Collectors Sale on
Wednesday 10th May 2017

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400.    Six small frames each containing three well mounted Kensitas silk flower cards (6) 15-30
401.    J WIX - Kenisitas silk Flowers, 54 in paper wallets contained in a "Flowers" album together with three extras and an empty card and together with a Players adhesive album Coronation King George VI (2) 30-50
402.    CARRS (Biscuits) - Cricketers, large cards (20/20) and National Spastics Society - Famous County Cricketers, booklet (24/24) 30-50
403.    SMITHS - Battlefields of Great Britain (24/50) 30-50
404.    FRYS - Fowls Pigeons & Dogs (50/50) 40-60
405.    CHURCHMANS - Prominent Golfers (27/50) 30-50
406.    OGDENS - Soldiers of the King, blue front (50/50) 40-60
407.    F & J SMITH - Cinema Stars (25/25) 30-40
408.    CHURCHMAN - 3 Jovial Golfers (36/36) 20-40
409.    SCARCER CRICKETER RELATED CARDS - Taddy South African Cricket Team 1907 (4/16); Wills Cricketer 1901 (9/50) and Pattreiouex Cricketer series (5) 30-40
410.    OGDENS - Poultry, no "Ogdens" on the front (25/25) 25-35
411.    LAMBERT & BUTLER - The Thames from Lechlade to London, small numbers (48/50) 30-40
412.    A & BC GUM - Cricketers 1961 Test Series, 90mm x 64mm (48/48) 25-35
413.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - part sets including Edward Ringer & Bigg Dogs and Wills cricketers contained in a slot-in album, three adhesive albums and some loose postcards 20-30
414.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of assorted silk cards including Wix and Phillips together with assorted odds and part sets (a lot) 25-40
415.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of Royalty related odds, full and part sets including Wills and Players and copies of Sunday Times etc 12-20
416.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - odds and part sets including A&BC Gum Football Quiz; Wills; Players and others 20-30
417.    VARIOUS TRADE CARDS - odds and part sets including A & BC Gum Man From UNCLE, Monkees, Flags of the World and others; Nabisco; Chix Bubble Gum and Weetabix (a lot) 30-40
418.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of odds and part sets including Edwards Ringer & Bigg Sports & Games in Many Lands; Players Cricketers 1930; Wills Cricketers 1928 and others contained in a modern album 30-40
419.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of odds and part sets including Players Everyday Phrases, Tom Browne; Ogdens; Copes Boxers; Baker & Co Beauties of All Nations A Baker & Co backs; Carreras; Godfrey Phillips and others 40-60
420.    VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS - a quantity of odds and part sets including some adhesive albums 15-25
421.    An album of approx 150 postcards, many photographic beauties and romance also selection of foreign including Salonica and others, c.1905 - 1920 40-60
422.    Map of the Inland Navigation of England and Wales, set of four 19th Century engraved maps by Bingley for Moules English Counties, 26.5cms x 20.5cms (4) 12-20
423.    A collection of over 300 postcards includes a number of WWI embroidered French cards; chromo litho Christmas and other greetings; artist drawn beauties; animals; artist drawn view cards and others contained in four small modern albums (4) 150-200
424.    Sixteen film related books including Film Review books, MGM Story, Warner Bros story and others 8-16
425.    A 19th Century scrap book containing newspaper cuttings and illustrations, the book with marbled boards and leather spine; an Edwardian leather bound scrap album containing hand written prose, drawings and watercolours; another album and three much later albums of magazines cut-outs and scraps (6) 40-60
426.    Shipping ephemera: Union Castle Line - a quantity of menus from RMS Edinburgh Castle and Winchester Castle c.1935 & 1948; Capetown Castle Maiden Voyage book 1938; a Cunard "Queen Elizabeth" launch souvenir book 1938 etc 20-40
427.    A quantity of Shell Oil related ephemera including booklets, books, photgraphs etc 10-20
428.    A quantity of P & O cruise menus (modern) 10-20
429.    Approx 32 loose postcards including Bonzo, Felix, children, comic; artists include D Tempest, Beatrice Mallet, Mabel Lucie Attwell, Flora White and others c.1927 - 1930 20-40
430.    A Victorian leather bound photograph album containing contemporary photographic portraits 20-40
431.    A 19th Century album of large commercially produced photographs of Venice together with a Victorian album containing a few contemporary photographic portraits (2) 30-40
432.    An album of sentimental embossed postcards; some chromo litho greetings cards c.1910 - 1915 and together with a scrap album glued with newspaper cut-outs and printed portraits many relating to naval leaders and ships (2) 25-40
433.    Nine monochrome printed postcards, each depicting a different type of Indian including "The Hackery", "The New Market Cooly" and "The Chuprassie", all unused, c.1910 (9) 12-25
434.    Two postcards depicting "The Royal Mail Route" - To Ireland via Holyhead and Dublin to Holyhead, both coloured artists depictions (unused but both creased) and together with a set of nine unused early chromo litho postcards by Meissner & Buch of ancient ruins c.1900 15-25
435.    A set of 10 WWI postcards by F Mackain "Sketches of Tommy's Life - At The Base" (10) 15-25
436.    A "photographic" postcard of - Hartlepool Bombarded by the Germans, December 1914 together with four printed photographic postcards of Bombardment of Hartlepool Dec 16th 1914 (5) 15-25
437.    A collection of approx 28 Chapmans photographic postcards of Dartmoor and surround, includes Sheepstor, Widdecombe, Fingle Bridge and Moretonhampstead 20-30
438.    Two humorous postcards by Edith M Graveley of cats drinking water from "Harrogate Sulphur Well", both used, 1910 15-25
439.    Delhi Durbar - 19 printed photographic postcards relating to the 1911 Coronation Durbar, includes views of the Polo ground, Post Office, Government of India Camp and others, unused 15-25
440.    A quantity of loose postcards of French towns and views c.1910 - 1930's includes Arras, Marseille, Biarritz and others 12-20
441.    A quantity of assorted loose postcards including photo topo Butlins Bognor Regis c.1965; Slapton Sands and Ley, Southsea, Lake District and others c.1910 - 1960's 12-20
442.     A collection of small black and white photographs taken aboard ship Olympia c.1920's on a journey through the Suez Canal and to India; images include views on board the ship, Suez Canal, entrance to Bombay harbour, Calcutta and others 20-30
443.    A quantity of early 20th Century photo topo postcards, various areas including Cornwall, and others c.1908 - 1920's 15-30
444.    A "Sunny Memories" album of photographs c.1915 - 1919, containing a good selection of photographs of family groups in Newquay 1915; Llwyn Celyn with early motorbike; Torquay; Peace Celebrations in Malvern 1919 and others 30-40
445.    An album of approx 106 mainly photo topo postcards including some West Country views, some artist drawn and some foreign c.1910 - 20's together with another album of c.1960's postcards (2) 30-50
446.    A collection of postcards of steam and diesel locomotives contained in two file albums, also includes photographs of railway related items and together with another file album of assorted postcards (3) 25-40
447.    A quantity of loose assorted postcards including photo topo; military; chromo litho greetings; music hall artistes and others 20-30
448.    An album of approx 213 postcards including 10 WWI embroidered silks; Royalty; rp's of Bow (Devon); early views of Copplestone (Devon); Mabel Lucie Attwell and others, c.1905 - 1920's 40-60
449.    Louis Wain illustrated childs book Funny Favourites, printed in Bavaria 12-25
450.    A collection of old advertising stamps and stickers including Walden Worcester Wrenches; foreign examples; Waverley Paraffine Wax and others and together with some modern foreign postage stamps contained in a stockbook and loose pages 25-40
451.    A mixed collection of postcards contained in a modern album and including photo topo, artist drawn, some local views, animals, children and others c.1910 - modern 30-40
452.    Star Trek - a quantity of books, albums, stickers and similar together with some newspapers and magazines relating to moon landings 12-20
453.    A collection of approx 50 WWI embroidered silk postcards including Lord Kitchener "Gone but not Forgotten"; RFC and others mainly flowers, flags and similar 140-180
454.    A 1911 Trade sample selection of greetings cards in album "The Tiger Selection of Personal Greetings Cards for Christmas" containing a good selection of different designs of cards 50-80
455.    An Italian James Deane film poster for Rebel without a Cause, 32cms x 42cms 15-20
456.    A Victorian scrap album glued with embossed crests from letter heads and covers, most with hand written identification and together with an early 20th Century album of hand written verse, drawings and watercolours c.1929 (2) 30-40
457.    An album of approx 88 interesting postcards includes local views of Minehead including rp by Hole of Minehead after the Gale; Chapman cards; early Devizes; Tidworth Station; Dartmoor and others c.1904 -1910 40-60
458.    An album of approx 87 older postcards including rp of Sea Walls, Durdham Down Bristol; Weston super Mare; Lynmouth; Montague Cooper's photographic studio Taunton; some foreign; some artist drawn, c.1905 - 1910 50-80
459.    An album of approx 91 interesting assorted postcards including chromo litho Christmas Greetings; early view of Church St Minehead; Chapman card of Sticklepath; South Tawton; rp HMS Hussar; artist drawn animals; rp Thorverton Bridge; chromo litho Price's Candle Co Sea Battles and others c.1905 - 1910 100-130
460.    An album of approx. 100 interesting postcards including early views of Rickmansworth; Stratton village near Bude; Wooton Courtenay; rp of hunting; Dartmoor; chromo litho Christmas greetings; artist drawn and others c.1905 - 1910 120-150
461.    A Victorian leather bound photograph album with chromo litho decorated pages, (empty) 20-30
462.    An Edwardian scrap album glued with an assortment of chromo litho greetings cards 25-40
463.    A quantity of assorted loose chromo litho greetings cards, includes Christmas and some advertising together with some loose postcards 25-40
464.    Two late Victorian small leather bound photograph albums, each with original clasp and with tooled decoration to the covers and containing contemporary photographic family portraits (2) 40-60
465.    A set of six Florence Hardy postcards pub Faulkner of dances (6) 15-25
466.    Three sets of Edwardian embossed chromo litho postcards of romantic subjects, all unused 30-40
467.    A quantity of loose mainly sentimental greetings postcards, some chromo litho Christmas, artist drawn Christmas and others, c.1900 - 1920 (a lot) 30-40
468.    Fifteen WWI embroidered silk postcards, flowers and flags, some with inserts together with a quantity of other WWI military related postcards including some coloured printed of military camps 40-60
469.    An interesting quantity of loose postcards includes photo topo; Motor Bus at Salford; children; comic; Theatre stars; song cards Randolph Caldecott hunting and others, c.1905 - 1920 50-70
470.    A late Victorian leather bound photograph album with metal clasp, "The As You Like It Album" the pages with chromo litho decoration and quotes from Shakespeare, and filled with contemporary photographic portraits 40-60
471.    A collection of postcards relating to steam and diesel locomotives and railways, some photographic cards of individual locos; some reproductions of early cards; more modern coloured cards and other related items contained in two file albums (2) 40-60
472.    A collection of postcards of aeroplanes including some reproductions of early photos of Hawker aircraft; passenger jets including Vickers BOAC, more modern including Condor, Air Europe, Britannia and others all contained in a file album 20-30
473.    Approx 168 photo topo postcards of Weston Super Mare and Cleeve Abbey (Washford); includes many different views of Weston including some artist drawn and ranging from c.1906 - c.1960's all contained in a modern album 30-50
474.    Approx 164 postcards of Glastonbury Abbey and Wells Cathedral c.1904 - 1940's contained in a modern album 20-30
475.    A collection of French correspondence - letters, postcards and mixed ephemera c.1900 - 1920's all relating to the Armandias Family.

Victor Armandias and his brother Alfred set up a clothing business in England at the end of the 19th Century (full history available on request) 40-60
476.    Great Britain, British Commonwealth and other stamps housed in five albums (5) 40-60
477.    Great Britain - some loose album pages with GB stamps Victoria - Elizabeth II together with some mint packs and FDC 15-20
478.    Approx 21 coin covers c.1990 - 1996 and including The Penny Black and Nigel Mansell all contained in a modern file album 20-40
479.    British Commonwealth and World stamps contained in stockbooks, files and albums (6) 30-40
480.    A general collection of postage stamps contained in a Strand album, reasonable France 20-40
481.    The All World collection housed in two albums (2) 20-40
482.    A Lincoln Stamp Album of earlier World issues 15-20
483.    An album of 32 First Day Covers includes Special covers, miniature sheets and booklets 20-30
484.    Four empty stockbooks (4) 12-20
485.    A quantity of albums/stockbooks including Jersey with mint sets; H.K all periods; Cape plus Turks; Papua plus Solomons; Cook Is. Singapore and approx 200 stock cards 40-50
486.    A quantity of GB and foreign stamps contained in albums, loose on and off paper; covers; some mint packs and similar (a lot) 30-50
487.    The All World collection on loose leaves in a file album, earlier used examples together with a collection of FDC's in an album and loose c.1968 - 2004 30-40
488.    GREAT BRITAIN - 1965 Salvation phosphor and ordinary pairs on fine illustrated fdc, pmk Bristol 30-40
489.    AUSTRALIA - m/u 1937-85, unm hingeless to 2008 inc strips, mini sheets etc, also A.A.T (3) 190-220
490.    CANADA - unm hingeless 2001-7 inc sheetlets etc 30-50
491.    GUERNSEY - 2002-9, ALDERNEY to 2008/9; Isle of Man 1973 - 2009 all unm in Hawids, few earlier odds inc panes (3) 200-220
492.    GIBRALTAR - unm hingeless and panes 1975 - 2010, m & u earlier Queen Elizabeth (2) 150-200
493.    FIJI - 1974 - 2009 unm Hawids, earlier m & u Queen Elizabeth, inc panes etc 70-90
494.    IRELAND - 1986 - 99 unm Hawids, earlier m & u from indep. inc booklets etc 110-130
495.    MALTA - 1978 - 2001 unm Hawid inc panes etc. Earlier to George VI m & u 40-60
496.    NEW ZEALAND - Dep Tokelau 1987 - 2008 unm & panes HAWID, earlier m & u. ROSS 1994 - 07 unm HAWID & earlier m & u 40-60
497.    NEW ZEALAND - 1985 - 2010 unm hingeless, from 1953 m & u some unm inc all early mini sheets unm; few booklets (4) 280-320
498.    NORFOLK ISLES - 1978 - 2000 unm Hawids, inc sheetlets etc. earlier m, unm or u 40-60
499.    PAPUA NEW GUINEA - 1983 - 97 unm Hawid (few gaps) earlier sets u 35-45
500.    PITCAIRN - 1974 - 2008 unm Hawid earlier m, unm, u 40-60
501.    SOUTH & SOUTH WEST AFRICA - Queen Elizabeth to 1991, unm, u collection, inc m/s 25-40
502.    CANADA - 1952-90, from 1986 unm hingeless earlier largely complete, unm, m, u 40-60
503.    U S A - 1947 - 2015 several early u, gaps, unm hingeless from 1987, huge face value (5) 150-180
504.    GREAT BRITAIN - two albums of decimal packs inc H.V pack 18 (2) 15-20
505.    GREAT BRITAIN - between 1966 and 2003, ill fdc no Phil Bureau, about 1/2 local pmk, half special place cancels (approx 200) 20-30
506.    A shoebox full of good mix, plenty unm Canada, covers, packets 20-30
507.    A brown stockbook, decimal GB machins main higher u, mint US etc 50-60
508.    GREAT BRITAIN - three unm 10 Queen Elizabeth defs. 20-25
509.    GREAT BRITAIN - unm dec to recent, face 2,000 1000-1200
510.    NAURU - unm Hawid 1980 - 98, unm, m, u earlier issues inc m/sheets 25-35
511.    CHRISTMAS ISLE - unm Hawid 1981 - 2004. Cocos Keeling unm hingeless 1979 - 2004, both with unm, m, u earlier 50-60
512.    A red stockbook of sterling, decimal defins, face app 85 inc papers, perfs, phosphors etc 25-35
513.    GREAT BRITAIN - two album decimal unm inc TL blocks inc good earlies, from Ulster to Scout & Guides (2) 120-150
514.    GREAT BRITAIN - album of sterling commems mainly in blocks, NPY onwards 20-30
515.    GREAT BRITAIN - Penny reds on leaves, various to plate 221 (135) 20-40
516.    GREAT BRITAIN - modern decimal issues on cards, in booklets etc, face approx.500 280-350
517.    GREAT BRITAIN - 2002-2010 36 smiler and other sheets, face 460 40-60
518.    Great Britain - two 2000 Smilers LS1, cat 80 15-25
519.    Great Britain - two 2000 Christmas sheets, LS2, cat 360 30-40
520.    Great Britain - two 2001 Christmas sheets, LS3, cat 360 30-50
521.    GREAT BRITAIN - 1887 used 11/2d to 5d duplicated on 19 contemporary pages inc shades, pinks, perfs and prob varieties 30-40
522.    GREAT BRITAIN - Edward VII used 2d to 7d duplicated on 13 contemporary pages, inc pinks, perfins, prob varieties, shades 30-40
523.    GREAT BRITAIN - Official opt Inl Revenue, 6 contemporary pages; QV 1d, 3 Edw VII 1d, some 1/2d 20-30
524.    GREAT BRITAIN - Official Army, QV 1d x 4 pages, Edward VII 1/2d x 3 pages, 1d x 9 pages also QV 1/2d various x 3 pages 20-30
525.    GREAT BRITAIN - 1948 27th April v fine marginal on unadressed plain cover 20-30
526.    A cigar box containing loose world, few covers, mainly older 30-40
527.    State Express large tin of m & u world, mainly pre Queen Elizabeth 30-40
528.    A green Simplex album, m & u Commonwealth and Europe, pre Queen Elizabeth 60-80
529.    A large box, stock pages inc South Africa, unused album, covers etc 10-15
530.    A largish envelope of covers to bank from pre-war to early Queen Elizabeth several with loose stamps inc uc fdc, overseas mainly 15-25
531.    NEW ZEALAND - 1898 1/2 green, 1901 Universal 1d red u on 3 pages and few QV 10-15
532.    AUSTRALIA NEW SOUTH WALES 1888 blue emu and 1d purple, 1897 1d, 21/2 arms and QV, u, duplicated on contemporary large sheets, could be any thing (approx 450) pinks, flaws, perfs, anything 30-40
533.    AUSTRALIA QUEENSLAND - 1895ish 1d, 2d on 2 sheets and few SA and WA 10-15
534.    AUSTRALIA VICTORIA - 1901 2 large pages, 1d rose, 1 of 2d lilac, 1 of 1890 1d chestnut all contempory pages unchecked inc pairs etc etc 30-40
535.    All World stamps contained in two stockbooks 20-40
536.    A collection of First Day covers c.1969 - 1977 15-25
537.    A large quantity of GB FDC's c.1960's - 1980's; a few mint packs; some Channel Island covers and similar contained in a suitcase (a lot) 40-60
538.    A large quantity of GB FDC's c.1980's; Canada Souvenir Collection books and others (a lot) 40-60
539.    The All World collection housed in two Favourite Philatelic Albums, mainly early 20th Century used (2) 40-60
540.    A quantity of modern commemorative crowns, some still in paper rolls, some earlier GB coins and similar (a lot) 30-50
541.    VICTORIA - Half Sovereign 1897 80-100
542.    A quantity of assorted GB coins mainly George V - Elizabeth II including pennies, halfpennies, brass 3d's; later shillings, half crowns etc (a lot) 30-50
543.    VICTORIA - Crown 1889, f; a small quantity of other silver coins together with a quantity of half silver coins 30-50
544.    A quantity of assorted GB and foreign coins, includes some George III gaming tokens; George V crown 1935; commemorative medallions and similar (a lot) 30-40
545.    GEORGE V - ELIZABETH II - a quantity of commemorative crowns, half crowns, Canada Dollar 1953 and others and a nickel cased open face pocket watch 20-30
546.     A quantity of modern commemorative crowns; pre decimal pennies, florins and others; some 20th Century foreign including Spain, Austria, New Zealand and others 25-40
547.    Belgium - Leopold silver 5 Francs 1850, dot above date, vf 12-20
548.    A quantity of assorted mainly GB coins 12-20
549.    A quantity of assorted GB coins including some half silver; post 1947; pennies; brass 3d's ; commemorative coins and others; a National Service medal and miniature and some assorted military and other badges 30-40
550.    Royal Mint - a cased set of 17 silver and some gold plated proof commemorative coins in polished wood box with printed cards 120-150
551.    VICTORIA - Halfcrown 1885, f; George III Irish Halfpenny 1805, f/worn and other coins 40-60
552.    A National Commercial Bank of Scotland Ltd 1 note Edinburgh 16th September 1959 together with The British Linen Bank 5 note Edinburgh 7th January 1959, together with two laminated Bank of England white 5 notes (4) 15-25
553.    EDWARD III - silver long cross penny, Durham mint, f/worn 10-15
554.    A Sherborne Halfpenny token 1793, with incuse lettering to rim, f 12-20
555.    VICTORIA - Crown 1889, f and USA $1 1886 in plastic case (2) 20-30
556.    The London Mint Office - The Millionaires Collection, 12 modern strikings of early coins in original box and with file of information and details of all coins 40-60
557.    A quantity of mainly modern commemorative coins contained in two wooden coin boxes; a coin album of assorted GB and others 40-60
558.    A small quantity of coins including George VI Seychelles Half Rupee 1939; a 19th Century Tasmania penny size token "Andrew Mather Hobart Town Family Draper.."; George VI New Guinea one shillings and others 15-25
559.    Medieval coins - 16 cut silver long/short cross 1/4 penny coins 20-30
560.    A Birmingham one penny token 1812 contained in a turned lignum vitae container 15-25
561.    A quantity of GB and foreign coins includes some silver coins, ranging from 19th - 20th Century; commemorative medallions; also a few off paper stamps and a sheet of GB Kings & Queens of England stamps (a lot) 40-60
562.    GEORGE III - Bahama Halfpenny token 1806, vf 20-30
563.    A very large quantity of GB pennies George V - Elizabeth II, contained in two large jars 30-50
564.    Bank of England 5 notes - 3 signed Page and 3 signed Fforde; six 1 notes in poor condition and a 10/- note in poor condition 30-50
565.    GEORGE VI - a large quantity of post 1947 Florins, Shillings, some Halfcrowns and a few pennies (a lot) 30-50
566.    EDWARD VII - ELIZABETH II a large quantity of pennies, some halfpennies and later sixpences, florins, brass 3d's and others (a lot) 20-40
567.    A quantity of pennies - Victoria - Elizabeth II and a quantity of farthings (a lot) 15-30
568.    VICTORIA - Double Florin 1887, ef; Halfcrown 1887 (2) vf and GEORGE V - Halfcrown 1918 ef (4 in total) 40-60
569.    GEORGE IV - Crown 1821 SECUNDO, f 15-25
570.    VICTORIA - Crown 1893 LVI, f; another 1897 LXI f/vf and other coins (14 in total) 30-50
571.    A quantity of mixed GB coins - George V - Elizabeth II including shillings, florins, sixpences, silver 3d's; half crowns; halfpennies; some decimal (a lot) 40-60
572.    A large quantity of loose GB and foreign coins, mainly 20th Century, two USA $1 notes, commemorative coins and similar (a lot) 30-50
573.    VICTORIA - Maundy set 1895 contained in original red leather fitted case ef 90-130
574.    GEORGE III - Penny 1806, no incuse hair curl, ef 30-40
575.    VICTORIA - Halfcrown 1900, vf; Sixpence 1887 withdrawn type shield and garter rev. ef and a quantity of Victoria - Edward VII Florins and Halfcrowns in mixed condition 40-60
576.    JAMES II - silver 2d, 1688, vf 20-30
577.    VICTORIA - silver fourpence, rev Britannia seated, 1851, vf+ 20-40
578.    A quantity of assorted coins George III - Elizabeth II includes small silver, pennies, farthings, decimal and others (a lot) 60-80
579.    VICTORIA - Maundy set 1893, vf/ef 70-80
580.    HENRY III - silver Long Cross Penny, provincial phase 1248-1250, Lincoln, class 3d, Ricard on Linc, ef/vf 50-60
581.    EAST INDIA COMPANY - Victoria silver Half Rupee 1840, ef 20-25
582.    VICTORIA - silver 3d's - 1883 and 1892; Groats - 1838, 1840, 1842, 1843 and 1855 (7 in total) 12-15
583.    HENRY III - short cross 1216 - 1247 silver penny, class 7a - Simun on Cante, f/vf 25-35
584.    VICTORIA - Farthing 1839 vf and Half Farthing 1844 ef (2) 12-15
585.    ELIZABETH I - silver Groats, second issue 1560-61, mintmarks cross crosslet and martlet (2) some creasing 30-50
586.    CRUSADERS - Bottemund III 1149-1163 Denier of Antioch, bare head type, f/vf 30-40
587.    CRUSADERS - William de la Roche Duke of Athens 1280-1287 Denier of Thebes, vf 35-45
588.    VICTORIA - Sixpence 1887 and Shilling 1887 both ef (2) 15-25
589.    CHARLES I - Richmond Farthing, mintmark annulet, S3183, vf/f 15-20
590.    EDWARD I - 1272-1307 silver Pennies of Bristol, Canterbury and Durham (3 in total) 30-40
591.    ELIZABETH I - silver Sixpence 1589, minmark crescent, f (large and round) 45-55
592.    HENRY II - short cross silver Penny 1180-89, York mint, Class Ib - Gerard.on.Ever, S1344 60-80
593.    EDWARD III - 1327-1377 silver Pennies of Durham and York and a London Halfpenny 15-25
594.    GEORGE IV Farthing Token, F.West, 17 Drury Lane, London, Spectacle Maker (1822-1825) "To All Who Value Their Sight", Galata 3010. RR. ef 15-25
595.    ELIZABETH I - silver Groat, first issue 1559-1560, small bust, mintmark Lis, S.2551A 40-50
596.    LOW COUNTRIES - Gaugher of Chatillon 1313-1322, silver Sterling of Yves, type as Edward English penny but reads Mohet Houa (Y.VE) 12-20
597.    HENRY VII - Canterbury Half Groat (S.2211) and EDWARD VI in name of Henry VIII Canterbury Half Groat (S.2415) and Penny (S.2422) (3 in total) 40-60
598.    HENRY III - long cross coinage 1247-1272 silver Pennies (3) and cut fractions (4) (7 in total) 30-40
599.    CHARLES I - silver Halfcrown, mintmark star (1640-1641) S.2779, from the Civil War Hoard of c.1643, found Bedale Yorkshire 2009, usual weak areas, lustrous f/vf 100-150
600.    A quantity of assorted GB pennies Victoria - Elizabeth II; some decimal 1p's; brass 3d's and others 20-40
601.    A quantity of modern commemorative crowns; Festival of Britain crown in box and First Decimal coin wallets 25-40
602.    Bank of England - 1 notes signed Somerset (2) and 10/- note signed O'Brien (3 in total) 10-15
603.    VICTORIA MAUNDY MONEY - 1884 complete set in original leather covered case, ef 100-150
604.    A Sterling silver Duckhams Silver Jubilee medallion in box with card; a 1951 Festival of Britain crown in green box and a silver ingot in packaging 20-30
605.    Polish State Loan Bank - thirty 1000 Marek banknotes 1919 together with two Reichsbanknote 1000 Mark notes 1910 and a 10000 Mark note 1922 (33 notes in total) 40-60
606.    Error note - Bank of England 10 note no.BE43 835423, Charles Darwin, mis-cut 30-40
607.    A quantity of assorted GB coins including modern commemorative; George V and Elizabeth II 1d's; George V half silver half crowns and others 30-40
608.    VICTORIA - Crown 1890 and another 1891(both polished) 15-25
609.     VICTORIA - Sovereign 1888, Melbourne mint, Jubilee bust, f/vf 180-220
610.    VICTORIA - Sovereign 1898, Sydney mint, ef 180-220
611.    VICTORIA - Sovereign 1901, Sydney mint, vf/ef 180-220
612.    EDWARD VII - Half Sovereign 1910, vf/ef 90-100
613.    VICTORIA - Crown 1891, f; together with a small quantity of other coins 20-30
614.    A small quantity of modern commemorative coins together with two first Decimal Coin wallets 15-20
615.    Chinese knife money - single ancient bronze blade shaped piece together with some Roman clasps 15-25
616.    SASAMIAN (Persian) EMPIRE - Khusru II 590-628, large silver Drachm, Balkh mint, year 20 (circa 610AD) Fire Actar with attendants, vf/ef 30-40
617.    ABBASID CALIPHATE - Al Mansur 754-775AD, silver Dirham, Baghdad mint, vf 20-30
618.    GORDIAN III 238-244AD - 31mm "Sestertius" of Viminacium in Moesia. Moesia standing left between lion and bull (the emblems of the 4th and 7th Legions) quartered in The Province, ef/vf 40-60
619.    ALLECTUS (British Usurper) 293 - 296AD, Billon Quinarius Galley QC below = Colchester mint 294-296AD, S.13866, vf 30-50
620.    An open face pocket watch the back with War Dept arrow and GSTP; a brass Worcestershire cap badge; other badges; a George III 1772 halfpenny, f/worn and other items 30-40
621.    A Royal Navy officers double breasted jacket together with a Royal Naval Reserve jacket with "Wavy Navy" braid stripes (2) 15-30
622.    Two New Zealand Shipping Co officers jackets with brass buttons and gilt bullion (2) 15-30
623.    A French Chassepot bayonet with yataghan blade and brass grip overall length 70cms 30-40
624.    A 19th Century percussion Tower rifle with full length stock, overall 124cms long 50-70
625.    A ARP whistle by J Hudson, nickel plated brass, on cord lanyard 15-25
626.    A WWI brass sighting telescope by W G Pye & Co, Cambridge, No.4 MkIII no.9695 and dated 1917, 43.5cms long 30-40
627.    A WWII metal helmet; a pair of binoculars and two metal ammunition boxes 30-40
628.    A WWI brass death plaque named for Arthur Devenish 40-50
629.    A 19th Century percussion pistol, full stock with associated ram rod, crown mark and dated 1885 to lock plate, brass trigger guard and flat butt end with suspension loop, barrel 20.25cms overall 37.5cms 100-130
630.    A 19th Century flintlock pistol, full stock with rounded barrel, brass trigger guard and rounded butt with metal suspension loop, barrel 20.5cms long, overall 37cms 130-150
631.    A ships compass, gimbal mounted in brass case mounted on original wood, and with burner compartment to one side containing original burner, case 23cms high 40-60
632.    A plain wood truncheon with turned grip and remains of leather strap, 38cms long, 20th Century 12-25
633.    A German WWII type dagger having black chequered grip, straight single edge blade marked "WKC" and with centurions head to one side and in black metal scabbard, blade 20cms
634.    A quantity of WWII newspaper clippings relating to reports and images of Royal Navy ships, submarines, personnel; many different stories including Narvik, HMS Rodney, HMS Exeter and many others contained in two old exercise books, c.1940 (2) 15-20
635.    A WWI Mills bomb hand grenade no.5 Mk1, de-activated 30-40
636.    A James Cycle Co WWI hand grenade, 23 Mk1 8/15 in de-activated condition 30-50
637.    Two WWII metal helmets, each having original linings and webbing chin straps (2) 30-50
638.    Two WWII period metal helmets with original linings and webbing chin straps (2) 30-50
639.    A collection of WWII period newspapers contained in a modern file, includes Daily Telegraph, Daily Mirror and Evening Standard c.1938 - 1945 12-20
640.    A Victorian infantry officers sword having wire bound shagreen grip, pierced and engraved hilt with "VR" cypher and with etched blade and in metal scabbard, blade 83cms 150-160
641.    A 19th Century percussion gun with metal ram rod, bullet compartment in stock, overall 137.5cms long 100-130
642.    An interesting collection of WWII period photographs of aircraft carriers and aircraft operating in the Mediterranean including HMS Unicorn, HMS Kenya, HMS Nelson, a Fairey Fulman on reconnaisance; Seafire, Swordfish; aicraft landing and taking off from carrier, scene of aircraft accident on carrier and others.

Provenance: the vendors father was stationed in Gibraltar 1943/45 50-80
643.    A WWII period white metal cigarette/tobacco box the hinged lid engraved with RAF crest of crown over eagle with "E" beneath and together with two small printed white cotton Union Jack flags 20-40
644.    A Cambridgeshire Regiment swagger stick, the bamboo stick with metal top embossed with regimental badge, 65.5cms long 15-25
645.    A wood truncheon with turned grip and original leather wrist loop, 38cms long 15-25
646.    A War Department Miller lamp with clear glass front and red glass back panel, the top with "WD" and arrow mark, 23cms high including handle 20-40
647.    A Creagh Osborne compass in black lacquered brass case with folding sight and lens, stamped "H Hughes & Son Ltd London" and named to the side "H E E Pankhurst" in original leather case 40-60
648.    An infantry sword having steel basket hilt stamped "10" with wood grip, pipe back straight single edge blade (un marked) and in steel scabbard, blade 84cms long 50-70
649.    Two framed embroidered military badges for Queens Westminsters together with a printed cotton Union Jack flag 20-40
650.    An enamelled silver Royal Artillery sweetheart brooch; a George II brass weight and other items contained in an ebony box 20-30
651.    A WWII comic book "Laugh with SEAC" c.1945/6 12-20
652.    An album of approx 100 photographs of battleships, many German including Riga, Petya, Mirka and others 20-30
653.    Four "Pilot's Notes" books - Anson XII, Valetta C1 & C2, Auster IV & V and Chipmunk T Mk 10. (4) 15-20
654.    A Womens Land Army badge; Air Training Corps badge; Australian forces badges; enamelled brass 1951 Festival of Britain medallion and some Royal commemorative medallions 20-40
655.    WWI group of four - 1914-15 Star, WM, VM and RN Reserve LSGC . The star, WM and VM named C 3651 G Bishop Smn RNR the LSGC named D 2564 G Bishop SEA RNR and together with ribbons and original registered envelope 100-150
656.    WWII WM , DM and Territorial Efficiency in postage box to Mr C G Clepitt and with documentation and letter (belated claim for the medals dating to 1983), the Territorial medal named 5187095 Gnr C G Clepitt RA and with a Life Saving medallion and military Tug O War medallion in boxes named to Clepitt, and some coupons 40-60
657.    A WWI Victory medal named 3318 Pte F D Stagg Glouc Reg 12-20
658.    WWI and WWII medals - WWI WM named Pte R W Norburn1st S A I; WWII WM and Africa Service medal, the Africa medal named 608231R E W Norburn; a South Africa military badge on tartan cloth and a child's medallion 40-60
659.    Lot withdrawn
660.    A cast iron Hudson's Soap "Drink Puppy Drink" water trough with raised lettering 38cms wide 20cms high max 40-60
661.    A small Blue Bird Toffee tin with colour printed carousel decoration together with two small cash tins and a 1953 Commemorative tin (4) 12-20
662.    Ashton & Parsons Infants Powders - single sided coloured lithographic advertising card with suspension cord, 37cms x 24.5cms, c.1930's 15-25
663.    A c.1950's advertising card "Flatter Face by Richard Hudnut..... the powder-foundation-in-one" plastic covered photographic with card easel back, 38.5cms x 29.5cms together with another similar 38.5cms x 30.5cms (2) 30-50
664.    Three plastic covered colour printed advertising cards - "California Syrup of Figs" with colour printed image of children skipping, 25.75cms x 20.5cms; Galloways Cough Syrup, 22cms x 15.75cms and Amplex 21cms x 14cms, all with card easel supports, c.1950-60's (3) 20-40
665.    Three small printed metal advertising signs, all unused - Supavite Capsules 19cms x 24.5cms; Unitol Concentrated Fine Grain Developer, 10.25cms x 15.5cms and Thermogene Medicated Wadding 15.25cms x 23cms (3) 20-30
666.    Two c.1950's plastic covered photographic advertising cards for Phillips' Toothpaste 25.5cms x 20.5cms and 25.5cms x 19cms, both with card easel supports (2) 20-40
667.    Three small printed metal advertising signs c.1930-40's - Zeph Nasal Spray 20.5cms x 15.25cms; Dimp Anti Midge Cream 23.75cms x 15.5cms and Andrews Liver Salts 25cms x 16.75cms (3) 30-40
668.    Three plastic covered colour printed/photographic advertising cards c.1950's - Milk of Magnesia 25cms x 18cms; Pardon Me....where's my Dinneford's" 25.5cms x 18cms and Vinolia Baby Soap and Baby Powder 25.75cms x 21.5cms, all with card easel supports (3) 30-40
669.    Five c.1950 - 1960's plastic covered Milk of Magnesia advertising cards, one 24.5cms x 18.25cms the others 26cms x 20.5cms all with card easel supports (5) 50-70
670.    Two plastic covered colour printed advertising cards - Saville perfume June 21cms x 16cms and Saville new perfume Tutu 18.5cms x 13.5cms, both with card easel support, c.1950's (2) 20-40
671.    Three perfume advertising cards, each plastic coated colour printed, c.1940's and 1950 - Saville Seventh Heaven 25.5cms x 19cms; "Live Your Dreams with Californian Poppy" 26cms x 18.5cms and Goya 21 20.5cms x 18.25cms (3) 40-60
672.    A small plastic coated colour printed advertising card for Saville Clique perfume c.1940's 14cms x 21.5cms; another for Goya 21.5cms x 31cms and another for Coty Skin Treatment 35cms x 26.75cms (3) 25-35
673.    A c.1930's advertising card for Paris de Coty perfume and accessories, plastic covered card with card easel support, 28cms x 20.75cms 12-25
674.    A group of colour printed advertising cards - Mitcham Lavender (2); DDT Fly Card; Nivea Creme and Goya Sombrero Tan Cream, c.1960's. all unused (5) 12-25
675.    Four c.1950 - 60's colour printed advertising cards - New-Skin; Petal Base Tinted Foundation by Richard Hudnut; Angiers Junior Aspirin, all unused and with "flat" packaging still attached and "For inner cleanliness" with novelty silver backing to the glass, unused (4) 20-40
676.    Two c.1950's colour printed advertising cards - Nulon Hand Cream 22.5cms x 30cms max and Pears Transparent Soap 30.5cms x 24.5cms (2) 25-40
677.    A c.1930/40's colour printed advertising card for Bourjois Evening in Paris perfume, 29.75cms x 23cms; other perfume advertising cards for Coty Chypre; Clique; Goya Perfumed Colognes; Evan Williams Brillantine and Saville Perfumes (6) 25-40
678.    A "Cuckoo" Universal Ear Cap in original printed envelope c.1930's 15-20
679.    A quantity of photography related advertising counter top cards including Kodak, Kodak Brownie, Ilford and Johnson Pactums and some photographic catalogues, c.1950's - 1970's 40-60
680.    A collection of advertising counter top cards for hair related products including Adorn Cream Home Perm; Vitapointe; Amani and Evan Williams, c.1950's - 1970's (11) 50-70
681.    A small group of counter top advertising cards including Macleans toothpaste; Bisodol; Dr Scholl's Stocking Protectors and Sky Toothpaste (8) 40-60
682.    A quantity of counter top advertising cards including Dr Scholl's Zino-Pads; Ribena; Yeast-Vite and Supavite (8) and some other related ephemera, c.1950's - 1970's 30-50
683.    A quantity of advertising cards including Pond's Lipsticks; Westbrook Handcream; Coty perfumes and Zendiq aftershave together with a 1957 Bourjois Gift Coffrets catalogue 30-40
684.    Coty Nail Enamel - nine boxed bottles, all original and unopened (9) 30-40
685.    A collection of Bourjois Evening in Paris eau de cologne in original bottles of various sizes; soap in original packet and gift boxes 40-60
686.    Bourjois Springtime in Paris presentation perfume on stand and in card box together with three Purse Flacon in original packaging (4) 30-40
687.    A quantity of boxed perfume and eau de cologne including Fidji; Coty Imprevu; Goya and others also some soap in original packaging and similar items 30-40
688.    Two rectangular metal Walls Ice Cream containers, 30cms high (2) 20-30
689.    An early 20th Century display tin for "Dads Original Cookies", with glazed panel to the hinged lid and with red lettering on cream ground, 14cms high x 28cms wide x 23cms deep together with a Blue Bird Windsor Castle toffee tin; an "Empire" plaster tin and another decorative tin (4)
690.    Spratt's dog food - a Spratt's enamelled metal dog bowl, blue lettering on white ground 11.5cms high, 19cms diam at top 100-150
691.    Two Cadbury's Dairy Milk Chocolate printed tinplate milk churns, 14.5cms high (2) 20-40
692.    A single sided enamel metal advertising sign "Nestles Milk" white lettering on blue ground, 38.5cms x 53.5cms 60-80
693.    Australia Rindless Cheddar Cheese - three wood packaging boxes, now painted blue and cream (3) 20-30
694.    An early 20th Century single sided enamelled metal advertising sign "Duck Son & Pinker Music Stores Bath & Bristol" blue and yellow, 61cms x 91.5cms 30-50
695.    A pair of large painted metal tea canisters one with plate "Bartlett & Son Welch Back Bristol" 44cms high 30-50
696.    A c.1930-40's table top 1d operated tumbling dice game, the wood box with glass top, when 1d pushed into the box the dice all "tumble", end panel removes, size of box 36cms x 26cms x 10cms high 40-60
697.    A painted wood RSPCA collection box modelled as a begging dog and a kennel, 20.5cms high 20-40
698.    A reproduction cast iron "Trick Pony" money box, 17cms high 20-30
699.    A brass lavatory door "1d" lock by Parker Winder & Church, Birmingham, 38cms high 40-50
700.    An Eb tenor horn by Huttl, West Germany, brass, with mouthpiece and in carrying case 30-40
701.    Three ladies compacts; a shagreen covered cigarette case; decorative thimbles and other items 20-30
702.    A Franke & Heidecke Rolleiflex camera having Synchro-Compur shutter and in original brown leather case and with a copy of instructions booklet 30-50
703.    A Zeiss Ikon Nettar folding camera with Novar Anastigmat shutter and 1:45 75mm lens in leather carrying case and together with a pair of Mark Scheffel 20x50 binoculars in case (2) 25-40
704.    A Dulcetto oak cased table top wind-up gramophone 30-50
705.    A BBC Gecophone crystal detector with printed instructions inside the lid and original labelling 40-60
706.    A Roy Smeck Banjolele with makers metal plaque to top of neck and in carrying case with some strings and other accessories 50-70
707.    A collection of fourteen novelty cruet sets (salt and pepper shakers) modelled as animals/birds includes tortoises, chickens, koala bears, gorillas, cows and cats, various dates 15-25
708.    A pair of smiling Buddha salt and pepper shakers together with eight other sets 10-20
709.    Novelty cruets (salt and pepper shakers) including soda syphons, musical notes, white rabbit and top hat, eggs, toothpaste tubes and others (10 sets) 12-20
710.    Seven novelty cruets (salt and pepper shakers) - toast and toaster; two naked ladies; frog and cornet; tooth brush and paste tube; cigar and ashtray and birds on tray with nest 15-20
711.    RMS Queen Elizabeth - a Stratton ladies circular brass powder compact the cover with image of the liner, in original blue felt sleeve 30-50
712.    A Banjo with 5 strings, in case 40-60
713.    A quantity of woodworking moulding planes, mortice gauge, wood mallets and related items 20-40
714.    A BCN Gramophone Needle Sharpener in original box with instructions on the lid 12-20
715.    A novelty "Diver Soap" by Jane Seymour Ltd, New Bond St, London, in original box with price tab still attached, the soap with original plastic helmet and tube, 11cms high 20-40
716.    A six-20 folding Brownie camera in original box; a Brownie Starmite Camera Outfit in original box together with other boxed cameras and razors 30-50
717.    An Interpet Transistor Interphone in original box, with cards and as originally packed, c.1960's 20-30
718.    A pharmacist's pill maker in brass and mahogany together with a Christy Cachet Machine in original box 30-50
719.    A Field's Submarine Soap in original box 15-25
720.    A Six-20 Folding Brownie camera in original box; a Kodak Junior II camera in box; boxed Ful-Vue Super Cameras and other similar items including boxed Ilford film 25-40
721.    A Horlicks Mixer in original box; a smaller similar; a Maw's babies Feeding Bottle in original box; scent bottles; boxed razors and similar 20-40
722.    A group of five enamelled RAOB medallions including enamel and silver; silver gilt and a RAOB Singapore example (5) 30-50
723.    An early 20th Century hand pushed seed drill having painted wood box mounted on cast metal wheels, the box with plate for "Hawkes and Sons Taunton" 30-40
724.    A Pentax ME Super camera in case; another Pentax ME super camera with macro focusing zoom lens attached together with other lenses in cases and accessories 30-40
725.    Theatrical Interest - Carole Lynn (Lady Delfont): a pewter pint tankard engraved "To Our Kathie From The Boys The Student Prince Co 1943" together with some copies of newspaper articles relating to Carole Lynn

Provenance: from a personal acquaintance of the Delfonts 12-20
726.    A quantity of Airline steel cutlery including PanAm, TWA and others; a Kodak folding Vest Pocket camera; a steel cased sterliser and other items 30-40
727.    A Gents Favre-Leuba Congress wristwatch with square silvered metal dial and baton numerals, on black leather strap; a Gents Henri Sadoz et Fils wristwatch having gold metal baton numerals and on black leather strap and a Breitling Wakmann stopwatch in box (3) 30-50
728.    A collection of novelty egg cups shaped as animals and birds 12-20
729.    A large, heavy steel wall plate "This Wing was opened by HRH Princess Alexandra on Wednesday 13 November 1974" (believed to be from Bridgwater Hospital) 27cms x 122.5cms 15-25
730.    A table top wind up gramophone in oak case with Academy sound reproducer and original wood horn, with handle, height of case 18cms, width 34cms 40-60
731.    A Sunbeam gents bicycle with black painted frame, simple gears, Raleigh bell, black saddle and named on the metal chain guard.
Provenance: belonged to PC Garland police officer for villages of Bleadon and Lympsham 30-40
732.    An Avometer and a Universal Avometer together with instructions booklet in a carry case together with a Megger Insulation Tester in leather case 20-30
733.    A collection of Roman bronze clasps 20-40
734.    An old glass bell jar with ground base, 39cms high 12-20
735.    A Voigtlander Vito CLR camera with 2.8 50mm lens in leather case and together with a Zeiss Ikon Nettar folding camera in leather case (2) 20-40
736.    A group of Masonic jewels including two enamelled silver "Zubian" Masonic Lodge; paste set examples; enamelled silver Knights Templar Freemason neck jewel and two small bronze medallions etc 50-80
737.    A quantity of Masonic regalia including aprons, cuffs, shirts, books and similar (some Somerset) 30-50
738.    A silvered metal greyhound presentation trophy, the well cast animal standing on a black base with applied plaque engraved "Presented to Mr Frankie Howerd on the Occassion of the 1st Annual Greyhound Ball Held at the London Hilton on Sunday 16th April 1972" 23cms high 50-80
739.    A Kodak folding camera with Compur-Rapid shutter and in original leather case 15-25
740.    AN UNUSUAL LATE 18TH/EARLY 19TH CENTURY IVORY SLIDE RULE of square section and with two small square section slides, each side engraved with scales for different calculations including - Lying/Stand; Merid/Eq.Deg/Chords/Vers-sine/Sines/Tangent; Sines/Seg Cone/Seg Parabolic Spind/Numb and Foot/Inch Frus of Spheroid/2 form/3 form/Frus of a Cone, and in original embossed card case 300-400
741.    A Victorian walnut cigar cabinet having tambour front enclosing small drawer and seven sliding trays each fitted for seven cigars, with key, 36cms high 26cms wide 23.5cms deep max and with a French leather and brass cigarette case 100-150
742.    RAOB - an enamelled gilt metal chain "Order of Merit" mounted on heavy red velvet collar together with a cased RAOB medallion; a neck sash with medallions and a WWI "Victory" medallion 70-100
743.    A Victorian malacca walking stick having embossed silver top Birmingham 1894, 86.5cms long; a fox brush duster with wood handle and a rustic riding crop (3) 30-40
744.    A 71/2" infill plane by Slater of London fitted with James Howarth Iron, c.early 1900's 30-40
745.    Ten Mortice chisels and gouges, mostly Marples "Shamrock", some Sorby; a Rabbet plane, probably Marples; a Dado grooving or trenching plane, probably Marples "Shamrock" and a 6" double iron smoothing plane, all c.early 1900's 25-40
746.    A 22" trying plane with James Howarth iron c.early 1900's; a 14" jack plane by Este, Germany c.1930's and a 7" steel block plane c.1930's (3) 30-40
747.    A brass plated beech brace by Joseph Cooper, the button with makers name and coat of arms, rosewood head 30-50
748.    A small quantity of handtools including pincers, pliers, tack hammer, wooden heart shaped box, some tins and other items 20-30
749.    A French made c.1950's telephone in cream bakelite with "mother-in-law" listener, converted for modern use 15-25
750.    A GPO 300 type telephone in ivory bakelite case with chrome dial and fitted with drawer in base fitted with plug for modern use 80-100
751.    A GPO Trimphone in light coloured casing and with ringer sound control dial fitted to the base, fitted with plug for modern use 10-15
752.    A c.1970's GPO telephone in mustard yellow case with clear plastic dial, fitted with plug for modern use 15-20
753.    A c.1950's GPO telephone in black bakelite case with chrome dial and with Special A Special B Code ring, fitted with plug for modern use 30-40
754.    A Bell of Antwerp Gurder telephone in black painted metal case with gilt printed decoration , black dial, with red button to the front, c.1930's, fitted with plug for modern use 25-35
755.    A GPO "compact" telephone in light coloured casing and with clear plastic dial together with bell unit, fitted with plug for modern use 15-30
756.    A wall mounted wood case telephone with brass fittings and fitted with bells to the top and base of the case (equivalent to the GPO 121 telephone) fitted with plug for modern use 50-60
757.    A USA type 500 1950's style telephone in white plastic casing and with push-button dial, fitted with plug for modern use 15-25
758.    A c.1950's Ericsson telephone in black bakelite casing with clear plastic dial, fitted with plug for modern use 20-30
759.    A reproduction telephone made to commemorate the centenary of the telephone 15-30
760.    A telephone designed by Richard Starck in shaped grey plastic case 15-25
761.    A Jydsk (Danish) magneto telephone having chrome and black handpiece on chrome cradle and with chrome dial and side mounted winding handle 20-40
762.    An early painted rubber Guide Dogs for The Blind collecting box 19cms high 20-40
763.    BUTLINS - a group of enamelled metal Butlins Badges: Minehead, Clacton and Bognor c.1959 - 1963; four "House" rosettes; a Robinsons Golly badge; two military badges and other items together with a Butlins Entertainment Programme Minehead 1963 40-60
764.    A William Marples & Co brass and wood spirit level/12" rule together with a Lawes Rabjohns leather covered tape measure and another (3) 20-40
765.    A small book of "Moral Songs for Children" 1835; other booklets including Everybodys Pocket Companion c.1935; Knitted Comforts for our Sailors, Soldiers & Airmen; a McVitie & Price's biscuit tin and a boxed "The Designoscope" with other collectable items 20-40
766.    A miners lamp by Achroyd & Best Ltd "Hailwoods Improved Lamp" with brass makers plate and original suspension hook, 26cms high 30-40
767.    A miners lamp by Insoles Ltd Cymmer, with brass makers plate numbered "175" and with original suspension hook, 24cms high 40-60
768.    A Jacob & Cos novelty brass biscuit tin shaped as a coffer with sloping cover; two German porcelain half dolls; a brass polish protector; brass dog nutcracker; a Schuco friction drive mouse and other items 30-50
769.    A Banjolele by Windsor "The Whirle" having four strings, makers plate to top of neck and with some pegs, spare strings and other accessories 30-50
770.    A Guitar Columbia Zither made in Saxony and with chromo litho decoration, in original box and with tuning key, 53cms x 40cms max 20-40
771.    Two Victorian photographic ambrotype portraits of a gentleman and lady contained in folding composition case the cover with well detailed moulded rustic haymaking scene and houses, overall size of case 16cms x 12.75cms 50-60
772.    A pair of Daguerrotype photographic portraits of a gentleman and a lady, each in velvet lined leather covered wallets, 12.5cms x 10cms (2) 40-60
773.    A 19th Century photographic portrait of a young man in gilt frame, 11cms x 8.5cms together with a 19th Century silhouette cut-out portrait of a gentleman (2) 15-25
774.    A mechanical magic lantern slide, the wood slide with coloured image of man falling into a river; two other slides and some square glass slides of botanical images etc 12-20
775.    Lot withdrawn
776.    A cased Edwardian bronze medallion "Awarded to D J Tapp Esq for 3 Exmoor Horn Shearling Ewes Cardiff 1911" together with another unboxed bronze medallion 20-40
777.    Two pairs of old sheep hand shears (2) 10-15
778.    A small metal bound suitcase with Union Castle Line sticker to one side 12-20
779.    An old hayknife 12-20
780.    A 19th Century hand held stereo viewer, mahogany with ebonised adjustable eyepieces and lift-up mirrored flap to the top and contained in original burr walnut domed top box with ivorine plaque to lid "The Sterescopic Treasury" together with two boxes containing glass slides, mainly scenic but including French navy battleship Gabion leaving port c.1870's; Isle of Wight railway and "Whales Jaws Peckham Rye Park" 90-150
781.    A Regent clarinet in carrying case 25-40
782.    A Victorian oval brass snuff box the lid stamped "Alfred G Pollard February 15 1892" 7.25cms wide 15-25
783.    Perfume bottles - Guerlain Mitsouko in original packaging, bottle unopened, together with Revlon Intimate in original box, bottle unopened (2) c.1960's 20-40
784.    Car badge - Midland Automobile Club badge, enamelled in three colours 20-30
785.    Car Badge - Burnham on Sea Motor Club badge, enamelled white metal 20-30
786.    Car badge - Bugatti Owners Club badge in white metal shaped as a radiator grille and with red enamel 20-40
787.    A group of car badges including enamelled metal SVMC, BFSS and Marcos also AA badges, CIC Motor Club badge and some fittings 40-60
788.    A MGB wood steering wheel (lacks centre badge); a MGB tonneau cover, red and a pair of BMC black radiator muffs possibly for 1938 Morris 8 Tourer and a black leather steering wheel 36cms diam 40-60
789.    Two MG wheel hub covers; some cloth MG badges; three chrome Midget badges; Jaguar key fob; Benzole key fob; motor club badges and pins and four MG leaflets 30-40
790.    A mixed quantity of automobilia including calendars, "Nigel Mansell" caps; a Hepolite glass bowl ; a soft leather cap (modern) and other items 25-40
791.    An Irish Motor Racing Club silver medallion, cast with shields to one side and with un-engraved back, Dublin 1951, 2.5oz, 5.8cms diam 20-40
792.    An early 20th Century brass leaping greyhound car mascot mounted on a wood base, length of mascot 19cms 25-35
793.    A MG chromed metal radiator grille, with black/white enamelled badge, 38.5cms high 70cms wide 20-40
794.    A brass grease gun; some chrome metal car "name" badges and a metal wall plaque 15-25
795.    A large "Arnoco" motor oil can together with a Valor parraffin can (2) 12-20
796.    A quantity of car manufacturers workshop manuals including Triumph Herald, Vitesse 6 & Spitfire; Triuimph Stag; Austin Morris 100 and others and other related literature together with a quantity of Haynes workshop manuals (lists available on request) 20-40
797.    Two copies of Motor Racing Drivers Past & Present drawn by Sallon, pub. Shell-Mex and BP Ltd (2) 15-30
798.    A Failsworth "Jackie Stewart Sports Cap" in original box 25-35
799.    An early AA car badge, flat white metal no.V123278; a chrome and yellow AA car bumper badge and a Civil Service motoring Association metal badge (3) 15-30
800.    A Shell Tractor Oil Universal oil can, yellow with red lettering, 48cms high 15-20
801.    An early 20th Century car trunk covered in brown rexine, with lockable hinged lid and side carrying handles, 87cms wide 41cms deep 48cms high 25-40
802.    A Jaguar car mascot, chrome, numbered beneath 724265, approx 13cms long 30-40
803.    An enamelled brass lapel badge "David Brown Tractors", other lapel badges - Nuffield Universal Tractor; Diesel and MF and two pins (6) 12-20
804.    Southern Railway - a horse's shod hoof with silver metal plaque mounted to the front engraved "1916 - 1933 R.T.O. and" and with number marked into hoof "136" together with a photograph of a horse and handler (horse was Jane and her foot was taken to prove that she was dead) and with BR Extracts from Rule Book 1950; booklet "Your Personal Safety....Cartage and Handling" and a book Transport Saga 30-50
805.    An original cast iron steam locomotive shed plate "55H" Neville Hill, 12.5cms x 19cms
806.    A Southern Railway cast iron 1/4 mile plate together with another 1/2 mile plate, 21cms x 29.5cms (2)
807.    A quantity of Railway Magazine c.1960's; other railway related magazines and some railway ephemera including GWR Waybill counterfoils, Daily Cash Accounts and similar c.1870's 20-40
808.    A Mamod Steam Tractor in original box complete with burner, funnel and steering pole together with a Lumber Wagon in box 60-80
809.    KeilKraft - two aeroplane kits: Soarer Baby towline Glider and Conquest, both unopened and as new and together with a Ripmax Ltd Orbit electric Motor in box (3) 15-25
810.    A Veron Vosper Rescue Target Towing Launch wood constructor kit in original box with instructions and together with a Tamiya plastic constructor kit Bismarck German Battleship in box with instructions (2) 15-25
811.    A Walt Disney Film Strip Projector by Johnsons of Hendon in original box and together with two boxes containing individual film strips and others and a Robin Hood Projector-Viewer in box 30-50
812.    BRITAINS - modern Special Collectors Edition 00075 Scots Greys, boxed 25-40
813.    Patience Playing Cards in original leather box and with instructions by Ferd. Piatnik & Sons Vienna together with a Japanese lacquer box and a wood box with dragon decoration (3) 20-40
814.    A Triang Arkitex model constructing kit in original box together with a Spears Games Contemporary Brickplayer Kit C in original box (2) 15-25
815.    Three clockwork toy monkey musicians, each wearing a felt hat and with moulded felt face with applied eyes, light plush bodies and each playing a different instrument, 17.5cms high not including hat (3) 80-120
816.    Triang Scalextric motorbike and sidecar; another (one rider lacks head); a quantity of track and fencing 20-40
817.    A Constructo Super Helicopter construction set in original box together with five boxed Lledo models 15-25
818.    A Staunton pattern chess set in boxwood and ebony having weighted bases, un-marked, and contained in a wood box 80-120
819.    A c.1960's Lego System play board together with a box of assorted Lego and some plastic toys 20-30
820.    An early 20th Century Steiff toy lion, the animal lying down and with plain metal button in its ear; a green plush toy monkey (possibly Steiff) 40cms high and a Norah Wellings black velvet doll with inset brown glass eyes, labelled to bottom of right foot42cms high (3) 40-60
821.    An Applause Star Wars Episode I Jar Jar Binks Bank in box 10-20
822.    Two Corgi Magic Roundabout figures - Florence and Zebedee, in original plastic cases together with a small plastic gravity "walking" Snoopy (3) 25-40
823.    Palitoy Action Man together with a large quantity of uniform and small accessories and other similar items (a lot) 40-60
824.    LEGO - a quantity of un-opened bags of sets, mainly City but also including Star Wars and Super Heroes together with a teddy bear (16 bags and 1 box) 20-40
825.    Three boxed sets of Lott's Bricks - 1A, 2A & 3A together with a boxed Lotts Bricks Buildec set no.2 (4) 30-40
826.    A croquet set in portable wood stand and comprising four mallets, four coloured balls, 6 metal hoops and wood peg 25-40
827.    A Lone Star Man from UNCLE attache case and contents, the black plastic case containing Luger pistol, stock, telescopic sight, holster, small pistol in holster, badge, camera, grenade, communicators, pen cartridge (but no pen), belt, Top Secret documents, wallet containing passport, Decoder, currency and other items 140-160
828.    A large Heubach Koppelsdorf bisque socket head doll impressed with makers name and "342-10 Germany" having fixed brown glass eyes, open mouth with teeth, dimpled chin and on bent limb composition body wearing white velvet "sailor" suit, 57cms high 200-240
829.    A Kammer & Reinhardt Simon & Halbig bisque socket head doll, marked with makers names and "Germany 126" with sleeping blue glass eyes, open mouth with teeth on composition bent limb body, wearing cream lace trimmed dress with matching bonnet, 49cms high 140-160
830.    An Effanbee composition doll with blonde curly hair, sleeping eyes, bent limbs and soft body, wearing original clothing 46cms high 50-60
831.    A German made bisque socket head character doll (possibly Kestner) impressed "Made in Germany 151/11" with moulded painted hair sleeping blue glass eyes, open mouth with teeth and dimpled chin and on bent limb composition doll wearing a Christening gown, 48cms high 180-200
832.    A German made bisque socket head character doll the head impressed "12" and with painted, moulded hair, painted blue eyes, open mouth and on bent limb composition body wearing cotton jacket and nappy, 40cms high 130-150
833.    A group of six modern collectable teddy bears including Freedom Bears; Raggamuffins and Russ (6) 30-50
834.    A group of eight assorted modern collectable teddy bears including Boyds Collection; Hermann Fifty-Fifty bear and Boyds Collection (8) 40-60
835.    A group of seventeen small modern Collectors teddy bears including Russ; Wellwood Bear; Boyds Bears; Keel Toys and others and a Piglet toy (18) 20-40
836.    A group of seven modern Collectors teddy bears including Heartfelt; Russ; Boyds and others (7) 20-30
837.    Three modern Merrythought limited edition teddy bears - Barney, Christmas Bear 1999 and Hogmanay Bear, all with attached labels (3) 30-50
838.    Two modern Hermann limited edition teddy bears - Henriette 209/800 and John 237/1000 together with a Robin Rive limited edition bear Autumn 46/200, all with labels (3) 40-60
839.    WRENN - LNER 4-6-2 locomotive Golden Eagle no.4482, green livery, in original box 100-150
840.    Hornby Railways - Turntable Set in box together with other boxed buildings, lineside accessories, scenic material and similar (a lot) 30-50
841.    Hornby Railways - Advanced Passenger Train Pack in original box 30-40
842.    Hornby Railways - boxed 4-6-0 locomotive Albert Hall GWR green together with two Triang Pullman coaches both unboxed 25-40
843.    Hornby - Intercity 125 locomotives together with an Inter City Sleeper coach in box; 3 unboxed Inter City coaches and a Royal Mail coach 25-40
844.    Hornby Railways - a quantity of boxed wagons, Track Cleaning Coach and level crossing 25-40
845.    Hornby, Triang and some plastic constructed plastic coaches, wagons and rail car (13) 12-20
846.    A Tenshodo constructed metal early type steam loco and tender and three other constructed models including steam carriage and City of Truro (4) 15-25
847.    A Tenshodo constructed metal 4-4-0 steam locomotive and tender no.62495, black together with three diecast steam tank locos by Hornby and Dapol all repainted including Metropolitan no.41 and LMS no.26936 (4) 30-40
848.    A Tenshodo plastic 2-6-0 loco and tender no.76114 together with two BR tank locos and a large South African Beyer Garrett (4) 25-40
849.    A constructed metal GWR 0-6-2T loco no.6627 in green together with a constructed NER loco and a constructed plastic CR tank loco (3) 20-40
850.    LIMA - Pick Up Goods train set in original box with diesel loco no D6524, wagons, track and accessories (incomplete) 30-40
851.    HORNBY - R041 GWR 0-6-0PT no.8751 green in original box and R066 LMS Duchess of Sutherland 4-6-2 loco no.6233, maroon, in original box (2) 40-50
852.    HORNBY - R069 HST Power/Dummy Power Cars in original box together with R439 BR coach Mk3 open second (2) 30-50
853.    HORNBY - five assorted boxed goods wagons; R633 BR Wagon Freightliners Ltd and three boxed Special Edition Coal Wagons for Pugh & Co (9) 30-50
854.    Triang R259 4-6-2 loco Britannia and tender together with three Pullman coaches; goods wagons; tank lococs; diesel loco; platform and some boxed Corgi vehicles 40-60
855.    LIMA - Steam Freighter set in original box together with a quantity of plastic buildings, coaches, wagons and accessories (a lot) 40-60
856.    N Gauge - a Tenshodo crane locomotive no.302; a constructed plastic tank loco "LMVR"; a Tenshodo diecast locomotive and tender and a constructed metal 0-6-4T in green livery (4) 20-30
857.    DINKY & CORGI - a quantity of unboxed military vehicles, mainly tanks and armoured vehicles (approx 23) 30-60
858.    DINKY - 264 Rover 3500 Police in original display box 20-30
859.    DINKY - 719 Battle of Britain Spitfire MkII in original box and with instructions 30-50
860.    CORGI - Classics 21302 Road Services (Caledonian) AEC Box Trailer, limited edition, boxed; 69902 British Army Bedford MK High Canvas Back + 25lb gun limited edition, boxed and four others (6) 60-80
861.    CORGI - Eddie Stobart: 14302 De Luxe edition, boxed; Douglas DC-3, boxed; CC12306 Scammel Contractor Wrecker, boxed; another boxed lorry and 47201 Berlin Airlift Avro York in box (5) 50-70
862.    CORGI - Aviation Archive, four boxed models including Military Boeing B29 Enola Gay (4) 30-50
863.    CORGI - 307 "E" Type Jaguar in original box together with 238 Jaguar Mark X in original box 30-50
864.    CORGI MAJOR - 1131 "Carriemore" Detachable Axle Machinery Carrier with red cab and silver and yellow trailer with BMC crate and Spot On MGA car load, in original box 30-50
865.    CORGI - seven boxed Aviation Archive military aircraft including Avro Lancaster and Berlin Airlift Douglas (7) 40-60
866.    CORGI - Battle of Britain Commemorative Flight, boxed; unboxed Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (lacks girl in back); boxed Vanguards Austin Cambridge and others 25-40
867.    A large quantity of unboxed diecast vehicles, various makes, includes many commercial lorries and vans; Police; cars; earthmoving and others (a lot) 60-80
868.    Base-Toys Ltd - 43 diecast 1:76 commercial vehicles in original display boxes and 12 on original bubble cards (55 in total) 40-60
869.    A Danbury Mint model of a Jaguar 1949 XK120 in box together with a Franklin Mint model of a 1925 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost in box with certificate (2)_ 20-30
870.    OXFORD DIECAST - six boxed Front Line Fighters aircraft (6) 30-40
871.    A quantity of vintage sunglasses, most with original labels attached, including two c.1950's Apine Sunstar with light blue marbled frames and in original packaging; also A B Products and Solflex, c.1950's and 1960's (12) 30-50
872.    A "Gucci" handbag in light brown crocodile skin effect with leather lining and gilt chain handles, in soft bag printed "Gucci" 15-25
873.    A c.1920's black silk dress having "V" neck, long sleeves with buttoned cuffs, dropped waist and flounced hem 20-40
874.    A c.1930's evening dress in black with velvet, chiffon and rose printed velvet and having high neck long wide sleeves and fitted body 30-40
875.    A c.1940's evening dress in black devore velvet and black silk lining and with rounded neck, half length sleeves and wide black velvet waist band 30-50
876.    A Victorian parasol having painted wood folding handle and brown watered silk canopy with long fringe, 72cms long 25-40
877.    An Edwardian "Fancy Cotton Laces & Nets" sample book, having blue paper pages glued with short lengths of machine laces 40-60
878.    A small WWII period child's suitcase, brown and with original lining, having metal bound corners and original lock
Provenance: the vendor's mother used this when an evacuee in WWII 12-20
879.    A mink stole with brown silk lining together with a light fur jacket and fur coat (3) 20-30
880.    An ebonised wood walking stick with engraved silver top and original brass ferule, 89cms long together with a brass handled steel poker (2) 15-25
881.    A c.1950's Lee Delman wedding dress in ivory silk brocade and with long sleeves, fitted body and wide skirt with train and stiffened petticoat; a veil; a boxed Irish Linen napkin set and a boxed tablecloth and napkin set 20-40
882.    An Edwardian parasol having carved wood handle worked with trailing foliage, the canopy of printed coarse cotton, 98cms long 20-40
883.    A decorative Edwardian fan the leaf painted with Continental scene of figures and donkey at a water trough with old lady fortune teller, pierced and painted mother of pearl sticks and guards and in box labelled "V Marcot, London", fan 31cms long (one stick and guard snapped at base); a 19th Century ivory and spangled gauze fan in shaped box, fan 24cms long (gauze damaged); a black ostrich feather fan and three others (6) 50-80
884.    A small quantity of vintage clothing including c.1970's orange/green coat with fur collar and a c.1950-60's rose printed wrap around dress 25-40
885.    BABYCHAM - a set of six glasses, various bottles, napkins, two small plastic figures in good condition and four larger plastic figures all with some damage 30-40
886.    Babycham glasses: a set of six with standing Chamois; a set of 10 with leaping Chamois and a set of four with leaping brown Chamois 20-30
887.    Two Babycham glasses with yellow deer and two Babycham glasses with white deer and hexagonal stems (4) 12-20
888.    A De La Rue Onoto fountain pen in green/black marbled case and with original nib; a Burnham B48 fountain pen in maroon/black marbled case with original nib and a Burnham no.49 fountain pen in green/black marble case (3) 40-60
889.    A mixed group of fountain pens and ball point pens; a bone letter opener and a small niello work box 30-40
890.    A Mentmore Auto Flow fountain pen in green/grey/black marbled case with original nib; a Parker Slimfold fountain pen in maroon case and a Conway Stewart No.27 fountain pen in blue/black marbled case (nib appears to be stuck in cap) (3) 25-40
891.    Twenty four assorted fountain pens, various makes including Parker, Waterman and Sheaffer, various case types and sizes and together with four ball point pens (28 in total) together with a quantity of Windsor & Newton inks and a glass inkwell 50-80
892.    A Conway Stewart fountain pen in marbled orange/black case and original gold nib together with a Parker Royal Challenger (USA made) fountain pen in black chevron and green marbled case with original nib (2) 30-50
893.    A silver cased Yard O Lead pencil; a rolled gold Yard O Lead pencil and a Dunhill silver metal cased pencil in box 40-60
894.    A quantity of Beatles related books and ephemera including The Lives of John Lennon; George Harrison by Alan Clayson; modern mug; modern coasters and other similar items 12-20
895.    Fourteen rock and pop related books including Music Master Albums Record Catalogue edition 18 and others (14) 12-20
896.    Approx 104 EP records in their original picture sleeves and including Joan Baez, Shirley Bassey, Eartha Kitt, Peggy Lee, Edith Piaf, Fats Waller and many others 15-30
897.    The Beatles - a folder of 12 Parlophone singles in their original sleeves; another Strawberry Fields/Penny Lane in "stars" sleeve; Apple singles and others by individual Beatles (20 in total) 15-25
898.    The Beatles - LP records: Please Please Me mono; A Hard Days Night, stereo; Help, stereo; Rubber Soul; Sgt Peppers (no poster); Magical Mystery Tour with picture book; Abbey Road; Let It Be and John Lennon Imagine (9) 40-60
899.    Fifty one Jazz and Skiffle singles and EP's includes Lonnie Donegan; Chris Barber; Ted Heath; Dave Brubeck; Kenny Ball; Johnny Dankworth; Duke Ellington and others, contained in a carry case 12-20
900.    Thirty six LP records in original sleeves including Queen, Status Quo, Cat Stevens, Slade, Moody Blues and others contained in a black plastic carry box 20-30
901.    THE BEATLES - LP With The Beatles PMC 1206, mono, in original sleeve 12-20
902.    Sixteen assorted LP records including Elvis is Back! mono in gatefold sleeve; Simon & Garfunkel; Abba; Nat King Cole and others (16) 12-20
903.    A Rolling Stones Voodoo Lounge promotional poster together with other non pop related posters 20-30
904.    A WURLITZER LYRIC JUKE BOX c.1969 having wood effect sides, original glass panels to the front and containing records, 99cms high max 81cms wide 60cms deep 600-700
905.    Star Special magazines: Meet The Beatles; Meet Cliff and Meet the Everly Brothers (3) 25-40
906.    A quantity of 45rpm records in their original sleeves including Cilla Black Anyone Who Had A Heart; Joe Brown; Freddie and the Dreamers; Gerry and the Pacemakers; Manfred Mann; Cliff Richard and many others from the 1960's 30-40
907.    The Rolling Stones EP's - Five by Five Decca DFE8590 mono in original sleeve; Decca DFE 8560 You Better Move On, in original sleeve and a single Decca 25157 Time is on my Side in German sleeve (3) 12-25
908.    The Beatles - six Parlophone singles in original green/white sleeves, includes I Feel Fine/She's A Woman and Can't Buy Me Love/You Can't Do That (6) 15-30
909.    A pair of black leather riding boots with original wood trees and fixed rowell spurs 25-40
910.    A quantity of Somerset County Cricket Club score cards c.1950's and 1960's together with two "1979 Double Champion" Somerset cricket hats with printed signatures of players 12-15
911.    A Victorian gentleman's hunting crop with antler handle, leather grip and silver bands one engraved "Presented by Lord Worcester to Hedley W Nichols June 1897 30-50
912.    A quantity of fly fishing reels and spare spools, includes Daiwa and Rimfly and a Daiwa sea reel with spare spool (a lot) 40-60
913.    A split cane trout fly rod, 2pc 10' with slightly shorter spare tip, signed "B T Smyth" in bag 20-30
914.    A split cane trout fly rod, 2pc 6'9" approx, by Norcro Lts "The Crofter" De Luxe, in bag 15-25
915.    A split cane trout fly rod, 3pc 9'9" approx, makers label worn, in bag 12-20
916.    Two Fox's Tourist 12' 3.25lb rods in carry tubes; an Abu Garcia rod in plastic tube and a Bazuka Pro hard plastic rod carry case 6' long 30-40
917.    A small quantity of football programmes; an Esso card of Football medallions; Rugby programmes and some Boxing News papers etc 15-25