Antiques Sale on
Wednesday 19th April 2017

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1.      A silver bangle; a silver ring and other silver and silver metal jewellery and napkin ring 20-40
2.      A gold wedding band, size L, a gold signet ring (stone missing) size M+, and a small 8ct ring (333) set with a blue stone, size L+. (3) Total weight 8.8g approx. 60-80
3.      A 9ct gold dress ring set with three rubies, separated by small diamonds, ring size M, and another 9ct gold ring with three illusion set diamonds. Size N. (2) 40-70
4.      An 18ct gold ring set with central Sapphire and tiny diamonds in a flower head form, ring size N, and a modern 9ct gold dressing ring set with Aquamarines and cubic zirconia, ring size M. (2)
5.      A 9ct gold dress ring set with a Cabouchon Amber stone, ring size M+, and another 9ct gold ring set with three small rubies, ring size M. (2) 40-50
5A.     A Lladro figure of a "Lamp lighter" the man holding a rod beside an old street lamp, 47.5cms high
6.      A 9ct gold padlock bracelet, a 9ct gold fine link chain with gold cross pendant, and another 9ct gold curb link chain. (3) Total weight 13.7g approx. 80-120
7.      An Edwardian 9ct gold Art Nouveau style pendant piece, set with seed pearls and a green stone, possibly Peridot. 40-60
8.      A large quantity of costume jewellery, including brooches, necklaces, rings, earrings, faux pearls etc (four boxes) 20-30
9.      A quantity of modern costume jewellery - brooches, necklaces and earrings, some animal shaped brooches and others (a lot) 20-40
10.     A 9ct gold garnet ring, the garnets set in a flower head design. Ring size L+. 30-40
11.     An 18ct gold ring, set with square cut Emerald, the heavy ring 5.9g approx, ring size K. 80-120
12.     An 18ct gold diamond and blue spinel ring. The ring with central blue spinel with a diamond to either side, each diamond 1/4 carat approx. Ring size M. 90-120
13.     A 14ct gold pierced band ring, set with six diamonds. The floral design ring, size M. 4.9g approx. 80-120
14.     A 9ct gold pendant set with a tear shaped garnet and tiny diamonds, on a fine link 9ct chain, and a 9ct gold mounted tear shaped cultured pearl on a fine link 9ct chain (2). 20-30
15.     A strand of cultured pearls with detached 9ct gold clasp set with central navette shaped garnet and a surround of split pearls, a bone panel Persian decorated bracelet (AF) and a milky Opal set bracelet (stones missing, and damaged). (3) 30-50
16.     A 14ct gold necklace pendant and integral chain, set with a tear shaped Ruby with a surround of white Sapphires. Total weight 5.9g approx. 50-80
17.     A tray of assorted Silver 925 dress rings, 25 marked, one marked 835, gilt metal ring, silver metal filligree flower ring (28) 35-50
18.     A quantity of assorted silver, and other chains and pendants. 25-40
19.     A Butterscotch Amber graduated bead necklace, no clasp, 22g approx, and a faux Amber necklace (2).
20.     A quantity of assorted costume Jewellery, mostly necklaces and watches. 20-40
21.     A large quantity of assorted Costume Jewellery including brooches, pendants, coins, powder compacts, bracelets etc. 25-40
22.     A quantity of mostly silver costume jewellery, including rings, brooches, necklaces, loose stones etc. 60-80
23.     A modern 9ct gold openwork heart shaped pendant on fine chain and a modern silver cross pendant on chain 20-25
24.     A large quantity of assorted costume jewellery, including necklaces, watches, pill boxes, brooches, rings, lighters etc. 30-40
25.     A George III, unmarked gold mourning brooch, now converted to a pendant, and on a 9ct gold chain. The navette shaped pendant enclosing a curl of hair, gold thread and seed pearls, the back engraced "AE1785". 100-120
26.     An interesting 10K gold Sheriffs star brooch, the front floral engraved and "from Jim", the back engraved "presented to W I Bingham Esq, by the Officers and men of Vancouver city police at the Annual inspection, 13th June 1929". 23g approx. 250-300
27.     A quantity of silver costume jewellery and some bead necklaces 25-40
28.     A 9ct gold curb link bracelet 3.5g; other 9ct gold earrings, chains etc 3.8g together with other assorted jewellery 50-70
29.     A 9ct gold amethyst ring together with a silver citrine ring (2) 25-30
30.     A Victorian 9ct gold ring set with seed pearls and amethyst 40-60
31.     A rosegold openwork wedding band, 2.8g 30-40
32.     An oval cameo brooch in 9ct gold mount, the shell carved with a classical female bust, 4.25cms x 3.25cms 30-50
33.     A quantity of assorted costume jewellery, including small silver handled scissors, clip earrings, silver thimble, silver butterfly wing brooch, gold metal bar brooch set with turquoise etc. 30-40
34.     A 9ct white and yellow gold band ring, size Q 2.8g approx and a silver bar brooch with engraved horseshoe decoration. (2) 25-35
35.     A Victorian gold (tested) brooch of swirl and leaf design with suspended drop set with three cabouchon garnets, cased. 80-120
36.     A gold metal stickpin set with a photographic portrait of a lady 10-15
37.     A quantity of costume jewellery including brooches, watches, gents "Silvana" wristwatch, pendants , rings, screw/clip earrings, 9ct ring set with cubic zirconia, two 9ct gold bar brooches, silver locket on chain etc contained in a jewellery box. 40-60
38.     A quantity of assorted costume jewellery including, faux pearls , enamel bangle, brooches, charms, pierced earrings etc. 20-30
39.     A quantity of assorted faux pearl necklaces and earrings, silver and other metal pendants and chains. 20-30
40.     A quantity of silver and other metal pendants and chains, rings etc. 30-40
41.     A large Norwegian silver and enamelled orchid brooch, enamel on orchid flower (AF), A Norwegian silver and enamel, blue three leaf brooch, enamel good and another Norwegian silver enamelled brooch of stylised leaf form, enamel (AF). (3) 40-60
42.     A Norwegian silver, and blue enamelled stylised scroll pattern bracelet by "Ivor T Holt", enamel good, and a Norwegian silver and blue enamelled necklace, each panel - a pair of leaves, by "David Andersen". (2) 70-100
43.     A small quantity of costume jewellery including, faux pearls with large silver and marcasite clasp, marcasite brooch set with oval yellow Topaz, Tigers eye brooch etc. 10-20
44.     A 9ct gold, fancy belcher link long-guard chain, 64 inches length approx. 28.4g approx. 200-250
45.     A Victorian 9ct gold brooch (unmarked - but tested), of interlinked c-scroll form, set with an orange coloured glass stone. 40-50
46.     A small quantity of costume jewellery including marcasite brooches, ladies wristwatch, enamel and paste clip and other items 30-50
47.     A good quality Victorian cameo brooch, the shell well carved with profile of a classical woman above dove with outstretched wings, in decorative gold mount, size of shell cameo 4cms x 3.5cms 140-160
48.     VICTORIA - Sovereign 1889, Melbourne mint 220-240
49.     VICTORIA - Sovereign 1892 220-240
50.     EDWARD VII - Sovereign 1903 220-240
51.     GEORGE V - Sovereign 1911 220-240
52.     GEORGE V - Sovereign 1912 220-240
53.     GEORGE V - Sovereign 1915
54.     GEORGE V - Sovereign 1925, Pretoria mint 220-240
55.     An 18ct gold diamond set ring; a heart shaped gold pendant set with pearls on chain and a 9ct gold and gold metal "Australia" brooch (3) 70-100
56.     An 18ct gold signet ring, 5.2g; a gypsy set 18ct gold sapphire and diamond ring and a small 9ct gold locket pendant (3) 100-120
57.     A 9ct gold openwork pendant set with large and small pearls and on 9ct gold chain 100-120
58.     A Norman Grant silver and enamel bracelet, Edinburgh 1972, retailed by Libertys and contained in Liberty box 300-500
59.     An 18ct white gold ring set with sapphire surrounded by diamonds in a flower head form 200-240
60.     A Victorian 15ct gold oval brooch with glass locket reverse, set with a central diamond, the brooch with cannetille decoration. Weight without glass, 7.4g approx. 70-90
61.     A quantity of silver jewellery including charm bracelets and necklaces 50-70
62.     A 9ct gold open knot bar brooch with gold spoon attached, and two other 9ct gold bar brooches (3) Total weight 5.5g approx. 40-50
63.     A 9ct gold bar brooch set with seed pearls, a 15ct gold bar set with a red stone, a 9ct gold double horseshoe bar brooch and another 9ct bar brooch, set with a single red stone. (4) 15ct total weight 2.3g approx, 9ct total weight 6.3g approx. 70-90
64.     A Victorian 15ct gold Etruscan style bar brooch, a Victorian 15ct gold bar brooch set with two diamonds and a ruby and another 15ct gold bar brooch (3) Total weight 9.9g approx. 130-150
65.     An 18ct gold bar brooch set with a central Sapphire with a surround of paste stones, total weight 3.6g approx, a 9ct gold bar brooch set with three Amethysts divided by clover leaves set with seed pearls, total weight 3.9g approx and an unmarked gold bar brooch of tied knot form, set with seed pearls, total weight 4.4g approx. (3) 130-150
66.     A 9ct gold key charm, 9ct gold football charm, 9ct gold whistle charm, total weight 5.8g approx, a 9ct gold and green glass charm, another with red stone, two 9ct gold and glass photo lockets, and a tested gold photo locket. 130-150
67.     A key wind fob watch in engraved silver case and with enamelled dial; an enamelled silver blue bird brooch (af); a heart shaped brooch and a gilt metal seal set with plain hardstone 30-40
68.     An 18ct gold ring set with three diamonds and two Sapphires in claw setting. Ring size L. 30-50
69.     A silver and 14k gold rope twist necklace, 2.5oz 30-40
70.     A 20th Century enamel and silver pendant with coral drops and cabouchon, on silver chain 20-30
71.     Two rose gold cravat pins set with turquoise; a Sterling silver bar brooch set with seed pearl; an early 20th Century marcasite set silver metal brooch/clip; pair of marcasite earrings and a paste set clip 40-50
72.     A cameo brooch carved with profile of a lady in silver mount; another in marcasite mount and another in a gold plated mount (3) 50-70
73.     A Gents 9ct gold signet ring set with a tiny diamond, ring size X+, 3.4 g approx and another gents 9ct gold signet ring set with a square hematite panel, Ring size L. (2) 40-60
74.     A 9ct gold ladies ring , set with two white Sapphires and three Rubies, Ring size Q. 25-35
75.     A white metal openwork brooch set with small diamonds "192333" in original box 40-60
76.     A 9ct gold illusion set solitaire diamond ring 30-40
77.     A 9ct gold plaited wedding band 0.7g together with a 9ct gold and three stone illusion set diamond ring (2) 25-40
78.     A Harrods cased silver manicure set/jewellery box, fitted with nail buffer, small pot with silver top; small silver handled brush, scissors (af); a silver handle and a file lacking handle (set incomplete) Birmingham 1912 40-50
79.     A cased set of six silver handled tea knives and forks 15-25
80.     A cased set of six silver teaspoons with golf club terminals together with a cased set of silver plated teaspoons (2) 30-40
81.     A cased set of six silver "British Hall Marks Jubilee 1935" teaspoons together with a cased set of six Australian Wild Flower spoons (2) 20-40
82.     A cased set of six silver handled tea knives and forks together with four cased sets each containing six silver handled tea knives 30-40
83.     A late Victorian silver chatelaine having decorative sectional suspender with three silver chains holding a small silver whistle, silver needle holder and silver thimble holder containing a thimble 50-80
84.     A collection of 14 silver handled button hooks, various dates; together with a pair of silver handled glove stretchers; various silver handled knives, spoon and other similar items 30-50
85.     A pair of silver dwarf candlesticks Birmingham 1933; glass oil/vinegar bottles of cross-over type with silver collars and a small decorative silver photo frame with easel back 60-80
86.     A small octagonal silver pepperette, two silver sugar nips and a silver bracelet, total weight 3.4oz together with a quantity of silver plated teaspoons, salts etc 25-35
87.     A pair of modern silver napkin rings in box, 2oz 15-25
88.     Modern silver cutlery - bead edge pattern by United Cutlers, Sheffield and comprising six place settings - table knives and forks, soup spoons, dessert spoons and forks and two table spoons, total weight of all bar the knives 59.48oz (as new) 540-580
89.     An Edwardian silver novelty inkwell holder in the form of a fountain pen nib (glass broken) Birmingham 1901; a small silver pedestal bowl; a silver topped glass scent bottle; silver backed hair brush and hand mirror; scent atomiser; metal babies spoon (af) and glass dressing table jar with silver top 70-100
90.     A cased pair of Georgian style silver salts, Chester 1908 and an associated spoon, total weight 2.2oz together with a cased pair of decorative silver plate fish servers (2) 30-40
91.     A cased silver dressing table set comprising hand mirror, two hairbrushes, two clothes brushes and comb, Birmingham 1915 50-80
92.     A silver cigarette case with chased foliate decoration, 2.6oz, Chester 1909 15-25
93.     A silver cigarette case (af); a small silver ashtray (unmarked tests as silver); a small silver matchbox holder; a pair of glove stretchers with silver handles and a small button hook with silver handle 30-50
94.     An early 20th Century silver sifter spoon having pierced flat bowl and openwork handle, Sheffield HM 1.18oz 20-30
95.     A Victorian silver vinaigrette of shaped rectangular form with guilloche decoration, having suspension loop, the cover engraved "A Gibbs", the interior gilt lined and with hinged, pierced grille with original sponge, Birmingham HM maker ES (Edward Smith) 3.5cms wide 100-120
96.     A Victorian silver pint mug with foliate capped double scroll handle, guilloche decoration to the body and plain cartouche, on stepped base, Birmingham 1871, 9.98oz 80-120
97.     An Edwardian pedestal silver milk jug with embossed decoration, London 1908 maker Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Co Ltd, 10.57oz 100-130
98.     WITHDRAWN A George III silver lidded jug with later Victorian embellishment and having double scroll handle with heart terminal, the domed hinged cover with openwork thumb piece, pedestal on circular base, London 1788, 22cms high 27.30oz
99.     A two handled silver trophy cup "The Kilbourne Kay Challenge Vase W C G C 1909" Sheffield 1908, 22.15oz, on black base 180-220
100.    A Victorian silver pint mug with beaded bands and engraved decoration, London 1879, makers TBJH, 9.93oz 100-140
101.    A George V silver baluster shaped coffee pot, having domed hinged lid, with embossed floral and foliate decoration, wood handle and on three cabriol pad supports, London 1910, maker GP, 19.16oz 200-250
102.    A George V silver presentation salver with shaped rim and on three scroll supports, with engraved signatures, 30.5cms diam 26oz 250-280
103.    Two silver napkin rings and a flattened silver napkin ring, total weight 2.2oz 15-25
104.    A set of 5 silver fiddle pattern teaspoons, Sheffield 1912, 2.8oz 15-25
105.    Four modern silver photograph frames all with easel supports, three 15cms x 10cms the other 13cms x 9cms (4) 70-100
106.    A silver meat skewer, Sheffield 1936; three silver salt spoons, a silver teaspoon and seven silver thimbles, total silver weight 2oz 25-40
107.    Four modern silver photograph frames, 12cms x 8.5cms appertures (4) 50-80
108.    A decorative modern silver double aperture photograph frame together with two other smaller modern silver fronted photo frames (3) 30-50
109.    A silver pint mug trophy with engraved inscriptions "Taunton Brewers Skittle League Individual Championship Presented by Starkey Knight and Ford" Birmingham 1939, 9.1oz 50-60
110.    A cased set of six decorative Sterling silver teaspoons, total weight 2.8oz 25-30

112.    A silver three piece cruet comprising salt, pepper and mustard with spoon, Birmingham 1979 maker J B Chatterley & Sons, total silver weight 5.8oz 40-60
113.    A silver fox mask stirrup cup, London 1970, maker Richard Comyns, 9oz 200-250
114.    Four modern 19th Century style silver decanter labels - Sherry, Whisky, Port and Wine together with a silver and treen bottle coaster 30-50
115.    A set of six silver coffee spoons 1.6oz 15-20
116.    A quantity of Continental silver plated cutlery including ladle, knives, forks and spoons; a silver plated basting spoon and other similar items 50-70
117.    Two "Queen Anne" boxed silver plated cake slice/bread knife sets 10-12
118.    A cased silver plated Christening set 12-20
119.    A rectangular silver plated tray with decorative foliate cast handles; a silver plated circular tray with chased foliate decoration on three ball supports; a tall tapering vase and a small dish (4) 30-50
120.    An Edwardian silver plated biscuit barrel with engraved inscription given by the Wedmore Cricket Club.... 1901; a pewter pint mug engraved "Bristle & Hair Trade Golf Circle1950 Belier Putting Cup Runner-Up" and a baluster silver plated pint mug with engraved inscription (3) 15-25
121.    A large quantity of assorted silver plate including teapots, coffee pot, ice bucket, cake stands, entree dish and cover, cruets and similar items (a lot) 30-50
122.    A quantity of assorted modern gents and ladies wristwatches (a lot) 30-40
123.    A ladies 9ct gold cased "Rotary" wristwatch on metal expanding straps, another ladies 9ct gold cased wristwatch on metal expanding strap, a 9ct gold bar brooch set with central blue glass stone, and a gold metal mourning style brooch set with central gold stone with surround of split pearls. (4) 40-60
124.    A Ladies cased "Bulova" wristwatch. 10K gold plated with integral strap, manual wind, silvered dial , original boxes, guarantee etc. 20-30
125.    A Gents "Saint Honore" stainless steel wristwatch, with original boxes, receipts etc, dated June 8 2006. Square matte silvered dial with black Roman numerals, date aperture, subsidiary dials for 60 second timer, 30 minute timer and 1/10 second timer, fitted integral link bracelet. 80-120
126.    A 9ct gold bar brooch (AF), a silver metal fob watch (AF), and a Victorian silver coin, 1887 in brooch mount (AF) (3). 30-40
127.    A Zurich Sports wristwatch in original box; some decorative studs in box and a modern white metal cased travel clock in case 15-30
128.    A ladies Strad wristwatch in 9ct gold case and on textured 9ct gold strap 100-150
129.    A French Connection gents steel cased wristwatch on steel bracelet, in box and together with Wittnauer open face dress pocket watch on gilt chain, in box (2) 20-30
130.    An 18K gold cased fob watch (AF), the case floral engraved with vacant shield cartouche, white dial with black Roman numerals and a 9ct gold wide band ring, Size N, 2.6g approx. (2) 50-70
131.    A Gents 9ct gold cased "Rolex" manual wind wristwatch, the back engraved "From the Family 1962"; second hand missing, watch not working, glass cracked. The silvered matte dial with gold Arabic numerals and batons, marked "Rolex Precision", on gilt metal expanding strap. (Winder replaced). 80-120
132.    Three gents wristwatches, a ladies wristwatch; a small quantity of coins, commemorative coins and other items 10-20
133.    A mixed quantity of pocket watch movements and parts and wristwatches (a lot) 30-50
134.    A silver cased keywind openface pocket watch "Acme Lever" H Samuel, Manchester having white enamel dial with subsidiary seconds 25-30
135.    An Ingersoll Triumph keyless open face pocket watch in Smiths Empire box 12-15
136.    A silver cased open face keyless pocket watch having white enamel dial with black Roman numerals, lever escapement with compensated balance, the dial inscribed "T Pickett Ltd Portsmouth" 40-60
137.    A key wind silver pair cased pocket watch numbered on the backplate 8707; and having verge escapement with chain fusee, four turned pillars, cream enamel dial with black Roman numerals, case hallmarked London 1859, and with watch repairers labels to back of outer case including one for a firm in Topsham 100-150
138.    An 18k cased half hunter fob keyless watch the case with chased floral and foliate decoration, the outer chapter ring with opaque enamel and blue Roman numerals, with white enamel dial and black Roman numerals, lever escapement 400-450
139.    A Japanese cloisonne bowl and cover decorated with panels of prunus, Ho-o bird and Chrysanthemums, 9.5cms diam; a small Chinese enamelled dish painted with butterfly and blossom, 10.5cms diam and a small modern cloisonne vase (3) 15-25
140.    An early 20th Century gilt metal chain link evening bag with plain gilt metal clasp and chain suspension together with a small gilt chain link purse (2) 15-25
141.    A Victorian silver buckel of openwork form, Birmingham 1897; two small modern silver photo frames; an Eversharp pencil; white metal babies bangle and other items 30-50
142.    A collection of late 19th and early 20th Century bone and ivory items including glove stretchers, shoe horns, crochet hooks, tatting shuttle, small elephants, napkin rings and other similar items (a lot) 20-40
143.    A late Victorian decorative cast brass paper clip the front cast with a green man style mask, by W Dowler, Birmingham, 12.5cms long 20-40
144.    A Victorian gilt metal desk timepiece/Aneroid barometer. The barometer with Fahrenheit circular thermometer to the back, both timepiece and barometer adjustable to view, the timepiece with white enamel dial and black Roman numerals, the gilt base inscribed "VERA" with french motto to the base
145.    A silver identity bracelet; a silver coin case (lacks button opener); a silver cigar holder case and a silver cased open face keywind pocket watch and a brass Albert 40-60
146.    A pair of early 20th Century gilt metal and mother of pearl opera glasses in velvet pouch together with another pair in white metal with leather bound barrels (2) 30-40
147.    A gilt metal and glass jewellery casket with bevelled panels and on ball supports 11cms high together with a late 19th Century papier mache snuff box (2) 25-40
148.    Approx 210 Chinese mother of pearl gaming counters - includes approx 57 fish; 70 rectangular; some pierced circular and others; all with similar engraved decoration 140-160
149.    A 19th Century seal with carved ivory handle worked as a hand clasping a snake and with chequered metal seal end, 5cms high 70-90
150.    A Meiji period Japanese carved ivory group of a tiger and two cubs, the tiger and one cub with inset metal eyes, character mark to base, 3cms high 120-150
151.    A small Meiji period Japanese carved figure of a woman kneeling with a small boy beside her, well detailed but un-signed, 3.5cms high 100-120
152.    A small Meiji period Japanese carved ivory figure of a woodcutter and two small boys standing on logs, well detailed and signed with character marks to base, 4.75cms high 100-140
153.    A small late 19th/early 20th Century navette shaped porcelain box with hinged cover, the cover painted with band of flowers and with gilt clasp, the base marked "Au Gytise Objets D'Art .......Dieppe", 6.25cms wide max 30-40
154.    A Japanese carved ivory okimono of a man standing holding tools and with dropped basket spilling items at his feet, Meiji period, 18.5cms high; another of a standing man with a basket at his waist, Meiji period, 19.5cms high (2) 90-130
155.    A decorative 19th Century cast metal frame set with small porcelain panels and cabouchon stones, with easel support, dimensions of aperture 13.5cms x 9.5cms 25-40
156.    A novelty vesta case modelled as a pocket watch case 15-25
157.    A pair of Norwegian 830 standard silver preserve spoons with scrolling handles and together with a quantity of souvenir spoons, plated coffee spoons and sugar tongs 20-40
158.    A small silver backed clothes brush together with an ebony dressing table set 15-25
159.    A decorative late 19th Century white metal vesta case embossed with "C" scrolls and foliage 12-20
160.    Three silver handled shoe horns together with nine silver handled button hooks, all with decorative embossed handles 30-50
161.    A small collection of all metal button hooks including some folding French made examples; advertising including Hunt Bros, Woodbridge and Wood-Milne Rubber Heel pads 15-25
162.    A very small button hook with decorative silver handle; a small folding button hook; a small button hook with wooden handle and together with many other button hooks with coloured, ivory, bone, metal handles and some shoe horns (a lot) 25-40
163.    An early 20th Century cased buckle, button and hat pin set; the buckles of gilt metal and light blue and white enamel, mother of pearl buttons and hat pins. 50-70
164.    A set of six Edwardian silver buttons of openwork form with putto and foliage, in fitted case, London 1902 60-80
165.    Cased sterling silver, blue and white enamel brooch and six dress buttons (case missing two items) 15-25
166.    An Asian white metal cigarette case deeply embossed with figures amongst thatched huts and trees 15-25
167.    A Beswick figure of a donkey with original paper label and black factory marks, 11.5cms high 15-25
168.    A Royal Doulton figure Janet HN1537 17cms high and another Nicola HN2839 19cms high (2) 25-40
169.    A small Royal Worcester porcelain lobed circular vase in blush apricot and painted with floral sprays, puce factory mark and number 1907, 7.5cms high 25-30
170.    A Royal Worcester porcelain rectangular container and cover, blush apricot, painted with sprays of flowers, puce factory mark, 10.5cms wide 15-25
171.    A Royal Worcester porcelain two handled vase, blush apricot painted with flowers and trailing foliage, the masks modelled as satyrs, on square base, puce factory marks, 26cms high 30-40
172.    A Continental late 19th/early 20th Century owl oil lamp, the base naturalistically modelled as a standing white glazed owl with inset eyes and on an ivy strewn base, with opaque glass shade and chimney, height of base 30.5cms 30-50
173.    A Royal Worcester trio comprising a cup, saucer and plate with blue gilt and floral decoration and together with a Meissen style figure of a young man and woman (damaged) 22cms high 20-40
174.    A Royal Belvedere figure of two flamingoes standing, base with original label, 22cms high 20-30
175.    A Kammer porcelain figure of a young woman holding a basket of grapes, 16.5cms high together with a Dresden figure of a girl holding a fruiting vine, 10cms high (2) 25-40
176.    A small 19th Staffordshire Toby jug, 12cms high 20-40
177.    An early 20th Century Oriental double gourd vase painted with prunus, 33cms high 20-40
178.    A Royal Worcester porcelain bowl Canterbury Cathedral, limited edition no.3/10, 26cms diam 70-100
179.    A Royal Worcester porcelain commemorative bowl "The Flight Bowl" commemorating the Bicentenary of the Royal Warrant, limited edition of 200, 25.75cms diam 70-100
180.    A Beswick eight piece cat band - Purrfect Pitch, Trad Jazz Tom, Bravura Brass, Catwalking Bass, One Cool Cat, Calypso Kitten, Feline Flamenco and Ratcatcher Bilk 60-80
181.    A small 19th Century Staffordshire model of two bee skeps on a table, 7cms high together with a collection of Staffordshire cottage pastille burners, taper stand, money box, cottage container, model of Anne Hathaways cottage and others (13) mixed ages 20-30
182.    A collection of 17 Staffordshire flat back cottage ornaments, castles, pastille burners, money boxes and others, various dates (17) 20-30
183.    A pair of Crown Derby type scent bottles with stoppers painted in Imari palette, 13.5cms high together with a late Victorian vase shaped as a putto pulling a large apple, 14cms high 20-30
184.    Two Royal Doulton The Snowman figures - Thank You Snowman and The Snowman, 13.5cms high (2) 25-40
185.    A Royal Crown Derby limited edition paperweight in the form of a snail, gold seal in base, 7.5cms high with certificate 20-30
186.    A Royal Crown Derby Signature limited edition cat paperweight "Clover" by Sue Rowe, gold seal together with a smaller one "Catnip Kitten" with silver seal (2) 25-40
187.    A Royal Crown Derby paperweight in the form of a seated teddy bear with drum, gold seal, 11cms high together with another seated teddy bear paperweight, silver seal, 12cms high (2) 25-40
188.    Three Royal Worcester Old Country Ways porcelain numbered limited edition figures - The Milkmaid; Rosie Picking Apples and A Farmers Wife (3) 30-50
189.    Coalport Opera Heroines numbered limited edition figures - Madam Butterfly no.1600/12500, with certificate and Princess Turandot, no.1398/12500 with certificate (2) 40-60
190.    A Royal Doulton Opera Heroines limited edition porcelain figure "Carmen" no.9306/12500, with certificate, 23cms high 20-30
191.    A Royal Doulton porcelain figure Top O The Hill HN 1834 together with a Coalport Passion for Dance numbered limited edition figure Flamenco, no. 2695/9500 25-40
192.    A Lladro porcelain figurine of a young dancer holding out her skirt in stylised pose, with blue factory mark and impressed marks to base, 31cms high 30-50
193.    A Coalport Royal Academy of Dancing porcelain figure Dame Antoinette Sibley, numbered limited edition 151/5000, 29cms high, with certificate 20-30
194.    A Royal Doulton figure Classics Nurse HN4287 modelled by Adrian Hughes, 22cms high 25-40
195.    A Royal Doulton figure Autumn Breezes HN1934 together with another Sweet Poetry HN 4113 (2) 25-40
196.    A Coalport numbered limited edition porcelain figure The Christmas Kitten no.2144/5000 with certificate together with another The Goose Girl no.6430/9400 (2) 30-40
197.    A Royal Worcester numbered limited edition porcelain figure The Queen of the May no.930/9500 with certificate together with another "Noelle" no.999/9500 (2) 20-40
198.    Three Coalport numbered limited edition figures from the Golden Age series - Georgina; Beatrice at the Garden Party and Louisa at Ascot (3) 15-30
199.    Three Coalport numbered limited edition figures from the Golden Age series - Alexandra at the Ball; Eugenie First Night t the Opera and Charlotte A Royal Debut (3) 15-30
200.    A Royal Worcester numbered limited edition figure Spirit of the Dance no. 4560/5000 with certificate together with a Coalport Royal Academy of Dancing numbered limited edition figure Margot Fonteyn no.3104/5000 (2) 30-40
201.    A small Royal Worcester porcelain vase in blush apricot, painted with "York St Marys Abbey" with blue factory mark, title to base and numbered 957, 8.5cms high 12-20
202.    A small quantity of Wade Whimsie figures and other small ornaments together with four boxed Wedgwood dishes 12-20
203.    Three Wedgwood for P & O Cruises commemorative plates "Artemis' Final Cruise 2011" in original boxes together with boxed set of four silver plated napkin rings "Oceana" and a set of four P & O silver plated goblets 15-25
204.    A C Martinu porcelain model of a Mallard duck 13.5cms together with a Tom Mackie ceramic model of a seal lying on its side, 7cms high (2) 25-40
205.    A Moorcroft pottery rectangular pin tray with anemone decoration, impressed factory mark, 20.5cms wide and together with a Royal Doulton figure The Little Bridesmaid HN1433, 13cms high 25-40
206.    A late 19th Century Continental porcelain figural group of two women in 18th Century costume seated at a rustic table with a young soldier raising a toast and a servant pouring wine, on rococo base, un-marked, 26cms high 90-150
207.    An early 20th Century Continental porcelain figural group, of two couples in 18th Century dress playing blind-mans-buff and on rococo base, with underglaze blue "R" mark to base, 17cms high 70-100
208.    A pair of early 19th Century Derby bocage figures - a young man holding a flower and with a dog at his feet and a young woman with a sheep, on gilt and green rococo bases, red painted factory marks, 21.5cms high 100-150
209.    A pair of late 19th Century Continental figures of musicians in 18th Century dress - a woman playing a hurdy gurdy and a man playing bagpipes, both on rococo style bases, each with underglaze blue mark, 31.5cms high (2) 90-130
210.    Two Capodimonte figurines of putto, each representing a season: Spring and Winter, underglazed crowned N, 11.5cms high 50-60
211.    A Royal Belvedere , Vienna, figure of a lady in 19th Century dress dancing, 19cms high 12-20
212.    A pair of small Royal Worcester porcelain bottle shaped vases each painted with a pair of pheasants perched on a branch, with moulded detail to neck and foot rim, green factory marks, 16.5cms high un-signed 60-80
213.    A pair of 20th Century porcelain figures of poodles sitting on cushions, 11cms high 20-40
214.    A matched pair of late 19th Century Royal Crown Derby bottle vases with twin handles each handle terminating in a grotesque mask, painted in the Imari style with panels of song birds amongst foliage, blue factory marks, 12cms high together with a late 19th Century Davenport porcelain cooking pot painted in Imari pattern 6.5cms high (3) 50-70
215.    A George Grainger & Co Worcester miniature porcelain two handled mug painted with flying songbirds, green factory mark, 4cms high; two other miniature mugs and a miniature container and cover (4) 20-30
216.    Two Meissen "Fable" plates - each painted with a scene depicting a fable and with inscriptions beneath each image: La Fontaine: Un Fou et un Sage. Fable CCXXXV and La Fontaine: Madammoiselle de Sevigne. Fable LXI, each with blue cross swords mark, 24cms diam, late 19th Century 180-220
217.    A pair of late 19th/early 20th Century pot pourri vases and covers, the rococo style baluster vases painted with panels of lovers in wooded landscape and flowers on a yellow ground, each with domed, pierced cover and on four scrolling foliate supports, both with blue "AR" mark to the base, 22cms high 60-80
218.    A Toni Davidson for Kensington pottery Siamese cat, lying down and with inset green eyes, signed to the base, 12.5cms high together with a Winstanley for Kensington Pottery seated Siamese cat with inset green eyes, signed to the base, 24cms high (2) 40-60
219.    A Sevres set of six coffee cans, saucers and small plates, all painted with cavorting putto signed by Roy on Bleu Celeste ground and with rich raised gilding, with blue factory marks 90-130
220.    An early 20th Century Dresden set of six coffee cups and seven saucers painted with colourful flowers on white spiral moulded ground and together with a set of five Paragon coffee cans and saucers 20-30
221.    A large 20th Century decorative porcelain two handled vase of baluster form, painted with trailing foliage and flowers in Imari palette, blue shield shaped Vienna mark to base, 36.5cms high 30-50
222.    A Doulton Lambeth stoneware bucket with silver rim and handle 12.5cms high together with a 19th Century Vienna porcelain two handled vase with panel painted with classical scene signed Neumann and on matching base, total height 28cms 30-50
223.    A Shelley China crested dog in a kennel "The Black Watch" Bournmouth crest together with other crested china including chicks in eggs, Bridgwater crest, Grace Darlings Boat, Cullercoats crest and others also a Royal Albert Beatrix Potter figure Tom Thumb and a Bunnykins figure 15-25
224.    A Dartmouth Pottery tug boat; an Aller Vale pottery jug with blue painted decoration; a Royal Torquay Pottery motto jug; Devon pottery hat pin stand; Aller Vale vase and other similar items 25-40
225.    A mixed group of items including a sardine dish; majolica monkey wall pocket, bisque and glazed figures, glass scent bottle and others (a lot) 15-30
226.    A Clarice Cliff wall plate relief moulded with basket of flowers, 34cms diam, dark blue back stamp 40-50
227.    Two Wedgwood green glazed leaf moulded dessert plates with impressed factory marks 21cms diam; two large Victorian breakfast cups and saucers and a 20th Century Japanese tea set 20-30
228.    Two Chinese pottery ovoid vases surmounted by a mouse and a snake, both with raku glaze, impressed seal marks to bases, 9.5cms high (2) 60-80
229.    A Beswick Beatrix Potter Mrs Tiggy Winkle; a Beswick Beatrix Potter Hunca Munca and Wedgwood Mrs Tiggy Winkle money box, bowl and child's dish (5) 20-40
230.    A 19th Century Spode leaf shaped pickle dish with blue transfer decoration; a small early 19th Century creamware dish painted with flowers and four other early 19th Century transfer decorated plates 20-40
231.    A small Doulton Lambeth stoneware mustard pot with metal cover, 6.5cms high; a small Beleek jug; a small studio pottery bowl and a hexagonal stoneware jug with overlaid decoration (4) 25-40
232.    A 19th Century creamware mug painted with text "Have Communion with Few Be Familiar with One Deal Justly with all And Speak evil of None" within painted floral border, 11.5cms high 40-60
233.    An early 19th Century Wedgwood teapot with floral painted decoration, 8.5cms high together with an early 19th Century creamware milk jug with twisted reeded handle and floral painted decoration 12.5cms high (2) 30-50
234.    A collection of yellow transfer brownware pottery items (Portobello ware) comprising shaped oval dish, small cream jug, six larger jugs and a mug; decorated with Chinoiserie scenes and hunting landscapes (9) 70-100
235.    Six Victorian Prattware terracotta meat paste pots, one with Shakespeare decoration, one with lovers in a landscape and four with field sport scenes, 11cms high (6) 30-40
236.    A quantity of mixed china and glass including a blue bubble glass bowl; Hammersley miniature items; green glass fishing float and other items 12-20
237.    A Continental porcelain figural group of a young man and young woman seated with grapes and other fruit and with dog at their feet, underglaze "R" mark and "1762" to base, 21cms high
238.    A Lladro figure of a boy leaning against a tree stump with sheep, 28.5cms high together with a Lladro figure of a young girl standing reading a book, 36cms high (2) 25-40
239.    A tall Lladro figure of an elegant woman with a Borzoi, 40cms high together with another Lladro figure of a woman holding a parasol and walking a dog, 43cms high max (2) 80-120
240.    A tall Lladro figure of a fashionably dressed young woman leaning against a pillar, 39cms high 30-40
241.     A Lladro figure of a tall woman with small dog at her feet, 36cms high (2) 25-35
242.    A Lladro figure of a girl with turkeys, 20.5cms high; another of a young girl and a rabbit, 23cms high and another of young girl with doves, 23.5cms high (3) 30-50
243.    A Lladro figure of a young girl seated pulling petals off a flower, 20.5cms high together with another of a girl sitting on a rock by waves and a small fish, 22.5cms high (2) 40-60
244.    A modern Cantonese style famille rose goldfish bowl, 36cms diam 20-30
245.    A large Capodimonte figure of a young girl reading to en elderly gentleman, on wooden base, 32cms high 20-40
246.    A Cantonese famille rose vase with applied sinuous dragons, 26cms high, un-marked and a pair of ginger jars painted with figures on bridge, 14cms high (3) 30-40
247.    A pair of 19th Century Continental two handled vases of ovoid form with tall necks and openwork gilded handles the bodies painted with panels of colourful flowers, signed, 23cms high 30-50
248.    A Royal Doulton figure Sweet and Twenty, HN1298, 15cms high 20-30
249.    A Royal Doulton figure A Lady from Williamsburg, 15.5cms high 15-25
250.    A Wedgwood blue Jasperware barrel together with a Limoges part wash set and a Royal Worcester plate 12-20
251.    A small Royal Copenhagen porcelain figure of The Little Mermaid, blue factory marks, 8.5cms high 25-35
252.    A Royal Doulton figure The Professor HN2281, 18.5cms high together with another Schoolmarm HN2223, 17cms high (2) 30-50
253.    A Lladro figure of a boy cuddling a donkey, with paper label and blue factory mark, 20.5cms high 20-30
254.    A Lladro figure of a young girl kneeling and holding a sheep, 15.5cms high together with another of a young girl bottle feeding a lamb on her lap, 18cms high (2) 30-40
255.    A Lladro figure of a cat with a mouse on it's tail, 8.5cms high 10-15
256.    A Beswick model of a Shetland pony with paper label and black factory mark, 14.5cms high together with a small Royal Doulton character jug Winston Churchill, 14cms high (2) 30-40
257.    A Lladro figure of a young woman seated on a tree stump with small bird perched beside her, 25cms high together with another of young girl seated on a rock with waves and fish beside her, 22.5cms high (2) 40-50
258.    A Lladro figure of a young woman holding a small child in her arms, 34cms high together with another of a young woman holding a baby and with a pitcher at her feet, 34cms high (2) 40-50
259.    A Lladro figure of a young girl holding a kitten with a cat at her feet, 21cms high together with another of a young woman seated with a dove perched on a branch, 18cms high (2) 30-50
260.    A Lladro figure of a young girl seated, muffled up and with duck and ducklings in basket, 21.5cms high together with another of a young woman seated on a travelling trunk bottle feeding a child on her lap, 24cms high (2) 40-50
261.    A Nao figure of a young woman holding a goose with a dog barking at her feet, 27.5cms high together with another of a young woman holding a lamb, 28cms high (2) 25-35
262.    A Lladro figure of a young woman seated holding a lamb, a large cauliflower in a wheelbarrow beside her, 24cms high together with another figure of a young woman standing and holding a lamb, 27cms high (2) 30-40
263.    A pair of early 20th Century Japanese bottle vases with painted blue and white floral decoration, 22cms high together with a small baluster vase with prunus decoration 14cms high (3) 15-25
264.    Sidney Tustin for Winchcombe Pottery - a single handled bowl with motto to side, with Tustin and Michael Cardew marks to base, 12cms high 15-25
265.    A Japanese Imari charger painted in typical palette with panels of flowers, 40cms diam together with a smaller Imari plate 30.5cms diam (2) 40-60
266.    A Victorian porcelain tea set with blue "rope" decoration and painted with colourful wild flowers and comprising slops bowl, 2 sandwich plates and 7 cups and 8 saucers and together with a Continental two handled vase with Japanese style decoration of a cricket in a spiders web, 34cms high 40-60
267.    A Doulton Lambeth miniature stoneware tyg; a miniature jug; a Wedgwood black basalt container and cover and an Orrefors glass candle holder (4) 20-40
268.    A quantity of crested china including a standing lion, Shaftesbury crest; spiked helmet, City of Nottingham and seated cat Theydon Bois 12-20
269.    A quantity of Denby Echo Blue table ware including dinner plates, side plates, gravy boat, butter dish and cruet with stand 20-40
270.    A Sitzendorf porcelain chariot vase drawn by two swans and with young woman seated behind and a dove, blue "H" mark, 19cms high 40-60
271.    A large 19th Century blue and white meat plate with gravy well and with counrty house and lake scene within floral border, 41.5cms x 53cms 40-60
272.    A pair of 19th Century floral encrusted bottle shaped vases 22cms high; a 19th Century transfer printed jug "Christmas Day" "The Young Cavalier" and a small copper lustre jug (4) 25-40
273.    A Doulton Lambeth stoneware Rhyme jug with roundels of classical style heads surrounded by mottos - "He that Buys Land buys Stone, He That Buys Flesh Buys Bones, He That Buys Eggs Buys Many Shells, He That Buys Good Ale Buys Nothing Else", 20.5cms high max 100-130
274.    A late 19th/early 20th Century Japanese blue and white shallow bowl, painted with flying storks and stylised prunus, 28.5cms diam 20-30
275.    A tin glazed earthenware charger with colourful painted decoration to the rim, 34cms diam together with another similar 34cms diam (2) 30-40
276.    A circular glazed ceramic plaque moulded with a woman on horseback, the reverse with black painted "JB 1880" 25.5cms diam 15-25
277.    A large studio pottery jug in the form of an owl with green iridescent glaze, 24.5cms high, unmarked 30-50
278.    A Lladro figure of a cat with a mouse on its tail 8.5cms high together with a Lladro figure of a swan and cygnets beside bullrushes, 11cms high (2) 15-35
279.    A C H Brannum, Barum Pottery (North Devon) baluster shaped vase with dragon handles and with incised decoration of mythical birds, incised marks and date 1911, 25cms high 80-120
280.    A quantity of pearline moulded yellow and blue glass items in the style of George Davidson including a comport, jugs and bowls and a white/blue glass basket 30-40
281.    A pair of 19th Century Continental faceted red glass vases with gilt and white painted foliate decoration, 12cms high 15-25
282.    Two Latticino Murano glass birds in the style of Dino Martens, 13cms high (2) 40-60
283.    A stylised mottled blue glass bird on a clear glass pillar, 22cms high 12-20
284.    A Carrs Crystal cut glass ships decanter with silver collar and silver decanter label "P & O Cruises Aurora World Cruise 2002" 29cms high max 40-60
285.    A Carrs Crystal hexagonal vase on silver base engraved "P & O Millenium World Cruise on Victoria" 21cms high max 30-40
286.    A P & O Cruises Dartington Crystal vase "The Artemis Grand Voyage 2011, 18.5cms high, in original box together with a similar Dartington Crystal low pedestal fruit bowl 26.5cms diam in original box (2) 20-40
287.    A Tiffany & Co German made clear glass jar and cover for P & O Artemis Grand Odyssey 2005/2006 24.5cms high, labelled; two boxed pairs of stem glasses for The P & O Portunus Club and four cased Princess Cruises Captains Circle Special Member Award glass paperweights; and three boxed silver plated berry spoons and two boxed knives 15-30
288.    An 18th Century olive green glass sealed wine bottle with deep indented base and with applied seal "R Jones Esq Fonmon Castle" (Glamorgan) 29cms high 300-350
289.    An early 20th Century glass paperweight the interior with three trumpet shaped flowers mounted in green and silver fleck base, 8cms high 20-30
290.    A Smiths crystal ball in original velvet lined box, with label inside box 20-40
291.    A small late 19th Century millefiori glass vase with flared rim, 7.5cms high; a small millefiori two handled glass vase, 8cms high; two smaller vases and a small damaged jug (5) 40-60
292.    A c.1940's blue moulded glass vase each side moulded with a parrot and with inner stem holder, 20cms high together with a large clear glass vase with etched decoration 27cms high (2) 15-25
293.    A 19th Century Bristol blue glass decanter with silver metal top and hinged cover, 20.5cms high; a green glass vase with Mary Gregory style painted decoration, 21.5cms high; another painted green glass vase and a cut glass and silver metal perfume atomiser, (4) 60-80
294.    A Stuart Crystal commemorative Salisbury Cathedral Goblet, limited edition no. 184/250, the bowl etched with image of the cathedral and on air twist stem, with certificate in leather stand, goblet 17.5cms high 20-30
295.    A Victorian cranberry glass jug with clear glass handle, 17.5cms high together with a Victorian cranberry glass decanter with clear glass blown stopper and handle, 29cms high inc stopper (2) 30-40
296.    A large early 20th Century cut crystal glass bowl with star cut base and faceted decoration, 22cms diam; a cut glass mallet shaped decanter with stopper 34cms high including stopper; a globular cut glass decanter and stopper and another (4) 40-60
297.    A pair of Victorian glug glug decanters with glass ball stoppers and silver collars, Birmingham 1898 maker Heath and Middleton, 27cms high max 80-120
298.    A 19th Century Bohemian red glass goblet having panels gilt painted with stags and with gilt foliate decoration, 19cms high 70-100
299.    A set of 18 Waterford Crystal stem wine glasses together with a set of 5 similar larger stem glasses (23) 230-250
300.    A set of 14 Waterford Crystal stem sherry glasses together with 3 smaller similar (17) 170-190
301.    A set of five Waterford Crystal tumblers together with a set of five smaller similar (10) 100-130
302.    A set of four Waterford Crystal brandy balloons together with eleven similar liqueur glasses 150-170
303.    A set of nine Waterford Crystal tall champagne glasses glasses together with two Waterford Crystal stem Millenium glasses with bow decoration (11 in total) 110-130
304.    A set of three Waterford Crystal decanters with faceted stoppers, 34cms high (3) 90-130
305.    A Waterford Crystal commemorative glass bowl etched with image of Westminster Abbey 1947-1997, 15cms high 25cms diam together with a pair of cut glass crystal pedestal bowls 14.5cms high 18.5cms diam 70-90
306.    A 19th Century chromo lithograph "Good-Bye My Lads Nelson leaving Portsmouth to sail for Trafalgar on the Victory" 54cms x 82cms in oak frame 15-25
307.    A coloured engraving portrait of Admiral Sir Chas Napier by D J Pound, 26.5cms x 18.5cms together with four other coloured engravings of sea battles all relating to Napier (5) 25-35
308.    After J Gould & H Richter - two coloured lithographic prints of birds: The Earl of Derby's Parrakeet and Sepoy Finch, both mounted but unframed (2) 12-20
309.    Thirteen mounted coloured engravings all relating to Regents Park including South Villa and Park Village East 10-15
310.    An engraving of St Marys Church Bridgwater together with two coloured engravings of Wells Cathedral after Hablot Browne (3) 10-20
311.    Six small 19th Century coloured engravings and aquatint of canal scenes including The City Basin, Regent's Canal and Winchester, all mounted but unframed and an unframed lithograph of The Old Manor House and Church (7) 10-20
312.    Four framed 19th Century coloured engravings of canal interest - Dudgrove Double Lock; Starting Place for the Scotch Boat; Torridge Canal & Rolle Aqueduct and another and a coloured engraving of Botallack Mine, Cornwall (5) 15-25
313.    Four framed 19th Century coloured engravings of canal interest - Calne from the Canal; Aqueduct of the Peat Forest Canal; Pont y Cyssyllte and View of the Duke of Bridgewater's Aqueduct (4) 15-25
314.    A 19th Century aquatint - Bath Aquaduct Bridge, Claverton, pub William Miller, 26cms x 36.5cms together with an outline print of the same view (2) 30-40
315.    A Pears chromolithographic print of children playing on a gate in wooded landscape, 44.5cms x 58cms in oak frame together with another chromo litho print of a small girl and a large dog in decorative frame, 61cms x 42cms (2) 30-40
316.    Five reproduction colour printed WWII posters, all unframed, 76cms x 51cms (5) 15-30
317.    NORMAN HEPPLE (1908 - 1994) - Children Shrimping, signed limited edition colour lithograph no.14/285, 33cms x 43.5cms 100-130
318.    NORMAN HEPPLE (1908 - 1994) - Children shrimping on a beach, signed limited edition coloured lithograph no.63/195, blind stamp in the margin, 50cms x 60.5cms 150-170
319.    NORMAN HEPPLE (1908 - 1994) - Children on a sunny beach with cliffs in the background, signed limited edition coloured lithograph no.158/185 with blindstamp to margin, 55cms x 69cms 150-170
320.    DAVID SHEPHERD - a set of five signed limited edition prints: Nile Cabbage and Glorious Mud, Buffalo, Water Buck, Black Rhinoceros and Elephant in the Acacia, all signed in pencil by the artist and numbered 333/500 (5) 70-90
321.    A frame of three colour landscape prints after B Black and another modern framed print (2) 12-20
322.    A late 19th Century Japanese woodblock print of a lady standing in an interior, character marks, 36cms x 26cms 70-90
323.    A late 19th Century Japanese woodblock print of Geisha dressing with kimonos, character marks, 36cms x 24.5cms 70-90
324.    After FRANK STONELAKE - With The Blue and Buff, coloured print of the Beaufort Hunt jumping a wall with the old Duke watching from his car; with facsimile signatures of the artist and Duke, 36cms x 53cms; a coloured print "Mr Fox's Hunt Breakfast on Xmas Day" and a Lionel Edwards print The Duke of Beauforts near Hawkesbury Monument (3) 20-40
325.    After MAURICE BISHOP - Tarr Steps, Exmoor coloured print, 44cms x 90cms in decorative modern gilt frame 30-50
326.    After ROY PERRY - The opening Match and The Closing Match, a pair of coloured cricketing prints, 27.5cms x 59cms (2) 15-25
327.    CARLOS GONCALVEZ (modern)- Sailing vessels on a river, pair, aquatints, numbered limited editions and signed by the artist, 30cms x 31cms (2) 20-40
328.    GEOFF HUNT (modern British) - Royal Clipper under Full Sail, coloured limited edition print no.703/800 with certificate to the reverse, 53cms x 71cms 20-40
329.    Two 19th Century lithographic prints of hunting scenes, 18cms x 27.5cms; two coloured hunting prints after A Wheeler and together with another "How To Go Thro' An Overflow. 22.5cms x 31.5cms (5) 12-20
330.    MICHAEL HUGH RUMMINGS (20th Century West Country, Bristol Savages) - Chelvey Tythe Barn, watercolour, signed, 29cms x 39.5cms 20-40
331.    ENID STANTON (?) (early 20th Century British) - three studies of women in traditional costume, watercolours, signed, 25.5cms x 20.5cms (3) 20-30
332.    Three 19th Century Chinese gouache paintings of women playing musical instruments, 31.5cms x 19cms (3) 100-150
333.    W EDWARD PARKINSON (20th Century) - Continental village scene with figures on a bridge over a rocky stream, watercolour, signed, 39cms x 49.5cms 15-25
334.    LANGFIELD (?) (British early 20th Century) - a good quality Edwardian miniature portrait of a lady wearing a large black feathered hat, signed, watercolour on ivory in oval silver metal frame set with split pearls, size of portrait 8cms x 6.5cms, the back with glass panel enclosing material 200-300
335.    LANGFIELD (?) (British early 20th Century) - a good quality Edwardian portrait miniature of a young woman wearing a hat and with tree landscape background, signed, watercolour on ivory panel, size of portrait 8cms x 6.5cms, contained in silver frame London 1900 set with half pearls, the back with glazed panel enclosing material 350-450
336.    C S J PRINCE (20th Century) - Figures in a village street beneath a large tree and with thatched houses, (possibly India), watercolour, signed 37cms x 51cms together with a reproduced print after Kneller of William Lord Russel (2) 30-40
337.    LATE 19TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL - Portrait of an elderly gentleman seated at a table playing the clarinet, oil on canvas, 18.5cms x 23cms in maple frame; a pair of oil on board portraits of gentlemen with musical instruments 20.5cms x 15cms and an oil portrait of a Scholar reading a book, 18.5cms x 13cms in ebonised frame (4) 50-70
338.    19TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL - Fishing boat entering a harbour in choppy seas, a steam boat leaving, with town behind, oil on artists board, 30cms x 46cms in gilt gesso frame and behind glass 400-450
339.    MIKE KNIGHT (b.1942) - Winter rural scene with ploughed fields and cottage, oil on board, signed, 44cms x 59cms 20-40
340.    A small Orthodox Church icon painted on a wood panel and depicting three saints, 11.25cms x 9.5cms together with another similar 11.25cms x 9cms (both unframed) 40-60
341.    ISOBEL R THOMSON (20TH CENTURY) - Still life of anemones in a chinoiserie decorated bowl, oil on board, 26cms x 43cms 25-35
342.    ALLAN MORGAN (b.1952) - Horse grazing in a misty morning Landscape, oil on canvas, signed, 45cms x 60cms in modern gilt frame 30-50
343.    DAVID SHORT (b.1940) - Sailing boats moored in a river with cottages beyond, oil on canvas, signed, 38.5cms x 50cms 30-50
344.    DAVID SHORT (b.1940) - City river view with Commercial sailing vessels and steam tug, oil on canvas, signed, 39.5cms x 50cms 30-50
345.    18TH CENTURY ITALIAN SCHOOL - Neo classical landscape with figures lounging beside a small waterfall, oil on board, 44cms x 87cms 150-200
346.    J BROWNE (EARLY 20TH CENTURY) - The Colonel Winner of 1st Nantes Pool Club 1924, portrait of a racing pigeon, oil on artists card, signed and dated 1924, 28cms x 44cms 200-300
347.    J BROWN (E) (EARLY 20TH CENTURY) - Poppy 1st Prize 400 Mile Class Glos Combine Open Show1923 - Bordeaux 1923 & 1924, portrait of a racing pigeon, oil on board, signed and dated 1924 200-300
348.    LATE 19TH/EARLY 20TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL - The Scolding, mother and son in a poor rural kitchen, oil on canvas, 37cms x 31cms in modern gilt frame 60-80
349.    A Victorian wall clock with cream painted dial, striking on a gong and in decorative marquetry walnut case with turned pillars to the glazed dial door and scroll base, 93cms high max 30-50
350.    An early 19th Century 8 day long case clock by Thomas Rotherfield , brass dial with subsidiary seconds dial and date aperture and in oak case 190.5 cm high. 120-150
351.    A 19th Century mantel clock having white enamel dial with black Roman numerals, striking on a bell and in later tall walnut case, 38.5cms high, with pendulum and key 30-40
352.    A Georgian style mantel clock by Elliott, having arched brass dial impressed "John Walker London" and with three train movement; Westminster/Whittington chiming on a gong, instructions on inside of door and in traditional style case with brass carrying handle, 37cms high 40-60
353.    A modern Vienna style wall clock having white enamel and brass dial, striking on a gong and in traditional style case, 62cms high max 25-40
354.    A 20th Century French made brass cased carriage timepiece with white enamel dial and black Roman numerals, with key, 11cms high 25-40
355.    An Art Deco walnut cased mantel clock with three train movement , square dial with chrome Arabic numerals and hands, striking on gongs, 23cms high 20-40
356.    An Edwardian oak cased mantel clock having arched silvered metal dial with regulator dial in the arch, the bevelled glass dial door with brass surround, striking on two gongs and in arched case with four brass ball supports, 26cms high, with pendulum and key 50-70
357.    An Ansonia mantel clock having white enamel dial with black Arabic numerals and bevelled glass dial door, striking on a gong, in black enamelled cast metal architectural case with marble effect panels, with pendulum, 25cms high 30-50
358.    A Victorian presentation mantle clock having decorative gilt metal dial, striking on a gong and in wooden simulated black slate and marble architectural case, with pendulum and key, 29cms high 30-40
359.    An early 20th Century bracket clock with three train movement, arched silvered metal dial with engraved decoration and regulator, chime/silent dials in the arch, chiming and striking on gongs and in arched line inlaid mahogany case, 39.5cms high and together with a slightly later stand made to match the case, in the form of a longcase, overall height 149cms, with key 90-130
360.    A Victorian mantel timepiece having cream enamel chapter ring and in black slate and red marble case, with pendulum, 22.5cms high 20-40
361.    A Victorian mantel timepiece in architectural black slate case with applied cast metal moulding to the arch and with cream enamel chapter ring, cast metal pillars, with pendulum, 28cms high 30-50
362.    A 20th Century French porcelain clock garniture, the clock with floral decorated cream dial, striking on a gong and in gilt decorated case with painted pillars and painted scene of a dancing couple and with matching vases, all with gilt metal mounts, height of clock 30cms max 70-100
363.    A reproduction cast brass fire side set comprising pair of fire dogs, fire irons and stands 30-50
364.    A heavy black painted decorative cast metal finial with stylised foliate and spike decoration, 71.5cms high 20-40
365.    A decorative circular brass jardiniere embossed with swags of fruit and Ducal arms and on three lion mask and paw supports, 29cms high 25-40
366.    A pair of heavy Art Deco style bronze metal castings of winged panthers holding a circular shield, 31cms wide 40-60
367.    A Victorian copper kettle 33cms high 15-25
368.    A Tibetan cast bronze Temple bell with loop suspension and with simple motifs decorating the shoulders, 31cms high max 50-70
369.    A 19th Century brass, silver and copper bowl of tapering form, the brass with overlaid stylised silver Moorish foliate decoration, 10.5cms high 40-50
370.    A pair of 19th Century brass novelty boot spill holders on curved bases, 16.5cms high 15-25
371.    An Arts and Crafts copper tray in the Newlyn style, embossed with three fishes, 21cms diam 20-40
372.    A Georgian style copper and brass wine urn, the domed lift-off cover with brass flame finial, lion mask drop ring handles, slender reeded supports with pad feet and on shaped base, with brass tap, 47cms high 40-60
373.    An 18th Century bronze skillet the handle named "Wasbrough" and on three supports, diam 17cms height 13cms 70-100
374.    A Victorian brass vase of conical form with Greek key border and embossed with continuous scene of classical maidens and satyrs dancing, mounted on red marble base, 32.5cms high 60-80
375.    A 20th Century bronze figure of Diana standing with a deer hound, signed B Fach (Diana lacks bow) on marble base, 42.5cms high 70-100
376.    A modern tantalus having white metal top and mounts and containing three clear glass decanters, height including handle 34cms, (fastens but there is no key) 30-50
377.    A decorative Victorian candleholder with brass openwork top and brass cylindrical candle holder, blue glass column with painted decoration and on heavy cast brass base, 45.5cms high 40-60
378.    A 20th Century French bronzed spelter table lamp "Moissonneuse" after Ranieri, the young woman standing holding a sickle and with floral lamp supports, 73cms high max 30-50
379.    A Victorian display under a glass dome of porcelain flowers and cloth foliage and with glazed porcelain figure, total height 47cms 20-40
380.    A late Victorian hall lantern of rectangular form with leaded glass panels to each side, copper frame and metal hanging chains, 24cms high 20-40
381.    A small decorative oil lamp with clear cut glass reservoir resting on gilt metal base with four paw supports and together with a Victorian oil lamp with Imari style pottery reservoir on tripod support (lacks burner) (2) 30-50
382.    A late Victorian brass oil lamp together with a brass wall mount bracket and with opaque glass shade; a small ceramic oil lamp base modelled as the head of a young woman and an oil lamp with faceted glass reservoir and on brass pillar support (3) 30-40
383.    A small early 20th Century needlework sampler sewn with coloured silks with stylised flowers, geometric borders and animals, 36cms x 20cms, framed 15-20
384.    A coach lamp wall mounted light; brass candlestick; brass column table lamps; small oil lamps; a stoneware foot warmer and glass shade 30-40
385.    An Oriental lacquered sarcophagus shaped wooden box with mother of pearl decoration of songbirds amongst bamboo, and fitted with lift-out tray, 17cms high 39cms wide 20-30
386.    A 19th Century Vizagapatam box with typical decoration and fitted with inner comparments all with covers, 14.5cms x 11cms and together with a heavy terracotta figure of a Chinese man sitting on a bale, 22.5cms high (2) 30-40
387.    A late 19th/early 20th Century umbrella with Indian silver handle embossed animals and snake together with other umbrellas and two Japanese parsols 30-40
388.    A novelty fire set constructed with French Gras bayonets and comprising shovel, poker and tongs 40-60
389.    A 19th Century wheel barometer by J Gillardi Bristol, in line inlaid mahogany case and fitted with thermometer, hygrometer, mirror and spirit balance, 99cms high 40-60
390.    A reproduction HMV wind up gramophone with octagonal base, decorative brass horn and winding handle 20-30
391.    A black painted metal theatre light together with a number of other lights, colour filters, large bulbs and related items 30-50
392.    A carved wood Bugbear worked with a fish and a bird, 10cms long; together with two turned hardwood containers and covers (3) 100-120
393.    A mixed quantity of items including a silver plated desk stand; solitaire board and marbles; horse shoe ashtray; brass boots and other items 40-60
394.    A large late 19th/early 20th Century copper wall mounted lamp fitting having leaded glass panels and hinged door to the front, 47cms high 34.5cms wide 28cms deep 60-80
395.    A Victorian oil lamp with faceted glass reservoir, etched yellow glass shade and on brass base with embossed husk swag decoration, height to top of shade 50.5cms high 30-50
396.    An early Tilley lamp with original yellow glass shade and on narrow brass column and brass reservoir base, 60cms high max 30-40
397.    A Victorian oil lamp having plain brass reservoir, shaped etched glass shade and on brass pillar support and stepped black base, 54cms high 30-50
398.    A Victorian oil lamp with faceted cranberry glass reservoir, shaped, etched cranberry glass shade and on decorative brass pillar support with stepped circular black base, height to top of shade 52cms 60-80
399.    A Victorian anaeroid barometer and thermometer in carved wood case, the thermometer mounted on ceramic panel and with painted scale, 55cms high max 25-40
400.    A George III mahogany sarcophagus shaped tea caddy fitted with two lidded lift-out compartments and with associated glass mixing bowl, 17.5cms high 31cms wide 40-50
401.    A Japanese bamboo walking stick profusely carved with insects and butterflies, 78cms long 15-25
402.    A Victorian rosewood dressing case with red velvet fitted interior and containing a selection of bottles and silver plated topped jars and containers, with lift-out tray and side mounted "secret" drawer 17cms high 31cms wide 23.5cms deep 90-130
403.    A carved soapstone figure of a seated Kylin on a base, 18.5cms high 30-40
404.    A boxed set of Viners Sable stainless steel knives and forks together with a cased S & A Haddad stainless steel salad servers and carving knife and fork all with decorative bird handles (2) 15-25
405.    A Victorian oil lamp having moulded, shaded pink glass reservoir and on brass base, with opaque moulded glass shade, height to top of shade 50cms 50-70
406.    A Victorian oil lamp with faceted clear glass reservoir, etched glass shade and on tall brass pillar and square base, with an Aladdin glass chimney in original box, height of lamp to top of shade 63.5cms 40-60
407.    A decorative Victorian oil lamp, having clear glass reservoir fitting into cast metal base, height excluding chimney 32cms 25-40
408.    An Alstons lined oak effect dressing table with mirror, desk and chest of five long drawers. (3) 20-40
409.    A modern mahogany effect open bookcase 182.5 am high x 78.5 cm wide. 20-30
410.    A c.1940's oak veneered bureau. 8-16
411.    An Edwardian oak smokers cabinet, having hinged top and bevelled glazed door enclosing sliding top compartment, pipe racks, small drawer with brass handle, containing associated pottery tobacco jar and decanter, with key, 32cms high 60-80
412.    A decorative modern gilt framed wall mirror in classical style with slightly arched top and pillar supports, overall measurements 87cms x 56cms 40-60
413.    Two Victorian circular footstools (2) 30-40
414.    A small Walnut veneered display cabinet having pair of glazed doors and the velvet lined interior with single shelf , on ball supports 76 cm high x 55 cm wide x 38 cm depth 30-40
415.    A small late 19th Century painted wood cabinet with panelled door enclosing shelved interior, and with colourful floral decoration on black ground, 60 cm high x 49.5 cm wide x 32.5 cm deep. 70-100
416.    An early 20th century Mahogany display cabinet fitted with blind fret decorated frieze drawer above glazed door enclosing velvet lined shelf and on four cabriole supports 113 cm high x 66 cm wide. 30-50
417.    A 19th century oak coffer bach having panelled hinged lid and three panelled front. 41 cm high x 67 cm wide x 30 cm deep 70-100
418.    An early 20th Century pine box with hinged lid, for "A Loffet & Co London" 31 cm high x 51 cm wide. 20-40
419.    A turned wood torchere 96 cm high 15-25
420.    A small Arts and Crafts style oak wall mounted/free standing cabinet with fret work side panels 58 cm wide x 64.5 cm high max. 30-40
421.    A 1970's Chinese hardwood cabinet 67 cm high x 76 cm wide
422.    A 1970's Chinese made hardwood bureau, the fall flap enclosing pigeon holes above two short and three long drawers. 111 cm high x 94 cm wide 40-60
423.    A tall 1970's Chinese hardwood cabinet. 135 cm high x 78.5 cm wide. 30-40
424.    A 1970's Chinese camphor wood chest with brass lock 58 cm high x 121 cm wide. 40-60
425.    A large late 19th century metal bound pine chest with hinged lid and side mounted metal handles 31 cm high x 51 cm wide. 20
426.    An early 19th Century oak mule chest with panelled hinged top, panelled front above two cross banded short drawers, the interior with candle box, on low bracket supports. 85 cm high x 123 cm wide x 57 cm deep. 180-220
427.    A small 19th Century oak spice cabinet having panelled locking door enclosing arrangement of shallow drawers with brass acorn drop handles 28 cm high x 30.5 cm wide x 20 cm deep. 90-150
428.    A 19th Century mahogany secretaire, the top drawer with fall front enclosing central felt covered writing slope, hinging up to reveal compartment and flanked by an arrangement of compartments each with hinged cover inlaid with letters of the alphabet; each pedestal fitted with three short drawers and with central cupboard (later Victorian handles) 98 cm high x 132 cm wide x 66 cm deep 400-450
429.    A Kelim rug with central medallion within floral border 148cms x 81cms 25-35
430.    An oak effect corner unit. 10-12
431.    A mahogany corner unit with astragal glazed doors enclosing shaped shelves 169 cm high. 20-30
432.    A c.1930's oak bedside cabinet with panelled door and on turned supports 76 cm high x 52 cm wide 20-40
433.    An Arts and Crafts style oak bureau bookcase having leaded glass doors, fall front enclosing pigeon holes and three long drawers 203 cm high x 91 cm wide max 50-70
434.    A Jacobean style carved oak side table with single drawer on rounded turned supports and carved stretchers 76 cm high x 107 cm wide together with an oak sideboard with mirrored back. (2) 30-50
435.    A Victorian mahogany bow front chest of two short and three long drawers with spiral moulding to the sides 101 cm high x 122 cm wide 30-50
436.    A Victorian mahogany bow fronted chest of two short and three long drawers with spiral mouldings to the sides and mother of pearl inlaid handles. 117.5 cm high x 120 cm wide 40-60
437.    A pair of modern stone effect garden staddle stones approx 53 cm high. 40-50
438.    A pair of tall decorative stoneware chimney pots 89 cm high approx. 40-60
439.    A pair of modern cast concrete rectangular planters with oak and acorn detail together with a single pair of matching stands 71.5 cm wide x 27 cm tall 30-50
440.    A pair of metal wall mounted garden "Hayrack" planters and a similar corner planter. (3) 25-40
441.    A rectangular concrete garden planter 74 cm x 55 cm x 22 cm deep. 30-40
442.    A Turkish wool rug in predominately browns and cream with geometric patterns 182 cm x 123 cm 20-40
443.    An early 20th Century mahogany side cabinet with drawers above pair of panelled doors 94 cm high x 76 cm wide. 20-40
444.    A 20th Century pine kitchen dresser, the shelf back fitted with small drawers and with drawers and cupboards to the base 175 cm high x 153 cm wide 90-130
445.    A c.1950s "Morris" rectangular dining table and four upholstered dining chairs 139 cm x 78 cm 30-50
446.    Two Victorian dining chairs. 8-10
447.    A white painted kidney shaped dressing table with triple mirror and plate glass top, 130 cm wide. 15-20
448.    Two modern glass top tables with decorative metal bases. (2) 20-30
449.    A large Knowle type three seater settee with rope ties and cushions. 30-40
450.    A large modern brown leather upholstered three seater settee. 80-120
451.    A modern glass top table with decorative metal base and four matching chairs. 20-40
452.    A late 19th Century mahogany pedestal table with splay tripod supports with two circular tiers 96 cm high. 30-40
453.    A reproduction Victorian style mahogany extending dining table with two inserts, 217 cm x 104 cm extended together with a set of six Victorian style mahogany balloon back dining chairs. 60-80
454.    A Georgian mahogany circular tilt top table on baluster turned support, the top with moulded edge 76.5 diameter 50-80
455.    A Victorian mahogany tilt top circular breakfast table on turned pedestal and foliate capped tripod supports 70 cm high x 111 cm diameter. 30-50
456.    A late 18th Century oak dresser base fitted with three elm fronted drawers and on four square supports, 73cms high 139cms wide 250-350
457.    A reproduction Victorian button back chair. 40-60
458.    A pine three drawer filing cabinet with brass handles 128.5 cm high x 54 cm wide 30-50
459.    A pair of French pine single beds having moulded head and foot boards and shaped sides. 40-60
460.    An early 20th Century tall pine glazed kitchen cupboard fitted with shelves 215 cm high x 93 cm wide 100-150
461.    A large late 19th/early 20th century stripped pine kitchen dresser, the shelf top with hanging hooks, the base fitted five short drawers above central drawers flanked by cupboards on plinth base 207 cm high x 218 cm wide. 250-350
462.    A late 19th/early 20th Century stripped pine chest of three drawers and cupboard on turned bulbous supports 84 cm high x 110 cm wide. 90-130
463.    A stripped pine wardrobe with drawer in base 179 cm high x 110 cm wide max 70-100
464.    An Arts and Crafts style oak hall stand with bevelled mirrored back, original copperised coat hangers, open shelf with brass stick supports and original drip trays 195 cm high x 81 cm wide max. 100-130
465.    A bijouterie table with hinged glazed top and on square tapering supports 73 cm high x 54 cm wide. 30-40
466.    A modern pine kitchen dresser the top with shelves above drawers and cupboards; 164 cm high x 138 cm wide. 10-12
467.    A modern pine kitchen dresser with open shelf top and base 199 cm high x 112 cm wide. 20-40
468.    A good 19th Century 'D' end limestone trough, with drainage hole 99 cm x 58.5 cm . 150-250
469.    A modern pine chest of 5 long drawers. 15-25
470.    A G plan shelf unit and a base unit. 15-25
471.    A late 19th / early 20th Century red walnut side cabinet fitted two drawers above glazed doors enclosing shelves. 89 cm high x 119 cm wide. 20-40
472.    An old concrete "Mill Wheel" with steel band 70 cm diameter. 40-50
473.    A collection of assorted terracotta and stoneware chimney pots. 50-60
474.    A wood bound travelling trunk. 10-20
475.    A large green painted pine chest containing some modern hand saws. 30-40
476.    A set of three concrete garden planters; a cast iron feeding trough and two wire baskets. 40-60
477.    A Georgian oak bow fronted wall hanging corner cupboard 98 cm high 30-40
478.    A pair of stone effect circular garden planters with fruiting vine detail 22 cm high; together with a pair of quatrefoil planters 26 cm high. 50-80
479.    A stone effect sundial with brass dial and on classical style pillar 58 cm high to the top of stone and together with a modern stone effect ribbed sphere water ball approx 25 cm high. (2) 50-60
480.    An Old Charm style oak effect unit with leaded glass doors, drop down flap with linen fold moulding, drawers and cupboards 189 cm high x 184 cm wide. 20-30
481.    A Georgian style mahogany bureau bookcase on low cabriole claw and ball supports 201 cm high x 92 cm wide 30-50
482.    A modern light oak 'fold over' extending dining table and four simulated leather upholstered chairs. 30-50
483.    A Victorian inlaid rosewood wall hanging shelf unit with mirrored back 78 cm high x 37 cm wide. 60-80
484.    An early 20th Century mahogany display cabinet with pair of glazed doors enclosing shelves with cupboard beneath 175.5 cm high x 115 cm wide. 30-40
485.    A Yew wood veneer bureau 76 cm wide 20-40
486.    A pair of modern brass framed table top glazed display cabinets with interior lighting and locking sliding access door, with keys. 36 cm high x 66 cm wide x 66 cm deep. 60-80
487.    An old Tekke Turkoman rug of traditional design and colour with medallions within geometric guard stripes 150cms x 91cms 40-60
488.    A Chinese carpet of light cream and beige with floral decoration approx 367 cm x 273 cm. 20-40
489.    A 19th Century carved wood caryatid support now fashioned as a wall hanging, 81cms high 40-60
490.    An Edwardian oak stationery cabinet having hinged top and bevelled glass panel to the front, both opening to reveal interior fitted with stationery rack, small drawers with decorative brass handles, well to contain saucer and two glazed pottery inkwells, side mounted carrying handles and with key, 26cms high 150-250
491.    A Victorian mahogany centre table fitted two shallow drawers and two dummy drawers 72 cm high. 30-50
492.    A two section oak bookcase with sliding glass doors 89 cm x 89 cm wide. 30-40
493.    A pair of bedside cabinets, matching chest of drawers and tapestry fire screen. 12-20
494.    A c.1930's oak sideboard with low back rail, two drawers (one fitted for cutlery) above doors enclosing shelved cupboards 138 cm wide 20-30
495.    An early 20th Century mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers, with panelled sides and on low bracket supports 101 cm high x 92 cm wide. 90-130
496.    A Sheraton revival oval glass top table on four square tapered supports with inlaid and cross banded decoration, the glass top fitted with brocade material behind 67 cm high 30-50
497.    A Victorian walnut framed chair with foliate detail and spiral pillars to the upholstered back and spiral twist front supports. 30-40
498.    An early 20th Century inlaid mahogany bow back chair together with another inlaid mahogany saloon chair (2).
499.    A Sheraton revival inlaid mahogany shaped rectangular Pembroke table fitted with single drawer and and on four square tapering supports with spade feet 73 cm high 60-80
500.    Three stone effect garden pig ornaments and a Humpty Dumpty. 25-35
501.    A painted concrete garden statue modelled as Venus together with another (2) both 85 cm high. 30-40
502.    A decorative modern Chinese rug in blue and cream 150 cm x 94 cm 20-40
503.    A small patterned rug in predominately light green, blue and brown. 159 cm x 93 cm together with a small cream rug (2) 15-20
504.    A stained oak Arts and Crafts style bureau with shelves above fall flap, single drawer and shelves below 162 cm high x 71 cm wide 30-40
505.    A coffer having padded top and decorative panels of Gryphon and Dragons 58 cm high x 117 cm wide. 50-70
506.    A Georgian oak chest of four long drawers with brass openwork handles and on bracket supports 70 cm high x 102 cm wide. 90-130
506A.   An 18th Century oak lowboy with single deep drawer on rounded tapering supports 70cms high 102cms wide 90-130
507.    An early 20th Century towel rail. 30-40
508.    A rectangular oak stool/Bible box, having hinged top, carved sides and on bobbin supports 49 cm high 30-50
509.    A 20th Century Turkish wool rug in light brown, black and cream 290 cm x 201 cm 30-40
510.    A decorative rug in cream/black/yellow on red ground, with floral and animal Chinese style decoration 299 cm x 219 cm 20-30
511.    A Durian solid wood chest of twenty small drawers on plinth base 79 cm high, three Durian three drawer cabinets; a Durian bedside cabinet; a modern pine desk unit and a modern open bookshelf (7). 50-70
512.    A 20th Century mahogany butlers tray on low stand, tray 76 cm x 54 cm when closed. 20-40
513.    An early 19th Century mahogany rectangular tilt top breakfast table on ring turned pedestal, four splayed supports with brass caps and together with a set of six later mahogany slat back dining chairs with drop seats, Table 71 cm high x 144 cm x 105 cm. 70-100
514.    A small marquetry decorated circular pedestal table 50 cm high x 45 cm diameter. 20-40
515.    A Georgian oak circular table on turned pedestal and three down turned supports 72.5 cm high x 95.5 cm diameter. 50-80
516.    A 19th Century chest of two short and three long drawers (the top of a chest on chest) 99 cm high x 114 cm wide 30-50