Trade sample selection of greetings cards in album "The Tiger Selection of Personal Greetings Cards for Christmas" containing a good selection of different designs of cards
167.    Approx 60 theatre programmes including London Palladium, Picadilly theatre, Opera House Blackpool, and others; stars include Bruce Forsythe, Norman Wisdom and Ken Dodd, c.1940's - 1960's 15-25
168.    An album of approx. 100 interesting postcards including early views of Rickmansworth; Stratton village near Bude; Wooton Courtenay; rp of hunting; Dartmoor; chromo litho Christmas greetings; artist drawn and others c.1905 - 1910
169.    An album of approx 131 assorted postcards including artist cards of steam trains Alan Anderson; similar shipping including various Cunard ships; photo topo and others, c.1940 - 1950's 30-40
170.    Nine WWI embroidered silk postcards (some in poor condition); rp of Airship 101, docked; some rp cards of battleships including HMS Hood, Warspite and Iron Duke; photo topo postcards and others, c.1915 - 1940's 25-40
171.    FILM LOBBY CARDS - all full sets of eight cards: King Solomon's Mines; Look for the Silver Lining; Let's Rock (featuring Paul Anka); Life with the Lyons; Life at the Top; Victor Hugo's Les Miserables and Lord Jim starring Peter O'Toole (7 sets contained in a large ring file) 30-40
172.    FILM LOBBY CARDS - full sets of eight cards: I Aim at the Stars; I Mobster; I Want To Live!; Jungle Man-Eaters; Jaguar starring Sabu and Journey to the Lost City (6 sets contained in a ring file) 18-25
173.    FILM LOBBY CARDS - full sets of eight cards: The Square Jungle starring Tony Curtis; Mickey Rooney in the Last Mile; The Desperate Hours starring Humphrey Bogart; The Crooked Road; The FBI Story starring James Stewart; The Big Heat; The Devil at 4 O'Clock starring Spencer Tracy and Frank Sinatra; The Safecracker and The Shrike (9 sets contained in a ring file) 25-35
174.    FILM LOBBY CARDS - full sets of eight: The Greatest Show on Earth (Re-release); The Underwater City; The Hill; Sam Spiegel's production of The Chase starring Marlon Brando and The Spiders Web (5 sets contained in a ring file) 12-20
175.    FILM LOBBY CARDS - full sets of eight: Give My Regards to Broadway; Great Day; Hell is a City; Hannibal Brooks; Harry Black and the Tiger starring Stewart Granger and Hell on Frisco Bay (6 sets contained in a ring file) 18-25
176.    FILM LOBBY CARDS - full sets of eight cards: The Running Man; The Blue Lagoon; The Password is Courage; The Big Trees; The Mississippi Gambler; The Immortal Battalion starring David Niven; The Wild One starring Marlon Brando; The Mob; The Kentuckian starring Burt Lancaster; The King and Four Queens starring Clark Gable; The Big Land and Arrowhead (12 sets contained in a ring file) 30-40
177.    FILM LOBBY CARDS - a rare set of eight cards for Enter the Dragon starring Bruce Lee 15-25
178.    FILM LOBBY CARDS - The Guns of Navarone, full set of eight cards 12-20
179.    FILM LOBBY CARDS - 13 full sets of eight cards, various including Union Pacific; Villa Rides starring Yul Brynner; Vengeance Valley starring Burt Lancaster; Woman of Straw starring Gina Lollobrigida and You Can't Win em all starring Tony Curtis, all contained in a ring file (13) 30-40
180.    FILM LOBBY CARDS - The Dam Busters, full set of eight cards starring Richard Todd and Michael Redgrave 15-20
181.    FILM LOBBY CARDS - The Great Escape, full set of eight cards 15-20
182.    FILM LOBBY CARDS - a rare full set of eight cards for The Alamo starring John Wayne, Richard Widmark and Laurence Harvey 20-40
183.    FILM LOBBY CARDS - a rare set of eight cards for Scott of the Antarctic starring John Mills 20-40
184.    FILM LOBBY CARDS - James Cagney films: white Heat, rare full set of eight re-release; Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, rare set and Each Dawn I Die, re-release (3 sets) 30-40
185.    FILM LOBBY CARDS - Diana Dors in The Long Haul, full set of eight cards and Doris Day in Love Me or Leave Me, full set of eight cards (2) 12-25
186.    FILM LOBBY CARDS - full sets of eight cards: All Quiet on the Western Front, re-release; The Hook starring Kirk Douglas; The Proud and Profane; Rogue's March; The Deerslayer; King Rat; Time Limit and Breakout (8) 18-30
187.    FILM LOBBY CARDS - Roger Moore in Vendetta For A Saint, 7 cards 12-20
188.    FILM LOBBY CARDS - full sets of eight cards for John Wayne films: The Barbarian and the Geisha; The Horse Soldiers; The Conqueror and The War Wagon (4) 15-30
189.    CEYLON - 1970 SG 561a with "missing magenta", with pair of SG561 normals. SG cat val 160 each, unmounted with marginal pairs 60-70
190.    INDIA QV 4 annas SG19, cut to shape cat val c.100 (cat val 700 if cut square) 10-20
191.    All World postage stamps contained in various albums; loose sheets; covers etc, mainly used (a lot) 20-40
192.    Four large stockbooks of GB and world postage stamps, mainly used, few mint, well filled books (4) 20-40
193.    A quantity of GB and world postage stamps on loose pages, cards, covers and in bags, mainly used (a lot) (2) 30-40
194.    Three stockbooks of mixed postage stamps (3) 12-20
195.    All World postage stamps, mainly used, some mint, contained in a stockbook and two Viking Stamp albums (3) 20-40
196.    London 2012 Olympic Games Royal Mail FDC's including signed Sebastian Coe; mint sheets all contained in a Benhams album 100-130
197.    A large collection of Cotswold First Day Covers housed in eight albums c.1971 - 2000 (approx 518) 100-130
198.    A collection of GPO First Day Covers contained in six albums c.1971 - 2017 (approx 476) 100-120
199.    All World collection of postage stamps contained in a Challenge album, m & u, mainly earlier issues 30-40
200.    GREAT BRITAIN - very fine SG album, boxed, some stamps present, no hinge marks 50-70
201.    GREAT BRITAIN three albums postage stamps, m decimal 1971 - 2004, some unm 100-120
202.    GREAT BRITAIN - Windsor album of postage stamps, coll QV to 1969 and recent unm inc line engraved and surface printed 80-90
203.    GREAT BRITAIN - postage stamps 1982 - 2004 red Windsor album, unm or m decimal commem 130-150
204.    A black Devon album of postage stamps, Commonwealth m & u inc early Australia 20-30
205.    GREAT BRITAIN - four albums of postage stamps with some unm decimals and other m & u GB 30-40
206.    A quantity of assorted albums of stamps, loose pages etc 20-30
207.    GREAT BRITAIN - postage stamps: 1887 used 11/2d to 5d duplicated on 19 contemporary pages inc shades, pinks, perfs and prod varieties; Edward VII used 2d to 7d duplicated on 13 contemporary pages inc. pinks, perfins, prob varieties, shades 30-50
208.    A cigar box containing loose world, few covers, mainly older and a State Express tin of m & u world, mainly pre Queen Elizabeth 20-40
209.    A green Simplex album of m & u Commonwealth and Europe postage stamps, pre Queen Elizabeth; a large box of stock pages inc South Africa, unused album, covers and a large envelope of covers to bank from pre war to early Queen Elizabeth 50-70
210.    GREAT BRITAIN - 1948 27th April v fine marginal on un-addressed plain cover 8-10
211.    GREAT BRITAIN - Queen Elizabeth in 5 albums, packs, fdc, 1964 - recent 400-500
212.    A red binder m & u Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth postage stamps, A.Z. inc New Zealand Rings packs 30-40
213.    Three large binders full Rest of World A - Z, m & u inc USA Disney, Star Wars 30-50
214.    BIRDS - postage stamps, 9 albums and a wallet of world birds, often single stamp on page with family names and well written descriptions 120-200
215.    Swiss SG country album of postage stamps, mounted m & u from earlier to 1980. P.J similar 90-100
216.    World collection of postage stamps on loose pages, m & u, all identified. Inc Australia, mainly low middle values 30-40
217.    FRANCE postage stamps 1967-81, comprehensive mounted collection on pages in folder 30-40
218.    WEST GERMANY postage stamps 1949 - 78, m & u coll in folder, some useful but mounted 30-40
219.    GERMANY, BERLIN postage stamps mounted and used coll in folder 1948 - 81 30-40
220.    GERMAN STATES postage stamps with ave cond range then Germany with clean u collection inc 2 and 4 ink Zeps. from 1941, mainly mounted m 70-80
221.    NORWAY postage stamps 1855 - 1964 mani u coll on pages inc early SKILL 30-40
222.    EAST GERMANY postage stamps 1949 - 74, largely compete and mounted mint, few used 30-35
223.    GREAT BRITAIN poastage stamps sparce early, QE to '69 m & u, few better values u 25-35
224.    GREAT BRITAIN postage stamps, Queen Victoria to 1981 in a red album, v clean coll including 3 good margin black 1841 - 64, 24 imperf/perf 1d, 2d. Surface printeds. QV Edward VII 2/6, 5/- 190-200
225.    FRANCE postage stamps good collection from early perf. imperf, various heads to 10 x 80c, to 1967. From 1958 main m mint 120-150
226.    A maroon album of Commonwealth and early QE postage stamps mainly lower/mid values but few better 45-50
227.    Four albums of postage stamps - Europe: Hungary, Poland, East Germany and another of odds (4) 60-80
228.    GREAT BRITAIN - very clean entire London to Palermo 6d Pl8 SG109 c.140 20-30
229.    GREAT BRITAIN card of recent H. V. Castles unm. face 35.50 20-25
230.    GREAT BRITAIN - small box of earlier low value decimal packs 10-12
231.    GREAT BRITAIN - box of mainly 1st & 2nd class booklets 450-475
232.    GREAT BRITAIN - Presentation Pack cards with unm recent stamps 300-350
233.    GREAT BRITAIN - Special Millennium Royal Mail drop down plastic display with all fdc 20-25
234.    AUSTRALIA - five modern booklets, Postie Kate, Down on Farm, Floral, War, Melbourne Cup 20-25
235.    AUSTRALIA - Approx 70 unm mini sheets from c.2005 30-40
236.    GREAT BRITAIN - box of decimal packs to recent 150-180
237.    GREAT BRITAIN - approx 109 Prestige booklets from 3 Wedgwood to Dahl and Football 220-250
238.    GREAT BRITAIN - approx 146 Prestige booklets 350-380
239.    ICELAND - assembly of m & u in pocket, on cards and loose 15-25
240.    RHODESIA NYASALAND - m complete inc both QE 1, c.250 20-30
241.    ISRAEL - collection in 3 albums inc tabs, several covers in 1957 period some with tabs 30-40
242.    AUSTRALIA - hundreds of unm sets and issues from about 2005 still in new issue bags 25-35
243.    POLAND - new issue unopened unm sendings 2006 - 2011 (a lot) 30-40
244.    GREAT BRITAIN - Year books 21 - 33, 2004 to 2016 (13) 75-80
245.    NEW ZEALAND - mainly mid/modern period contained in an album and a red file 20-30
246.    AUSTRALIAN ANTARCTIC - nice collection, mainly m and a few covers contained in a blue album 25-30
247.    GREAT BRITAIN & OTHERS - green stockbook of various, look mint but no gum in sight 15-18
248.    GREAT BRITAIN - earlier decimal booklets, mainly 1st class contained in a red album 180-200
249.    DENMARK - an assembly in two albums (2) 10-20
250.    GREAT BRITAIN album full of very fine used commems from 2003 inc sheets etc (a large quantity) 30-40
251.    1937 CORONATION OMNIBUS - an album of 63 fdc, mainly v clean and registered to Selfridges from commonwealth 30-35
252.    GREAT BRITAIN - Year books complete 1 - 20 30-40
253.    GREAT BRITAIN - six albums of packs 1993 - 2017, a few missing 325-350
254.    POLAND - extensive collection in 5 albums inc nazi period 50-70
255.    AUSTRALIA - an assembly in 8 albums and on pages, some early states, in a blue box 40-50
256.    POLAND - tub containing a collection in 10 albums plus, a fine lot 60-80
257.    CZECHOSLOVAKIA - collection in 8 albums inc m/sheets etc 30-40
258.    HUNGARY - pleasant collection in 4 albums, pages, box inc wartime 25-35
259.    GREAT BRITAIN - large starting with reds and blues, several surface printed, f u '48 1 wedding, used to recent 90-100
260.    GREAT BRITAIN 1840 Penny black, plate 1"b", OA, 3 margin (1 huge), red Maltese cross bit messy 30-40
261.    GREAT BRITAIN - 1840 Penny black, firm red Mx, 3 good margins, 4th narrower, FJ, good colour, Pl.2. 70-80
262.    BREAT BRITAIN - 1840 Penny black, plate 3, QI, just 4 margins but thinned paper 20-25
263.    GREAT BRITAIN 1840 4 margin Penny black, plate 5, TL, verging on superb, light red Mx 100-120
264.    GREAT BRITAIN 1840 4 margin Penny black, vf, plate 6, fine strong colour, letters GB 100-120
265.    GREAT BRITAIN 1841 1d red, black plate, SH black mk, 4 superb margins, said to be pl 8 20-30
266.    GREAT BRITAIN 1840 2d blue, fine deep, black Mx, no margins but collectable letters AA 10-12
267.    GREAT BRITAIN 1841 1d red black plate 5, IA, fine 4 margin, black Mx 40-50
268.    Postage stamps GREAT BRITAIN 1d red star, small crown, P.16, fine pair BD - BE 12-15
269.    Postage stamps GREAT BRITAIN 1847 embossed 1/- pale green (3 margin); two 10d shades (3 and 2) and 6d purple (2 margin) high cat 100-120
270.    A quantity of assorted mainly foreign coins, sorted, includes USA, India, Italy and others, some GB 20-30
271.    GEORGE III - Halfpenny 1806, vf; Cartwheel penny 1797; Irish Halfpenny 1805; USA 2 Cents 1864, vf and others 20-40
272.    Mexico - silver coin 1966; Portuguese coin; Oriental coin and a Hudsons Bay medallion (4) 20-30
273.    A large quantity of mixed GB and foreign coins, mainly loose, some sorted and 2 banknotes (a lot) 20-40
274.    Bank of England 1 notes - 2 signed Page; 8 signed Somerset and a small quantity of foreign notes 10-20
275.    A quantity of modern commemorative crowns in plastic cases and three uncirculated sets 20-30
276.    A quantity of assorted coins and medallions including a "Cornish Penny 1811", National Playing Fields Assoc.; card of Moscow Olympic medals and others 15-30
277.    A small quantity of late 19th and early 20th Century commemorative medallions including British Empire Exhibition 1924 and Gigantic Wheel Earls Court 1897 contained in a a small metal cash tin 15-25
278.    A cased set of five silver metal commemorative medallions for the Investiture 1969; another single in case together with Inauguration of the Isle of Man Post Office Authority gold ingot and silver ingot "Stamp" covers 1973 each with certificate 50-80
279.    Ten assorted mixed Medieval long cross coins, silver pennies, some cut (10) 12-20
280.    Twelve assorted silver coins from the Tudor period, mainly worn and clipped (12) 12-20
281.    COMMONWEALTH 1649-69 - Half Groat, f 15-25
282.    EDWARD VI - Shilling, third period 1550-3 Shilling, facing bust, rose l, value, obv worn rev f 20-25
283.    JAMES I - Halfcrown third coinage 1619-25, plain ground line, mm thistle , with wear to both sides 50-60
284.    CHARLES II - Crown, regnal year on edge VICESIMO, date worn, puch mark to centre of bust and engraved initials "MAA" 30-40
285.    VICTORIA - Double Florin 1887, Roman I in date, ef and another Arabic 1 in date, vf (2 in total) 30-40
286.    VICTORIA - Crown 1887, ef and Crown 1892, f/vf (2 in total) 20-40
287.    VICTORIA - Halfcrown, 1887, ef and Halfcrown 1845, vf/f (2 in total) 30-40
288.    GEORGE III - Crown 1820, LX, worn and VICTORIA - Crown 1845 cinquefoil stops, worn (2) 15-25
289.    A quantity of assorted GB and foreign coins including silver 3d's; modern commemorative; some decimal and others 20-30
290.    A medallion made from HMS Mauretainia; George V crown 1935, a commemorative coin for the Gigantic Wheel, Earls Court 1901; various other coins etc 20-40
291.    A quantity of assorted GB and foreign coins, mainly early 20th Century 15-25
292.    A 19th Century Abstinence medallion; a French silver souvenir medallion and a swimming medallion 1945 (3) 10-15
293.    A quantity of GB and foreign coins and banknotes, includes GB 1 notes signed Somerset 15-25
294.    CHARLES I - brass 20/- coin weight, rev with crowned XX S 20-30
295.    A quantity of GB and foreign coins including George III and Victoria silver examples; Belgium Leopold II 5 Francs 1871 and others 40-60
296.    Polish State Loan Bank - thirty 1000 Marek banknotes 1919 together with two Reichsbanknote 1000 Mark notes 1910 and a 10000 Mark note 1922 (33 notes in total)
297.    VICTORIA - Shilling 1887, vf together with a quantity of other later GB coins and others, contained in a tin 20-40
298.    A quantity of sorted foreign coins, mainly early 20th Century together with some British Armed Forces paper currency and other foreign bank notes (a lot) 20-40
299.    A quantity of assorted GB and foreign coins 50-60
300.    A quantity of 20th Century foreign coins, loose but sorted, includes France, Barbados, Tonga, Spain, Frensh Polonesia, New Zealand and others 30-40
301.    CELTIC COINAGE - Iceni, symbol type, two opposed crescents, rev horse 15-25
302.    A quantity of assorted Roman coins 15-25
303.    CELTIC COINAGE - Ecen symbol type, two small silver coins, both vf (2) 30-40
304.    A WWI period USA War Office issue booklet Russia Route Zone B Southern Routes from Archangel, 1918 12-20
305.    Two WWII period gas masks in original cases, unused (2) 15-25
306.    A late 19th/early 20th Century 8-draw brass telescope, un-named, with extending lens shield and eyepiece cover contained in brown leather case, length when extended 74cms 30-50
307.    A Royal Naval sword with stepped pommel, black shagreen grip (wire binding lacking) brass hilt cast with fouled anchor, blade with etched design and in original black leather scabbard with engraved brass mounts, blade 80cms long 90-150
308.    A brown leather flying helmet with chamois leather lining and webbing chin strap; a WWII metal helmet with original liner and webbing strap; another metal helmet and a pair of suede leggings 40-50
309.    A British bayonet having wood grip and leather covered scabbard with belt loop, blade now rounded, length of blade 28cms and together with a kukri with one small knife, in leather scabbard, long blade 33cms (2) 30-50
310.    A Victorian single draw telescope by Negretti & Zambra, London, dated 1885 and with black painted wood barrel, 93cms long extended 20-40
311.    A WWII period green painted metal helmet with original liner and webbing chin strap together with a wood truncheon with leather wrist loop (2) 25-40
312.    A WWII period metal helmet (lacks liner and chin strap); a RAOC belt with bi-metal buckle; three WWII medals and an oval wagon plate 20-40
313.    A 19th Century three draw brass telescope by "Smith Royal Exchange, London", 3.75cms diam, 42cms fully extended 30-50
314.    A military jerry can, painted green and impressed "WD 1966 RTB" to one side 12-25
315.    A brass shell 6pr case with decorative engraved Oriental inspired decoration of a Ho-o bird and foliage, signed with character marks, 20cms high 15-25
316.    A WWII German Luftwaffe wrist compass with black dial, marked on the back AK39 10146549 F1 23235 and on original black leather strap, dial 6.5cms diam 40-60
317.    A Dolland Target Major 30-60x five draw telescope, engraved with makers name, having brown leather casing and extending shield to end, on leather carrying strap with leather covers to both ends, approx 110cms fully extended, 8cms diam large lens and together with a Hire agreement dated 1965 30-50
318.    A WWII period booklet The Regimental Officer's Handbook of the German Army 1943 12-20
319.    A Victorian infantry officers sword having wire bound shagreen grip, pierced and engraved hilt with "VR" cypher and with etched blade and in metal scabbard, blade 83cms
320.    A WWII period beige coloured cotton tent liner (?) stamped "John Lewis 1942" and with crowned "GR" 12-20
321.    Somerset Light Infantry - a quantity of items including books, badges, pewter mug, embroidered badge and other similar items (a lot) 30-40
322.    A WWI period marching compass by E Koehm, dated 1918 and in brass case with pearlite scale and in original leather case also dated 1918 30-40
323.    A WWI trenchart shell base engraved with Royal Engineers badge "Ypres" and other motifs, dated 1915, 12cms diam and together with another similar worked with lilies and "France" dated 1918, 13cms diam (2) 20-40
324.    NO LOT 30-40
325.    A pair of Canadian WWII binoculars marked C.G.B 40 MA 7x50 25953-C, with arrow marks and in original black leather case 40-60
326.    A rectangular painted metal trunk the lid painted in white "J A Woollen Manchester Regt" with original brass lock 105.5cms long 20-40
327.    A large white metal folding knife stamped "GPO" with arrow, made by Joseph Allen & Sons, Sheffield and dated 1930, with chequered grip, length closed 12cms 25-35
328.    An early 20th Century hunting knife with long single edged folding blade marked "RSC Works" and "Patent K96" and having antler handle, in original leather sheath with belt loop, blade 19.5cms long 90-130
329.    A WWII period dagger by William Rodgers, Sheffield having white metal pommel and leather grip, double edge straight blade with makers marks, in a leather sheath, blade 15cms long and together with a replica FS commando knife with Wilkinsons marks to blade and in brown leather sheath (2) 40-60
330.    A German made Scout dagger having black chequered grip inset with Scout fleur de lis emblem, the blade marked "DES Solingen" and in original black painted metal scabbard with black leather belt loop, length of knife 20cms long 25-40
331.    A German made Trophy Line Guide Knife with antler handle and in leather sheath, blade 16cms long together with three other 20th Century knives, two in leather sheaths (4) 20-40
332.    An unusual late 19th Century combination penknife percussion pistol, the single barrel mounted on top of a single bladed knife with chequered horn grip, folding trigger, the grip with hinged metal flap enclosing space for shot, barrel with Birmingham proof marks, length of barrel 8cms overal length `15.5cms 250-350
333.    A 20th Century bayonet with black grip, deeply fullered blade and black metal scabbard, blade 20cms long; a wood truncheon and a dagger with ivorine grip having decorative white metal mounts, lacks scabbard, overall 27cms long (3) 20-40
334.    An Order of St John breast badge, circular white metal with raised white enamel Maltese cross and white metal animals, on black watered silk bow 20-40
335.    WWI group of four - 1914-15 Star, WM, VM and RN Reserve LSGC . The star, WM and VM named C 3651 G Bishop Smn RNR the LSGC named D 2564 G Bishop SEA RNR and together with ribbons and original registered envelope
336.    WWI Casualty pair - 19133 Private George Henry Chilcott, 9th Btn Devonshire Regt, died 1st April 1916 age 21. The medals both named 19133 Pte G H Chilcott Devon R; (Remembered in St Sever Cemetery, Rouen) 40-60
337.    WWI pair and Special Constabulary medal to 195557 Gnr S P Chilcott RA (the Const medal with just name) all on ribbons 30-50
338.    WWI Pair named 2795 Pte G Lugg Devon R; a Victory medal named J 54141 F G Lugg Sig Boy RN and a Coronation 1937 medallion 30-40
339.    WWII WM, DM and Territorial Efficiency in postage box to Mr C G Clepitt and with documentation and letter together with other medallions 30-50
340.    WWI CASUALTY - group of four medals: India GS Punjab Frontier 1897-98 clasp named 3378 Pte J Lomax 1st Bn Som Lt Inf, 1914-15 Star, WM and VM named 10057 Cpl J Lomax Som LI and a death plaque named John Lomax. Together with some Somerset badges and a shoulder title

Lomax died on 6th July 1915 and is buried in the Talana Farm Cemetery 80-120
341.    WWII casualty group of three - 1939-45 Star, Burma Star WM, in postage box with dog tag and certificate together with Royal Corps Signals badges, sweetheart brooch, buttons and related items to Signalman G J Burrell

Burrell died on 22nd May 1943 and is buried at Imphal War Cemetery, India 50-70
342.    WWI pair of medals named 135485 Spr H Templeman RE together with RE badges, bullion cloth badge, buttons, sweetheart brooches; WWII DM in box and other related items 40-60
343.    WWI trio with 1914-15 star, named 15069 Pte F L Dosser Glouc R, mounted together with a loose WWII DM 40-60
344.    A Philippine Presidential golden Heart award, silver gilt, presented to Mrs Muriel Jay, June 6th 1963, 1.4oz

Mrs May first went to the Philippines in 1941 founded the Philippine Animal Welfare Soc (PAWS) 20-40
345.    WWII Prisoner of War made toy Spitfire, constructed from wood with plastic cockpit cover and painted detail, 41cms long
Made by an Italian Prisoner of War for a family near Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire 20-30
346.    Subbuteo Table Cricket, Club Edition, in original box, appears complete and with instructions, score sheets etc 12-20
347.    BRITAINS Deetail soldiers, Red Indians, knights, cowboys and others - a quantity of loose figures and other similar items 25-40
348.    A Mamod Steam Wagon complete with steering rod and burner 30-40
349.    Victory wooden Jigsaws - The First Men on the Moon, complete in original box and Dogs, complete in original box (2) 15-25
350.    A c.1960's Phix Remote Control Space Capsule in original box 40-50
351.    A Marx battery operated Whistling Locomotive in original box 12-20
352.    A quantity of boxed card games; Tarot cards; boxed game of Schimmell or Bell & Hammer; folding card box with cribbage marker to the outside; boxed Victory jigsaws and other similar items 30-50
353.    A Peggy Nisbet Happy Character Doll in original box, 18cms high; A Cussons Bambi Toilet Soap in original box; a Selcol Yogi Bear plastic guitar (af) and a boxed Blow Football game (4) 30-50
354.    Britains Deetail - 23 WWII British soldiers, 1 German soldier together with a quantity of plastic soldiers, Red Indians, Cowboys and others 30-40
355.    A Mamod S.E.2 Stationary Steam Engine in original box together with a boxed Miniature polishing Machine and a boxed Model power Press (3) 30-50
356.    Board Games - Race Round Europe by Morton in original box and Touring England (2) 12-20
357.    An International Model Aircraft Ltd (Lines Bros) push-along toy dog having golden plush with glass eyes and original leather collar mounted on metal frame with wooden foot supports, height to top of handle 62cms 15-25
358.    A Pelham Puppet Gypsy girl in original box; another later puppet of a clown and a wooden box containing numbered cubes (3) 20-30
359.    A quantity of loose Mecanno pieces, cogs, wheels, instruction booklets and similar (a lot) 25-40
360.    A Schuco 1073 clockwork Ferrari racing car, 25cms long, unboxed 20-30
361.    An Ideal Evel Knieval Scramble Van with jump ramp, bike trailer, workshop, tools, fire extinguisher, chair and other accessories all in original box and together with Knieval figure, motorbike and motor energiser 40-60
362.    A Wilesco live steam Showmans Engine in box 30-50
363.    BRITAINS - painted lead horse and hay rake together with a quantity of Britains and other lead farm and zoo animals, hay ricks, fencing, hedges and people and some small scale animals and people 20-40
364.    TRIANG - Hi-Way Safari Trailer Set in original box complete with lion and tiger 25-35
365.    BRITAINS and others - a quantity of plastic farm animals including pigs, hens, goats, collie dog, sheep and others 15-30
366.    BRITAINS AND OTHERS - a quantity of painted lead Zoo animals including crocodile, elephant, gorilla, tigers, lion, penguin, pelican, zebras and others; also some farm animals, curved fencing and chairs etc 25-40
367.    Britains and others - a quantity of plastic farm and zoo animals, many different, includes farm workers, fencing, windmill, zoo keepers etc (a lot) 25-40
368.    Seven early 20th Century painted lead mounted horseguards; four Continental painted lead mounted figures and some smaller figures 12-20
369.    An Alps (Japan) battery operated toy Red Indian playing a drum, with original clothing and plastic head-dress, 30cms high 20-40
370.    A Japanese made battery operated tinplate toy Burger Chef, in original box and with three original "burgers", 24cms high 30-50
371.    A Meccano Set no.6 in original wood box with gilt lettering on hinged lid and with lift-out tray 90-100
372.    A Palitoy Star Wars Return of the Jedi Y-Wing Fighter in original box complete with a single bomb 50-60
373.    KENNER - Star Wars - various unboxed ships including Milleniul Falcon, Slave 1 and fighter; four action figures and others 30-40
374.    A Keele St Potteries Sooty ceramic bookends in original box, 11.5cms high 20-30
375.    A quantity of boxed c.1950's/60's toys including Airfix Electro Mix in original box; two Hilary Page Kiddicraft "Sensible" toys; Chad Valley Globe and two other unboxed stacking type toys 20-30
376.    A Merit boxed Garden Tools, trowel and fork, c.1951; a Codeg Cash Register; a hollow plastic pony, cart and #"squeaking" duck; Trian friction drive steam locomotive and two dolls 20-40
377.    A Marx "bendy" Mickey Mouse figure with original printed cloth clothing and brown plastic shoes, 14cms high; a small plastic Mickey Mouse figure with wobbling head, 5.5cms high; two similar small plastic Donald Duck figures with wobbling heads and a fur panda bear (5) 20-40
378.    Britains plastic garden set in box together with many lose items; some painted lead animals; three unconstructed Airfix items in original boxes and a Revell 1976/7 catalogue 30-50
379.    MECANNO - a quantity of assorted pieces, wheels, instruction book etc contained in a wood box and a pastic container 20-40
380.    An early 20th Century painted metal dolls bed of scrolling design and on original wheels, 24cms high max 40cms long 20-30
381.    A large Heubach Koppelsdorf bisque socket head doll impressed with makers name and "342-10 Germany" having fixed brown glass eyes, open mouth with teeth, dimpled chin and on bent limb composition body wearing white velvet "sailor" suit, 57cms high
382.    A Kammer & Reinhardt Simon & Halbig bisque socket head doll, marked with makers names and "Germany 126" with sleeping blue glass eyes, open mouth with teeth on composition bent limb body, wearing cream lace trimmed dress with matching bonnet, 49cms high
383.    An Effanbee composition doll with blonde curly hair, sleeping eyes, bent limbs and soft body, wearing original clothing 46cms high
384.    A German made bisque socket head character doll (possibly Kestner) impressed "Made in Germany 151/11" with moulded painted hair sleeping blue glass eyes, open mouth with teeth and dimpled chin and on bent limb composition doll wearing a Christening gown, 48cms high
385.    A German made bisque socket head character doll the head impressed "12" and with painted, moulded hair, painted blue eyes, open mouth and on bent limb composition body wearing cotton jacket and nappy, 40cms high
386.    A small 19th Century ceramic dolls house doll wearing a dress and shoes constructed from small glass beads, 10.5cms high together with a Victorian style beaded bag (2) 20-30
387.    A collection of small all bisque dolls house dolls, all with moving arms and legs, some in original clothing, heights ranging from 5.5cms - 9.5cms together with two composition baby dolls (15) 40-60
388.    A quantity of dolls house furniture, later 20th Century, including well constructed wooden items; pottery tea sets, brass items, brass candelabra and others, many in original boxes (a lot) 40-60
389.    A LARGE DOLLS HOUSE REPLICA OF THE LITTLE WHITE COTTAGE, FALMOUTH home to Howard and Marion Spring - worked to a scale of one inch to one foot; the hinged front opening to reveal four main rooms a hall and landing; each room well furnished with many replicas of furniture that was in The Little White Cottage; each room wired for light and for fire effect behind the grates. The interior includes many decorative pieces including silver tea set on tray, enamelled silver cutlery, cabinet made wood furniture, glass, ornaments, pictures, dolls, silver chairs, upholstered furniture, ceramic cats and many other imaginative items. The house measures 122cms wide 63cms deep and approx 110cms high and is complete with a wood stand.

Provenance: the house was the idea of Marion Springs (wife of the author Howard Spring, his best known work Fame is the Spur) she decided to make a dolls house and with the help of the handyman a scale model was constructed. She was keen for the interior to also be a replica of the cottage and so with the help of a cabinet maker, friends who were silversmiths and herself the contents of the house were created. 300-400
390.    A large early 20th Century teddy bear with golden plush, brown/black glass eyes, black stitched nose and suede effect pads, 65cms high 25-35
391.    An early 20th Century teddy bear having light plush, brown/black glass eyes, stitched nose and mouth, short arms and legs and fitted with "musical" growler, 46cms high 30-50
392.    A modern Steiff classic Teddy Bear with golden plush and with all labels, 43cms high together with two other smaller modern Steiff teddy bears (3) 40-60
393.    LIMA - GWR 2-6-2 Prairie tank loco no.4589 in box and a Palitoy Mainline Railways GWR 0-6-0 loco no.3205 and tender in box (2) 25-40
394.    HORNBY, LIMA - unboxed locomotives including Lima The Fife and Forfar Yeomanry diesel; shunters and Intercity 30-40
395.    Triang diesel loco no.37 130; five Inter-City coaches and other items 25-40
396.    TRIANG - R52 0-6-0T loco no.47606 BR black in a box and R359T loco 0-4-0 BR black, two together win one box 25-40
397.    TRIANG - R356 "Battle of Britain class loco Winston Churchill in original box together with tender in box and R357 Aia-Aia Diesel Electric loco in box 30-50
398.    TRIANG - Princess Royal 4-6-2 loco no.46200, maroon, and tender in associated Triang boxes and together with a black tender in box; black casing for Princess Elizabeth in box and a loco motor in box 30-40
399.    WRENN - Peak Freans Ventilated Van in display box together with six Triang Hornby boxed goods wagons including R633 Freightliner Wagon (7) 30-50
400.    TRIANG - 24 various goods wagons in boxes includes brake van, milk wagon, ventilated van and coal truck (24) 40-60
401.    TRIANG - 13 assorted coaches in boxes, includes Pullman coaches, Royal Mail and others together with a Royal Mail Drop-Off and Pick-Up set in associated box (14) 30-40
402.    HORNBY - R024 LNER Clerestory Coach in original box (2) and R025 LNER Clerestory Brake Coach in original box (2) (4 in total) 30-40
403.    TRIANG - R047 hand operated turntable in box; large quantity of track; unconstructed station buildings and other accessories (a lot) 20-40
404.    HORNBY & TRIANG - locomotives, goods wagons, signals, coal bunker and other items 30-40
405.    A Marklin 0-6-0T loco, black, unboxed, together with an open wagon and a quantity of track 15-20
406.    TRIANG - Electric train set Princess Elizabeth loco, tender, 2 coaches and controller with instructions but lacking track in original box; an incomplete R161 Operating Hopper Car Set in original box and a Lima boxed Intercity 125 set (3) 30-40
407.    WRENN - Sir Nigel Gresley 4-6-2 no.7 and tender LNER blue in original box 40-60
408.    PALITOY four Mainline BR coaches, boxed (4) 30-50
409.    HORNBY - R041 GWR 0-6-0PT no.8751 in box together with Triang Hornby Flying Scotsman no.60103 and tender, BR green in box (2) 30-50
410.    LIMA - Diesel loco British Steel Ravenscraig no.37310 in box together with two boxed coaches (3) 40-60
411.    HORNBY - King Edward GWR 4-6-0 no.6024 loco and tender in box and Duchess of Sutherland LMS 4-6-2 no.6233 and tender in box (2) 40-60
412.    Palitoy & Triang - boxed and unboxed wagons; lineside accessories; Corgi kit in box; track and other items 30-40
413.    HORNBY - Type 101 clockwork O gauge LNER tank loco no.460 together with a boxed No.2 Double Arm Signal, Pulman coach, crane wagon and other items 25-40
414.    O Gauge - an early coach with replaced roof together with other assorted items, motors and some OO Gauge items 20-40
415.    DINKY - 289 Routemaster Bus, Tern Shirts advertisement, in original box 30-40
416.    DINKY - 289 Routemaster Bus, Tern Shirt advertisement, in original box 30-40
417.    CORGI - ten boxed buses including 479 Routemaster "London Crusader" and 470 Green Line (10) 30-50
418.    CORGI - twelve boxed buses and two boxed Matchbox including 1981 Royal Wedding (14) 30-50
419.    CORGI - 258 The "Saint's" Car Volvo P1800, white with red inner and saint transfer to bonnet, in box and with Corgi Club slip 90-130
420.    CORGI - 261 James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 "Goldfinger" , gold with red interior and wire wheels, in original box with inner display stand, Secret Instructions, cloth badge, spare assassin, membership slip and folded catalogue 130-150
421.    CORGI - 267 Batmobile with two figures, special hitch for Bat Boat, cloth badge, instructions, six rockets on sprue, 2 loose rockets and in original box with inner display stand
422.    CORGI - 107 Batboat and Trailer with two figures in boat and extra Batman figure, the boat with metal fin, gold trailer and in original box 100-130
423.    CORGI - The Man from UNCLE Thrush-Buster in original box with inner display box and Waverley ring 80-100
424.    CORGI - 1111 Massy Ferguson "780" Combine Harvester in original box 30-40
425.    CORGI - 406 Mercedes-Benz Unimog, yellow body with orange cover, in original window box together with 394 Whizzwheels Datsun 240Z in original window box (2) 40-60
426.    CORGI - Chipperfields Circus: Bedford Tractor Unit with Articulated Horse Box with horses; Bedford Giraffe transporter; International crane truck; two animal cages with polar bears and lions; Platform Trailer and elephant crate with elephant; Landrover and open back Landrover with clown and chimpanzee 80-120
427.    BRITAINS - 9580 Animal Transporter in original box 15-25
428.    LESNEY - No.7 Ford Anglia light blue (3) another with added detail and a No.43 Hillman Minx, all unboxed(5) 15-25
429.    CORGI - Vintage Glory of STeam Sentinel "Charringtons" in original box; Matchbox Collectibles 1920 Mack AC in box and Matchbox Y-37 1929 Garrett Steam Wagon in box (3) 25-40
430.    LESNEY MATCHBOX - 36 Opel Diplomat, 42 Iron Fairy Crane; 43 Pony Trailer and 47 DAF Tipper Container Truck all in original boxes (4) 30-50
431.    A quantity of unboxed vehicles including Ford Super Major tractor, a few boxed 20-40
432.    An "Eversure Fill A Can" fuel can with folding nozzle, black painted metal, height of can 23.5cms 12-20
433.    Car bumper badges - RAF Association, enamelled white metal and RAOB, enamelled metal with cast buffalo head in the centre (2) 20-30
434.    A Jersey AA car bumper badge; a Shirley & District Motor Club badge and an Approved Driving Instructor badge (3) 15-25
435.    A Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club bumper badge by Marples & Beasley, Birmingham together with an enamelled metal Jensen car badge (2) 20-30
436.    Motor Racing programmes: Silverstone First Clubmen's Championship October 7th 1961; Brands Hatch Six Hour Saloon Car Race July 6th 1963 and Silverstone Six-Hours Relay Race August 1964 together with a quantity of small plastic souvenir pennants and some larger felt pennants 12-25
437.    A quantity of Lucas Cryselco Car Bulbs in original boxes and original outer box; a box of Endura Lights and five Lucas chrome and yellow plastic indicator light arms 20-30
438.    A Lucas battery filler bottle with original red plastic top together with plastic Texaco oil can; Unipart Hose Clip fitting and other related items contained in an Andrews Liver Salts box (lacks top) 15-25
439.    A Waltham dashboard 8 day timepiece in decorative white metal surround and having black dial with white Arabic numerals and subsidiary seconds dial, diam 7.5cms max 20-30
440.    A BR(W) Acme Thunderer whistle on original metal chain with hook end 12-20
441.    ROLLING STONES & BILL WYMAN - a group of 23 7" singles including Little by Little/Not Fade Away and Get Off Of My Cloud/The Singer Not The Song, most in original sleeves 15-18
442.    DAVID BOWIE - twenty eight 7" singles including Changes/Andy Warhol, The Jean Genie/Ziggy Stardust and Sorrow/Amsterdam (28) 15-18
443.    QUEEN, FREDDIE MERCURY & BRIAN MAY - thirty five 7" singles including Seven Seas of Rhye/See What A Fool I've Been and Brian May Driven By you (35) 20-25
444.    ELVIS PRESLEY - forty 7" singles including King Creole/Dixieland Rock; I Got Stung/One Night and A Fool Such as I/I Need Your Love Tonight, all contained in a record cary box 20-30
445.    THE ROLLING STONES - LP Decca LK 4605 mono 2nd pressing in original sleeve 30-40
446.    THE ROLLING STONES - 11 LP records including Solid Rock, Emotional Rescue, Steel Wheels and "Still Life" (11) 20-30
447.    THE BEATLES - 11 LP records including Beatles for Sale, A Collection of Beatles Oldies, The Early Years and other compilation albums, in a folder 20-25
448.    Thirty eight LP records OF C.1960'S artists including Jerry Lee Lewis; Englebert Humperdinck; The Searchers; The Small Faces and others, contained in a carry case 20-25
449.    Thirty six c.1970's and 1980's LP records, various artists including Eagles, Genesis, Moody Blues, ACDC, Billy Joel and others, contained in a carry case 20-30
450.    Approx 125 EP records, various artists including Joan Baez, Petula Clark, Peggy Lee, Fats Waller, Andy Williams, Peter Sellers, Bob Newhart and others 10-20
451.    Approx 185 7" singles, various including Pat Boone, Jeff Beck, Shirley Bassey and others 15-25
452.    THE BEATLES - LP A Hard Days Night PMC1230 mono in original sleeve together with a Beatles Fan Club letter with printed signatures (2) 15-25
453.    Approx 58 assorted LP records including Simple Minds, Toyah, Altered Images, Thomson Twins, A-Ha, Tears For Fears and many others 20-30
454.    A quantity of assorted 45rpm records including Phil Collins, Wham, Police, Abba, Thomson Twins, David Bowie and many others 15-30
455.    ELVIS PRESLEY LP records - Elvis RCA RD-27120 in original sleeve and Elvis is Back! RCA RD-27171 mono in gatefold sleeve (2) 15-25
456.    ELVIS PRESLEY LP records - a group of earlier LP's to include His Hand in Mine RCA RD-27211 mono; Christmas Album RCA RD-27052; Elvis is Back! RCA RD-27171 mono; Rock n Roll no.2 RCA Victor stereo SF-7528; Something for Everyone RCA RD-27224 mono and others (some duplicates) (11) 20-40
457.    ELVIS PRESLEY LP records - soundtrack recordings: GI Blues; Blue Hawaii; Girls Girls Girls; Kissin Cousins and others (some duplicates) (10) 20-40
458.    ELVIS PRESELY - a collection of assorted LP records in original sleeves including limited edition clear vinyl Always on My Mind RCA PL85430; some HMV recordings; RCA Camden and others (approx 44) 25-30
459.    ELVIS PRESLEY LP RECORDS - HMV Rock N Roll CLP 1093; Elvis Presley no.2 HMV CLP 1105; I Wanna Be A Rock n Roll Star NS13026; HMV 10" LP record The Best of Elvis DLP1159 and RCA 10" LP Loving You RC24001 all in original sleeves (5) 30-40
460.    ELVIS PRESLEY - seven EP records including RCA RCX-104; Follow that Dream RCA mono RCX-211 and others together with a collection of assorted Elvis Presley singles approx 42 20-30
461.    A quantity of LP records including Duane Eddy Have Twangy Guitar will Travel, London HA-W 2160; Jerry Lee Lewis; Connie Francis; Bill Haley; Buddy Holly and others (a lot) 20-40
462.    ELVIS PRESLEY - 78rpm records: RCS Heartbreak Hotel/All Shook Up RCA-1088; HMV Heartbreak Hotel/I Was The One POP.182; RCA Got A Lot O' Livin To Do RCA-1020 and others (10 in total) 15-25
463.    A quantity of Jazz and other 78rpm records including Ertha Kitt; Charlie Gracie; Lonnie Donegan and others contained in a carry case 12-25
464.    A large quantity of 45rpm records c.1950's - 1980's, many different artists and bands including Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, Abba, Crystal Gayle, Frank Ifield and many others, some in replacement sleeves and contained in two record carriers and two other boxes (a lot) 15-30
465.    A quantity of mainly c.1960's 45rpm single records, various artists including Gene Vincent, The Vernons Girls, Bobby Vee, Roy Orbison and others (a lot) 20-30
466.    A quantity of LP records c.1980's including Elkie Brooks, Bob Segar and others (a lot) 12-20
467.    A quantity of 45rpm records including Lonnie Donegan, Ultravox, Judy Garland and others 12-20
468.    A late Victorian patchwork quilt stitched with small hexagons of various coloured and patterned materials in a stylised floral design and backed with Kashmir style printed cotton material, 210cms x 174cms 50-70
469.    A large Victorian woven wool Paisley Kashmir pattern shawl in bold pattern of orange, cream, black and green, with holes to each end and small hole near centre; another woven wool Paisley shawl in red/green/black, some thinning throughout (2) 50-80
470.    A Victorian woven silk Paisley Kashmir pattern shawl, single sided, worked with stripes of sinuous plants and leaves, with fringed ends 30-40
471.    A Jane Shilton brown lizard skin handbag together with another handbag (2) 12-20
472.    A Dunn & Co gents black bowler hat with brown leather inner band, inner measurements 20cms x 16cms together with a black Trilby hat by Austin Reed, 20.5cms x 17cms (2) 20-30
473.    A Dunn & Co gents black bowler hat, 20cms x 16cms, in box together with another black bowler hat, 20cms x 16cms in box (2) 20-40
474.    A Christy's, London black silk top hat 20.5cms x 16.5cms in Tress Hats cardboard box 30-50
475.    A c.1910 - 1920 wedding veil with integral wire and wax floral head-dress, the fine flounced net veil with needlerun silk decoration and together with some black simulated jet beads 20-30
476.    A 19th Century painted metal hat box 31cms high 15-25
477.    A c.1920's black silk dress having "V" neck, long sleeves with buttoned cuffs, dropped waist and flounced hem
478.    A c.1940's evening dress in black devore velvet and black silk lining, with rounded neck and wide black velvet waist band 12-20
Two large c.1960's specially designed material panels commemorating Shakespeare - one of a town view on blue ground and one incorporating many Shakesperian characters, 63cms x 116cms and 73cms x 122cms both framed (2) 20-40
480.    A set of three vintage graduated blue plastic suitcases, each fitting into the other, the smallest fittred with mirror as vanity case, with keys, c.1960's 30-40
481.    A small beaded bag; decorative embroidered pin cushions; pair of babies shoes; a hand stitched and beaded needle/pin cushion and other similar items 12-20
482.    A quantity of sorted buttons including "The Osborne Card" of linen covered buttons (incomplete); various sizes and colours also a quantity of turned wood lace bobbins (a lot) 20-30
483.    A set of four early 20th Century green glass fish shaped buttons; a set of 5 small Japanese Satsuma buttons; 4 French plated brass Art Nouveau buttons; livery and military buttons; paste set buckle; decorative early glove/shoe buttons and other similar 20-40
484.    A Victorian black cape trimmed with black silk rosettes to the collar, black silk embroidery and tape together with another Victorian black cape (2) 20-40
485.    A Victorian parasol with carved spiral twist ivory folding handle and watered blue silk canopy trimmed with long fringe 20-40
486.    An Edwardian cream silk ladies dress with machine lace inset panels and fitted to the waist together with a 1940's cream silk wedding dress having long sleeves and fitted bodice with belt (2) 25-35
487.    An unusual late 19th/early 20th Century beaded evening bag having concertina gilt metal top suspending clear glass bead "net" and large blue glass "grapes" 21cms long 30-50
488.    A Victorian ladies bag having plated metal concertina top with hinged cover and with black silk pouch sewn with cut steel beads and with cut steel base with tassel together with a selection of plain brise fans, a black parasol with broken handle, other fans etc 30-60
489.    A WWII period embroidered "Souvenir of Egypt" panel dated 1946 and with Royal Engineers badge worked to centre; a decorative panel worked with gold bullion thread; two panels worked with silver bullion thread and silk on a light green ground and a long runner of green silk with painted floral decoration 20-30
490.    A quantity of dress trimmings; feathers; stockings in bag; offcuts of early 20th Century printed dress material and other similar items 15-25
491.    A souvenir ladies scarf New York Trade Fair 1964 - 1965; another for "The New Elizabethan Age" 1953; a small printed cotton handkerchief for 1935 Silver Jubilee and two others (5) 15-25
492.    A collection of early 20th Century decorative silk and cotton handkerchiefs, some with printed patterns; some decorative head scarves and similar items 15-25
493.    A brown leather suitcase containing a Chinese silk embroidered shawl with tasselled fringe (damaged); black machine lace shawl, other black machine lace; silk chiffon with woven gilt thread decoration and other similar items 30-40
494.    An early 20th Century silk Christening gown of cream net with self silk embroidered decoration to the hem and with original silk petticoat; another similar Christening gown with silk petticoat; an Edwardian cream silk babies bonnet and a cream cotton Christening shawl with self embroidered decoration and long knotted fringe 30-50
495.    A quantity of early 20th Century clothing including a Chinese embroidered silk shawl in cream; a c.1940's nightdress; childrens clothing etc 30-50
496.    A quantity of babies Christening gowns; babies fine wool undergarment; ladies white cotton nightdress; child's white cotton dress and other similar items 30-40
497.    A dark mink fur jacket by Michaels, Bristol together with a mink collar 20-30
498.    An Edwardian babies Christening gown with overdress and petticoat with stiffened skirt and cream silk lining 15-25
499.    A ladies dark mink fur short jacket by Michaels Furs, Bristol together with another fur coat (2) 20-30
500.    A dark mink fur stole together with a silver fox fur shoulder wrap (2) 12-20
501.    A long mink fur coat labelled "Davidson's Chestnut Natural Mink" with initialled and embroidered lining 30-40
502.    Three early 20th Century sample cards of paste set buckles, Czecho-Slovakian, each card complete and numbered and together with a paste set button and a single paste set buckle 30-40
503.    A large collection of small, decorative buttons - late 19th and early 20th Century, many Austrian; includes some glass examples, all mounted on cards and in files (a lot) 40-60
504.    A c.1940's wedding dress in ivory satin having long sleeves, fitted body and train to the back 10-15
505.    An enamelled metal single sided advertising sign for Spratts, black on cream ground, with images of dog, cat, bird and fish made up of letters, 61cms x 13cms 80-120
506.    A c.1960's Lyons Maid ice cream colour printed advertising sign, single sided, 68.5cms x 23cms together with an oval plastic Maltesers sign 22cms x 27.5cms (2) 30-40
507.    Fry's - two early 20th Century wooden chocolate boxes: Raspberry Cream and Chocolate Cream, 19.5cms x 29cms (2) 20-30
508.    A plastic Rothmans shop door display sign for opening times and with small clock 26.5cms x 32cms 10-12
509.    Pratts Perfection Spirit - a small early 20th Century circular copper dish with embossed image of a Pratts Spirit can, 11.75cms diam 12-20
510.    Fifteen glass "advertising" milk bottles - each bottle with colour printed advert including Kelloggs Corn Flakes, The Mirror, BUPA and Andrews Liver Salts (15) 20-40
511.    Ching & Co Silk Cut Cigarettes tin together with a hand forged spear head 21cms long (2) 12-20
512.    BOAC paper fan; a brooch and small pack of playing cards; a penknife State Express Cigarettes and two others 12-20
513.    ADVERTISING - an early 20th Century single sided enamelled metal advertising sign "Colman's Starch" blue letters on white ground, 40.5cms x 158cms 90-130
514.    ADVERTISING - an early single sided enamelled metal advertising sign "Cadburys Cocoa Absolutely Pure Therefore Best" 124cms x 61cms 30-50
515.    ADVERTISING - an early 20th Century single sided enamelled metal advertising sign "Puritan Soap - no other", blue lettering on yellow ground 46cms x 122cms 130-150
516.    ADVERTISING - a very large early 20th Century two piece, single sided enamelled metal advertising sign "G Barnes Sells & Recommends Spratts Dog Food also Spratts Bird Seed in Packets" black lettering on yellow ground, overall size 214cms x 285cms 200-300
517.    A single sided enamel metal advertising sign "For Quality Choose Biggs Tobaccos" black and red lettering on yellow 51cms x 76cms 40-50
518.    A single sided enamel metal advertising sign Hudsons Soap (piece missing); Brooke Bond Tea Sold Here sign; double sided enamel metal Park Drive sign (with damage) and a printed metal Walls Ice Cream Open sign (4) 40-60
519.    A single sided enamel metal advertising sign "For Quality Choose Biggs Tobaccos" black/red lettering on yellow ground, 50.5cms x 76cms 40-50
520.    A good single sided enamel metal advertising sign Wills Gold Flake Cigarettes Sold Here, yellow/black/red on deep blue ground, 91.5cms x 46cms 140-160
521.    A double sided enamelled metal advertising sign "BP Motor Spirit" 41cms x 62cms together with a circular National Benzole Mixture single sided sign 70-100
522.    A complete crate of 20 milk bottles, each bottle marked for A & D Slocombe, Glastonbury 20-40
523.    A Huntley & Palmers novelty biscuit tin in the form of a wicker basket with hinged cover, 16cms high together with a small Huntley and Palmers Bicsuit tin (2) 15-30
524.    A coloured lithographic advertising card for "Greensmith's Derby Dog Biscuits.... Derby" depicting a clown and performing dogs, 48cms x 61cms 40-60
525.    A metal Coca-Cola tray with handles to either side, the deep tray red painted and with white lettering to the centre, 48cms x 36cms x 6.5cms high 25-35
526.    Advertising card - John Player & Sons "Roll Call" cigarettes advertising card centred with coloured print of "Wellington's Men after Frank Dadd" 33cms x 46cms 30-40
527.    A double sided enamel metal advertising sign "Wills Wild Woodbine Cigarettes" and "Wills Star Cigarettes" red/black lettering on white ground, 46cms x 61cms 50-70
528.    An Edwardian box of Pears Precipitated Fullers Earth; a Boots Cloth Ball for Dry Cleaning in original box; an early 20th Century velvet and silk covered glove box containing a wax and silk bridal head-dress, another similar box; a Cadbury Three British Queens tin and others 20-40
529.    A Breitling shop advertising stand with three dimensional jets flying in formation within "Breitling" frame, 40cms high 39cms wide 30-50
530.    WITHDRAWN A colour printed advertising poster for Noakes & Co Pale Ale "Bound to Have It" 40cms x 29cms 20-30
531.    A very large quantity of Clark's Anchor skeins of Stranded Cotton in original boxes, many different colours (a lot)
Many boxes incomplete 30-50
532.    Three Anchor plastic shop cabinets of plastic drawers, each drawer divided and containing assorted skeins of tapestry coloured wool, each cabinet approx 33cms x 49cms (3) 20-40
533.    A shop cabinet for Clarke's Anchor Embroidery Thread, the light wood cabinet with seven narrow glass fronted drawers, each drawer compartmentalised, 59.5cms high 45cms wide 36cms deep 90-130
534.    A vintage Teachers Whiskey box, the pine box with colour printed decoration inside, 42.5cms x 26.5cms x 11cms high 12-20
535.    A Sheaffer fountain pen and ball point pen set, in textured white metal cases and in original box with leaflet, together with other pens 20-30
536.    A Sheaffer fountain pen and ball point pen in textured gold plated cases and in original case 15-25
537.    A Parker "51" fountain pen in black case with steel cover and in original box; a De La Rue Onoto fountain pen in blue/black marbled case with original nib and a Parker Slimfold pen in black case (3) 30-40
538.    A quantity of assorted, loose fountain pens including Parker, Wyvern De Luxe, Summit and others together with some ball point pens and pencils (16) 20-40
539.    Eight cased pens - fountain and ball point, mainly unused and with original leaflets etc; includes Sheaffer, Parker 25, Waterman and Harvey Makin (8) 25-40
540.    A Parker Duofold fountain pen in dark blue case and in original box; a Parker propelling pencil in dark green case, in original box; an Eversharp gilt metal cased pencil in original box and two others (5) 30-50
541.    A small c.1960's autograph book containing Somerset Cricket autographs - Mervyn Kitchen, Brian Langford, Roy Virgin and others 20-40
542.    A Heaton's Patent no.18817 2.5" fishing reel, lacquered brass with white metal rims and horn handle together with a small Atlas Portage white metal reel with shaped white handle (2) 30-40
542A.   CRICKET - early score cards: Surrey v Somersetshire Kennington Oval June 3,4,& 5 1901 and Surrey v Notts Kennington oval August 5,6,& 7 1901, both unused; Middlesex v Yorkshire 1901 and Middlesex v Sussex 19 June 15 1905 , both unused and England v Australia Lords June 15 & 16 1899 and 1905 both used (7) 30-40
543.    A small early 20th Century all brass fly fishing reel, having single handle and plain brass foot, 6cms diam, un marked 15-25
544.    An Arthur Allan split cane salmon rod, 3pc with spare top; a split cane trout rod and another (3) 12-20
545.    Football programmes - various including Manchester United, Everton, Milwall and others c.1970's - 1990's 12-20
546.    FISHING - a Richard Wheatley aluminium fly box, unused and in original card box; a selection of assorted fly reels including Intrepid Rimfly, Condex, Dragonfly and others; Abu spinning reel; selection of flies, spinning lures and feather lures and other accessories contained in a canvas tackle bag 50-70
547.    A James Aspinall & Sons Dalesman "The Colndale" 3pc split case trout rod, 8' 9" long, 12-20
548.    A Hardy 9'3" Richard Walker Reservoir Superlite 2pc rod in bag together with various other rods 12-20
549.    A collection of beer mats including Starkey Knight & Ford, Whiteway's Devon Cider, Bulmers Cider, Guinness, Coates Cider and many more, mainly c.1960's, contained in a black folder 20-30
550.    A 19th Century ivory folding 12" rule by H Hughes & Son Ltd, London in original embossed leather case 70-100
551.    A pair of old wooden oars, each blade painted in black "Essex Maid" overall 145cms long 20-40
552.    Two wood card boxes with inlaid cribbage boards to outside; a small brass balance scale on wood base; a pair of 19th Century glasses with folding tinted glass and in original case and a cased measuring glass 40-60
553.    A late Victorian decorative cast brass paper clip by W Dowler, Birmingham 12.5cms long 10-20
554.    A scratch built chassis "The Peckham Truck Patent" (for trams), a well constructed model with brake lever, 71cms long 23.5cms wide and with attached "Peckham Truck" bronze cog 40-60
555.    A brass monocular microscope by Baker, 244 High Holborn, London, the horseshoe base engraved with makers name and with single objective named Broadhurst and in polished mahogany case with brass carrying handle, instrument 26cms high 40-60
556.    A wall mounted cigarette dispenser by Automachine Manufacturers, Glos, the metal rectangular case with gold paint, glass panel to the front and painted with "2d" and "Cigarettes", 75cms high 15cms wide 100-130
557.    WITHDRAWN A Willcox and Gibbs sewing machine with "C" shaped frame on wood base and with instruction booklet in original wood case 12-20
558.    A Dunhill silver plated table lighter together with a Dupont gold metal cigarette lighter (2) 40-60
559.    A late 19th/early 20th Century banjolele with four strings, the neck with inset mother of pearl discs, white metal frame and original skin, in carrying case, length of instrument 56cms 30-50
560.    A late 19th/early 20th Century swordstick, the narrow tapering blade in malacca case with curved wood handle, 91cms long and together with a malacca walking stick with silver top, 87cms long (2) 30-50
561.    A "Wolf Safety" miners lamp by Wolf Safety Lamo Co (Wm Maurice) Ltd Sheffield, having small brass plate to the top stamped "GPO 1985" 21.5cms high 20-40
562.    An early 20th Century nickel plated combined cartridge remover/dog whistle; an Acme whistle; a military issue stopwatch; two ladies wristwatches and others 30-50
563.    An early 20th Century novelty musical cigarette lighter in brass case and in box for James Walker, Jeweller and together with a brass and wood cribbage marker board with suspension loop to one end which unscrews to reveal compartment containing four brass markers (2) 25-35
564.    A brass monocular microscope by Prior, London having horse shoe base, 34cms high 30-40
565.    A large late 19th/early 20th Century printed silk picture of a lady, in original clip frame, 46cms x 35.5cms 10-20
566.    A late 19th/early 20th Century set of draughtsmans instruments in a rosewood box with fitted lift-out tray 20-30
567.    An early 20th Century German made novelty wall clock in the form of a seated cat with printed detailed front and eyes that move with the pendulum, with cone weight and pendulum, 17.5cms high 20-40
568.    An oval brass snuff box stamped "W Allen Ruishton" 8cms wide and together with a simply made brass heart shaped shuff box (2) 20-40
569.    A pair of early 20th Century gilt metal and mother of pearl opera glasses in velvet pouch together with another pair in white metal with leather bound barrels (2)
570.    A brass Ross Eclipse monocular microscope, with objectives, in polished wood case (lacks door) 40-50
571.    A carved wood Bugbear worked with a fish and a bird, 10cms long; together with two turned hardwood containers and covers (3)
572.    A Swift & Son The "Challenge" mahogany and brass case folding camera with The Swift shutter attachment now fitted with Ross lens and with a Dallmeyer 12" f/6 Popular Telephoto lens; three mahogany plate holders, some Envoy slides and some later accessories 30-40
573.    A 19th Century ivory folding 12" rule with engraved scales and hand engraved "Charles S S Johnston 1874" 70-100
574.    A Harden Star blue glass hand grenade extinguisher, sealed, 18cms high 20-40
575.    A 19th Century 12" folding brass mounted ivory rule by "G Robinson Optician", the back engraved with measurements for use when closed 50-80
576.    A Graflex Speed Graphic folding camera with 135mm 4.7 lens, Rapax shutter, serial number 839736 in original carrying case together with a number of plate holders 50-70
577.    BRIDGWATER CARNIVAL c.1930's - 1960's - a very large collection of glass photographic slides taken by Geoffrey Hunt, the images mostly in brown paper envelopes and inscribed with club names and details of images, many different clubs, the images of posed groups in their costume, contained in "dated" boxes (approx 20 boxes) 100-130
578.    A model of a Rider Ericsson hot air pumping engine stamped "Rider Ericsson Sterling Stirling" to the central white metal plate, mounted on wood base, 23cms high 25-40
579.    A well engineered model of a horizontal single cylinder engine with 7" diam flywheel, 19.5cms high 31cms long 90-130
580.    A Victorian valentine heart pin cushion, the velvet fronted cushion with applied printed verse "Sincere Wishes" "Rt Hon John Bright" and pins with glass beads, 19cms high 20-30
581.    A 19th Century turned bone bobbin with inset Stanhope lens of Portsmouth Harbour and with "seal" end; turned bone lace bobbin with spangles; four turned wood lace bobbins with spangles; a horn tatting shuttle and other needlework tools etc 20-30
582.    RAOB - an enamelled gilt metal chain "Order of Merit" mounted on heavy red velvet collar together with a cased RAOB medallion; a neck sash with medallions and a WWI "Victory" medallion
583.    An Acme Boy Scouts whistle, lacquered brass, early 20th Century, with ring suspension 15-20
584.     Badges - an Auxiliary Fire Service badge; Post Office Union; Colemans Mustard Club; The Boys Brigade Kings Badge; Civil Service Motoring Association and others (7) 12-15
585.    Christmas tree decorations - a collection of early 20th Century tree decorations including a good selection of metal candleholders with spring clip fasteners; small fancy crackers in original boxes; glass baubles; birds; coloured plastic decorations; a boxed Angel Chimes and others (a lot) 30-40
586.    A late 19th/early 20th Century opthalmoscope with ivory handle; a set of dentistry mouth mirrors fitting into bone handle and other items contained in a box marked for "Weiss & Son Surgical Instrument Makers, Strand, London 30-40
587.    A Patent Pedometer lacking outer case, having white enamel dial with black Arabic letters and black lined detail with Patent dates to the centre, 4.25cms diam
This patent was taken out by Benjamin S Church of Scarborough New York 12-20
588.    An old printed cotton Union Jack flag 165cms x 92cms 10-12
589.    An early 20th Century mandolin labelled inside "Stridente ... Napoli", overall length 62cms 15-30
590.    A Banjolele having four strings and decorative back with engraved foliate decoration, 56cms long 21.5cms diam 20-40
591.    Robertson's Golly - a Golly Brooch Collection on red felt roll, more modern examples including ballet dancer, astronaut and skateboarder (23) 15-25
592.    An early 20th Century sextant by Henry & Barrow Co London having white metal engraved scale, brass frame and wood handle, unboxed 40-60
593.    RAOB - a quantity of enamel silver and silver gilt medallions together with a quantity of affiliation certificates and Exhaltation cards, relating to Taunton Province 80-120
594.    A quantity of printing blocks all relating to the former Wills factory at Salmon Parade, Bridgwater. Most depict large machines and diagrams for books/catalogues including British Standard For Clay Chimney Pots; one small earlier example in carved wood the others of copper or white metal laid on wood blocks, various sizes. 30-40
595.    Two Victorian photographic ambrotype portraits of a gentleman and lady contained in folding composition case the cover with well detailed moulded rustic haymaking scene and houses, overall size of case 16cms x 12.75cms
596.    A large Safety Torch "Approved by Mines Dept Home Office"; Box Brownie camera; small hand torch; wooden shoe trees; bag of old keys and other items 20-40
597.    A printed silk handkerchief for the Irish International Exhibition Dublin 1907, 44cms x 46.5cms together with two souvenir bullion embroidered panels for the Taj Mahal, India c.1914 - 1918 (3) 20-30
598.    A late 19th Century games compendium, the plain wood box containing complete set of turned boxwood and rosewood chessmen; draughts; bone/ebony dominoes; boxwood shakers; bone dice; stained bone counters; painted lead racehorses; hand made glass marbles; double sided wood solitaire board; cribbage marker board; folding leather games board and whist markers, box 34cms x 21cms x10cms high 80-120
599.    A 19th Century novelty brass tape measure in the form of a flat iron with agate handle, 5.5cms long and together with a small 19th Century vesta case in the form of a horse shoe with striker on base (2) 30-40
600.    A group of eight plastic novelty chalet "viewers" and a cuckoo clock, two in original printed card boxes (9) 12-20
601.    A late Victorian novelty brass tapemeasure in the form of an old flat iron having bone handle, tape extending from the side with winding handle at the end, 5cms high 5.5cms long 30-40
602.    A late Victorian metal bound leather sewing necessaire with two leather carrying handles and with fitted interior containing some sewing items including scissors, thimble and some buttons and together with a shaped velvet covered scissor case containing three scissors (2) 30-40
603.    A c.1920's travelling alarm clock "Bayard" in original case; a pair of opera glasses in case and a pair of folding opera glasses in box (3) 25-35
604.    Sewing accessories: a late 19th Century carved ivory clamp, mother of pearl and bone spools mother of pearl cotton winder; brass "Daisy Knitter"; lace table for making Teneriffe Lace; a Teneriffe wheel and a small carved ivory cotton dispenser 20-40
605.    A good quality early 20th Century red leather needle wallet with white metal clasp and mounts, the interior fitted and with gilt lettering, for different size needles; a green plush sewing wallet containing needle cases and accessories; another red leather needle wallet; a leather sewing necessaire with central rod for reels and another necessaire (5) 50-80
606.    An 800 standard silver and enamel "Waterloo Napoleon" commemorative teaspoon, early 20th Century 20-30
607.    A Chubb money box in the form of a safe (lacks key) 11cms high; four decorative hat pins; small brass dolls cradle 10.5cms long; a small wooden spinning wheel and an Armand Marseille plastic doll dressed as an angel 25-40
608.    A set of 6 decorative mother of pearl and gilt metal buttons made by P & H Paris; various other decorative late 19th and early 20th Century buttons most now mounted on card; embroidery needles in original boxes, some buttons on original cards and other similar items 25-40
609.    A Vogue Vanities powder compact with decorative cover and in original box (unused) together with three lipsticks in brass casings 15-25
610.    A Curry and Paxton opthalmoscope in fitted wood case; a nasal douche in original box; a pair of knot scissors in original box and a small glass bottle and cork stopper 20-40
611.    A pocket barometer by Thomas Armstrong & Brother, Manchester & Liverpool in gilt brass case with silvered metal dial and in original outer carrying case, 4.5cms diam 40-60
612.    A Gremlin brass miners lamp, 22cms high 12-20
613.    An early 20th Century stationary live steam engine, possibly scratch built, the horizontal boiler mounted to one side and powering a two cylinder unit connected to a Voltalite generator, mounted on wood base, size of base 25cms x 41cms height to top of chimney 36cms including base 50-80
614.    An early 20th Century stationary live steam engine having horizontal copper boiler connected to a Stuart horizontal single cylinder engine, with stop/start lever mounted between, all mounted on rectangular wood base, 79cms x 14.5cms 60-80
615.    A HMV metal gramophone horn of morning glory style, black painted with gilt lining and HMV decal, approx 54cms long 25-40