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Wednesday 8th March 2017
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A Royal Doulton coffee service in orange and leaf pattern, comprising coffee pot, sugar and cream jug and six cups and saucers
Estimate: 15-25


A pair of late 19th/early 20th Century Japanese Satsuma baluster shaped vases with "roaring" lion mask handles, the bodies painted with Immortals in a garden setting with blossom, pagodas, bridges, pine trees and mountains, with gold painted character mark to base, 32cms high, with wooden stands and in original wooden case
Estimate: 200-300


A Goebels Hummel figure "Bird Duet"; another "Soloist" and another of a boy playing a pipe (3)
Estimate: 15-25


A Goebels Hummel figure of a boy playing a violin to a small dog; another of a boy singing; another of a boy and rabbit; an "Authorized Dealer" ceramic plaque and a Friedel figure of a boy catching a large fish (5)
Estimate: 30-40


A late 19th/early 20th Century Continental porcelain trumpet shaped vase painted with continuous scene of figures near a village with trees and river and distant fortress, 16cms high together with a pair of copper lustre jugs (3)
Estimate: 30-50


A pair of early 20th Century Meissen three branch candelabra, floral encrusted and with dancing cherubs at the base, underglaze blue crossed sword marks and impressed "Germany" 37.5cms high
Estimate: 40-60


A Royal Doulton flambe fox, the animal seated with tail curled over feet, 17cms high
Estimate: 30-50


A Locke & Co, Worcester porcelain vase of globular form, painted with flowers, 7.5cms high and another similar, 7.5cms high (2)
Estimate: 15-25


A Royal Doulton character jug "Monty" 16cms high; another "Porthos" 18cms high and another Old King Cole, 14.5cms high (3)
Estimate: 30-40


A Royal Doulton character jug Winston Churchill 13.5cms high together with an early 20th Century toby jug of the Snuff Taker 23.5cms high (2)
Estimate: 20-40


Seven smaller Royal Doulton character jugs - Micawber, Porthos, Old King Cole, Cardinal, Athos and two Sairey Gamps (7) all approx 9cms high
Estimate: 30-40


Three Dutch Delft manganese tiles painted with landscape scenes and all mounted in a wood frame
Estimate: 30-50


A small Troika cube shaped vase with textured abstract panels to each side, signed to the base and artists monogram for Tasmin Ruhrmund c.1970's 9.5cms high
Estimate: 50-60


Two Paul Cardew Cool Catz models - Art Deco and Egyptian, 13.5cms high (2)
Estimate: 25-40


A Royal Crown Derby Kingfisher paperweight, with gold seal, 12cms high
Estimate: 15-20


An Albany porcelain figure of a diving kingfisher, limited edition, by Daniel Burnham Smith, matt finish, 15.5cms high together with a Royal Worcester porcelain figure of a kingfisher with fish no.3235, matt and gloss finish 8cms high (2)
Estimate: 20-40


A Beswick porcelain figure of a kingfisher perched on a branch with wings outstretched, 12.5cms high together with two small Beswick figures of Kingfishers, 8cms high (3)
Estimate: 25-40


A Mack porcelain figure of a kingfisher perched on a tree stump, 11.5cms high together with a small Goebels model of a kingfisher, 9.5cms high (2)
Estimate: 20-40


A Karl Ens porcelain figure of a kingfisher perched on reeds, 12cms high; two other porcelain models of kingfishers; a kingfisher jug and a Sylvac vase (5)
Estimate: 20-40


An extensive 20th Century dinner and tea service comprising teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl, various plates, cups and saucers, casserole, veg dish and cake stand (a lot)
Estimate: 30-50


A Capodimonte figure of an elderly man seated on a bench feeding doves, with certificate, 21.5cms high
Estimate: 15-25


A pair of 20th Century Faience candlesticks of Corinthian column style, puce factory marks, 25cms high
Estimate: 15-25


An early 20th Century Longwy pottery plate, painted in typical colourful palette, centred with fish swimming amongst weed within colourful floral border, printed and impressed marks, 23cms diam
Estimate: 20-30


A Volkstedt porcelain figure of a child being pecked by a goose, 10cms high
Estimate: 15-25


A German Heubach porcelain figure of a woman seated sewing a tapestry, 23.5cms high
Estimate: 30-40


A Continental porcelain figural group of a young man and young woman seated with grapes and other fruit and with dog at their feet, underglaze "R" mark and "1762" to base, 21cms high
Estimate: 50-80


An early 20th Century Czechoslovakian made pottery container in the form of a womans head, 16.5cms high
Estimate: 30-50


An Italian porcelain figure of a woman holding a small child, 33cms high
Estimate: 15-25


A Will Young Devon Pottery Widdecombe Fair group, the characters all sitting on a long curved bench, 24cms wide
Estimate: 15-30


A late 20th Century Chinese made blanc de chine figural group of a man and a woman seated on a lion, 24cms high
Estimate: 15-25


A decorative Japanese vase of elongated ovoid form with stylised handles and painted with song bird, palm fronds and flowers on a deep blue ground, red painted character marks to base, 31.5cms high
Estimate: 20-30


A pair of Karl Ens porcelain figures of a courting couple in 19th Century dress, both holding flowers with a letter in, 31cms high
Estimate: 30-50


A Japanese part glazed pottery figure of Hotei wearing a bead necklace and holding a bag, 13.5cms together with another similar figure, 15cms high (2)
Estimate: 15-30


A Beswick figure of a swan, 7.5cms high
Estimate: 12-20


A Moorcroft Pottery bowl with tubeline decoration in the orchid design, on green ground, green signature and impressed marks to base, 26.5cms diam 11.5cms high
Estimate: 40-60


Four assorted Japanese Imari plates of shaped circular form, painted in typical palette, the largest 26cms diam (4)
Estimate: 30-40


A Japanese Imari charger painted in typical palette with central vase of flowers, 48cms diam
Estimate: 40-60


A pair of Royal Doulton Slaters Patent vases having tall slender necks on textured bulbous bodies with floral decoration, impressed factory marks, 27cms high

Estimate: 30-50


A matched pair of Baron Barnstaple Pottery vases each with three loop handles and inscriptions "Watch & Ray" and "Jesus Christ the same yesterday to-day and for - ever", light red glaze and inscribed bases, 21cms high (2)
Estimate: 40-60


A Japanese egg shell porcelain bowl painted with birds amongst wisteria and with blue seal mark to base, 12.5cms diam and together with a small blue and white saucer dish with blue mark to base, 12cms diam (2)
Estimate: 20-40


A RUSSIAN IMPERIAL PORCELAIN PLATE FROM THE RAPHAEL SERVICE, Alexander III 1886 - centrally painted en grisaille with classical female figure and with classical border with cherubs in roundels, gilt Imperial cypher for Alexander III and dated 1886, 24cms diam
Estimate: 4000-5000


A large and imposing late 19th Century pot pourri vase, the pierced cover surmounted by a snarling dragon and with inner cover, the shoulders with dragon handles and the tapering hexagonal body moulded with Ho-o bird perched on flowering prunus with butterflies, the other side with extensive pagoda scene and figures, with gilt painted detail and deep blue ground, un-marked, 58cms high
Estimate: 150-200


A Beswick Gloucester Old Spot sow, with "Inspected By" label still attached, 8.5cms high
Estimate: 50-60


A Beswick Hereford Cow and Calf mounted on wood base, silk matt finish, 33cms wide
Estimate: 80-120


A collection of Wade cartoon character figures including Bambi, The Lady & The Tramp and Dalmations (15)
Estimate: 15-25


A pair of West German pottery vases of squat globular form, with mottled yellow/white glaze and brown line decoration and a matching larger vase (3) larger vase 14cms high
Estimate: 15-25


A Watcombe pottery motto ware matchstand/striker "A Match for Any Man"; a motto ware chamber stick; a HP pottery pin tray with tube lined decoration and a Kenleys "Ring Nebula" glass paperweight in box (4)
Estimate: 15-25


A Goebels Hummel figure of a young girl with chicks in a basket, 9cms high together with a Hummel figure of a young boy, 11.5cms high (2)
Estimate: 15-20


A Booths Real Old Willow pattern tea service comprising teapots, milk jug, sugar bowl, 5 cups and saucers, 4 larger cups and saucers, six plates and two bread plates
Estimate: 30-50


A small Royal Worcester porcelain vase with extended base, the base with moulded and painted insects, the vase painted with Goldfinch and Blue Tit amongst flowers, puce factory mark 9.5cms high
Estimate: 20-30

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