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400.    WALLIS, J. P. R - The Zambezi Expedition of David Livingstone, 1858-1863 - two vols, Chatto & Windus, 1956 tog. w. The Northern Goldfields Diaries of Thomas Baines, 1869-1872 - three vols, Chatto & Windus, 1946 - all with dust-wrappers (5) 30-50
401.    NANSEN, Dr. Fridtjof - Farthest North, being a record of a voyage of exploration of the ship 'Fram' 1893-96 and of a fifteen months sleigh journey by Dr. Nansen amd Lieut. Johansen - two vols, 1898, first edition, tog. w. PONTING, Herbert - The Great White South or with Scott in the Antarctic - December 1923, fifth impression, re-bound (3) 70-100
402.    LE BLOND, Aubrey - Adventures on the Roof of the World - 1907, second impression tog. w. another by the same author, True Tales of Mountain Adventure - 1906, reprint; GLYNNE-JONES, OWEN - Rock Climbing in the English Lake District tog. w. twelve other books of mountaineering interest (15) 30-50
403.    JEFFERS, Leroy - The Call of the Mountains - 1922 tog. w. HUMBLE, B. H - The Cuillin of Skye - 1952; BAUER, Paul - Himalayan Quest - 1938 and twelve other books of mountaineering interest (15) 30-50
404.    Le Marquis de St Simon - Historie de la Guerre des Bataves et des Romains - Amsterdam, 1720, folio, with six coloured fold-out maps and thirty-three single page illustrations 70-100
405.    SOUTH, Ernest - South, The Story of Shackleton's Last Expedition, 1914-1917 - Heinemann, 1919, first edition, with coloured frontispiece and fold out map at the rear, with all other illustrations [as called for] 100-200
406.    BONVALOT, Gabriel - Through the Heart of Asia over the Pamir to India - two vols, Chapman and Hall, 1889, first edition, with numerous illustrations, uniformly bound with pictorial boards 100-150
407.    PRIESTLEY, Raymond E - Antarctic Adventure, Scott's Northern Party - Heinemann, 1914, first edition, with numerous illustrations and a map 80-120
408.    CHRISTENSEN, Lars - Such is the Antarctic - 1935, first edition, dust-wrapper, with some loss to spine, with forty-five illustrations [as called for], with an inscription by the author 50-100
409.    WILDER, Thornton - The Bridge of San Luis Rey - 1929, with numerous illustrations by Rockwell Kent, signed by both the author and illustrator at the rear, limited edition 463/1100 copies, slipcase 30-50
410.    DUCHESENE-FOURNET - Mission en Ethiopie (1901-1903) - two vols, Paris, 1909, with numerous plates throughout 60-100
411.    SCOTT, Captain Robert - The Voyage of the Discovery - two vols, 1905, first ed, with numerous plates throughout 30-50
412.    AMUNDSEN, Roald - The South Pole, an account of the Norweigan Antarctic Expedition in the "Fram", 1910-1912 - two vols, with ?? illustrations and maps, ex-library 100-200
413.    Collection of books relating mainly to Expeditions and Travel to include; SPENCER-CHAPMAN - Northern Lights - 1932, with maps and illustrations [as called for]; BARRIE, Sir J. M - Scott's Last Expedition - July, 1925, reprint; COBHAM, Sir Alan - Australia and Back - 1927; FUCHS, Sir Vivian & HILLARY, Sir Edmund - The Crossing of Antarctica - 1958, dust-wrapper; Sun Pictures of the Antilles and British Guiana tog. w. other books 50-100
414.    BINGLEY, Rev. W - North Wales; including its Scenery, Antiquities, Customs and some sketches of its Natural History; delineated from two excursions through all the interesting parts of that country - two vols, 1804, with a fold-out map and illustrations 30-50
415.    HUGH, Thomas - The History of Taunton Priory in the County of Somerset - 1860, ex-library tog. w. ROWE, Chas - South Devon - Adam & Charles Black, 1907, with illustrations by C. E. Hannaford; SEREL, Thomas - Historical Notes on the Church of Saint Cuthbert in Wells - 1875; Somerset Ways and Somerset Archealogical Society Vols VII & VIII - bound as one - (5) 30-40
416.    ROBINSON, Charles J - A History of the Manors and Mansions of Herefordshire - Longmans, 1872, with twenty-four illustrations [as called for], in decorative binding with gilt tooling 50-100
417.    ROBINSON, Charles J. - A History of the Castles of Herfordshire and their Lords - Longman & Co, 1899, with twenty-five illustrations [as called for] 30-50
418.    HUTCHINS, John - The History and Antiquities of the County of the Dorset - Vols. I, II & IV, 1861, third edition, ex-library, folio 60-100
419.    BORLASE, William - Antiquities, Historical and Monumental, of the County of Cornwall - 1769, second edition, with thirty-three plates and three maps 200-300
420.    PENNANT, T - Some Account of London - 1790, full calf, with maps and plates 50-80
421.    CHAUNCY, Sir Henry - The Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire: with the original of Counties, Hundreds or Wapentakes, Boroughs, Corporations, Towns, Villages, Parishes and Hamlets - two vols, 1826, full calf 30-50
422.    PARDOE, Miss - The Beauties of the Bosphorus - undated, with drawings by William Bartlett and maps, half calf, the spine with gilt tooling and raised bands 80-120
423.    ANDERSON, J. G - Contributions to the Geology of the Falkland Islands - 1907, with plates and maps, and an inscription by the author on the front cover 30-50
424.    GEORGE, Viscount Valentia - Voyages and Travels to India, Ceylon, The Red Sea, Abyssinia, and Egypt in the Years 1802, 1803, 1804, 1805 and 1806 - Vol IV only, with all plates [as called for] 30-50
425.    Skelton's Etchings of the Antiquities of Bristol from Original Sketches by the late Hugh O' Neill - containing fifty-five single page engraving, each protected by tissue guard 50-80
426.    SAVAGE, James - History of the Hundred in Carhampton in the County of Somerset from the best authorities - 1930, one of just twelve copies printed in large format, half calf with marbled boards, with hand-coloured folding map, and illustrations [all as called for] 100-150
427.    PAGE, John - An Exploration of Dartmoor and its Antiquities, with some account of its borders - Seeley & Co, 1889, with twenty illustrations and a fold out map [all as called for], half calf 30-40
428.    WILLIAMS, Michael - The Draining of the Somerset Levels - 1970, Cambridge University Press, in price-clipped dust-wrapper tog. w. three other books relating to the West Country to include; THORNTON, Rev W. H - Reminisces of an Old West Country Clergyman - two vols, 1897-1899 and a Kelly's Directory of Somersetshire for the year 1931 (4) 40-50
429.    MAXWELL-LYTE, Sir - A History of Dunster and of the families of Mohun and Luttrell - two vols, 1909, with numerous illustrations throughout, uniformly bound with each front board bearing the coat of arms for Mohun and Luttrell 40-60
430.    MAXWELL-LYTE, H. C - Dunster and its Lords, 1066-1881, with a descriptive sketch of Dunster Castle by G. T. Clarke, and a chapter on the siege and surrender of Dunster Castle by E. Green - 1882, a limited printing of 350 copies, this being un-numbered, with illustrations [all as called for], bearing the coat of arms for Mohun and Luttrell and bound in to the book is a handwritten note which reads, with Mr. Luttrell's compliments 60-100
431.    GRESWELL, Rev. William - The Forest and Deer Parks of the County of Somerset - 1905, a limited edition printing of 350 copies, this one being un-numbered, tog. w. WADE, Claude - Exmoor Streams - 1903, with numerous illustrations, limited edition printing of 500 copies (2) 40-80
432.    HANCOCK, F - Minehead in the County of Somerset, a history of the manor, the county and the port - 1903, a limited edition printing no. 125/250 copies 40-80
433.    SAVAGE, James - History of the Hundred of Carhampton in the County of Somerset - 1930, with fold-out map and illustrations [all as called for], re-bound with facsimile title page, with presentation inscription by the author to a, Mr James Hewitt 60-100
434.    BURROW, Edward - Ancient Earthworks and Camps of Somerset - 1924, limited edition no 38/1000 copies produced for sale and signed by the author 25-40
435.    RAWLE, Edwin John - Annals of the Ancient Royal Forest of Exmoor, compiled chiefly from documents in the record office together with some account of the forest laws and charters and officers - 1893, large paper, one of 50 copies produced in this format 50-70
436.    PRESLAND, John - Lynton and Lynmouth, a pagent of cliff and moorland - January 1919 reprint, with illustrations by F. J. Widgery tog. w. a duplicate copy and other books of interest to Devon and Cornwall to include: FRIEND, Rev Hilderic - Bygone Devonshire - 1898; CLAYDEN, Arthur W - History of Devonshire Scenery - 1906 and a duplicate copy; SNELL, F. J - Memorials of Old Devonshire - 1904; CHANTER, G - Wanderings in North Devon - 1887; BULLEID, Arthur - The Lake Villages of Somerset - 1924; Somerset - A & C Black, 1927 and Memorials of Old Somerset - 1906 (10) 40-80
437.    The Norfolk Tourist - two vols bound as one, with illustrations and maps, tog .w, The Norfolk Tour - with fold out map at the front - fifth edition, lacking title page (2) 30-50
438.    CHADWICK-HEALEY, Charles E. H - The History of the Part of West Somerset containing the Parishes of Luccombe, Selworthy, Stoke Pero, Purlock, Culbone and Oare - 1901, Henry Sotheran, with numerous illustrations and armorial bearings [all as called for], limited edition no. 46/350 copies produced for sale, this book being in large format of which only 50 copies were produced for sale, and included within is a hand-written letter to a 'Rector' from the authors son 80-120
439.    Cased set of four New Ordnance Survey maps made by Twiss and Sons showing the Environs of Lynton and Lynmouth, 24cm x 42.5cm; Environs of Ilfracome and Barnstaple, 40cm x 32.5cm; Environs of Bideford and Clovelly, 22xm x 54.5cm; and a Plan Map of Ilfracombe, 37cm x 48cm - contained in one case, tog. w. a 'Geographia' Road Map of Somersetshire, a Bartholomew's Tourist and Cyclists, Sheet 7 York and Scarborough Map, and a Pocket Road Map of the British Isles (7) 20-30
440.    KEARLEY-WRIGHT - W. H - West Country Poets: Their Lives and Works, being an account of about four hundred writers of Devon and Cornwall, with poems and extracts - 1896, with a book-plate pasted in to the inside board for Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch (1863-1944), a Cornish Novelist 30-50
441.    Collection of books relating to Somerset, Devon and Cornwall to include; MacINNES, C. M & WHITTARD, W. F - Bristol and its Adjoining Counties - 1955, first edition; Lorna Doone Country; MacFADYEN, W. A - Geological Highlights of the West Country tog. w. other books 40-60
442.    Royal Commission on Historical Monuments England, An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in Dorset - eight vols, covering the West, South East, Central, North and East of the County, all containing map(s) to the rear with the exception of Volume III, Central, Part One 60-120
443.    Collection of nine topographical books relating to Scotland to include; Our Journal into Scotland from Lowther - 1894; GORDON, Seton - The Land of the Hills and the Glens; MacGREGOR, Alasdair - Over the Sea to Skye; McCORMICK, Andrew - Galloway: the spell of its hills and glens - December 1932, reprint, and another later copy; MacCULLOCH, J. A - The Misty Isle of Skye - 1931, fourth edition; M'DOWELL - Memorials of St. Michaels, the old parish churchyard of Dumfries - 1876; MacCULLOCH, Donald - The Wondrous Isle of Staffa - 1934 and EYRE-TODD, George - Scotland, Picturesque and Traditional - 1921, second edition (9) 70-100
444.    Collection of eight A & C Black books to include; Bonnie Scotland; Surrey; Rivers and Streams of England; Highways and Hedges; The Italian Lakes; The Wye; British Castles and Buckinghamshire and Berkshire (8) 30-50
445.    DUNKIN, Edwin - The Monumental Brasses of Cornwall - 1882 tog. w. three other books of Cornish interest to include; HOLLAND, Clivem - From the North Foreland to Penzance - 1908, with numerous illustrations by Maurice Randall; BLIGHT, J. T - Ancient Crosses and other Antiquities in the East of Cornwall -1858 and Specimans of Ancient Crosses, Fonts etc - 1850 (4) 40-80
446.    LATIMER, John - The Annals of Bristol in the 18th Century - 1893, with a letter from the author tog. w. five other books relating to Bristol to include; FOX, Francis - Some Account of the Ancient Fraternity of Merchant Taylors of Bristol - 1880, one of fifty copies printed for circulation; Adam's Chronicle of Bristol - 1910; TOMBS, R. C -The Bristol Royal Mail, Post, Telegraph and Telephone; Memorials of Stoke Bishop: its Church and First Vicar (david Wright M. A) - 1897 and LATIMER, John - Sixteenth Century Bristol - 1908 (6) 50-100
447.    Collection of sixteen A & C Black's popular series of colour books to include Cambridge - 1922; Warwickshire - 1922; Yorkshire - 1925; Hampshire - 1926; Durham - 1924; Derbyshire - 1927; Gloucestershire - 1927; The Italian Lakes - 1932; Japan - 1926; Egypt - 1928; Germany - 1930; Denmark - 1928; Australia - 1927; Belguim - 1928; Rome - 1925 and Scotland - 1932, all with dust-wrappers and coloured illustrations, some first editions (16) 40-80
448.    Collection of sixteen A & C Black books from the Great Cities series, to include Paris - in dust-wrapper, and fifteen without dust-wrappers tog. w. fourteen others from the, Peeps at History series (30) 30-50
449.    BALL, Wildfrid - Sussex Watercolours - boxed tog. w. a quantity of other books, all unboxed, from the A & C Black, watercolour series, to include; Somerset, Devon, Cornwall etc, some duplications, all hardback, each with numerous coloured illustrations and Jersey - soft-back, oblong folio 50-100
450.    Collection of A & C Black Sketch books, all with numerous illustrations throughout, to include Bristol, Cornwall, Bruges etc, all unboxed, tog. w. two boxed Sketch Books to include; Stratford upon Avon and Venice 50-100
451.    Collection of A & C Black, Beautiful Britain Series, many with dust-wrappers to include; The Tower of London; London's Highways; Abbotsford; The New Forest; Cambridge; The Cotswolds; Windsor and Eton; The Romance of London etc 40-80
452.    Collection of fifty-six A & C Black, Peeps at Many Lands, series to include six with dust-wrappers to include; South America; South Africa; Siam; Norway; Holland and Kashmir (56) 60-100
453.    Collection of twenty-four Batsford books with Brian Cook illustrated dust-jackets to include; Parish Churches of England; English Downland tog. w. five Batsford guides, all with dust-wrappers for Bristol; Salisbury; York; Canterbury and The Three Choirs Cities (29) 30-50
454.    TALBOT-KELLY, R - Burma - A & C Black, 1905 tog. w. other books relating to travel and topography, all published by A & C Black, the majority with decorative bindings to include; SOMMERVILLE, Frankfort - The Spirit of Paris - 1913; Ireland - 1916; BEABLBY, J - Fruit Ranching in British Columbia - 1911 tog. w. fifteen other books (19) 40-80
455.    Collection of twenty-eight of the A & C Black, Peeps at Many Land series, all in dust-wrapers, to include; the Holy Land; Holland; Austria; New Zealand, Ancient Crete; The League of Nations; Canada and Newfoundland; France and twenty others (28) 40-80
456.    Collection of books of British Topography and Travel interest to include; WALTERS - The Charm of Lancashire - 1929, signed by both the author and illustrator tog. w. HOSKINS - Old Devon - 1966, dust-wrapper; HEADLAM - The Inns of Court - 1909 and a quantity of others 30-50
457.    Collection of fifteen, A & C Black Guides, of topographical interest and mainly relating to English Counties to include; Sussex; Wariwckshire, Ayrshire Idylls,Yorkshire, Surrey etc 40-80
458.    Collection of books relating to Exmoor to include: HALL, Herbert - Exmoor - 1849; SNELL F. J - A book of Exmoor - 1903; FISHER, Arthur - Exmoor and Other Days - 1930 tog. w. other mainly modern books 30-50
459.    Collection of books of local history interest to the counties of Devon, Somerset and Cornwall 40-80
460.    Collection of books of local history interest to the counties of Yorkshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, Cambridgshire etc tog. w. some interest to the country of Wales 30-50
461.    CRAIK, George L & MacFARLANE, Charles - The Pictorial History of England during the Reign of George the Third being a History of the People as well as a History of the Kingdom - eight vols, Charles Knight & Co, numerous illustrations throughout, half calf 20-40
462.    CHURCHILL, Winston - A History of the English Speaking Peoples - four vols, 1956-1958, with Vols II, III and IV all being first editions, and all with dust-wrappers tog. w. The Second World War - six vols, all first editions but lacking dust-wrappers 20-30
463.    Cassell's History of England - eight vols, with decorative bindings tog. w. Cassell's Romance of famouse Lives - three vols; LANG, Andrew - The Story of Joan of Arc; DICKENS, Charles - The Old Curiosity Shop - 1941and GRAHAME, Kenneth - The Golden Age (11) 20-30
464.    DUGDALE, Thomas - Curiosities of Great Britain, England and Wales delineated - nine vols, with numerous illustrations and maps 30-50
465.    GAUNT, W - English Rural Life in the 18th century - 1925, with tipped in plates tog. w. a quantity of books relating to English History 50-100
466.    The Oxford History of England - sixteen vols, Clarendon Press, all in matching dust-wrappers 20-40
467.    MAHAN, Captain A. T - The Influence of Sea Power upon the French Revolution and Empire - two vols, 1892, with bookplate to the front inside board for, The Viscount Bracken of Christchurch V.C, in both volumes tog. w. five other books of Naval Military Interest to include: ROBINSON, Commander Charles N - The British Tar in Fact and Fiction -1911; JELLICOE, Admiral Viscount - The Grand Fleet 1914-1916, its creation, development and work -1919, with handwritten name to the front loose end paper which reads, Lieutenant Commander G. T. Wright R. N, 2nd Battle Squadron Grand Fleet; BRIDGE, A. G - History of the Russian Fleet during the Reign of Peter the Great - Naval Record Society, 1899, ex-library; Naval Ratings Book, Revised 1964 and TAYLOR, Gordon - The Sea Chaplins, a History of the Chaplains of the Royal Navy (7) 50-80
468.    WYRALL, Edward - The Somerset Light Infantry, 1914-1919 - Methuen & Co, 1927, with portraits, illustrations and maps [as called for] 20-40
469.    BUTLER, Lewis - The Annals of the King's Royal Rifle Corps - six vols to include appendix, John Murray, [1913-1932] (6) 100-200
470.    MacDONNELL, Ranald & MacAULAY, Marcus - A History of the 4th Prince of Wales's Own Gurkha Rifles, 1857-1937 - two vols, William Blackwood and Sons, 1940, limited edition 184/250 copies, with all maps and illustrations [as called for] uniformly bound tog. w. Vol III, 1938-1948 - Army Press, 1963, un-numbered copy of 250 copies (3) 50-100
471.    LOW - Her Majesty's Navy - 1890, three vols, with forty-six coloured plates, half calf 200-400
472.    WYRALL, Edward - The History of the Somerset Light Infantry (Prince Albert's) 1914-1919 - Methuen & Co, 1927, with sixteen illustrations and twenty-one fold-out maps [all as called for] 20-25
473.    Official History of the Indian Armed Forces in the Second World War, 1939-1945, tog. w. other books of interest to India, some military related 50-80
474.    Collection of books relating to Malta, with some interest to the Second World War, to include; OLIVER, R Leslie - Malta at Bay -1942; DOUGLAS-HAMILTON, Lord James - The Air Battle for Malta - 1981; LLOYD, Air Marshal Sir Hugh - Briefed to Attack - 1949; POOLMAN, Kenneth - Faith, Hope and Charity - 1954; HAY, Ian - The Unconquered Isle of Malta - 1943, tog. w. other books on Malta 40-80
475.    JOHNSON, Jonnie - Wing Leader - 1956 reprint tog. w. MARSHALL, Bruce - The White Rabbit - 1952; HOWELL, Edward - Escape to Live - 1947 and a quantity of other aviation books, mainly of military interest 40-60
476.    CLIFFORD, Henry - His Letters & Sketches from the Crimea - 1956 tog. w. PONTING, Clive - The Crimean War - 2004; SELBY, John - The Thin Red Line - 1970 and a quantity of books all relating to the Crimean War 30-50
477.    BARKER, Ralph - The Royal Flying Corps in France - 1995 tog. w. Ten Fighter Boys - 1942; ARMSTRONG, Anthony - Pilot Officer Prune's Progress - undated and a quantity of other books relating to aviation, mainly military interest 40-60
478.    REPINGTON, Colonel - The First World War, 1914-1918 - two vols tog. w. another by the same author, After the War, A Diary and a quantity of other books all relating to the First World War, mainly army related but to include some Naval interest 50-100
479.    Collection of books relating to British Army Regiments, Uniform, Medals and Weaponry to include; A Short History of the Royal Sussex Regiment ( (35 Foot - 107 Foot), 1707-1926 - Gale & Polden, 1927; WATSON, Frederick - The Story of the Highland Regiments, 1725-1925 - A & C Black, 1925, dust-wrapper; DAY, Major Francis - Professional Papers of the Corps of Royal Engineers - Xol XII only; JOCELYN, Captain Arthur - Awards of Honour, the orders, decorations, medals, and awards of Great Britain and the Commonwealth from Edward III to Elizabeth II - 1956 tog. w. seventeen other books (21) 30-40
480.    Collection of Military books, mainly of Second World War interest to include; COTTON-MINCHIN, Captain - The Legion Book - November 1929, fifth impression; WASLEY, Gerald - Devon at War, 1939-1945 - Devon Books, 2000 reprint tog. w. other books, and a small collection of paraphernalia relating to Air Raid Precautions 30-50
481.    SAGE, Bryan - A History of the Birds of Hertfordshire - 1959, first edition, signed by the author on the title page tog. w. a quantity of other books to include; TUKE, Margaret - A History of Bedford College for Women - 1939; WRIGHT, Geoffrey - The Northumberland Uplands - 1989; TOMPKINS, Herbert - In Constable's Country; DYER, James, STYGALL, Frank & DONY, John - The Story of Luton - 1964; HUDSON, Robert - Memorials of a Warwickshire Parish - 1904, a limited edition printing no. 93/250 and CORONET - Wit and Wisdom of the Shires - 1932 (7) 30-50
482.    OLIVER, F. W - The Natural History of Plants, their forms, growth, reproduction and distribution - six vols, Blackie and Son, 1897, decorative bindings, numerous illustrations throughout 40-80
483.    ROLES, Sybil J. - Flora of the British Isles Illustrations - four vols, 1960, Cambridge University Press, all with dust-wrappers 40-60
484.    FARRER, Reginald - My Rock Garden - 1907, third impression tog. w. three duplicate copies - 1909, third impressions and 1927, seventh impression and other works by the author to include; Alpines and Bog Plants - 1908 and a duplicate copy; In a Yorkshire Garden - 1909; Among the Hills - May 1927, reprint and The English Rock Garden - two vols, 1948 reprint (10) 40-80
485.    TUBBS, Colin - The New Forest - 1986, first edition, Collins New Naturalist, in non price-clipped dust-wrapper 70-100
486.    BERRY, R. J and JOHNSTON, J. L - The Natural History of Shetland - 1980, first edition tog. w. five other Collins New Naturalists to include: SIMMS, Eric - British Thrushes - 1978, first edition; WOOLDRIDGE, S. W & GOLDRING, Frederick - The Weald - 1953, first edition; IMMS, A. D - Insect Natural History - 1947, first edition; TURRILL, W. B - British Plant Life - 1948, first edition and HARDY, Alister - The Open Sea, the world of plankton - 1956, first edition - all six books with dust-wrappers (6) 50-80
487.    SPOONER, Brian & ROBERTS, Peter - Fungi - 2005 tog. w. five other Collins New Naturalists to include: BRIAN, M. V - Ants - 1977; IMMS, A. D - Insect Natural History - 1947; DUDLEY-STAMP, l - Britain's Structure and Scenery - 1946; PEARSALL, W. H - & PENNINGTON, W - The Lake District - 1973 and SIMMS, Eric - 1978, all six first editions and with dust-wrappers (6) 40-80
488.    HAYWARD, Peter J - Seashore - 2004 tog. w. six other Collins New Naturalists to include: SUMMERHAYES, V. S - Wild Orchids of Britain - 1953; PERRINS, Christopher - British Tits - 1979; DUDLEY-STAMP - Nature Conversation in Britain - 1970, new impression; SWINNERTON, H. H - Fossils - 1960; TURRILL, W. B - British Plant Life - 1948 and PEARSALL, W. H & PENNINGTON, W - The Lake District - 1977 reprint - all first editions unless otherwise stated and all in dust-wrappers (7) 50-100
489.    WRIGHT, John - The Fruit Grower's Guide - six vols, with numerous coloured illustrations by May Rivers tog. w. WATSON, William - The Gardener's Assistant - six vols (12) 30-60
490.    STUBBS, George - The Anatomy of the Horse - G. Heywood Hill, 1938, with illustrations 80-120
491.    TREVOR-BATTYE, Aubyn - Lord Lilford on Birds -1903, Hutchinson & Co, with thirteen illustrations [as called for] by Archibald Thorburn tog. w. a small quantity of books relating to Ornithology to include: BOWLDER-SHARPE, R - Sketch Book of British Birds - 1898, with numerous coloured illustrations by A. F & C. Lydon; BICKERTON, W - The Home-Life of the Terns or Sea Swallows - 1912, with thirty-two mounted plated [as called for]; ADAMS, H. G - Nests and Eggs of Familiar Birds - with sixteen coloured plates [as called for]; Cassell's Book of Birds - four vols, with numerous illustrations throughout and NEWTON, A - A Dictionary of Birds - 1896, with numerous illustrations (9) 40-60
492.    EDMONDS, Harfield & LEE, Norman - Brook and River Trouting - 1997, in slipcase, with numerous illustrations tog. w. four other books relating to trout fishing to include: WALLER-HILLS, A History of Fly Fishing for Trout - 1921; MENZIES - Sea Trout and Trout - 1936, with numerous plates throughout; The Londsdale Library, Trout Fishing from all Angles and EARL-HODGSON, W - Trout Fishing - 1930, third edition (5) 40-60
493.    ARMISTEAD, J. J - An Angler's Paradise and how to obtain it - 1895 tog. w. five other books relating to fishing to include: BRUNTON-BLAIKIE - I Go A-Fishing - 1928,; ADAMSON, W. A - Lake and Loch Fishing - 1961; BARRINGTON, C. G - Seventy Years' Fishing - 1906; OTTER - The Modern Angler - 1898, new edition and FALLODON, Viscount - Fly Fishing - 1931 reprint (6) 30-50
494.    Collection of eight books relating to Salmon and Trout Fishing to include: ARMISTEAD, W - Trout Waters, management and angling - 1920, dust-wrapper tog. w. DAWSON, Major Kenneth - Salmon and Trout in Moorland Streams - 1928; MENZIES, W. J. M - Sea Trout and Trout - 1936; HODGSON, W. Earl - Trout Fishing - 1908, third edition and four other books (8) 40-60
495.    YARRELL, William - A History of British Fishes - two vols, 1841, second edition, with numerous illustrations throughout, half calf 25-45
496.    WITHERING, William - An Arrangement of British Plants, according to the latest improvements of the linean system - 1818, sixth edition, four vols, full calf tog. w. SMITH, Jacob - Flora Britannica - 1880, two vols, half calf, ex-library (6) 30-50
497.    COWARD, T. A - Birds and their Young - 1923, Gay & Hancock, with twelve coloured plates and thirty-two pen and ink plates [all as called for] by Roland Green, half calf tog. w. by the same author, The Birds of the British Isles and their Eggs - three vols, 1950, F. Warne, and all three in dust-wrappers (4) 30-50
498.    BLOOMFIELD, Robert - Wild Flowers; or, Pastoral and Local Poetry - 1806 tog. w. another by the same author, Rural Tales, Ballads and Songs - 1820, ninth edition; ; BUCKLAND, Frank - Notes and Jottings from Animal Life - 1890, new edition; Familiar Wild Birds - four vols bound as two, 1903; WHITE, Gilbert - The Natural History of Selborne - 1900, with illustrations by Edmund New and BELL - A History of British Stalk-Eyed Crustacea - 1853 (7) 50-80
499.    Three volumes of, The Gardens and Menagerie of the Zoological Society Delineated, Quadrapeds - 1800, Vol I only; Birds - 1831, and a duplicate copy (3) 20-40
500.    LANDSBOROUGH-THOMSON, A - Britains Birds and their Nests - Waverley Book Co., with all plates present tog. w. PYRCAFT, W. P - A History of Birds - 1910; WILLIAM-BEEBE, C - The Bird - 1907; MILLAIS, John - The Wildflowler in Scotland - 1974 and six other books all relating to Ornithology (10) 40-80
501.    WOOD, J. G - The Illustrated Natural History of Birds - 1875, George Routledge tog. w. EMERSON, P. H - Birds, Beasts, Fishes of the Norfolk Broadland - 1895 and LYDEKKER, Richard - The Royal Natural History - six vols, ex library (8) 30-50
502.    SHUCKARD, W. E - British Bees tog. w. twelve other books relating to Nature, Natural History, Botany etc to include; DUTT, W. A - Wild Life in East Anglia - October 1906, second edition; KEARTON, Richard - With Nature and a Camera - 1899 and ten other books (13) 40-80
503.    JELLICOE, G. A & SHEPHERD, J. C - Italian Gardens of the Renaissance - 1925, folio, with all plates [as called for] 30-50
504.    MILLER, Phillip - The Gardener's Dictionary - 1768, eighth edition, folio, with twenty plates 30-50
505.    Collection of twenty books of Botanical Interest to include; BUNYARD, George and THOMAS, Owen - The Fruit Garden; CLARK, Ernest - A Handbook of Plant Form - Batsford, 1904; CONNOLD, Edward T - British Vegetables Galls - Hutchinson & Co, 1901; WATSON, William - The Gardener's Assistant - six vols and eleven other books (20) 50-100
506.    Collection of five Fur, Fin and Feather series titles to include: The Partridge -1894, second edition; The Hare - 1896, first edition; The Red Deer - 1896, first edition - each in decorative bindings tog. w. The Grouse - 1896, first edition and The Red Deer - 1896, first edition, both rebound in half calf and two editions of The Badminton Library to include: Archery - July 1901, new edition and Skating, Figure Skating, Curling etc - 1892, first edition (7) 50-100
507.    GEIKIE, Archibald - Text Book of Geology - two vols, 1903, fourth edition tog. w. SHEPPARD, Thomas - Geological Rambles in East Yorkshire - with numerous illustrations and maps and a quantity of other books and paraphernalia relating to Geology and Mining 30-50
508.    JESSIE, Edward - Gleanings in Natural History with Local Recollections - two vols, 1835, third edition, half calf tog. w. HOWITT, William - The Rural Life of England - 1840, second edition; SANDERSON, G. P - Thirteen Years among the Wild Beasts of India - 1879, second edition; COLEMAN, W. S - British Butterflies,- new edition, George Routledge & Sons and WOOD, Rev J. G - Homes without Hands - 1873 (6) 30-50
509.    PERCEVAL-WRIGHT, E - Cassell's Concise Natural History, being a complete series of descriptions of Animal Life - with numerous illustrations throughout tog. w. a quantity of books relating to Ornithology to include another book written by the same author titled, British Bird Life, being popular sketches of every species of bird not regularly nesting in the British Isles and COWARD, T. A - Bird Haunts and Nature Memories - 1922, Frederick Warne and others 30-50
510.    Collection of twenty-eight A & C Black, Peeps at Nature Series, to include; British Ferns, Clubmosses and Horsetails; British Land Mammals and their Habitats; The Natural History of the Garden; Common British Moths; Birds Eggs & Nests; Bird Life of the Seasons; British Reptiles and Amphibians; Bees, Wasps and Ants; Trees, all with dust-wrappers; and eighteen others, all without dust-wrappers (28) 50-100
511.    PYCRAFT, W. P & WOOD, Rev. Canon - The British Bird Book - 1921, with numerous tipped in illustrations tog. w. TUNNICLIFFE, Charles & ROGERSON, Sidney - 1947 and eighteen other books relating to Ornitholgy and Nature (20) 30-50
512.    STEP, Edward - Bees, Wasps, Ants & Allied Insects - F. Warne, 1932, dust-wrapper tog. w. NEAL, Ernest - The Badger - 1971, Collins New Naturalist; JEKYLL, Gertrude - Wall and Water Gardens - April 1928, seventh edition and a quantity of books relating to Natural History 40-80
513.    Collection of books relating to entomology to include a small quantity of new naturalists to include: WILLIAMS, C. B - Insect Migration - 1971 reprint, dust-wrapper 40-80
514.    COVENTRY, B. O - Wild Flowers of Kashmir - Vol I, 1923, and Vol III, 1930, each with numerous coloured illustrations tog. w. a collection of books of botanical interest to include: Illustrations of the British Flora - 1908, fourth ed., with illustrations by W. Fitch and W. Smith; ADAMSON, R. S & SALTER, T. M - Flora of the Cape Peninsula; ABRAMS, Leroy - Illustrated Flora of the Pacific States - four vols, and eighteen other books (25) 50-80
515.    Collection of twenty-five books of botanical interest to include interest to Iran, Australia, New Zealand etc 40-80
516.    Collection of twenty-six books of botanical interest to include; THORNTON, Robert - The Temple of Flora - 1981, and twenty-five other books 40-80
517.    Collection of forty-two books of botanical interest relating mainly to Lillies, Irises, etc, to include a quantity of the Royal Horticultural Society, The Lily Year Books 40-80
518.    Collection of books and paraphernalia relating to Orchids to include: CASH, Catherine - The Slipper Orchids -1991; FRANCIS-HUNT, P & GRIERSON, M - The Country Life Book of Orchids tog. w. a quantity of other items 30-50
519.    PRIMMER, Kathleen - Scandinavian Peasant Costume - 1939, Adam and Charles Black tog. w. BROOKE, Iris - Western European Costume, seventh to mid-nineteenth century - two vols, 1940, George Harrap; BRADSHAW, Angela - World Costumes - 1961, Adam and Charles Black; PETTIGREW, D. W - Peasant Costume of the Black Forest - 1937, and a duplicate copy and two other books (8) 30-50
520.    Collection of eleven reference books relating to clocks and watches to include; SYMONDS, R. W - Masterpieces of English Furniture and Clocks - 1940, Batsford, a limited edition printing of 750 copies in Great Britain tog. w. BRITTEN, F. J - Old Clock and Watches and their Makers - Batsford, 1904, and nine other books (11) 40-80
521.    Collection of fourteen reference books relating to furniture to include; WARREN-CLOUSTON, K - The Chippendale Period in English Furniture - 1897 tog. w. MacQUOID, Percy - A History of English Furniture - 1988, and twelve other books (14) 40-80
522.    Collection of twenty-two ceramics reference books to include; ADAMS, Len & Yvonne - Meissen Porcelain Figures; Moorcroft Pottery, a guide to the pottery of William and Walter Moorcroft, 1897-1986 and twenty other books (22) 40-80
523.    Collection of nineteen ceramic reference books and pamphlets to include; MacINTOSH - Harold - Early English Figure Pottery - Chapman & Hall, 1938, first edition, and signed by the author; JUSTICE, Jean - Dictionary of Marks and Monograms of Delft Pottery - 1930, first edition, ex-library tog. w. fifteen other books and three pamphlets relating to ceramics (19) 40-80
524.    Collection of twenty-seven reference books on various subjects to include art, sculpture, oriental wares, architecture etc 40-80
525.    Collection of thirty books and pamphlets relating to metalware covering, silver, gold, brassware, pewter etc 40-80
526.    COYSH, A. W - The Dictionary of Picture Postcards in Britain, 1894-1939, tog. w. a quantity of postcard reference books 40-80
527.    Collection of seventeen books relating to costume to include; HOUSTON, Mary - Medieval Costume in England & France - 1939, dust-wrapper tog. w. BRADSHAW, Angela - World Costumes - 1952; MANN, Kathleen - Design from Peasant Art - 1939, and fourteen other books (17) 50-80
528.    COLE, Beverley & DURACK, Richard - Railway Posters, 1923-1947; HILLIER, Bevis - Posters -1969 tog. w. a quantity of other reference books all relating to posters 40-80
529.    Collection of twenty-five reference books on various subjects to include Dolls Houses, Lalique, Thimbles, Oriental Wares, Ceramics, Textiles etc 30-50
530.    FIGGIS, Darrell - The Paintings of William Blake - 1925, Ernest Benn, limited edition printing of 1150 copies 20-30
531.    Catalogue of Paintings and Sculpture in the Collection of Charles T. Yerkes - 1904, two vols, full calf, with gilt tooling, folio 20-40
532.    MOSES, Henry - A Collection of Antique Vases, Altars, Paterae, Tripods, Candelabra, Sarcophagi etc - 1814, with numerous illustrations throughout, full calf 20-30
533.    PHENE-SPIERS, R - The Orders of Architecture - Batsford, 1897 tog. w. MORRELL, J. B - The Arts and Crafts in York, York Monuments; GALSWORTHY-DAVIE, W - Old Cottages and Farmhouses in Surrey and a quantity of other books, all published by Batsford 40-80
534.    Handbook to the Cathedrals of England and Wales - five vols, covering the Northern Cathedrals in two vols of, York, Ripon, Carlisle, Durham, Chester and Manchester; the Southern Cathedrals in two vols of, Winchester, Salisbury, Exeter, Wells, Chichester, Canterbury and Rochester and the Welsh Cathedrals in one volume of Llandaff, St. Davids, Bangor and St. Astaph, all bound in cream cloth boards with decorative bindings and gilt tooling to the spines (5) 20-30
535.    RICKMAN, Thomas - An Attempt to Discriminate the Styles of Architecture in England from the Conquest to the Reformation - 1835, fourth edition, re-bound tog. w. five other books of architectural interest to include; A Glossary of Terms used in Grecian, Roman, Italian and Gothic Architecture - two vols, 1845; WEBB, Rev Benjamin - Sketches of Contintental Ecclesiology or Church Notes in Belguim, German and Italy - 1848; WEAVER, R - Monumenta Antiqua - 1840 and ESDAILE, Arundel - Temple Church Monuments - 1933, with a letter bound in from the author (6)
536.    Collection of twenty-five art reference books to include; RENOUF, Jane - The Lake Artists Society, a centenary celebration - 2004; KEBLE-CHATTERTON, E - Old Sea Paintings - 1928; and eighteen other books (25) 50-80
537.    Collection of twenty-five art reference books to include; HARDIE, Martin - Watercolour Painting in Britain - three vols, all with dust-wrappers and twenty-two other books (25) 50-80
538.    Collection of twenty-six reference books on various subjects to include; Glass, Militaria, Scientific Instruments, Fans etc 40-80
539.    Collection of twenty-five art books to include; GUPTILL, Arthur - Norman Rockwell Illustrator - 1975, eleventh printing; HORNE, Alan - The Dictionary of 20th Century British Book Illustrators - 1999 reprint; Six A & C Black, Brush Pen and Pencil Guides relating to Frank Reynolds, W. Heath Robinson, Tom Browne, Dudley Hardy, John Hassall, Lawson Wood and seventeen other books (25) 30-60
540.    COURTNEY-LEWIS, C. T - The Picture Printer of the Nineteenth Century tog. w. a quantity of other books relating to art and architecture 40-60
541.    FRANCIS, Dick - The Sport of Queens - 1957, first edition, signed by the author with an inscription on the front end paper, in non price-clipped dust-wrapper 100-120
542.    Collection of nine titled by Ernest Hemingway to include; A Moveable Feast - 1964, first edition tog. w. Green Hills of Africa - 1965 reprint; To Have and Have Not - 1965 reprint and For Whom the Bell Tolls - 1966, twenty-first impression; Across the River and into the Trees - 1967 reprint; The Old Man and the Sea - December 1966 reprint; The Torrents of Spring - 1964 reprint; Men without Women - 1964 reprint and Fiesta - 1964 reprint - all with dust-wrappers (9) 40-60
543.    CONAN-DOYLE, Arthur - The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes - three vols, slip-cases 50-100
544.    The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - twenty vols, Pentland Edition, limited edition no. 73/1550 copies 60-100
545.    WILDE, Oscar - The Happy Prince and Other Tales - February 1902, third edition, with illustrations by Walter Crane 20-40
546.    A Catalogue of the well-known and celebrated Library of the Late Ralph Willett Esq. brought from his Seat at Mearly, in the County of Dorset - Leigh and Sotherby, 1813, half calf 40-80
547.    Bibliotheca Westiana: A Catalogue of the Curious and truly Valuable Library of the Late James West Esq. - 1773 30-40
548.    Bibliotheca Beauclerkiana, A Catalogue of the Large and Valuable Library of the Late Honourable Topham Beauclerk F. R. S - 1781 30-50
549.    The Novels of Jane Austen - ten vols, Chatto & Windus, 1908, with illustrations by A. Wallis Mills 100-150
550.    LAWRENCE, T. E - The Mint, a day book of the R.A.F depot between August and December 1922, with later notes by 320587 A/C Ross - 1955, Jonathan Cape, limited edition no. 755/2000 50-80
551.    EDEL, Leon (Ed.) - The Complete Tales of Henry James - twelve vols, 1962-1964, all with dust-wrappers 50-80
552.    Catalogue of The Beckford Library removed from Hamilton Palace, which was sold by auction by Messers. Sotherby, Wilkinson and Hodge, 1882 - in four parts bound as one with the prices achieved at the rear 40-80
553.    The Rothschild Library, A Catalogue of the Collection of Eighteenth Century Printed Books and Manuscripts - two vols, 1954 tog. w. twelve similar books to include; HORNE, Thomas - A Catalogue of the Library of the College of St. Margaret and St. Bernard commonly called Queen's College in the University of Cambridge - Vol I, 1827; Bibliotheca Anglo-Poetical or, a descriptive catalogue of a rare and rich collection of early English Poetry - 1815; Catalogue of The York Gate, Geographical & Colonial Library - 1882; The Britwell Handlist - two vols, 1933; Catalogue of the Famous Library of Printed Books, Illuminated Manuscripts, Autograph Letters and engravings collected by Henry Huth, sold by Sotherby, Wilkinson & Hodge, 1920 - three vols and A Catalogue of Books Printed in Foreign Languages after the year 1600, forming a part of the library of Robert Hoe, New York, 1909 - four vols (14) 60-120
554.    The Novels of the Sisters Bronte - twelve vols, John Grant, 1904, Thornton Edition, all with dust-wrappers 100-150
555.    The Nonesuch Century, An Appraisal, a Personal Note and a Bibliography of the First Hundred Books Issued by the Press, 1923-1934 - limited edition printing of 750 copies, this being un-numbered but stated as 'out of series' 70-100
556.    WHEATLEY, Dennis - The Rising Storm - dust-wrapper with dedication from the author to his friend, Howard Spring, tog. w. another by the same author, Contraband and five other books, all bearing inscriptionsto Howard Spring to include; ELIOT, T. S - Murder in the Cathedral; MAUGHAM, Robin - Joyita Mystery; DUHAMEL, Georges - Salavin; WARTENWEILER, Fritz - Jawaharal Nehru and LEFTWICH, Joseph - What Will Happen to the Jews (7) 50-100
557.    The Life and Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, of York Mariner - two vols, 1823 20-40
558.    DICKENS, Charles - The Life and Adventures of Nicolas Nickleby tog. w. eight other volumes of the author's works to include: A Tale of Two Cities and Our Mutual Friend (bound as one); Barnaby Rudge; Dombey & Son; Bleak House, all with illustrations by F. Barnard; The Uncommercial Traveller with illustrations by E. G. Dalziel; David Copperfield with illustrations by J. Barnard; Great Expectations with illustrations by F. A. Fraser and Little Dorrit with illustrations by J. Mahoney - all uniformly bound (9) 40-80
559.    KNIGHT, Charles (Ed.) - The Works of Shakespeare, Imperial Edition - two vols, J. S. Virtue & Co, with numerous steel illustrations tog. w. The Works of Shakespeare with notes - two vols, J. S. Virtue & Co, with numerous illustrations, all volumes uniformly bound, folio, with gilt tooling and raised bands to the spine (4) 45-60
560.    DICKENS, Charles - Our Mutual Friend - two vols, 1865, with illustrations by Marcus Stone, half calf 50-100
561.    WHEATLEY, Dennis - Murder off Miami - Hutchinson & Co tog. w. two other Dennis Wheatley Murder Mysteries to include; Who Killed Robert Prentice? and Herewith the Clues (3) 30-50
562.    LAWRENCE, T. E - Seven Pillars of Wisdom - tog. w. a quantity of other literature books to include; COTTLE, Joseph - Reminisces of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Robert Southey - 1847; Moore's Irish Melodies tog. w. other books 40-80
563.    The Arabian Nights Tales of 1001 Nights - three vols, 2008, Penguin Classics, slipcase tog. w. MATHERS, Powys The Book of the Thousand and One Night - four vols, George Routledge (7) 150-200
564.    Collection of twenty-two, 19th century and later books, relating mainly to literature, tog. w. art and medicine interest 30-50
565.    Collection of autobiography and literature books to include; DAY, Douglas - Malcolm Lowry - 1974 30-50
566.    KNIGHT, Charles - The Works of Shakespeare - two vols, Virtue and Co, with numerous illustrations throughout, folio 20-25
567.    The Works of Dr. Jonathan Swift, Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin - eight vols, Edinburgh, 1761 tog. w. Plutarch's Lives, translated from the Original Greek; with notes critical and historical, and a new life of Plutarch - six vols, London, 1798, each full calf (14) 50-100
568.    Collection of literature books mainly with interest to H. G. Wells and Arthur Conan Doyle to include; CONAN-DOYLE, A - The Refugees - 1894, new edition; WELLS, H. G -The Fate of Homo Sapiens - August 1939, third impression and other books 30-50
569.    DICKENS, Charles - The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby - two vols, 1857, Chapman & Hall tog. w. a quantity of 18th century and later, old leather and cloth books, of literature interest 40-80
570.    Collection of books and paraphernalia relating to Seamus Heaney 20-30
571.    FINCH-MASON, G - Sporting Sketches - c. 1880, with numerous illustrations, oblong folio 20-30
572.    Collection of books relating to cricket 30-50
573.    Wisden Cricketers' Almanack, 1939, tog. w. two others for 1946 and 1952 (3) 40-80
574.    HOBBS, Jack - Between the Wickets - 1926, A & C Black, signed on the title page by Hobbs and Herbert Sutcliffe 30-50
575.    RANJITSINHJI, K. S - The Jubilee Book of Cricket - 1897 tog. w. STANDING, Percy - Anglo Australian Cricket, 1862-1926 - Faber & Gwyer, 1926 and GORDON, Home - Cricket Form at a Glance, 1878-1902 and the Australians in England - 1902, ex library (3) 20-30
576.    The Sedgefield Country in the Seventies and Eighties, with the Reminiscences of a First Whipper in - 1904, third edition tog. w. eight other books of hunting interest, and three Horse and Hound Year Books (12) 50-80
577.    Hunts with Jorrocks - November 1908, second edition, with tipped in illustrations by G. Denholm Armour tog. w. fourteen other books relating to hunting and shooting to include; GEEN, Philip - Days Stolen for Sport - undated; WENTWORTH-DAY, J - Sporting Adventure - 1927, George Harrap and twelve other books (15) 50-80
578.    FARJEON, Eleanor - Katy Kruse at the Seaside - George Harrap, 1932, with twelve coloured plates 20-30
579.    Collection of ten Jules Verne titles to include: The Clipper of the Clouds - undated; Among the Cannibals - undated; Around the World in Eighty Days - 1879 and another copy - undated, new edition; 800 Leagues up the Amazon - undated; Five Weeks in a Balloon - 1890; From Birth to Moon and a Trip around it - undated; Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea - undated and two undated copies of, Dropped from the Clouds (10) 25-40
580.    SOWERBY, J. G & EMMERSON, H. H - Afternoon Tea - F. Warne tog. w. six other illustrated books to include: DE LA MARE, Walter and JONES, Harold - This Year: Next Year - Faber & Faber; LUCAS, E. V & SHEPARD, Ernest - Playtime & Company - second edition, Methuen & Co; KONSTAM, G. A, CASELLA, E & N - The Maypole - Thos. de la Rue; Warne's Picture Puzzle Toy Books, Book of Trades; Sugar and Spice and all that's nice, pictures and rhymes for the little ones - 1882, Strahan & Co and WILLEBEEK LE MER, H - Our Old Nursery Rhymes - Augener Ltd (7) 50-80
581.    JOHNS, Captain W. E - The Rescue Flight - 1939, first edition, lacking dust-wrapper tog. w. by the same author, To Worlds Unknown - 1960, first edition, dust-wrapper (2) 25-45
582.    HEATH-ROBINSON, W - Bill the Minder - 1912, Constable & Co, with sixteen coloured plates [as called for] and numerous black and white illustrations 100-150
583.    Three Dandy Book Annuals for the years 1956, 1959 and 1960 30-50
584.    Collection of five Rupert books to include; Rupert in More Adventures, for 1944; the New Rupert Book, for 1946 - both soft-back tog. w. Rupert, for 1972 and Rupert Little Bear and Rupert Stories (5) 20-30
585.    KINGSLEY, Charles - The Water Babies - with twelve tipped in coloured plates [as called for] by Jessie Willcox Smith 50-80
586.    Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales - with fifteen tipped in coloured plates by W. Heath Robinson 20-30
587.    HAWTHORNE, Nathaniel - A Wonder Book - undated, Hodder & Stoughton, with twenty-three tipped in illustrations [as called for] by Arthur Rackham 30-40
588.    GOLDSMITH, Oliver - The Vicar of Wakefield - 1903, A & C. Black, limited edition no. 103/250 copies and signed by the publishers, with thirteen illustrations [as called for] by J. Massey-Wright 30-50
589.    Collection of twenty-three illustrated books, the majority with illustrations by Hugh Thomson, all with decorative bindings and some first editions to include: Peg Woffington - 1899; The Story of Rosina and other Verses - 1892; Hood's Humourous Poems - 1893; Proverbs in Porcelain - 1893 and nineteen other books (23) 80-120
590.    Fabre's Book of Insects - Hodder & Stoughton, with twelve coloured illustrations by E. J. Detmold 20-30
591.    BOWERS, G - Canters in Crampshire - Chatto & Windus, with numerous illustrations, oblong folio 30-50
592.    CALDECOTT, Randolph - a collection of ten illustrated books tog. w. a quantity of other illustrated books to include Aunt Louisa's London Toy Books, John Gilpin 25-45
593.    The Tour of Doctor Syntax through London, or the Pleasures and Miseries of the Metropolis - 1820, half calf, with twenty coloured plates by Rowlandson 30-50
594.    The Memoirs of a Lady of Quality, being Lady Vane's Memoirs - 1925, with numerous coloured illustrations by Vera Willoughby and signed by her, limited edition no. 320/500, dust-jacket 30-40
595.    WAIN, Louis - Full of Fun - undated, Ernest Nister 30-50
596.    LEYGUE, Louis - Aux Courses, Carmet d'Aquarelles et Dessins - 1974, limited edition 320/400, French text with numerous illustrations of horses tog. w. ROBINSON, Patrick & REEVES, Richard Stone - Decade of Champions - 1980, signed by both authors with an inscription from Patrick Robinson 20-30
597.    TURNER, J.W - The Liber Studiorum - 1871, three vols, relating to Architectural and Historical Subjects, Mountains and Marine Subjects and Pastoral Subjects and Elegant Pastorals, with seventy-one illustrations [as called for], folio (3) 50-100
598.    Arthur Rackham's Book of Pictures, with forty-four tipped in illustrations [as called for], each protected by tissue-guard 20-30
599.    Collection of twenty-four 1960s and 1970s Marvel and DC Comics to include Marvel Avenger, Batrman and Robin etc 20-40
600.    Collection of thirty-two 1970s Marvel and DC Comics to include Werewolf by Night and Kamandi 20-40
601.    WODEHOUSE, P. G - a collection of six titles, all lacking dust-wrappers and all non first editions to include: Nothing Serious - undated, second impression; A Prefect's Uncle - 1930, new edition, reprint; PSmith Journalist - 1935, new edition, reprint; PSmith in the City - 1930, new edition, reprint; A Gentleman of Leisure - undated, eleventh printing and Indiscretions of Archie - undated, tenth printing (6) 20-30
602.    HEATH-ROBINSON, W - Railway Ribaldry - 1935, Great Western Railway, soft-back tog. w. HEATH-ROBINSON, W - Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales - undated, Hodder & Stoughton; IAN-SMITH, Gregor - Willie Whiskers - undated; GRAHAME, - The Golden Age - undated, with illustrations by R. J. E Moony; LAMB, Charles & Mary - Tales from Shakespeare - with illustrations by W. Paget; LEAR, Edward - Teapots and Quails and other New Nonsenses - 1953, first edition; HODGETSS, Sheila - Toby Twirl Adventures - with illustrations by E. Jeffrey and Mr. Pickwick - Hodder & Stoughton, with tipped in illustrations by Frank Reynolds (8) 60-120
603.    Collection of thirty ladybird books from various series to include 401, 606B, 633, 651, 731 etc 20-30
604.    The Tale of Peter Rabbit - 1904, Henry Altemus Co tog. w. The Story of Miss Moppet - undated, Charles Graham and Peter Rabbit - Wonder Books, New York, with illustrations by Phoebe Erickson (3) 30-40
605.    CRANE, Thomas & SOWERBY, J - At Home - Marcus Ward tog. w. a collection of children's and illustrated books 30-50
606.    VERNE, Jules - Vingt Mille Lieues sous les Mers tog. w. a quantity of illustrated books 40-80
607.    MONSALVE, Diego - Colombia Cafetera - 1927, with numerous coloured illustrations 30-50
608.    Collection of ladybird books, various series to include 536, 561, 563, 584, 587, some with dust-wrappers 40-60
609.    Collection of Beatrix Potter books to include; The Story of Miss Moppet - 1947, dust-wrapper; The Tale of Pigling Bland - 1913; The Tale of Mr Tod - 1912; Cecily Parsley's Nursery Rhymes - undated tog. w fifty-two Beatrix Potter books, mainly later, with duplications (56) 60-100
610.    Collection of children's pop up books to include; MILNE, A. A - Winnie the Pooh and the Bees; CARROLL, Lewis - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and a quantity of others 50-80
611.    Collection of Foreign Language Children and Illustrated books to include; POTTER, Beatrix - La Famille Flopsaut - F. Warne & Co, 1945, dust-wrapper; Refrains des Pres et des Bois - with illustrations by Elisabeth Ivanowsky' ROWLING, Joanne - Harry Potter und die Kammer des Schreckens tog. w. others 30-50
612.    Collection of books with decorative bindings, mainly children books, to include; The Fairchild Family - with illustrations by Sybil Tawse; Wild Life in the Woods and Streams; Wonder Tales of the Ancient World and Adventures in America tog. w. others 30-50
613.    KIPLING, Rudyard - Toomai of the Elephants tog. w. a quantity of other children and illustrated books 30-50
614.    BROOKE, Leslie - The Golden Goose - F. Warne and Co tog. w. other books by the same illustrator to include; Tom Thumb; Oranges and Lemons; Little Bo Peep; The Little Pig Went to Market; The Man in the Moon; a collection of Alison Uttley Books, some first editions to include; Wise Owl's Story; Hare and Guy Fawkes; Hare and the Easter Eggs; Little Grey Rabbit's Paint Box and Grey Rabbit and the Circus; four Ameliaranne books to include; Ameliaranne and the Big Treasure; Ameliaranne At the Circus; Ameliaranne's Moving Day; Ameliaranne Goes Digging and Ameliaranne and the Green Umbrella and a small collection of other children's books 40-80
615.    The Troubles of a Gnome - with eight coloured illustrations by Charles Folkard tog. w. a quantity of Fairy Tale and similar books 30-50
616.    AMES, Ernest - Really and Truly tog. w. a quantity of children's and illustrated books to include English Nursery Rhymes - with illustrations by Dorothy Wheeler; Our Old Nursery Rhymes - with illustrations by H. Willebeek Le Mair and a small collection of other children's books 40-60
617.    Collection of Children's Nature Books to include; HALL, Rev. Charles - How to use the Microscope - 1912, and other books to include; Brown's School Series - The Practical Fruit Maker, a new and original kindergarten occupation for infants and girls 30-50
618.    GRAY, Thomas - An Elegy, written in a country Courtyard - with illustrations by G. F. Nicholls tog. w. a collection of children's and illustrated books 40-60
619.    MAYOR, William - The English Spelling Book - with illustrations by Kate Greenaway tog. w. LANG, Andrew - Princes and Princesses - with illustrations by Andrew Lang; MacDONALD, George - At the Back of the North Wind - 1911, new edition and a quantity of children's and illustrated books 40-60
620.    SHIRLEY, Edward - Red Indians - Thomas Nelson and Sons tog. w. MOLESWORTH, Mrs - The Cuckoo Clock - 1980, tog. w. a collection of children's books 30-50
621.    JOHNS, Captain W. E - No Rest for Biggles - 1956, first edition tog. w. other Biggles books, some first editions; RANSOME, Arthur - We Didn't Mean to go to the Sea - November 1937, first edition and three other Arthur Ransome, non first editions and a quantity of other children's and illustrated books 40-60
622.    Lara, A Tale by Lord Byron - 1879, with illustrations by C. Birch tog. w. a small collection of illustrated books by Randolph Caldecott, Kate Greenaway 20-30
623.    Collection of Children's and Illustrated books to include; The Arabian Nights - with illustrations by W. Heath Robinson; The Pilgrim's Way - 1893, with illustrations by A. Quinton and a quantity of other books 30-50
624.    Hans Andersen's Popular Tales - 1909, with illustrations throughout tog. w. LUCAS, E. V - ..and such small Deer - 1930, first edition; FRY, G - The Boy and His Presence of Mind and a small quantity of illustrated and children's books 30-50
625.    CARROLL, Lewis - Alice in Wonderland - with forty-eight coloured plates by Margaret Tarrant tog. w. twelve other children's and illustrated books to include; The Arthur Rackham Fairy Book - 1939 (13) 40-80
626.    Aesop's Fables - 1949, with illustrations by Arthur Rackham tog. w. eleven other books relating to Lewis Carroll, Angela Brazil and Beatrix Potter (12) 25-40
627.    Stories from the Arabian Nights - with illustrations by Edmund Dulac tog. w. Hans Andersons Fairy Tales - with illustrations by W. Heath Robinson and four other illustrated books (6) 20-30
628.    Collection of Children and Illustrated books to include Enid Blyton, Rudyard Kipling, Ladybird books etc 30-50
629.    Collection of 1950s and later Knockout, Beano and Dandy annuals 20-40
630.    Collection of ten A & C Black, Peeps at Great Railways Series to include; L. M. S and The Southern Railway, both in dust-wrappers; London and North Western, and another copy; London and North Eastern; South Eastern & Chatham and London, Brighton and the South Coast; North Eastern and Great Northern; The Great Western and two copies of The Canadian Pacific, all lacking dust-wrappers (10) 20-40
631.    ATTHILL, Robin - The Somerset and Dorset Railway - 1985 tog. w. other transport books of interest to railwayana, shipping, buses etc to include; HARDY, A. C - British Ships Illustrated - 1933; McCALL, A - Green Line, The History of London's Country Bus Services - 1980 tog. w. others 30-50
632.    BONE, David W - Merchantmen At Arms - 1919, with twenty-seven illustrations [as called for] by Muirhead Bone, with an inscription which reads, 'Barbara, with all good wishes from Mr. B, January 1st 1920', and eleven other books of Maritime Interest (12) 20-40
633.    The Holy Bible containing the Old Teftament and the New - printed for John Baskett, 1715, with the New Testament bound in at the rear and dated 1712, full calf, with gilt tooling the spine with five raised bands 40-60
634.    BROWN, Rev. John - Self Interpreting Family Bible - full calf, with brass clasps, gilt tooling to the boards, numerous coloured illustrations throughout 25-45
635.    EADIE, Rev. John - The Illustrated National Family Bible with the Commentaries of Scott and Henry - with illustrations and maps, full calf, with two brass clasps 25-40
636.    BROWN, Rev. John - Self Interpretating Family Bible containing the Old and New Testaments - with numerous coloured illustrations throughout, full calf, gilt tooling, with two brass clasps 25-40
637.    VALIENTE, Doreen - Where Witchcraft Lives - 1962, first edition, non price-clipped dust-wrapper, ex library 120-150
638.    The Pilgrim's Progress and Other Works of John Bunyan tog. w. a quantity of 18th century and later leather bound books on various subjects to include Literature, History, Religion etc 30-50
639.    Collection of 18th century and later, old leather and cloth bound books on various subjects to include History, Art, Religion, Travel, Science, Cookery, Nature etc to include; TAYLOR, J. E - Hardwicke's Science Gossip: an illustrated medium of science and gossip for students and lovers of nature; Memoir of the Rev. Sydney Smith - two vols, 1855, third edition 40-80
640.    MITFORD, Mary Russell - Belford Regis, or Sketches of a Country Town - 1835, three vols tog. w a quantity of 18th century and later leather and cloth bound books on various subjects relating to History, Religion, Literature etc 30-50
641.    GRAY, Thomas - Poems and Letters - 1863, tog. w. a quantity of 18th century and later, leather and cloth bound books, on various subjects to include Literature, Religion, History etc 30-50
642.    Scott's Novels - in five vols tog. w. a collection of 18th century and later books on various subjects to include Literature, History, Religion etc 30-50
643.    KIPLING, Rudyard - Many Inventions - 1901 tog. w. a quantity of 18th century and later, leather and cloth bound books on various subjects to include; Literature, History, Religion etc 30-50
644.    Collection of books on various subjects to include Military, Children's etc to include a quantity of the Boy's Own Paper from 1885 and 1886 and HOWARD-GRAY, Eben - A Chippendale Romance - 1915, limited edition printing no 1009/1050 copies 30-40
645.    Collection of books relating to the Indians and Americas 20-40
646.    JONES, Owen - One Thousand and One Intitial Letters - 1864, with full page coloured plates [as called for] and books on various subjects to include; literature, topography etc 60-100
647.    Collection of twenty-four books mainly relating to Cookery to include: STORM, Margaret and John - A Treasury of Fine Deserts - 1957 tog. w. BUNYARD, Edward A - The Anatomy of Dessert, with a few notes on wine - 1933, dust-wrapper; FRANCATELLI, Charles - The Royal Confectioner: English and Foreign - 1874 and twenty-one other books (24) 50-80
648.    Collection of thirteen Publications of The Hudson's Bay Record Society 50-100
649.    Collection of thirty-five folio society books, the majority in slip-cases to include; CHURCHILL, Winston S - Marlborough, His Life and Times - four vols; DAVID, Elizabeth - Italian Food and thirty other books on various subjects (35) 50-100
650.    Collection of thirty-one Folio Society books, the majority in slip-cases to include; DEFOE, Daniel - A Tour Through the Whole of Great Britain; DANIELL, William - A Voyage Around the Coast of Great Britian and twenty-nine other books (31) 40-80
651.    The Arena Chapel, Padua - Arundel Society, 1853, with thirty-eight illustrations [as called for], oblong folio tog. w. The Age We Live In - eight vols and Nories Nautical Tables 20-30
652.    Phil May's Gutter Snipes tog. w. a collection of books on various subjects 30-50
653.    Encyclopaedia Britannica; or a Dictionary of Arts, Sciences - Edinburgh, 1780, with twenty maps and numerous plates 30-50
654.    Collection of A & C Black published books from various series to include; Peeps at Architecture; The Antiquary; Red Cap Tales; Peeps at Industries; Peeps at Civilisation; Les Beaux Voyages etc 30-50
655.    Collection of A & C Black books from various series to include, Peeps at Great Explorers; Peeps for Little People; Peeps at Great Men etc 30-50
656.    ELIOT, George - a collection of eight Folio Society Books of the author's works, all in individual slipcases 50-80
657.    AUSTEN, Jane - a collection of seven Folio Society books - 1975, boxed tog. w. The Complete Novels of, Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte - seven vols, Folio Society boxed (14) 50-100
658.    CARLYLE, Thomas - The French Revolution - three vols, tog. w. other Folio Society books on various topics to include history and literature, to include Thomas Hardy, Robert Graves etc 40-80
659.    MAXWELL, Donald - a collection of seven of the author's works to include; Unknown Surrey - 1924; Excursions in Colour - 1927; The Last Crusade, 1914-1918 - undated; The New Lights of London - 1926; A Dweller in Mesopotamia - 1920; The Enchanted Road - 1927 and Wembley in Colour - 1924 (7) 30-50
660.    SCOT-SKIRVING, E - Cheltenham College Register, 1841-1927, tog. w. PIGG, C. H. Cheltenham College Register, 1841-1951, and a pamphlet for the, Old Cheltonians who have fallen in the War against Germany, Austria and Turkey, August, 1914, to June, 1915 (3) 25-40
661.    Collection of books of biography and autobiography interest to include; COLLIS, Maurice - Siamese White - 1936, first edition; LAWRENCE, Rosamond - Charles Napier, 1782-1853, Friend and Fighter -1952 tog. w. others of interest to John Wesley, Oscar Wilde, Gertrude Jekyll, E. M Forster etc 30-50
662.    Collection of Modern Academic books to include; MORGAN-EVANS, Thomas - Andy Warhol and Sculpture; KELLY, Linda - Talleyrand in London, The Master Diplomat's Last Mission; The Artist as Culture Producer tog. w. a quantity of other books 30-50
663.    DARWIN, Charles - A Naturalist's Voyage around the World - 1901, new edition tog. w. a quantity of other books on various subjects to include Literature, History etc 30-50
664.    Collection of twenty-one, A & C Black books, to include; The Children's Book of Stars; Gardens of England; Animal Autobiographies, The Dog; Stained Glass of the Middle Ages in England and Wales and sixteen other books (21) 40-80
665.    Collection of fourteen flying manuals to include; seven Boeing 747; British Airways and Caledonian tog. w. two bound aeronautical charts/aviation law from the 1950s; a collection of photos to include; military/family; eleven maps mainly RAF and other aviation items 30-40
666.    Collection of 18th century and later books to include; The Year Book and Almanac of Canada for 1868 and a quantity of other books, to include Shakespeare interest 30-40
667.    BLACKMORE, R. D - Lorna Doone - with tipped in illustrations tog. w. other illustrated books and books on various subjects to include military interest 25-40
668.    Collection of twenty books in Arabic 20-30
669.    Collection of science fiction paperbacks 30-50
670.    BROECKER, Randy - An Illustrated History of the Fantasy of the 20th Century tog. w. a small quantity of other books relating to fantasy to include Boris Vallejo interest 30-50
671.    Collection of erotica books 50-100
672.    ELLIS, Vivian - How to be a Man about Town - 1965, first edition tog. w. two others by the same author to include: How to Bury Yourself in the Country - 1964 and Good-Bye, Dollie - 1970, all first editions and with dust-wrappers and all bearing an inscription and signature by the author (3)
673.    Collection of fourteen Black's Guides to include: the Channel Islands - 1881; the Duchy of Cornwall - 1865 and three others for the years - 1877, 1889 and 1904; Devonshire - 1892; South Wales - 1889; North Wales - 1879; North and South Wales - 1853 and another for 1858; Hereford and Monmouth - 1885 and another for 1870; Derbyshire - 1881 and a guide to England and Wales - 1881 (14) 70-100
674.    CUNNINGHAM, James - Designs for Farm Cottages and Steadings, with descriptions, specifications and estimates; general remarks on farm offices; and an appendix of practical information - William Blackwood & Sons 50-100
675.    [BLOME, Richard] - An Alphabetical Account of the Nobility and Gentry, which are (or lately were) related unto the several counties of England and Wales - 1673, with twenty-two black and white plates 100-200
676.    The Builder's Pratical Director or Buildings for all Classes containing Plans, Sections and Elevations for the Erection of Cottages, Villas, Farm Buildings, Dispensaries, Public Schools & Co., with detailed estimates, quantities and prices - with numerous illustrations throughout, half calf 30-50
677.    ROLLINS, Cyril & JOHN-WITTS, R - The D'Oyly Carte Opera Company in Gilbert and Sullivan Operas, a record of productions 1875-1961 - Michael Joseph, March 1962 Second Impression tog. w. a quantity of music books to include interest Elgar, Verdi etc 30-50
678.    FLEMING, Ian - Thunderball - 1961, first edition, no dust-wrapper 20-30
679.    Four Japanese print books 20-30
680.    Kelly's Directory of Bristol & Suburbs - 1935 and another for Bristol - 1950 tog. w. three other directories for Buckinghamshire - 1939; Berkshire, Buckinghamsire and Oxfordshire - 1903 and a Debrett's Peerage, Baronetage, Knightage and Companionage for 1930 (5) 20-40
681.    Oak sliding bookend with gilt decoration tog. w. a small collection of books to include; ALLEN, Grant - The Story of the Plants - 1913 25-40
682.    Uppingham School Roll for the years 1853 to 1947 tog. w. three other Uppingham School Rolls for the years, 1888-1960, and a duplicate copy and another for, 1910-1984 (4) 20-30
683.    Life and Works of Sir Christopher Wren, A.D - 1632-1723 - Hodder & Stoughton, 1923 20-40
684.    BULLER, Francis - An Introduction to the Law relative to Trials at Nisi Prius - 1781, third edition, full calf 40-80
685.    Collection of six engravings showing The South Front of the British Museum; The New Extended Front of Buckingham Palace; Lambeth Palace; The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew; The Army and Navy Club House, Pall Mall and The New Coal Exchange, Thames Street, at the Ceremony of its Opening in 1849 (6) 30-50
686.    Sales Particular for the freehold estate of, 'Worthy Farm' on the 1st July, 1881 tog. w. a further particular for the same farm on 13th July 1910 and a map of the farm showing the land for sale from this auction (3) 20-40
687.    The Times Atlas, with 117 pages of maps and comprising 173 maps - 1895, folio 30-50
688.    Lowry's Table Atlas, constructed and engraved from the most recent authorities - lacking two maps nos. 38 & 39 (Spain and Norway), but all others present 80-120
689.    REES - Abraham - The Cyclopaedia; or, Universal Dictionary of Arts, Sciences and Literature, vol. VI Ancient and Modern Atlas - 1820, with sixty-two maps, front board detached 100-200
690.    Manuscript World Atlas, dated September 12th 1865 and a name for, Allison Jane Gillespy, with thirty-five maps showing Ireland, Palestine, Europe, Australia, Scotland, Africa, South America etc 30-50
691.    PHILIP, George (Ed.) - Philips' New Handy General Atlas of the World - [c. 1867], with seventy coloured plates [as called for], the majority double page, folio tog. w. GARDINER, Samuel Rawson - A School Atlas of English History - 1907, with eighty-eight maps and plans [as called for] 40-80
692.    Atlas de L'Ancienne Geographie Universelle - Paris, 1801, with eighteen maps, of which fourteen are fold out maps, with table of place names to the front 150-200
693.    MORDEN, Robert - a map of Somerset-shire - coloured, framed, 40-80
694.    A Map of the Country between Russia and Constaniople embracing the Present Seat of War between the Russians and the Turks - James Wyld, hand-coloured, linen backed, folded, 83cm x 52cm 80-120
695.    Map of Syria - James Wyld, second edition, hand-coloured, linen backed, folded, 100cm x 67cm 50-80
696.    Provisional Geological Map of Southern Rhodesia - 1936, revised edition, coloured, linen backed, folded, 75cm x 87cm 30-50
697.    Road Map (Southern Section) of the Gold Coast - 1954, 13th edition, coloured, linen-backed, 81cm x 106cm tog. w. Geological Map of the Gold Coast and Togoland under British Mandate- 1936, 5th edition, 81cm x 57cm(2) 30-50
698.    Plan of the Parish of Eton-cum-Stockdale and Colenorton in the County of Buckingham - H. Walter, 1839, 74cm x 91cm, framed 20-30
699.    Carte Reduite de L'Isle de St Domingue - 1787 60-120
700.    Seven Nautical Maps, each published by the Admiralty in London to include, the Bristol Channel - dated 23rd March 1973, 70cm x 120cm tog w. Newhaven to Calais, 70cm x 102cm; Cap Vert to Cape St Ann - 1970, 100cm x 70cm; Australia South Coast, Backstairs Passage - 1961, 52cm x 69cm; Australia South Coast, Hobsons Bay - 1964, 116cm x 71cm; Port Adelaide- 103cm x 72cm and Singapore Harbour, Eastern Roads - 104cm x 71cm (7)