Antique Sale on
Wednesday 26th July 2017

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1.      A 22ct gold wedding band, size L, 5.8g approx. 80-120
2.      A pair of 9ct and sapphire pierced stud earrings, together with two other pairs of 9ct pierced earrings, etc. 20-30
3.      An 18ct gold emerald and diamond cluster ring, of flower head form, size L. 40-60
4.      A 9ct gold dress ring set with a central ruby, with diamond to each shoulder, size M. 40-60
5.      A silver link bracelet with padlock charm; pearl necklace with silver clasp and other costume jewellery. 10-20
6.      A 22ct gold wedding band, cut, 2.6g approx.; an 18ct gold signet ring (A/F), 4.2g approx.; an 18ct gold diamond set gypsy ring, 2g approx.; a 9ct gold enamelled football pendant on a 9ct chain; a pair of 9ct gold earrings, etc. 3.8g approx.; and a 9ct gold cased ladies wristwatch on a metal strap. 100-150
7.      A 9ct gold dress ring, set with an oval faceted citrine, with diamond chip surround, size O+; a 9ct gold ring set with mauve glass stones (A/F); and a 9ct gold and silver eternity ring, size M+ (3). 30-40
8.      A small quantity of silver jewellery, including a bangle, a marcasite set bracelet, lockets, "RAF" enamelled sweethearts badge, etc. 30-40
9.      A 9ct gold mounted, Elizabeth II sovereign ring, dated 1974, 17.5g approx. 220-250
10.     A gents heavy 9ct gold curb link bracelet, with attached safety chain, 72.5g approx. 550-650
11.     A 9ct gold hinged bangle, with engraved floral decoration, 12.6g approx., contained in an older case. 60-80
12.     A pair of 15ct gold brooches in the form of swallows, and mounted with split pearls, and joined by a chain. 50-70
13.     A pair of gents 15ct rose gold oval cufflinks, engraved with a floral cornucopia, 7g approx. 60-90
14.     A pair of silver screw-on, drop earrings, each with a central heart shaped paste stone, with clear paste surrounds, and a similar pendant. 30-40
15.     An 18ct gold ring, setting for five split pearls, centre pearl missing, size P, total weight 3.9g approx. 45-70
16.     A George V sovereign dated 1912 160-180
17.     A South Africa one Pond, dated 1898. 160-180
18.     A Victorian half sovereign, dated 1901. 70-90
19.     A Victorian half sovereign, dated 1900. 70-90
20.     A pair of gents 9ct gold engine turned octagonal cufflinks; a circular gold and seed pearl brooch; a pair of 9ct white gold screw-on pearl earrings; gold studs; etc. 60-80
21.     A quantity of costume jewellery, including cultured pearl necklace, rings, cufflinks, Goliath watch (A/F), etc. contained in a leather jewellery box 30-40
22.     Two 22ct gold wedding bands, one size O, the other size M, 7.8g approx. 120-150
23.     A George V sovereign, dated 1914. 170-200
24.     An Elizabeth II sovereign, dated 1964. 170-200
25.     An Edward VII half sovereign, dated 1906. 80-100
26.     A Victorian sovereign dated 1889 170-190
27.     A 9ct gold three bar gate bracelet with padlock clasp, 5.6g approx. 40-60
28.     A 9ct gold wedding band, size N, 6.4g approx. 40-60
29.     A platinum wedding band with engraved decoration, size L; and another similar, size G, 5.4g approx. (2). 80-120
30.     An 18ct (tested) three stone, gypsy set diamond ring (AF), size H+, 3.5g approx. 40-60
31.     A 9ct gold dress ring, set with alternate red and clear stones, in open work mount "NO.1MUM", size N. 20-30
32.     A 9ct gold dress ring set with green garnets and tiny diamonds, size L. 25-30
33.     A 9ct gold gents signet ring, the octagonal panel set with a central diamond, size V. 30-40
34.     An 18ct gold, tubular wedding band, size O, 3.52g approx. 50-70
35.     An 18ct gold (tested) illusion set, five stone diamond crossover ring, size N, 3.4g approx. 50-70
36.     A 9ct gold dress ring set with rubies and diamond chips (stones missing); a small ring set with five deep red foil backed stones; a small gold band ring and a silver gilt dress ring (4). 30-40
37.     A 9ct gold ring set with an oval, flat chalcedony, ring size P+. 50-70
38.     A pair of high carat gold (tested) gents oval cufflinks, with worn engraved Chinese character mark decoration, 18.4g approx. 120-150
39.     An early Victorian gold ring, set with four pink paste stones in a square design, and with split pearls (one missing), size Q. 30-40
40.     A gold signet ring, set with an Egyptian blue faience scarab beetle (A/F), size J. 30-40
41.     A Victorian gilt metal, swivel mourning brooch, both lockets inset with hair; a 9ct gold floral design bar brooch, 2.7g approx.; and two Victorian silver brooches (4). 25-40
42.     An 18ct gold diamond and emerald ring, the centre diamond 0.50ct approx., square cut emerald to either side, with diamond to each shoulder, size R+. 450-550
43.     A white gold three stone ring, set with central blue sapphire with diamond to either side, size K. 180-220
44.     A silver and enamelled brooch in the form of a jockey riding a horse, the horse marcasite encrusted. 15-25
45.     A gents heavy silver, flattened curb link necklace, and a similar bracelet, 4.1oz approx. 40-50
46.     A silver bead necklace, strung on a chain, with "Tiffany & Co" circular tag. 40-50
47.     A 9ct gold curb link bracelet, with attached 9ct gold charms including an egg, spinning wheel, treasure chest, gold metal watch key, etc. 43g approx. 400-420
48.     A Victorian 15ct gold bangle, rope twist front and with safety chain, 12.6g approx. 80-100
49.     A gents 9ct gold signet ring, set with black onyx panel, size S 20-30
50.     A ladies 9ct gold twin ring, one set with a row of four clear quartz stones; the other with a square cluster of four clear quartz stones, size N; and a 9ct gold half eternity ring set with alternate blue and white sapphires, size Q (2). 30-40
51.     An Edward VII half sovereign, dated 1910 75-90
52.     A sterling silver gilt brooch in the form of a dragon, with inset small ruby eyes, and holding a cultured pearl; together with a costume brooch in the form of a basket of flowers (2). 15-20
53.     A gents 9ct gold "Tudor" wristwatch, the inside of the case stamped "Rolex" 20248, the circular silvered dial with Arabic numerals, case with presentation inscription dated 1963, (not working). 150-180
54.     A ladies "Bulova" 14K gold cased wristwatch, silvered dial with gilt Arabic numerals, on a gilt metal bracelet. 20-30
55.     A ladies 18K gold cased, open faced pocket watch and key, the back with engraved floral decoration, with vacant shield cartouche, matt gold dial with black Roman numerals; and a drilled gold one dollar. 100-150
56.     A ladies "Regency" 9ct gold cased wristwatch and metal expanding strap; a 9ct gold cased ladies "Gradus" wristwatch on metal expanding strap; and another ladies 9ct gold cased wristwatch, no strap (3). 30-50
57.     A ladies "Majex" 9ct gold cased wristwatch on a 9ct gold link bracelet, silvered circular dial with black Arabic numerals; and another ladies 9ct gold cased "Accurist" wristwatch on gilt metal strap (2). 60-80
58.     A gents "Majex" 9ct gold cased wristwatch, the silvered dial with gold baton numerals. 60-80
59.     A ladies "Tudor Oyster Royal" wristwatch, the cream dial with gilt Arabic and baton numerals, steel case, with later expanding strap. 60-90
60.     An Edwardian circular silver photo frame Birmingham 1903 size of aperture 11cms (lacks easel support) 40-50
61.     A small Victorian silver desk stand of rectangular form with pierced and engraved foliate edge, mounted with two small glass silver topped bottles and with later mounted silver putto taper stick to the centre, 15cms wide 50-70
62.     Eleven silver teaspoons, Chester 1901, approx 3.3oz 30-40
63.     A set of six silver dessert forks, London 1912, 6.7oz together with a similar set of six silver dessert forks London 1801 6.8oz 120-140
64.     A matched set of twelve silver Georgian table forks, various dates, approx 28oz 240-260
65.     A matched set of eight silver Georgian table spoons, various dates, approx 19oz 140-150
66.     A silver part set of tea knives and forks, comprising 17 forks and 18 knives all with silver blades, various hallmarks 140-160
67.     A set of twelve silver rat tail pattern tablespoons, London 1912, approx 30oz together with a set of twelve matching dessert spoons, London 1912 approx 20oz 450-500
68.     A George III silver basting spoon with scrolling reeded terminal, London 1771, approx 3.2oz 70-80
69.     A George IV silver Old English pattern basting spoon with engraved crest, London 1820, approx 3.9oz 80-90
70.     A George III silver rat tail pattern basting spoon by Hester Bateman, engraved with a crest, London 1757, approx 4.4oz 120-140
71.     A silver double ended marrow scoop, London 1911, approx 1.3oz 20-30
72.     A silver sifting spoon, silver peperettes and silver scent bottle top, approx 3.7oz 25-35
73.     A George III silver Christening mug with banded decoration and engraved with scrolling initials, London 1809, 3.8ox approx 40-50
74.     A silver Christening cup with engraved inscription, Birmingham 1915, approx 4.7oz 50-60
75.     An Edwardian silver cream boat with flying scroll handle, approx 4.6oz 35-40
76.     A cased modern silver dish centred with central commemorative medallion dated 1974, 13cms diam total weight 3.7oz 30-40
77.     A cased silver commemorative dish for the wedding of Princess Anne and Capt. Mark Phillips, 13cms diam, 3.8cms diam, with certificate 30-40
78.     A Victorian silver mounted claret jug, the silver top with domed hinged cover having palmette decoration, reeded handle, the glass with etched foliate, barley and butterfly decoration, Birmingham 1875 maker HW, 29cms to top of finial 100-150
79.     A set of four silver rimmed glass bowls; napkin rings; silver handled cutlery and other decorative items 60-80
80.     A Scottish provincial silver mustard spoon 15-20
81.     A Russian silver teaspoon with double headed eagle finial together with two other decorative spoons (3) 12-18
82.     A decorative Victorian silver dessert fork together with another silver fork approx 3.1oz 12-20
83.     A Georgian silver dessert spoon with bright cut decoration together with a Georgian silver bright cut teaspoon, approx 1.3oz 10-15
84.     A William IV silver mustard spoon, London 1836 together with four other silver spoons, approx 2.7oz 15-25
85.     A cased silver Christening spoon with engraved decoration approx 1.16oz 15-20
86.     A set of six silver teaspoons in associated case, London 1822, approx 2.98oz 25-30
87.     A cased silver spoon approx .5oz 10-12
88.     A cased silver Christening spoon and fork, approx 1.2oz 12-20
89.     A small modern silver goblet together with a small silver bon bon dish with pierced rim total approx 4.4oz (2) 30-40
90.     A Georgian style silver sauce boat with foliate capped flying scroll handle approx 7.5oz 50-60
91.     A quantity of small silver year tags from medallion ribbons, approx .8oz 10-12
92.     A cased set of six silver teaspoons and matching tongs, 3.1oz approx 40-50
93.     A small silver cream boat, Sheffield 1903 2.2oz 12-20
94.     A pair of good quality Edwardian silver plate and cut glass oil lamps, each having squat circular cut clear glass reservoirs on classical style silver plated pedestals with weighted square bases, height including chimney 43cms 70-100
95.     A late 19th/early 20th Century Wedgwood biscuit barrel with green and white jasperware classical design with silver plated mounts and swing handle, 15cms high together with a shell shaped silver plated dish and a small card tray (3) 12-15
96.     A Japanese cloisonne vase and cover with panels of butterflies, Ho-o bird and flowers and on three low supports together with a Chinese carved wood printing block, 38cms long max (2) 30-50
97.     Two decorative miniature paintings of Virgin Mary and Jesus in decorative moulded frames (2) 30-40
98.     A 9ct gold propelling pencil, push release button and suspension loop. 60-90
99.     A carved wood Bugbear worked with a fish and a bird, 10cms long; together with two turned hardwood containers and covers (3)
100.    An "S. Mordan" miniature white metal flintlock pistol retractable dip pen, the barrel engraved "July 6, 1840", 4cm long 60-80
101.    A Sterling silver hat pin by Charles Horner with amethyst coloured thistle finial together with two other silver hat pins by Charles Horner 60-80
102.    A late 19th Century mother of pearl cased folding multi-head tool; a coral necklace; folding knives, snuff boxes etc 15-25
103.    A Continental silver caddy spoon with embossed windmill and sailing boat decoration together with a crucifix, pendant and other items 15-25
104.    A cased 2004 Lunar Series Coin Set containing Singapore $10 2oz silver coin and another 15-25
105.    Three Boma, Canada, reproduction argillite inuit figures, each cast in dark coloured resin - Innuit figure holding a ball and two other figures, the tallest 17cms high (3) 20-40
106.    A Wolf original (Canada) carved soapstone figure of two sealions on a rock, 9.5cms high, labelled beneath 12-20
107.    An early 20th Century bronze cased mantel timepiece, the small timepiece mounted to one side of the arched case moulded with two horses looking out over the centre, 23cms high, with key 60-80
108.    A late 19th Century carriage clock with hour repeat and alarm, having white enamel dial inscribed Ball Black & Co New York, and with subsidiary alarm dial, the repeat button mounted at the top of the case, stamped "DG" to the backplate and with key, height including handle 17cms 180-220
109.    An Edwardian mantel timepiece in brass and mahogany architectural case having circular white enamel dial and with keys, 27cms high max 15-20
110.    A Victorian mantel clock in architectural marble and black slate case, having white enamel dial with black Roman numerals, hour and half hour striking on a bell , with pendulum and key, 29.5cms high 20-30
111.    A c.1930's wall clock the dial marked "Elliott" in rectangular oak case having silver metal chapter ring on cream metal dial, glazed panel to door with long brass pendulum, striking on gongs, with flap to top of the case to access movement, 102.5cms high 27.5cms wide with key 20-40
112.    A late 19th Century Gebruder Schutz majolica wall plate with classical decoration, kneeling archer mark, 32cms diam 15-20
113.    A Herend, Hungary, hand painted porcelain figure of a pheasant, 15cms high 30-40
114.    A Herend, Hungary, hand painted porcelain figure of a pheasant, 16.5cms high 40-50
115.    A large Lladro figure of a clown lying on his stomach with a beach ball under one foot, 37cms wide 40-60
116.    A large pair of 20th Century Japanese satsuma vases, each with square section handles and painted with figures and emblems on a light ground, black printed marks, 45.5cms high 30-50
117.    A Royal Worcester matt glazed porcelain figure of a Jay perched on hazelnut, 16.5cms high together with another of a Thrush perched on rose hips, 12cms high (2) 15-25
118.    Three Royal Worcester porcelain figures of birds, all with matt finish - Redstart, 11cms high , Stonechat 9.5cms high and Greenfinch 9.5cms high, all c.1979 (3) 15-25
119.    Four Royal Worcester porcelain figures of birds, matt glaze - Nuthatch 7.25cms high; Sparrow 8cms high; Great Tit 7cms high and Kingfisher 7cms high (4) 20-30
120.    Four Royal Worcester porcelain birds, matt glaze - Blue Tit 6.5cms high; Gold Crest 5cms high; Wren 6.5cms high and Marsh Tit 6.5cms high (4) 20-30
121.    Four Royal Worcester porcelain birds, matt glaze - Nightingale 9cms high; Hedge Sparrow 6.5cms high; Chaffinch 8.5cms high and Robin 7cms high (4) 20-30
122.    Four Royal Worcester porcelain birds, matt glaze - Waxwing 9cms high; Goldfinch 6cms high; Wood Warbler 7.5cms high and Bullfinch 7cms high (4) 20-30
123.    A Royal Crown Derby Imari paperweight, seated cat, gold stopper, 12.5cms high 20-30
124.    A Royal Crown Derby Imari paperweight sleeping cat, gold stopper, 4cms high together with another seated kitten , gold stopper, 8.5cms high (2) 40-50
125.    A Royal Crown Derby paperweight, owl, with gold stopper, 11cms high 20-40
126.    A Royal Crown Derby paperweight Penguin with gold stopper, 14cms high 25-35
127.    A Royal Crown Derby paperweight Puffin, with gold stopper, 12.5cms high 30-40
128.    A Royal Crown Derby paperweight small rabbit with ears back, gold stopper, 4.5cms high and another rabbit with ears up, gold stopper, 7.5cms high (2) 20-30
129.    A Royal Crown Derby paperweight hen, gold stopper, 8cms high and cockerel, gold stopper, 10cms high (2) 30-50
130.    A Royal Crown Derby paperweight squirrel, gold stopper, 9cms high 20-30
131.    A Royal Crown Derby paperweight badger, no stopper, 8cms high and an Imari frog, gold stopper, no factory marks, 7.5cms high (2) 30-40
132.    A Royal Crown Derby paperweight hedgehog with gold stopper and no factory mark, 11.5cms long; a small hedgehog with gold stopper 4cms high and a harvest mouse with no stopper, 6.5cms high (3) 50-70
133.    A Royal Crown Derby Imari paperweight tortoise, no stopper, 12cms long and a snail, no stopper, 14cms long (2) 40-50
134.    A Royal Crown Derby paperweight duck with gold stopper and no factory mark, 7.5cms high 20-30
135.    A Royal Crown Derby paperweight wren with gold stopper, 7cms high and a bluetit with gold stopper, 7cms high (2) 40-50
136.    A large decorative 20th Century baluster vase and cover, faience style, painted with "scales" in yellow/green/black, 42cms high 15-25
137.    A large Chinese blue and white ginger jar and cover painted with prunus decoration and with blue painted four character mark to base, 29cms high 100-150
138.    Four Beswick large Dickens character jugs - Micawber, Sairey Gamp, Scrooge and Tony Weller, the tallest 23cms high (4) 25-40
139.    A pair of large Staffordshire pottery spaniels, 37cm high. 15-20
140.    A Chinese famille rose vase with moulded lion mask ring handles, 23.5cms high and together with a carved hardwood stand 25-40
141.    A small oval dressing table mirror with Continental porcelain surround surmounted by cherubs, with wood easel support, overall size 18.5cms high 11cms wide 20-40
142.    A Chinese export blue and white tea caddy and cover, painted with traditional pagodas and figure pattern, 13cms high 30-40
143.    A Chinese export blue and white jug and cover painted with figure on a bridge and pagodas, 14cms high together with a Chinese export blue and white teapot and cover painted with a similar scene, 15cms high (2) 30-50
144.    A Royal Doulton stoneware jardiniere by Ethel Beard with floral and impressed gilt decoration on a light blue ground, 19.5cms high, impressed factory mark and incised "EB" to base 30-40
145.    A Royal Doulton stoneware shallow dish by Ethel Beard with impressed factory mark and incised "EB" to base, 19cms diam 20-30
146.    A Poole pottery coffee service comprising coffee pot, hot water jug, sugar bowl, five cups and six saucers together with a 1960's Zimco plastic tray 12-20
147.    A Royal Doulton stoneware jardiniere with autumnal leaf pattern, impressed factory mark, 19cms high
148.    A Copenhagen parian ware figure of the Lion of Lucerne, with blue factory mark and impressed "Eneret" 11.5cms high 20-40
149.    A Victorian Rockingham style green and gilt tea set comprising teapot, sugar bowl with cover, milk jug, slops bowl, two cake plates, 11 saucers, 12 wide cups and 7 other cups
150.    A small Zsolnay, Pecs figure of an elephant in iridescent green glaze, factory marks to base, 7.5cms high 20-40
151.    A Beswick figure of a standing Doberman, 15cms high together with a Beswick figure of a standing Staffordshire Bull Terrier, dark brindled matt finish, 11cms high (2) 20-40
152.    A Baron pottery, Barnstaple, teapot of squat circular form, the lid with curled loop, impressed with initials "G&K", incised marks to base 11cms high 12-20
153.    WADE - The Elephant Train, a set of five graduated elephants, the tallest 5cms high (5) 25-30
154.    A Susie Cooper part tea service decorated in pastel shades with floral decoration 50-60
155.    A Royal Doulton Tango pattern dinner and coffee service comprising coffee pot, cream jug, sugar bowl, 6 coffee cans and saucers, 2 vegetable tureens and covers, 2 sauce tureens and covers and 2 ladles, 5 graduated oval meat plates, 11 dinner plates, 9 smaller plates, 7 & 2 side plates and 12 soup dishes 250-350
156.    A set of five 19th Century Samson porcelain allegorical figures, each wearing a coronet and with gold painted anchor mark, 19cms high (5)
157.    A 19th Century Nailsea ruby glass pipe with long curved stem and wide bowl, approx 46cms long 20-30
158.    HENRY WILKINSON - Bassett Hounds, seated, signed limited edition coloured etching no.117/150, 25cms x 34cms 20-30
159.    C O WATERHOUSE (20th Century) - "Bloomsbury" roof top view, watercolour signed and dated '54, 24.5cms x 30cms and another "Boughton" A War-time Retreat, interior view, 26cms x 31.5cms (2) 25-40
160.    EARLY 19TH CENTURY - Busy Horse Fair with figures and horses, primitive housing and trees, ink and monochrome watercolour, unsigned, 22cms x 33cms 100-150
161.    In the manner of Anthony Vandyke Copley Fielding (1787 - 1855) - Fishing boat in choppy coastal waters and Fishermen rowing to sailing vessels preparing to sail, a pair, watercolours, unsigned, 15cms x 22cms
162.    C M S (20th Century) - A squirrel eating nuts, pencil drawing signed with initials and dated 2004, 47cms x 41cms 15-20
163.    FRED FITCH (1880 - 1925) - Rural village scene with horse drawn cart, figures and geese and another with cows drinking and figures, a pair, watercolours, both signed, 24cms x 37cms, in gilt frames (2)
164.    JOSE BERROW (20th Century) - Fieldmouse with pansies, bluebells and other flowers, watercolour, signed, 27cms x 50cms 12-25
165.    MADGE DERRICK (late 19th Century) - Portland from Bowlees, watercolour, signed titled and dated '96, 17.5cms x 25.5cms 10-15
166.    19TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL - Landscape with figures travelling a path on the edge of a large wood, oil on canvas, unsigned, 29cms x 40.5cms in original gilt gesso frame
167.    20TH CENTURY - still life with fish and vegetables, oil on wood, signed, 88cms x 106cms 30-40
168.    TED DYER (b.1940) - Children playing near a pool in a wooded field, oil on canvas, signed, 29.5cms x 39.5cms 30-40
169.    WITHDRAWN JOHN BRENTON (B.1964) - The Gribbin towards Fowey, Cornish coastal landscape, oil, signed, behind glass, 32cms x 37cms 30-50
170.    ROBERT JONES (20th Century) - Lethegus Rocks St Agnes, Isles of Scilly, oil, signed with initials, The Great Atlantic Gallery Cornwall label verso, inscribed and dated 1999 verso, behind glass, 33cms x 23cms 30-50
171.    An Edwardian William Tonks & Sons brass coal bin of square section with domed lift off cover and decorated with ribbon tied husk garlands, with side carrying handles and with original liner, 38cms high not including cover. 40-60
172.    A late 19th Century hollow cast bronzed spelter figure of a dog with one front foot on a rabbit, 13cms high 20-40
173.    An unusual oak side cabinet having central panelled doors flanked by spiral twist pillars and on low bulbous supports, 87cm high, 120cm wide. 30-40
174.    A small cast brass figure of the Lion of Venice 6.5cms high; a solid cast brass figure of a turtle; a brass dog and a brass fly box (4) 15-20
175.    A Chinese brass vase of archaic form with flared rim and cast with classical style decoration, with circular slightly stepped base, 20cms high (possibly fits on the top of another item) 30-40
176.    A Salter clockwork brass roasting jack, a klaxon horn and an unusual brass staff with entwined serpent (3) 15-25
177.    A good quality late Victorian/Edwardian table oil lamp with foliate moulded blue glass shade, silver plated burner and base and writhen clear glass reservoir, height including shade 34cms 50-60
178.    A pair of large red glass hanging lights with original burners, metal "chimneys" and swing handle, late 19th/early 20th Century, approx 41cms high not including handles
Reputed to have been Brothel lamps from Southampton 100-150
179.    After Giovanni De Martino a small bronze bust of a smiling woman in a headscarf mounted on a stepped marble base, signed verso, 22cms high
180.    Geology interest - a group of large and small rock specimens including Amethyst, Rose Quartz, other Quartz, cylinder of igneous rock, iron pyrite and others 30-40
181.    Geology interest and fossils - a fossil fish from Green River Wyoming; an amonite; shell fossils in rock; assorted rock quartz samples; a polished egg and a Fairy fossil 25-40
182.    A vintage Goblin Teasmade with instructions 15-25
183.    An early 20th Century aneroid barometer and thermometer mounted in inlaid wheel shaped case with architectural pediment, by Maple & Co Ltd London, 70cms high max 30-40
184.    A light oak refectory table with a pair of matching bench seats, 122cm x 59cm. 50-80
185.    A large stone trough of rectangular form, with one rounded end and with side drainage hole, 87cm x 66cm x 31cm high. 100-130
186.    A vintage metal garden roller with open scroll work sides, roller 56cm wide. 20-40
187.    A Victorian mahogany Pembroke table, fitted with drawer and dummy drawer and on cylindrical turned supports, 98.5cm x 83.5cm extended. 20-40
188.    A G Plan cabinet having long glazed doors enclosing shelves and with cupboard to base, 81.5cm wide. 20-30
189.    A set of four Victorian walnut balloon back dining/salon chairs with stuff over seats. 25-40
190.    A G Plan teak sideboard fitted with central drawers, flanked by cupboards, 79cm high, 214cm wide. 50-60
191.    A G Plan drop flap teak dining table and six chairs (4 plus 2) with slatted backs, table extended 136cms x 91cms 30-50
192.    A 1970s G Plan teak wood cabinet fitted with cupboard, drawers and drop down flap, 161cm wide, 144.5cm high. 25-40
193.    A Victorian inlaid walnut Sutherland table with oval top and on ceramic casters, 104cm x 84cm extended. 25-40
194.    A mahogany pedestal desk having inset red leatherette top, two frieze drawers above short drawers and dummy drawers enclosing cupboard, 71cm high, 106cm wide. 30-50
195.    A late Victorian walnut bookcase having carved pediment, pair of arched glazed doors enclosing adjustable shelves, the base with two drawers above a pair of doors, with carved panels enclosing a cupboard, 234cm high, 121.5cm wide. 40-60
196.    A 19th century oak chest of three long graduated drawers on bracket supports, 84cm high, 76.5cm wide. 40-60
197.    An Old Charm type bookcase having leaded glass doors, enclosing shelves with cupboard beneath, 183.5cm high. 20-40
198.    An Art Deco light oak three piece bedroom suite, comprising chest of three long drawers, dressing table and wardrobe, all with original metal furniture. 30-50
199.    A Victorian mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers, on plinth base, 120cm high, 120cm wide. 40-60
200.    A Victorian grain effect painted pine chest of two short and three long drawers, on bulbous turned supports, 104cm high, 106cm wide. 30-50
201.    A Victorian mahogany framed upholstered bow back chair with turned supports. 20-40
202.    A mahogany Regency style centre table with single drawer, 71cm high. 15-25
203.    A 19th century style mahogany extending twin pillar dining table, together with a set of six (4+2) dining chairs, 164cm x 107cm not extended. 20-40
204.    A Northern Furniture Co. reproduction mahogany side table with frieze drawer, lyre side supports and lower shelf, 82cm high, 97cm wide. 30-50
205.    A Victorian walnut framed upholstered drawing room chair. 15-20
206.    A Globe Wernicke oak roll top desk, 129cm high, 136cm wide. 40-60
207.    A Victorian breakfast table, the circular top with conversion to dreak drop flaps with loper supports, on octagonal vase shaped pillar, triform base with lions paw supports, 127cm diam. 50-80
208.    A painted metal half circle garden seat, for placing round a tree, 90cm high, 129cm wide. 60-80
209.    A set of Red Deer antlers, skull mounted on an oak shield, inscribed "August 1st 1877 found in Cockercombe killed on Doniford Beach". 80-120
210.    A Georgian style mahogany chest of three long drawers on bracket supports and with plate glass top, 87cm high, 76cm wide. 40-60
211.    A large Chinese wool rug of typical pastel floral pattern on turquoise ground, 380cm x 279cm. 20-40
212.    Ladderax - a three bay unit of white metal, with 16 wood shelves, 201cm x 247cm. 100-120
213.    An early 20th century Georgian style oak dresser, having shelved back, the base fitted with two deep drawers and on tapering cylindrical supports, 183cm high, 145cm wide. 100-150
214.    A 19th century oak coffer, with panelled top and sides, 55cm high, 109.5cm wide. 50-70
215.    Two small Chinese rugs - rectangular and octagonal, both with floral design on deep blue ground (2). 20-40
216.    A 19th century oak dresser, the top with panelled doors, enclosing shelves, the base with central drawer above doors enclosing cupboard flanked by short drawers, on plinth base, 196cm high, 181cm wide, 49cm deep. 200-300
217.    A G Plan teak wardrobe fitted with shelves, 177cm high, 91cm wide. 15-25
218.    A dark oak open front bookcase, of three shelves, with moulded decoration, 107cm high, 92cm wide. 30-40
219.    A black metal Ladderax unit with teak shelves and cupboard to base, 201cm high, 94cm wide. 90-120
220.    A large Grosvenor Wilton wool carpet with Persian style design on deep red ground, 405cm x 319cm. 30-40
221.    A small early 20th Century walnut rush seated stool/footstool with bobbin turned supports and stretcher, 17cms high 27cms wide
222.    A Victorian inlaid rosewood games/work table, the fold over swivel top with marquetry inlay chequerboard back gammon and cribbage board, fitted with single drawer and pull out work box, 73cm high, 64cm wide. 100-150
223.    A Victorian ebonised oak extending dining table with carved edge and on four carved supports, with single leaf, 140cm x 101cm extended. 15-25
224.    A 19th century ash ladder back chair with rush seat and flattened arm rests, with turned front supports, together with another ladder back chair with rush seat and two other rush seated ladder back chairs (4)
225.    A 19th century mahogany campaign style chair, having carved back, leather strap seat and arms, the whole folding down for transportation.
226.    A late 19th Century oval galleried tray with decorative openwork gallery and shaped handles to each side, 59cms wide together with an Oriental wood stand 30-50
227.    A 19th Century mahogany teacaddy of bowed sarcophagus form and having side turned wood handles on four turned ball supports, the fitted interior with two lidded compartments and central well for mixing bowl (with associated bowl), with key, 18cms high approx 39cms wide including handles 40-60
228.    A Victorian brass bound burr walnut decanter box fitted for four decanters and containing four clear glass decanters with faceted stoppers and fitted with Bramah lock (no key) 25cms high 22cms wide 22cms deep 90-140
229.    A set of Parnall & Sons commercial scales on heavy rectangular cast iron base with brass weighing platform and with decorative wrought iron back, 58cm wide max. (lacks weights). 30-40
230.    A 19th century sandstone staddle stone, approx. 62cm high (piece missing from top). 70-90
231.    A 19th century sandstone staddle stone, approx. 75cm high. 90-130
232.    A 19th century sandstone staddle stone, approx. 62cm high. 90-130