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Wednesday 29th March 2017

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1.      Monet's Years at Giverny: Beyond Impressionism together with twenty-four other art reference books on various subjects to include Roman Art, Lucian Freud etc (25) £30-50
2.      Leonardo da Vinci: One Hundred Drawings from the Collection of Her Majesty the Queen tog. w. twenty-four other art reference books on various subjects to include Rembradnt, Magritte etc £40-80
3.      PARRIS, Leslie & FLEMING-WILLIAMS, Ian - Constable - Tate Gallery, 1991, tog. w. twenty-four other art reference books on various subjects to include the Renaissance, Michelangelo etc (25) £40-60
4.      Thirty-seven art reference books covering various subjects and artists to include Picasso, British Painting, 18th century art etc. tog. w. eighteen pamphlets from the, Penguin Modern Painters, series (55) £40-80
5.      EVANS, Joan - Pattern in Western Europe - two vols, tog. w. twenty-four art reference books on various subjects and artists to include, Burne-Jones, Picasso etc (25) £30-50
6.      Clarice Cliff - The Bizarre Affair tog. w. thirteen books relating to Arts and Crafts, Art Noveux, William Morris etc (14) £25-40
7.      SPENCER, Isobel - Walter Crane tog. w. thirty-two other books relating to the arts, architecture, photography, embroidery etc (33) £30-50
8.      Bronzes Sculptures & Founders, 1800-1930 - four vols, tog. w. Henry Moore, Sculpture and Environment - Thames and Hudson, 1977; POP-HENNESSY, John - Italian Gothic Sculpture, an introduction to Italian Sculpture and BIRKS, Tony - Hans Cooper (7) £30-50
9.      Collection of reference books relating to furniture, porcelain, musical instruments etc £15-25
10.     Fourteen Royal Academy Pictures Annuals for the years, 1888-1891 (bound as one), 1890, 1893, 1895-1897 (inclusive), 1900-1902 (inclusive), 1904, 1906-1909 (inclusive) and 1913 (14) £20-40
11.     LUSK, Lewis - B. W. Leader, R. A, His Life and Work - 1901, with illustrations £15-25
12.     HAYTER, Charles - An Introduction to Perspective, Drawing and Painting - 1825, fourth ed., with twenty plates to include fold-out plates £30-50
13.     WELLS, W.F & LAPORTE, J (engravers) - A Collection of Prints, Illustrative English Scenery; From the Drawings and Sketches of Gainsborough: in the various collections of the Right Honorable Baronness Lucas; Viscount Palmerston; George Hibbert, Esq. Dr. Monro and several other Gentleman - containing fifty-three engravings, bound £180-250
14.     WILKIE, Sir David - The Wilkie Gallery: with Biographical & Critical Notices - 1840, with seventy-two plates, leather bound with gilt tooling, folio £40-80
15.     COX, D - An Essay on Landscape Painting & Effect - [1813] with thirty-seven illustrations £30-50
16.     HEWETSON, Henry - The Life and Works of Robert Hewetson, boy painter and poet - London, 1881, with sixteen illus. each protected by tissue guard by Mr E. Wormald £30-50
17.     Collection of eleven books relating to architecture to include, WEAVER, Lawrence - Small Country Houses of Today tog. w. The Work of the English Architect Sir Edwin Lutyens (1869-1944) and nine others relating to The Rural Architect of Scotland; The Pattern of English Building etc (11) £30-40
18.     Collection of reference books relating to motoring, architecture, art and design etc £30-50
19.     Masters in Art - four vols relating to Italian, Dutch & Flemish, Spanish & French art, each vol. half calf with gilt tooling and raised bands to the spine, tog. w. a quantity of other books to include Bryan's Dictionary of Painters and Engravers in five vols £40-80
20.     Examples of Furniture & Decoration designed by Thomas Sheraton - Batsford, 1906, with sixteen loose illustrations, and a small quantity of illustrated books £20-40
21.     Collection of nine reference books relating to books and the printed matter to include, BETTLEY, James - The Art of the Book; WILLIAMS, Keith - The English Newspaper; BAYNTON-WILLIAMS, Ashley & Miles - New Worlds, Maps from the Age of Discovery tog. w. six others (9) £30-50
22.     The Arena Chapel, Padua - Arundel Society, 1853, with thirty-eight illustrations [as called for], oblong folio £30-50
23.     The Illustrated London News Record of the Coronation service and Ceremony, of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra tog. w. another on, The Glorious Reign of Queen Victoria, 1837-1901 - each half calf, with numerous illustrations, folio £20-30
24.     RACKHAM, Arthur - Some British Ballads - [1919], with sixteen tipped in coloured plates, blue cloth £40-60
25.     HEATH-ROBNSON, W- Book of Goblins - 1935, with seven coloured and numberous black and white plates throughout £40-60
26.     DULAC, Edmund (Illustrator) - Stories from the Arabian Nights - Boots [c. 1935], with twenty tipped in coloured plates [as called for], dust-jacket £20-40
27.     MILNE, A. A - Now we are Six - 1927, first ed., with numerous illustrations by Ernest Shepard £50-80
28.     PHILLPOTTS, Eden - A Dish of Apples - 1921, with three tipped in coloured plates and numerous black and white illustrations by Arthur Rackham, limited edition no. 19 of 500 copies, signed by both the author and the illustrator, with gilt tooling to the front board £200-400
29.     GREENAWAY, Kate - Pictures for Painting - Frederick Warne & Co Ltd, undated £20-40
30.     Four Punch Almanack's for the years, 1885-1900, 1900-1910, 1911-1920 and 1921-1930, each half calf, with coloured and black and white illustrations £50-80
31.     Flowers of Loveliness; twelve groups of female figures, emblematic of flowers - with twelve engravings. designed by E. T. Parris, with poetical illus. by the Countess of Bessington tog. w. Gems of Beauty - two vols., each with twelve engravings from designs by E. T. Parris, with poetical illustrations by the Countess of Bessington (3) £40-60
32.     CARTIER-BRESSON, Henri - Images a la Sauvette - July 1952, first edition, with one hundred and twenty-six photographic images, French text £200-400
33.     EDWARDS, Agustin - Aventuras de Juan Esparraguito o El Nino Casu Legumbre - 1930, limited edition no. 91 of 130, with illustrations by A. Gomez Palacios, and a separate folder of plates, the main volume has an inscription written on the front end paper which reads, 'with much love from Doonie and Sonia's grandpa The author London June 1936'
34.     FILS, Daydou (ed.) - Paris-Toilette - [c. 1890], a bound collection of fifty-four coloured lithographs £80-120
35.     HEATH-ROBINSON, W (Illustrator) - Shakespeare's Comedy of Twelfth Night - Hodder & Stoughton, with twenty-four coloured tipped in plates, cloth bound £20-30
36.     Forty-Four Turkish Fairy Tales - with sixteen tipped in coloured plates by W. Pogamy £30-50
37.     Seven illustrated books to include: BATEMAN, H. M - Considered Trifles; Peter Arno's Circus; ROBINSON, Heath - Absurdities and four others (7) £40-80
38.     Four Bound Volumes of, 'The Sphere, The Empire's Illustrated Weekly' to include Volume 112, (January 7 - March 31, 1928); Vol. 113 (April 7 - July 30, 1928); Vol. 114 (July 7 - September 29. 1928) and Vol. 115 (October 6 - December, 1928) £30-50
39.     Eight bound volumes of the Strand Magazine, to include Vol. I to VIII, January 1891 to December 1894 (8) £50-100
40.     EVANS, T. S - The Sleeping Beauty - William Heinemann, with illustrations by Arthur Rackham tog. w. FAIRLESS, Michael - The Roadmender - 1911, with illustrations by E. W. Waite; The Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen - 1899, with illustrations by Helen Stratton and thirteen other books (15) £40-80
41.     DE BRUNHOFF, Jean - Babar en Famille - 1938, French Text tog. w. Babar's Friend Zephir, 1947, Second English Edition (2) £50-100
42.     Four bound volumes of, The Illustrated News, covering the years 1843 and 1844 £25-40
43.     Collection of illustrated books to include HAWTHORNE, Nathaniel - The Scarlet Letter - with illustrations by Hugh Tomson; The Works of Rabelais - two vols, with illustrations by W. Heath Robinson tog. w. others £30-40
44.     KINGSLEY, Charles - The Water Babies, with sixteen coloured plated by A. E. Jackson, together with twelve other children's and illustrated books to include, CARROLL, Lewis - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - 1872; GREENAWAY, Kate (illus.) - The Language of Flowers; SHEPHARD, Ernest H (illus.) - The King's Breakfast (13) £40-60
45.     BALLANTYNE, R. M - The Kitten Pilgrims or, Great Battles & Grand Victories - James Nisbet & Co [c.1882], with twelve coloured plates by the author [as called for] £20-40
46.     STREET, A. G (ed.) - Moon Raking - 1936, first ed., tog. w. County Calendar - December 1935, second ed., - each cloth bound, no dust-wrappers, and with illustrations by Lionel Edwards and five other books by the author (7) £50-60
47.     RACKHAM, Arthur (Illustrator) - Some British Ballads - with sixteen tipped in coloured plates [as called for], cloth bound £70-100
48.     PARKER, N (Illustrator) - The Browns:- A Book of Bears - W. &. R. Chambers. Ltd, with numerous illustrations throughout, and verses by B. Parker, oblong folio, cloth-bound £70-100
49.     BARRIE, J. M - The Admirable Crichton - Hodder & Stoughton, with twenty coloured tipped in plates by Hugh Thomson, bound in green cloth £20-30
50.     WAIN, Louis - Cats - Sands & Co., undated [c. 1905], with twenty-one illustrations £50-100
51.     UPTON, Florence K. - The Adventures of Two Dutch Dolls and a Golliwogg - Longmans, Green & Co, numerous illustrations, oblong folio £40-80
52.     DONNISON, T. E - The Jaw Cracking Jingles - Duckworth & Co, with numerous coloured illustrations £20-30
53.     KIPLING, Rudyard - A Song of the English - Hodder & Stoughton, with numerous tipped in illustrations by W. Heath Robinson £15-25
54.     La Légende de Croque-Mitaine - Paris, 1863, French text, with numerous illustrations by Gustave Dore £25-50
55.     CROMPTON, Richmal - a collection of five Just William books, to include: William Again - 1923, first edition together with William's Happy Days; William the Conqueror; William The Good and William the Outlaw all undated and all without dust-wrappers (5) £15-25
56.     Collection of illustrated and children books to include three books by John Leech: Plain or Ringlets; Mr Romford's Hounds; Mr Sporting Tours together with others by illustrators to include: Cecil Aldin, William Strang etc £30-50
57.     WODEHOUSE, P. G - a collection of six titles to include: Carry On, Jeeves; Ring for Jeeves; Jill the Reckless; The Coming of Bill; Tale of St. Austin's and Money for Nothing - all without dust-wrappers and non first editions (6) £20-30
58.     ROWLING, J. K - Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix tog. w. three copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - each hardback and stated as 'First Edition'; Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and two copies of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - each softback (7) £15-25
59.     FARJEON, Eleanor - Katy Kruse at the Seaside - George Harrap, 1932, with twelve coloured plates £30-40
60.     Sixteen children's books to include: CARROLL, Lewis - Alice in Wonderland - with eight coloured illustrations by Harry Rountree tog. w. POPE, Jessie - Farmyard Friends and fourteen others (16) £30-40
61.     The Dandy Monster Comic Book, 1951, together with The Dandy Monster Comic Book, 1952, The Dandy Book, 1953, and, The Dandy Book, 1954 (4) £50-100
62.     The Beano Book, 1952, together with, The Beano Book, 1953, and, The Beano Book, 1955 (3) £40-80
63.     Collection of Beano Comics to include, No 373, September 10th, 1949; No. 390, January 7th, 1950; No 467, June 30th, 1951; No. 468, July 14th, 1951; No. 475, August 25th, 1951, together with others from 1952, 1953, 1954, 1956, 1957 and 1958 £30-50
64.     Collection of the Dandy comics to include: No. 418, November 26th, 1949; No. 432, March 4th, 1950; No 438, April 15th, 1950; No. 463, October 7th, 1950, together with others for the years, 1951, 1953, 1954 1956, 1957, 1969, together with a small collection of other comics to include Valiant; Tiger and Hurricane; The Victor; Knockout, The Wizard, The Adventure, The Hotspur, The Rover, The Beezer, Tiger and Hurricane and Film Fun £30-50
65.     DAHL, Roald - The Enormous Crocodile - 1978, first edition, tog. w. a mixed quantity of children's books and annuals £50-100
66.     LANG, Andrew (Ed.) - The Brown Fairy Book - 1904; The Orange Fairy Book - 1906; The Green Fairy Book - 1907, all first editions tog. w. The Yellow Fairy Book - 1911; The Pink Fairy Book - 1913 and The Grey Fairy Book - 1913; The Animal Story Book -1908; The Book of Romance, 1913; The Arabian Nights Entertainments - 1914 and The Book of Saint and Heroes - 1918, each 'New Impression' (10) £100-200
67.     PLANCHE, J. R - Fairy Tales - lacking title page, half calf, numerous illustrations £15-20
68.     Collection of children's books to include: RACKHAM, Arthur (Illustrator) - RIP Van Winkle - 1917 and a quantity of others by various authors £30-40
69.     Collection of children's books to include: CRANE, Walter - The Baby's Opera tog. w. other books by various authors £30-50
70.     MONTORGUEIL, G - La Continiere, France son Historie - Paris, folio together with MONTEIL, Edgar - Les 3 du Midi, with numerous illustrations by Edgar Monteil (2) £30-50
71.     BAYNTON, Martin (Illustrator) - The Three Little Pigs - a story book assembled into a house, opening to reveal a fold out book and a replica of an inside of a house, tog. w. a duplicate copy, and Hansel and Gretel, another from the series, each 11cm high, (3) £30-40
72.     DOWD, J. H - A Calendar of Children - 1940 £20-40
73.     DE BRUNHOFF, Jean - Histoire de Babar, le petit elephant - [1931], first edition, no elephant logo on reverse of title page, French text £60-100
74.     WODEHOUSE, P. G - Uncle Dynamite - first ed. tog. w. four other first editions to include;- Nothing Serious; Summer Moonshine; The Mating Season and Young Men in Spats and six non first editions - all by the same author and all lacking dust-wrappers with the exception of, The Heart of a Goof (11) £20-40
75.     RANSOME, Arthur - Swallowdale - 1931, first ed., no dust-wrapper tog. w. THOMSOM, Hugh - Illustrated Fairy Books, Jack the Giant Killer - soft-back, and a quantity of children's books to include books with decorative bindings £50-80
76.     KINGSLEY, Charles - The Heroes or Greek Fairy Tales for my Children - Medici Society, 1912, half calf with gilt tooling and spine with raised bands, limited edition 12/500 copies on riccardi paper, with twelve coloured illustrations by W. Russell-Flint [as called for] £50-80
77.     Collection of children's books to include, EWING, Juliana Horatia - A Sweet Little Dear and other books by the author; a collection of Biggles books together with other children's books £30-50
78.     Collection of children's books by various authors to include Alison Uttley, Juliana Horatia Ewing tog. w. books with pictorial bindings £25-35
79.     Blyton, Enid - Five go to Billycock Hill - 1957, first ed., dust-wrapper, together with a quantity of others books on various subjects to include literature, children's etc £25-50
80.     Collection of twenty Penny Popular single issue comics dating from the 1917 and later £15-25
81.     Collection of ninety DC and others comics from the 1980s and later to include Flash; Batman; Blackhawk; Swamp Thing etc
82.     Collection of fifty-five Marvel comics from the 1980s and later to include Shogun Warriors; Thor; Captain Marvel; Ghostrider, Fantastic Four; The New Warriors etc £15-25
83.     Collection of forty-six Judge Dredd comics and magazines together with a small quantity of 2000AD with Judge Dredd £15-25
84.     Collection of fifteen comics to include No. 432 Dandy Comic published Mar 4th, 1950, together with fourteen others to include The Flintstones and Pebbles, seven Sparky comics etc
85.     TOURTEL, Mary - Little Bear and the Fairy Child - Thomas Nelson & Sons, undated, [c. 1922] £120-180
86.     MILNE, A. A - Winnie the Pooh - 1926, first ed., tog. w. Now We Are Six - 1927, first ed., both without dust-wrappers; Fourteen Songs from When We Were Very Young - all with numerous illustrations by Ernest Shepherd and another by Milne, A Gallery of Children with illustrations by H. Willebeek Le Mar (4) £150-250
87.     WODEHOUSE, P. G - Eggs, Beans and Crumpets tog. w. two others by the same authors, Full Moon and Quick Service - all first editions, and with dust-wrappers (3) £40-80
88.     WODEHOUSE, P. G - a collection of seven titles by the author, all non first editions, to include, Love Among the Chickens - undated, ninth printing, dust-wrapper tog. w. The Inimitable Jeeves - undated; The Code of the Woosters - 1938, first edition; Pigs have Wings - 1952, first edition; Summer Moonshine - 1938, first edition; Indiscretions of Archie - undated and The Small Bachelor - 1927, first edition - with all six lacking dust-wrappers (7) £30-50
89.     BESTELL, Alfred - Three Rupert Annuals for 1945, 1946 and 1948, all soft-back, with the latter two not price-clipped £60-100
90.     BESTELL, Alfred - Four Rupert Annuals to include: 1945, 1947 and 1949, all soft-back, with the latter two not price-clipped, together with another Rupert Annual for 1950, hardback and not price-clipped (4) £30-50
91.     BESTELL, Alfred - a small collection of Rupert books to include: Rupert's Adventure Book - 1940; two Rupert Annuals for 1951 and 1952, both hardback; three Mary Tourtel books, The Rupert Story Book, Rupert Stories and Rupert Little Bear More Stories, and No.15 and No. 40 from the Little Bear Library (8) £40-80
92.     Picturesque Hong Kong - a collection of twenty-four photographic images with tied card binding £300-500
93.     Collection of books of relating mainly to Devon and Somerset to include; NEWELL-ARBER - The Coastal Scenery of North Devon; Devonshire: Historical and Pictorial, a complete story of Devon from its earliest times together with views and reviews of all places of interest, and a concise gazetteer of is cities, towns and villages; PASS, Olivia - Dorset Feather Stitchery, together with others £50-80
94.     RYE, Walter - Norfolk Families - five parts bound in two volumes, with Vol. I, dated 1911, and Vol. II, dated 1913 (2) £30-50
95.     GRESWELL, Rev. William - The Land of the Quantock, a Descriptive and Historical Account - Barnicott & Pearce, 1903, limited edition 121/250, with numerous illustrations £20-25
96.     BRADSHAW, Thomas - The Whole Genuine and Complete Works of Flavius Josephus, the Learned and Authentic Jewish Historian and Celebrated Warrior - London, with numerous illustrations and maps, full calf £50-100
97.     CHURCHILL, Winston S. - The Second World War -1948-1954, first editions, six vols, dust-wrappers £30-50
98.     NAPIER, Major-General Sir W. F. P - History of the War in the Peninsula and in the South of France from the Year 1807 to the Year 1814 - six vols, F. Warne & Co, 1886, Cavendish Edition tog. w. LUDWIG, Emil - Napoleon - 1927 and BROWNRIGG, Beatrice - The Life and Letters of Sir John Moore - 1923 (8) £15-25
99.     WATSON, Robert - The History of the Reign of, Philip II, the King of Spain - three vols, T. Cadell, 1785, fourth ed, tog. w. Vol I only, by the same title - 1786 (4) £40-80
100.    TAYLOR, James - The Age We Live In: A History of the Nineteenth Century - eight vols £30-50
101.    Debrett's Peerage, Baronetage and Knightage for the years 1910 and 1955 £25-45
102.    Collection of 18th century and later books relating to history £30-60
103.    The Victoria History of The County of Worcester - Vols I-IV tog. w. The County of Gloucester - Vol. VIII and The County of Warwick - Vol. VII and Vol VIII (7) £50-80
104.    Collection of books written by, or about, Sir Winston Churchill to include - Marlborough, His Life and Times - four vols bound as two, and others £20-40
105.    WOODWARD, B. B - The History of Wales, from the Earliest Times, to its Final Incorporation with the Kingdom of England - two vols, Virtue & Co, blue cloth with gilt tooling, with numerous illustrations £30-50
106.    GOUGH-NICHOLS, John - The Topographer and Genealogist - [1846-1858], three vols, bound in half calf with marbled boards £40-60
107.    STIRLING-COYNE, J & WILLIS, N - The Scenery and Antiquities of Ireland - two vols., with numerous illustrations by W. Bartlett £50-80
108.    JEBOULT, Edward - A General Account of West Somerset, Description of the Valley of the Tone, and the History of the Town of Taunton, with numerous photographic illustrations together with: CHANTER, Charlotte - Ferny Combes, a ramble after Ferns in the Valleys and Glens of Devonshire - 1857, third edition; MOORE, Rev. Thomas - History and Topography of the County of Devon - 1832, with numerous illustrations to the rear, and four other books relating to Lyme Regis, Serborne, Bradford upon Avon and the Isle of Purbeck (7) £50-100
109.    Forty-one books from the Britain in Pictures series relating to Art, Literature, History etc £20-40
110.    MACKENZIE-GRIEVE - The Last Years of the English Slave Trade - 1941, first edition, tog. w. a quantity of other books relating to history, natural history etc- £30-50
111.    Collection of local history books and paraphernalia relating to the County of Surrey to include; GREEN, F. E - The Surrey Hills - 1915, with illustrations by Elliott Seabrooke; PARKER, Eric - Surrey Gardens, 1954, dust-wrapper and others, to include postcards £30-50
112.    COLLINSON, Rev. John - The History and Antiquities of the County of Somerset collected from authentick records, and an actual survey by the late Mr Edmund Rack - three vols. Bath, 1791, full calf with gilt tooling and raised bands to the spine with a fold out map and forty plates £200-250
113.    DAWBER, E. Guy & DAVIE, W. Galsworthy - Old Cottages Farm Houses and Other Stone Buildings in the Cotswold District - Batsford, 1905 tog. w. another by the same authors, Old Cottages and Farm Houses in Kent and Sussex - Batsford, 1900, each with gilt tooling to the boards, and illustrations throughout (2) £50-100
114.    Collection of books on history to include:- JOHNSON, George W - The Fairfax Correspondence, Memoirs of the Reign of Charles I - two vols, London, 1848 tog. w. JARDINE, David - A Narrative of the Gunpowder Plot - John Murray, 1857; CORBETT, Julian S - The Successors of Drake - Longmans, Green & Co, 1900; VINE - The landing of Julius Caesar and his Battles with the Ancient Britons with some account of Early British Trade and Enterprise - 1886; TOWNEND, Robert - The Descendants of the Sturars - 1858 and twenty-two other books, all ex library (27) £50-80
115.    Collection of books relating to the West Country to include:- HEATH, Sidney & PRIDEUX, W - Some Dorset Manor Houses - London, 1907 tog. w. An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the County of Dorset - three vols, 1970; Photographic views of Ilfracombe and Neighbourhood; nine Somerset Record Society Publications and a quantity of other books £40-60
116.    RIVINGTON, Septimus - The History of Tonbridge School, from its Foundation in 1553 to the present date - 1925, fourth edition tog. w. STEED, H. - The Register of Tonbridge School from 1847 to 1927 - 1927 and The Tonbridgian, 1907-1912 (3) £15-25
117.    BISSET, Robert - The History of the Reign of George III, to the Termination of the Late War - six vols, London, 1803, as originally published tog. w. Vol. VII - London, 1820, all full calf, uniformly bound (7) £30-50
118.    LYSONS, Rev. Daniel - The Environs of London: being an historical account of the Towns, Villages and Hamlets within twelve miles of the capital - five vols, London, 1796, with plates and maps [as called for] £200-400
119.    The Baronage of Scotland - Edinburgh, 1798, with index to the rear tog. w. DOUGLAS, Robert - The Peerage of Scotland - Edinburgh, 1764, with ten coats of arms illustrations to the front and appendix to the rear, each full calf and with front boards loose, folio, (2) £80-120
120.    EVERED, Philip - Stag Hunting with the "Devon and Somerset", 1887-1901 - Chatto & Windus 1902, with illustrations by H. M. Lomas tog. w. FORTESCUE, Hon. J. W - The Story of a Red Deer - 1925, with illustrations by G. D. Armour; HAMILTON, Archibald - The Red Deer of Exmoor with notes on those who hunted them from Robert D'Auberville 1070, to Robert Arthur Sanders, 1906 - Horace Cox, 1907, with illustrations and COSS, Fred - Memories of a Stag Harbourer - H. F & G. Witherby, with illustrations (4) £70-100
121.    The Baronial Halls, Picturesque Edifices and Ancient Churches of England - three vols, Chapman & Hall, 1845, half calf with numerous illustrations throughout each volume, folio £30-50
122.    Twenty-five volumes of, The Major Works of Sir Winston Churchill - Hamlyn, 1974, full calf and with gilt tooling £400-500
123.    VOWELL, John - The Antique Description and Account of the City of Exeter: in three parts bound as one - 1765, binding detached, all pages appear present, with illustrations £15-25
124.    HUME, David - The History of England, from the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the Revolution in 1688 - eight vols, T. Cadell, 1886, full calf with disbound boards, £15-20
125.    Collection of old cloth and leather relating to history to include: GREEN, J. R - A Short History of the English People - three vols, 1892, half calf, with illustrations tog. w. others £30-40
126.    HUGHES, Thomas - Ancient Chester: A Series of Illustrations of the Streets of this Old City - Henry Sotheran, 1880, with twenty-one illustrations by George and William Batenham and John Musgrove, limited edition of 300 copies £25-30
127.    Collection of twenty-two A & C Black Guides relating to the Counties of the United Kingdom tog. w. others on Greece, France, Austria, Germany, Highlands & Islands of Scotland, New Zealand, Belguim, Sweden etc - some with decorative bindings £30-50
128.    Collection of seventeen A & C Black Guides on various subjects to include History, Art, Poetry, Costume etc £30-40
129.    The History of Edward, Prince of Wales, commonly termed The Black Prince, eldest son of King Edward the Third - London, 1776, tog. w. LAKE, J. W. - The Works of Lord Byron - Philadelphia, 1840 - each full calf (2) £25-30
130.    [HAMPSHIRE INTEREST] - LIVEING, Henry G. D. - Records of Romsey Abbey: An Account of the Benedictine House of Nuns, with notes on the parish church and town - 1906, with numerous illustrations tog. w. five other books relating to the County and a book on, The Law of Churchwardens and Sidesman - July 1909, fifth ed., (7) £20-40
131.    MACAULAY, Lord - The History of England from the Accession of James the Second - six vols, Macmillan & Co, 1913-1915, edited by Charles Harding Firth, with numerous illustrations £20-40
132.    MORRIS, Rev. F. O - The Ancestral Homes of Britain, a series of views of seats of Nobleman and Gentleman, with Historical Descriptions of the Mansions and the Genaelogical Sketches of the Families - London, with numerous coloured illustrations £20-40
133.    LEIGHTON, John M - History of the County of Fife, from the earliest period to the present time - three vols bound as one, half calf, with numerous illustrations £60-100
134.    MORRIS, Rev. F. O - Castles and Halls of England - London, with numerous coloured illustrations £20-40
135.    SPALDING, John - Memorialls of The Trubles in Scotland and in England, A.D 1624- A.D 1645 - two vols, The Spalding Club, 1860, £50-100
136.    LATIMER, John - The History of the Society of Merchant Venturers of the City of Bristol, with some account of the Anterior Merchants' Guilds - Bristol, 1903 tog. w. KERR, W. J. W - Records of the 1st Somerset Militia - Gale & Polden, ex library, with numerous coloured illustrations (2) £20-40
137.    A Portfolio of Coventry Past and Passing, being a pictorial record of changes during the last century with short explanatory notes by Dr. V. Wyatt Wingrave - 1927, subscription copy No. 189 £30-40
138.    PAUL, Herbert - Queen Anne - 1906, limited edition 123/200 tog. w. HENDERSON, T. F - 1904, limited edition 141/200, each published by Goupil & Co, half calf, printed on Japanese Paper and with numerous illustrations throughout (2) £25-40
139.    LAKING, Guy - The Armoury of Windsor Castle, European Section - Bradbury, Agnew & Co, with thirty-nine plates [as called for], boxed £150-250
140.    BUCHAN, John - The King's Grace, 1910-1935 - Hodder & Stoughton, 1935, limited edition, 293/500 and signed by the author, boxed £25-35
141.    ST. JOHN-HOPE, W. H - Windsor Castle, an Architectural History - three vols to include a folder of maps and floor plans, Country Life, 1913, limited edition no. 368/1500, red cloth, uniformly bound £40-80
142.    WOLHUTER, H - Memories of a Game Ranger - December, 1950, third edition, with illustrations by C. T. Asterly-Maberly, tog. w. a small quantity of books relating to shooting, fishing and ornithology £30-40
143.    DONNELLY, Professor Ned - Self Defence; or, The Art of Boxing - 1897 £40-50
144.    TOLLEMACHE, Lord - Croquet - Stanley Paul & Co. 1914 tog. w. two other related books titled: The History of Croquet and How to Play Croquet (3) £15-25
145.    Twenty Wisden Cricketers' Almanacks to include:- 1976, 1977, 1979, 1980-1986 (inclusive), 1988-1989 and 2000 - with duplications £20-40
146.    Thirteen Wisden Cricketers' Almanacks for the years, 1950, 1951, 1952 and 1961 - each soft-back tog. w. 1959, 1962, 1963 and a duplicate copy, 1974, 1976, and two copies of the year, 1979 - each hardback (13) £30-50
147.    BROMLEY-DAVENPORT, W - Sport: Fox Hunting, Salmon Fishing, Covert Shooting and Deer-Stalking - Chapman & Hall, 1885, with numerous black and white illustrations by Henry Hope Crealock tog. w. B.B - Tide's Ending - Hollis & Carter, 1950, with numerous coloured illustrations by D. J. Watkins-Pitchford (2) £30-40
148.    FLEETWOOD, Rev. J - The Life of our Blessed and Saviour Jesus Christ - 1853, full calf with gilt tooling and illustrations throughout £20-40
149.    The Book of Common Prayer, and adminiftration of The Sacrements, and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, according to the use of the Church of England: together with the Psalter or Psalms of David - bound in one volume, London, 1794, full calf with gilt tooling and raised bands to the spine, with numerous illustrations throughout £40-60
150.    La Vie de Jesus Christ - two vols, undated, folio, with numerous illustrations throughout £20-30
151.    The Works of the Most Reverend Dr John Tillotson, late Archbishop of Caterbury - three vols, 1735, full calf £30-50
152.    WHITBY, Daniel - A Paraphrase and Commentary upon the Epistles of the New Testament - 1700, full calf tog. w. eight other books relating to religion to include, The book of Common Prayer - 1816 (9) £40-80
153.    HENRY, Rev. Matthew - The Holy Bible - 1878, full calf with brass claps, numerous illustrations throughout tog. w. BROWN, Rev. John - The Self Interpreting Bible - 1851, with illustrations and another bible, undated, without illustrations (3) £30-40
154.    TISSOT, J - The Life of our Lord Jesus Christ - two vols, 1897, with Vol I bearing an inscription by the author, folio, £20-25
155.    The Revelation of Saint John the Divine - Baynard Press, undated, with thirteen single and double page lithographs by Hans Feibusch, and signed by the artist, limited edition 49 of 150, folio, slipcase £30-50
156.    The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments - 1844, with single brass clasp and coloured illustrations £25-35
157.    GREEK BIBLE - Vetus Testamentum Graecum - 1665 £70-100
158.    The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments - two vols, 1847, full calf, each with illustrations throughout tog. w. BANKES. Rev. Thomas - The Christian's New and Complete Family Bible - calf, folio, with numerous illustrations and another Holy Bible - full calf, gilt tooling with raised bands to the spine, without illustrations (4) £50-100
159.    Die Heilige Schrift Neuen Testaments - 1744, bound together with the Psalter [undated] and Psalms of St. David[1740], each with a title page, and an index to the rear, £20-40
160.    Der Schlefifchen Kern Chronicte Anderer Theil - 1711 - 878 pages, index to the rear, lacking boards and spine, numerous engraved plates and a fold-out map titled Ducatus Silesiae Tabula Accuratissima £20-40
161.    EADIE, Rev. John - The Holy Bible with an abridgement of the commentaries of Scott and Henry - with illustrations throughout, full calf, with metal clasps £25-50
162.    Collection of books and paraphernalia relating to aviation, to include aircraft recognition manuals, maps, reports etc £60-120
163.    Collection of books and manuals relating to the Triumph books and manuals to include a Instruction Manual for Triumph Motorcycles 1937, 1938, 1939 & 1940 Models and a Instruction Manual No 7. for the Triumph Tiger Cub etc £30-50
164.    Collection of paraphernalia relating to motor-cycling to include old manuals relating to the BSA, Ariel, Enfield and a quantity of other items to include the Motor-Cycle and Motor-Cycling magazines dating from the 1950s but includes, The Motor Cycle magazine, December 5th, 1935 etc £30-50
165.    Collection of books relating to motor cycling to include BSA, Ducati and Norton interest together with a quantity of other books relating to Brooklands; Pre-War British Motor Cycles; British Motorcycles of the 1940s and 1950s etc £30-50
166.    Collection of Meccano Magazines relating from 1925 through to 1941, to include some runs of issues £30-50
167.    Collection of books relating to motoring to include: MARTIN - The Book of Triumph Cars tog. w. FROSTICK - Bentley: Cricklewood to Crewe; a collection of Hanes, Auto Library Series; a Triumph Sports Car 20 TR2, 3 & 3A Models Spare Parts Catalogue, and a quantity of other books relating to motoring £30-50
168.    Collection of books and paraphernalia relating to London buses and trams £50-80
169.    Collection of books and paraphernalia relating to buses and trams to include the history of buses in the South West, South East and the North of England £40-60
170.    DENDY-MARSHALL, C. F - A History of the Southern Railway - 1860, £30-40
171.    A Tour Thro' the whole Island of Great Britain divided into Circuits or Journies - two vols, London, 1724-1725, each vol. with fold-out map £30-50
172.    Quantity of books relating to travel £30-40
173.    CARTER, Howard & MACE, A. C - The Tomb of Tutankhamen, discovered by the Late Earl of Carnarvon and Howard Carter - Cassell & Co., 1923 and 1927, first eds., two vols, with numerous plates throughout by Harry Burton (2) £200-400
174.    CAMPBELL, Donald - A Journey Over Land to India, partly by a route never gone before by an European - London, 1796, half calf with marbled boards £100-200
175.    SCOTT, Captain Robert F - The Voyage of Discovery - 1905, two vols, together with: GORDON HAYES. J - Antarctica - 1928; PONTING, H. G - The Great White South - December 1923, fifth imp; SHACKLETON, Sir Ernest - South, The Story of Shackleton's Last Expedition, 1914-1917 - January 1920, reprint and SEAVER, George - Edward Wilson of the Antarctic, Naturalist and Friend - June 1938 (6) £80-120
176.    GRAHAM, Maria - A Journal of a Residence in India - Edinburgh, 1812, with sixteen illustrations [as called for], half calf £60-100
177.    LEGH, Thomas - Narrative of a Journey in Egypt and the Country beyond the Cataracts - London, 1816, with folding map and plate £30-50
178.    The Royal Jersey Album dedicated, by Special Permission, to Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria - 1847, with eleven lithographs [as called for] by H. Walter, from the original drawings by P. J. Ouless £200-400
179.    [MOUNTAINEERING INTEREST] - FARRER, Reginald - On the Eaves of the World - two vols., with numerous illustrations tog. w. nine other books relating to Everest, the Alps etc (11) £30-50
180.    LAYARD, Austen, H - Discoveries in the Ruins of Nineveh and Babylon; with Travels in Armenia, Kurdistan and the Desert; being the result of a Second Expedition undertaken for the Trustees of the British Museum - John Murray, 1853, first ed., with all illustrations and maps [as called for] £40-60
181.    Seventeen Shell Guides to include:- QUENNELL, C. H. B & Peter - Somerset, spiral bound tog. w. sixteen later Shell Guides, non spiral bound (17) £30-50
182.    ROWSE, A. L - Tudor Cornwall - 1941, first edition, dust-wrapper, tog. w. a quantity of books of interest to travel £30-50
183.    BAEDEKER, Karl - a collection of eleven travel guides for, Central Italy - 1890; Southern Italy - 1890; Northern Italy - 1892; Great Britain - 1901; Northern France - 1894 and another copy for, 1905; Southern France - 1907 and another for, 1914; Eastern Alps - 1895 and Northern Germany - 1884; Sudbayern, Tirol und Salzburg -1910, each volume contains maps and plates (11) £50-80
184.    STANLEY, Henry M. - Through the Dark Continent or The Sources of the Nile around the Great Lakes of Equatorial Africa and down the Livingstone River to the Atlantic Ocean - two vols, 1899, with illustrations and fold out map £30-40
185.    Collection of books relating to the topography, history etc. of various places to include the Orkney Islands, Yorkshire, Hampshire etc £30-50
186.    Glimpses of India: a grand photographic history of The Land of Antiquity, the vast Empire of the East - 1895, numerous illustrations, oblong folio £50-100
187.    FRANSHAM, John - The World in Miniature: or the Entertaining Traveller - Vol I only, John Torbuck, 1740 £15-25
188.    The Works of Rudyard Kipling - thirty six vols, Charles Scribner, 1897 £30-50
189.    The New English Theatre containing the Most Valuable Plays which have been acted on the London Stage - four vols (of eight), London, 1776, half calf £30-40
190.    CAXTON, William - The Metamorphoses of Ovid - two vols, 1968, facsimile reprint £30-50
191.    The Works of Charles Dickens - ten vols, to include Bleak House, The Pickwick Papers, Sketches by Boz, Barnaby Rudge, Dombey and Son, David Copperfield, Little Dorrit, Nicholas Nickleby, Old Curiosity Shop, Martin Chuzzlewit and Dombey and Son, Chapman and Hall, half calf (10) £20-40
192.    TOLKIEN, J. R. R - The Fellowship of the Ring - December 1954, first ed. second imp, tog. w. The Two Towers - 1955, first ed., second imp. and The Return of the Ring, 1955, first ed. each with dust-wrappers.

193.    KNIGHT, Charles - The Works of William Shakespeare - two vols., George Routledge & Sons, 1885, with illustrations by John Gilbert tog. w. TOLKIEN, J. R. R. - The Hobbit - 1957, ninth imp; and another by the same author, Farmer Giles of Ham- 1949 (4) £20-30
194.    DICKENS, Charles - The London Edition - fourteen vols £20-30
195.    Collection of modern literature, various authors, some first editions and signed books £20-40
196.    The Collected Poetry of Francis Thompson - Hodder & Stoughton, 1913, tog. w. GREENE, Graham - Loser Takes All - Heinemann, 1955, first edition and thirteen other books of literature interest (15) £50-80
197.    Kenilworth; A Romance - three vols, 1821, second edition £15-25
198.    The Works of William Thackeray - Smith, Elder & Co, twenty-two vols., with illus. throughout each vol., uniformly bound in half calf with marbled boards and with gilt tooling to the spines £40-80
199.    STAUNTON, Howard - The Works of William Shakespeare - Vols I-VI (inclusive), George Routledge & Sons, uniformly bound, half calf with marbled boards, with gilt tooling to the spines (6) £50-80
200.    STEVENSON, Robert Louis - Kidnapped - Cassell & Co, 1887, first edition tog. w. six other books of literature interest (7) £100-200
201.    DICKENS, Charles - Bleak House - Chapman & Hall, undated tog. w. twenty-two 18th century and later books on various subjects to include art and literature (23) £30-50
202.    Collection of litertature books to include, ISHERWOOD, Christopher - Prater Violet - 1946, first ed., dust-wrapper; THORNDYKE, Russell - Doctor Syn - July 1915, first ed., and other books to include first editions and by several authors to include Jane Austen, Howard Spring, Jules Verne etc £30-50
203.    Nineteen books by, The Nonesuch Press, to include:- The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans - five vols, limited printing, 1419/1500; The Works of George Farquhar - two vols, 874/1000; The Works of Thomas Otway - three vols, 555/1250; The Works of Sir John Vanburgh - four vols, 181/1300, and five other books by the same publisher (19) £30-50
204.    HART-DAVIS, Rupert - The Autobiography of Arthur Ransome tog. w. a quantity of other books relating mainly to literature and biography to include:- LEWIS - Selected Letters of Horace Walpole - two vols, Oxford, 1926 £30-50
205.    The Aldine Edition of the British Poets - forty-five volumes, London, uniformly bound, half calf with marbled boards, various poets to include Cowper, Chaucer, Pope etc £80-120
206.    The Home and Haunts of Shakespeare - three vols, Sampson Low, Marston & co, folio, ex library £20-40
207.    The Complete Works of George Eliot - twelve vols, Fred De Fau & Co, half calf with marbled boards and gilt tooling and raised bands to the spine, uniformly bound tog. w. Novels of George Eliot - seven vols, William Blackwood and Sons, half calf with marbled boards, and gilt tooling and raised bands to the spine (19) £30-40
208.    KIPLING, Rudyard - a collection of works to include:- Just So Stories - November, 1902 reprint; Thy Servant a Dog - 1930; Captains Courageous - January, 1898 reprint; Soldier Tales - 1896; Rudyard Kipling's Verse 1885-1918 - three vols and a small quantity of A. A. Milne publications £25-40
209.    GARDENER, James - The Paston Letters 1422-1509 A.D - four vols, Edinburgh, 1910 £20-40
210.    THACKERAY, William Makepeace - Catherine; Lovel the Widower tog. w. four other of the author's works to include; The Paris Sketch Book; The Adventures of Philip on his Way through the World; The Virginians and The Christmas Books of Mr. M. A. Titmarsh - Smith, Elder & Co, 1881-1882 tog. w. The Works of John Bunyan - three vols, Blackie & Son, 1859 (8) £25-40
211.    Collection of literature books to include, LAWRENCE, T. W - Seven Pillars of Wisdom - 1935, together with others by various authors to include Anthony Trollope, Nevil Shute, Agatha Christie etc £30-50
212.    The Works of Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Bronte - twelve vols, uniformly bound, all with pasted in plates inside the front board stating 'first issue of this edition', and each dated 1893 £60-100
213.    Collection of 18th century, old cloth and leather, books relating to literature £30-40
214.    Collection of fifteen books from the Harrap's Shilling Library, various authors to include Peter Craig, Victor MacClure, J. Jefferson Farjeon, Paull Steward, David Graeme etc, all with dust-wrappers, and to include first editions, tog. w. six books published by Wright and Brown (21) £40-80
215.    PATON, Noel (Illustrator) - The Dowie Dens o'Yarrow - 1860, folio, together with KEENE, Charles - Our People, from the collection of Punch - 1881; Pictures from Punch Vols. III & IV, bound in one book, and DAFFORNE, James - Modern Art, a series of engravings from the works of distinguished painters of the English and Foreign Schools selected from Galleries and Private Collections in Great Britain - 1877, folio (4) £30-50
216.    HERON BOOKS - a collection of twenty-five Dennis Wheatley novels - red cloth, uniformly bound tog. w. nineteen Alistair Maclean novels - blue cloth, uniformly bound (34) £15-25
217.    LAWRENCE, D. H - Lady Chatterley's Lover including My Skirmish with Jolly Roger - Privately Printed, 1930 £30-50
218.    SCOTT, Sir Walter - a collection of twenty of the authors works £20-40
219.    KNIGHT, Charles (Ed.) - The Works of Shakespeare, Imperial Edition - two vols, J. S. Virtue & Co, with numerous steel illustrations tog. w. The Works of Shakespeare with notes - two vols, J. S. Virtue & Co, with numerous illustrations, all volumes uniformly bound, folio, with gilt tooling and raised bands to the spine (4)
220.    DICKENS, Charles - The Personal History of David Copperfield, together with another book by Dickens titled, The Pickwick Papers, both books with numerous coloured tipped in illustrations by Frank Reynolds [as called for] (2) £15-20
221.    HERON BOOKS - a quantity of books to include: The Works of Charles Dickens - in twenty-five vols; MACAULAY - The History of England - four vols; tog. w. other books £15-25
222.    De LACLOS, Choderlos - Dangerous Acquaintances - Nonesuch Press, 1940, with numerous coloured illustrations by Chas Laborde throughout, cloth bound £40-60
223.    AUSTEN, Jane - Sense and Sensibility - 1899, first edition, with illustrations by Chris Hammond; another by the same author, Pride and Prejudice - September, 1903, reprint with illustrations by Hugh Thomson, each cloth bound with gilt tooling tog. w. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, with a biographical introduction by Henry Glassford Bell and MACLEOD, Norman (Ed.) - Good Words for 1864, (4) £40-60
224.    Fourteen signed books each inscribed to the author, Howard Spring (1889-1965), to include: WILSON, Colin - The Outsider; YEE, Chiang - Dabbitse; TANGYE, Derek - A Cornish Summer; another by Tangye - A Drake at the Door and ten other books by various others (14) £40-60
225.    Collection of ten signed books to include, PRATCHETT, Terry - Mort; GRISHAM, John - The Firm, and a further two titles, The Pelican Brief and The Rainmaker; MANSELL, Nigel - Mansell and Williams, The Challenge for the Championship; BARKER, Sue - Playing Tennis; WAUGH, Auberon - The Last Word; WOGAN, Terry - Wogan on Wogan; GELDOF, Bob - Is that it? and The Greatest Show on Earth Live Aid Programme, 1986, with signatures by Bob Geldof, Sting, Elvis Costello and The Style Council (10) £40-50
226.    Two signed books of political interest to include: MAJOR, John - Prime Minister and together with, World Leaders, Past and Present, Thatcher, signed by Carol Thatcher, with an inscription which reads, 'To Tom, With best wishes on your 70th birthday and with grateful thanks from my mother for being her biggest fan over the years. Carol (Thatcher)' (2) £15-25
227.    Collection of signed books, various subjects (with some interest to Somerset and Cornwall) and authors, to include Katie Adie, Bill Beaumont, Will Carling, Jeffery Archer, Neil Kinnock etc £30-50
228.    GALLICO, Paul - The Snow Goose, with four tipped in illustrations by Peter Scott and further black and white illustrations, a limited edition printing numbered 125/750, signed by the author and the illustrator £40-60
229.    WHEATLEY, Dennis - Faked Passports - undated tog. w. Dangerous Inheritance - 1965, first ed; The Severn Ages of Justerini's - Riddle Books Ltd, undated; They Used Dark Forces - 1964, first ed; The Man Who Killed the King - 1951, first ed. and Saturday's with Bricks - 1961, first ed, all with dust-wrappers and all books are signed by the author bearing an inscription to the author Howard Spring (6) £60-100
230.    HAUBER, E, D - Bibliotheca Acta et Scripta Magica [1741-1744], numerous parts bound in one volume with plates and maps throughout, index to the rear £150-250
231.    WHEATLEY, Dennis - The Devil and His Works, a limited edition printing no. 24 of 25 copies, produced especially for the author and his friends, signed and inscribed by the author which reads;

'For Charles Clark To wish him many years of health, happiness and success as the head of the Hutchinson Group from his friend Dennis Wheatley' £200-300
232.    VALIENTE, Doreen - Where Witchcraft Lives - The Aquarian Press, 1962, first edition, dust-wrapper £175-225
233.    SHAW, Vero - The Illustrated Book of the Dog - Cassell & Co, red cloth with gilt tooling to the front board and spine, numerous full page coloured illustrations [as called for] £150-200
234.    Quantity of books relating to gardens and parks £30-40
235.    ADAMS, W. H. Davenport - The Bird World, described with Pen and Pencil - 1880, with illustrations byu H. Giacomelli tog. w. MICHELET, Jules - The Bird - 1874 and by the same author, The Mountain - 1872 and three other books about birds and mammals (6) £25-45
236.    WRIGHT, John and Horace - The Vegetable Grower's Guide - four vols, Virtue & Co tog. w. The Illustrated Dictionary of Gardening, an Encyclopedia of Horticulture - Vol I-VIII, and Vol. ABA-COM, 1900 supplement and three other books relating to gardening (16) £30-50
237.    CLATER, Francis - Every Man His Own Carrier; or, the whole Art of Farriery laid open - London, 1819 £15-20
238.    Thirteen books of botanical interest to include: SINCLAIR-RHODE, Eleanour - The Scented Garden - January 1932, third imp., with a typed letter from the author, dated 20th January, 1941 and by the same author, The Old English Herbals - Minerva Press, limited edition no. 134 of 500 copies; LIVINGS - Twelve White Flowers - with all plates [as called for]; JEKYLL, Gertrude - Wood & Garden - 1899; STERN, F. C - Snowdrops and Snowflakes; Flora and Sylva - Vol I only and eight others (13) £60-100
239.    NAISMITH, John - Elements of Agriculture; being an essay towards establishing the cultivation of soil and promoting vegetation on steady principles - 1807, half calf £20-30
240.    SPEECHLY, William - A Treatise on the Culture of the Pineapple and the Management of the Hot-House, together with a description of every species of insect that invest hot-houses, with effectual methods of destroying them - York, 1796, second ed. with six plates £100-200
241.    JEKYLL, Gertrude & HUSSEY, Christopher - Garden Ornament - 1927, second edition (revised), folio, £40-60
242.    MAWSON, Thomas H. - The Art & Craft of Garden Making - Batsford, 1926, fifth edition, large folio £60-100
243.    BLUNT, Wilfred & RUSSELL, James - Old Garden Roses, Part Two: the Gallicas - 1957. with eight reproduction paintings by Charles Raymond, tog. w. MANNERING, Eva - Flower Portraits - 1961, with numerous coloured plates; REDOUTE, Pierre-Joseph - Roses - December 1954, third imp., with numerous coloured plates and PREVOST, Jean Louis - Bouquets - with nine coloured plates (4) £50-100
244.    WRIGHT, John - The Fruit Grower's Guide - J. S. Virtue, three vols [as pub. in this ed], with numerous coloured plates in each vol., decorative bindings with gilt tooling £150-250
245.    MAWE, John - The Linnean System of Conchology, describing The Orders, Geneva and Species of Shells, arranged into Divisions and Families; with a view to facilitate the student's attainment of the science - London, 1823, with thirty-seven plates, half calf tog. w. HULME - Familiar Wild Flowers - two vols, Cassell and Co, undated, numerous coloured plates throughout each vol, half calf (3) £30-40
246.    The Camella - two vols, The Leslie Urquhart Press tog. w. another by the same publisher - The Rhododendron; The Best of Redoute's Roses - The Ariel Press and Alum de Redoute - Collins, each book folio (5) £50-100
247.    FRANCIS, Francis - The Practical Management of Fisheries - London, 1883 tog. w. another by the same author, Fish Culture, a Pratical Guide to the Modern System of Breeding and Rearing Fish -1865 (2) £20-40
248.    Modern Practical Farriery, a complete system of the Veterinary Art, including pratical treatises on cattle, their management in dairy, field, and stall and the practice of sheep farming - five vols, William Mackenzie, uniformly bound, with coloured and black and white illustrations £20-30
249.    BUCKLAND, Francis T - Curiosities of Natural History - London, 1865, fifth edition, tog. w. GOSSE, Philip Henry - A Year at the Shore - 1865; WOOD, Rev. J. G - Homes Without Hands - 1875, full calf and a quantity of other books relating to botany, ornithology, fishing, shooting etc £40-60
250.    BEWICK, Thomas - The History of British Birds - two vols, Newcastle, 1816, half calf, with boards disbound £15-20
251.    THOMSON, James - The Seasons and Castle of Indolence - 1837, first edition, cloth bound with gilt tooling tog. w. MILNER, Rev. Thomas - The Gallery of Nature, a pictorial & descriptive tour through creation - 1860, with numerous illustrations (2) £20-40
252.    THE FARMER'S HOME - a collection of thirty-seven single issue magazines dating from 1936-1939 £50-80
253.    Lloyd's Register of Shipping, 1958-59, Vol I, Register of Ships and for the same year, Vol IV, Directory tog. w. Vol II, Appendix and Vol III, List of Shipowners for 1959-60; Vol II, Appendix and Vol III, List of Shipowners for 1960-61 and Vol IV, Directory for 1964-65 (7) £30-50
254.    Duc D'Orleans, Croisiere Oceanographique dans la Mer du Gronland en 1905, Resultats Scientifiques, with numerous plates £40-80
255.    NORIE, J. W - A Complete set of Nautical Tables with Explanations of their Use - 1926, half calf £15-25
256.    LINDSAY, W.S - History of Merchant Shipping and Ancient Commerce - four vols, 1874, tog. w. a quantity of other books relating to various subjects to include:- KIPLING, Rudyard - A Song of the English - with thirty tipped in illustrations by W. Heath-Robinson; SOWERBY - British Wild Flowers - 1890, with numerous coloured illustrations throughout, and other books £70-100
257.    Collection of forty-four pamphlets relating to the Second World War £30-50
258.    DE CHAIR, Somerset (Ed.) -Napoleon's Memoirs - two vols, The Golden Cockerell Press, 1945 £80-120
259.    History of the Royal Regiment of Artillery - five vols, to include:- Western Front, 1914-1918; The Forgotten Fronts and the Home Base, 1914-1918; Anti Aircraft Artillery, 1941-1955;The Years of Defeat, 1939-1941; The Far East Theatre, 1941-1946 (5) £30-50
260.    Dictionnaire D'Architecture, Civile, Militaire et Navale, Antique, Ancienne et Moderne et de tous les arts et metiers qui en dependent - three vols, Paris, 1771, full calf, with numerous illustrations in each volume £25-40
261.    Collection of military books to include, MANN, Sir James - Wallace Collection Catalogues, European Arms and Armour - two vols, 1962 and a quantity of other books £25-50
262.    CORBETT & NEWBOLT - History of the Great War, Naval Operations - nine volumes, with Vols I, III, IV & V, each published with a separate volume of maps, Volume II, has both the text and maps bound as one as published, together with eleven other books of Naval Interest to include; KEYES, Roger - The Naval Memoirs; POLLEN, Arthur - The Navy In Battle; CALLENDER, Geoffrey - The Naval Side of British History; KEBLE-CHATTERTON - Battles by Sea and seven others (20) £50-100
263.    British Air Forces of Occupation Germany: Dissolution of the Luftwaffe, February 1944-December 1946 - two vols, Air HQ BAFO, July 1947 £15-20
264.    CLARK-RUSSELL - Horatio Nelson and the Naval Supremacy of England - full calf, together six other full and half calf books to include, CLINTON, H. R - From Crecy to Assyre: being Five Centuries of the Military History of England with Original Plans and Maps (7) £15-25
265.    The Regimental Records of the Royal Scots - Alexander Thom & Co, Dublin, 1915, numerous illustrations throughout, full calf, together with, WRIGHT, Thomas - The History of Scotland from the Earliest Period to the Present Time, two vols (3) £30-50
266.    Collection of military paraphernalia relating to the Second World War and later £15-25
267.    Collection of twelve Second World War military maps of France, printed between 1942-1943, each map numbered and coloured to include:
No 3A-8 Cherbourg-Alencon, 73cm x 66cm
No 6E, Cherbourg-Caratam Trevieres, 63 x 66cm
No. 6F, Lessay-Linchebray, 63cm x 78cm
No. 7, Jersey-Dinian, 51cm x 66cm
No. 7A-13A Liannilis-Brest Pontil Abbe, 51cm x 34cm
No 7F OuistrehamTrouville Le Bourg St Leonard Falaise Caen, 76cm x 69cm
No. 13, St. Nazaire-Chatulin, 50cm x 66cm
No. 14, Anger-Fougeres, 50cm x 65cm
No. 15, Orleans, 60cm x 66cm
No. 16, Fontainebleau-Alencon, 57cm x 66cm
No. 20, Nantes-Lezay, 50cm x 89cm
No. 21 Bousaac-Chinon, 50cm x 66cm
tog. w. another in Belguim
No. 3 ..Antwerp, Brussels, Munchen Gladback Namur, 52cm x 74cm (13) £30-50
268.    Collection of loose maps and ephemera, mainly of Second World War interest £15-20
269.    Nine 19th century and later, cookery books to include Mrs Beeton's Household Management - 1869; FRANCATELLI, Charles - The Royal Confectioner: English and Foreign - 1887, fifth edition and seven others (9) £30-50
270.    Nouvelles des Missions Orientales - Amsterdam, 1787, two vols. bound in one, re-bound in modern binding, French text, ex library £50-100
271.    GOUFFE, Jules - The Royal Cookery Book - Sampson Low, 1868, with numerous coloured plates tog. w. The Queen's Cookery Books - Vols. I-XIV (lacking Vol. XI) (14) £80-120
272.    IMHOF, Jacobo Wilhelmo - Historia Italiae Et Hispaniae Genealogica, exhibens inftar prodromi Stemma Desiderianum am ima radice cum fuis ftirpibus ac ramis, unde Italiae & Hispaniae Reges Proceresque - Joannis Hoffman & Engelberti, 1701 £40-60
273.    BOWMAN, Anne - The New Cookery Book: A Complete Manual of English and Foreign Cookery - Routledge & Sons, 1867, with numerous coloured illustrations, leather bound, gilt tooling £30-40
274.    Collection of books relating to veterinary science tog. w. with a small quantity of books relating to Farming £40-80
275.    Catalogue of the Library Manuscripts of the Late William Upcott £20-40
276.    NOGUCHI, Yone - The Ukiyoye Primitives - Kegan Paul, 1933, with ninety-two plates of which eight are in colour to the rear tog. w. another by the same author, Hiroshige - Kegan Paul, 1934, with ninety-nine plates to the rear, of which seven are in colour, each soft-back, and in their original blue cloth folders (2) £30-40
277.    Three Japanese Woodblock Print Books £15-25
278.    Reports of the Adjudged Cases in the Courts of Chancery, King's Bench, Common Pleas and Exchequer from the Trinity Term in the fecond Year of King George I to Trinity Term in the twenty-firft term of King George II - two vols, 1755 £40-80
279.    The Oriental Annual, or Scenes in India; comprising twenty-five engravings from Original Drawings by William Daniell - 1834 (1) £70-100
280.    M. Tullii Ciceronis Opera - nine vols, Paris, 1741, full calf with gilt tooling, with raised bands on the spines £60-100
281.    Collection of thirty-one 18th and 19th century and later books to include: The Spectator - eight vols, London, 1797; The British Critic - fourteen vols, [1795-1805], incomplete run; The Rambler - three vols, 1810, sixteenth edition; The Tatler - four vols, 1806 and The Guardian - two vols, 1806 (31) £80-120
282.    Circa 17th century manuscript £20-40
283.    Collection of old cloth to include the, KNIGHT, Charles - Old England: A Pictorial Museum of Regal, Ecclesiastical, Baronial, Muncipial and Popular Antiquities - 1845, the Penny Magazine for 1835, 1836, 1837, 1838 and 1840; The Spectator Journal for 1860; Friendly Leaves, 1895-1897; Cornhill Magazine, Vol V January to June, 1862 and Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine, Vol IX (11)
284.    Collection of 18th century and later, leather and cloth bindings, to include, HASSAL, W. O - The Holkham Picture Book - 1954 tog. w. History of the Bastille and its Principal Captives - 1838 and a quantity of other books relating to history, literature etc £40-80
285.    Collection of 18th century and later, leather and cloth bound, books on various subjects to include religion tog. w. some foreign language interest £25-40
286.    Ten 18th and 19th century vellum bound books to include Historie du Bas-Empire - 1773, Vol XV; Grammaire Allemande - 1827; DREW, Samuel - The Life of the Rev. Thomas Coke - 1817; T Livii Patavini Historiarum Libri qui Supersun Omnes et Deperditorum Fragmenta - 1829; Opera Omnia - 1854; Corinne ou L'Italiae, par Madame du Stael - 1841; Ex M Tvllio Cicerone Selecta - 1846; Grammatica di Emmanuele Alvaro - 1842; Vlvabulaire de la Langue Francaise - 1836 and Memorie Degli Architetii Antichi E Moderni - 1733, Vol I (9) £40-60
287.    Erbauliche Nachrichten von allerhand Irrthumern derer Mahler - Leipzing, 1723, 212 pages, index to the rear tog. w. five other books (6) £20-40
288.    Twenty-seven bound volumes of the Index Library £30-40
289.    MIXED LOT - a quantity of books on various subjects to include art, military, reference, sport etc £30-40
290.    MIXED LOT - a collection of 18th century and later, calf and cloth bindings to include:-
Les Adventures de Telemaque Fils D'Ulysse - 1798; Poems Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect by Robert Burns - 1804; A Complete Pronouncing Gazetter or Geographical Dictionary of the World - 1874; The New Album of Tasmanian Views tog. w. thirty-eight other books (42) £40-80
291.    THE LONDON GAZETTE, a collection of eight bound volumes to include: July to December 1826, in two volumes; January to March, 1828; July to December, 1830, in two volumes; January to June, 1831, in two volumes and January to March, 1938 (8) £30-50
292.    GOULD, Robert Freke - The History of Freemasonry, its Antiquities, Symbols, Constitutions, Customs etc - three vols, numerous illustrations throughout £15-25
293.    Collection of King Penguins to include first editions and duplications £50-100
294.    Collection of 18th century and later books relating to religion, literature, history etc £40-80
295.    The Life of Edward Earl of Clarendon, Lord High Chancellor of England, and Chancellor of the University of Oxford - two vols, 1817, full calf, folio £30-40
296.    Two maps showing the land use in the Town of Taunton, individually numbered 3 and 11, colour-coded tog. w. quantity of architectural plans for town planning and housing and other items £50-100
297.    BRYANT, Jacob - A New System or, an Analysis of Ancient Mythology - Vol I and III only, 1776 tog. w. DALYRYMPLE - Memories of Great Britain and Ireland - Vol II only, 1773, second edition and two other books (5) £30-50
298.    Causes Celebres et Interessantes avec les Jugements - fourteen vols to include Vol I; III-VII (inclusive); X-XVI (inclusive) and XVIIII £60-100
299.    Collection of thirteen miniature books to include: Life and Perambulation of a Mouse, and twelve others £60-80
300.    Collection of books on various subjects to include literature, history etc £20-30
301.    Collection of 18th century and later books on various subjects to include natural history, literature etc £40-50
302.    Collection of books to include: STOPFORD, Francis - The Romance of the Jewel -1920, private circulation; YOUATT, Willaim - Sheep, their Breeds, Management, and Diseases - 1862 and other books on religion, history etc £30-50
303.    Collection of books on various subjects to include history, literature etc tog. w. eight Left Book Club editions £40-50
304.    Collection of books on various subjects to include literature, art etc £20-40
305.    Eight books on science to include: Biometrika - A Journal for the Statistical Study of Biological Problems - Vols I - V (inclusive), uniformly bound, together with: HUNT, Henry - On the Severer Forms of Heartburn and Indigestion, especially for those that arise from Constitutional Causes - 1854; FORSYTH, J. S - A Pratical Treatise on Diet, Regimen and Indigestion - 1829 and Preceptes Fondes sur la Chimie Organique pour Diminuer sans Alterer la Sante (8) £30-50
306.    HIPKINS, A. J - Musical Instruments. historic, rare and unique - A & C Black, 1888, with a series of fifty plates by William Gibb, folio £100-200
307.    Collection of six maps to include: an Ordnance Survey Map Town Map of Oxford - 1919, coloured, folded, 70cm x 77cm tog. w. a linen backed folded map, titled Darenth - Green Street Green, 164cm x 100cm; another titled 'Darenth' - linen backed, folded, 163cm x 115cm; and one titled, Chalk & Shorne - linen backed, folded, 131cm x 199cm; another map showing parts of Hampshire, Middlesex and Surrey - linen backed, folded, coloured, 133xm x 148cm and another showing Leicestershire and Warwickshire - linen backed, folded, 104cm x 107cm (6) £30-50
308.    Collection of folio society books in slip-cases relating to history and literature to include:- Legends of King Arthur - three vols; WODEHOUSE, P. G -Leave it to PSmith tog. w. others £50-80
309.    One hundred and eight books from the, Britain in Picture series, tog. w. seven books from the Britain in Pictures, Guinea Series (115) £40-80
310.    The British Journal Photographic Almanac for 1900 tog. w. another for 1921 - each cloth bound with gilt tooling to the front board (2) £80-150
311.    CARPENTER, William B - The Microscope and its Revelations - 1875, fifth edition, with twenty-five plates £30-50
312.    LISTER-SUTCLIFFE G - The Modern Carpenter and Joiner and Cabinet Maker - eight vols, uniformly bound, numerous illustrations throughout each volume £20-25
313.    Collection of books on various subjects to include literature, history etc £25-50
314.    Three volumes of bound Wills for the years, 1924, 1925 and 1927 granted in Lichfield tog. w. two hand-written legers (5) £20-40
315.    Collection of books of interest mainly to the North Americas £30-50
316.    Collection of folio society, military books etc £15-25
317.    Collection of books on various subjects, to include literature with books by Conan-Doyle, Longfellow, Rudyard Kipling; children's books to include annuals and two Beatrix Pottter books; a Radio Times Christmas Southern Edition 1941; a quantity of ephemera and local history items relating to Hastings, Devon etc £50-100
318.    [COMPANY CATALOGUES] - Two Buck & Hickman catalogues for 1953 and 1954, together with a sales manual for "His Master's Voice" Dealers Autumn Season 1933 £15-20
319.    BARTHOLOMEW, John - The Survey Atlas of England and Wales - 1930, second edition, folio tog. w Philips' Comprehensive Atlas - 1892, new and enlarged edition and The World Wide Atlas - W & A K. Johnston (3) £30-50
320.    Maps for the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge - Chapman & Hall, 1844, two volumes bound as one, the first volume contains 112 maps [as called for], the second volume contains 106 maps [as called for] and includes maps of cities to include Amsterdam, Boston, Calcutta, Edinburgh etc, there is an index to the rear.

The atlas has been professionally re-bound and re-paired with the boards bound in half calf with marbled boards. The maps appear in good condition, but the contents and title page have suffered losses and have been re-laid on paper, there is some loss which affects the text. £800-1200
321.    JOHNSTON, Alexander Keith - The Handy Royal Atlas of Modern Geography Exhibiting the present condition of Geographical Discovery and Research in the several Countries, Empires and States of the World - 1876 £60-80
322.    Bacon's Popular Atlas of the World - 1894 £50-100
323.    Collection of thirty-four loose double-page maps from Alexander Keith Johnston's General Atlas £50-100
324.    Bacon's New Handy Atlas of Modern Geography - 1893, with twenty-four coloured double-paged maps [as called for], bound, with content and index pages to the front £30-50
325.    Atlas de L'Ancienne Geographie Universelle - Paris, 1801, with eighteen maps, of which fourteen are fold out maps, with table of place names to the front £200-300
326.    OGILBY, John - The Road Map from London to Bath and Wells - framed, 33.5cm x 45cm £25-35
327.    BOWEN, Emanuel - An Improved Map of Wiltshire Divided into the Hundreds - framed, coloured, 53cm x 69cm £50-100
328.    Collection of framed and unframed maps to include a plan of Bridgewater from the Ordnance Survey - framed, 32xm x 19cm; BOWEN, Emanuel - Dorsetshire divided into the Hundreds - and another of Somersetshire - each unframed, coloured, 24cm x 34cm, and four other maps, and the information regarding the town of Bridgwater (8) £20-50
329.    BOWEN, Eman - An Improved Map of the County of Somerset, Divided into the Hundreds - framed, coloured, 52cm x 70cm tog. w. a Dugdale map of Somersetshire - framed, 19cm x 23xm (2) £70-100
330.    The Cyclist Touring Maps of Britain - fourteen sections contained in seven pocket sized books each with fold out maps covering England, Scotland and Wales, boxed and complete, 11cm high £20-30
331.    Collection of four Lewis' Map of England, North West Division tog. w. the, North East Division; South West Division and the South East Division; - each linen backed, hand-coloured, folded (4) £40-60
332.    Geological Map showing the Isle of Wight - linen backed, coloured, folded, 100cm x 72cm £25-40
333.    CORBRIDGE - An Actual Survey of the County of Suffolk. To which is added Great Part of Y County of Norfolk - printed for Bowles & Carver & Laurie & Whittle, outline colouring, sectionalised with index of towns and co-ordinates, linen backed, cased, 53cm x 72cm £100-200
334.    Collection of maps relating to Derbyshire; Sweden, Norway and Denmark; Germany; Spain and Portugal; Italy; Asia; A Map of the King of Great Britain's Dominions in Germany, and others tog. w. Andree's Hand Atlas £30-40
335.    Collection of Ordnance Survey Maps of interest to the areas around Bridgwater and Taunton, the maps dated 1904-1905 are show Bridgwater Bay, Over-Stowey, Nether Stowey, Broomfield, West Bagbrough etc - some folded, but mainly rolled, various sizes the largest £15-25
336.    Cased set of four New Ordnance Survey maps made by Twiss and Sons showing the Environs of Lynton and Lynmouth, 24cm x 42.5cm; Environs of Ilfracome and Barnstaple, 40cm x 32.5cm; Environs of Bideford and Clovelly, 22xm x 54.5cm; and a Plan Map of Ilfracombe, 37cm x 48cm - contained in one case, tog. w. a 'Geographia' Road Map of Somersetshire, a Bartholomew's Tourist and Cyclists, Sheet 7 York and Scarborough Map, and a Pocket Road Map of the British Isles (7) £20-40
337.    Panoramic View of the Nicaragua Canal - Edward Stanford, linen backed, folded, cased, 60cm x 92cm £50-100
338.    Ordnance Survey Map of Devonshire - linen backed, folded, 89cm x 91cm £20-30
339.    London and Suburbs Main Line Railways and connecting Underground Railways of the London Passenger Transport Board - linen backed, 97cm x 102cm £30-50
340.    Coloured map showing the West Coast of Africa - J. Wyld, linen backed, folded, cased, 55cm x 86cm £60-100
341.    Ordnance Survey Town Map of the City of Canterbury - coloured, linen backed, 71cm x 96cm £20-30
342.    Four unframed maps engraved by T. Kitchin for Millar's New Complete & Universal System of Geography to include, A New Map of China, 36cm x 43cm tog. w. New Map of Indostan or East Indies, 34cm x 37cm; A New Map of Persia divided into its Provinces, 38cm x 34cm; and South America, 35cm x 38cm (4) £50-100
343.    Britannia Romana - an unframed map, 36cm x 43cm £20-30
344.    Collection of six Second World War maps covering, North Midlands and Lincolnshire, 69cm x 91cm, tog. w. The Forth, Clyde and Tay, 77cm x 97cm; Glasgow and the Middle West, 99cm x 83cm; Scotland, The North, 78cm x 93cm; Skye and the Outer Hebrides, 93cm x 83cm and on one sheet, The Orkney Islands and The Shetland Islands, 76cm x 96cm, each linen backed, folded, coloured, and dated 1940 (6) £30-40
345.    The "Contour" Road Book of England, Northern Division tog. w. another on Short Spins Round London, South of the Thames - Gall & Inglis, each bound and pocket sized, and Geographers' Road Atlas of Great Britain (3) £15-25
346.    Single sheet map of Caernarvonshire - coloured, unframed, 20cm x 25cm, tog. w. a single sheet of Camarthen-shire and Glamorgan-shire - un-coloured and un-framed, 15cm x 19cm (2) £15-20
347.    A Map of Montgomeryshire and North Wales - coloured, framed, believed to be from Georgraphia Magnae Britanniae circa. 1748, 14.5cm x 17cm £20-30
348.    Pair of reproduction maps by the Carson Clark Gallery, mounted but unframed, each limited edition 31/500 and titled Planisfero Celeste Meridonale and Planisfero Celeste, 35cm x 47cm £80-100
349.    A Map of Kent, with reference to the Hundreds - J. Stockdale, Piccadilly, March 1st 1797, framed, 34cm x 50cm £15-25
350.    Collection of Ordnance Survey Maps together with others to include, The "Contour" Road Book of England, Western Division, and The "Contour" Road Book of Scotland £20-40