Collectors Sale on
Wednesday 15th February 2017

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1.      BARRATT - Cricket Team Folders (4/20) and Test Cricketers (35/35) 40-60
2.      TADDY - Footballers (20 includes 9 Brighton & Hove Albion) mixed backs 25-40
3.      TADDY - Prominent Footballers (17 cards including 5 Tottenham Hotspur and 6 West Ham Utd.) mixed backs 25-35
4.      TADDY - Prominent Footballers (20 cards, all different clubs) mixed backs 15-30
5.      WALKERS - Dominoes, WTC monogram back (28/28) 30-40
6.      VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - some interesting odds and part sets including Churchman Famous Golfers; Churchman Sports and Games in Many Lands, Baseball (possibly Babe Ruth); large Lawn Tennis; Pattreiouex Sports Trophies and others also Wills Pond and Aquarium first and second series complete sets 30-50
7.      R & J HILL - Decorations and Medals, "issued by R & J Hill" (48/48) 15-25
8.      VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - some scarcer odds including Lambert & Butler Motors 1908 (6/25) and Taddy Boer War Leaders (5/20) 25-40
9.      OGDENS - a quantity of assorted odds and part sets including Boy Scouts blue and green backs; ABC of Sport and AFC Nicknames 25-40
10.     BASSETT - Footballers, sets and part sets including Football 1979 - 80 (36/50) and Football Stars (38/50) 15-30
11.     VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - car related part sets and odds including Lambert & Butler Motor Cars; Mobil Oil and others 15-25
12.     LAMBERT & BUTLER - Motor Cars A series; Motor Cycles; Churchmans - Army Badges of Rank (25); Churchmans - Boy Scouts (various series) and others contained in two old corner albums and some adhesive albums 30-50
13.     VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of loose odds and part sets (a lot) 20-30
14.     VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of loose odds and part sets (a lot) 20-30
15.     VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of loose odds and part sets (a lot) 20-30
16.     VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of sorted and some loose odds and part of sets including A & BC Gum Football (a lot) 20-40
17.     VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of loose odds and part sets (a lot) 20-30
18.     VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of loose odds and part sets (a lot) 20-30
19.     VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of loose odds and part sets (a lot) 20-30
20.     VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of loose odds and part sets (a lot) 20-30
21.     VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of loose odds and part sets (a lot) 20-30
22.     VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of loose odds and part sets (a lot) 20-30
23.     VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of loose odds and part sets (a lot) 20-30
24.     LLOYD - Cinema Stars, part sets, glossy cards, some early numbers; Ogdens - Cricket 1926 part set; Churchman - Boxing Personalities and other part sets contained in a modern album 30-40
25.     VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of odds and part sets including Ogdens Yachts and Motor Boats; Lambert & Butler The Thames; Ogdens Boy Scouts and Turf cards all contained in a modern album 20-30
26.     VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of odds and part sets including Edwards Ringer & Bigg - Celebrated Bridges; Lambert & Butler Winter Sports; Players Gilbert & Sullivan and Wills Aviation, contained in a modern album 30-40
27.     VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of odds and part sets including Players, Ogdens, Wills and Carreras contained in a modern album 20-40
28.     WILLS - Scissors a few odds and part set contained in an old slot-in album; some adhesive albums together with Indian Army Review December 1945 booklet; Badges of HM Services etc 15-25
29.     VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of odds and part sets including Players - Speedway Riders; Sun Football Swap cards; Wills and others contained in a modern album 25-40
30.     WILLS - Cricketers series 1901 (19) together with other cricket related cards; CWS - Boy Scout series (10/25) and others contained in an old slot-in album 40-60
31.     VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of odds and part sets, some trade issues, sorted, some adhesive albums also some penknives and other similar items (a lot) 20-30
32.     CHURCHMANS - Boxing Personalities (50/50) and other sets contained in Wills penny albums; some adhesive albums of cards; loose cigarette cards; a small Improved stamp album and a selection of postcards in a modern album 30-50
33.     WILLS - Arms & Armour, overseas issue, United Service (48) together with some other Wills issues - Historic Events and some Players all contained in an old corner album 50-70
34.     WILLS - Indian Regiments, overseas issue, star and circle back (50/50) 70-100
35.     An original Pears print The Young Cricketer, chromo litho in original oak frame, 64cms x 47.5cms 20-40
36.     WINSTON CHURCHILL - a photograph of Sir Winston Churchill, Randolph Churchill and June Churchill walking arm in arm down a street and with hand written ink inscription "For W H Hobbs - Devonport February 1950..." and signed by Winston Churchill, June S Churchill and Randolph Churchill; size of image 25cms x 19.75cms

Provenance: this was given by Winston Churchill to the vendors grandfather Mr Hobbs who was a Plymouth Councilor 150-200
37.     Some late 19th/early 20th Century photographs of Torquay, each described verso and by Way & Sons, Torquay - includes views of Torquay from Waldon Hill, Hesketh Crescent, Abbey Crescent and others also some similar of horse drawn charabanc at Shanklin, old suspension bridge Reigate, and others 30-50
38.     A late Victorian scrap book the inside cover with floral scraps "Ellen Ellis 1890" and glued throughout with chromo litho scraps and magazine cut-outs of animals, birds, figures, circus acts and similar also greetings cards 30-50
39.     An early 20th Century album of approx. 140 assorted postcards includes sentimental greetings; photo topo; children; animals and others and a photo of the March Past of the Glos Regt First Division, Belgium Nov 25th 1918 30-50
40.     A small late Victorian leather bound photograph album containing some contemporary photographic images 12-20
41.     A quantity of assorted postcards including photo topo; chromo litho Christmas; comic by Tom Browne; music hall artists; beauties and others contained in six albums (6)
42.     A small quantity of childrens books including Nonsense Songs by Edward Lear; an OS folding map of Bridgwater; a Grieben's Guide Book of Naples 1922; small leather bound Bible and other items 12-20
43.     Approx 16 assorted early 20th Century postcards including Bamforth song cards, chromo litho and a Victorian Valentine, all contained in a small modern album 12-20
44.     A quantity of loose postcards including some humorous political cards c.1980's; photographic cards of Mexican Troop Train and Rebel Troop Train and another of Buffalo Bill 20-30
45.     A large quantity of mainly photo topo postcards of GB and foreign towns, views, artefacts and historical buildings together with a quantity of small photographs of views 30-40
46.     A late 19th Century leather bound photograph album , the covers embossed with lillies and with concertina action pages, one side with chromo litho decoration, containing contemporary photographic portraits
47.     A set of six "Little Jewels" postcards by Millicent Sowerby and two duplicates (8) 15-25
48.     Two WWI woven silk postcards - Albert in flames and Martyr Ypres in flames, both unused (2) 20-30
49.     Eiffel Tower/World Trade Fair 1889 - a postcard with printed image of the Eiffel Tower and with stamped "Sommet de la Tour Eiffel 2 Oct 1889" and hand written message to the front describing the sight of the tower lit by "electric and gas light", posted and with "Exposition Universelle" cancellation 20-25
50.     A real photographic postcard of naval personnel from HMS Temeraire c.1910; Real Photographs of naval motor launches and some postcards of early 20th Century submarines 15-25
51.     Film Memorabilia - a scrap book glued with newspaper and magazine cut-outs, cards and similar; black and white stills from My Friend Irma; Film Review books and others 15-30
52.     Underwood & Underwood - Japan Through The Stereoscoope, 98 stereo cards contained in a double volume book style case, titled on the spine
53.     An album of approx 196 early 20th Century postcards including rp's of Haresfield Camp, Army Aircraft Factory Farnborough and others; early cards of Topsham, Sutton; steam locomotives; shipping including P & O; artist cards; children and others, c.1907 - 1920's 40-60
54.     An album of approx 49 postcards mainly of animals and birds also fairies by Margaret Tarrant; photos and artist cards of horses and dogs and others 20-40
55.     An album of early 20th Century photographic portrait postcards - family groups, children, small boy on toy horse, military, gardens, houses, family beach scenes and others, c.1910 - 1920 40-60
56.     An album of approx 237 early 20th Century photo topo postcards, many foreign, also Ireland and some GB; some artist cards, c.1905 - 1915 30-50
57.     An album of approx 272 early 20th Century photo topo postcards includes The Staunch, Brandon; Cambridge; Canterbury; Fordwich; some West Country; Cathedrals; artist drawn; some rp's, c.1905 - 1915 40-60
58.     A quantity of loose postcards including chromo litho Christmas Greetings; photo topo; shipping; foreign; racing related; albums of later cards and other items 30-40
59.     A small quantity of aircraft and shipping postcards, photographic and artist drawn including warships HMS Malaya, Vindictive, Resolution, Jervis, Hood and many others 30-40
60.     A & BC GUM - Flags of the World; Brooke Bond albums of cards; a small quantity o lead soldiers and a metal compact 15-25
61.     Ephemera - a late 19th/early 20th Century novelty paper and metal souvenir in the form of a pair of white gloves with Prince of Wales plumes and containing a printed insert with two small photographs and "A Nations Welcome" 11.5cms long 10-12
62.     A large quantity of assorted loose postcards, mainly photo topo, c.1910 - modern 30-40
63.     A quantity of foreign booklets of postcards and viewcards (a lot) 15-25
64.     A large quantity (100's) of loose assorted postcards c.1910 - modern (a lot) 30-50
65.     An album of approx 98 early photo topo postcards including rp's of selling ponies at Bampton Fair c.1906; GWR station Bampton (Devon); Witheridge (Devon); Babbacombe; Oakford Bridge River Exe (near Bampton); Bridgwater; Exeter; Bristol; some artist drawn views; chromo litho and others; c.1905 - 1908 50-70
66.     An Edwardian leather bound photograph album "Snapshots of Somerset" containing well presented photographs of views of Somerset landscapes, towns and villages. The pages all titled and each image titled; includes views on the Parrett, views of Taunton, Water Mills, Fords on the Yarty, Withy Paring at Athelney, village crosses, windmills and many other interesting images, c.1908 70-100
67.     Approx 31 French chromo litho advertising cards and others, some of the decorative cards with printed backs 15-25
68.     The Old Passage Severn Ferry Co Ltd Time Table for Beachley - Aust March 1939, in modern frame 8-16
69.     An album of approx 173 photo topo postcards, various areas including West Country together with some looses postcards and booklets 15-30
70.     An album of approx 102 assorted postcards including sentimental greetings, chromo litho Christmas and New Year; children; comic; photo topo and others c.1909 - 1915 25-40
71.     An album of approx 132 postcards together with another album of approx 67 postcards, various including photo topo, seaside humour and some foreign (2) 25-40
72.     An album of approx 241 assorted postcards including sentimental greetings; children; chromo litho; comic by Fred Spurgin, Kit Forres and Donald McGill; Mabel Lucie Attwell; WWI; photo topo and others, c.1910 - 1930's 30-50
73.     A small Victorian leather bound photograph album with decorative brass fasteners and containing a selection of family portraits c. 1860's - 1880's 20-30
74.     A Victorian leather bound photograph album with floral chromo litho pages and embossed covers (empty) 15-20
75.     A Victorian green leather bound photograph album, the covers with embossed decoration and with original brass clasps, containing a good selection of contemporary photographic carte de visite some of Queen Victoria; children including small child on toy horse; family portraits, some military and others, c.1860's 20-30
76.     A late Victorian leather bound photograph album with brass clasp, some of the pages with coloured lithographic decoration and containing a selection of contemporary photographs including military, children and family portraits, c.1890's 20-30
77.     A late Victorian leather bound photograph album with brass clasp and containing a selection of contemporary photographs and carte de visite including man with bicycle, family groups, military and children, c.1890's 20-30
78.     A large late Victorian leather bound photograph album with metal clasp and gilt initials to the front cover, and containing a good selection of contemporary photographic family portraits some taken in a garden, some houses and children, c.1890's 25-35
79.     A Victorian leather bound photograph album with brass clasp and containing a selection of contemporary photographs of children and adults, c.1860's 15-25
80.     A Victorian leather bound photograph album with metal clasp, some of the pages with floral chromo litho decoration and containing a selection of contemporary photographic portraits including ladies holding a tennis racket, babies and family groups; some cabinet type on card, c.1880's 20-30
81.     A large Victorian leather bound photograph album with metal clasp, the covers with embossed and gilt tooled decoration, some of the inner pages with landscape themed chromo litho detail and containing a selection of contemporary photographic family portraits, children, sailor HMS Juno, military and others, c.1860 - 1880's 30-40
82.     A late Victorian leather bound photograph album with metal clasp, some of the pages with chromo litho landscape decoration, and containing a selection of contemporary photographic portraits of children, family groups, military including Scottish, "Coronation Year 1911" mounted images and others, c.1880 - 1911 25-35
83.     A quantity of late 19th and early 20th Century loose photographs including rp postcard of shopfront "E G Tipple Watchmaker/Jeweller" c.1910; family portraits and similar 15-20
84.     An album of approx 140 assorted early 20th Century postcards including rp's of Hutton Post Office c.1915; military portraits; family portraits; chromo litho greetings; sentimental greetings; actresses; children; comic by McGill and Tom Browne and others c.1906 - 1918 70-100
85.     A collection of 24 WWI embroidered silk postcards including some Regimental badges also RFC, mounted in two old frames (2) 50-80
86.     A Victorian album of "Crests and Monograms" containing pages glued with an assortment of cut-out embossed crests and monograms on printed pages 25-35
87.     FILM LOBBY CARDS - all complete sets of 8 cards: Life at The Top; The Actress; Pirates of Tripoli; Glory; Task Force and Untamed Heiress (6) 15-25
88.     FILM LOBBY CARDS - all full set of 8 cards: Journey to Shiloh; Blowing Wild; Bad Day at Black Rock; Al Jennings of Oklahoma; Day of the Evil Gun; Duel in the Sun and The Devils Disciple starring Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas and Laurence Olivier (7) 15-25
89.     FILM LOBBY CARDS - all full sets of 8: Dead Eyes of London; The Siege of Sidney Street; The Song of Bernadette; Captain Scarlett; Wind Across the Everglades; The 25th Hour; Mister Cory; Under Ten Flags and She (9) 15-25
90.     FILM LOBBY CARDS - all full sets of 8: Detective Story; Seven Women; The Vanquished; Deep Six; 3 For Jamie Dawn; Torpedo Bay and Desert Attack (UK title Ice Cold in Alex) (7) 15-25
91.     FILM LOBBY CARDS - all full sets of 8: Ride Beyond Vengeance; The Wonderful Country; Lemonade Joe; The Way West; The Phantom Stagecoach; The Maverick Queen; Invitation to a Gunfighter and Gunfight At The OK Corral (re-release) (8) 15-25
92.     FILM LOBBY CARDS - all full sets of 8: The Bridge Over The River Kwai; The Desert Rats; Eagles over London; Cast a Giant Shadow and Abandon Ship (5) 15-20
93.     FILM LOBBY CARDS - I'm Alright Jack starring Peter Sellers, full set of 8 cards; The Wrong Arm of The Law starring Sellers, full set of 8; Till Death Us Do Part starring Warren Mitchell, 7 cards in envelope and The Prisoner starring Alec Guinness and Jack Hawkins, full set of 8 cards 15-25
94.     FILM LOBBY CARDS - Michael Caine: The Wilby Conspiracy and Play Dirty, both full sets of 8 cards 20-30
95.     FILM LOBBY CARDS - John Wayne: El Dorado; The Sons of Katie Elder and The Train Robbers, all full sets of 8 cards (3) 15-20
96.     FILM LOBBY CARDS - full sets of 8 cards: Master of the World; Mary Magdalene; Mister Moses; Midnight Express; Elmer Gantry; Eegah; Night Creatures; Horrors of the Black Museum; The Island of Dr Moreau and Macho Callahan (10) 15-25
97.     FILM LOBBY CARDS - full sets of 8 cards: Foxhole in Cairo; Flight to Tangiers; Fate is the Hunter; Five Gates to Hell; The Trap; Dinner at Eight (re release); Nature in the Raw and Two Rode Together (8) 12-20
98.     FILM LOBBY CARDS - full sets of 8 cards: Expresso Bongo; The Blue Angel; East Side Kids; Bluebeard's 10 Honeymoons; The Revolt of Mamie Stover starring Jane Russell; Illegal starring Edward G Robinson; Gang War and 13 West Street starring Alan Ladd and Rod Steiger (8) 15-20
99.     FILM LOBBY CARDS - full sets of 8 cards: A Taste of Honey; The Stars are Singing; Sabaka; The Monte Carlo Story; Top Banana; Harper starring Paul Newman and Anything Goes starring Bing Crosby (7) 15-25
100.    FILM LOBBY CARDS - full sets of 8 cards: John Paul Jones; West of Zanzibar; All The Way Home; House of Numbers; Folsom Prison; A Boy Ten Feet Tall; Carrie starring Laurence Olivier and Jennifer Jones and The Rainmaker starring Burt Lancaster and Audrey Hepburn (8) 15-25
101.    JAMES BOND - Film lobby cards, Moonraker, full set of 8 20-30
102.    FILM LOBBY CARDS - Rare set of 8 for Scaramouche in original printed envelope 12-20
103.    FILM LOBBY CARDS - Cliff Richard: The Young Ones (7 cards) and Wonderful Life (7 cards) 15-20
104.    FILM LOBBY CARDS - Carry on Teacher full set of 8 and Carry on Dick 6 cards 8-16
105.    FILM LOBBY CARDS - full sets of 8 cards: Is Paris Burning?; The Don is Dead; Tough Guys; Hands of the Ripper; Bloodline and Moses the Lawgiver (6) 12-20
106.    FILM LOBBY CARDS - full sets of 8 cards: The Big Sleep; The White Buffalo starring Charles Bronson and From Here To Eternity (3) 12-20
107.    FILM LOBBY CARDS - full sets of 8 cards: There Was a Crooked Man; Obsession; City Heat; Never Let Go and Madigan (5) 15-25
108.    FILM LOBBY CARDS - full sets of 8 cards: Old Gringo; Monte Walsh starring Lee Marvin; Last Train from Gun Hill; Gunfight at the OK Corral; The Trail of the Lonesome Pine and Cat Ballou (6) 15-25
109.    Five modern albums containing a large quantity of used PHQ cards, c.1972 - 1998 (5) 50-60
110.    A set of four PHQ Railway Locomotive cards with Israel loco stamps and cancellations 20-25
111.    ISRAEL - a quantity of modern stamps and covers, mainly commemorative, contained in four file albums (4) 60-70
112.    Eight albums of unused PHQ cards c.1973 - 2001 (8) 50-60
113.    Thirty Benham silk covers, various, most with related autograph to cover including actors Kevin Whately, Amanda Burton; Golfer Greg Norman; Ronnie Barker; Cricketer Colin Cowdray and others; some unsigned and one mint pack 30-40
114.    Modern Postage stamps - a large quantity of mint packs, stamp booklets, miniature sheets and similar, some high face value, contained in a number of modern albums (a lot) 300-400
115.    Five Chinese Stamps year books - 2007 (2), 2008, 2009, 2010 together with other similar modern Chinese packs 15-25
116.    A quantity of GB and Foreign stamps contained in assorted albums, stockbooks and loose sheets (a lot) 30-40
117.    JERSEY - a quantity of modern mint stamps, covers, coin cover, commemorative packs, contained in two albums and loose 15-30
118.    Approx 14 Royal Mail commemorative stamp books together with sets of PHQ cards contained in three modern albums 20-30
119.    A quantity of assorted modern covers, postcards, used off paper loose, some foreign and commemorative issues contained in albums, two small suitcases and other containers (a lot) 15-20
120.    The All World collection contained in four file albums and some loose in envelope; contains British Commonwealth; GB; Germany; Spain; Turkey and others, mainly mid 20th Century - modern 25-40
121.    All World stamps contained in a Royal Mail and an Improved album, 19th and early 20th Century includes mint and used and a few more modern covers (2) 20-30
122.    The All world collection of stamps - mint and used, commems and defs. contained in a number of files and stockbooks and a file of stamp booklets (complete) (a lot) 40-60
123.    A large quantity of assorted Elizabeth II mint packs, loose covers, booklets, pre-paid covers and other related items (a lot) 30-50
124.    Three Covers albums in sleeves, containing approx 112 commemorative first day covers, a few with matching mint packs also some coin covers; Silver Wedding 1972 album; Royal Wedding 1973 album; Royal Mail Special Stamps book 1984 and a small album of approx 43 commemorative FDC's c.1964 - 1967 (6) 40-60
125.    A Freelance 70 album of used foreign stamps 12-20
126.    A Freelance 70 album of used World stamps 12-20
127.    GB and Foreign stamps contained in an album, used, mainly late 19th and early 20th Century 15-25
128.    KENYA - an album of commemoratives from 1963 Independence - 1996 together with a quantity of mixed stamps on cards including South West Africa, Australia, GB and others 20-40
129.    BRITISH COMMONWEALTH - albums of modern commemorative covers, coin covers; mixed earlier in albums and stockbooks; Olympic covers in albums and others (a lot) 40-60
130.    NO LOT 30-50
131.    NO LOT 15-25
132.    World stamps and covers contained in various albums and files 10-15
133.    Two Davo albums USA stamps ranging from 1847 - 1989, in sleeves; another similar Canada ranges from 1868 - 1942 and a stockbook of used Irish (4) 30-40
134.    AUSTRALIA - two Davo albums of used and mint issues 1913 - 1985, in sleeves (2) 30-40
135.    GREAT BRITAIN - Victoria - Elizabeth II used and mint stamps, comms and defs, contained in a stock file together with foreign and Commonwealth used and mint (3) 25-40
136.    Banknotes - GB 1 signed Page (2); signed Somerset (4); 10/- notes signed O'Brien (1) and signed Fforde (2) (9 notes in total) 10-15
137.    A quantity of assorted GB coins including silver 3d's Edward VII - George VI; some Shillings, Florins and Halfcrowns; pennies; halfpennies; farthings; brass 3d's and others (a lot) 30-50
138.    A quantity of assorted foreign coins including USA, Italy, France, Poland, Spain, some GB and others; mainly 20th Century but some earlier (a lot) 30-50
139.    A quantity of GB modern commemorative coins; un-circulated sets; pennies, commemorative medallions and similar (a lot) 30-40
140.    GEORGE III - Shilling 1787 with semee of hearts, vf/ef 30-40
141.    VICTORIA - British Colonies Canada One Cent 1884, ef good colour 20-30
142.    VICTORIA - British Colonies Mauritius 2 cents and 1 cent 1890, both ef with good colour but the 1 cent with some dark marks; and another 2 cents 1884 (3 in total) 15-25
143.    VICTORIA - Asian Territories Hong Kong one cent 1866, ef with some original colour 15-20
144.    BRITISH COLONIES - Victoria Canada one cent 1882, mark to obverse otherwise ef with good colour; various India Annas; also Jersey and others (7) 12-25
145.    VICTORIA - Asian Territories Ceylon 5 cents, ef, original colour together with George V Australia one penny 1920, ef (2) 15-25
146.    EAST INDIA CO - Half Anna 1835 and one quarter Anna 1835, both ef; and two other 1835 Half Annas, f and vf (4 in total) 15-30
147.    VICTORIA - silver 3d 1887, ef; Shilling 1896, vf; Edward VII Florin 1910, f/vf; George V Florin 1919, vf/ef and 1935 vf/ef (5 in total) 30-50
148.    A quantity of assorted GB and foreign coins contained in an old decorative tin, includes some modern and old examples, many in individual plastic wallets (a lot) 30-40
149.    A quantity of modern commemorative coins, some coin covers, older pennies and some foreign 15-25
150.    A quantity of 20th Century foreign coins including France, Germany, Canada, Netherlands and others; some GB,; some banknotes including Austria, US Military, Allied Military Currency and others (a lot) 30-40
151.    Two wallets containing ancient Chinese coins, with printed descriptive text (2) 10-20
152.    Ten Maria Theresia silver Thalers (10) 30-40
153.    An Austrian 1000 Kronen banknote, 1902 (good condition) together with a quantity of other banknotes including British Military WWII; German inflationary; Canada; USA; France and others, mostly c.1920 - 1940's and a few farthings 15-30
154.    GEORGE V - a quantity of half silver coinage: Florins, shillings and Sixpences , approx 19oz weight 30-40
155.    WILLIAM IV - Maundy 4d 1832 vf/ef and Victoria - Florin 1887 Jubilee head ef (2 in total) 25-35
156.    GEORGE III - silver 3 Shilling Bank Token 1811, f 12-25
157.    VICTORIA - a collection of Shillings ranging from 1839 - 1901 together with other silver coins - Shillings, Florins and Half Crowns George III - Victoria, all contained in a file album 40-60
158.    Royal Mint Proof Coin collections 1984 - 1990 inclusive, all in blue (7) 40-60
159.    Royal Mint - silver proof Piedfort 2 50th Anniversary of the UN in case and with certificate; 1990 silver Peidfort 5 pence coin in case and with certificate and a 2oz silver commemorative Charles and Camilla medallion 2005 in case and with certificate (3) 30-50
160.    Royal Mint - 2008 Royal Shield of Arms Proof Collection in original black case and with numbered certificate together with four UK unc coin sets 25-35
161.    A quantity of modern commemorative crowns; cased foreign coins; old pennies and halfpennies; decimal issues also some "collectable" medallions in cards including Man in Flight and Historic Cars (a lot) 20-40
162.    An early 20th Century coin holder purse; some brass 3d's; commemorative crowns in cases and wallets of First Decimal Coins 20-30
163.    GEORGE III - Halfcrown 1817 v small knock near date otherwise ef, good bright coin
164.    GEORGE II - Halfcrown LIMA below bust 1746, slight spots of discolouration vf/ef
165.    VICTORIA - silver three half pence 1838, worn and another 1843, f/vf (2 in total) 10-12
166.    NEWFOUNDLAND - Victoria silver 10 Cents 1865, f/worn; USA silver one Dime 1908, f; LEOPOLD II - silver 10 Kreuzer 1792, f/worn and GERMAN STATES HAMBURG - 2 Schilling 1727, f (4 in total) 15-25
167.    CANADA - George V silver 25 Cents 1914, ef 15-25
168.    Two Persian silver coins, each having script to either side (2) 15-25
169.    NETHERLANDS - Willem II silver 1 gulder 1846, f; together with five other small silver Netherlands coins (6 in total) 12-20
170.    VICTORIA - ELIZABETH II - a collection of halfpennies and pennies contained in a file album 12-25
171.    GERMAN EAST AFRICA - silver 1 Rupie 1902 f/vf 12-20
172.    A silver Oriental coin cast with characters to either side, 11.1g 10-15
173.    FRANCE - silver 1 Franc 1894, ef; Napoleon III 1 Franc 1859, f and 2 Francs 1873, f (3) 20-30
174.    FRANCE - Louis XVIII 1/4 Franc 1817A, ef, together with a 10 cents coin worn (2) 15-25
175.    GEORGE V - British West Africa one Shilling 1913, ef 15-20
176.    A quantity of silver coins including Turkey and others, mixed condition 15-25
177.    Germany - Wilhelm II silver 2 Mark 1913, ef, together with three other German coins (4) 15-25
178.    VICTORIA - ELIZABETH II - a collection of sixpences, shillings and florins contained in a file album (mainly George VI and Elizabeth II) 30-40
179.    Gernsey gold proof 25 coin 1995, in Westminster case of issue with certificate 130-140
180.    Royal Mint - 1997 GB proof set in blue case; assorted modern commemorative coins in wallets; George V Crown 1935; some earlier GB coins and others 40-60
181.    A large quantity of assorted GB coins, mainly George V and George VI and including brass 3d's, pennies, halfpennies, shillings and florins also some foreign and a few foreign banknotes (a lot) 30-50
182.    GEORGE III - Sixpence 1787, with hearts, vf/ef and WILLIAM III - Sixpence,f date rubbed (2) 30-50
183.    WILLIAM IV - Groat 1836, vf and Victoria - Sixpence 1887, shield in garter, JEB below trun, vf (2) 20-30
184.    A quantity of assorted GB and foreign coins, includes some earlier silver GB drilled examples 30-40
185.    CHARLES II - silver penny second issue with mark of value, mm crown rev. f/vf 20-30
186.    A small copper token one side with "Exchange for BE" and together with two other early coins (3) 12-20
187.    GEORGE VI - Halfcrowns 1941, 1942, 1943, ef/unc 12-15
188.    GEORGE V - Florin 1936 and Shilling 1934, ef (2) 15-20
189.    EDWARD VII - Florins 1902, 1907, 1909 and 1910, f and vf (4) 20-30
190.    GEORGE V - Sixpences 1912, 1913, 1914, 1915, 1916, 1918 & 1919, vf (7) 15-20
191.    EDWARD I (1272-1307) silver penny, Bristol mint, S.1416 25-35
192.    EDWARD VI - shilling 1906 and Sixpence 1905, vf (2) 15-20
193.    Bavaria silver Thaler 1756, f/vf 30-40
194.    GEORGE V - Florin 1915, ef; Shillings 1915 & 1916, ef (3 in total) 25-35
195.    GEORGE VI - Halfcrowns 1946, 47, 48 and 49, ef/unc (4) 12-15
196.    EDWARD VII - Shillings 1902, 1906, 1907, 1909 and 1910 (2) (6 in total) 15-20
197.    ELIZABETH II - Halfcrown and Florin 1954, A/unc 15-20
198.    EDWARD VII - Threepence 1902, unc 12-15
199.    GEORGE V - Sixpences 1921, 24, 26, 28 - 31 and 1933 - 36 (11 in total) vf/ef 20-30
200.    VICTORIA - Shillings 1887 ef and 1897 vf/ef 12-15
201.    GEORGE V - Halfcrowns 1915, ef and 1936, unc (2) 25-35
202.    EDWARD VII - Halfcrown 1908, vf/ef 60-80
203.    GEORGE V - Halfcrown 1938 and Florin 1938, ef (2) 12-15
204.    WILLIAM AND MARY - Maundy twopence 1691, f/vf 20-30
205.    GEORGE V - Halfcrown 1916, ef and George VI Halfcrown 1940, unc (2) 20-30
206.    EDWARD VII - Halfcrowns 1902, 1903, 1906 and 1910, vf (4) 40-60
207.    GEORGE V - Halfcrown 1917 and Shillings 1917 & 1918, vf/ef (3) 15-25
208.    BELGIUM - Leopold II silver 5 Francs 1873, vf together with other Belgian coins (a lot) 12-15
209.    GEORGE V - Halfcrown 1913, vf/ef and Halfcrown 1918, ef 25-35
210.    VICTORIA - Golden Jubilee 1887 set, Crown - Threepence, in modern presentation case, f/vf 50-70
211.    GEORGE III - Cartwheel Penny 1797,f ; and a Hibernian Halfpenny (2) 8-16
212.    A quantity of GB coins mainly George V - Elizabeth II, includes silver 3d's; pennies; half pennies; florins and others (a lot)

213.    NO LOT

214.    A George V silver jubilee commemorative medallion in original red card box; a large white metal George V silver jubilee commemorative medallion in original red leather case together with a quantity of modern commemorative coins, 1951 crown and others 30-40
215.    Royal Mint - four 1980 silver Crowns commemorating 80th Birthday The Queen Mother, in cases of issue with certificates (4)
216.    Royal Mint - Bahamas 1973 Prince Charles $10 silver proof coin in case with certificate
217.    Royal Mint - Britannia 1998 1/10oz Proof gold coin in case of issue with certificate
218.    Royal Mint - Cayman Islands 1987 Proof Coin Collection in red leather wallet and with certificate together with 1988 Olympic Games Cayman Islands $5 silver proof coin in case with certificate (2)
219.    Royal Mint - 1990 silver Peidfort 5p coin in case of issue and with certificate; a 1990 silver proof 5p two-coin set in case of issue with certificate and a 1996 silver proof 1 in case of issue with certificate (3)
220.    Royal Mint - The Royal Marriage Commemorative Coin Collection 1981, comprising 16 silver crown size coin in a presentation box 120-140
221.    A small quantity of Victorian silver 3d's; some later silver 3d's; pennies; early decimal coins; Chanel Islands coins and others 30-40
222.    A small quantity of Roman bronze coins and others 12-20
223.    NERO - Egypt, Alexandria, Billon Tetradrachm year 13 (66-7AD) rev. radiate head of Augustus S.2007, f 20-30
224.    VESPASIAN (69 - 79AD) copper AS, rev. SC Spes advancing left, S.2361 15-25
225.    MACRINUS and DIADUMENIAN (2A - 218AD) - copper 5 Assaria (27mm diam) of Marcianopolis in Moesia Inferior, obv. their heads facing each other, rev. Athena standing left, holding owl in right hand, f/vf 30-40
225A.   SEPTIMUS SEVERUS (193 - 211AD) silver Denairus, rev. Restitutor Urbis, S.6357, ef/vf 25-35
226.    MAXIMINUS I (235 - 238AD) - silver Denarius rev. Salus Augusti, S.8316, ef/vf 40-50
227.    HERENNIUS ETRUSCUS CAESAR (250 - 251AD) - silver Antoninianus, rev. Principi Iuventutis Herennius standing left, S.9523, ef with mint listre 50-60
228.    GALLIENUS (253 - 68AD) - Antoninianus, S.10349, unc, and PROBUS (276 - 82AD) Antoninianus S.12044, vf/ef (2) 15-20
228A.   CARACALLA - silver Denarius, rev. Pontif TR P XIII cos III Virtus standing right, Rome mint 210AD cf S6872, ef/vf 30-40
229.    GALERIUS (305 - 311AD) - copper Follis, rev. Genio Augusti Genius standing left, S.14508, ef 30-50
229A.   GETA CAESAR (198 - 209AD) silver Denarius, rev. Securit Imperii, Securitas enthroned left, S.7200, vf/ef 30-40
230.    MAXIMINUS II (310 - 13AD) copper Follis, rev. Genus standing holding head of Sol, S.14840, ef with silvering 15-20
231.    WWII War medal and Defence medal, in original postage box addressed to J W Jessop, Eastleigh Hants, and with certificate 20-30
232.    WWI pair named to 26025 Pte E R Howe Wilts R and in original postage box with ribbons; a WWII Defence medal with Home Guard certificate to Ernest Robert Howe, in postage box and a WM in postage box addressed to Mr D Howe 30-40
233.    A German WWI and WWII group of medals mounted (missing three) 70-100
234.    A Naval General Service medal with Palestine 1936-1939 clasp named to JX 144420 D S Bellinger AB RN, on ribbon 70-90
235.    A General Service medal Elizabeth II with Malaya clasp and named to Major J V Eve RA together with a printed history of Major Jack Victor Eve TD service history 30-40
236.    WWI pair named to M 15893 J Gillard CK MTE RN, with ribbons, un mounted and together with an Edward VII silver commemorative medallion and two others 30-40
237.    WWII WM and DM in original postage box addressed to G W Wright, Stoke On Trent and containing certificate together with a folded German WWII propaganda paper "A Last Appeal to Reason by Adolf Hitler...." 1940 25-40
238.    Three replica German WWII medals on ribbons (3) 20-40
239.    A WWI Military Medal (uncrowned George V) and WM, the War Medal named M2-182345 Cpl H H Goodall ASC the MM named M2-182345 Pte A Cpl H H Goodall ASC 130-160
240.    Khedive's Sudan Medal 1896-1908 with The Atbara clasp and named to 3149 Lce Cpl Mickelthwaite Cam Highrs, lacks ribbon 60-80
241.    Miniature groups: WWI OBE group of four, mounted; WWI trio mounted and in case; WWI WM named to 57624 Pte E J Keal Devon R and WWII stars - 1939-45; Atlantic, Africa and Burma 40-60
242.    Three blue police helmets with badges - Avon & Somerset and two Metropolitan (Elizabeth II) together with other police caps and similar, a rubber baton and pair of light sticks 25-40
243.    A cast metal and black painted helmet with applied badge and leather strap together with an oval cast iron plaque of profile of officer in the hat (Police?) (2) 20-40
244.    A WWII grey painted metal helmet complete with black liner 15-25
245.    An early BSA air rifle no.B72381, barrel 58.5cms long 60-80
246.    After ROBERT TAYLOR - "Hurricane" coloured print signed in pencil by Wing Com. R R Stanford-Tuck DSO DFC together with another "Lancaster" signed in pencil by Leonard Cheshire (2) 25-40
247.    A Webley Mark 1 .22 Air Pistol in original card box with instructions, cleaning brush and pellets 50-80
248.    Hartlepool Volunteer Artillery - an early 19th Century oval brass buckle, 7.5cms x 6cms 30-50
249.    A German military field telephone in brown bakelite case 30-40
250.    A German military field telephone in brown bakelite case 30-40
251.    A German military field telephone in brown bakelite case with original webbing strap 30-40
252.    A military metal case containing spare valves, some boxed "Canadian Armed Services" and US Army examples 10-20
253.    A modern Parachute Regt photo frame, white metal with badge to the top and together with a Pay bag 12-20
254.    A WWII FS commando fighting knife with grooved metal grip, double edged blade and in original brass mounted leather scabbard, blade 17.5cms long 60-80
255.    A military issue sight by Watts & Son, Director No.9, green painted brass casing, 11cms high 25-35
256.    A military metal travelling trunk, in red/black finish and with white painted name "70807 Major Worrall" North Somerset Yeomanry "Rozka 19006" 108cms wide 40-60
257.    WWII MEDALS, BADGES AND EXTENSIVE EPHEMERA relating to 1726965 Ronald William Middleton RAF -
WWII group of four: 1939/45 Star with clasp, Africa Star, WM and DM, mounted; copies of L'Echo de Blida RAF magazine; RAF VR Notice Paper; RAF Service and Release Book; Flight Engineers Licence; two Personal Flying Log Books dating from 1953 - 1985; Clothing Book; other coupon books; badges; a Smiths cockpit clock; RAF kitbag with name details and inked image of a bomber "Always on the Ball"; some postwar telegrams; bullion badges; Canada badges; and many other items

Ronald Middleton was stationed at RAF Blida in North Africa, after WWII he worked in the Civil airline industry 100-150
258.    A 20th Century sword having wire bound black grip, gilt metal guard and Wilkinson blade etched to one side with scrolling foliage and jousting knights also initials "NH", blade 76cms long, lacks scabbard (probably Masonic) 30-50
259.    A 19th Century muzzle loading percussion gun with long barrel, engraved brass trigger guard and brass butt end and engraved lock plate, barrel 120cms long 70-100
260.    A brown leather belt with 11 attached military cap badges and a collar dog; includes Essex, Dorsetshire, Queens Bays, 12th Lancers, Tank Regt and others and together with another smaller brown leather belt with five small attached badges including Queens Bays and TA (2)
261.    A German WWII type dagger having black chequered grip, straight single edge blade marked "WKC" and with centurions head to one side and in black metal scabbard, blade 20cms 70-100
262.    A Royal Dragoons pith helmet, labelled inside "Bowbilt Sun Hat" and with attched bronzed metal badge to the front 30-40
263.    A WWII gas mask dated 1941 and with red metal canister 20-40
264.    A Webley & Scott Hurricane Air Pistol .22 calibre in original fitted case with guarantee and pellets in tin 70-90
265.    A pre-war BSA under lever air rifle, 102cms long overall 120-130
266.    A Russian made "Baikal" air rifle no.91038014102cms long overall together with a canvas carrying case 40-60
267.    A quantity of lead and cast metal shot and shrapnel, some early examples (a lot) 20-30
268.    A 19th Century cast brass eagle plaque, the naturalistically cast bird perched on a plain sphere and with three screws extending from the back, 21cms high
269.    A c.1945 Royal Navy jacket and trousers, Petty Officer rank (replaced buttons) contained in a RN issue leather bound suitcase with stamp to the inside and a brown leather briefcase 30-40
270.    A Mauser bayonet having wood grip, straight saw back blade marked "Mauser..." blade 32cms long, lacks scabbard
271.    A 19th Century pinfire 16b single barrel sporting gun with underlever ejector and walnut stock, barrel 79.75cms
272.    A quantity of assorted military cap badges including Somerset LI; Devonshire Regt; Cornwall LI; RFC; RAF; RA; South Staffordshire and others, also some brass shoulder titles and other related items 30-50
273.    A quantity of sweetheart and other badges including enamelled brass Canada 48 Highlanders; bimetal "Albert" and "Ypres"; enamelled brass "HMS Furious" and others 30-40
274.    A quantity of military cap badges including ASC, RA and London Rifle Brigade; RAF badges; RFC sweetheart brooch (lacks pin); some buttons; metal insignia and RN Auxiliary Service cloth badges etc 25-40
275.    A WWI metal water bottle with bullet hole to one side, a bullet clip and a quantity of shot and shrapnel, all collected from the Somme and together with a brass shell base dated 1915 30-50
276.    A WWII child's Mickey Mouse gas mask in original card box with original labels, issued in Bristol 20-30
277.    A RAF canvas kit bag with black stencilled RAF and numbers together with a pair of light blue canvas and leather gaiters 20-30
278.    A pair of small teak candlesticks made from the teak of HMS Terrible "Whose Guns Relieved Ladysmith" with applied brass plaques, 9cms high 20-30
279.    A 19th Century Naval percussion pistol by D Egg, London having octagonal barrel the top engraved with makers name, hinged metal ramrod, foliate engraved decoration to the metal, brass butt end fitted with loop, barrel 11.5cms, overall length 28cms 200-250
280.    An African axe with hardwood handle and long hand forged metal blade, overall length 62cms 20-30
281.    A WWII Indian Army signalling lamp on wood tripod base together with morse code key in metal box with webbing straps and with Spare Parts tin 60-80
282.    A WWII metal ammunition box with side carrying handles, with numbers and "1942" to the top 20-30
283.    A metal "Police" helmet with original lining and webbing strap; a police cape and a Metropolitan Police dress jacket and trousers dated inside "1955 issue" 30-50
284.    A WWI marching compass in black lacquered brass case and dated 1917 to the back together with a more modern Swedish made compass and measure (2) 30-40
285.    A cutlass type sword with plain, black grip, broad slightly curved blade with deep fuller and in brass mounted brown leather scabbard with original hanger, blade 45cms long
286.    A late 19th Century cast and hand worked circular decorative shield decorated with Roman Greco figures fighting, fabulous beasts and dragons and a well detailed continuous border of European battles and military camps, the back with original leather strap and raised metal bar, 58cms diam 100-150
287.    Railway ephemera - small quantity of luggage labels including Southern Railway, GWR, L&SW and others; tickets; photographs of trams including Sheffields Last Tram 1960; LMS brass Signal & Telegraph token and other related items 30-50
288.    An enamelled white metal Royal Air Forces Association car bumper badge with original plastic backing and together with a chrome and yellow AA car bumper badge (2) 20-40
289.    A BSA Motor Cycle Instruction Book 1933 models; BSA Service Sheets; Motor Repair & Overhauling magazines and others 12-20
290.    A Powell & Hanmer Ltd New Sultan acetylene lamp together with other lamps and 5 Champion spark plugs in original boxes 30-50
291.    A small oval single sided enamel metal sign "The Winchester Co Refrigerating Engineers Bristol" 15.5cms x 25cms together with a French single sided embossed and printed sign "Torpedo" 41cms x 30.5cms (2) 25-40
292.    Autographed book - Motor-Racing Drivers Past and Prresent drawn by Sallon, pub Shell-Mex and BP Ltd. autographed inside the front cover by comedy actor Jimmy Edwards and racing driver Graham Whitehead and Peter Whitehead 20-40
293.    A chromed metal and painted car mascot in the form of a racehorse with jockey up, jumping a brush fence, 16cms high max 40-60
294.    A modern car mascot, cast white metal and painted, of a galloping racehorse with jockey up, on oval base, 9.5cms high 20-30
295.    A white metal car mascot in the form of a Red Deer stags head, height not including screw fitting 10cms 30-40
296.    A quantity of Railway ephemera including Waterloo Station Centenary 1848 - 1948; LMS Magazine; modern postcards; cigarette cards; large bolt and large hand made nail 15-25
297.    A LMS cast iron wagon plate "LMS 21 Tons 726878" 28.5cms wide max 12-20
298.    A cast iron notice - Somerset & Dorset Railway Company Rule.....Enginemen are forbidden to blow their whistles or drain cocks.............." 29.5cms x 40cms 30-40
299.    A cast iron wagon plate "B776099 12T Darlington 1957 Lot No 3007" in original condition together with another "LNER 21 Tons 1947 Darlington 302023" repainted (2) 25-35
300.    A cast iron wagon plate "DB989580 14T Met-Gammell 1961 Lot No3330", repainted and another "B570010 16T Pressed Steel 1956 Lot No.2921" (2) 20-30
301.    A reproduction cast iron notice "Great Northern Railway Beware of the Trains......" 26cms x 45cms 25-35
302.    A heavy cast iron notice "South Eastern & Chatham Railway Companies Managing Committee Warning Trespassing........London Bridge Station SE" 41.5cms x 66.5cms 60-80
303.    A printed laminated single sided sign - STOP-LOOK-LISTEN........., white lettering on red ground 52cms x 83.5cms 25-40
304.    An original cast iron steam locomotive shed plate "55H" Neville Hill, 12.5cms x 19cms 60-80
305.    An oval cast iron wagon plate, LMS ex Tank Transporter Wagon "Owner WD Registered LMS 1944 no.1115" 22.5cms wide 12-20
306.    LMS Crewe cast iron steam loco makers plate "LMS Built 1945 Crewe" repainted 50-70
307.    An original oval cast iron shed plate "55C" Farnley Junction, 19cms wide, repainted 50-80
308.    A cast brass LMS light switch plate "LMS Wol On Off Lights Type FC" 16.5cms x 12.5cms together with a cast metal disc "Inter Repair 3000 8-1972" 10cms diam (2) 30-40
309.    A cast iron oval shed plate "86G" Pontypool Road, 12cms x 18.5cms 40-60
310.    BR (E) - cast iron smoke box number plate 61012 from B1 4-6-0 loco, 55cms x 14.5cms, (loco Puku, built 1946 cut up 1967) 280-350
311.    A Southern Railway cast iron 1/4 mile plate together with another 1/2 mile plate, 21cms x 29.5cms (2) 70-100
312.    A circular cast iron plate "Registered by the LMS 1932 Standard 20 Tons 130706" mounted on a wood panel, size of plate 17cms 20-30
313.    A late 19th/early 20th Century railway stokers shovel by G T Skelton & Co, Sheffield, 97cms long overall 30-40
314.    Wills Finecast - a constructed model of Southern 0-6-0T no.2103 in box 25-35
315.    Wills Finecast - constructed model of a 0-6-0T loco in brown livery no.110 25-35
316.    Wills Finecast - a constructed model of 0-4-4T no.31307, BR black in box 25-35
317.    Wills Finecast - a constructed 0-6-2T GWR ex Taff Vale, black livery, no.30, in box 25-35
318.    Wills Finecast - a constructed model of GWR 0-6-0ST no.1869, green livery, in box 25-35
319.    Wills Finecast - a constructed model of LNER (ex GE) J69 0-6-0T loco no.68619, in BR blue livery, in box 25-35
320.    A constructed metal model of LNER 0-6-0T loco no.9810, green livery, in associated box 20-30
321.    A constructed model of 0-6-0T loco FR in a Wills Finecast box and together with a constructed plastic model of BR diesel lco no.10100 (2) 20-25
322.    A constructed metal model of Caledonian Railway 4-2-2 loco and tender no.123 15-25
323.    A constructed metal model of 0-4-2T loco, green livery together with three others 30-50
324.    MAINLINE - Classs 03 0-6-0 diesel loco no. D2179, boxed together with some copies of Model Railway News; unconstructed printed card lineside building, track 20-30
325.    HORNBY - The Boxed Set R1074 "The Master Cutler" comprising BR4-6-2 Prince Palatine, three Corridor Coaches, track and transformer in original red box and outer printed cardboard box 40-60
326.    HORNBY - R1029 electric train set Permanent Way in original box and with Trakmat 25-40
327.    Hornby Dublo, Hornby, Triang and others - a quantity of unboxed locos, coaches, wagons and other related items (a lot) 30-50
328.    HORNBY - R2556 NCB Class J94 0-6-0ST Wimblebury, boxed; R2597 Class OF 0-4-0ST Queen Elizabeth II '80' Collector Club, boxed and R2665 BR 0-4-0T Industrial Loco no.328, boxed (3) 40-60
329.    HORNBY - R2223 BR Fowler 2-6-2T Class 4P loco no.42355, boxed and R2555 BR 4-6-0 Class 5MT Loco "Ayrshire Yeomanry" boxed (2) 40-60
330.    A quantity of lineside accessories and scenic material including stone walls, coal, ballast, trees, track, hedges, plastic fencing and similar (a lot) 30-40
331.    HORNBY - Skaledale: packs of accessories including Platforms, Platform Steps, Cable Drums, Loading Stage and Crane, Victorian Street Lamps and other similar (a lot) 30-40
332.    HORNBY - Skaledale: a quantity of boxed buildings including Signal Box; Terraced Houses; Hubbards Hill Mill; Lower Skaledale Office; Saracens Head Pub, Coal Stage and others also Engine Shed (22) 50-80
333.    HORNBY - R4181 BR Buffet Car, boxed; R4231 and R4232 LMS Standard Period 3 coaches both boxed (3) 20-30
334.    HORNBY and BACHMANN - a quantity of boxed goods wagons, various (a lot) 40-60
335.    HORNBY DUBLO - EDG19 electric 3 rail mixed goods Train set comprising 4-6-2T no80054 BR black, wagons and track in original box 40-60
336.    HORNBY DUBLO - EDP1 3 rail electric train set comprising 4-6-2 loco Sir Nigel Gresley LNER blue, tender, 2 coaches, track, controller, "Tested" label, instructions and oil bottle 50-80
337.    BOOKS - The Hornby Companion Series Vol 3 Hornby Dublo Trains 1938-1964; Vol.5 The Hornby Gauge O System; 3a Hornby Dublo Compendium and a book Mallard 75 (4) 15-25
338.    Hornby Dublo - five colour printed catalogues, c.1954 - 1960's; a Rail Layouts booklet and The Hornby Railway Company booklet 12-20
339.    HORNBY DUBLO - 3 rail electric loco EDL 11 4-6-2 Silver King no.60016, and tender, BR matt green, loco in original blue box 40-60
340.    HORNBY DUBLO - 3 rail electric loco 4-6-2 Duchess of Atholl no.6231 and tender, LMS matt maroon, without smoke deflectors, unboxed 25-35
341.    HORNBY DUBLO - 3232 Co-Co Diesel-Electric locomotive, 3 rail electric, BR green, in original box 30-50
342.    HORNBY DUBLO - 3233 Co-Bo Diesel-Electric loco no.D5713, 3 rail, BR green and in original box 25-35
343.    HORNBY DUBLO - LT25 2-8-0 3 rail electric 8F loco no.48158 BR black in original box together with a 2-6-4T loco no.80054 BR black, 3 rail and in reproduction box (2) 50-70
344.    HORNBY DUBLO - three boxed corridor coaches and four assorted boxed wagons (7) 30-50
345.    HORNBY DUBLO - 4620 Breakdown Crane wth match trucks and screw jacks, in original red box 30-40
346.    LIMA - two boxed SNCF coaches; boxed French Baggage car; boxed carriage; three unboxed Continental coaches and an unboxed 6 car Rhinegold Express
347.    N GAUGE - constructed metal 0-4-0T; constructed metal Southern 2-6-2T no761; three Graham Farish part locos (2 bodies one motor) contained in boxes and another 20-40
348.    HORNBY O gauge M3 0-4-0T no.2270 LMS, in original box with key 30-50
349.    HORNBY - O gauge clockwork 4-4-2 loco Royal Scot no.6100 and tender, BR maroon 50-70
350.    HORNBY - Type 50 0-4-0 clockwork loco and tender no.60199, BR black, with key together with 0-4-0T LMS no.23 clockwork loco with key (2) 30-50
351.    HORNBY - No.2 Lumber Wagon LNER in original box with label for "H Salanson & Co Bristol, Railway Specialists..." 25-35
352.    HORNBY TRAINS - six good wagons in original red boxes to include Goods Brake Van GW; No.1 Refrigerator Van and No.1 Goods Van (6) 40-60
353.    HORNBY SERIES - RS666 No.1 Luggage Van NE in original red box and RS670 No.1 Milk Traffic Van in original red box (2) 30-40
354.    An early 20th Century soft toy monkey with long, light plush, felt face, hands and feet 44cms high together with an Armand Marseille composition dolls head with glass eyes, contained in a Peck's Paste box 20-30
355.    A large Merrythought toy rabbit with plush covering in pink/yellow and cream, composition eyes and soft black plastic nose, stitched mouth and claw detail, wearing a bell and with label to base of right foot, 50cms high 20-40
356.    BRITAINS - Knights in Armour set 1307, three mounted with lances, 11 standing with lances, 1 standing without lance (some added to set) hollowcast lead, in original box 50-80
357.    BRITAINS - set 2035 Svea Livgarde (Swedish Lifeguards) marching with rifles at the slope, officer with drawn sword, in original ROAN box, with inner card 30-40
358.    BRITAINS - a quantity of unboxed painted lead figures: soldiers (various regiments); mounted soldiers; crusaders and others (a lot) 25-40
359.    Britains Deetail - six cavalry figures each with sword (6) contained in a glass fronted box 12-20
360.    A group of Britains and other painted hollowcast Observer Corps figures, telescope on tripod, large telescope also stretcher bearers, stretchers, patients and nurse (14) 25-35
361.    BRITAINS and others - a quantity of painted diecast soldiers, some mounted, various ages including soldiers firing prone, running, standing firing, machine gun, observer and others (a lot) 30-50
362.    BRITAINS - plastic Canadian Mounted Policeman in box; unboxed Mounties; Swopets soldiers and others; Historex Lady Godiva on horse and an OO scale Harborn Hamlet Anderson Shelter in plastic packing 20-40
363.    BRITAINS and others - a quantity of unboxed plastic and diecast tractors, farm machinery and farm workers (a lot) 40-60
364.    BRITAINS - some c.1980's plastic space related toys and figures, unboxed 25-35
365.    BRITAINS - 9386 Power Farm battery operated County Tractor and New Holland Baler in original box and with instructions 15-25
366.    BRITAINS - 9545 Transport Box and Loads in original box; Gate, Stile, Stone Walls, in box; boxed Garden items and together with a quantity of unboxed farm trailers, machinery, plastic animals, farm workers and other accessories also some earlier metal hurdles (a lot) 50-70
367.    An early 20th Century child's tricycle, red with yellow wheel centres and chain drive, 63cms high at handles 15-25
368.    Some small Primus Magic Lantern slides in boxes, with multiple colour printed images to each small slide (4 boxes) 15-30
369.    An early 20th Century Schuco clockwork plush covered metal pecking Robin toy (lacks key) together with a small German made metal hand wound musical drum (2) 15-25
370.    A Barnsbury Puppet of Alice in Wonderland, having moulded rubber head and hard plastic hands, in original box and with instructions, 28cms high 15-25
371.    An early 20th Century dolls blue and white dinner service in original box, by Ridgways Scenes from Chas Dickens Old Curiosity Shop and comprising two veg dishes and covers, sauce boat, 3 graduated dishes and assorted plates 30-40
372.    Board games - "Tell it to the Judge" with diecast vehicles and instructions in original box and with original board together with another Touring Europe with diecast vehicles, cards and board in original box (2)
373.    A Japanese KO Mighty Robot, battery operated, metal and plastic and in original box, 31cms high 20-30
374.    A boxed set of German wood building blocks "Brucken - Baukasten" in original wood box, the sliding lid with original colour printed label and together with a Totopoly Racing Game with card horses and board 15-30
375.    BRITAINS, JOHN HILL & cO and others - a quantity of painted lead soldiers including stretcher bearers and patient; machine gunner; field gun and others 25-35
376.    HILL & CO and others - painted lead Cowboy and Indians together with six Elastolin type British Guards 15-25
377.    A Minimodels Goldie Gardner's MG Racing Car, the scale model metal friction drive car finished in re and with original box 60-80
378.    CHARBENS - Mobile Crane in original box and with standing operator 30-40
379.    A 19th Century wooden automaton toy, painted gesso, double sided of a clown/soldier, rope extends from base, when pulled arms and legs raise, 31cms high; a wooden owl toy and a flat sided painted wood parrot balancing toy with weighted tail (3) 30-40
380.    Star Trek The New Generation - Bandai Playmates figures and equipment in original blister packs: Romulan, La Forge, Deanna Troi and Worf (4) 20-30
381.    ERTL - Batman: 7 Batman and Joker figures in original card blister packs; Catwoman figure; standing Batman figure and two Batman figures with fist raised, all in card blister packs (11 in total) 30-50
382.    ERTL -Star Trek III USS Enterprise and Star Trek V USS Enterprise, both on original bubble pack cards (2) 15-25
383.    MATTELL - Captain Power Corporal Pilot Chase, figure and weapon on original card and bubble pack (7) together with Ertl - James Bond Warfield Van, James' Car and SCUM Helicopter all in original bubble pack cards (10 in total) 15-20
384.    ERTL - Looney Tunes Road Runner, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck diecast figures all in original bubble pack cards; Hornby - Tom & Jerry: 2 wind-up walker figures and two others in original blister pack and cards; a Subbuteo box containing four goalkeepers and two Artoy Cartoon figures in packaging (10 in total) 20-30
385.    ERTL - Garfield toy in original bubble card pack; Bandai - Garfield: 3 wind-up figures in original bubble card packs and 2 Coleco Flintstone Kids in original bubble card packs (6 in total) 15-25
386.    Eight Heller Junior Disney Models in original boxes including Donald Yacht, Rangers Helicopter and Super Balolo Helicopter (8) 12-25
387.    A large quantity of boxed Roco fire related vehicles; some Herpa fire related vehicles and others, some unboxed and some cars (a lot) 30-40
388.    Crescent Toys - Milking Time, box containing standing cow, cow lying down and milking stool; some Britains painted lead farm animals; zoo animals; hay rick and other items also three early 20th Century hand-geld skill games 20-30
389.    A c.1960's British made Sparking Jet Plane, the plastic friction drive plane complete with original box and together with an earlier painted wood tank (lacks turret) (2) 15-25
390.    The Beatles "New Beat" Ringo Starr snare drum by Selcol, with original label to one side, portrait of Ringo and facsimile signature to skin, on original tripod stand and with one brush and other sticks, diam 36cms max 60-70
391.    A c.1940's plush covered clockwork toy bear playing the cymbals, 17cms high and together with a small sailor doll soft toy with moulded and painted face, hat with "Andes" tally and blue velvet uniform, 20cms high (2) 25-35
392.    An Edwardian De La Rue "Combined Marker", the leather covered folding marker board with Cribbage marker, Bezique marker and others and together with a wooden games box with crib marker to the covers and with pegs; Bridge card box and Patience card box
393.    DINKY - 120 Happy Cab in display box; 623 Army Covered Wagon, boxed; 626 Military Ambulance, boxed and a selection of unboxed vehicles 30-50
394.    DINKY - 162 Ford Zephyr, unboxed; Atlantean Bu, Yellow Pages, unboxed and other unboxed diecast vehicles 15-25
395.    An enamelled Dinky Toys Club lapel badge together with a Hornby Railway Company enamelled badge (2) 15-25
396.    DINKY - 27A Massey-Harris Tractor with adjustable front wheels, in box; a Massey-Harris Manure Spreader and a Halesowen Farm Trailer with lades, both unboxed 50-70
397.    DINKY - Supertoys 561 Blaw Knox Bulldozer, red with green tacks, in original box 40-60
398.    DINKY - Supertoys 751 Lawn Mower in original box 25-40
399.    DINKY - Supertoys 562 Dumper Truck in original box 50-60
400.    DINKY - Supertoys 563 Heavy Tractor, orange with green tracks, in original box 40-60
401.    DINKY - Junkers Ju 90 Air Liner in base of box with instruction leaflet on "gliding" Dinky aircraft, near mint; a Mercury Seaplane, metal fatigue affecting body and a Mayo Composite Aircraft no.63 in original box, metal fatigue has split on wing from the body 60-80
402.    CORGI - 1902 State Landau, Silver Jubilee 1977, in display box 5-10
403.    CORGI - eight modern boxed Original Omnibuses models (8) 30-40
404.    CORGI - 26 modern boxed models of buses - Original Omnibus examples and others (26) 70-100
405.    CORGI VANGUARDS - 7 1:43 scale boxed models including MGA Open Top 50th Anniversary, gold; Triumph Spitfire 40th Anniversary; Herald Covertible and VW Beetle Cabriolet (7) 30-40
406.    CORGI - Trackside scale 1:76 three car set, boxed; Scammell Handyman Log Trailer, boxed and ERF Flatbed trailer with timber load, boxed (3) 12-20
407.    CORGI GIFT SET NO.16 - Ecurie Ecosse Racing Car Transporter and three Racing Cars, in original box and comprising dark blue transporter with orange lettering; 152S BRM Racing car; 151A Lotus Mark Eleven Le Mans Racing Car and 150S Vanwall Formula 1 Grand Prix car all in original boxes 160-180
408.    CORGI - MGA red, unboxed; Austin Healey, cream, unboxed and a Spot On Sunbeam Alpine, light blue, unboxed (3) 25-35
409.    CORGI - Heinkel, light pink, unboxed; Morris Mini Minor, light blue, unboxed and Austin Seven, red, unboxed (3) 20-30
410.    CORGI - Ford Thames Airborne Caravan, two tone green, unboxed; Fiat 1800, light blue, unboxed; Volv P1800, red, unboxed; Ford Consul Classic, cream with pink roof, unboxed and Mercedes Benz 220 SE Coupe, dark red, unboxed (5) 25-40
411.    CORGI - eight unboxed cars including Bentley Continental Sports Saloon with jewelled lights and Fiat 2100 with jewelled lights (8) 25-40
412.    BRITAINS - Army Lorry with driver (and another driver) in original box 30-50
413.    A quantity of assorted unboxed diecast vehicles including Corgi, Dinky and Matchbox; some military vehicles; caravans; police cars and lorries also a boxed Corgi silver Jubilee bus; boxed Mobil vehicles and others (a lot) 30-40
414.    An NDC Breechloading Gun in original box and complete with one shell, firing instructions on inside of lid, the gun mounted on wood base, length of barrel 7cms 30-40
415.    A Britains Beetle Lorry with canopy and driver, unboxed; an armoured vehicle with three personnel and an unmarked heavy diecast military field ambulance with driver, all unboxed 50-70
416.    BRITAINS - a large green painted diecast field gun together with another similar in grey unpainted metal complete with shells and firing springs (2) both unboxed 50-60
417.    BRITAINS - 9730 4.7 Naval Gun in original display box with outer card cover 15-25
418.    BRITAINS - a field gun on chassis with extending stabilisers together with a searchlight on chassis with stabilisers and together with a large battery operated searchlight on green painted metal base "Astra Made in England" label to the back of the light, 10cms high (3) 40-50
419.    DINKY, LONE STAR & CRESCENT - military vehicles including Dinky Mighty Antar, Tank Transporter and Centurion Tank, all unboxed 30-40
420.    BRITAINS - a quantity of unboxed field guns, various types and other makes of field guns including a larger example and assorted shells 30-40
421.    Corgi, Britains, Dinky, Matchbox - a quantity of military vehicles including large field guns, armoured vehicles, landrovers, some painted cast soldiers and other figures (a lot) 30-50
422.    Two boxed Vanguards vehicles; a boxed Matchbox 75 Chevrolet Van; a quantity of unboxed vehicles and a boxed Triang Minic Motorways set and track 25-35
423.    A quantity of unboxed, assorted diecast vehicles (a lot) 25-35
424.    A quantity of assorted modern boxed diecast vehicles including Corgi, Trackside, Matchbox and others (a lot) 25-40
425.    A quantity of assorted modern boxed diecast models of buses, coaches and trams; includes Oxford, Exclusive First Editions, Atlas Editions and others (a lot) 40-60
426.    A quantity of unboxed models of buses, vans and others including some Corgi examples 20-30
427.    A quantity of unboxed diecast vehicles including Corgi Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Budgie, Matchbox Models of Yesteryear and others, contained in a small suitcase 20-30
428.    VANGUARDS - limited edition 1:43 scale - Morris Minor Convertible, cream; another, black; Triumph Herald Convertible, cream and two other boxed Vanguards (5) 15-25
429.    VANGUARDS - eight 1:43 scale models of cars including Rover 2000; VW Cabriolet; Rover P4 and Triumph Herald (8) 20-30
430.    VANGUARDS - nine limited edition 1:43 scale models including Triumph Spitfire, Mercedes Benz 300SL and Porsche 356 Soft Top; a 1:64 scale Post Office lorry and a 1:43 Royal Mail Van, all boxed (11) 25-40
431.    VANGUARDS - 14 limited edition 1:43 scale model cars including Triumph Spitfire MkII, Jaguar XK120, MGA Opentop and Austin Healey E all boxed (14) 30-50
432.    VANGUARDS - 14 1:43 scale cars including Jaguar E Type, Jaguar XK120, Triumph Spitfire MkII and Sunbeam Alpine MKII, all boxed (14) 30-50
433.    LLEDO - thirteen boxed models, some limited edition, including Jaguar E Type; Morris Minor 1000 convertible; Sunbeam Alpine Series II and MGA (13) 30-40
434.    OXFORD DIECAST - approx 33 boxed models of vans and buses, all in display boxes 30-40
435.    LLEDO - Vanguards 1:43 scale The Italian Job, boxed set; Rallye Monte Carlo boxed set and a Heritage Classics The Railway Collection boxed set (3) 20-30
436.    A quantity of boxed diecast vehicles including Carama Volvo digger; Royal Wedding boxed set; Models of Yesteryear and others, and a few unboxed (a lot) 25-40
437.    OXFORD 1:76 Railway Scale - 17 boxed diecast vehicles including milk float, Fordson tractor, vans, ice cream van and various cars, all boxed 15-25
438.    A Kanga Loader in box; an unboxed Corgi Priestman Digger; Oxford 1:76 scale vehicles; Oxford Roadshow vehicles boxed and other boxed models 20-30
439.    BRITAINS - Lilliput World Fordson Tractor with driver, LV/604, manufactured under licence by W Horton, in original box 30-40
440.    BRITAINS - Royal Artillery Gun and Ammunition (no ammunition) in original box together with a Salco Mickey's Fire Brigade Fire Engine (no figures) in original box (2) 25-35
441.    CHAD VALLEY - a Wee-Kin clockwork Humber Super Snipe, light brown, with key 20-30
442.    An early 20th Century novelty diecast saloon car pencil sharpener, the roof lifting off and fitted with a sharpener 15-25
443.    A waterline model of Queen Mary together with other unpainted waterline models of war ships by Dinky and others; an early Dinky tank; various figures, carts and other similar items 30-40
444.    Corgi - an unboxed Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with all figures present; unboxed Dinky aircraft including York, BEA Viscount, Air France Caravelle, Spitfire MkII and others; Lesney Karrier Bantam Coca-Cola and motorcycle on trailer 30-50
445.    A large quantity of modern dolls house furniture, furnishings and dolls, room settings include kitchen, sitting rooms, dining room, bedrooms and others (a lot) 50-70
446.    A 19th Century bisque shoulder head doll with moulded blonde hair, wearing a decorative snood, painted blue eyes and with white bisque lower arms and legs with painted black boots; cotton body, and wearing original silk hooded cape, white cotton dress with mother of pearl buttons and complete set of cotton and wool underwear, 57cms high 50-80
447.    A Heubach & Kopelsdork bisque socket head doll with impressed marks and 320.0 Germany, to back of head and with brown hair, fixed blue glass eyes, open mouth with teeth and on bent limb composition body, wearing a cotton dress, 40cms high 30-40
448.    A Simon & Halbig bisque socket head doll with impressed marks to back of head and with blond wig, sleeping blue glass eyes, pierced ears and open mouth with teeth showing, on jointed composition body and wearing original cotton dress with underclothes, 48cms high 30-50
449.    An Armand Marseille My Dream Baby bisque head with sleeping blue glass eyes; a composition black baby doll (head af); a composition bent limb body (af) and a small white leather dolls shoe 15-25
450.    An Art Deco pin cushion half doll with legs, the glazed porcelain doll with black bob hair and in gauze dress with black covered base, 10.5cms high 25-30
451.    A c.1930's ceramic half doll lavender bag, the doll modelled as a North American Indian girl holding a rifle and with net bag, 11.5cms high 30-40
452.    An Art Deco ceramic half doll powder puff, the doll with white cap, sideways glancing googly eyes and with hands clasped under chin, with original swans down puff, 10cms high 30-40
453.    A German glazed half doll by Dressel & Kister, the figure of a woman with well painted hair and face and with outstretched arms, wearing a cream lace dress, length of doll 10.5cms 20-25
454.    A 1920's lazed porcelain head pin cushion, the head of a young woman with black flapper style hair dressed with red comb and with original lace collar and lace covered base, 10.5cms high 30-40
455.    A 1920's German half doll by Dressel & Kister modelled as Pierette, 7.5cms high together with a small German glazed doll of a child dressed as a clown, with pierced base, 8cms high (2) 30-40
456.    Three c.1920's German made glazed doll heads - one wearing tall green striped hat, 6.5cms high, another wearing blue cloche hat, 6cms high and the other with pink headband, 5cms high (3) 40-50
457.    A small German bisque socket head doll having sleeping blue glass eyes, open mouth with teeth and on composition body with knitted clothing and painted socks and shoes, 16cms high; an Armand Marseille bisque shoulder head doll with sleeping blue glass eyes, open mouth with teeth and on jointed kid body, 36cms long together with another doll, some leather dolls shoes etc 30-40
458.    A Chad Valley teddy bear with golden plush, black stitched nose, plastic eyes, rexine pads and label to base of one foot 47cms high and together with another smaller teddy bear with light gold plush, black stitched nose 27cms high (2) 25-40
459.    A Merrythought teddy bear with golden plush, plastic eyes, stitched nose and fabric pads, labelled to base of one foot, 33cms high 20-30
460.    A Chad Valley teddy bear with golden plush, plastic eyes and stitched nose, velvet pads and label to underside of one foot, 34cms long 20-30
461.    A small modern Steiff teddy bear with champagne plush and button and label in ear, 19cms high together with another modern Steiff bear (lacks button) 24cms high (2) 25-40
462.    A modern Austrian made teddy bear with cinnamon plush and heart shaped medallion "Tiere Mit Herz" 47cms high together with two printed cloth dolls (3) 12-20
463.    ROLLING STONES - 19 singles, mainly Decca and including It's All Over Now/Good Times Bad Times; Get Off My Cloud/ The Singer Not The Song and Jumpin Jack Flash/Child of the Moon and a Bill Wyman single, all in original sleeves and contained in a plastic case 20-30
464.    Approx 125 EP's c.1950 - 1960's, many different including Ella Fitzgerald; Frank Ifield; Jim Reeves; songs from musicals; some classical and others, all in their original sleeves 20-25
465.    Thirty four assorted LP records including Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, Emmerson Lake & Palmer, Buzzcocks, U2, REO Speedwagon and many others contained in a carry case 20-30
466.    A collection of 78rpm records most in collections including Decca collection of marches and The Street Singer (Arthur Tracy) 8-16
467.    THE BEATLES - White Album No.0410684 and another The Beatles 1967-1970 Capitol blue discs (2) 10-15
468.    THE ROLLING STONES - Lp record Out of Our Heads Decca, mono LK 4733 and Around and Around Decca,158.012 (2) 10-15
469.    ELVIS PRESLEY - 20 singles, includes RCA1455 Crying in the Chapel/I Believe in the Man in The Sky and RCA1422 Aint That Loving You/Ask Me, all contained in a plastic file 10-15
470.    ELVIS PRESLEY - 24 LP records and a boxed set also a book on Elvis, all contained in a record carry case 20-30
471.    THE BEATLES - 5 LP records: Rubber Soul, mono PMC 1267; The Beatles 1962-1966, stereo PCSP 717; Help! mono PMC 1255; Please Please Me, stereo EMI and A Hard Days Night cover containing a French made Beatles LP (5) 12-20
472.    ELVIS PRESLEY - a quantity of LP records in a decorative case; two framed "Special Pink Pressings" LP records and a c.1950/60's plastic record folder 15-25
473.    ELVIS PRESLEY - a decorative box file containing assorted Elvis memorabilia including replica tickets, magazines, small posters and similar items 10-12
474.    ELVIS PRESLEY - 25 LP records including Rock "N" Roll No.2 RCA mono RD-7528 and Blue Hawaii RCA stereo SF8145 all in a carry case 20-30
475.    A framed Beatles montage centred with Magical Mystery Tour sleeve 10-15
476.    THE ROLLING STONES - EP's Five by Five mono DFE 8590, in original sleeve; Got Live if you want it! mono DFE 8620, in original sleeve; 5 Stones singles all Decca, 2 others and 3 Pink Floyd singles 15-25
477.    A quantity of LP records including Rod Stewart, Wham, George Michael, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Donna Summer and others (19) 12-20
478.    POP WEEKLY magazines - a quantity from First Year, Second Year, Third Year and Fourth Year, ranging from 1963 - 1966. (list available on request) 80-120
479.    A pair of Garter Ornaments on original printed card "Latest Novelty", c.1920's 10-15
480.    A gents black bowler hat "The Hampden" size 71/8 10-20
481.    A pair of Mondaine, Italy ladies silver leather evening shoes; another in black grosgrain with sequinned panel to the front and together with three lengths of West of England cloth - yellow dog tooth, blue/green/black check and Black Watch Tartan
482.    Eight assorted early/mid 20th Century decorative souvenir fans including Japanese and Spanish (8) 10-15
483.    An early 20th Century gentleman's black tail coat labelled "Chas Baker & Co, London WC", the collars with satin facings and with slight "quilting" under the arms 15-25
484.    A gents black silk top hat by Macqueen & Co London retailed by J H Hussey Cardiff, internal measurements 20cms x 16cms 15-20
485.    A quantity of early 20th Century white cotton cloths and bed linen including Madeira work sheets and bolster cases; a pair of white cotton and self embroidered pillow cases; a crochet work tea table cloth and other assorted table cloths 20-40
486.    A ladies Musquash coat labelled "C H R Smith Bath & Cheltenham" and with patterned silk lining 15-25
487.    A quantity of decorative gilt bullion thread garlands with colourful discs and silk tassles, possibly East European (a lot) 30-50
488.    A quantity of lengths of white cotton machine lace edgings, assorted trimmings; white cotton babies gowns; lengths of material; printed cotton; black machine lace and similar (a lot) 50-60
489.    An Edwardian cream wool babies Christening cloak trimmed with cream lace, the flounced cape with self coloured floral embroidered decoration and with original satin fastening ribbons and silk lining 25-35
490.    An Edwardian babies Christening gown, white cotton having short sleeves and with wide panel of self embroidered decoration and broderie anglaise detail; another Christening gown with decorative front panel and bodice and together with a quantity of other babies/todlers white cotton gowns, dresses and petticoats; a babies bonnet trimmed with long blue silk ribbons and other clothing all contained in a small suitcase (a lot) 40-60
491.    A Mabie Todd Swann fountain pen in dark green case and with original nib together with three other fountain pens (4) 20-30
492.    A French made Parker fountain pen in orange/brown casing and in box and together with a Yard O Led pencil in sterling silver case and in original box (2) 20-40
493.    A Burnham 51 fountain pen in blue/grey/black marbled case; a Burnham 44 fountain pen in similar darker case; another Burnham fountain pen in green/black marbled case and a Burnham propelling pencil in green/black marbled case (4) 30-50
494.    A Mabie Todd "Swan" fountain pen in gold metal casing and with eye dropper, in original box and together with two small, cylindrical magnets in case and a copper multi head seal 20-30
495.    A Parker (Canadian) Vacumatic fountain pen in gold/black stripes, with original nib and in box; a Mabie Todd Swan fountain pen in black case; a Parker Junior Duofold fountain pen in black case and some modern pen refills and a Cross box 30-40
496.    An autographed cricket bat - the full size Slazenger bat inscribed "To the Biggest Reprobate in Somerset from the Boys.... Brian Langford" and with mostly clear autographs from Pakistan, Derbyshire, Surrey, Somerset and Gloucestershire players c.1971 (list of autographs available) 25-40
497.    NO LOT
498.    NO LOT
499.    NO LOT

500.    An Ogdens Redbreast Flake (tobacco) tin with coloured litho decoration; a metal cigarette canister and cover and a small quantity of photo topo postcards 15-25
501.    A Lyons Tea octagonal horse racing themed tin "The Grand National Drink" and with coloured litho decoration of horses jumping a fence, the lid with revolving disc pointing to various horses, 14cms high 15-25
502.    A hand blown glass wall mounted barometer together with c.1920's boxed Japanese garden figures 10-15
503.    Four French Horns, three brass and one white metal, three in cases (4) 30-50
504.    A white metal plated tuba in modern carrying case, 41cms diam bell 30-40
505.    A Yamaha brass trombone in carrying case 15-20
506.    A Sterling Euphonium, white metal plated, and together with a brass Euphonium, both in modern carrying cases (2) 40-50
507.    A Weltklang white metal Euphonium in modern carrying case 20-25
508.    A Besson Westminster brass Euphonium in modern carrying case 30-40
509.    A quantity of assorted white metal mouthpieces for "brass" instruments 20-40
510.    An early 20th Century circular advertising mirror "Southalls Sanitary Towels" 26cms diam; a long handled wood hand mirror and a wood First Aid box (3) 20-30
511.    A WWI gold metal sweetheart badge centred with field gun "Bethune 1914-15"; a 1953 Coronation souvenir; a silver curb link Albert and silver fob and other items 20-30
512.    A pair of Carl Zeiss Jena Jenoptem 10x50 binoculars in leather carrying case 25-40
513.    A money box made from a CWS tin of Loganberies with slot to the top and small lock in the bottom, 10cms high 10-15
514.    A folding boxwood and brass rule by Rabone & Sons, Birmingham, possibly for boilers; having extending brass caliper rule to one end and marked "Round Iron per foot" and "Copper Furnaces", 24" extended 20-30
515.    A miners lamp having brass base, white metal top with curved copper and brass suspension hook, with original burner, no makes plate but stamped "Derby" and "15" to the base, 26cms high 30-50
516.    A Gecophone crystal radio "Approved by Post Master BBC" in wooden case and with original labelling to the outside, 16.5cms high 23cms wide 15cms deep 40-60
517.    A set of early 20th Century portable balance scales by De Grave short & Co, London in rectangular wood box with drawer in base 15-25
518.    An Edwardian penny operated Automatic cigarette dispenser; the wood case with instructions painted to the front glass panel, enamelled "license" disc to the side, brass pull drawer to the front. Dispenses a single cigarette for 1d , 46.5cms high 14cms wide 13cms deep 100-150
519.    A Mandolin labelled inside for "Carlo Ricordo Napoli" and with mother of pearl and tortoiseshell edging and decoration, in case 30-40
520.    An early 20th Century Vets metal portable cabinet having drop-down front and fitted with drawers, and side compartments, 34cms high max 25-40
521.    A c.1960 Elizabeth Arden picture disc "Disc-Course on Beauty" together with three Trusound picture disc story records (4) 15-25
522.    A Bundy clarinet in fitted case with spare reeds and other accessories 15-25
523.    A flute by Gemeinhardt in fitted case
524.    A Kodak Retinette 1B camera in leather case; another similar in leather case; a Soho Cadet folding camera in leather case; a Kodak Instant camera in case and a pair of Tohyoh Carl Veitch 12x50 binoculars in case 30-40
525.    A quantity of late 19th and early 20th Century commemorative medallions including "South Shields Honours Heroic Maffeking"; Victoria Gold and Diamond Jubilees; Edward VII coronation; George V Coronation and others (a lot) 30-40
526.    Shelley Mabel Lucie Attwell nursery porcelain - a Baby's Plate' cup and two saucers and a small plate 30-40
527.    A 19th Century Rogers, Sheffield corkscrew with turned wood handle, solid brass barrel, makers plate fitted to barrel
528.    A crystal radio contained in wood case and having bakelite dial and with earphones marked Brunet et Cie Paris, size of case 19cms high 22.5cms wide 14.5cms deep 30-40
529.    Six Sunday School attendance medals; coins, a gents wristwatch and white metal chain 8-16
530.    Hopalong Cassidy - a Timex wristwatch in original box and on original Western saddle stand, with original Guarantee slip 20-30
531.    A Mabel Lucie Attwell jig saw puzzle in original box; 3 Isle of Wight sand tubes; a commemorative copper tray "Nelson's Flagship Foudroyant 1798 - 1897" and a Rev Audry book The Twin Engines 20-30
532.    A pair of late 19th Century opera glasses with lacquered gilt metal frames, turned ivory eye pieces and ivorine barrels 15-25
533.    An interesting collection of metal pin and enamelled badges, many early 20th Century and including Robertsons Scouting Golly, Bristol Speedway Supporters Club, Jaffa Fun Club, Lyons Tea, Bisto, Dan Dare, The League of Ovaltinies and many others (a lot) 25-40
534.    Two miniature cigarette packets with plastic "cigarette" contents - Players Navy Cut and Wills Wild Woodbine (2) 20-30
535.    Dubarry Dancing Time perfume holder, the turned boxwood container with screw-off cover and with original labels c.1930's, 8cms high and a small shaped rectangular enamelled brass container and cover (2) 15-25
536.    A small Victorian Tunbridge ware stamp box, the cover with profile portrait of Queen Victoria, 4.5cms x 4cms 20-30
537.    A pair of early 20th Century binoculars by Kershaw Bino Prism No.2 MKII x6 in leather case and together with another pair of binoculars in leather case (2) 30-40
538.    A c.1940's light oak collectors cabinet, the glazed door enclosing 28 narrow drawers, each numbered on an ivorine panel, the bottom two drawers containing some microscope slides, 42cms x 39cms x 33cms deep 100-150
539.    A Mauchlinware tatting shuttle with "Ilfracombe" image; a German porcelain doll needle holder; a carved wood umbrella needle case; an "acorn" coquilla nut thimble holder; a shell decorated needleholder and an oval needleholder with applied ceramic disc portrait decoration (6)
540.    An old Australian Aborigine boomerang, simply fashioned from a single piece of wood, one side slightly wider than the other, 42.5cms long and together with a New Zealand stone axe head labelled and dated 1900, 7.5cms (2) 80-120
541.    A late 19th Century stained wood collectors cabinet of 10 drawers, each drawer with original bun handles and with lift-off glass cover and containing a fascinating collection of fossils, geological samples, natural history samples, old flint tools and horseshoes. Many items labelled and identified, some labels dated from the middle of the 19th Century, 68cms high 47cms wide 28cms deep 400-600
542.    A leatherette covered lace pillow with centrally fitted barrel with paper pattern and attached turned wood bobbins together with a large quantity of turned wood bobbins with glass spangles
543.    Wireless related books - including The wireless Constructor's Encyclopaedia 1935; an Epoch Speakers catalogue 1930-1931; Everyman's Wireless Book and others 10-15
544.    An Edison motor from a phonograph c.1920's, named "Edison Konowatt" 15-25
545.    A c.1920's Edison Ediphone Dictaphone and shaving machine in original black metal floor standing cabinet, the drawer in base containing some wax cylinders, 84cms high 60-80
546.    A c.1930's wood cased speaker, the arched case with fleur de lis panel to the front, 33.5cms high 10-20
547.    A c.1950's Dictaphone Model A12, the table top machine with speaking tube, 25cms high 32cms wide 30-40
548.    A c.1950's Dictaphone dictating machine Cameo Model with speaking tube, 20cms high 30cms wide 20-40
549.    An Osram Four New Music Magnet reciever with Gecophone cans inside, in wood case 23cms high 47.5cms wide 31cms deep 20-30
550.    A c.1920's National Portable Radio, the valve radio in rectangular oak case with leather carrying strap, 32cms high 40.5cms wide 20cms deep 15-25
551.    Crested china - two Carlton China jockeys each standing on rocky type base, Kings Lynn and City of London 12.5cms high (2) 40-60
552.    A novelty table striker in the form of a jockey on racehorse, the striker mounted in a tethering post behind the horse, cold painted metal, c.1950's 17.5cms high 30-40
553.    Crested China - racehorse with jockey up, Cheltenham crest, Carlton china together with another with Paignton crest (2) 20-30
554.    Crested China - Racehorse with jockey up, Newmarket crest, Carlton China, good condition; another similar (jockeys colours crazed) and two others similar one with damage the other with restoration (4) 30-50
555.    Crested china - an Arcadian horses hoof, Wetherby crest together with five others similar with different crests (6) 10-15
556.    A collection of crested china including Willow Shetland pony, City of Worcester; Goss ancient cooking pot Shakespeares Arms; Arcadian horseshoe, Thirsk crest; sundial Nether Stowey and others (a lot) 15-25
557.    A painted metal figure of a jockey standing on black ceramic base with gilt "21" to the base, 12cms high and together with two tins with racing related decoration (3) 12-20
558.    Central African Rhodes Centenary Exhibition 1853 - 1953 - large printed head scarf 10-15
559.    A Victorian cased pocket barometer, compass and thermometer; the barometer in gilt metal case and with silvered metal dial, 5cms diam 30-50
560.    A good quality Edwardian oak smokers cabinet, having pair of doors with applied arched mouldings, brass furniture and each door with applied brass Royal coat of arms, the interior fitted with drawers and pipe rack, the top with engraved brass presentation plaque "Presented to C S Wills Esq by the Members of Fishponds Liberal Club November 10 1891" , with contents and with hand written letter from Charles Wills, 32.5cms high 30cms wide 22.5cms deep max

Provenance: The cabinet was given by Charles Wills to a colleague, the letter is written to the recipient and although does not refer to the cabinet, conveys a strong friendship. 100-150
561.    A New Zealand Sno-Fur Opussum throw, labelled "Hand made from "Wild" New Zealand Mountain Opossums...." and with patterned cotton backing, 228cms x 203cms 30-40
562.    GUINNESS - a set of humorous prints after John Ireland "The Gentle Art of Making Guinness" in plastic clip frames 42.5cms x 30cms (12)
563.    A Dunhill silver metal cased cigarette lighter in original box, the rectangular lighter with guilloche decoration 20-30
564.    BEDLINGTON TERRIER - a quantity of items relating to Bedlington Terriers including a handbag with tapestry panel; CWS Bedlington Equitable Jubilee celebration ceramic plates and dish; teapot and cup and saucer decorated with image of terriers; mixed ephemera from shows, prints and similar items (a lot) 20-40