Antiques Sale on
Wednesday 30th August 2017

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1.      A large aquamarine and diamond set Art Deco style ring; the large rectangular, step-cut stone in claw and openwork setting, with diamond set shoulders; size Q+. 1800-2200
2.      A well made sterling silver brooch in the form of a floral spray, set with blue stones to the flower centres, test as possible synthetic sapphires, the clear paste stones each with open backing 40-60
3.      A child's 9ct gold padlock bracelet and a 9ct gold cross on a fine link chain (2) 3.9g approx. 20-30
4.      A 925 silver cross on a bead chain; a 925 silver bangle of Rennie Mackintosh design; and a silver metal Celtic design panel bracelet (3) 15-25
5.      A long strand of circular, pink coral graduated beads (needs re-stringing), 38" approx. 70-100
6.      A Victorian, unmarked gold and diamond cluster "star" brooch, set with a central square, step-cut mauve stone, possibly Almandine garnet, with detachable brooch mounts. 2200-2600
7.      A three strand pearl necklace, of graduating size, with gold and diamond set clasp, the central diamond with a surround of smaller diamonds (one strand A/F). 180-220
8.      A single strand of pearls with gold clasp, set with conical cabochon red spinel, with a surround of diamond chips. 140-160
9.      A Victorian unmarked gold ring, set with six split pearls and with floral chased shoulders, size M. 80-120
10.     A white metal ring set with a central oval, faceted sapphire/spinel with a diamond chip surround, size N. 130-160
11.     A yellow and white metal, diamond set pendant/brooch conversion mount, in fitted box marked "Halford & Sons Ltd, Pall Mall S.W." 90-120
12.     A cased Baroque style diamond, pearl, emerald and ruby brooch, set with a central diamond with a surround of diamonds, with diamond to top and bottom, mounted in matt gold metal; the fitted case from "Harvey & Gore, London". 1800-2200
13.     A 15ct gold and platinum mounted bar brooch set with small cultured pearls and diamond chips; and another gold bar brooch set with a surround of split pearls in a flower head form (2). 90-120
14.     An early 20th century gold ring set with three diamonds and two rubies, the central cushion shaped diamond one carat approximately, oval cut and faceted rubies, the two shoulder diamonds half carat approximately, size P. 1400-1600
15.     An early 20th century, unmarked gold, diamond and sapphire/spinel ring; the central sapphire/spinel with three diamonds to each shoulder, ring size Q. 300-500
16.     A gents 18ct gold signet ring, set with an oval bloodstone matrix, carved with a Wyvern holding an arrow, size Q+; and two gold ladies signet rings, set with carved bloodstones, both size O (3). 120-160
17.     An early 20th century diamond and sapphire/spinel brooch of target and arrow form, mixed cut diamonds (one missing), set in unmarked yellow gold. 500-700
18.     A long strand of butterscotch amber beads, the large and small alternate beads graduated in size, and individually knotted, total length 136cm approx., 64g approx. 300-500
19.     A quantity of assorted costume jewellery including clip earrings, buckles, silver wristwatch, strand of turquoise beads, strand of coral beads cameo brooch (A/F), etc. 40-60
20.     A ladies gold dress ring, set with a chequered pattern of alternate square amethyst and green stones, size O 40-60
21.     An 18ct gold alternate floating sapphire and diamond ring, size M 90-120
22.     A 9ct gold dress ring, set with a synthetic oval opal doublet, size Q 60-80
23.     A 9ct gold dress ring, set with an oval synthetic opal in an enclosed suround, size O 40-60
24.     An early 20th century 9ct gold bangle, set with a small circular cabochon opal with diamond chip to either side, 7.8g approx. 60-80
25.     A late Victorian 15ct hollow gold, plain bangle, 8.4g approx. 60-80
26.     A Victorian 15ct gold double wing brooch, set with split pearls and a central cabochon turquoise, in fitted case 60-80
27.     A pair of 9ct gold cultured pearl screw back earrings; a pair of 9ct gold pink coral screw back earrings, locket, horseshoe tie pin, etc. 30-50
28.     A gold dress ring, illusion set with five small diamonds, in a crossover style, size N 30-40
29.     A large quantity of boxed costume jewellery, "Tru-Diamond", "Past Times", "Eternal Collection", "Museum (TM) Selection", etc. 200-300
30.     A large silver gilt engraved bangle; a silver gilt pendant and chain; pendant set with pearl and amethyst coloured stone; an 18ct gold cufflink; a 9ct gold black stone and pearl drop pendant, on a metal chain; a fine 9ct chain; a circular 9ct blue and white stone pendant on 9ct chain; and four 9ct gold "Zales" pendants on chains 70-100
31.     A gold ladies ring set with central diamond, with ruby to either side, and green stone to each shoulder, size N 50-80
32.     A Victorian 15ct gold glass fronted locket, set with seed pearls to the decorative edge and inset with a miniature portrait of a baby 140-160
33.     Five assorted gold metal pendants on chains, in "Ratners" boxes, a 9ct back and front locket on a gilt chain, a gilt cross on a 9ct chain; a blue stone pendant on a 9K chain; a pretty 9ct pearl and aquamarine pendant 100-140
34.     Three gold metal pendants on 9ct fine link cains; 9ct amethyst pendant on fine chain; a group of 9ct fine link chains; cultured pearl necklace with 9ct gold clasp; a 9ct gold cross set with cabochon red stones; a 9ct box link fine chain with red stone pendant 80-100
35.     Three 9ct gold gem set pendants, on 9ct fine chains, in "Ratners" boxes; a 9ct gold horseshoe pendant on fine chain; a gold metal amethyst pendant on fine chain; and a yellow stone pendant on fine link chain 80-100
36.     A gold coloured stone set heart pendant on a fine 9ct chain; a 9ct gold blue stone oval pearl drop pendant on 9ct chain; a 9ct bow pendant with drop blue on 9K chain; 9ct red and white stone pendant on 9ct chain; two further gold metal pendants on chains; and a 9ct multi-gem set flower head ring, size L 70-90
37.     A 9ct gold amethyst and pearl pendant, on a 9K gold curb link chain; a 9ct gold pearl and red stone pendant on a 9ct chain; a 9ct gold Victorian style pendant on a 9K chain; and a 9ct oval locket on a 9ct chain 130-150
38.     A Victorian sovereign, dated 1880. 160-180
39.     An early 20th century 9ct gold bangle set with diamonds, with openwork and ball finial decoration, 9.8g approx. 150-180
40.     A silver, turquoise set "Zuni" pendant by "Eugene & Yvonne Mahotty", suspended from a silver chain. 40-60
41.     A Victorian 1879 sovereign in a 9ct gold mount, set with a surround of circular cabochon opals. 280-320
42.     A heavy Continental silver (.835) pendant, modelled as a frog, suspended from a sterling silver belcher chain. 40-60
43.     A heavy Continental silver (.835) elephant pendant piece, suspended from a silver chain. 35-45
44.     An early 20th century Art Nouveau white metal pendant set with seed pearls and oval blue stones (test as sapphires), with suspended drop and an enamelled pendant set with a cabochon amethyst (2). 80-120
45.     A Chinese carved amethyst panel brooch, the panel carved and pierced with a dragon amongst clouds, set in white metal, 5.5cm long. 60-80
46.     An Arts and Crafts style turquoise pendant with turquoise and 9ct gold drop, suspended on a box link chain. 70-100
47.     A silver and enamelled, articulated seahorse pendant, suspended on a box link chain. 40-60
48.     A pendant piece, marked PT900, in the form of a peacock; pearl body and set ruby to the head, suspended on a bright cut chain, marked PT850. 100-150
49.     A white metal ring, marked 14K, set with a single pearl, with stylized petal surround and 'milled' decoration to the ring, size L+; and another white metal ring, marked 14K, set with a rectangular faceted amethyst, size O (2). 80-100
50.     A Chinese jade pendant piece, the mount set with tiny diamonds; an articulated white metal pendant, set with a row of blue topaz and white stones; and a white metal pendant piece set with rubies within a yellow metal backing (3). 80-120
51.     A continental silver (.835) bracelet set with six butterscotch amber cabochons; a white metal open chain with yellow amber piece to one end and tear shaped amber to the other, the links marked 875 with hammer and sickle within a star; a silvered metal and amber coloured necklace; and a white metal chain with large green tear shaped pendant (4). 80-100
52.     A pair of cased, drop pierced earrings, pink tear shape drops, possibly stained jade, with gold metal mounts, the box marked "Hamilton & Co, Calcutta, Delhi". 80-120
53.     A 9ct gold and platinum ring set with a rectangular blue stone, possibly sapphire, with diamonds to shoulders in an Art Deco style setting, size L. 80-100
54.     A 9ct white gold and platinum ring set with a square blue stone, possibly synthetic sapphire, diamond set shoulders in an Art Deco style mount, size K; and another yellow gold ring set with an oval blue stone, possibly synthetic sapphire, size M+ (2). 80-100
55.     A gold metal long guard chain, coral bead necklace, locket, diamond and sapphire jewel attachment, etc. 30-50
56.     A 9ct gold S link neck chain, 6.8g approx. 60-80
57.     A pair of 9ct and 18ct gold octagonal cufflinks, set with black onyx panels and central small diamond 50-80
58.     A Victorian unmarked gold ring, set with two split pearls, with separating bands of engraved floral decoration, size R, 6g approx. 130-160
59.     An 18ct gold, graduated five stone diamond ring, size R. 120-150
60.     A gents 9ct gold ring, set with green sapphires in a square panel, ribbed shoulders, size R, 8g approx. 45-70
61.     A 9ct gold ring, set with central rectangular step cut aquamarine, with a blue topaz to either side, size N. 25-40
62.     A 22ct gold wedding band, size I+, and another 22ct gold wedding band, size K (2), 6.1g approx. 80-120
63.     A gents 9ct gold ring, set with tiny central diamonds, with openwork celtic knot panels, size Z+, 4.9g approx. 40-60
64.     A 9ct gold gents signet ring, a silver ring and a pair of gold on silver cufflinks. 20-30
65.     A silver and split pearl sweetheart badge, for the "Royal Scots Greys, Waterloo". 25-40
66.     A small quantity of assorted jewellery, including a 9ct gold garnet coloured stone and opal ring, size P; a pair of garnet coloured earrings in a gold coloured metal; a silver sheep brooch, etc. 20-30
67.     An 18ct gold cased ladies open faced fob watch, white enamelled dial (A/F) with black Roman numerals; a 14K gold cased ladies open face fob watch with foliate engraved gold matt dial with black Roman numerals; a decorative watch key set with banded agate and a clear stone; and a standard watch key (4) 120-160
68.     A gents 9ct gold cased manual wind wristwatch, silvered dial with back Arabic numerals and subsidiary seconds dial 40-70
69.     An 18th Century 22ct gold cased pair cased pocket watch by Samuel Stretch, Birmingham.
The gold dial with black enamel Arabic and Roman numerals the centre of the dial with raised cartouches engraved "Stretch Fecit", the back plate engraved "Sam Stretch Birmingham", with engraved and pierced cock, silver metal regulator dial with serpent indicator, verge escapement with chain fusee and four Egyptian pillars, in plain gold case bearing London gold lion passant mark; with attached knotted cotton hanger and key 3000-3200
70.     A pair of late 19th/early 20th Century gilt brass and mother of pearl opera glasses the eyepieces embossed "Iris Paris", with telescopic arm to one side 30-40
71.     A late Victorian beaded bracelet with gilt metal and enamel clasp painted with a fox looking at a bird; a green enamel and silver plate cigarette case; small beaded bag and an enamelled silver metal Ciro ball shaped timepiece on bow suspender (4) 60-80
72.     A .925 silver vesta case with enamelled disc to one side of a cricketer together with a modern .925 silver pill box (2) 50-70
73.     A 19th Century white opaque glass scent bottle with decorative engraved gilt metal tracery decoration, the hinged cover set with cameo, 8cms high (chip to bottom corner); a silver scent bottle with planished decoration, 7cms high and a late 19th/early 20th Century atomiser bottle with decorative silver metal top engraved "Le Provencal.......Molinares Jeune Grasse Paris", 12cms high (3) 30-40
74.     An early 20th Century globular cut glass scent bottle with tortoiseshell and silver atomiser top, 16cms high; a c.1920-30's cut glass scent bottle with enamelled silver atomiser top, 16cms high and a cut glass dressing table jar with silver top and inner ground glass stopper, 8.5cms high (3) 60-80
75.     A Victorian faceted green glass double ended scent/smelling salts bottle, hinged silver metal cover to one end with original glass stopper and screw-off silver metal cap to the other end, 12.5cms long 30-40
76.     A collection of Grand Tour cast plaster medallions "Opere di Canova". each within gilt card mount and within "book" box, each numbered and titled on inside of cover, the leather spine with gilt lettering. "Paolette Opere di Canova E Thorwaldsen" 180-220
77.     A Georgian necessaire, the silver metal and shagreen case with hinged cover and fitted interior containing knife and fork with detachable silver metal handles, a pair of scissors and an ivory "note pad", case 9.5cms high 70-100
78.     A Georgian silver and tortoiseshell etui case of tapering form, the top pulling off to reveal empty interior, 9cms long 70-90
79.     A small 19th Century swivelling seal with decorative gold mount, the three sided seal carved with hatch mark, crown over initials and flower, 2.5cms long 30-50
80.     A 19th Century Chinese carved ivory netsuke of a man seated on a rock, un-signed, 4.5cms high 30-50
81.     A decorative Oriental cast gilt metal buckle set with carved scarab beetle together with a Chinese carved jade pendant and drop (af) 25-40
82.     Two late 19th Century carved ivory Asian elephants, 5cms high; a pair of late 19th Century oval ivory containers, the covers with carved detail; an ivory napkin ring, a carved hardwood stand and another (7) 40-60
83.     A Victorian shaped leather scissor case with fitted velvet interior and containing three scissors - two marked Clark Chester and one marked Walker & Hall Sheffield 20-40
84.     A small porcelain pill box painted in monochrome the base marked "Sceaux 1767" together with three other decorative porcelain pill boxes and another (5) 40-60
85.     A late 19th/early 20th Century tortoiseshell and gilt metal mantilla comb; the tortoiseshell comb with gilt metal edging and cast floral and foliate gilt metal mounts, 14.5cms long 40-60
86.     An early 20th Century novelty shell trinket dish mounted with a realistic crab to one side in brass with bronzed finish 30-50
87.     A complete late 19th Century ivory and stained ivory chess set, height of king 8cms 30-50
88.     A late 19th Century carved ivory processional figure of a caparisoned elephant with howdah, on platform base with four turned ball supports, 14.5cms high 50-60
89.     A late 19th/early 20th Century Oriental figure of Buddha seated on a dragon throne, mounted on hardwood base, 12cms high 30-40
90.     An early 20th Century Japanese carved ivory figure of an Immortal standing on a tree trunk and holding a gourd, character marks to base, 18cms high 30-50
91.     An Edwardian hip flask by James Dixon with silver plated screw top and pull-off base both engraved with initials, the glass flask with black leather shoulders, 14.5cms high together with a conical glass saddle flask with hinged silver top, (lacks leather holster) 23cms long max (2) 30-40
92.     A cut glass dressing table bowl with embossed silver cover with mirror interior (cracked); a modern silver fronted photograph frame and a pair of dwarf silver candlesticks 60-80
93.     A 19th Century silver toddy ladle with twisted horn handle, un-marked tests as silver, 34cms long 25-35
94.     A cased set of 6 silver teaspoons; another similar; 13 assorted silver teaspoons and two paper knives with silver and enamelled silver handles, total weighable silver 9.8oz 60-70
95.     A pair of George III Scottish silver dessert spoons, Edinburgh 1814, maker N&G together with a teaspoon Edinburgh 1850, total weight 2.5oz 15-25
96.     A pair of Victorian silver dessert spoons, Exeter 1881, 3.1oz, engraved with initials 15-25
97.     A modern silver fronted photograph frame, heavily embossed with trailing flowers with vacant cartouche and with wooden easel back, size of aperture 14cms x 9.5cms approx 60-80
98.     An Edwardian oval silver snuff box, the hinged cover engraved with initials, Chester 1905, maker George Unite, 2.05oz 15-25
99.     A silver cigarette case opening to reveal central card holder, maker Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Co, 4.3oz approx.; together with another silver cigarette case, 3.1oz approx. (2) 50-70
100.    An Edwardian silver drum mustard, the hinged top with decorative thumb piece and engraved with crest, gadroon edging and blue glass liner, Sheffield 1906, 3.1oz approx. 40-50
101.    An Edwardian silver caddy spoon having shell shaped bowl and decorative stem engraved with initials, London 1906, maker George Jackson and David Fullerton 20-30
102.    Two silver vesta cases; a silver razor blade case and a small sterling silver cigar lighter by Montague, Piccadilly, total weight 3oz approx. 20-30
103.    A cased set of six silver Apostle spoons with Apostle and angel spiral stems, maker Charles Stuart Harris, total weight 2.6oz approx. 20-30
104.    An Edwardian silver octagonal tea caddy, the domed hinged cover with small finial, the front engraved with vacant swag cartouche, Chester 1908, 10.9oz approx. 130-140
105.    A Georgian silver wine funnel, London hallmark, marks rubbed but maker possible Hester Bateman, 2.6oz approx. 100-120
106.    A small Victorian silver pedestal bowl engraved with a crest, Birmingham 1891, 4.5oz approx. 50-60
107.    An Edwardian silver cream jug with chased decoration, decorative cast handle and supports, engraved with a crest, London 1901, the base marked "Carrington & Co, London", 6.3oz approx. 80-100
108.    A George IV silver drum mustard, the hinged cover with shell thumb piece, with blue glass liner, marks rubbed but possibly London 1826, maker Benjamin Smith, 4.4oz approx. 60-80
109.    An Edwardian silver cased travelling timepiece with folding handle to the top of the case, white enamel dial, black Roman numerals and on four ball supports, London 1906, 10.5cms high with handle raised 160-180
110.    Three George III silver and treen bottle coasters engraved with a crest, marks rubbed but probably London 1787, 12.5cms diameter 100-150
111.    A George IV silver teapot of squat circular form, London 1823, with ebony handle, 18.8oz approx. 170-190
112.    A Victorian silver card tray with shaped border and on three foliate scroll supports, Sheffield 1890, 5.7oz approx. 90-100
113.    A small George III circular silver card tray on three claw and ball supports with decorative gadroon and foliate edging, engraved floral and foliate decoration, London 1771, maker IC, 9oz approx. 150-180
114.    A George V circular silver card tray, with pie crust border, centre engraved with a crest, on four hoof supports, Chester 1912, maker Barker Bros, 11.5oz approx. 140-160
115.    A 19th century Continental silver bachelors teapot, having decorative embossed hinged lid, oval tapering body and foliate spout, marked to the base, with ebonised handle, 8.6oz approx. 150-170
116.    A pair of George III silver chambersticks having circular bases, broad scrolling thumb pieces, detachable scones and matching conical shaped snuffers, each engraved with a crest, London 1814, maker William Southey, 23.4oz approx. (2) 420-460
117.    A pair of 18th Century Continental silver candlesticks having slender knopped stems with octagonal top, slightly domed and stepped octagonal bases, weighted, worn marks to the top of each, approx 19.5cms high 350-380
118.    A pair of George II cast silver candlesticks with detachable sconces, slender shaped stems and on shaped square bases with chased and cast foliate detail to the whole, approx 22cms high, London 1729, maker "DL"; 900-1000
119.    A George III silver coffee pot of baluster form, with gadroon edging and ebony handle, London 1776, maker "WT" (possibly Walter Tweedie) 29.5cms high 28.9oz 500-550
120.    A pair of George III silver sauce boats with foliate capped flying scroll handles, gadroon border, on three hoof supports, London 1761, each engraved with a crest to one side, makers marks a bit rubbed, total weight 28.7oz 380-450
121.    A pair of Victorian Irish silver sauce ladles, Queens pattern, Dublin 1890, makers marks rubbed, 6.1oz 90-130
122.    A set of 6 silver table spoons, Old English pattern, engraved with a crest, Exeter 1867 maker Josiah & James Williams, total weight 16.9oz 200-250
123.    A set of 11 George III silver Old English pattern table forks, engraved with a crest, London 1801 maker William Ealey & William Fearn, total weight 24.8oz 280-320
124.    A set of 6 George III silver table forks, Old English pattern, engraved with a crest, London 1802, and another similar London 1798 total weight 15.3oz 180-200
125.    A set of 6 Victorian silver Old English pattern dessert spoons, engraved with a crest, Exeter 1867, maker Josiah & James Williams, total weight 10.13oz 100-130
126.    A set of 12 George IV silver Old English pattern dessert forks, engraved with a crest, London 1827, maker "RB" Richard Britton, total weight 18.19oz 200-220
127.    A heavy silver apostle spoon the finial well cast and the stem engraved "Santce - Iuliane", London 1930 3.4oz 40-60
128.    A set of 8 George III silver dessert spoons, engraved with initials, London 1792, total weight 8.19oz 70-90
128A.   A set of six (one broken) Victorian silver fiddle pattern teaspoons, engraved with a crest, Exeter 1867, maker Robert Williams, total weight 5oz 300-400
129.    A set of 11 silver rat tail pattern coffee spoons engraved with a crest, London 1911, total weight 4.5oz together with a Victorian silver pickle fork, small silver ladle and two other silver spoons 3.7oz 50-60
130.    A Continental silver snuff box of shaped rectangular form, the hinged lid embossed with roses against sunray background within twisted rope border, the sides embossed with flower and foliage ribbon swags, gilt lining, import marks for Chester 1910, 2.49oz, 8cms x 4.5cms x 1.75cms deep 80-120
131.    A silver pedestal bowl with shaped rim, engraved with a crest and initials, Sheffield 1915, 6oz , 7.5cms high 40-50
132.    An Edwardian silver helmet shaped cream jug on square base, Chester 1903, 3.1oz 20-30
133.    An Edwardian silver pint mug engraved with a crest and coat of arms, London 1903, 10.9oz 70-90
134.    A pair of cased silver napkin rings and another silver napkin ring, total weight 1.8oz 15-25
135.    A George III silver cruet bottle stand with plated central ring and containing 5 cut glass bottles with silver metal tops; a Sheffield plate card tray with later added supports; a pair of gentlemans silver backed hairbrushes and other items 70-100
136.    A rectangular silver tray heavily embossed with scrolling foliage, Birmingham1903, 22cm x 27.5cm, 10.9oz approx. 60-90
137.    An early 20th Century rectangular silver and enamel trinket box, the hinged cover with enamelled pink rose on guilloche white ground, with original blue silk lining 100-150
138.    A csed set of 6 silver coffee spoons; cased set of 6 silver Apostle teaspoons, cased set of 5 silver teaspoons and a cased Christening set of silver spoon, fork and a knife, total silver weight 8.1oz 40-60
139.    A silver matchbox cover with embossed decoration; a cut glass scent bottle with silver top; silver handled shoe horn and button hook and silver backed clothes brush (5) 30-50
140.    An Edwardian silver sugar bowl with swirl embossed panels of flowers and foliage and on three pad supports, Sheffield 1907 together with a sifter spoon Sheffield 1912, maker Walker & Hall total weight 4.2oz 40-60
141.    A late 18th Century English Delft pottery plate with polychrome decoration of basket and vase of flowers, tree and other foliage, 31cms diam 120-140
142.    A Chelsea Derby style figure of a boy standing holding an empty cage, on rococo base with painted gold anchor mark, 12cms high together with another figure of a young girl with a goat, painted gold anchor mark, 12cms high 40-60
143.    A pair of bocage porcelain figures of a young girl and young boy seated on a bough, with rococo bases and both with painted gold anchor marks, 9.5 and 10cms high 30-50
144.    An early 19th Century Staffordshire figure of a man and woman arm in arm and holding baskets, 18.5cms high together with another early Staffordshire figure of a man with gun and pointer dog, 17.5cms high 30-40
145.    A 19th Century Continental porcelain bocage figure of a man playing early style bagpipe on rococo base, raised blue "R" mark to base, 17cms high 40-60
146.    A pair of fine quality porcelain figural candle holders each modelled with a young man and young woman with well painted 18th Century costume and holding flowers, on gilded rococo bases and with gilded candleholders all encrusted with colourful flowers and painted with leaves and wheat ears, un-marked, 22cms high 90-130
147.    Two early 19th Century porcelain models of sheep each with gold painted anchor mark, 7cms and 5.5cms high together with another porcelain model of a sheep lying on a rocky base, 4.5cms high (3) 20-30
148.    A 19th century Staffordshire two handled quart frog mug, with moulded decoration of gun dogs and game, and realistic spotted frog inside 20-40
149.    A pair of 19th century Staffordshire cow and calf ornaments, one with calf suckling, the other with calf near her head, 14.5cm high together with a Staffordshire cow and milkmaid spill holder, 22cm high 20-40
150.    A 19th Century miniature Meissen porcelain figure of two billing doves, blue crossed sword mark to base and incised numerals, 2cms high 30-40
151.    An early Worcester blue and white dish painted with flowers, blue crescent mark (cracked); an early 19th Century blue transfer ware leaf shaped pickle dish and three early 19th Century blue transfer cups and saucers 30-40
152.    A set of 7 19th Century Chinese export blue and white octagonal soup bowls, painted with typical pagoda and lake scene, un-marked, 23cms diam (7) 80-120
153.    A 19th Century Chinese export blue and white oval dish with raised sides, painted with child offering a lady a flower with trees, duck and flowers, un-marked, 29.5cms x 36.5cms 70-90
154.    A 19th Century Chinese export blue and white octagonal dish painted with flowers and bamboo on a terrace with butterflies, unmarked, 28cms x 37cms 60-80
155.    A 19th Century Chinese export blue and white octagonal dish painted with figures on a bridge, pagodas, gardens and lake within butterfly border, unmarked, 29cms x 37.5cms 60-80
156.    A set of four 19th Century Chinese export blue and white octagonal dishes painted with figures on a bridge in a lake setting with trees and pagoda, unmarked, 17.5cms x 25cms (4) 50-70
157.    A 19th Century Chinese export blue and white octagonal dish painted with peonies and willow, unmarked, 18cms x 27.5cms 25-35
158.    A 19th Century Chinese export blue and white oval dish loosely painted with flowers and foliage, unmarked, 28.5cms x 33.5cms 30-50
159.    A 19th Century Chinese blue and white ginger jar and cover, painted with prunus and with four character mark to the base, 16.5cms high 30-40
160.    Three small 19th Century Chinese export blue and white octagonal dishes each painted with different scenes of plants and butterflies, each approx. 14cms x 19.5cms (3) 35-50
161.    A small 19th Century Chinese export blue and white circular dish painted with flowers, foliage and butterfly, unmarked, 16.25cms diam, together with another painted with two figures near a lake, unmarked, 16.5cms diam (2) 20-40
162.    A near pair of Chinese porcelain circular dishes painted in underglaze blue, overglaze red and with gilt detail with a water scene with lillies and duck, unmarked, 16cms diam (2) 40-60
163.    A small 19th Century Chinese octagonal blue and white teabowl and matching saucer, another similar; a 19th Century Chinese teabowl painted with figures and another similar (4) 25-35
164.    A late 19th Century Samson porcelain tea caddy of triangular form painted in Chinese style with "Chinese" marks to base, with cover, 15cms high and together with a pair of Samson late 19th Century Chinese armorial style vases, 11.5cms high (3) 40-60
165.    A 19th Century Chinese export mug with dragon handle and painted in underglaze blue and famille rose palette, 12cms high 80-120
166.    A pair of 19th Century Chinese two handled trembleuse cups and saucers painted with figures and animals (2) 30-40
167.    A 19th Century Chinese export mug painted in underglaze blue and famille rose palette and with loop handle with heart terminals, 12cms high 50-70
168.    A 19th Century Chinese export lotus shaped plate in famille rose palette, unmarked, 23cms diam 20-30
169.    A 19th Century Chinese export mug with dragon handle, underglaze blue and famille rose decoration, 11.5cms high 30-40
170.    A pair of small 19th Century Spode bisque containers and covers in the form of pastry pies, 8.5cms diam together with a set of four bisque "basket" containers 15-25
171.    A 19th Century Chinese export blue and white bowl of square shape and painted with pagoda on lake and vase of flowers with trellis fence and house, unmarked, 12cms high 60-80
172.    A 19th Century Chinese export blue and white bowl of square form and painted with continuous scene of flowers, rocks and wall, unmarked, 12.5cms high 40-60
173.    A Royal Worcester porcelain leaf shaped jug, 18cms high together with an early 19th Century moulded saltglaze stoneware teapot with sliding cover, 15cms high 30-50
174.    A large Capodimonte figure by A Santini of a prospector with two bucking horses, mounted on a wood plinth and with original label, 30cms high 30-50
175.    A Chinese export blue and white navette shaped bowl painted with figures near a lake with pagoda and trees, un-marked, 7cms high 29cms wide max 40-60
176.    A 19th Century Chinese export octagonal blue and white meat plate painted with pagodas, trees, rocks near a lake, un-marked, 32.5cms x 41.5cms 60-70
177.    A small Wedgwood lustre bowl decorated with a butterfly to the interior, 11.5cms diam 20-25
178.    A small faience tin glazed earthenware oil bottle/wet drug jar painted in blue and named in a panel to the front "Olio Bono" 13cms high 30-40
179.    A faience tin glaze earthenware pedestal albarello drug jar painted in blue with flower heads and foliage and lettering to the centre "Elle Diaralsie Donzelli" 17cms high 50-80
180.    A Chinese Yixing teapot of cylindrical form and with incised character "poem" and simple decoration, impressed mark to base, 10.5cms high 80-120
181.    A set of five 19th Century wine glasses with fine hobnail cut bodies on knopped stems with cut sunray type circular foot, 13cms high (5) 15-25
182.    A 19th Century blue glass decanter of rounded form with simple loop handle and original metal top and cork stopper, 19.5cms high not including stopper and together with similar green glass and amber glass decanters with original brass tops, one with cork stopper (3) 60-80
183.    An Orrefors, Sweden, clear glass square shaped bowl of twisted form and another similar night light holder, both with label and etched mark to base, 9cms high and 5.5cms high (2) 40-50
184.    A pair of late 19th/early 20th Century mallet shaped decanters with cut decoration, ringed necks and cut flattened stoppers, 24.5cms high together with a similar heavier pair of mallet shaped decanters, 25cms high (4) 25-40
185.    A decorative 19th Century Continental clear and opaque white glass two handled vase of baluster form with panels gilt painted with scrolling foliage with pink shoulders and lines, 31cms high to top of handles 30-50
186.    Three Victorian green glass dumps with bubble decoration, the tallest 14cms high (3) 40-60
187.    A large Victorian green glass dump with bubble decoration, 13cms high 15-25
188.    A green glass paperweight with bubble decoration; three unusual late 19th/early 20th Century green glass globular shaped bottles with stoppers and a green glass dish (5) 20-40
189.    LIONEL EDWARDS - The Devon and Somerset Staghounds Near Barle Valley, coloured print, signed in pencil by the artist, 25.5cms x 42cms together with another Lionel Edwards print, Gone to Ground (2) 25-50
190.    After C E Fellowes a monochrome lithograph of Hester Fortescue, head and shoulders portrait, 27cms x 22cms 12-20
191.    A good quality over-painted photographic portrait of a gentleman seated in a cane chair in hunting attire holding a silk top hat, in oval gilt mount and original gilt gesso frame, size of oval 20cms x 16cms 20-30
192.    After H ALKEN - Symptoms, two coloured lithographic prints, 20cms x 24cms together with A Sporting Tandem Going to Cover, 19th Century coloured print 22cms x 34cms (3) 15-25
193.    After H ALKEN - Fores's Hunting Casualties, a set of 6 coloured aquatints - A Turn of Speed over the Flat; Dispatched to Headquarters; A Strange Country; Up to Sixteen Stone; A Rare Sort for the Downs and A Mutual Determination, all in oak frames (6) 40-60
194.    After Raymond Dery - a Jazz octet, print, in two frames, c.1920-30's, each measures 25cms x 65cms (2) 20-40
195.    LEONARD CASLEY (late 19th/early 20th Century) - night scene, large steamer ship near rocks with lifeboat nearby, watercolour, signed, 22cms x 25cms 50-80
196.    20TH CENTURY - two pastel portraits: head of a dark brown hunter "Cover Girl" and Collie dog "Charlie" both signed and dated '61 the dog portrait inscribed "To Anthea with best wishes from Pony Club QSH Branch 8th April 1961, 36cms x 30cms (2) 30-50
197.    LEONARD CASLEY (20th Century English) - Waves breaking on a rocky coastline, watercolour, signed, 27cms x 38cms 20-40
198.    LEONARD CASLEY (20th Century English) - Rocky coastal view with shipping on the horizon, watercolour, signed, 30.5cms x 45cms 30-50
199.    LATE 19TH/EARLY 20TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL - Landscape with wooded hills, mountain beyond and river meadow, watercolour, unsigned, 31cms x 45.5cms 30-50
200.    In the manner of ELISABETH VIGEE LE BRUN - Portrait of a young child, pastel, unsigned, with label verso and loose hand written label "Portrait of an Italian girl in pastel by Madame Le Brun - this picture was left to Joseph Griffiths Swayne by Angela, Countess Rothleiron the half-sister of the subject" 32.5cms x 27cms in gilt gesso frame
Provenance: from the family by descent 100-150
201.    Lt C FELLOWES (early 19th Century) - Boyle Abbey, Roscommon from the river, watercolour, unsigned but inscribed and dated 1826 to the back panel, in contemporary gilt gesso frame, 22cms x 26.5cms 25-35
202.    BURNET (20th Century) - Parisian street scene, oil on canvas, signed, 60cms x 120cms in decorative gilt frame 20-40
203.    A V WARING (20th Century British) - Still life of roses in a vase, signed oil on canvas, in decorative gilt frame,, behind glass, 39cms x 49.5cms 20-40
204.    19TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL - A grey pony and a donkey standing near a thatched building and trees, oil on canvas, unsigned, unframed 39.5cms x 55cms 20-40
205.    An Edwardian Enfield mantel clock, circular white enamel dial, black Arabic numerals, two train movement striking on a gong and in inlaid oak arch top case on four ball supports, with pendulum, 33.5cm high 20-40
206.    A brass cased carriage timepiece, the white enamel dial having black Roman numbers with two keys, 15cm high with handle raised 20-30
207.    A late 19th century brass cased travelling timepiece, the white enamel dial indistinctly inscribed "H W Cave" with key and in original travelling case, height of timepiece 15cm with handle raised 60-80
208.    A late 19th century watch stand in the form of a longcase clock with marquetry decoration of figures playing pipes and containing an Ingersoll open face pocket watch, height of case 34cm 30-50
209.    A pair of tall early 19th century brass candlesticks having slender ring decorated stems and slightly stepped circular bases, the stems with side mounted "sliders" (one missing), 51cm high 50-80
210.    Four early 19th century copper mugs with simple flattened handles, three of them engraved with numbers, the tallest 8.5cm high 25-35
211.    A pair of early 19th century brass candle sticks having baluster stems on high domed rectangular bases, with push up buttons in bases, 25.5cm high 30-40
212.    A 19th century copper oval two handled cooking pan with lid, together with a smaller copper pan with lid (2) 25-40
213.    An old copper and brass log bucket with lion mask ring handles and on lions paw supports, 40cm high, 49cm diameter 50-70
214.    A pair of late 18th/early 19th Century cast brass candlesticks having slender knopped stems and on stepped octagonal bases, with simple engraved decoration, traces of silver plating to the inside of the bases, 23cms high 25-35
215.    A 19th Century Continental brass Pyx having hinged domed, pierced cover surmounted by a cross, on pedestal base with loop handle, 21.5cms high 20-30
216.    A 20th Century cut glass five branch electric chandelier with attached faceted glass drops, 51cms high 30-50
217.    A set of early 20th Century brass balance scales by Bartlett & Sons, Bristol, mounted on rectangular wood base and together with some associated brass weights, 68cms high 56cms wide 40-60
218.    A pair of large red glass hanging lights with original burners, metal "chimneys" and swing handle, late 19th/early 20th Century, approx 41cms high not including handles
Reputed to have been Brothel lamps from Southampton
219.    A Victorian sampler worked in coloured wools on a coarse ground with alphabet, butterfly and plants by "KL 1884" 31cms x 42.5cms 30-50
220.    A Victorian brass bound fitted dressing case/jewellery box containing silver topped bottles and containers, named on the lock "Leuchars Piccadilly" the silver tops with cast and engraved decoration and the interior with original blue velvet lining, with drawer to the side fitted for jewellery, London 1847/48, 20cms high 34.5cms wide 25cms deep 180-220
221.    A grey painted metal angle poise lamp 15-25
222.    A George IV inlaid rosewood spirit decanter box, the box with decorative line inlay and shell paterae, side brass carrying handles, the fitted interior containing six original decanters with sloping gilt decorated shoulders and shaped flattened stoppers, original oval glass tray and with two original glasses fitted inside the lid, box 23.5cms high 29.75cms wide 19cms deep 300-400
223.    An unusual decorative oil lamp having original vaseline glass shade, light blue glass reservoir mounted on cows horn and brass base with applied brass mounts, 62cms high not including shade 50-70
224.    An early 20th Century wooden folding boot pull with turned supports 20-30
225.    A 19th Century Continental carved wood and painted angels head with inset glass eyes, approx 19cms high 80-120
226.    An old Berber wool rug worked with stylised animals and motifs within camel border, 245cm x 170cm 30-40
227.    An Edwardian walnut kneehole desk, having inset gilt tooled leather top, frieze drawer flanked by rows of four short drawers on turned supports with brass casters, 75cm high, 137cm wide 100-130
228.    A 20th Century mahogany kneehole desk with solid wood top, single frieze drawer, pair of moulded panelled doors enclosing cupboards, above a pair of short drawers, 76cm high, 121cm wide 60-80
229.    A large 19th Century Bretton dresser, the top with moulded cornice, pair of glazed doors enclosing adjustable shelf, narrow galleried shelf, the base with two frieze drawers above moulded doors enclosing shelved cupboard on low ball supports, the whole with turned pillars and moulded decoration, 222cm high, 138cm wide 100-130
230.    A Victorian upholstered nursing chair with turned front supports 40-60
231.    An early 20th century inlaid mahogany display cabinet with low raised back, single astragal glazed door and fitted with two shelves on square supports, 132cm high max. 25-35
232.    A set of four 19th century cane seated chairs with decorative back rails and ring turned front supports 40-60
233.    A 19th century mahogany and walnut fold-over card table, of shaped rectangular form, fitted with single drawer and on four slender tapering supports, with pointed pad feet, 75cm high, 77cm wide 100-140
234.    A Georgian style mahogany bookcase, having dentil cornice, pair of astragal glazed doors enclosing shelves above panelled doors enclosing shelved cupboard and on bracket supports, 179.5cm high, 80cm wide 90-130
235.    An 18th century dressing mirror, the shaped bevelled plate with moulded surround, the side supports with original brass finials and the shaped base fitted with narrow and deep central drawers, flanked by deep drawers and on ogee bracket supports, 63cm high, 49cm wide max. 100-150
236.    A George III mahogany bureau with crossbanded decoration, the fall front revealing oak fitted interior with pigeon holes and small drawers and central compartment with sliding cover, fitted with four graduated long drawers and bracket supports, 100cm high, 91cm wide 90-150
237.    A 19th century oak bookcase having pair of astragal glazed doors enclosing shelves above pair of moulded panelled doors enclosing adjustable shelves on bracket supports, 194cm high, 96.5cm wide 120-160
238.    A small 19th century circular mahogany tilt top wine table on low pedestal and tripod supports, 41cm high; together with a small oval pedestal mahogany table, 56cm high (2) 40-60
239.    A Regency style lacquered wall mirror, the rectangular plate with moulded frame painted with oriental type decoration in red/gilt/black, overall size 72cm x 54.5cm 90-150
240.    A George IV mahogany chest of two short and three long graduated drawers on bracket supports, 98cm high, 102cm wide 70-100
241.    A George III walnut veneered chest on chest, having moulded cornice, the top fitted with two short and three long graduated drawers, the base with three long graduated drawers on tall bracket supports, 178.5cm high, 98cm wide 280-350
242.    A small oak gate leg occasional table with oval top on slender spiral twist supports, 70cm high 20-40
243.    A George III mahogany lowboy fitted with long drawer above three small drawers and on four moulded square supports, 71cm high, 80cm wide, 46cm deep 140-180
244.    A scrub top pine kitchen table fitted with single end drawer and on four tapering turned supports, 74cm high, 122cm long, 90cm wide 90-130
245.    A set of five 19th century ash ladder back rush seated chairs (5) 30-50
246.    A 19th century mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers, with brushing slide and on bracket supports, 84cm high, 82cm wide 90-150
247.    A mahogany Canterbury with drawer in base and brass castors, 54.5cm high 40-60
248.    A pair of late 19th/early 20th century white painted cane seated chairs 15-25
249.    A 19th century mahogany corner cupboard with line inlay and crossbanded decoration, having broken arch pediment, single glazed door enclosing shelf, pair of doors to base and on bracket supports, 192cm high, 76cm wide 60-80
250.    A predominantly late 18th century oak chest of three long drawers having three plank top, raised mouldings to drawers and panelled sides, 75cm high, 88cm wide 90-130
251.    A provincial late 18th/early 19th century standard dining chair, having ash stick back and stuff-over seat 15-25
252.    A George IV style mahogany writing table with inset simulated leather top, two short drawers and on four square tapering supports and brass casters, 77cm high, 91cm wide 40-60
253.    A reproduction mahogany sofa table fitted with two short drawers and two dummy drawers on lyre supports with brass lions paw feet and casters, 71.5cm high, 145cm wide with flaps extended 50-70
254.    A Victorian inlaid rosewood Davenport, the low raised back with hinged cover enclosing compartments, the slope opening to reveal maple veneered inner fitted with small drawers, and having four drawers to one side, 90.5cm high max., 53cm wide 90-130
255.    A 19th Century oak dresser the back with moulded cornice, panelled back with open shelves, the base fitted 3 short drawers, pair of doors enclosing shelved cupboards and four central short drawers on bracket supports, 201cms high 160cms wide 300-400
256.    A George IV mahogany chest of two short and three long graduated drawers on bracket supports, 88cm high, 94cm wide 70-100
257.    NO LOT

258.    A large 18th century oak coffer, having plain hinged top, the interior fitted with candle box above two short drawers, panelled sides and front carved with stylised flower heads, 76cm high, 130cm wide, 58cm deep 100-150
259.    A small 19th Century rectangular wall mirror in gilt gesso frame with ivy leaf mouldings, overall 30.5cms x 35.5cms 30-50
260.    A 20th century extending dining table and six (4 + 2) matching cane back chairs, 208cm extended, 106cm wide 25-40
261.    A 19th century American rocking chair with turned decoration and upholstered back and seat with loose seat cushion 100-130
262.    A good quality Victorian walnut folio cabinet/display cabinet with makers disc "J & W Vokins" and of tapering rectangular form having hinged top, glazed front, panelled back, side handles and well moulded scrolling supports on casters, 85cm wide, 35cm deep at top 300-400
263.    An early 20th century walnut pedestal desk with inset faux leather top, three frieze drawers and three drawers to each pedestal, 74cm high, 107cm wide 40-60
264.    A Victorian mahogany frame button back settee, the back and sides with foliate detail, approx. 200cm wide max., 110cm high max. 100-130
265.    A late Victorian oak hallstand having tiled back and original drip tray, metal hooks present but loose, 117cm high, 56cm wide 30-50
266.    A 20th Century pine kitchen dresser, having arched top over open shelves, short drawers and panelled doors enclosing shelves, on plinth base, 207.5cm high max., 183cm wide 140-180
267.    A late 19th century Continental painted oak bedside cabinet with marble top and fitted with single drawer and cupboard on four foliate capped cabriole supports, 87cm high, 42cm wide 40-60
268.    A Victorian walnut veneered pedestal work table having hinged cover, fitted paper lined interior, tapering base with fret cut decoration and on four outswept supports, with key, 74cm high 100-130
269.    A Victorian walnut hall stand with decorative mouldings and spiral twist rails, having mirrored back with bevelled plate, original decorative hooks, small drawer to centre and original drip pan in base, 211cm high, 102.5cm wide 120-160
270.    A large Victorian mahogany console table, having shaped marble top, foliate carved frieze and floral and foliate carved cabriole front supports of generous proportions (possibly Irish), with added back supports, 88cm high, 126cm wide max. 350-450
271.    An early 20th century small serpentine bedside cabinet with decorative mahogany veneer 76cm high 30-40
272.    A pair of late 19th century rush seated child's chairs 30-40
273.    A large mid 20th century light oak shop fitting having tiered mirrored glass fronted shelves to the top, the base fitted with nine drawers and with pull out slides above each set of drawers, 182cm high, 152.5cm wide 90-150
274.    A late Victorian Aesthetic movement walnut corner cupboard with bevelled mirrored back, shelves and pair of doors, each with limed carved detail of herons with fish in their beaks, approx. 164cm high, 102cm wide 60-80
275.    A modern set of solid wood shelves, 180.5cm high, 40.5cm wide 30-40
276.    A Victorian oak library table with low raised back, inset leather top (replaced), two frieze drawers and on four baluster turned supports, 73cm high, 151cm wide, 86cm deep 150-250
277.    A Victorian marble top walnut washstand, fitted with single frieze drawer and with turned front supports, 87cm high, 42cm wide 90-130
278.    A 19th century mahogany oval Pembroke table with line inlay and crossbanded decoration, fitted with two drawers and on tapering square supports, 66cm high, 97cm wide with flaps extended 50-80