Antiques Sale on
Wednesday 8th November 2017

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1.      A 9ct gold dress ring of 1940s design, set with baguette and brilliant cut diamonds, in a crossover design, size O+
2.      A 22ct gold wedding band, size N, 7g approx. 130-150
3.      An 18ct gold flower head design ring, set with central diamond, with a surround of blue topaz stones, size O. 70-100
4.      An Edward VII half sovereign, dated 1910, set in a 9ct gold pendant mount, and on a 9ct gold chain, total weight 8g approx. 100-140
5.      A Victorian sovereign, dated 1891, set in a clip 9ct gold brooch mount, with safety chain, total weight 10g approx. 180-200
6.      A 9ct gold mesh type necklace (A/F), 14g approx.; and an 18ct gold plated S link chain (2). 80-120
7.      An assortment of 9ct gold, and gold coloured metal earrings, a 9ct white gold opal set pendant, silver celtic knot ring, etc. 60-80
8.      A cased unmarked gold, early 20th century brooch, in the form of two swirls set with seed pearls and two central diamond set clover leaves. 70-100
9.      A cased Victorian pinchbeck cameo pendant, the shell cameo carved with a classical ladies head. 40-60
10.     A 9ct gold Albert chain, with swivel clasp and T-bar, 29g approx.; and three 9ct gold shirt studs, 2g approx. 200-220
11.     A gents 18ct gold signet ring, 8.1g 90-130
12.     A red graduated amber bead necklace, 38g approx. 40-60
13.     A Victorian 9ct gold bar brooch, set with two small rubies and a diamond, 3.5g approx. 20-30
14.     An 18ct gold and platinum mounted three stone diamond crossover style ring, size L. 40-60
15.     A 9ct gold ring, set with alternate garnet and cabochon opals, size L. 20-30
16.     A 9ct gold dress ring, the square central panel set with a central red stone, spinel, with a surround of cabochon opals, size O. 30-40
17.     A 9ct gold cubic zirconia cluster ring, size R; and a 9ct gold ring set with cultured pearls, size K (2).
18.     An unmarked gold dress ring, set with a central red spinel with two white sapphires to either side, size P; and another 9ct gold ring set with alternate white sapphires and red spinels, size N (2). 40-50
19.     A George V sovereign, dated 1911. 170-190
20.     An Edward VII half sovereign, dated 1910. 80-100
21.     A George V half sovereign, dated 1912. 80-100
22.     An 18ct gold, five stone diamond ring, the diamonds claw set in a large size ring, size U. 250-280
23.     An 18ct gold, gypsy set solitaire diamond ring, size U. 80-120
24.     A 22ct gold wedding band, size Y, 4.4g approx. 100-120
25.     A 9ct gold Art Nouveau style pendant, set with red stone and drop, on a gilt metal chain; together with two 9ct gold rings, both A/F; etc. 60-80
26.     A 9ct gold mounted cameo brooch, the shell cameo carved with the head of a young lady; and another shell cameo in a rolled gold mount (2). 20-30
27.     An 18ct white gold ring set with a triangular cut aquamarine, size M
28.     A 9ct gold wedding band, size O; a 9ct gold oval panel signet ring, size Q; and another 9ct gold signet ring with square panel, size U, total weight 11.5g approx. 70-90
29.     A 22ct gold wedding band, size O, 2.5g approx. 30-40
30.     A 9ct gold four bar gate bracelet, with 9ct gold padlock clasp, 8.5g approx. 45-70
31.     A 9ct gold six bar gate bracelet, with 9ct gold padlock clasp, 12.2g approx. 70-90
32.     A 9ct gold eternity ring, size M; another gold metal eternity ring; silver cufflink; gold metal earrings; two silver thimbles and a metal thimble. 20-30
33.     An 18ct gold wide wedding band, engraved decoration, size P; an 18ct gold plain wedding band, size N; and an 18ct gold wedding band, size L; total weight 12.4g approx. (3). 160-200
34.     A 9ct gold wedding band, size L; another with engraved decoration, size M; and another 9ct rose gold band with floral decoration, size N; total weight 11g approx. 60-90
35.     A 22ct gold wedding band, size N; a 22ct gold wedding band, size P; and another 22ct gold wedding band, size M+; total weight 8.3g approx.; (3). 140-160
36.     A 22ct gold wedding band, size N; a 22ct gold wedding band, size L; and another 22ct gold wedding band, size K; total weight 9.8g approx. (3). 150-170
37.     A 22ct gold wedding band, size O; and another 22ct gold wedding band, size M; total weight 9.2g approx. (2). 140-160
38.     A 22ct gold wedding band, size P; a 22ct gold wedding band, size M; and another 22ct gold wedding band, size N; total weight 8.9g approx. (3). 150-180
39.     A 9ct gold signet ring with worn initials, size N; a 9ct gold dress ring with a mauve glass stone, size M; and a gold and white metal eternity ring, size P; (3). 20-30
40.     A 9ct gold watch Albert chain with swivel clasps and T bar, and with attached embossed gold metal seal set with an unengraved citrine, weight of Albert 40g approx. 300-350
41.     An 18ct gold dress ring set with a small central diamond, with a surround of red stones, on an openwork bark effect shank 50-60
42.     A 9ct gold aeroplane charm; an 18ct gold fouled anchor pendant piece; and a gold metal pendant and chain, in the form of a damsel fly (3). 70-90
43.     A George V sovereign 1912, unc 190-200
44.     An Edward VII half sovereign 1910, unc 90-100
45.     An unmarked gold ring, set with five graduated cabochon opals set in an openwork mount, size N. 150-170
46.     A 9ct rose gold, hollow, hinged bracelet, 11.8g approx. 85-100
47.     A sterling silver brooch in the style of Charles Horner, in the form of three thistles with cut amber coloured stone heads, 2.5cms diam 30-40
48.     A Charles Horner silver brooch formed as two entwined thistles with cut amethyst heads, Chester 1912, 3cms wide 30-40
49.     A small Charles Horner silver and light blue enamel bar brooch together with another Charles Horner silver and enamelled brooch with rose design (2) 15-25
50.     A David Andersen Norwegian sterling silver and blue enamel leaf brooch, 7cms wide 30-40
51.     A David Andersen Norwegian sterling silver and yellow enamel double leaf brooch, 4cms wide 30-40
52.     A pair of David Andersen Norwegian sterling silver purple enamel leaf clip on earrings together with a pair of David Andersen Norwegian sterling silver blue enamel leaf clip on earrings (2 pairs) 25-35
53.     A pair of George V half sovereign cufflinks, both dated 1911, mounted in a swivel 9ct gold cufflink mount, total weight 14.6g approx. 240-280
54.     A Victorian full sovereign ring, dated 1887, in a 9ct gold pierced ring mount, size R, total weight 16.6g approx. 200-220
55.     A George V, 1926 half sovereign in a 9ct gold pendant mount; a Victorian 1891 sovereign, set in a 9ct gold pendant mount; both on a 9ct gold chain; total weight 18.3g approx. 260-320
56.     A George V full sovereign, dated 1913, set in a clip 9ct gold brooch mount, total weight 10.2g approx. 200-220
57.     An Edward VII half sovereign, dated 1905, set in a 9ct gold pierced ring mount, size N, total weight 8.8g approx. 120-140
58.     A gents 18ct gold band ring, set with a solitaire diamond, size R+, 6.7g approx. 100-120
59.     A 9ct gold belcher link neck chain, 16.2g approx.; and a 9ct gold metal core bracelet with floral engraving (2). 120-140
60.     An 18ct gold marquise shaped diamond cluster ring, with scroll shoulder supports, size N. 600-700
61.     An 18ct white gold dress ring, set with a central diamond with ruby surround, and with further surround of small white sapphires, size L. 600-700
62.     A 9ct gold Albert chain, with swivel claps and plated metal T-bar, and with attached 9ct gold mounted George V half sovereign, dated 1912, weight of Albert 32g approx. 280-350
63.     A honey coloured, graduated bead necklace, the beads individually knotted, well matched and good colour beads (needs re-stringing), 105g approx. 1500-2000
64.     A Norwegian enamel silver brooch by Aksel Holmsen of winter scene with reindeer pulling a sleigh together with a silver butterfly brooch with light green enamel wings (2) 30-40
65.     A c.1960's silver brooch of Celtic design by S & Co together with a Scottish made silver brooch as a broadsword with Celtic decoration (2) 15-25
66.     A 9ct gold mounted oval shell cameo brooch, the cameo carved as a ladies head in profile; and another 9ct gold mounted cameo brooch, set with an "Adams" blue and white jasper oval panel of a shepherd and his dog sat under a tree (2). 50-80
67.     A 9ct gold bar brooch set with a single aquamarine coloured stone; another similar bar brooch; a gold metal bar brooch set with a central onyx panel, inset with seed pearl, with further seed pearls to the bar (A/F) (3). 30-50
68.     A Victorian 15ct gold bar brooch set with three tiny diamonds, 3g approx.; a 9ct gold bar brooch set with central oval pink stone, with a surround of seed pearls (A/F); and an unmarked gold bar brooch set with central cabochon opal, with small diamonds to either side. 80-120
69.     A long strand of pink coral beads with circular pendant coral bead cluster; and a shorter coral bead necklace (2). 60-90
70.     An 18ct gold dress ring set with a central, oval faceted dark stone, with a surround of diamonds, openwork mount and shoulders, size M. 80-100
71.     An 18ct gold dress ring set with a central square emerald, with a surround of tiny diamonds, a 'fleur de lys' design to the shoulders, also inset small diamonds, size K. 50-70
72.     A 14ct, .585, dress ring, set with a central dark blue topaz with a surround of clear quartz stones, size P. 40-60
73.     An 18ct gold and platinum mounted sapphire and diamond ring, set with a central square sapphire, with circular, illusion set diamond to either side and set in an openwork mount, size P. 100-120
74.     A 9ct gold dress ring, set with a large oval agate panel, with a carved intaglio of a male Greek bust, size M. 60-90
75.     An 18ct gold dress ring, set with a central blue topaz with two small diamonds to each side, with barkwood effect shoulders, size J+. 45-70
76.     An 18ct gold ring set with a solitaire diamond in illusion setting, size N. 60-80
77.     An 18ct gold five stone diamond ring, the graduated stones in an openwork mount, size O+. 90-130
78.     An 18ct white gold dress ring set with a carved and pierced cabochon orange/red stone, possibly cornelian. 50-70
79.     An 18ct white gold and platinum mounted dress ring, set with a central oval emerald, with a surround of white sapphires, size O+ 60-80
80.     A group of six assorted, cased tie pins: an unmarked gold crescent set with pearls; an unmarked gold wishbone set with a diamond; a mauve glass cameo of a Roman male bust; one set with a blue glass stone and two with cabochons of clear crystals with fox head decoration; and a further six unboxed tie pins (12). 60-90
81.     A 9ct gold pendant piece in the form of a claw, holding a moss agate ball; a gold chain; a smaller 9ct gold claw charm holding a tigers eye ball; three gold crosses on gold chains; a 9ct gold tiges eye pendant; a 9ct gold locket on gold chain and a 9ct gold amethyst pendant piece. 140-180
82.     A pair of gents 9ct gold plain oval cufflinks, a pair of gents 9ct gold hollow oval cufflinks, total weight 7g approx., and a set of four banded agate shirt buttons. 60-80
83.     A Suffragette colours, gilt metal locket, set with green and violet stones and white seed pearls; the locket engraved "From Mary Nassam to Helen Veitch, 2nd October 1913". 30-50
84.     A 9ct gold swivel compass watch Albert fob, and a 9ct gold mounted cameo, the Jasperware type cameo carved with the head of a pretty girl. 50-70
85.     A gold front and back floral engraved locket; a gold metal chain (A/F); a 9ct gold brooch set with a smoky brown quartz; a gilt metal and riboon watch Albert; gold metal heart shaped memorial locket; gold metal and garnet set brooch; a millefiori pin and a 9ct gold locket set with an amethyst.
86.     A strand of Victorian ivory beads, re-strung and with modern mother of pearl clasp; a Victorian ivory cross, carved with entwined ivy leaves; and a cased small ivory brooch carved with a hand holding a rose. 30-50
87.     A large Victorian silver locket, Birmingham 1882, the cover engraved and inset with gold and rose gold coloured leaves, suspended from a Victorian white metal elaborate necklace. 40-60
88.     A "David Andersen" Norwegian silver gilt and enamelled bracelet; white guilloche enamel panels alternating with square enamel panels decorated with blue stylized flower heads, and a pair of similar clip-on earrings. 50-80
89.     A Scottish silver brooch "Shetland Silvercraft" hall marked Edinburgh 1971, and titled "Osprey". 30-40
90.     A late 19th century Bohemian Tombac and garnet cluster brooch; a similar ring now mounted on a gold coloured band, size L; and a small garnet and seed pearl memorial brooch (3). 40-60
91.     A silver metal Baroque style Austro-Hungarian pendant piece, set with red glass stones and blister pearls, on a modern silver chain; a similar circular brooch; and another Baroque style brooch of gilt silver metal, set with square garnets and split blister pearls (3). 50-80
92.     A 9ct gold Art Nouveau style pendant piece, set with a peridot and seed pearls, and suspended on a 9ct gold chain; and another 9ct gold Art Nouveau style pendant, set with Amethyst and seed pearls, suspended on a 9ct gold chain (2). 70-100
93.     A 9ct gold Art Nouveau style pendant, set with amethyst and seed pearls, suspended on a 9ct gold chain; another 9ct gold Art Nouveau pendant piece, set with amethyst suspended on a gilt metal chain; and a 9ct gold circular pendant piece with pierced honeycomb decoration and set with the "suffragette" colours of green and violet stones and white seed pearls (3). 100-140
94.     Two 19th century, white metal Scottish pebble and agate brooches, both A/F. 30-50
95.     A pair of diamond set "Comet" pierced earrings with pearl finials, silver metal, the butterflies marked 18ct. 40-60
96.     A Victorian grey agate panel brooch set in white metal mount; three agate brooches; and a memorial brooch with hair inset panel (5). 30-40
97.     A quantity of assorted jewellery, including a jet brooch (A/F); mourning chains; tigers eye necklace; cornelian necklace (A/F); Wedgwood silver brooch; gilt filligree brooch and earrings; paste set brooches; silver compass fob, etc. 60-80
98.     A red amber graduated bead, single strand necklace, 27g approx. 50-80
99.     A silver and enamelled brooch in the form of a swift with pink/red enamel. 20-30
100.    An Art Nouveau silver and blue enamelled pendant piece, hallmarked Birmingham 1909, with blister effect under blue enamel. 30-40
101.    A silver and enamelled Art Nouveau pendant piece and drop, hallmarked Birmingham 1909, blister effect under blue, green and mauve enamel, and white enamel flowers above. 40-60
102.    A small quantity of damaged 9ct gold jewellery, rings, chains, etc. total weight 10.9g approx. 60-80
103.    An Edward VII sovereign, 1910 180-200
104.    A 22ct gold wedding band, 2.9g 25-35
105.    A 9ct rose gold box link chain with attached 9ct gold clip, 11.5g 90-130
106.    A 9ct gold fancy open link bracelet, every other link containing a green stone and with attached textured gold and green stone drop, total weight 14.8g 100-150
107.    A small quantity of c.1940's paste set jewellery; a silver backed butterfly wing brooch; a gold brooch, decorative silver Albert and other costume jewellery 40-60
108.    An 18ct gold and diamond cluster ring, 3.2g 60-80
109.    A gents gold signet ring with textured shoulders and set with black stone engraved with pair of figures (Gemini), 2.9g; a gents 10k gold signet ring 2.9g and a gold celtic knot ring 1.9g (3) 70-100
110.    A 9ct gold ring set with a cabochon amethyst together with a gold and citrine ring (2) 25-35
111.    An 18ct gold band ring, with engraved star decoration, size P, 5g approx. 60-80
112.    A 9ct gold band ring with engraved star decoration, size H+; and another 9ct gold band ring with engraved star decoration, size I, 5.8g approx. (2). 40-60
113.    A 9ct gold five bar gate bracelet with 9ct gold padlock clasp, and spare panel, 21g approx. 140-180
114.    A 9ct gold belcher link chain; 9ct gold half sovereign pendant mount; three 9ct gold studs; 9ct gold sovereign pendant mount on fine chain; gold earrings; and an unmarked gold knot bar brooch; total weight 25g approx. 150-200
115.    A strand of cultured pearls with 9ct gold clasp with matching gold metal pierced earrings; and an 18ct gold circular pendant piece, set with central diamond with white sapphire surround. 100-140
116.    A 9ct gold bar brooch frame (A/F), 4g approx. 20-30
117.    A slim "Elgin" 14K gold filled manual wind pocket watch; small silver charm bracelet; assorted costume jewellery; "fine silver" cased fob watch, etc. 20-30
118.    A gents 15ct gold, coiled snake ring, the eyes inset with two small diamonds, size N, 5.8g approx. 60-80
119.    A single strand of freshwater pearls with white metal clasp set with three small diamonds. 50-70
120.    A five strand, garnet bead choker necklace, with a large yellow metal clasp set with a cluster of assorted old cut diamonds, set in white metal; possibly from an early 19th century brooch/corsage. 600-800
121.    An 18ct gold dress ring set with a central blue sapphire with a surround of ten diamonds, openwork mount with raised shoulders, size O. 200-300
122.    A silver bangle with engraved decoration and in box; a gold plated bangle in box; an unboxed silver bangle; narrow silver metal bangles; travelling inkwell and an expanding paste set bracelet 20-40
123.    An 18ct gold and platinum mounted navette shaped ring, set with a central blue topaz, with a surround of diamonds, size M. 80-100
124.    A ladies unmarked gold dress ring, set with a large emerald cut topaz, with a brilliant cut topaz to either side, size L. 70-100
125.    A modern 18ct gold torque style necklace, with diamond cluster front panel, total weight approx. 46.5g. 1400-1600
126.    An antique gold and silver metal bow brooch, set with lines of baguette cut emeralds and old cut diamonds, with central pearl and with pearl drop. 400-600
127.    A large Victorian gold and silver metal diamond crescent brooch, with attached safety chain. 1400-1600
128.    A late 19th century diamond set double heart, winged brooch, the hearts set with blue and red stones, possibly spinels. 200-300
129.    An 18ct gold navette shaped diamond cluster ring, centrally set with a cabochon turquoise stone, size P. 600-800
130.    A Victorian gold ring of navette shape, set with a diamond cluster, size O+. 1400-1600
131.    An 18ct, marked .750, curb link charm bracelet with an assortment of 9ct and 18ct gold attached charms, including 18ct gold Nefertiti charm, 18ct gold globe charm, 9ct gold hedgehog, 9ct gold locket, etc.; total weight 62g approx. 600-800
132.    A 22ct gold wedding band, size L, 3.5g approx. 60-70
133.    A 9ct gold dress ring, set with three cabochon opals divided by clear paste stones, size O. 35-45
134.    An 18ct gold dress ring, the navette shaped panel inset with pink spinels and white sapphires, size P. 60-70
135.    An 18ct gold ring set with a red stone, probably ruby, size O+; and another 18ct gold ring set with a cabochon turquoise, with a diamond to each shoulder, size M+ (2). 100-120
136.    An 18ct gold solitaire diamond ring, the crossover style ring with openwork mounted diamond, size O; and another 18ct gold ring, with three illusion set diamonds, size N (2). 50-60
137.    A small 9ct gold dress ring set with sapphires and a small diamond in a flower head design (A/F), size K; and a 9ct gold eternity ring (A/F), size O+ (2). 15-25
138.    A ladies "Lucerne" manual wind, metal cased wristwatch, with attached 9ct gold strap. 20-30
139.    A ladies 9ct gold cased "Rotary" wristwatch with integral 9ct gold mesh strap (damaged); total weight without movement, 19.8g approx. 160-180
140.    A ladies 9ct gold manual wind Omega wristwatch with integrated mesh strap, 24g approx. - without movement; the silvered dial with baton numerals. 250-300
141.    A ladies 9ct gold automatic wind wristwatch with integral 9ct gold mesh strap, the silvered dial with baton numerals. 150-180
142.    An 18ct gold cased, early 20th century, manual wind wristwatch on leather strap, the white enamelled dial with black Arabic numerals. 70-90
143.    An early 20th Century wristwatch in white metal case, having white enamel dial with black and red Roman numerals; a silver cased open face pocket watch with silvered dial; a "Yachtsman" stop watch; other wristwatches, watch keys and similar items 30-50
144.    A ladies 9ct gold cased "Timor" wristwatch on a 9ct gold expanding bracelet, 8g approx, without movement; and another ladies 9ct gold cased wristwatch on expanding 9ct gold strap, 7.5g approx., without movement, (2). 90-120
145.    A ladies 9ct gold cased "Tissot" wristwatch with 9ct gold panel bracelet, 8.3g approx., without movement; and a gents 9ct gold cased "H & G" manual wind wristwatch case, 3g approx. 70-100
146.    A ladies 18ct gold cased "Chopard, Geneve" manual wind wristwatch, gold face, diamond set to the corners of the rectangular case and on a modern leather strap. 280-350
147.    A Gents "Longines" steel cased manual wind wristwatch, the silvered dial marked "Admiral HF", sweep seconds hand, and with baton numerals, replacement steel expanding strap. 100-150
148.    A Ladies 9ct gold "Tissot" ladies wristwatch with circular matt gold dial, Arabic numerals, with integrated 9ct gold mesh strap, weight without movement 22g approx. 100-150
149.    A silver cased open face key wind pocket watch by Waltham having white enamel dial with subsidiary seconds dial together with keys and a Hebdomas pocket watch with visible escapement in white metal outer case (2) 25-35
150.    A silver cased open face keywind pocket watch by Adam Burdess, Coventry no.21362 having white enamel dial with subsidiary seconds dial, together with three other pocket watches, a Cardinal wristwatch and selection of watch keys 40-60
151.    A Swiss 8 day silver cased open face "Hebdomas" pocket watch the decorative gilt and silvered dial with oval chapter ring and visible escapement, the back engraved "Ancre Levees Visibles" 30-50
152.    An "Express" English Lever open face pocket watch in silver case and having white enamel dial with black Roman numerals, subsidiary dial, and named "J G Graves Sheffield" to the dial, the backplate numbered 711304, case hallmarked Chester 1903, together with a silver curb link Albert with attached silver shield shaped fob 60-80
153.    A "Medana" open face pocket watch with white enamel dial and subsidiary seconds dial with attached Albert together with a small gilt cased open face pocket watch and a brass chain all contained in a decorative tin 25-35
154.    A silver cased open face key wound pocket watch by John Warner Morton, Stowe, no.6993, having cream enamel dial with subsidiary seconds dial 20-40
155.    A silver cased open face fob watch, the white enamel dial with gilt decoration; an early 20th Century silver cased wrist watch with white enamel dial and Arabic numerals and another decorative silver cased fob watch (3) 30-50
156.    A 9ct gold cased open face keyless pocket watch having white enamel dial, subsidiary seconds dial together with a gilt metal Albert with attached swivel seal, contained in a H Samuel travelling case with easel back 140-160
157.    An 18ct gold cased fob watch, manual wind half hunting case, floral engraved with vacant shield cartouche, the white dial with black Roman numerals. 70-100
158.    An 18ct gold cased "J.W. Benson" manual wind half hunting cased pocket watch; the white dial with black Roman numerals, marked "J.W. Benson, London"; with attached 18ct gold Albert chain and Victorian half sovereign fob, dated 1851 (fob and chain 21g approx.). 1000-1200
159.    A small 18k cased fob watch having white enamel dial and in decoratively chased case 30-50
160.    A 9ct gold cased manual wind fob watch, the case with enamelled floral decoration (A/F), the gold matt dial with black Roman numerals, and suspended from a 9ct gold brooch pin. 40-60
161.    A set of six cased silver coffee spoons together with a set of five silver metal and nine gilt metal annointing spoon coffee spoons 20-40
162.    A George V globular glass dressing table jar with etched cornucopia and husk decoration and with silver top, London 1916, 9cms high 25-35
163.    A cased silver cruet set comprising salt, mustard, pepperette and two spoons, Birmingham 1935, total silver weight 3.98ozt 40-60
164.    A silver and tortoiseshell trinket box of circular form, the lid with tortoiseshell panel with silver overlaid decoration, velvet lined interior and on three short supports, Chester 1920, 7.25cms diam 40-60
165.    A cased set of six silver teaspoons, 1.8ozt 12-20
166.    An Edwardian miniature silver envelope shaped stamp holder, Birmingham 1904; a .925 silver stamp holder with swivelling inner fitting and a stamp folder with embossed silver cover (3) 50-70
167.    A George IV silver cruet stand of rectangular form having gadroon edging, foliate corners and semi fluted body on four foliate, flower head and paw supports, with central cast handle and containing eight matching cut glass bottles some with silver tops, London 1825, maker IJK, weight including wood base 27.7ozt 250-300
168.    A silver fronted case for a jumbo watch, with easel back, marks rubbed 30-40
169.    A cased Danish silver spoon, marked "Sorensen Sterling Denmark", the blue enamel terminal with scrolling letters for Handelsbanken, 1.5ozt 15-25
170.    A small, hollow cast figure of a roaring lion together with a similar figure of a donkey, both approx 3.5cms high and marked 925 (2) 20-30
171.    A solid silver model of a standing fox, 1.3ozt, 3cms high 20-30
172.    A miniature silver model of a Bristol bi-plane with moving propeller and wheels, impressed "Bristol" to underside, marked 925, 5.5cms wide 30-50
173.    A miniature silver model of a sewing machine, well detailed and with moving handle, marked 925 to the base, 4cms wide 30-50
174.    A miniature silver model of a seated bulldog; a silver charm of a vintage car and a smaller silver charm of a BOAC jet opening to reveal seats, 1.2oz (3) 15-25
175.    A small group of silver spoons including mustard, preserve and teaspoons, 2.98ozt together with a silver butter knife and two silver dessert forks 30-40
176.    Two decorative sterling silver souvenir spoons - New York with Statue of Liberty stem and another with Brooklyn Bridge in the bowl and skyline of Lower New York to the stem, both marked Sterling, 1.3ozt 20-30
177.    An Edwardian silver caddy spoon the heart shaped bowl embossed with image of Balmoral Castle, the stem with crown over shield and thistle, by Robb Ballater, hall marked Edinburgh 1902, 0.6ozt 100-120
178.    An early 20th Century Dutch silver caddy spoon with import marks for London 1913, having windmill terminal with moving sails, the bowl heavily embossed with toping scene, 10cms long, 0.7ozt 25-35
179.    A Dutch silver caddy spoon with import marks for Chester 1912 and with ship terminal, the bowl embossed with figure of a girl carrying a basket of fish, 12.5cms long 0.67ozt 20-30
180.    An early 20th Century silver teapot of oval form with ebony finial and handle, Sheffield, date mark rubbed, 20.29ozt 150-180
181.    A rectangular silver cigarette case with guillloche decoration, Birmingham 1935, 5.5ozt 30-40
182.    An Edwardian silver mounted glass inkwell, having hinged lid embossed with classical scene, the shoulders of openwork "C" scroll and floral decoration, 8cms high London 1908, maker WC (William Comyns) 40-60
183.    A silver matchbox case on weighted base together with a pierced and embossed sterling silver bon bon dish stamped for Daniel Low & Co (2) 30-40
184.    A small Victorian silver trinket dish with pierced and embossed decoration and on three small ball supports, Birmingham 1897 15-25
185.    A miniature Edwardian silver stamp envelope with suspension loop, Chester 1905 together with a small silver stamp box the lid inset with a stamp and on four ball supports (2) 40-60
186.    An Edwardian silver vesta case with etched ivy leaf decoration and engraved with initials, London 1906; a pair of .925 silver sugar nips, a scent bottle with sterling silver top and a 19th Century silver plated snuff box the lid engraved "Telford" and the base engraved "Bertha" (4) 25-35
187.    A large silver covered cigar box with simple engraved inscription to the hinged lid, marks rubbed, 7cms high 25-40
188.    A late Victorian silver vesta case of shaped rectangular form and with chased foliate decoration, Birmingham 1898 together with three other similar vesta cases, total weight 2.7ozt (4) 20-40
189.    A George V silver snuff box of curved, rounded rectangular form, having hinged lid engraved with initials "WB", Birmingham 1913 together with two silver vesta cases, total weight 2.6ozt (3) 30-50
190.    A set of four silver napkin rings with guilloche decoration, Birmingham 1957, total weight 1.26ozt (4) 15-25
191.    Six assorted silver medallions, total weight 2ozt (6) 15-25
192.    A pair of Sterling silver and glass coasters together with three silver thimbles (5) 15-25
193.    A Victorian silver spectacle case with silver belt hook, chased with ivy leaf decoration and engraved with initials "EK", Birmingham 1908, 1.9ozt 30-40
194.    A pair of small, modern silver fronted photograph frames with circular apertures and easel supports together with a small circular silver frame Birmingham 1924 and a silver fronted oval frame Chester 1904 (4) 50-70
195.    A Victorian hip flask of curved form with hinged silver top and pull-off silver base, with green leather shoulders, Sheffield 1897, 15cms high 90-130
196.    A pair of George III silver sugar tongs with simple decoration, London 1804 maker Peter, Ann & William Bateman together with two other pairs of silver sugar tongs, total weight 3ozt (3) 30-50
197.    A George V rectangular silver photograph frame with guilloche decoration, Birmingham 1911 maker Walker & Hall, aperture size 13.5cms x 9cms` 40-60
198.    A GeorgeV silver desk stand of navette shape with removable faceted clear glass ink well with hinged silver top, the base on four low supports, 18cms wide, base weighs 2.89ozt 40-60
199.    Four modern silver decanter labels - Port, Sherry, Cognac and Gin together with Crown Staffordshire Sherry decanter label (5) 20-30
200.    A quantity of assorted silver teaspoons, mustard and salt spoons, various, total weight 5ozt and a plated teaspoon 30-40
201.    A rectangular silver photograph frame with easel back, Birmingham 1909, size of aperture 13.5cms x 9cms 40-60
202.    A small early 20th Century circular photograph frame with wood back; an oval silver photo frame, a modern silver double photo frame and a silver napkin ring (4) 40-60
203.    A silver cased Dunhill pocket cigarette lighter with presentation inscription dated 1929, Birmingham 1926 30-50
204.    A small Victorian silver vinaigrette with gilt lined interior, the outside with guilloche decoration and initials engraved to the cover, pierced inner cover, Birmingham 1860, maker ES, 9.9g 60-80
205.    An early 19th Century Dutch silver tobacco box with ribbed decoration and gilt lined interior, with second standard .833 lion mark, date mark for 1818, 6.6oz 90-130
206.    A silver presentation cigar box with guilloche decoration, engraved with initials to the hinged cover and with presentation inscription to the front (from Terrys chocolates), on stepped supports, 5.5cms high 40-60
207.    A silver plated Royles Patent Self Pouring teapot by James Dixon & Son with ribbed and chased foliate decoration, 19cms high 25-35
208.    A canteen of Old English pattern silver plated cutlery for 12 place settings, in polished mahogany box with drawer in base 30-50
209.    An oval galleried silver plate tray; a plated cocktail shaker; heavy two handled pedestal bowl; pair of bottle stands; a half "pail" ice bucket and other items 50-70
210.    A quantity of silver plate Queens pattern cutlery: 6 table forks; 6+2 knives; 6+2 smaller knives; 6 dessert forks; 6 dessert spoons; pair of berry spoons; cheese knife and 12 teaspoons together with other loose and boxed cutlery 40-60
211.    A boxed set of Oneida Stainless cutlery 12-20
212.    An early 20th Century oval portrait on ivory panel "The Red Madonna" in oval gilt brass frame with suspension loop, labelled on glass panel verso "1935 Oberammergau Red Madonna", overall size 9.5cms x 8cms 50-70
213.    Arts & Crafts buttons - three pairs of "The Guild" buttons all with hammered finish, one pair with enamelled Ruskin type cabochon centres, all stamped "The Guild Button" and with registration number and contained in a boxed (fitted for four) with embossed gilt lettering "Art Fittings Limited 12 Victoria Street, Westminster SW" 80-120
214.    Two small silver covered teddy bear ornaments, each with textured finish and with .925 marks, 7cms high (2) 30-50
215.    A late 19th/early 20th Century mantilla having amber coloured plastic comb and decorative openwork gilt metal top, 16.5cms long; a cased Dunhill multi head tool; a cased pair of cufflinks and a small Royal commemorative brooch 20-40
216.    A pair of gilt metal screw fit earrings with pink rose decoration; a gilt metal thimble with pink rose decoration; two silver thimbles; a Scottish bar brooch and another brooch 20-30
217.    A silver, mother of pearl and ivorine babies rattle/teething ring, the silver section embossed with image of BoPeep, Birmingham 1933; two embossed silver needle cases and a glass jar with silver rim and ground stopper 60-80
218.    A silver and mother of pearl penknife; two other small penkives; a silver metal propelling pencil in engraved case with hardstone seal end; a combined pen/pencil; two silver medallions, a 9ct gold locket; a modern silver photo frame and other items 50-70
219.    A small Edwardian silver cased timepiece, having white enamel dial with subsidiary seconds dial, in circular surround and on stepped base, 7cms high, Birmingham 1909 30-50
220.    A late Victorian babies silver and ivorine rattle/teething ring, the rattle in the form of a cat, Chester 1891 40-60
221.    Sewing related items - a carved coquilla nut pin cushion; 2 bone and mother of pearl cotton spools; a shell decorated pin cushion; pin cushion with carved bone ends; lace bobbin; thimble holder with associated thimble and a wooden clamp with pin cushion (8) 60-80
222.    A miniature carved jade bear, possibly Russian, 2cms high 20-40
223.    A rounded rectangular Georgian ivory toothpick case with gold studded decoration, the lid with woven hair panel, 8.5cms long together with another smaller similar toothpick case with mirror fitted inside the lid, 7.75cms long (2) 50-70
224.    A silver plated ducks head stopper with inset red glass eyes and cork base a silver plated Swiss Air stopper; a gilt metal magnifying glass on ribbon and other items 20-40
225.    A group of decorative propelling pencils/pencils in silver, gilt metal and silver metal casings and a cigarette holder with 9ct gold end 40-60
226.    A silver teaspoon with stag finial together with two miniature silver metal figures of a cherub and putto 4cms high (3) 20-30
227.    A 19th Century rosewood box containing three paste set faux tortoiseshell hair combs, a pair of French cut steel shoe buckles; decorative buttons and other decorative items 30-50
228.    A Cantonese famille rose charger painted in coloured enamels with peacocks perched amongst prunus and peonies within a border of butterflies and flowers, 37cms diam together with two other famille rose plates and an Imari plate (4) 30-50
229.    A Royal Copenhagen porcelain vase with swallow and iris decoration, 12cms high 15-25
230.    A Royal Doulton stoneware vase with Slaters Patent decoration, 13cms high together with a Doulton Lambeth miniature jug 4.5cms high (2) 15-30
231.    Four Royal Copenhagen Aluminia faience figural vases - girl with basket on her back, girl seated on pot, boy with fish and girl blowing trumpet, the tallest 17cms high (4) 40-60
232.    A Continental porcelain figure of a quail and another similar of a duck, un-marked, 13.5cms and 13cms high (2) 15-25
233.    A Clarice Cliff Spring Crocus pattern coffee service comprising coffee pot, cream jug, sugar bowl, six cups and six saucers, with black back stamp and overprinted gold stamp, height of coffee pot 21cms 100-150
234.    A pair of Royal Worcester Aesthetic movement globular two handled vases, each with underglaze blue decoration in Japanese style and on three ball supports and with underglaze blue factory marks, dated 1875, 8.5cms high (2) 20-40
235.    An early 19th Century Chinese kendi of traditional form and with underglaze blue painted decoration in kraak style, 23cms high, no marks 200-300
236.    A pair of 19th Century Doulton Lambeth stoneware vases decorated by Hannah Barlow, each with incised decoration of goats, with foliate shoulders and bases, each stamped, initialled and with incised marks to bases, 25cms high 280-320
237.    A 19th Century Staffordshire pottery figural spill vase in the style of Ralph Wood, of a seated man holding a frothy mug of beer, a dog to either side and tree behind, 20cms high 15-25
238.    A heavy Scandinavian clear glass vase of rectangular form and with moulded decoration to one side of a kneeling naked woman and stylised trees, c.1960's, 12cms high 19.25cms wide 15-25
239.    A pair of Whitefriars kingfisher blue rectangular glass vases with nailhead textured design, 12cms high (2) 30-50
240.    A pair of late 19th/early 20th Century painted glass vases, each opaque light green vase painted with panels of daisy heads with "jewel" centre, 21.5cms high together with a clear glass pedestal bon bon dish with cut decoration and on hexagonal base, 13.5cms high (3) 20-40
241.    An Edinburgh crystal cut glass bowl with etched thistle decoration together with a Royal Doulton cut glass vase and another, bowl 8cms high (3) 12-20
242.    A French moulded clear glass vase with chestnut leaves and nut pattern to the base, 24.5cms high 15-25
243.    A late 19th Century cranberry glass bell (lacks striker); a silver topped cranberry glass sugar shaker; six cranberry stem glasses and four cranberry glass custard cups 30-50
244.    A pair of late Victorian crystal glass goblets on faceted stems and circular bases; a pair of crystal glass goblets with diamond cut bowls, faceted stems and star cut bases; a pair of 19th Century goblets with etched leaf decoration and initials to the bowl together with others (10) 50-70
245.    A Victorian glass rinser with simple cut and etched decoration; a set of four large, heavy cut glass tumblers; two pairs of heavy 19th Century glass rummers; a George V Coronation commemorative stem glass with etched details and silver 3d in the stem and others (12) 40-50
246.    A pair of 19th Century cordial glasses the bowls etched with ferns and flower heads and on opaque air twist stems; a set of eight crystal glass champagne glasses the shallow bowl on hexagonal stems; a set of four 19th Century green glass stem glasses and others (18) 30-40
247.    A 19th Century facon de venise style winged glass goblet having opaque spiral glass bowl supported on stem with coiled glass centre and folded circular foot, 28.25cms high 30-40
248.    An 18th Century Dutch wine glass the bowl engraved with Friendly Society cartouche and "De Goede Vrindschap" baluster stem with folded circular foot, 18cms high 70-100
249.    A late 19th Century Bohemian stem glass with yellow bowl, the bowl and foot engraved and gilt painted with sinuous floral decoration and with tapering cut, air twist stem, 19cms high 10-20
250.    An 18th Century cordial glass the bowl with simple etched decoration, knopped stem and folded circular foot, 13.25cms high 10-15
251.    CARROLL, Lewis - Alice in Wonderland - Centenary Edition, with twelve tipped in coloured illustrations by Gwynedd Hudson [as called for] 40-50
252.    GIBBON, Edward - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire - twelve vols bound as six, re-bound in half calf with marbled boards, gilt tooling to the spine, with a fold out map 30-40
253.    SPEED, John - Hertfordshire - 1610, uncoloured 50-100
254.    [HUNTING] - collection of books to include - BEAUMONT, Marquerie de - The Way of a Horse - signed by the author; four Dick Francis first edition novels, Twice Shy; Second Wind; For Kicks, Flying Finish and 10lb Penalty and twenty-five other books, with some equine interest (30) 20-30
255.    [HUNTING] - collection of books to include - MOORE, Daphne - Famous Foxhunters tog. w. TYLDEN, Major G - Horses and Saddlery; RICHARDSON, Charles - Practical Hints for Hunting Novices and twenty-seven other books of hunting and equine interest (30) 20-30
256.    [HUNTING] - collection of books to include three 'Lonsdale Library' books on Horsemanship and two others on Foxhunting tog. w. thirty-one other books relating to hunting to include some equine interest (34) 20-30
257.    [HUNTING] - collection of books to include Fore's Sporting Notes and Sketches for the years,1885 and 1905 - both with numerous illustrations tog. w. HAYES, Captain M. H - Riding and Hunting and a collection of other books relating to hunting, with some equine interest 20-30
258.    MICHEL, Emile - Rembrandt, His Life, His Work and His Time - 1894, limited edition and signed by the author 30-40
259.    Collection of books on various subjects on history, art etc, to include; AYLMER, G & CANT, R - A History of York Minister - 1977, tog. w. others 30-50
260.    [MAP] STOCKDALE, J - Kent - 1797, framed, 35cm x 51cm 20-30
261.    EADIE, Rev. John - The Illustrated National Family Bible with the Commentaries of Scott and Henry - with numerous coloured illustrations, with two brass clasps 30-50
262.    WILBRAHAM, Captain Richard - Travels in the Transcausian Provinces of Russia,and along the Southern Shore of the Lakes of Van and Urumiah in the Autumn and Winter of 1837 - John Murray, 1839, with five plates and folding map [as called for], twelve pages of advertisements to the rear, errata slip to the front 60-100
263.    The Rivers of Great Britain, Descriptive, Historical and Pictorial, Covering the Rivers of the South and West Coasts - 1897, with numerous illustrations 30-50
264.    BLYTON, Enid - The Sixth Holiday Book tog. w. a quantity of other children's books to include Biggles etc 20-30
265.    Harmsworth History of the World - three vols, tog. w. other history and natural history books 20-30
266.    Collection of books with decorative bindings 20-25
267.    The History of the Inquisitions; including The Secret Transactions of those Horrific Tribunals - 1810, first edition, with twelve plates [as called for] 25-40
268.    The Book of Common Prayer and Adminiftration of the Sacrements, and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, according to the Ufe of the Church of England; together with the Psalter or Psalms of David - 1770, full calf, with front board loose tog. w. The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments - 1884, with illustrations (2) 40-50
269.    Collection of twenty-seven Britain in Picture series 15-20
270.    [MAP] - MORDEN, Robert - Worcestershire - 1685, hand-coloured, mounted but un-framed, 37cm x 42cm 50-80
271.    [MAP] - MORDEN, Robert - Gloucestershire - hand-coloured, mounted but un-framed, 36cm x 42cm 50-80
272.    [MAP] - ROPER, J - Somersetshire - 1807, hand-coloured, 19cm x 24cm tog. w. CARY, J- Somersetshire - 1787, 22cm x 18cm, both mounted but un-framed (2) 20-25
273.    [MAP] - PIGOT, J - Somersetshire - c. 1838, hand-coloured, 25cm x 37cm tog. w. CARY, J - Somersetshire - 1787, hand-coloured, 22cm x 28cm, both mounted but un-framed (2) 20-25
274.    [MAP] - CARY, J - Somersetshire - 1787, hand-coloured, 22cm x 28cm tog. w. HALL, S. - Somersetshire - c. 1847 - hand-coloured, 20cm x 25cm, both mounted but un-framed (2) 20-25
275.    [MAP] - ROPER, J - town map of the City of Worcester - c. 1810, coloured, 24cm x 19cm, tog. w. another by the same cartographer showing the, County of Worcestershire - 1807, 19cm x 24cm, both mounted but un-framed (2) 25-30
276.    [MAP] - PIGOT, J - Worcestershire - c. 1838, hand-coloured, 38cm x 25cm tog. w. CARY, J. - Worcestershire - 1787, hand-coloured, 27cm x 22cm, both mounted but un-framed (2) 20-25
277.    [MAP] - Van De Keer - Worcestershire - c. 1627, 9cm x 12cm, coloured tog. w. CARY, J - Worcestershire - 1787, hand-coloured, 28cm x 22cm, both mounted but un-framed (2)
278.    [MAP] ROPER, J - town map of the City of Gloucester - 1805, coloured, 24cm x 29cm tog. w. another by the same cartographer showing, the County of Gloucestershire - 1905, coloured, 24cm x 18cm, both mounted but un-framed (2) 20-30
279.    [MAP] - CARY, J - Gloucestershire - 1827, coloured, 27cm x 22cm tog. w. SLATER - Gloucestershire - c. 1846, coloured, 35cm x 22cm, both mounted but un-framed (2) 20-25
280.    [MAP] - FULLARTON - Gloucestershire - c. 1840, coloured, 26cm x 20cm tog. w. CARY, J - Gloucestershire - 1787, coloured, 28cm x 22cm, and KITCHIN, T - Gloucestershire - c. 1796, 18cm x 23cm, all three mounted but un-framed (3) 30-40
281.    [MAP] - CARY, J - Gloucestershire - 1787, coloured, 27cm x 22cm tog. w. PIGOT - Gloucestershire - c. 1838, coloured, 37cm x 25cm and HALL, S - Gloucestershire - 1847, coloured, 25cm x 19cm, all three mounted but un-framed (3) 30-40
282.    [MAP] - DUGDALE - Cornwall - c. 1850, coloured, 19cm x 24cm, mounted but un-framed tog. w. another of the county from, Lewis' Topographical Dictionary and CARY, J - Cornwall - 1787, coloured, 22cm x 27cm (3) 30-40
283.    [MAP] - KITCHIN, T - Devonshire - c. 1786, mounted but un-framed, 23cm x 20cm tog. w. CARY, J - Devonshire - 1787, coloured, 27cm x 22cm, un-mounted (2) 20-30
284.    [MAP] HALL, S - Devonshire - c. 1847, coloured, 20cm x 25cm, mounted but un-framed tog. w. another map of the county from Lewis Topographical Dictionary, 29cm x 23cm, un-mounted (2) 20-30
285.    [MAP] - CARY, J - Dorsetshire - 1827, coloured, 21cm x 26cm tog. w. ROPER, J & COLE, G - Dorsetshire - 1810, coloured, 18cm x 23cm, both mounted but un-framed (2) 20-30
286.    [MAP] - HALL, S - Dorsetshire - c. 1847, coloured, 19cm x 25cm tog. w. CARY, J - Dorsetshire - 1792, coloured, 15cm x 19cm, both mounted but un-framed (2) 20-30
287.    [MAP] - a collection of four mounted, but un-framed maps, all coloured, to include; Turkey in Europe and Hungary - c. 1812, 19cm x 22cm tog. w. Muscovy or Russia in Europe, c.1812, 37cm x 22cm; The Seven United Provinces from the best Authorities - 1807, 19cm x 22cm, with all three engraved by Barlow, and Israel and Palestine - 14cm x 19cm (4) 40-60
288.    [MAP] - a collection of four mounted but un-framed maps, all coloured, to include; Spain and Portugal from the best authorities - c. 1812, 20cm x 23cm tog. w. France divided into circles and Departments - c.1812, 19cm x 22cm; Germany; from the best authorities - 1807, 19cm x 23cm and France divided into Circles and Departments - c. 1913, 18cm x 21cm - all engraved by Barlow (4) 40-60
289.    CARY, J - New and Correct English Atlas: being a New Set of County Maps - 1787, a part bound comprising thirty maps to include; Cumberland, Derbyshire, Dorsetshire, Durham, Essex, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Hereforshire, Hertfordshire, Huntingdonshire, Leicestershire, Monmouthshire, Northumberland, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Shropshire, Somersetshire, Staffordshire, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex, Westmorland, Wiltshire, Worcestershire, North Riding of Yorkshire, East Riding of Yorkshire, North Part of the West Riding, South Part of the West Riding, North Wales and South Wales, lacking boards, all maps with outline colouring 120-160
290.    DUGDALE, T - Curiosities of Great Britain, England and Wales delineated Historical, Entertaining and Commercial, alphabetically arranged - nine vols, with numerous illustrations and coloured maps 150-200
291.    JOHNSTONE, Louis - British Wild Flowers, First Series tog. w. Second Series, with thirty-two coloured plates [as called for] and thirty-one black and white plates (lacking plate 28) 30-50
292.    BRIGGS, Barbara - British Trees - with sixteen coloured and sixteen black and white plates [as called for] 20-30
293.    ROY, The Late William - The Military Antiquities of the Romans in North Britain, and particularly their Ancient System of Castramentetation illustrated from Vestiges of the camps of Agriola Existing There - 1794, folio, full calf, with fifty-one plates of maps and plans, some double page and folding 150-200
294.    LEWIS, Samuel - A Topographical Dictionary of England, comprising the several Counties, Cities, Boroughs, Corporate and Market Towns, Parishes, Chapelries, and Townships, and the Islands of Guernsey, Jersey and Man, with Historical and Statitisical Descriptions - four vols, with vols I, III and IV being fourth edition, and vol. II third edition tog. w. a, View of the Representative History of England with engraved Plans, shewing the electoral divisions of the Several Counties, and the Former and Present Boundaries of the Cities and Boroughs - 1790, all with numerous maps and a, Topographical Dictionary of Scotland (6) 150-200
295.    WICKES, Charles - Illustrations of the Spires and Towers of the Medieval Churches of England; preceded by some Observations on the Architecture of the Middle Ages, and it's Spire Growth - two vols, 1853-1854, with 50-80
296.    The Novels of the Bronte Sisters - 1924, twelve vols, Thornton Edition, lacking dust-wrappers 80-150
297.    PRESLAND, John - Lynton and Lynmouth - January 1919, with sixteen coloured illustrations [as called for] by F. J. Widgery 20-30
298.    BRAYBROOKE, Lord Richard - The History of Audley End, to which are appended notices of the Town and Parish of Saffron Walden, in the County of Essex - 1836, with illustrations and maps tog. w. two other books relating to the same county to include; The History of Essex from the Earliest Period to the Present Time - 1814 and BUCKLEY, G - Twenty Two of the Churches of Essex, Architecturally Described and Illustrated - 1856, (3) 30-50
299.    STANLEY, Sadie - The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians - twenty volumes 30-50
300.    The Scottish Tourist, and Itinerary; or, a Guide to the Scenery and Antiquities of Scotland and the Western Islands, with a description of the Principal Steam Boat Tours - 1827, second edition, with illustrations and maps tog. w. Picturesque Antiquities of Scotland - 1788 (2) 40-60
301.    Collection of seventeen Alexandre Dumas novels, all uniformly bound, with sixteen in dust-wrappers, boxed 20-30
302.     FOLIO SOCIETY - a collection of books, the majority with slip-cases, relating to literature, history etc 30-50
303.    OLD LEATHER - a collection of books on various subjects to include literature, history etc 30-50
304.    LANG, Andrew (Ed.) - Princes and Princesses - 1908, with illustrations by Henry Ford, tog. w. CARROLL, Lewis - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - 1949, dust-wrapper, with thirteen illustrations by Arthur Rackham and GOLDING, Harry (ed.) - Verses for Children - with illustrations by Margaret Tarrant (3) 30-40
305.    Collection of Children's Annuals to include the, Monster Book for Girls; The Big Book for Girls; Storyland Annual for Girls; The Champion; The Boys and Girls Adventure Book; The Bumper Book for Boys; two Blackie's Boys Annuals and two Blackie's Girls Annuals; The Skipper Book for Boys; the Warne's Pleasure Book for Girls and Warne's Adventure Book for Girls (12) 20-30
306.    Four Chums Annuals for the years, 1926, 1932, 1933 and 1941 tog. w. six Young England Annuals, 1896, 1901, 1924, 1926, 1927 and 1931; two, The Boys Own Annual for 1918 and 1919 and two, The Schoolboys Own Annuals (14) 30-50
307.    Collection of children's books to include ladybirds, Beatrix Potter, Enid Blyton, Rupert etc 20-30
308.    RICHARDS, Frank - a collection of forty-nine, The Magnet, comics dating from 1914 and 1915 to include; Nos. 317, 319, 321 to 323, 328 to 333, 336 to 341, to include the Summer Special, 343 to 356, 358 to 364, with a duplication of 358, 366, 367, 375 to 377, 379, 382, 384, 385, 389, and 394 (49) 30-50
309.    Journals of the House of Lords - five vols, covering the years, 1783 to 1787, 1787 to 1790, 1790 to 1793, 1796 to 1798 and 1798 to 1800 tog. w. a, Calendar of the Journals from the beginning of the Reign of King Henry VIII to 30th Auguft 1642; and from the Reftoration in 1660, to 21ft January 1808 (6) 30-50
310.    Salter's Guide to the Thames - undated, twenty-eighth edition revised, with seven fold out maps 20-30
311.    Lasham's Road Map of the Environs of Guildford and Godalming tog. w. Philips' Cyclists Map for the County of Sussex, and another for the County of Buckingham; a Batholomew Tourists and Cyclists Map for South Devon; a Bacon's Cycling and Motoring Map of York District; a Bacon's Cycling Road Map for 50 miles around Bath and four others (10) 20-30
312.    BROWN, Rev. J - Self Interpreting Bible - with numerous coloured illustrations, full calf, with gilt tooling and one brass clasp (other lacking) 25-30
313.    Three Kelly's Directories for Devonshire for the years, 1902; 1914 and 1935 (3) 70-100
314.    Three Kelly Directories for Bristol for the years, 1889; 1910 and 1919 (3) 70-100
315.    Two Kelly's Directories for Devonshire and Cornwall for the years, 1923 and 1939 tog. w. a Kelly's Handbook to the Titled, Landed and Official Classes of 1961 (3) 50-80
316.    EADIE, Rev John - The National Comprehensive Family Bible - with coloured illustrations and two brass clasps 25-30
317.    After John Sanderson Wells - Hold Up! a coloured hunting print, 36.5cms x 56cms in gilt gesso frame 12-20
318.    After THOMAS SLINGSBY - monochrome engraving by Charles G Lewis, untitled but Memorial Picture of the York and Ainstey Hunt, 52cms x 77cms in gilt gesso frame 20-40
319.    JOHN KING - Hunting Below the Ruins at Knepp Castle, Sussex (Crawley & Horsham Foxhounds), signed limited edition coloured print no.225/250, 29cms x 45.5cms 30-40
320.    JOSIAH PARLBY (19th Century) - Rural scene with farm and sheep in lane and another with trees and church spire, watercolours, a pair, signed and dated 1881, 17cms x 24.5cms (2)
321.    JOHN SMART (1838 - 1899) - Extensive wooded river landscape with mountains beyond, watercolour, signed and dated 1881, in original gilt gesso frame, 33cms x 51cms 100-150
322.    R MYDDLETON (late 19th/early 20th Century British) - Rural landscape with thatched cottage, pool and wild flowers, watercolour, signed, 26cms x 39cms 40-60
323.    DENNITI (?) (19th Century) - Three ages of Woman, a group mother, child and grandmother, charcoal, paper now professionally laid on board, 15cms x 79cms (unframed) 20-40
324.    SALLIE HORTON (early 20th Century) - An old lady seated on a bench in a forest, oil on canvas, signed and dated 09, 50cms x 67cms in decorative frame 30-50
325.    ALFRED BANNER (c.1880 - 1915) - Near Bala, cattle in a landscape with stone byre, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1878 and inscribed verso, 31cms x 45.5cms, unframed 80-120
326.    LATE 19TH CENTURY EASTERN EUROPEAN SCHOOL - Woman milking a cow watched by goats, calf and man, with village scene beyond, signed, oil on canvas, 53.75cms x 43.5cms, unframed 100-130
327.    RICHARD BLOWEY (20th Century British) - Cornish landscape with cottages, oil on canvas, signed, 40cms x 50cms 60-80
328.    LOUISE WAUGH (20th Century British) - Landscape (Quantocks with Bristol Chanel), oil on canvas, signed, 50cms x 60cms 150-180
329.    TUSHINGHAM (20th Century) - The Cloth Seller, a 19th Century scene, oil on board, signed, 55cms x 80cms 140-160
330.    JOHN POULSEN (20th Century Norwegian) - Winter landscape, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1936, signed and titled Var Nybu verso, 46cms x 58cms 20-40
331.    EARLY 20TH CENTURY NORWEGIAN SCHOOL - Extensive landscape, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1921, 50cms x 64.5cms 20-40
332.    EARLY 20TH CENTURY NORWEGIAN/SWEDISH SCHOOL - Postboxes on a wood fence in a tree lined road, oil on canvas, signed, inscribed verso, 64cms x 60cms 30-50
333.    LEESA SANDYS LUMSDAINE (1936 - 1985) - The Fallen Jockey, oil on canvas, signed and dated '81, 59.5cms x 89.5cms in gilt frame 130-150
334.    GEORGE DEAKINS (20th Century British) - A tall ship under sail, oil on board, signed, verso with artists label and inscribed "May 77 with love from Uncle George xx" 47cms x 28.5cms 30-50
335.    An Edwardian silver mounted and ebonised wood conductor's baton, the mounts with engraved foliate decoration and engraved "Dec 1901" 52cms long together with another similar 46.5cms long (2) 100-150
336.    An antique iron door key with loop end 19.5cms long together with another old door key with plated metal finish 21.5cms long (2) 15-25
337.    A 19th Century door lock with brass face plate with original brass handle and key together with a brass sliding bolt fitting, size of lock 11.5cms x 20cms 30-50
338.    A silver mounted bamboo walking cane, London 1926, 92cms long 20-30
339.    A 19th Century walnut jewellery box with later inner fittings, with key 20-30
340.    A George V driving whip by Swaine & Adeney, London; the holly shaft with silver mounted leather grip hall marked London 1912, 140cms long not including switch 90-100
341.    A Victorian mahogany miniature sideboard, the low raised shaped back fitted with dummy drawers the top hinging up to reveal narrow compartment, the base with central cupboard with panelled door enclosing shelf and flanked by opening drawers, the whole on original turned supports, 33.5cms high 55cms wide 18cms deep 200-300
342.    A 19th Century sectional ivory walking stick the handle carved as a running leopard, 83cms long 30-50
343.    A silver topped malacca walking cane with horn finial, London 1922, 91cms long 25-40
344.    TAXIDERMY - a Perch naturalistically set amongst reeds, stones and shell fragments in bow fronted case with gilt edging, paper label inside "Perch caught by Mr S Lawrence River Avon 1lb 15oz 1st Jan 1976" 31.5cms high 50cms wide 250-350
345.    An early 20th century oak roll top desk, the upper section with tambour front and fitted with numerous compartments, pigeon holes and drawers, the base with panelled sides and fitted to each side with pull-out slide, above four drawers, 127cm high, 127cm wide. 100-150
346.    An early 20th century Sheraton revival mahogany serpentine side board fitted with two central drawers and shelved cupboards, 94.5cm high, 152cm wide. 20-40
347.    An early 20th century Sheraton revival kidney shaped mahogany occasional table with cross banded decoration and on square tapering supports with spade feet, 69cm high. 30-50
348.    A late 19th/early 20th Century walnut compactum having mirrored door enclosing hanging space, pair of panelled doors enclosing shelves, above short and long drawers, 195.5cms high 149cms wide 60-80
349.    An early 20th Century dark oak carved sideboard, the raised mirrored back with leaded coloured glass door enclosing shelves, the base fitted with two frieze drawers above doors enclosing shelved cupboard, approx 210cms high 153cms wide 30-50
350.    A 19th Century marble top walnut wash stand, the back fitted with circular mirror, turned towel rails to either side, frieze drawer and lower shelf, 119cm high max., 70cm wide not including towel rail. 30-50
351.    A George VI mahogany corner standing wash stand fitted with dummy drawers, 56cm wide. 30-40
352.    A marble top pitch pine cabinet fitted with single drawer and drop flap enclosing cupboard on tapering turned supports, 88cm high, 38cm wide. 25-35
353.    An early 19th century grain effect painted pine floor standing corner cupboard, having astragal glazed door enclosing shelves and panelled door beneath, 176cm high, 96cm wide. 20-30
354.    An Edwardian line inlaid mahogany framed upholstered armchair. 12-20
355.    A small 19th century stripped pine chest of two short and two long drawers, on bracket supports, 76cm high, 81.5cm wide. 30-40
356.    A small reproduction bow front chest of four drawers, with line inlaid decoration, 73cm high, 57cm wide. 30-40
357.    no lot
358.    A Victorian tile back stripped pine wash stand, the low raised back with six blue and white tiles, the base fitted with single drawer above a cupboard and lower shelf, and turned supports, 111cm high, 102cm wide. 70-100
359.    An early 20th century Middle Eastern rug of predominantly red/blue/cream, the central field with geometric pattern, 305cm x 160cm. 30-40
360.    An unusual William IV library chair with mahogany frame, studded black leatherette upholstery with buttoned cushion and fitted with brass rimmed hole to either arm (possibly for candle stands?). 100-150
361.    A Victorian burr walnut shaped circular fold-over card table, having moulded edging, bulbous foliate pedestal and four scrolling foliate supports, 73cm high, 103cm wide. 180-250
362.    A 19th century mahogany child's chair with scroll and foliate back rest, carved arms and drop in seat, height to top of back rail 61cm. 90-130
363.    An early Victorian rosewood rectangular fold-over card table on octagonal, tapering pedestal and with scrolling supports, 92cm wide, 75cm high. 140-160
364.    A 19th century oak and pollard oak desk, the raised back with moulded panels and two shelved cupboards, the base fitted with three frieze drawers with original brass handles, above a pair of panelled doors, one enclosing shelves, the other with three sliding drawers on low bun supports, 132cm high, 133cm wide, 65cm deep. 300-350
365.    A late Victorian oak and pollard oak sideboard, fitted with two central drawers over open shelf, flanked by frieze drawers over panelled doors, enclosing shelved cupboards, with original decorative brass furniture, 93.5cm high, 181.5cm wide. 100-200
366.    A circa 1930s oak bureau with beaded mouldings and spiral turned supports, 76cm wide. 15-25
367.    Morris of Glasgow - an extending dining table and set of 8 (6+2) slat back chairs, extended length 180cm x 94.5cm wide. 30-40
368.    A 19th century spinning stool with cut out heart to the splat and geometric carved decoration. 30-40
369.    A small Islamic octagonal table with inlaid base decoration and carved decoration, the base with turned and carved panels, 51cm high. 30-50
370.    A Liberty style Anglo Moorish design chair, with turned panels to back and arms. 50-70