Antiques Sale on
Wednesday 8th March 2017

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1.      A Gents 9ct gold signet ring, with engraved, worn initials, size T. 5.3g approx 30-50
2.      A 9ct gold, faceted belcher chain, clasp replaced, 17 inches approx. 13g approx 70-100
3.      A 9ct gold three bar gate bracelet with padlock clasp, a 9ct gold rectangular ingot, engraved "E", a pair of 9ct gold octaganol, initialled cufflinks, a 9ct gold cross. Total - 12g approx and some gold metal, pierced earrings. 60-100
4.      An Edward VII Sovereign, dated 1907, in a 9ct gold pendant mount, 9.7g approx. 180-220
5.      An unusually large link, silver Albert chain with two attached silver fob shields, T bar and swivel. 3.7oz approx. 50-80
6.      A 9ct gold mouse charm, 1.2g; a Continental .800 silver mandolin and a small brass pig (3) 20-30
7.      A 9ct gold belcher link chain, with a 9ct gold heart shaped locket, floral engraved to front and back, 6.1g approx and a 9ct gold, negligee necklace with suspended pink glass stones 50-80
8.      A 22ct gold wedding band, ring size O. 3g approx. 50-80
9.      A 9ct gold neck chain, 18 inches approx. 10.7g approx. 60-80
10.     An Edward VII Sovereign dated 1908. 180-220
11.     An 18ct gold fine link neck chain, 20 inches approx, 2g approx, a 9ct gold flat bar link chain, 20 inches approx, 4.9g approx and a gilt metal belcher link chain. 60-90
12.     A 9ct gold dress ring, set with a large rectangular emerald cut citrine. Ring size G (small chip to stone) 50-80
13.     A modern 9ct gold pendant of Art Nouveau form, set with two sapphires and on a 9ct gold chain and a matching brooch 80-100
14.     A small 9ct gold pendant of Celtic knot form, set with emeralds, a fine 9ct gold chain, set with sapphires, a fine 9ct gold chain set with lapis lazuli, a pair of similar 9ct pierced earrings and a 9ct and silver marcasite eternity ring 60-80
15.     A silver curb link neck chain, a silver Albert link neck chain, silver pierced panel bracelet, pendant piece, cultured pearl necklace with gilt metal beads etc 30-40
16.     A small quantity of costume jewellery including marcasite necklaces, filligree brooch and necklace, beaded bag etc 10-20
17.     A good ladies 14k gold and diamond cluster ring. The central, oval faceted diamond three quarter carat approx with a surround of ten diamonds in an openwork frame. Ring size M. 600-700
18.     A 9ct white gold ring set with a marquise cut red stone, possibly a garnet, ring size O. 40-60
19.     A 9ct white gold ring, set with central green tourmaline with three blue stones to either side, openwork shoulders, ring size N 40-60
20.     A group of ten silver dress rings, mainly set with clear stones, a pink stone set metal ring, necklace and two sets of pearl earrings 40-50
21.     An unmarked gold bar brooch, the centre set with a circle of nine diamonds in flower head form (central stone missing), with a garnet to each end 80-100
22.     A ladies platinum solitaire diamond ring, the brilliant cut diamond 1.5 carats approx, claw set and with four small diamonds to each shoulder, openwork case mount, ring size P+ 600-700
23.     A 9ct gold unengraved signet ring, size S. 5.3g approx 30-50
24.     A single strand dark red amber necklace comprising graduated oval beads, 42cms long 30-40
25.     A single strand faceted amber bead necklace of graduated, oval faceted beads, 37cms long together with a single strand amber necklace of irregular shaped beads, 43cms long (2) 30-50
26.     Two mother of pearl necklaces; a long early 20th Century ivory bead necklace; other bead necklaces and brooches 20-30
27.     A 9ct gold, cased brooch. The brooch of openwork design with enamelled roses and clovers to the edge, central panel painted with the Arms of Gloucester, engraved presentation to the back (pin mounts - soldered repair) 60-100
28.     A decorative glass bead and chain necklace; two silver plated cigarette cases; costume rings; Jasperware earrings and ring and pair of gilt metal pince nez 20-40
29.     A Gents 9ct gold (tested) Albert chain with brass and links, plated swivel clasp. Weighable gold, 13g approx.
30.     A 22ct gold wedding band, size N, 1.5g approx and a 9ct gold ring set with three small rubies, size N, 1.3g approx (2) 30-40
31.     An 18ct gold dress ring, set with three cabouchon, oval opals in an openwork case mount, ring size K. 80-100
32.     An 18ct gold dress ring set with a central, circular, cabouchon opal with three diamonds to each shoulder, set in an openwork mount, ring size L. 90-120
33.     An 18ct gold, diamond cluster ring in the form of a flower head, 1970's, the openwork mount supporting a cluster of nineteen diamonds, each diamond one eighth carat approx. Ring size P+. 1000-1200
34.     A 9ct gold cross on a 9ct gold chain and a 9ct gold five chain link bracelet (2). Total weight 16.7g approx 100-140
35.     A late Victorian silver fancy link necklace suspending an oval silver locket with chased foliage decoration together with a well matched silver fancy link bracelet in a red velvet lined leather case 80-120
36.     A 9ct gold cluster ring, set with light violet paste stones, ring size O and a 9ct gold ring, set with five tiny diamonds, ring size O+ (2) 30-40
37.     A 9ct white gold ring, set with central rectangular blue topaz and topaz to each shoulder, ring size P and a 14ct white gold ring set with iolite leaves in a flower head design, ring size P (2). 40-60
38.     A group of eight silver dress rings, set various stones and two other rings (unmarked) (10) 20-40
39.     A 9ct gold wedding band, size M and another 9ct wedding band, size P (2). Total weight 3.6g approx 20-30
40.     An 18ct gold Gents signet ring, engraved "K", size T, 5.2g approx and another 18ct gold signet ring (damaged) 2.8g approx (2) 100-140
41.     A 9ct gold double belcher link neck chain and a 9ct gold oval locket, the front floral engraved (2). 10.6g approx 60-100
42.     A silver rope twist neck chain, silver flat flexible link neck chain, other chains and pendants, silver ring, ceramic flower brooch, Gents "ACCURIST" wristwatch etc 20-40
43.     A silver, square panel link bracelet, silver Victorian 3d's bracelet and matching earrings, silver Victorian coins necklace, coin brooch, silver padlock bracelet, silver gilt cufflinks, silver fob etc 50-80
44.     A 22ct gold wedding band, ring size M, 4.4g approx and another 22ct gold wedding band, ring size O. 3.2g approx (2) 90-120
45.     A 15ct gold gypsy set ring, with central old cut diamond set within a square and a diamond to either side, Ring size Q. 30-40
46.      A 9ct gold buckle ring, size H, 3.5g approx, a 9ct gold signet ring, set with an oval cornelian, size G+ and a 9ct gold Celtic knot ring, size G (3) 40-60
47.     A 9ct tri-coloured gold band ring, white, rose and yellow gold, size I, 4 g approx and a 9ct gold gents ring, size T. 3.1g approx (2) 40-60
48.     A ladies 9ct gold dress ring, set with central, oval faceted blue gemstone, ring size Q. 30-50
49.     A 9ct gold ring set with a band of seven small diamonds, size O+ and a 9ct gold ring set with a band of eleven small diamonds, size N+ (2) 70-90
50.     A 9ct rose gold watch Albert A/F with two T bars, 35.4g 250-300
51.     A 9ct gold belcher chain 18 inches approx, with attached 9ct gold St Christopher pendant 23.7g approx 150-200
52.     A 14ct gold floral engraved panel link flexible bracelet, with safety chain, 19.3g approx 120-160
53.     An oval shell cameo brooch, in a 9ct gold mount, the cameo carved with the head of a young lady 30-50
54.     A 9ct gold floral spray brooch A/F, a 9ct gold bar brooch set with a central amethyst and a 9ct gold bar brooch set with a central cultured pearl (3) 45-60
55.     A 9ct gold, alternate open and solid heart panel bracelet and a 9ct gold oval, floral locket on a 9ct chain. 11g approx 50-70
56.     A 9ct gold circular link bracelet with attached gold five francs 1890 (drilled). 14.3g approx (total weight) 90-130
57.     Five pairs of 9ct gold, assorted pierced earrings, one set with amethysts in a celtic design. Total weight 7.7g approx 40-60
58.     A 9ct gold tie pin, a single 9ct gold cufflink A/F, two gilt metal glass fronted lockets and a gold plated floral engraved locket 30-40
59.     A quantity of assorted costume jewellery including necklaces, pearl necklace and earrings, gold plated Albert chain, brooches, bangles etc 20-40
60.     A quantity of costume jewellery, including a large Cornelian set ring, Victorian gilt brooch A/F, amethyst coloured bar brooch, necklaces, bracelets etc 20-40
61.     An 18ct gold Guitar charm, 2.7g approx, a 9ct cross, 9ct heart pendant & chain, 9ct bracelet A/F. Total weight 3.9g approx, two silver bangles, silver charm bracelet etc 40-60
62.     A plain 9ct gold stamp/sovereign case. Hinged lids open to reveal green leather interior. Named to the edge "THE WALTONIA DESIGN" Rd No 592919" 28.9g approx. 300-350
63.     A 9ct gold bar brooch set with seed pearls to the centre, with a vacant, circular photo/hair compartment to the reverse. Total weight 3.5g approx. 25-40
64.     A large quantity of assorted, modern bracelets and brooches 20-40
65.     A Victorian gilt metal, Target mourning brooch, the reverse with hair locket 10-20
66.     A 9ct gold, curb link necklace 12.9g approx 80-120
67.     An 18ct gold ring of flower head form, with five small illusion set diamonds. Ring size M. 60-80
68.     A 9ct gold dress ring set with four garnets in a square, ring size L and a part 9ct gold eternity ring, size U (2) 25-40
69.     A modern 9ct gold bracelet set with blue topaz stones (repaired) and a pair of matching pierced earrings (damaged), a 9ct front and back locket on a 9ct gold chain and a tiny pair of pierced earrings 40-50
70.     A collection of costume jewellery brooches, including a silver and green enamelled leg brooch set with clear paste stones, lucite brooch, silver filigree brooch and various paste set brooches 45-70
71.     A large collection of assorted costume jewellery, including wristwatches, bracelets, necklaces etc 40-60
72.     An 18ct gold "CARTIER" ladies TANK wristwatch. The square, white dial with craquelure effect and black Roman numerals. The case numbered 780931344 (face scratched, blue stone in winder slightly chipped) 300-400
73.     A gold plated ladies wristwatch, on expanding strap, another red Amber coloured necklace, pearl necklaces etc 20-40
74.     A cased Gents "SWISS EMPEROR" wristwatch in brushed chrome casing and strap, a Gents "GLOBA SPORT" wristwatch (no strap) and four other watches 15-20
75.     A Gents "SEIKO" wristwatch with black dial with date and day aperture, another Gents "SEIKO" wristwatch and an "ARCTOS" automatic wristwatch (3) 15-20
76.     A Gents, boxed, "SEIKO" gold metal "KINETIC WATER RESIST 50M" wristwatch. The matt gold coloured dial with day/date aperture and baton numerals 40-60
77.     A ladies 9ct gold cased, manual wind wristwatch, the dial marked "FREY" and another 9ct gold cased "MAJOREX" ladies wristwatch on expanding metal strap (2) 30-40
78.     An 18ct gold cased ladies "MUDU" wristwatch, on gilt metal strap and another 18ct gold cased ladies "MUDU" wristwatch, on leather strap (2) 30-40
79.     A Gents silver cased (tested), slim, full hunting cased pocket watch. Key wind, white enamelled dial with black Roman numerals and subsidiary seconds dial. The dust cover with inscription and by "DENT, STRAND, LONDON", with two keys. 40-60
80.     A silver cased open face pocket watch "Acme Lever H Samuel Manchester" having white enamel dial with subsidiary seconds and black Roman numerals together with silver curb link Albert 30-50
81.     A silver fob watch, hallmarked for Birmingham 1911. White enamel dial with black Roman numerals, the case with engraved foliate decoration and vacant cartouche and an automatic metal sugar tong (2) 15-20
82.     An early 20th Century open faced nickel cased pocket watch having black dial with luminous Arabic numerals and hands; two other pocket watches; a silver curb link Albert; a white metal bead link chain and fob, all contained in a decorative carved wood box 40-60
83.     A Gents manual wind, open faced gold plated pocket watch. The white enamelled face with black Roman numerals and subsidiary seconds dial. 25-45
84.     A Gents gold plated full hunting, manual wind pocket watch. The front cover with engraved initial, the white enamelled dial with black Roman numerals and subsidiary seconds dial, marked "WALTHAM" 30-50
85.     A Gents silver cased open face, key wind pocket watch, the movement marked "ABEL REEVES, CRAWLEY", Hallmarked for London, white enamelled dial (A/F), a silver cased, key wind fob watch with decorative dial (A/F) and a gun metal fob watch (3) 25-40
86.     A Gents 9ct gold half hunting pocket watch. Manual wind, white enamelled dial A/F, with black Roman numerals, subsidiary seconds dial, dial marked "WALTHAM USA" 180-220
87.     An 18k gold cased ladies manual wind fob watch, with engraved floral decoration and vacant shield cartouche, floral engraved dial, with Arabic numerals within circles 60-90
88.     A late Victorian silver vesta case with engraved ivy leaf decoration; a small silver salt; a small silver match box holder and a silver sifter spoon, total weight 1.2oz 30-40
89.     Ten silver rat tail pattern silver teaspoons, mainly "B & B GC" presentation inscriptions, together with 5 small silver coffee spoons, total weight 8.2oz 60-70
90.     A heavy silver napkin ring 1.7oz 15-20
91.     A cased Victorian silver sifter spoon, the handle cast with floral detail and with engraved "B", in original lined leather case, Sheffield 1879, 1.98oz 30-40
92.     A silver octagonal sifter with pierced top, Birmingham 1910 17cms high, 3.3oz 25-30
93.     A silver shell shaped bon bon dish with shell shaped thumb rest and on three scroll supports, Sheffield 1973, 3.6oz 50-70
94.     A pair of narrow silver napkin rings with guilloche decoration together with 7 other silver napkin rings, total weight 6.6oz 40-60
95.     A pair of silver specimen vases with weighted bases, 14cms high together with another similar 11.5cms high (3) 20-30
96.     A small silver purse with chased scrolling foliate decoration and cartouches engraved with entwined initials, with silver suspension chain and ring and with original green watered silk interior, 5.5cms x 8cms 30-50
97.     A pair of Georgian style circular silver salts with shaped rims and on three curved supports, Sheffield 1902, maker Atkin Brothers, 5.2oz 50-70
98.     A Victorian silver fiddle pattern ladle, London 1844, approx 10oz 100-150
99.     A rectangular silver cigarette case with simulated tortoiseshell lining; a large silver cigarette case and a small rounded case with engraved foliate decoration (3) total weight 9.7oz 60-100
100.    A silver matchbook holder, Birmingham 1926; a small silver baluster shaped pepperette and two enamelled silver medallions (4) 30-40
101.    A silver dogs head salt and pepper shaker, each modelled as the head of a spaniel type dog, with removable backs, stamped 925, 4.5cms high, 1.34oz (2) 30-40
102.    Five assorted silver napkin rings, total weight 3.72oz 25-35
103.    An Edwardian Art Nouveau rectangular silver pin box the lid with cherub head decoration (rubbed), London 1901 together with a small silver seal type figure of a cherub playing a pipe; another similar of Hercules (both unmarked but test as silver) and a silver figure of a child and a dog (4) total silver weight 7oz
104.    A set of six William IV silver fiddle pattern teaspoons, Edinburgh 1834, in an associated leather case, 2.7oz 20-40
105.    A cased silver dessert spoon engraved with initials; a boxed silver teaspoon and a quantity of other silver teaspoons, dessert spoons and table spoons (a lot) total weight 19.63oz 140-180
106.    A pair of Chinese silver pepperettes with chased bamboo decoration, marked to the bases "Wang Hing"; a 925 silver shell shaped pill box and a small silver pepperette base (lacks top) (4) 25-35
107.    A cased set of six silver teaspoons, Birmingham 1937 20-30
108.    A George III silver ladle, London 1795, maker George Smith III and William Fearn, 5oz
109.    An Aesthetic movement silver fronted and leather watch stand with embossed blossom decoration and circular aperture, hinged to reveal green velvet and green silk interior, with easel support, overall size of frame 13cms x 13cms 90-130
110.    A George III silver helmet shaped cream jug with bright cut decoration, London 1813, 2.7oz 30-40
111.    A silver cigarette case with chased floral decoration, 2.6oz 15-25
112.    A silver vesta case the central compartment pulling out and with striker to the base, with loop suspension, Birmingham, maker S & Co 15-25
113.    Two silver fiddle pattern teaspoons Exeter 1865; three other Exeter silver teaspoons; a silver butter knife and three other silver teaspoons, total weight 4.8oz 30-40
114.    A silver napkin ring, Chester 1915 together with another silver napkin ring (2) 12-20
115.    A large, heavy silver plated tray, rectangular with shaped edging, two handles and presentation inscription to the centre dated 1919, 73cms wide including handles 20-40
116.    A cased 19th Century fruit set comprising 12 knife and fork sets and four server spoons, all in leather covered case with lift-out trays; a set of numbered silver plated napkin rings in fitted leather case and a cased set of six silver handled fruit knives 30-50
117.    A cased pair of late 19th Century silver metal berry spoons; cased silver plated cake server and fork and a Victorian cased silver plate and ivorine berry spoons, grape scissors, nut crackers and nut picks (3) 40-50
118.    A pair of silver plated chocolate pots with side mounted handles together with two plated bottle coasters with treen bases, a cheese scoop and other items 30-50
119.    An electro plated Thermos jug with original inner stopper together with a white metal framed lorgnette and a rolled gold cased propelling pencil (3) 20-40
120.    An oak canteen of silver plated Old English pattern cutlery, 12 place settings and a silver dessert spoon 30-50
121.    An Edwardian silver plated epergne; cruet stand with bottles; teapots; coffee pot; milk jug; oval stand and a Wedgwood Jasperware jug 40-60
122.    A quantity of silver plated cutlery; Victorian pickle forks, some boxed cutlery and other items 15-30
123.    An early 20th Century silver plated desk stand, the domed hinged cover with urn finial, gadroon edging, lion mask ring handles to either side, fitted interior with central covered compartment and two glass ink bottles, on four ball supports, 19.75cms wide max 30-40
124.    A late 19th Century French made ivory purse with small brass clasp and original blue watered silk lining and inner compartment with white metal clasp, 8cms wide max 40-60
125.    A Victorian silver and mother of pearl folding knife; a small silver mote spoon Birmingham 1925; miniature pen knives; miniature silver chair and other small decorative items 30-50
126.    A carved coquilla nut thimble holder in the form of an acorn and containing a brass thimble; a miniature Lesney Coronation coach and horses; souvenir spoon and some crystal items 30-40
127.    A modern Moorcroft enamel vase, Love in a Mist pattern, in original box with card, 8cms high together with a small similar unboxed vase 5cms high (2) 30-40
128.    A modern Moorcroft enamel vase and cover in Love in a Mist pattern, boxed with card, 5.5cms high together with a small modern Moorcroft enamel box and cover, blackberry pattern, in box (2) 30-40
129.    A small container made from a polished shell together with a small gilt metal mounted glass scent bottle, 5cms high (2) 15-25
130.    A silver and enamel powder compact with guilloche decoration and yellow enamelled cover, complete with inner gauze and puff, Birmingham 1937 30-40
131.    A cased silver and enamel cigarette case and matching enamelled lighter the box labelled for Fattorini, Bradford, cigarette case Birmingham 1937 (matches the previous lot) 50-80
132.    An Edwardian pierced silver belt buckle with engraved decoration, Chester 1905 together with a small oval silver rouge pot with engraved floral swag decoration, the hinged lid now lacking mirror inside, Birmingham 1918 (2) 30-50
133.    A silver novelty paperweight modelled as a 4" ruler and centred with a bookworm on a book, stamped .925, 1.3oz; a .925 silver framed magnifier and a modern white metal pierced heart (3) 40-60
134.    A French gilt bronzed metal jewellery casket well cast with toping and dancing scenes, the domed hinged cover with cherubs supporting a vacant cartouche, the base stamped "T & E Paris", 11.5cms high 16cms wide max 50-80
135.    An enamelled metal thimble having gilt decoration of a boy sitting on a branch playing a pipe on white ground, stamped "Germany"; two other decorative thimbles; a 19th Century white metal thimble with engraved panels and initials; small beaded purse and other items 30-50
136.    An early 20th Century silver metal babies rattle in the form of a small plump child, 7cms high; a teething ring with attached white metal rattle in the form of a penguin; a plated napkin ring; a rosary and a small fob watch with brooch fitting 30-50
137.    A Japanese carved ivory netsuke of an Oni seated on a large claw, un-signed, Meiji period 4cms high 90-130
138.    A late 19th/early 20th Century Indonesian carved ivory figure of a Buddha seated on a dragon throne, with inset red glass eyes, the base with engraved script, 14cms high 40-60
139.    A Chinese bronzed metal figure of a lady playing a stringed instrument, seated on an elephant with a small child standing beside the elephant, traces of gilding to the elephant and instrument 17.5cms high 20-30
140.    A 19th Century Japanese carved ivory okimono of a fisherman carrying two fish and a fishing rod, character marks to base, Meiji period 12.5cms high 100-150
141.    A Japanese carved ivory netsuke of a standing man with long hair, holding a fan and with barrel beside him, un-signed, Meiji period, 4cms high 30-50
142.    An early 20th Century Chinese carved ivory letter opener, the end worked with a woman carrying lotus, 24cms long 12-20
143.    A Chinese carved soapstone figure of two monkeys holding fruit, 8.5cms high together with a carved soapstone figure of a standing lion, 6cms high (2) 12-20
144.    A Chinese carved soapstone brushwasher worked with a stag standing amongst foliage, 8.5cms high; a smaller carved soapstone brush washer with prunus decoration and a carved soapstone lamp (3) 25-35
145.    A Chinese carved soapstone figure of Guanyin standing on a lotus flower, 25cms high 20-40
146.     A Chinese carved soapstone double brushwasher worked with birds amongst foliage, 11.5cms high; a small soapstone brushwasher and two others (4) 40-60
147.    A Chinese carved soapstone brush washer and stand, 11cms high; a Chinese carved soapstone figure of a man seated on a buffalo and a moulded composition group of seals (3) 20-40
148.    A Chinese carved soapstone libation cup worked with lotus decoration, 8cms high 30-50
149.    A Chinese carved soapstone figure of Shoulau standing holding a gnarled root and a peach, on carved rocky base, 30.5cms high 20-40
150.    Two Chinese carved soapstone figures of Shoulau riding a stag, 14cms high 12-20
151.    Tiffany Studios - an Art Nouveau rectangular trinket box with bronzed panels of fretted spider web design and green marbled glass behind, having hinged cover and on four ball supports, stamped beneath "Tiffany Studios New York 808", 6cms high 14.5cms wide 10cms deep 80-120
152.    A 19th Century ivory and feather fan, the ivory sticks and guards with pierced and silver painted decoration, the feather leaf painted with floral decoration, 26cms long, together with a 19th Century carved ivory parasol handle 23.5cms long (2) 40-60
153.    A small 9ct rose gold oval frame with suspension loop, containing photographs of children; a small circular 9ct gold frame pendant with photograph of a baby; another 9ct rose gold oval frame pendant containing photograph of a young girl together with other decorative small frames and photo pendants (9) 70-100
154.    A decorative Victorian rectangular gilt metal frame of openwork foliate design and with turquoise beading, with easel back, size of aperture 9.5cms x 6.5cms 30-50
155.    A boars tusk gavel with gilt metal mounts and short, plain wood handle; a brass lock and a decorative cast brass dagger chape
156.    A late 19th/early 20th Century Japanese ivory okimono of a man standing with basket on his back, 16cms high, with damage, and together with a small circular bone container with decorative cover (2) 30-40
157.    A Victorian silver and mother of pearl folding knife, the blade hallmarked Sheffield 1843 30-40
158.    An early 20th Century Japanese carved ivory figure of a seated man holding a fishing rod and a carp under one arm, 5cms high 30-50
159.    A silver vesta case with engraved decoration, a white metal snuff box; two white metal coin holders and a white metal pencil holder (5) 15-30
160.    A bronze figure of a bird looking at a snail, signed "F Pautrot" 12.5cms high 25-35
161.    A small silver cased folding multi tool knife; decorative white metal glove stretchers together with other glove stretchers and letter openers 25-35
162.    A 20th Century sectional, carved light green jade censer, the cover with decorative finial, dragon handles and on pierced pedestal base, 26cms high 30-40
163.    A German porcelain half doll; a porcelain floral brooch in case and other items contained in a lacquer box 25-35
164.    A pair of silver plated anchovy servers; a small easel back mirror with floral decoration; a bread fork and other items 15-20
165.    An early 19th Century cows horn beaker having decorative silver metal rim and vacant silver metal cartouche, 10cms high
166.    A 19th Century wooden watch stand, having central watch holder on turned pedestal and flower head base, flanked by two pin cushions and with drawer in base with original turned ivory knob, together with a gold plated half hunter pocket watch, width of stand 12.5cms 60-80
167.    A Victorian gilt metal parasol handle cast in the form of a swans head, length of metal part 8.5cms 25-35
168.    A Royal Doulton figure "Pearly Girl" HN 2036, 14cms high 20-25
169.    A Royal Doulton figure "Simone" HN2378, 19cms high together with a Coalport figure "Sarah" 21.5cms high (2) 12-20
170.    A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure of Jemima Puddleduck, 11cms high, in box together with a Royal Albert Hunca Munca Sweeping, 9cms high, in box (2) 15-25
171.    A modern Moorcroft pottery vase of bulbous form in the sea holly pattern, signed and impressed marks, 11cms high 30-40
172.    A Royal Worcester porcelain miniature mug in blush apricot glaze and painted with flowers, 4cms high and together with a Royal Worcester miniature porcelain bowl and cover in blush apricot glaze and painted with flowers, 3.5cms high, both with puce factory mark (2) 25-40
173.    Two Lladro figures of Polar Bears, 9cms high and 12.5cms high, both with original boxes (2) 20-40
174.    A Lladro figure of a duck with ducklings in a basket, 5.5cms high together with a Lladro figure of a duck preening its wing, 11.5cms high, with original boxes (2) 20-30
175.    A Lladro figure of a Shepherdess with Rooster, 20cms high together with a Lladro figure of a standing duck, 12cms high, with original boxes (2) 20-30
176.    A Lladro figure of a young girl holding a candle, 22cms high together with a Lladro figure of a young boy, 20.5cms high, with original boxes (2) 20-40
177.    A Colclough Ivy Leaf pattern tea service with a boxed cake stand 15-25
178.    A Wedgwood "SYP" (Simple yet Perfect) teapot with blue and white swag decoration, 16cms high 12-20
179.    A large 19th Century chamber pot with colour transfer decoration of birds and flowers, the interior with transfer image of two large people squeezing through a stile "One at a Time Please" 17cms high 20-30
180.    A Royal Doulton character jug of Winston Churchill, 22.5cms high 20-40
181.    A Clarice Cliff honey pot and cover, in the form of a bee hive with bee finial to top, crocus pattern, 10cms high max 40-60
182.    A Parian ware figure of a young woman holding flowers and a flower garland, 33cms high un-marked 25-40
183.    A pair of Fieldings Devonware vases in blush apricot glaze with transfer floral decoration, each with tall spiral twist neck and bulbous body with gilt handles, 28.5cms high 15-25
184.    A Beswick figure of a brown donkey, 11.5cms high 12-20
185.    A Royal Doulton figure of a black and white nanny goat, 13.5cms high 12-25
186.    A Royal Doulton figure "The Shepherd" HN197522.5cms high 25-35
187.    A pair of Coalport two handled vases of ovoid form each with oval painted panels of lakeland scenes within gilt borders on deep blue ground and with gilt rams head handles, 20cms high 30-40
188.    A late 19th/early 20th Century wedge shaped cheese dish and cover with rustic "branch" handle to the cover and red/black Masons type Imari decoration, 21cms high max 25-35
189.    A Carltonware "Rouge Royale" oval trinket dish 17.5cms wide; a small 19th Century sauceboat with blue transfer Castle type decoration; a miniature Royal Crown Derby cup and saucer; a Royal Copenhagen bird and other items 25-35
190.    A Beswick figure of a seated white Persian cat with green eyes, 21.5cms high 20-30
191.    A Beswick porcelain figure of a standing white Persian cat with green eyes, 13cms high max together with a small Royal Doulton character jug Mr Litigate The Lawyer, 10cms high (2) 20-30
192.    A Longpark Torquay pottery bowl painted with diving kingfisher design on blue ground, 23cms diam 15-20
193.    A 20th Century German porcelain table lamp base with figures of young woman and man dancing around floral encrusted tree on rococo base, 36.5cms high 40-60
194.    Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures - Seaside Bunnykins, in box together with nine other unboxed Bunnykins figures including Billie Bunnykins Cooling Off, Father Mother and Victoria Bunnykins and Downhill Bunnykins (10 in total) 40-80
195.    Sixteen Hornsea "Fauna" and other vases and jugs, all of typical form with squirrels and rabbits (16) 20-40
196.    TREVOR CORSER at Leach Pottery - a flagon vase with mottled green glaze, personal and Leach pottery marks, 27cms high 50-80
197.    David Leach Pottery - three stoneware pottery bowls with mottled brown glaze, the largest 19cms diam
Bought in Cornwall 30 - 35 years ago from the pottery 30-50
198.    A studio pottery jug and cover with blue glaze and incised marks "gc" to base, 21.5cms high max 12-20
199.    A matched pair of Japanese Imari baluster vases and cover (one lacks cover) together with a group of six assorted ginger jars, two with covers 30-50
200.    A pair of late 19th Century majolica type vases of unusual shape, having tall, shell shaped tops with openwork handles and rounded bodies, with mottled green/brown/black glaze, incised "447" to bases and underglaze shield shaped mark to base of one, 36.5cms high 30-50
201.    A Royal Doulton coffee service in orange and leaf pattern, comprising coffee pot, sugar and cream jug and six cups and saucers 15-25
202.    A pair of late 19th/early 20th Century Japanese Satsuma baluster shaped vases with "roaring" lion mask handles, the bodies painted with Immortals in a garden setting with blossom, pagodas, bridges, pine trees and mountains, with gold painted character mark to base, 32cms high, with wooden stands and in original wooden case 200-300
203.    A Goebels Hummel figure "Bird Duet"; another "Soloist" and another of a boy playing a pipe (3) 15-25
204.    A Goebels Hummel figure of a boy playing a violin to a small dog; another of a boy singing; another of a boy and rabbit; an "Authorized Dealer" ceramic plaque and a Friedel figure of a boy catching a large fish (5) 30-40
205.    A late 19th/early 20th Century Continental porcelain trumpet shaped vase painted with continuous scene of figures near a village with trees and river and distant fortress, 16cms high together with a pair of copper lustre jugs (3) 30-50
206.    A pair of early 20th Century Meissen three branch candelabra, floral encrusted and with dancing cherubs at the base, underglaze blue crossed sword marks and impressed "Germany" 37.5cms high 40-60
207.    A Royal Doulton flambe fox, the animal seated with tail curled over feet, 17cms high 30-50
208.    A Locke & Co, Worcester porcelain vase of globular form, painted with flowers, 7.5cms high and another similar, 7.5cms high (2) 15-25
209.    A Royal Doulton character jug "Monty" 16cms high; another "Porthos" 18cms high and another Old King Cole, 14.5cms high (3) 30-40
210.    A Royal Doulton character jug Winston Churchill 13.5cms high together with an early 20th Century toby jug of the Snuff Taker 23.5cms high (2) 20-40
211.    Seven smaller Royal Doulton character jugs - Micawber, Porthos, Old King Cole, Cardinal, Athos and two Sairey Gamps (7) all approx 9cms high 30-40
212.    Three Dutch Delft manganese tiles painted with landscape scenes and all mounted in a wood frame 30-50
213.    A small Troika cube shaped vase with textured abstract panels to each side, signed to the base and artists monogram for Tasmin Ruhrmund c.1970's 9.5cms high 50-60
214.    Two Paul Cardew Cool Catz models - Art Deco and Egyptian, 13.5cms high (2) 25-40
215.    A Royal Crown Derby Kingfisher paperweight, with gold seal, 12cms high 15-20
216.    An Albany porcelain figure of a diving kingfisher, limited edition, by Daniel Burnham Smith, matt finish, 15.5cms high together with a Royal Worcester porcelain figure of a kingfisher with fish no.3235, matt and gloss finish 8cms high (2) 20-40
217.    A Beswick porcelain figure of a kingfisher perched on a branch with wings outstretched, 12.5cms high together with two small Beswick figures of Kingfishers, 8cms high (3) 25-40
218.    A Mack porcelain figure of a kingfisher perched on a tree stump, 11.5cms high together with a small Goebels model of a kingfisher, 9.5cms high (2) 20-40
219.    A Karl Ens porcelain figure of a kingfisher perched on reeds, 12cms high; two other porcelain models of kingfishers; a kingfisher jug and a Sylvac vase (5) 20-40
220.    An extensive 20th Century dinner and tea service comprising teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl, various plates, cups and saucers, casserole, veg dish and cake stand (a lot) 30-50
221.    A Capodimonte figure of an elderly man seated on a bench feeding doves, with certificate, 21.5cms high 15-25
222.    A pair of 20th Century Faience candlesticks of Corinthian column style, puce factory marks, 25cms high 15-25
223.    An early 20th Century Longwy pottery plate, painted in typical colourful palette, centred with fish swimming amongst weed within colourful floral border, printed and impressed marks, 23cms diam 20-30
224.    A Volkstedt porcelain figure of a child being pecked by a goose, 10cms high 15-25
225.    A German Heubach porcelain figure of a woman seated sewing a tapestry, 23.5cms high 30-40
226.    A Continental porcelain figural group of a young man and young woman seated with grapes and other fruit and with dog at their feet, underglaze "R" mark and "1762" to base, 21cms high 50-80
227.    An early 20th Century Czechoslovakian made pottery container in the form of a womans head, 16.5cms high 30-50
228.    An Italian porcelain figure of a woman holding a small child, 33cms high 15-25
229.    A Will Young Devon Pottery Widdecombe Fair group, the characters all sitting on a long curved bench, 24cms wide 15-30
230.    A late 20th Century Chinese made blanc de chine figural group of a man and a woman seated on a lion, 24cms high 15-25
231.    A decorative Japanese vase of elongated ovoid form with stylised handles and painted with song bird, palm fronds and flowers on a deep blue ground, red painted character marks to base, 31.5cms high 20-30
232.    A pair of Karl Ens porcelain figures of a courting couple in 19th Century dress, both holding flowers with a letter in, 31cms high 30-50
233.    A Japanese part glazed pottery figure of Hotei wearing a bead necklace and holding a bag, 13.5cms together with another similar figure, 15cms high (2) 15-30
234.    A Beswick figure of a swan, 7.5cms high 12-20
235.    A Moorcroft Pottery bowl with tubeline decoration in the orchid design, on green ground, green signature and impressed marks to base, 26.5cms diam 11.5cms high 40-60
236.    Four assorted Japanese Imari plates of shaped circular form, painted in typical palette, the largest 26cms diam (4) 30-40
237.    A Japanese Imari charger painted in typical palette with central vase of flowers, 48cms diam 40-60
238.    A pair of Royal Doulton Slaters Patent vases having tall slender necks on textured bulbous bodies with floral decoration, impressed factory marks, 27cms high
239.    A matched pair of Baron Barnstaple Pottery vases each with three loop handles and inscriptions "Watch & Ray" and "Jesus Christ the same yesterday to-day and for - ever", light red glaze and inscribed bases, 21cms high (2) 40-60
240.    A Japanese egg shell porcelain bowl painted with birds amongst wisteria and with blue seal mark to base, 12.5cms diam and together with a small blue and white saucer dish with blue mark to base, 12cms diam (2) 20-40
241.    A RUSSIAN IMPERIAL PORCELAIN PLATE FROM THE RAPHAEL SERVICE, Alexander III 1886 - centrally painted en grisaille with classical female figure and with classical border with cherubs in roundels, gilt Imperial cypher for Alexander III and dated 1886, 24cms diam 4000-5000
242.    A large and imposing late 19th Century pot pourri vase, the pierced cover surmounted by a snarling dragon and with inner cover, the shoulders with dragon handles and the tapering hexagonal body moulded with Ho-o bird perched on flowering prunus with butterflies, the other side with extensive pagoda scene and figures, with gilt painted detail and deep blue ground, un-marked, 58cms high 150-200
243.    A Beswick Gloucester Old Spot sow, with "Inspected By" label still attached, 8.5cms high 50-60
244.    A Beswick Hereford Cow and Calf mounted on wood base, silk matt finish, 33cms wide 80-120
245.    A collection of Wade cartoon character figures including Bambi, The Lady & The Tramp and Dalmations (15) 15-25
246.    A pair of West German pottery vases of squat globular form, with mottled yellow/white glaze and brown line decoration and a matching larger vase (3) larger vase 14cms high 15-25
247.    A Watcombe pottery motto ware matchstand/striker "A Match for Any Man"; a motto ware chamber stick; a HP pottery pin tray with tube lined decoration and a Kenleys "Ring Nebula" glass paperweight in box (4) 15-25
248.    A Goebels Hummel figure of a young girl with chicks in a basket, 9cms high together with a Hummel figure of a young boy, 11.5cms high (2) 15-20
249.    A Booths Real Old Willow pattern tea service comprising teapots, milk jug, sugar bowl, 5 cups and saucers, 4 larger cups and saucers, six plates and two bread plates 30-50
250.    A small Royal Worcester porcelain vase with extended base, the base with moulded and painted insects, the vase painted with Goldfinch and Blue Tit amongst flowers, puce factory mark 9.5cms high 20-30
251.    A Nymphenburg porcelain figure of a Bedlington Terrier, standing, 19cms high 30-40
252.    Two Wade Sandeman figural bottles with stoppers, 22cms high 12-20
253.    A pair of 20th Century decorative Dogs of Fo, each seated on a cube base, one with small creature under its paw the other with a ball under its paw, 26.5cms high 15-30
254.    A Noritake part tea set, with basket of flower pattern 10-15
255.    A small Waterford Glass cased timepiece with etched marks and original label, 7.5cms high 15-25
256.    A Mdina glass goblet 15cms high together with a small Murano millefiori glass paperweight approx 5cms diam (2) 15-25
257.    A 20th Century amber glass decanter with faceted decoration and clear, cut glass band to centre and with original acorn shaped stopper, 36cms high 12-20
258.    A heavy circular clear glass Orrefors bowl with "castellated" top, 19cms wide, labelled and with etched mark to base 20-30
259.    A matched pair of late 19th Century faceted green glass decanters with ring at neck and original faceted stoppers, 34cms high 30-50
260.    An early 20th Century clear cut glass pedestal vase with tapering, bulbous body and slightly flared rim 18cms high; a Dartington cut glass pedestal sundae dish and other cut glass items (7) 40-60
261.    A pair of early 20th Century clear glass onion shape decanters with cut stoppers and necks and with etched fruiting vine decoration to the body, 24.5cms high; another early 20th Century decanter with blown stopper and cut decoration to the body, 27.5cms high together with a quantity of assorted drinking glasses
262.    A 19th Century wine glass with trumpet bowl, tear drop stem and folded foot 16.5cms high together with assorted other 19th and 20th Century stem glasses of various sizes
263.    A large Monart style glass vase of baluster form and with mottled blue and red colouring, un marked, 22cms high 30-50
264.    A Waterford crystal glass Christmas 1985 dish in original box, 21cms diam 15-25
265.    A Roman style art glass glass bottle with two handles, 20cms high 20-40
266.    After PIERRE BISIAUX (b.1924) - The Artist's Palette, limited edition coloured lithographic print, signed by the artist and numbered 74/275, Collectors Guild label verso, 60cms x 46cms 15-25
267.    After HENRY ALKEN - four 19th Century coloured mezzotints of hunting incidents, 20.5cms x 25cms (4) 30-40
268.    A large monochrome print "Chelsea Pensioners Reading the Gazette of the Battle of Waterloo, 43cms x 72cms in decorative gilt gesso frame 20-30
269.    After DAVID SHEPHERD - Arctic Foxes, coloured limited edition print, signed by the artist and numbered 1394/1500 26cms x 38cms 15-25
270.    A 1980's folder of 12 good quality reproductions of posters - "Affiches de la Ville De Nice" includes examples by Dufy, Chagall, Matisse and Bsor 25-35
271.    A folder "Art Eskimo Art" containing six monochrome prints of works by various Inuit artists including Noah Ken, Adamie Alako and Syolie Arqpatuk; each print contained in individual card folder with details printed to the front 30-50
272.    After John Leech - three coloured reproduction hunting prints, 21.5cms x 28.5cms (3) 8-16
273.    After JOSEPH NIGG - a late 19th Century coloured lithographic print of a still life with flowers, grapes, caterpillars, insects and a snail, in mahogany frame, 65cms x 50cms 20-30
274.    After GEORGE CRUICKSHANK - Four framed coloured cartoon prints, each picture with individual images including Archery, A sprig of Shelalegh and The Pillars of a Gin Shop, 18cms x 26cms (4) 15-25
275.    LIONEL EDWARDS - The Devon and Somerset Staghounds coming out of The Danesbrook, signed coloured print with blind stamps to margin, 45cms x 62cms
276.    TIM SCOTT BOLTON - The Crowcombe Beagles at Dunster, signed coloured limited edition print no.151/300, 31.5cms x 46cms
277.    A 20th Century Japanese scroll painting, the gouache picture of magpies and prunus laid onto material, signed in characters, length of scroll 34cms 30-40
278.    LATE 19TH CENTURY ITALIAN SCHOOL - A View of Naples Bay, gouache, titled at base 33cms x 44cms 40-60
279.    G TREVOR (late 19th Century Welsh) - The Old Bridge of Dee, watercolour, signed, old label verso 27cms x 18cms together with another watercolour by Charles Fields - In Windmill Hill Fields, Derby 1902, signed with monogram, 25cms x 20cms (2) 15-25
280.    PAUL HENRY ADAMS GROOM (b.1963) - Autumn, abstract, gouache, 59cms x 81cms, label verso 80-120
281.    PETER HICKS (British b.1937 - ) - Malvern Hills, watercolour, signed with initials, label for Brian Sinfield verso, 29cms x 32.5cms 90-130
282.    JAN GODMAN (20th Century British) - Extensive rocky landscape, watercolour, signed , 41cms x 67cms 60-80
283.    D FORROW (20th Century British) - Men with fishing boats at a small quay, ink and wash, signed, (possibly Cornwall) 25cms x 36.5cms 20-30
284.    CAPTAIN A E GADD - Sailing ship Blengfell, watercolour, titled signed and dated 1956, 34cms x 50cms 20-40
285.    EARLY 20TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL - a set of three watercolours of woodland scenes, 18cms x 25cms, all in gilt frames (3) 12-20
286.    JOHN STOPS RWA (1925 - 2002) - Wells Next the Sea, oil on artists board, signed and dated '84, inscribed on back of frame, 49cms x 59cms 60-80
287.    GORDON ALLEN (modern British) - Brixham trawlers moored up off wooded coastline, oil on canvas, 39.5cms x 30cms 12-20
288.    In the manner of THOMAS SYDNEY COOPER - Cattle in an extensive landscape, oil on canvas, 49cms x 59cms, in gilt gesso frame 70-100
289.    19TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL - Figures beside a rocky coastal path with fishing boats at sea, oil on board, unsigned, 31cms x 52.5cms in gilt gesso frame 30-50
290.    An early 20th Century mantel clock in architectural oak case with detachable pediment and having arched silvered metal dial with black Roman numerals, two train movement striking on a gong, width 26cms max height 43.5cms max 30-40
291.    A 1930's oak cased mantel timepiece the white enamel dial inscribed "Young & Co Exeter", having French movement, the arched case with spiral twist columns and with presentation inscription to the brass back plate, 20.5cms high 25-35
292.    A late 19th Century American shelf clock by the Waterbury Clock Co, having square painted metal dial with black Roman numerals and striking on a bell, in rectangular stained wood case with glazed door, 28cms high 25-35
293.    A Victorian gilt metal desk timepiece/Aneroid barometer. The barometer with Fahrenheit circular thermometer to the back, both timepiece and barometer adjustable to view, the timepiece with white enamel dial and black Roman numerals, the gilt base inscribed "VERA" with french motto to the base 150-200
294.    An early 20th Century drum cased timepiece having white dial with black Roman numerals, visible escapement to the top, the brass case with applied decorative castings, pierced back cover and on low raised front supports, with key, 11.5cms high 9.5cms diam 45-50
295.    A 20th Century mantel timepiece in the form of a 17th Century brass lantern clock, the traditional style case with brass chapter ring, black Roman numerals and fitted with movement inscribed "Elliott, London", with key, 26cms high max 50-60
296.    A c.1930's striking and chiming mantel clock in four glass and brass case; having octagonal dial with Arabic numerals, three train movement with strike/silent and Westminster/Whittington/Winchester levers to either side, striking on rods mounted beneath the movement, 19cms high 30cms wide max 14cms deep 50-80
297.    A 19th Century "Postmans Alarm" clock with moulded circular frame to the cream painted dial, having central metal alarm dial, striking on a bell mounted on top of the case and with one fir cone weight and one square shaped weight and pendulum, overall diam 29cms 30-50
298.    A small early 20th Century French made alarm clock by Duverdrey & Bloquel in arched brass case and with brass dial, black Arabic numerals and subsidiary alarm dial, 8cms high 30-40
299.    An Edwardian mantel timepiece having circular silver metal dial with black Arabic numerals and in inlaid mahogany case, 15cms high 20-30
300.    A leather cased, brass framed carriage clock, of standard form, the white enamelled dial A/F, marked "HAMILTON & CO LTD, CALCUTTA, DELHI & SIMLA," with black Roman numerals 50-80
301.    An eight day longcase clock movment having arched painted dial with moving Adam and Eve figures in the arch, now mounted within rectangular wood wall mounted case, with weights and pendulum, case measures 52cms high 38.5cms wide 21cms deep 50-80
302.    A good Victorian copper food mould with Prince of Wales plumes and crown design, stamped "450" and tin lined inside, 14cms diam 13cms high 80-120
303.    A Victorian cast iron commemorative wall plaque for the Duke of Wellington, surmounted by a crown, the back with cast lettering "Moulded by Jobsons............. Derby 13th November 1854" 34.5cms high max 30-40
304.    A late 19th Century brass pedestal trivet the openwork top with squirrel eating a nut design and on vase shaped pedestal and three splayed pad feet, 20.5cms diam together with a similar trivet (2) 20-30
305.    A pair of decorative brass and turned wood candlesticks 19.5cms high together with a pair of miniature brass candlesticks 15-25
306.    A late 19th Century heavy brass preserve pan with iron handle together with a copper oil lamp with etched glass shade (2) 20-30
307.    A pair of Japanese carved wood figures of boys on buffaloes, each buffalo lying down and on carved wood stands, 23cms wide
308.    A pair of Japanese bamboo brush pots carved with figures in a Junk and character marks, 20.5cms high (2)
309.    A 20th Century New Zealand carved wood Tiki type figure with inset abalone eyes, 66cms high
310.    A 19th Century oval moulded plaster plaque after Justin of a classical battle scene, in original oval moulded wood frame with convex glass, 44cms wide max together with a similar unframed plaque (2) 30-40
311.    An early 20th Century African fly whisk with carved ivory handle, length of handle 24cms 20-30
312.    A 20th Century Malay kris having decorative carved handle and in similarly carved hardwood scabbard and typical wavy blade, blade 39cms long 40-60
313.    Two late 19th Century tinted photographic prints of Bridgwater - Bridge and Eastover and The Cornhill, both in attractive Art Nouveau gilt frames, 16.5cms x 21.5cms (2) 30-40
314.    An early 20th Century blue leather dressing case with fitted interior and initials "SMR" to lid, 33cms x 46cms x 15.5cms deep 20-30
315.    A Victorian tapestry picture worked in coloured wools with a Biblical scene, in gilt frame, 59cms x 42cms 20-40
316.    A 19th Century Berlin woolwork picture of flowers in rosewood frame 18.5cms x 23.5cms together with a framed needlework picture of silk cigarette cards (2) 20-40
317.    A George IV sampler worked with coloured silks with a sailing ship, birds in trees, stylised flowers and other motifs, titled "The Temple of Solomon 1827" 53cms x 43cms 30-50
318.    An Edwardian wooden dolls bed with slatted base, 52cms long max 34cms wide 20-40
319.    A late 19th/early 20th Century porcupine quill and ebony box having hinged lid the underside with elephant and "Ceylon" inlaid panel, 21cms wide 20-30
320.    An Edwardian ivory dressing table set comprising hand mirror, hair brushes, glove stretchers, hat brush, small hand mirror in original velvet lined leather case 20-40
321.    Three Rosenborg Danish Blue wood crates, 21cms high (3) 20-30
322.    A carved sandalwood glove box, the hinged cover worked with minarets and mosques within mosaic border, velvet lined interior, on four white metal supports, 8cms high, 30cms wide 13cms deep and together with a carved wood cigarette box (2) 20-40
323.    An Edwardian red walnut and oak stationery box with shaped raised back and sloping hinged cover opening to reveal fitted interior, 31cms high max 24cms wide 18.5cms deep 40-60
324.    A Victorian walnut glove box with domed cover and with decorative brass and ivorine banding and with later lined interior, 27cms wide 30-40
325.    A painted and carved wood bust of a hooded man with closed eyes, 37cms high 30-40
326.    A pair of Japanese decorative panels each with carved bone figure on blue ground and with seal mark, in gilt frames, 23.5cms x 17cms 40-60
327.    A hollow bronzed figure after Bonheur of a jockey on a racehorse, mounted on grey/black marble base, 40cms high 30-50
328.    A modern hollow bronzed figure of a racehorse with jockey up landing over a brush fence, signed E Loiscuu (?) and on marble base, 31cms high 50-70
329.    A pair of bronzed bookends modelled as racehorses with jockeys up landing over a brush fence, 21.5cms high (2) 40-60
330.    A modern bronzed resin figure of a racehorse with jockey up, 27cms high and another of racehorse and jockey jumping a brush fence, 26cms high 25-40
331.    A modern bronzed resin figure of a huntsman riding a horse and carrying a terrier, with hound, on wooden base, 31.5cms high 25-40
332.    A modern cast bronzed figure of a galloping racehorse with jockey up, on stepped marble base, 24cms high 30-50
333.    A Continental cast metal silver plate on copper box of rectangular form, with well detailed images of figures on horseback, figures carousing, cooking with a spit and dancing, 7.5cms high 25cms wide 9cms deep (plate worn) and together with a small oval glass dressing table dish with embossed silver top (2) 30-40
334.    A Victorian rosewood jewellery box with cross banded and mother of pearl decoration, and with restored interior, 13.5cms high 40-60
335.    A 19th Century marquetry decorated walnut writing slope with gilt tooled leather slope, pencil slide and two glass ink bottles, with key, 16cms high 40cms wide 23cms deep 50-80
336.    TAXIDERMY - a Fox mask mounted on an oak shield 30-40
337.    A pair of oak framed wall mirrors having broken arch and urn pediments, bevelled rectangular plates, serpentine shelf and fretwork panels, 67cms high x 44cms wide max 50-80
338.    A terracotta chimney stack, another chimney pot, a small stone effect garden planter and a tree trunk design terracotta garden planter (4) 25-40
339.    A garden, stoneware frog fountain and a stoneware otter figure (2) 20-30
340.    A garden stoneware figure modelled on Venus emerging from a clam shell, 113cms high
341.    A Victorian walnut, column pot cupboard, circular top inset with marble, the door opening to reveal a fitted, shaped shelf, 75cms high 40-60
342.    A mid 20th Century, oak monk's bench, sliding table top, with hinged storage seat and panelled front, 88.5cms wide 30-40
343.    A late Victorian mahogany display cabinet with central bowed section with glazed doors enclosing three fitted shelves, display cupboards to either side, central cupboard base with open shelf to either side, on square tapering legs with spade feet, 182cms high 137cms wide 80-100
344.    A Victorian Rosewood and inlaid pier cabinet. Glazed door enclosing two fitted shelves and with decorative gilt metal mounts (one A/F) 99cms high 79cms wide 60-80
345.    A late Victorian chaise longue with buttoned side and moulded wood and upholstered back rail together with matching open arm chair and a standard upholstered chair (3) 70-100
346.    A Victorian nursing chair with moulded frame and on turned front supports with ceramic casters 40-60
347.    An Edwardian walnut and brass coal box with brass carrying handle and side mounted brass shovel, together with a copper coal helmet (2) 30-50
348.    An early 20th Century rectangular pine table fitted with single end drawer, 121cms x 83cms and together with four modern beech Windsor chairs 60-80
349.    A 19th Century miniature mahogany chest of three long drawers with metal handles and on turned supports, 34.5cms high 34cms wide 22cms deep 100-130
350.    A collection of old wood moulding planes; mortice gauges; wood mallets; rebate plane and others (a lot) 30-50
351.    A 1940's walnut display cabinet, the astragal, glazed door enclosing two glass shelves, 58.5cms wide 10-15
352.    A Victorian, faded walnut, button back low chair. The frame with floral carved decoration and on carved cabriole legs 30-40
353.    An early 20th Century, oak fall front bureau, fitted two long drawers on barley twist legs and box stretchers. The interior fitted pigeon holes and small drawer, 76cms wide 20-30
354.    A small stained oak sideboard of plain design, fitted two short drawers above a cupboard base, 117cms wide 10-20
355.    A modern satinwood effect rectangular dining table of trestle design and together with four matching slat back standard dining chairs with drop-in seats, table 167.5cms x 104cms 40-60
356.    A small oak side cabinet fitted with single drawer above cupboard, 79cms high 71cms wide 20-30
357.    A modern cane conservatory two seater settee with upholstered cushions 15-25
358.    A small Georgian style mahogany bow front chest of three graduated long drawers on splay supports and with plate glass top, 81cms high 78cms wide 50-70
359.    A set of four mahogany, Georgian style dining chairs, rexine drop in seats, cabriole legs on ball and claw feet and with pierced back rests (4) 20-40
360.    A large, early 20th Century, Arts and Crafts style oak club fender. Typical design with padded leather seats to both corners. 205cms wide max 50cms high 60-80
361.    An oak Arts & Crafts style fall front bureau, fitted two open bookshelves to base, narrow drawer, the interior fitted with pigeon holes and a small drawer, 69cms wide max 20-30
362.    A c.1970's teak wood chest of three long drawers, 66cms high 82cms wide 20-40
363.    A George III mahogany rectangular fold-over tea table fitted with small frieze drawer and on square supports 74cms high 88cms wide 30-50
364.    A Victorian mahogany veneered chest of three long and two short drawers, with bun handles, 118cms high 101cms wide 40-60
365.    Eleven pine bulb/apple storage crates (11) 20-40
366.    An Indian, carved hardwood, octagonal folding coffee table and an elm and beech armchair (2) 15-20
367.    A painted cast iron door stop in the form of a Friesian cow together with another modelled as a calf (2) 20-30
368.    An early 20th Century, brass floorstanding dinner gong. Decorative scroll work supports and with striker, 75cms high 40-60
369.    An oak "MEREDEW" chest of four long drawers, 84cms high 76.5cms wide 15-25
370.    A mahogany Regency Whatnot, four shelves on turned columns, fitted with drawer to the base, the top fitted as an adjustable reading/writing slope and on small brass castors, 122cms high 49.5cms wide 130-150
371.    A Victorian painted wood dressing mirror on shaped base 15-25
372.    A Retro 1950's kitchen cabinet, fitted two drawers and cupboard base 10-15
373.    A Retro steel cabinet, fitted numerous small drawers and mounted on wheels, 112cms high 89.5cms wide 40-60
374.    A Victorian mahogany chest of three long and two short drawers with horn bun handles and on plinth base, 102cms high 104cms wide 50-80
375.    A stained beech dressing chest of two long and two short drawers with turned horn, bun handles with Mother 'O' Pearl inlay, the back with adjustable plate mirror, 95cms wide 20-30
376.    A set of four elm and ash, hoop back chairs with spindle back rests, turned legs on H stretchers 30-50
377.    A painted pine box, with metal carrying handles and a tin travelling trunk (A/F) (hinges broken) (2) 10-15
378.    A late 19th/early 20th Century painted pine chest with side carrying handles, 94cms wide 30-50
379.    A 19th Century metal bound and leather covered wooden travelling trunk with leather side carrying handles, the interior with original patterned cloth lining, the lid fitted with inner hinged panel to form a separated compartment, 76cms wide 40cms high 43.5cms deep 50-80
380.    A Retro, mid 20th Century, painted kitchen cabinet, fitted four drawers, cupboards and drop down cupboard. 30-40
381.    A 1940's burr walnut veneered tall boy, the pair of doors opening to reveal four adjustable shelves and a matching dressing table with bevelled mirror back (2) 30-50
382.    A large mahogany display cabinet, with pair of astragal, glazed doors, enclosing three mirrored shelves, double door cupboard under, with short legs and ball and claw feet, 190.5cms high 108cms wide 60-80
383.    A Victorian mahogany music cabinet, the panelled door with central, applied, moulded decoration, opening to reveal six adjustable shelves, 101cms high max 48.5cms wide 40-50
384.    A large Chinese wool carpet of typical floral pattern on a red ground, 421cms x 297cms approx 20-40
385.    A c.1920's rectangular piano stool having hinged, upholstered seat on mahogany base with inlaid and crossbanded decoration 40-60
386.    A large Chinese wool carpet having typical floral design on light blue ground, 372cms x 274cms approx 20-30
387.    An early 20th Century, oak hat, coat and umbrella stand of tall conical form, with brass hooks and circular metal drip tray to base 80-100
388.    A modern "ERCOL" light wood, large tub armchair, with geometric padding and cushion 50-70
389.    An early 20th Century satinwood chest of three long and two short drawers, with cut and shaped apron to base, 95cms high 98cms wide 40-60
390.    A Persian influence Middle Eastern wool rug with figures on horseback, stylised animals and flowers, predominantly dark blue/red/white, 243cms x 153cms 30-40
391.    An oak free standing bookcase of four shelves, 107cms high max 86cms wide 30-40
392.    An early 20th Century stained beech, tambour roll top desk, fitted two narrow drawers, the interior fitted pigeon holes and drawers, 99cms wide max 20-30
393.    A large pine toolbox on wheels, fitted lift out trays, full of second hand tools 20-30
394.    Two Lebus Link Furniture dining chairs with upholstered backs and drop-in seats (2) 12-20
395.    A pair of early 20th Century bow back corner chairs with inlaid decoration and upholstered seats together with a single stick back chair (3) 30-50
396.    A c.1960's G Plan Teak wood sideboard fitted with central drawers flanked by cupboards and on cylindrical supports, 184cms wide 76cms high 20-40
397.    A small c.1960's teak wood bureau, the raised back with tambour doors enclosing drawer and pigeon holes, sliding writing surface and four long drawers, 100cms high 76cms wide 20-40
398.    A pair of modern mahogany effect rectangular wall hanging cabinets, with glazed doors enclosing four shelves, 80cms high 107.5cms wide 17.5cms deep (2) 30-50
399.    A small oak hanging corner cabinet, the cupboard door with carved holly decoration 58cms high 15-25
400.    A cantilever sewing box, opening to reveal five compartments 10-15
401.    A Chinese, 20th Century, lacquered sideboard, fitted with cupboard base, with three small drawers above, brass drop handles and with locking rings, 82.5cms high 98cms wide 30-50
402.    A 20th Century Chinese style mahogany magazine rack of unusual design, with gadroon edging and fitted with five sections above turned "X" stretchers, 85cms high 93cms wide 20-40
403.    A 20th Century Chinese hardwood three tier stand, square form, 76cms high 20-40
404.    A rectangular wall mirror with decorative gilt gesso frame, size overall 37cms x 32cms 25-35
405.    A rectangular wall mirror in gilt frame with oak and acorn decoration, 50cms x 41cms max 30-50
406.    A modern glass top bamboo dining table with six matching cane and bamboo standard dining chairs 20-30
407.    A Victorian mahogany veneered chest of three long and two short drawers, with bun handles, 111cms high 102cms wide 40-60
408.    A modern black leather upholstered swivel chair with chrome arms 15-30
409.    A mahogany effect writing table fitted with three frieze drawers, with decorative marquetry top and on four cabriol supports, 77cms high 141cms wide 15-25
410.    A Victorian nursing chair with kelim upholstery 12-20
411.    A decorative modern dressing mirror with simulated red lacquer finish, fitted with two drawers to the base, 37cms high 15-25
412.    A slightly bow front, 1940's walnut display cabinet, astragal gothic arch doors enclosing two fitted glass shelves on short cabriole legs 10-20
413.    A large 1930's oak hall stand, fitted adjustable oval mirror, shelf below and with drawer and cupboard base, with hooks and umbrella wells, 99cms wide 30-50
414.    A wicker laundry basket with rope carrying handles and sliding metal locking bolt 20-30
415.    A large Persian style carpet in typical foliate design with central medallion on deep blue ground, 287cms x 201cms 25-40
416.    A suite of woven cane effect conservatory furniture comprising settee and two chairs (3) 20-40
417.    A Victorian button back nursing chair in green upholstery 12-25
418.    An oak open bookcase, sideboard, two drawer table, nest of two tables, square coffee table, repro coffee table and a fall front bureau (7) 15-25
419.    A suite of 1960's formica topped, teak effect furniture, comprising four chests of three long, and two short drawers (three with adjustable mirror backs) and a dressing table of three long and two short drawers (5) 20-30
420.    A mid 20th Century, light oak bookcase. Sliding glazed doors enclosing two adjustable shelves 10-15
421.    A large, early 20th Century, pine storage cupboard, the panelled door opening to reveal three fixed shelves, 210cms high 80cms wide 80-100
422.    An oak fall front writing bureau, fitted two long and two short drawers, the interior fitted pigeon holes and two small drawers, 77cms wide 20-30
423.    A stained beech single wardrobe with mirrored door and a matching bedside cabinet (2) 10-15
424.    A stripped ash bathroom cabinet with towel rail to one end, cupboard base on turned legs with castors. Marble top (broken). 72cms high
425.    A 1970's extending teak wood dining table with six upholstered open arm chairs 50-80
426.    An oval modern pine extending pedestal dining table together with a set of six Windsor chairs 40-60
427.    A 1970's G Plan type teak wood sideboard having central drawers flanked by cupboards, 212cms wide 79cms high 15-25
428.    An Alfred Cox walnut sideboard having central drawers flanked by cupboards, 77cms high 185cms wide 30-40
429.    A Victorian rosewood and burr wood pedestal wine table, the circular top with marquetry decoration, the tapering cylindrical pedestal with lappet base and triform support 68cms high 55cms diam 60-80
430.    An early 20th Century oak armchair, with adjustable back, cushion seat and back and spring mounted 10-15
431.    A Victorian mahogany tilt top table of circular form, turned column and on tripod support 75cms diam 20-40
432.    A William IV mahogany library/writing table. Fitted two short and one long drawer, the centre drawer stamped "W & C WILKINSON, 14 LUDGATE HILL 12369" standing on heavy columns with supporting stretcher, and on carved curl feet. A/F. 76.5cms high 122.5cms wide 150-200
433.    A late Victorian, walnut single wardrobe, mirrored door above a long drawer and a matching dressing chest. Fitted two long and two short drawers, adjustable mirror back with small shelves and drawers (2) 30-40
434.    A pair of green leather upholstered swivel chairs with black metal frames 30-40